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File: 1510842850967.gif (407.95 KB, 500x280, 25:14, e92ee062aeffc1a1c6c0781f07….gif) ImgOps iqdb


Reminder that an in depth enjoyment of naruto is anti-normalfag, as regular normals enjoy naruto on a very superficial level, maybe only watching a few episodes every now and then, and internet/4chan discord chads hate naruto because it isn't hardcore weeb enough.
Naruto is perfect for wizards. Pain is the perfect anti-natalist wiz.


what's it about anyway? I've literally never seen 1 second worth, only cringy pics of a fat kid stuffed into ugly orange gym clothes


there is no one more wizardly then Uchiha Madara


Is there an anime character more wizardly than Madara Uchiha?

And I'm referring to Rinne Tensei Madara Uchiha with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikidou paths ability) equipped with his Gunbai and control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, a complete Susano'o, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in his chest so he can perform Mokuton kekkei genkai and yin-yang release ninjutsu as well as being extremely skilled in taijutsu and bukijutsu, while also being a member of the modclique, IRC, cytube, and the Chadmins personal best friend while also having read every single trap doujin on exhentai?


ninjas fighting other ninja and they have special powers, basically


that actually sounds pretty cool, thanks


are they all obese too?


no, but there is definitely one guy, his 'clan' is also pretty fat, they can morph their bodies because of it, it has a reason for their powers if i remember correctly


Is it kind of like Hunter x Hunter? I loved that but mostly because of the friendship between Gon and Killua; I'm gay and thought they were insanely cute together


never considered it from a gay perspective but you will probably like the naruto-sasuke rivalry throughout the series, it is a bit one-sided.


I tried watching it a few years ago and season 1 was just so bad I lost interest. Naruto's extremely obnoxious, Japanese have a very juvenile sense of humor and it's all over this show and I can't stand it, and that pink haired cunt got too much screentime for my tastes.

But once in a while I'll catch a glimpse of very late seasons on Toonami or YouTube and it looks really excellent…
I don't know. I don't know if I have the patience to get through the early seasons.

By the way, can someone explain the setting? I don't get it. Why does the setting have a combination of modern luxuries while simultaneously 300 AD era stuff? It bothers me a lot when I see them with photographs and printing presses etc.


watch team kakashi vs zabuza,ninja exam and naruto vs sasuke fight from original and you can start shippuuden


Everything pre timeskip (shippuden) is good. Although shippuden has one or two moments of its own, like when Kakashi finds out who Tobi is and all the resulting drama, it is still pretty awful,




>while also being a member of the modclique, IRC, cytube, and the Chadmins personal best friend while also having read every single trap doujin on exhentai?
reported. prepare to be permab& my friend.


File: 1511044280794.gif (363.95 KB, 346x360, 173:180, speed hurt.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Naruto: giving deadly courage to wizkids since 2002


>shonen jump


You little rascal.


File: 1511055821841.png (18.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, let's go.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1516906240441.jpg (78.51 KB, 640x480, 4:3, naruto_gaara0045.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pre-rehabilitation Gaara is my favorite character. Very wizardly. Too bad what the authors did to him afterwards.


Original naruto is the comfiest anime on the planet, bar none.


File: 1517088633536.jpg (140.71 KB, 537x697, 537:697, Uchiha.Madara.full.878504.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

silly boy, Madara is the truwiz character.
Nagato and Tobito are your typical r9k failed normalfag cuckbois.

Especially Tobito is pathetic on a giantic scale. He is not only a closet pedophile he also has his own fucking parallel universe to daydream in. Then he also let Madara play him like a damn fiddle. Nagato is a weakling that gave up his ambitions because Naruto gave him muh feelings after only talking to him once. What else would you expect from an emo faggot.

Meanwhile meet Madara:
>knows the true nature of normalfag society in konoha
>understands that his own clan are gullible sheep and part of the normalfag problem
>abandons his entire family, nation and homeland to pursue his own ambitions
>lives a reclusive life in a fucking underground cave
>has haircut like a fucking savage but does not give a shit about it
>masters the art of black magic, genetic engineering and biotechnology by himself
>works towards a world where everyone can live happily in their dreams without struggles
>then normalfags say no this is bad and destroy him
normalfags ruin everything


File: 1517092388729.jpg (48.9 KB, 480x672, 5:7, 7651c373dbc6b4359dffa78553….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This show has surprisingly many wizvillains. Unfortunately (and predictably) they're all either killed or "rehabilitated".


