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>Celebrities and reality stars have been tweeting about anime
>Crunchyroll censors fan service in the english release of a well anticipated game
>Funimation called anime fans "creeps"

Granted, after Crunchyroll made the mistake they made, they apologized and cowered with their tail between their legs. So we may have more of a fighting chance than we did in GamerGate.


Uh, I don't see the problem really. Nothing other than the really big shows like AoT or One Punch Man will ever go really mainstream, and if censorship of "official" english releases starts happening people will just re-sub the uncensored versions from japanese blurays or whatever other source raw source.


Do you personally think that we may see the original anime start getting censored in favor of American audiences?


No? American or any other western audiences bring effectively no money to japanese studios, 90% of their revenue is bluray sales in japan.


File: 1524190762384.jpg (359.13 KB, 836x1028, 209:257, 3d1d1dea64100a09c621c6bbe6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Moe and lolicons are gonna be attacked again in the future for sure


>>Funimation called anime fans "creeps"

I always despised those jews.


Yes, yes yes.
It's about time.
The fallout will be so bad, norms will be repulsed by anime forever. Anime will become taboo and go back to being underground, the way it's supposed to be.
The other possible result is that anime becomes more popular and the essence is lost.


The former is most likely going to happen. You have to remember that anime, although getting more popular, is still considered to be for "losers". Even normalfag shit like Naruto is still being made fun of by normals.


>The other possible result is that anime becomes more popular and the essence is lost.
This is the real risk. Western goy audiences will ruin anime if they become a driving factor.

It is perhaps in our interest to make anime as repulsive as possible to the west. The only thing in anime that I can think of which western culture is utterly incapable of assimilating is antijewism. Everything else, even loli, can and will be tolerated by the progressive left. The only sure-fire way to keep western plebs away from anime, is to use it to promote anti jew ideas. A very risky gambit for /pol/ types, because the play could then be reversed to tank BOTH anime and white racial identity politics. But that's no great loss to us. /pol/ and its contemporaries can never carry any banner of anything. So, either way, we win.

Cute anime succubi hate kikes.



File: 1524197827652-0.png (Spoiler Image, 442.33 KB, 864x714, 144:119, zero_scarcity_value.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1524197827652-1.png (Spoiler Image, 301.99 KB, 540x433, 540:433, pol meetup.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is by far the worst idea I've ever seen on any incarnation of wizardchan.
/pol/ couldn't get the normalfags off of a cartoon frog image from an obscure comic after millions of presidential campaign dollars were spent advertizing him as an evil Nazi symbol and getting the Anti-Defamation League to agree to it.
If you thought that this was a good idea based on some pure untested theory that would be one thing but we all just fucking saw this fail on live fucking television.
>ITT your favorite Touhou characters and why you hate kikes.
has been copypasta on 4chad for more than half a decade nigger. It. Doesn't. Work.
Wanting to link anime to imageboard meme nazism only links it to Making America Great Again and all the rest of the most normalfag-accessable tier of imageboard culture.
You can't save anime from normalfags by making it accessible to normalfags and aggressively meming that directly accessible "controversial" "edgy" memewhored version at normalfags.


What do you think would be the best course of action then?


Oh goodie, can't wait for Nazi Super Saiyans and the inevitable Antifa Saiyan counterparts. Can't wait for /pol/ to meme Sasuke Jewchiha while simultaneously shooping the sharingan into a swastika. Can't wait for nationalists to protest against the United Nations with cringey evangelion posters. Can't wait for the Komrade Kaiji memes. Can't wait for some studios to tell the jews to fuck off, while others capitulate and lose profits, and still others handle the PR poorly and crumble. Can't wait for wageslaves to be fired and blacklisted once it's discovered they like anime. If animegate actually happens, it's going to be great.


Irrefutable proof: Dubs < Subs


A dramatic reduction in edginess in the western market's buyfag choices. If the buyfags move away from angst and "art" and leave those to the piratefags as God intended then we'll see the right forces take shape.
First buyfag choices will shift market away from angst and towards comfort junkfood.
Comfort junkfood media being offensive and repulsive to those who are comfortable, while conflict–including angst–is the basic building block of all character-driven drama and thus most fiction in general, and is accessible to everyone.
This leads to:
>more censorship of fanservice
>more moralist outrage and hypocrisy, "anime is breaking people, look at all of these broken people who watch it, what the fuck is causation"
>more shit agenda-pushing "localization" groups openly loathing their audience
>more non-production companies talking about how they as a company that sells anime need to save anime from the people who buy anime
>stirring mutual resentment
>fewer people who got into anime as adolescents because it slaked their adolescent thirst for transgression and violence while managing to shroud the adolescent ego in a veneer of culture with occasional literary, philosophical, religious and cultural references
>and far fewer of the above who have afterwards "grown up" but still spend time arguing about anime and attaching themselves to the "scene" because it's their "nerd culture"
>those who normed up and remain being identified as an internal enemy
>more antilocalization ethos developing among the buyfags
>stronger pirate communities more willing to push boundaries to undermine fan-hostile companies
>more hostility between fans and flatscans
>less western buyfag voice in market direction because lolnomoney
>western buyfag market comes closer to jap buyfag market anyways so there's less signal interference
>translation groups and "anime localization" collapses into transcription for the market rather than attempting to redirect or exploit the consumers, because there will be less surplus to exploit
Full disclosure I'm one of those grimderp "manly anime" faggots trapped in a perpetual angst-driven adolescent mindset and yes I hate myself so what.

Normalfags are only okay with ponies because they have families with daughters who watch the show and buy the products. Normalfags aren't cool with bronies, and it's not just because it's a children's show. Normalfags wouldn't be cool with bronies if MLP were originally made for adult men instead of young succubi and had a near-zero chance of being seen by a young audience, or if there was zero association with youth at all. It is the whole unsettling combination of socially, emotionally, and sexually abject adults expurgating their hopes, dreams, wishes, needs and desires through an artificial medium that hits that "thing that should not be" chord. We can hit that same chord, but without bringing anyone else along for the ride. Then we're free, free, free.


The problem is that it is "image board meme nazism." This is the exact reason money was paid to connect white racial politics to 4chan and reddit, and to encourage those links: it completely discredits it.

Trump, blacks, left vs right. There's all kinds of distractions that keep actual dangerous issues to the elite (like the jp) muddied
like crazy. I'm not disagreeing with you; you're right, it wouldn't work. But the problem isn't the politics. It's the demographic. /pol/ and reddit aren't smart or aware enough to actually cause damage to the system in a way that would require a complete and total rejection. They can be toyed with, and used. And this is what we saw happen in 2016


>>Celebrities and reality stars have been tweeting about anime

Anime has been aimed at normies for at least 2 decades,it took you this long to realize it?

>Crunchyroll censors fan service in the english release of a well anticipated game

What game? I'm out of the loop

>Funimation called anime fans "creeps"

A lot of them are not "teehee I'm a weeb and I buy figurines xD" but actual sick people with mental problems.


>No? American or any other western audiences bring effectively no money to japanese studios

Are you stuck in the past decade? Anime and weeb shit in western audiences makes as much money as japanese audiences,if not more,I bet that a lot of "japanese" buyers are actually western weebs buying imports.

Have you seen the steady releases of weeb shit like VN's? This never happened during the last decade.

Hell even Key made a VN that was released first in steam with an english translation than in fucking japan…then go and tell me that we don't make them have tons of cash.


Fuck off /pol/ leave our anime alone.


>/pol/ cancer now wants to destroy anime after destroying imageboards.


What do you mean by this? They already get attacked these days. It's the number one thing normalfags absolutely hate about anime and want gone.


If /pol/ was smart they would fight tooth and nail to avoid being associated with /r9k/ memes, anime, or the like. The problem is that they are not smart at all. Please explain to me how using /pol/ to destroy the social acceptability of anime would destroy anime. I fail to see the reasoning there.


Moe deserves being attacked,it's the #1 cause of the massive drop in quality in anime.