>lives in a fucking den underground
>recruits children for his crew
>performs x-men tier experiments on them
>looks like michael jackson
>makes this creepy thing with his tongue
>is obsessed with a boy from his crew
>has a homosexual sensei-notice-me-lapdog
another pedophile character


Maybe someone diddled him as a kid. He was pretty cute after all.


Is right here.


not him but i always hated that one honestly. i wondered when i first saw it "why did the opening change to this"


Ironically enough I used to hate that opening to and the one the other wizard posted was my favorite when I watched Naruto years ago. In recent years after listening to anime/cartoon openings during a 5am nostalgia trip I really liked it for some reason.


i haven't read any of the naruto manga in years and i've never watched the anime but im planning on picking it up again because i have huge hole in the story because some times i would go to the library and they wouldn't have the next couple of books so i would just skip and would read the next available book. i've been watching the first episodes of the anime and the fucking zabuza story arc always makes me fucking cry.the part where naruto is barating zabuza for not caring about haku and zabuza tells him to shut up and its revealed that he is crying has to be one of the best moments in the entirety of naruto. not to mention the moment where it implies that zabuza got to go to heaven with haku. even though i make fun of naruto and its fans, it's still a literary masterpiece because of the way it turns monsters in to humans. in the end, they always make you care about almost every character.


Madara was the hero konoha didn't deserve
I fucking shed a single tear when madara apologized to hashirama for not succeeding right as he died


if naruto is so great why must it plagiarize cowboy bebop fight scenes and jackie chan flicks


Isn't naruto the pinnacle of normalfagginess?

>Started from the bottom, scorned

>Gets a whole bunch of friends
>Works reaall hard and pulls self from bootstraps
>Beats the bad guy, rescues friend
>All from the power of friendship
>Becomes really important with a two kids, a wife, a whole bunch of friends, and a top earning job

It sounds pretty normal to me, to be honest. Hell, aren't the wiz characters killed off anyways? Pain is at least called "deceased" or sealed, in the wiki. I skimmed through it though, and barely have watched Naruto though. Still kind of the opposite of anti-normalfag if we lose and the "good guys" win.


naruto becomes a breeder? whoa


Good luck finding any media about wizards journey into victory over normals


You can say that about any casual anime out there. Fuck off narutofag


All big antinatalists breed normspawn, they cant escape their programming. There is no free will, we are just machines remember.


>All big antinatalists breed normspawn
no, only failed ones do
Funnily enough, Gurren Lagann is pretty wizardly despite all the chadlike aesthetics.
There are no vivid relationshits and nobody breeds. Main characters are busy fighting against the demiurge. And MC becomes a literal wizard/monk at the very end.


Naruto: incels, failed formalfags
Gurren Lagann: Truwiz


Have to check out GL then


>Works reaall hard and pulls self from bootstraps

Naruto didn't work hard, he's basically the reincarnation of what equates to Ninja Jesus, the son of the 4th hokage, and has biological weapon of mass destruction as his power that he eventually is able to control completely. Naruto isn't an underdog - he's a fake underdog. He just gives the illusion of being one. He masters everything he does in like a week or a month, and does it better than anyone else, unlike normalfags or wizkids. Naruto was also basically uncontested in becoming the savior of the world.

You are completely right about the other things you stated however.



I guess he's just genetically gifted then. He min maxxed his character, was born from One of the hokages and was always meant to be hokage.

Even Sasuke was gifted. He was able to use difficult jutsu like the flame breath at an early age. When you think about it, I don't really think the other tertiary characters like Choji, bug guy, tenten, neji, etc. aren't special. Also, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were under the training of Kakashi (future hokage) as well as their respected teachers: pervert man, orochimaru, and Tsunade the tsuntsun (kidding).

Nartuo was genetically gifted and trained under the most qualifed people (including the sages).


File: 1529499295858.jpg (452.43 KB, 946x1529, 86:139, one of the boys.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I agree about what you said about the other tertiary characters. The rest of Konoha 12 are also special as you mentioned. They are all part of some ninja clan (Aburame, Hyuga, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Inuzuka) that makes them different(gives them an edge?) from civilian-born ninja. The only exceptions are Sakura; she like this succubus with brilliant chakra control and intelligence(as noted by Kakashi); Rock Lee, who's gimmick is his extraordinary taijutsu skills at the expense of all other necessary ninja skills; and Tenten who's gimmick is her use of ninja tools but she doesn't really get any screentime anyway. Either way, none of the Konoha 12 can truly be considered 'normal' or 'average'.