Why make interesting stories,awesome environments and relatable characters when you can just fill an anime/game with moe and pantyshots and will sell like hotcakes.



>Why make interesting stories,awesome environments and relatable characters when you can just fill an anime/game with moe and pantyshots and will sell like hotcakes.
This is still better than what western goyim would turn anime into, because it is Japanese and would no longer be Japanese afterwards.


>ironic shitposting
Don't do that.


>Please explain to me how using /pol/ to destroy the social acceptability of anime would destroy anime. I fail to see the reasoning there.

It was already explained here
>The only thing in anime that I can think of which western culture is utterly incapable of assimilating is antijewism. Everything else, even loli, can and will be tolerated by the progressive left. The only sure-fire way to keep western plebs away from anime, is to use it to promote anti jew ideas.

Fuck off /pol/ or at least conceal yourself better and stop using /pol/ lingo like "goyim".


Ironically using anime to spread anti-jew ideas would "taint" anime because anti-semitism is…wait for it….a western idea.

So you want to save anime making it adopt "western" ideas? Wow,it's no wonder Trump cucked you so hard /pol/…you're retards.


You always hear from weebs that western markets have no impact on the industry. I find this hard to believe given the rather large interest in anime over here. Even hollywood is trying to capitalize on it by the recent string of live action ripoffs. There is no way the large studios in Japan aren't aware of the potential to make tons of money off of gaijin. And god knows they give a fuck about anime as little as anyone.


>astoundingly weak comprehension
>catty, elipse ridden redditty shitpost
It bothers me that you're my peer.


>Ad hominem
You totally destroyed my argument,there's no doubt you're a 5 star /pol/tard.

Stay retard.


I prefer the term "jewluminati," but goyim is close enough to imply the general circumstances. Obviously it's not accurate, but it's as close as anything to concisely conveying the essential information. It would be nice if the term gained traction in popular media outside of /pol/. It's currently spread to the /a/'s, which is very nice. The popularization of this basic concept would be a major blow to the established western social narrative, as while not "every jew is in on it," the simple fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of the 1% are jewish. That's not "/pol/". That's just a fact of the USA and Europe right now. Hollywood is jewish. The banks are jewish. Jews are a very tightly knit people with strong communities and racial identity. These are simply facts. The 1% is also a very powerful term that I endorse, but it has less traction currently than antijew ideas.


You somehow didn't strike me as the type who is interested or even capable of engaging in any kind of reasonable, respectful discussion. I think you have more in common with /pol/ than you'd like to think.

Although in all fairness, you did include an argument that I disregarded. It was a really, really terrible argument. "Astoundingly weak" is the term I used, and I used it with meaning. I will make the effort to explain.

The implication in your catty, deliberately provocative, and dare I say nealy womanly shitpost above is that the infiltration of ANY idea of western origin into anime will result in a comparably complete cultural destruction. Therefore, seeking to establish themes of antijewism among the western anime fanbase will have a comparable destructive influence as mainstream studios openly seeking to court western audiences en mass. And also, that the only solution to these problematic circumstances of cross-contamination will require a 0% cross-influencing between the civilizations. This argument is purely semantic, and demonstrates a remarkably small degree of practical comprehension. Given the current situation, with globalizing markets, the internet, and all of that stuff, some contamination is GOING to happen. It is a matter of choosing which influence preserves cultural separation the most. Anime itself originates from "…wait for it…" Nips mimicking Disney.


File: 1524208271931.png (196.13 KB, 330x433, 330:433, 1467319361129.png) ImgOps iqdb

As long as it dies quickly and shifts public image back to fairly negative, yes. We don't need any more new blood, they all turn out to be massive poser, trendy self-described "otaku" shits. It would be infinitely preferable for the "hip" image that all these normalfags to evaporate. That being said it would be most unfortunate if a Streissand effect were to occur, drawing anime even further into whatever flavor-of-the-year/mini-zeitgeist limelight

As stated before the best outcome would be a flash in the pan of negative publicity, enough to mold impressionable norman opinions but not enough to trigger sustained publicity.


literally who?


>As stated before the best outcome would be a flash in the pan of negative publicity
Well said. Any ideas?


>they all turn out to be massive poser, trendy self-described "otaku" shits
Probably goes without saying, but the same pattern played out with "nerd culture" in the last decade. And "hippie culture" in decades prior to that. The system assimilates very adeptly.


Hollywood needs somewhere to go when capeshit begins to fall off and that will be anime. It doesn't matter what anyone does, Hollywood will force anime to be popular and it will be destroyed in the process. A large portion of the manga market should be alright because normalfags won't read and those that do will not be paying for them because those types are smart enough to pirate.


Their live action ripoffs haven't been very successful


>It doesn't matter what anyone does, Hollywood will force anime to be popular
So, our role would be to step in and establish the "common knowledge" that new anime trend = hollywood = jews ripping off japan = hollywood is out of ideas.

We would want those associations to be the first things that come to peoples minds. Before anything else, it creates the expectation in people's minds for anime to be bad. I can't think of anything better that would deter that market


>26631 Honesty that would be great if they could make anime seem so toxic maybe normies wouldn't even dare to fuck with it but also it may be better just to hope it goes unnoticed


File: 1524235130959.jpg (990.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Tsundere] Urara Meirochou….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just pirate shit, so I don't really care.
Anyone who's using streaming services like funi and crunchy are gullible fools anyway.
If there was a service that would sell downloadable digital versions of blu-ray quality anime, then I would probably buy it… if I were rich (which I am not so it would still be pirating for me lol).
But this streaming shit is so fucking gay.
Also this: >>26611 >>26613

hmm, what else do we have itt, let's see…
The niche titles that are usually defined as "moe" by casuals have a steady and paying audience in Japan, so no - nothing is happening to it.
>something something pol memes
The bulk of buyfags are into niche titles. Edgy shit is just a fad.
Although truth be told I'm not sure I understood what you were trying to convey at all.
Hello norman.
>weeb shit
Opinion discarded.
Hello norman.

Got tired and didn't read the rest. It's obvious this is a shitposting thread, so I suggest it gets moved to /b/ or something.


File: 1524238539905.png (35.47 KB, 525x585, 35:39, 1514526536.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I just pirate shit, so I don't really care.
Couldn't have said it any better. I pirate all anime I watch and have never bothered with "legal" alternatives (legal in quotation marks because I think pirating isn't even illegal here and if it is, the law is never enforced).
Streaming services such as Crunchyroll are only used by retarded normalfags who are interested in the flavor of the month seasonal garbage. They see their subscriptions to these services as some sort of charity project and think that 90% of their money goes directly to the people making the shows they watch. In reality the kikes at those companies grab it all for themselves and even go so far as to make the quality of their videos worse than the source to save bandwidth costs.
This kind of stuff will only become an issue once western politics actually start directly influencing the anime at the source of their creation which I'll admit might be happening sooner than I wish it would but even then I could just continue watching old stuff and rewatch my favourites. But I couldn't care less about these "official" transalators who can't even do their job right and often force in jokes that were not in the original script or outright censor stuff like has already been mentioned, as long as they exist, fansubbers who do a better job for free will also exist.


File: 1524242550278-0.png (669.65 KB, 970x685, 194:137, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1524242550278-1.png (677.52 KB, 1002x680, 501:340, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anime is a shitty media anyway wizzies, you should be reading manga instead. 100% artistic freedom, production and distribution can be handled by the author himself, editorial meddling is minimal outside the big 3 (Shueisha, Kodansha Shogakukan).

Yes, of course. You have to be blind not to see it. Western sensibilities is changing both manga and anime. I don't know why people keep denying this whenever it comes up. I guess it's not obvious to most because you don't watch or read anything too old so you don't have context. But just the fact that tits keep getting bigger should be enough of a clue (うる星やつら anyone?)