Sasuke and Neji were pretty gifted. Their bloodlines made their potential just that much higher than the others. Sasuke however, was always in the shadow of his brother. He's a genius compared to the rest of his class, but he was always a slower learner than his brother. Itachi learned how to use the fireball jutsu on his first try when he was seven or something, while it took Sasuke a whole week of intense training by himself to learn it. To say that Sasuke wasn't gifted would be ludicrous but compared to his brother…

The difference between Naruto and say, Neji or Sasukes, is that not only is Naruto genetically gifted, but he also has what basically is a sentient nuclear weapon(that also heals any injury and has almost infinite chakra) sealed in him. He basically is a walking Tsar Bomba. This makes his potential even larger than those of geniuses like Neji, Sasuke, or Itachi. When i reread the manga I noticed multiple instances where Naruto won not because of his 'hardwork' or 'work ethic', but because he had powers no one else had. The Kyubi would always save him in a pinch. In the first VoTE fight against Sasuke it healed an impaled lung in less than 20 seconds., or in the fight against Neji where the Kyubi's chakra make him immune to Neji's gentle fist fighting style which paralyses and closes of chakra points. The Kyubi's power is vaguely defined it's almost like it's omnipotent. The power difference between One-tails and Nine-tails is also pretty funny. (Speaking of the One-tails, Naruto literally cucked a tailed beast by his own when he was twelve…)

Chakra limits used to be the thing that made the fights tactical, but that wasn't even a factor for Naruto because he has a limitless chakra battery. That not even considering the large chakra reserves he has not matter what due to being an Uzumaki. Naruto only has to spam jutsu until he lands a hit. He's a really poorly thought out character when you think about it. Naruto basically got to where he's at due to things and powers he didn't work for. He doesn't even have to work that hard anyway; he mastered the Shadow clone in a few hours, mastered the rasengan in a week(which took the 4th hokage four years to do), and mastered sage mode in like two months. His biju power form is also different from the other Jinchuurikis. He looks like a glowing light bulb. what the heck.

Being a hardworker deosn't make one any less blessed by genetics. That logic doesn't only apply to Naruto, but also to Sasuke and Neji who work their asses of as well spending most of their time training, but nobody refers to them as 'underdogs'. Being an underdog doesn't make a character good, but Naruto fans have put that label on the character.

When nostalgic people talk about Naruto and how 'he was an underdog in part 1' I can do nothing but laugh. He really wasn't. He just gave the illusion of being one. It's sad really. Because even despite all of these facts the first few arcs of Naruto had really good character development not only for Naruto himself but also the rest of team seven. I feel betrayed by this series. The only thing I have left now is nostalgia.

Regards :-]


>Why does the setting have a combination of modern luxuries while simultaneously 300 AD era stuff? It bothers me a lot when I see them with photographs and printing presses etc.
It's just lazy writing, typical of Shounen Jump stories. One Piece has superpowers in it but its setting still seemed similar to aspects of real life pirate history when it started out. Flash foward a decade and they now have food that can talk, cyborgs and zombies.


What is your idea of the underdog? Naruto being unpopular and unliked in my eyes is what made him the underdog. Yes, he had a lot of things going in his favour but that doesn't alter the emotional reaction to the fact that he wasn't favoured by the majority of the people in his hometown and was still winning.

Surely, just being the unfavoured one is what makes the underdog, the underdog? Perhaps you feel Rock Lee was the true underdog of Naruto since he was actually completely untalented, got to where he was through sheer work, got to a level where he could compete with a Jinchuuriki, almost had his life and career taken, recovered and continued to work as a ninja. But Rock Lee was never disliked by people (yes, his enthusiastic personality was deemed overbearing at times but that's not the same as Naruto's rejection by the masses).

I suppose it's matter of relatability? Naruto was shunned by the masses whilst simply only desiring acceptance whereas Rock Lee wanted his Way of the Ninja to be accepted. Whilst Rock Lee was trying to carve out a place for himself in society as a ninja, Naruto was just trying to carve out a place for himself where everyone accepts him. Good points nonetheless.


File: 1537118391595.jpg (278.55 KB, 1523x806, 1523:806, 1534407613766.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I consider characters who go against the odds to be underdogs. I consider characters who are unfavoured in their ambitions to be underdogs. I consider the 'little man' to be the underdog. Therefore I can't consider Naruto to be an underdog, because Naruto had every good thing that one could have in his setting stacked in his favor.