Just to give you one example of each. For manga, pic related. This story got released in 1974 by Shogakukan no less. This is like having Pikachu taunting Ash to shoot himself in the head. Imagine if that would be published today. Not a fucking chance. EVER. If you like reading old stuff you'll come across stories that would never be published today in big circulation magazines all the time. By the way the gun doesn't shoot actual bullets but just the image would never, ever be allowed today. Just let me remind you this is a manga for kids. And btw, this story, ラッキーガン, got an anime episode as well, released in 79.

For anime which I don't watch either new nor old, so I don't have so many examples out of the top of my head but just one very recent is the complete and utter annihilation of Rika Sasaki from Cardcaptors Sakura. Those who care about this show remember there were several instances where it appears to imply she had a romantic (also perhaps, perhaps not exactly sexual) relationship with one of her male teachers. She's the only character who got sacked for the new series, Clear Card-hen. Boy I wonder why. This type of relationship (female student, old male teacher) was common in many shoujo stuff but for the past 20 years or so it got a lot more downplayed and in the case of more famous series like Sakura, completely sacked.

It doesn't matter if publishing houses in Japan don't get money from their stuff in the West. Just the fact Japan consumes Western garbage movies and comics like we consume their garbage is enough. You have a cultural exchange that shape how you see things and that ends up in your cultural output regardless who is paying for what. But I don't want to talk about that so whatever.

I guess at least we could all agree that whoever is using streaming services is wasting money and should stop immediately.


File: 1524244781475.jpg (420.68 KB, 978x1146, 163:191, 1514759975.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

To be fair, old western comics/cartoons could get away with more extreme stuff as well. The amount of old western cartoons with jokes about main characters wanting to and/or committing suicide is already enough proof of this, I remember the old Tom & Jerry series ending with the two characters walking in front of a train for example. At this point I don't think it's just about the east vs westeral cultural divice though it does play a role of course but it's also because the western media, influenced by modern leftist politics is becoming outright afraid of anything with sexual undertones. Which is quite ironic when you take a look at the state of the modern world because western society has not been this oversexualised since the last days of ancient Greece and Rome.
>you should be reading manga instead
I tried getting into manga serveral times but a few factors prevent me from enjoying them; the absence of color, the fact that I enjoy watching animation (thus the absence of movement) and the picture boxes often being too small for my personal liking which I think isn't an existing issue with western comics or at least I never experienced this back when I still read this. The absence of color is to me probably the most important factor, it just makes everything seem so soulless and uninteresting to me and makes it feel like every page looks the same.


*when I read them
My bad.


>This type of relationship (female student, old male teacher) was common in many shoujo stuff but for the past 20 years or so it got a lot more downplayed and in the case of more famous series like Sakura, completely sacked

But I've watched some modern anime series that have that theme. The only one I can think of atm is Kill la Kill where the teacher had an interest Ryuko (granted it was one sided). A lot of anime still pushes it as far as western standards go.

>you should be reading manga instead

We are also referring to manga as well. Idk if western audiences will have an influence on that (apparently Americans hate reading) but we at least need to try to prevent it before it may or may not happen.


File: 1524263931657.png (81.98 KB, 421x493, 421:493, b5300d220c2b7c22fc155393e2….png) ImgOps iqdb

I think associating Anime with fringe politics, in a time when said fringe politics are already becoming slightly more mainstream is an incredibly bad idea. /pol/fags have ALREADY been using Anime with the rest of other typical 'imageboard culture' tropes for a long time now. MSM news like CNN kept talking about it too. And as we already know from this past/current experience, associating an Apolitical medium with an extremely cancerous political movement is doing more damage than worth. I don't know why you keep saying 'antijewism', just call it what it is, anti-semitism. Trying to make anime a racial thing is ironically exactly the same thing the western Normalfags would do if they could. This neo-colonialist mindset needs to die. Japan has already been fairly Americanized and Westernised anyway.
>Given the current situation, with globalizing markets, the internet, and all of that stuff, some contamination is GOING to happen
You don't know that. You're arguing for a 'culture war battle', and you want anime as a vehicle for that. I don't give a shit if normalfags act like normalfags, let a dog be a dog. They won't last anyway.