I mean, he's the son of a hokage, he's part of a powerful bloodline, he has the most powerful tailed beast, he's the reincarnation of the 'good son' of the godlike creator of the ninja world, he got personally trained by a legendary ninja, has powerful connections with top tier konoha ninja(by being the son of Minato), he's the chosen one, the writing puts him on a pedestal, most of his character flaws aren't really portrayed as character flaws, and he's rewarded by the plot. (Keep in mind this isn't initially true, at the beginning of the series he didn't have any of the things mentioned above)

When Pain killed thousands of konoha villagers and a bunch of his friends, teachers, etc they are literally all brought back to life by the villain clapping his hands together and suiciding. When Sasuke killed Itachi, did his entire clan return back to life? No. But the equivalent did for Naruto. Sasuke's only desire in life was to kill Itachi, whereas Naruto's only desire was to be accepted and acknowledged by others. Pain had destroyed Naruto's dream of acknowledgement, but it was all rendered false through a deus-ex-machina. He's blessed by fate.

He gets everything he wants. He never really has to deal with any real consequences. After the Pain attack the only thing they had to do was to rebuild the village. That hindered his character growth in my opinion. If Nagato hadn't brought back everyone to life then that would've devoloped the parallel between Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke 'killed' Itachi, but he later found out that Itachi wasn't to blame. Naruto killed Pain, but they're all dead and there are few people to recognize Naruto as the villages hero. If the villagers and his friends weren't brought back to life then he would've been able to truly understand how Sasuke felt. I don't think Naruto's and Sasuke's (platonic) relationship was properly developed throughout shippuden.

Naruto's story is basically a rags-to-riches story where the poor pleb has all the riches in-line all prepared waiting for him. A story where David is actually not David, but unknowingly Goliath.


File: 1537119197280.jpg (462.12 KB, 1511x1011, 1511:1011, piraten.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



I don't think Naruto's and Sasuke's relationship was properly developed throughout shippuden. Most of the show is centered on Naruto's and Sasuke's relationship and their parallel, but the problem is that Naruto and Sasuke are fundamentally different. Sasuke is popular, but he doesn't care what anyone(besides his deceased family)thinks of him, and rudely disregards their opinions. Naruto is the complete opposite, everyone either hates him or is indifferent to him(konoha 12, kakashi, jiraiya, hokage etc), and all of his goals stem from his desire to be acknowledged. Sasuke is in many ways completely antithetical to Naruto as a characters as well as the message of the series. Chasing acknowledgement is seen as admirable, but Sasuke doesn't couldn't care less what people think of him. Loneliness is seen as one of the worst experiences one could have, but none of Sasuke's grievances stem from his loneliness, in fact, he doesn't really seem to care about his loneliness at all. Naruto and Sasuke have a rivalry, but it's unnecessary because Sasuke always had his own motivation to become stronger on his own.

I don't hate Naruto. I just think his character is wasted potential. Same with Sasuke. I don't think underdog characters are better than non-underdog characters, but as i mentioned previously, Naruto fans have put that label on the character themselves. I try to ignore how relatable a character is. In most cases I find it boring if I can immediately access a character because they're similar to myself, there's no mystery to the character if i can. What i try to do is to judge the character as a work of the writer's creativity and imagination. Of course there are characters I like simply because I can relate to them, but I try to judge characters objectively. On the contrary, there are plenty of characters I like that are very unrelatable to me on an individual level. Almost no one who likes say, Zabuza or Orochimaru actually think they're relatable or good people irl.


File: 1537657298142.png (1.17 MB, 1440x1076, 360:269, latest.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1537949190140.jpg (510.38 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, Uchiha.Madara.full.1899459.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sasuke and Madara are the most consistent Wizardly duo in any media as far as interests, ideologies, and practices go. They are the most empathetic people despite the fact that they also tend to be the ones who rebel against normans the most, and they don't care and loathe social contact.

>Doesn't care about Succubi
>Doesn't care about Normans
>Acts like a warlock who wants only to act out on his hatred
>Decides to use his powers to turn all the normalcattle against him, so that they're too occupied with him and can't go back to their normalcattle lifestyles

>Got roped into trying the norman lifestyle once, realized he'll NEVER fit in and even little stinkubi would always be able to tell that he was just different from other normalcattle
>Decided to just give everyone their own perfect virtual reality to live out their lives according to their deepest desires, with no suffering

On the flip side, Obito and Itachi are the most insufferable characters for me. Both drag down the Uchiha.