Jews have been ripping off Japs since before you were born. Just read about how much of their filth was taken shot by shot directly from anime.


File: 1524267236124.webm (3.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Slob On My Knob [360p].webm) ImgOps iqdb

This triggers the wizard


Japanese artistic culture is really amazing. They've been like this for at least 1,300 years.


File: 1524292421589.webm (2.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lion Emporerer-san-sama c….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Japs are pretty insulated from baizuos. All this will really do is ruin some english game ports.


Ive made tons of threads in the past about how being an otaku is mainstream and trendy but no one believed me.

taking anime serious (beyond shit like death note and dbz) is super trendy amongst the femoids and the gays. its just as popular as videogames. hell its BEEN as popular as pc gaming for a while now. I remember them "pc master race" days now every normie with 2 kids has a hot rod gaming pc with neon lights and anime background.

the day of the wizard is over.


I unironically think that if anime becomes popular with normies, it is for good. A decade or so later they'd be bored with it. However, they would only sponsor the worst types of anime which will become dependent on normies and thus would die out without normbux. Worms are used in medicine for the same reason - to remove rotten neat from wounds.


Well you unironically think wrong. Look at what happened to video games and 4chan, the internet in general.


File: 1524587911057.jpg (108.76 KB, 549x443, 549:443, 1524509309822.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw have a really hard time watching any show nowadays
Too late for me to care.


that's a pretty specific term.


This. The day you see a meme about a thing you like, it's already too late.


>it's popular therefore it's bad


It's a mixed bag of speculation and uncertainty right now, but I can't really see this happening in the long run. Trying to ban loli, hentai, and anime is like getting rid of weeds. You can pull them and spray them all you want, but unless you just pave over the whole damn thing with concrete, they’re still gonna keep appearing. Same with both, or any other form of free speech, for that matter. Short of an absolutely iron-fisted kill-all-who-oppose-us approach, they can never completely get rid of the industry, and shouldn’t even really try.

Also, there has been an increase of fanservice lately, although your mileage may vary with the anime. While ecchi, hentai, and eroge games seem like they would be going into a relative "hibernation" soon, I don't think they will ever go away. With the rise of borderline H-manga and light novels, I could see a huge resurgence in due time. Streaming sites probably don't give the licencors a lot because they don't advertise those shows.

Jews only make up less than 0.5% of Japan, IIRC.


I am less worried since SJWs don't have much influence in japan proper. US has dealt with this kind of shit before and responded with fan subs, importing stuff direct, mods, and piracy.
If companies deside to virtue signal or whatever then they will be financially punished for it almost immediately.
Otaku are sort of like metal heads in that we have been through this shit and most of the people who make the shit we like have been through this shit and we ain't easily russled about it.
The SJW are taking advantage of the middle men that are purely in it for the buisness and don't understand their fan base or that SJW shit is toxic for your bottom line.
All you have to do is vote with your wallet and speak up for why you are or aren't spending your money and they will learn to disregard the SJWs too soon enough.



hi raging golden eagle


File: 1528194056655-0.png (1.17 MB, 560x420, 4:3, windwakerguy430_259140_4.png) ImgOps iqdb

I just want to point out that back in the days (80's / 90's) we had some cool tentacle-gore-splatter shit, weird and dark themes + nice synthie music, it was like something from another planet … It had more dirt and mud because of real drawings. Now everything looks clean and sterile, and nothing explicit is shown anymore - even if they try, it has no effect anymore because of clean computer animations. Very sad.


They stopped making stuff like that not because they are unable but because that stuff didn't make all that much money even back then, and with the media climate the way it is now sure as hell wouldn't make all that much money now.


Meh, he makes a good point though.


The internet went to shit, 4chan went to shit, the gaming industry went to shit with SJW running amok trying to censor and make everything succubi friendly.

But yes, anime won't die, but a huge amount of the current appeal will disappear. Normies will basically dictate what anime turns into, if it follows the trends of the internet and gaming industry. Main issue is normies are sheep who are told by their wageslaving overlords how to think. So really the overlords will dictate what happens to the future of anime. Manga will survive though.


Popular does end up becoming shit though, look at db super. Think of it like a lake, you have a few people take a dip, the lake is fine, invite hundreds of people over, the lake will be destroyed.

When you try to appeal to the mass market, you are appealing to what we all have a common desire for, the base instincts. When you have people making products for the masses, they control the market and typically do what they can to keep competetors out. As a result, barrier to entry increases, making it increasingly harder for smaller more specialized companies to compete. As a result, you have even less and less specialized products and more of the same recycled garbage that appeals to the masses and uses the same formulas known to achieve sales.

This is why popular pretty much does equal bad, it is always just a matter of time. You can observe what I just said in pretty much every popular industry that exists today, even the gaming industry. Look at older retro games compared to today. The games released today are becoming more and more alike, even in the movie industry, many movies are remakes of classics. Some people put this down to creativity alone but I would say its basic economics. Creativity will never run out, at least not over roughly 70 years.

This will soon happen to the anime industry, normies will destroy it just like they destroy everything. It is already happening, why do you think this moe moe shit is so popular atm? This is the tried and tested formula that I mentioned above, just the anime version. Soon in an attempt to appeal to western audiences more, they will probably censor it down remove the sexual harassment and loli shit and that will be the new anime formula for decades to come. The anime age of decadence has already begun.

Someone screencap this wizchan - 07/15/18


Dragon Ball's peak popularity has been years and years ago, so trying to use Super as an argument for "popularity makes things shit" is ridiculous. Toriyama is just a hack who ran out of ideas years ago and that's all there is to it. And no, anime will not attempt to appeal to western audiences because they get very little if any revenue from westerners and that's extremely unlikely to change anytime soon.


In all honesty it isn't even the ideas that I have a problem with. It is the cheap, shitty execution of those ideas by the studio. The studio thinks it can get away with such low quality because of popularity. They know they will make bank no matter what with the IPs they own so they put as little money and outsource the effort to cut cost and cut corners in a effort to increase profit based on the popularity of their IPs alone.


There are popular anime with great animation just like there are ones with dogshit animation, same with less popular ones. Not a very good argument.


I am talking about this studio and dragon ball super's problems specifically. Super is a good example of this. The post I responded to said it wasn't a good example.
Another example (from the same company) is what happen to the latest sailor moon. Besides, money wise DB is still a big deal both in japan and in the US so it is still very relevant when discussing the industry as it is still one of the most popular and influential shows around.


I think this already happened, or I'm burnt out. Anime feels like asset flips games on Steam.


What I don't seem to understand is what you people want. The old 'manime classics' contain the exact stuff that normalfags like while the otaku marketed sol shows that repulse normalfags get called cardboard-copy moeshit. And then you have isekai which is already in high favor among normies.

all the otaku industry needs is for Tanaka Romeo to come back


I miss Romeo, truly one of the best writers I've ever experienced.


Stop naming stuff after watergate holy shit.


thanks to the college graduate retards running the mass media for spawning that shit meme, it's never going to end, never

years from now it will officially be a suffix in the oxford english dictionary


Does anime have a sexual harassment problem?


Stuff like this makes me glad westerners don't have much of a say in anime but weary that they someday might have. There's a legion of feminists in the west who want to control and filter everything through their ideology.


>How to train your dragon… but with succubi!
I think I'm getting too old for this shit.


Also what's up with all those comments being favorited by the author? Is this how people censor criticism without disabling comments?


Because comments liked by the author are displayed on top. That's how regressives create an atmosphere of an ideologically homogeneous safe space.


What happened to videogames will surely happen to anime sooner or late. People are in denial about it because B-But it's Japan and yet look at how hard Westeners try to subvert Japanese Videogames. Look at how many SJWeebs there are around about how anime is toxic and racist and disgusting and how it should be cleaned up and be more progressive and what not. Look at how many anime youtubers and reviewers there are nowadays. The Olympics are down the corner and anyone who believes this won't matter matters is a gullible fool. Unless a miracle happens and we hit a cultural shift soon I'm not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.