>Eternally obsessed with his roastie, he represents the worst aspect a robot could have
>Wanted to be like Naruto

>Massive pacifist who thought that the safety of the many always outweighed the lives of the few regardless of circumstances
>Stupid patriotard idiot


Sasuke only acted so aloof because Itachi told him he would have to kill his best friend in order to get the power to kill Itachi. He seeks power through other means that will allow him to isolate himself so that he doesn't have to be tempted to kill his best friend. Deep down he's really a moralfag.


Why arent some narutoprowiz stream some of the most important/interesting episodes/seasons to other wizards though some fancy service where we can watch it toghether? I think it will ne pretty cool.

t.bad english skills


Funny how this board is supposed to be for non normalfags/wizards while the main page has naruto and dragon ball threads. The most mainstream, cancerous and normalfag anime of all the time.


Watched Naruto up until Sasuke peaced out when I was younger.
Recently, I've started watching it again from the beginning over the period of a couple months. I was absolutely stunned when I finally caught up to Sasuke's departure to find out the next 100 episodes were filler. I didn't think it would be that bad at first, but then the first arc was literally a Halloween house-of-horrors at the secret hideout.

Would it be better to follow a guide to skip them, or do they pick up?


Don't bother watching this shitty anime, just look up the top 10 fights since thats the only reason this anime is good. Especially the taijutsu fights.


I hate that narutos spirit animal was a frog thats not even a zodiac animal, even a rat would have been better. Naruto should have folowed the way of the dragon for true power just like kabuto did.


I can't stop thinking about how many times did sasuke creampie sakura and did he fuck her in the asshole too. I wish they would've gave naruto the harem instead of this shit. And how many times did naruto cum in hinata to have two children, in what positions and did they fuck while she was pregnant too? I want to see them swap partners too and have boruto fuck loli sarada.


Sasuke has never had sex and the only time he ever touched Sakura was by poking her in the forehead as a brotherly gesture. Restoring his clan was one of the things he swore to do though so he had Sakura artificially inseminated and used genjutsu to make her think he impregnated her himself.

Naruto on the other hand makes several shadow clones to run trains on Hinata constantly. One of them is possessed by Kurama because otherwise he'd always interrupt by saying "switch with me Naruto"
Before finishing he has to give Hinata a kyuubi chakra cloak so she doesn't get destroyed by the natural energy of his sage mode.


That explains why boruto has his new dojutsu. When Kurama switched places with Naruto or if hinata had kurama's chakra cloak around her during intercourse it mutated her own chakra and the chakra of the byakugan, turning it into boruto's new dojutsu eyes. Nature energy probably had a role in the mutation as well. Now I want to see boruto fuck and creampie sarada, but having her kidnapped and gangbanged by dirt old men ninjas and impregnated by them would be nice too. If only Naruto had been a more mature manga, something like Berserk, then we could see the rape and sexual harassment that should have happened in a world with weak female ninja's that are somewhat attractive like sakura. At least orochimaru collected her hymen and umbilical cord, but its hard to fap to that.


Please detail your sexual fantasies in the fap thread, thank you.



He doesn't actually work that hard and the work he does is meaningless most of the time. Great you mastered sage mode, not like you really need it seeing as you have a bottomless pit of chakra living in you though.

It really annoys me because the whole message they try to push with him is that a loser can become great through hard work. He doesn't become great through hardwork, there are plenty of other ninjas that train harder than he does and get completely outclassed by him. In fact every ninja trains in that show.


To me, Naruto is still the coolest show I've ever watched. Those clans, the jutsu, it's just fucking cool yo. It's what got me into anime. I never finished it though, got bored once it was giant monsters and beams and shit. One of these days I'll get around to seeing how it played out. I'm longing for another immersive fantasy world like it right now. I can't deal with real life at the moment. It's just too crazy. I want a comfy world to disappear into like naruto provided.


Its not clear if you are wanting anime recommendations or not but if you liked naruto it seems probable that you would like the other huge popular shonens. Bleach, HunterxHunter, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho. See if one of those interests you, but there are plenty more if those ones arent to your taste.



it was terrible
kishimoto didnt plan ahead when it comes to storywriting
crazy how it started an anime boom in the west during the 2000s


It didn’t start anything. It was just a part of it.


Rock Lee > Naruto

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