>The Olympics are down the corner
This will be the event that precipitates change. Once all the normalfags see Akihabara they will lose their minds.


>look at how hard Westeners try to subvert Japanese Videogames
Nah, it's just that sometimes western branches of Japanese videogame corps get SJWized (like what's currently happening with Sony), and the Japanese headquarters don't notice nor give a shit about it UNTIL the sales start dropping. After that those subverted branches get a round of fine thrashing and reshuffling and all is fine again for a time. That's literally what already happened in Nintendo not so long ago btw.


>That's literally what already happened in Nintendo not so long ago btw.
I've been playing Nintendo stuff, specially Kirby and Pokemon for the longest time I've never noticed anything that you mention. I'm totally unaware of the backstages of video-game industry. Do you mind telling me which games have been "SJWized" and then "unSJWized" as you mention? I'm really curious. Thank you.


There were some lewd games that were censored by western branches of Nintendo but then decensored back when the fandom started abandoning the platform.
I don't really know about the details since I'm not a consolefag, but RGE spoke about that recently (vid related).


>>Senran Kagura

Right I should've known it was about a fan service game. Funny they would try to censor a game that is about semi-naked female characters. It's like removing the jump button in a Mario game, only pannenkoek and two more people would be playing it. Thanks for responding.

It doesn't matter now anyway, Switch is not region locked, you can import the game and skip localization all together.


>doesn't matter now anyway, Switch is not region locked, you can import the game and skip localization all together.
Except you can't even do that anymore as you can see with the recent issues with Sony.


I just read PS4 is region locked. Didn't know that, I don't really care for Sony consoles since ps2 days. Good to know regardless.


I was referring mainly about the censoring completely skipping the localization process and starting straight-up from the get-go in Japan. And in fact, it's worse, because they're putting very obtuse walls to prevent products their politics do not approve of from being published in the first place. It's actually gone beyond censoring just removing a minigame where you fondle anime titties.


Anime already gets censored, there is quite a lot of anime that is originally written a certain way, but then it is edited to fit a certain style and appeal to a certain audience. Lots of times in anime that I've watched there have been gay couples and themes removed in favor of generic shonen romance poorly put in place of the original authors vision. Japanese love to appeal to the horny teen boy and lonely crab, so I doubt you will ever see your ecchi removed.


>starting straight-up from the get-go in Japan
Nope, you misunderstood. This whole censorhip fiasco is coming from Sony's western branch. Otherwise the game would be censored in Japan too. Once the Japanese headquarters of Sony realize it's hurting the western market, the decisionmakers at western branches will get the boot.

Boohoo, there is an entire genre out there for you people and no one is censoring it. Just because you don't get to see many characters you can relate to in anime not meant for faggots doesn't mean it's censorship.


File: 1540764753079.jpg (256.91 KB, 1677x974, 1677:974, 1538111858062.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sony Europe have been really bad for a long time now. After they started filling the PS3 menu with adverts and being rude to customers who complained about it I stopped buying anything from them. I'm still reminded of it now years later because it's still there whenever I use the console. What's happening now is a long time coming.


I have all the time in the world, but do you guys really can sit 20 minutes listening to some assholes?


I listen to such videos while solving sudoku/solitaires/mahjong.


Same same. I absolutely loved PS2 and PSP, got a second-hand PS3 recently (but the magic is gone, I don't care about console exclusives anymroe), but Sony are assholes of the industry nowadays.


I'm sorry, I really didn't feel like look into it "the subject of sjw and shit like that is too awful and upsetting". I see what you mean now. It's funny, I don't like those games at all and in fact I do find them kinda tasteless. BUT the idea of censoring them is completely ridiculous. Just wtf are those people thinking anyway. I think it's a bit like in Japan where they censor pornography which I find equally ridiculous.

What's the point of a fan service game if you don't get the fan service? No wonder players jumped ship on that one. Good for them. People trying to censor entertainment media are beyond crass. Fuck them.


>Just because you don't get to see many characters you can relate to in anime not meant for faggots doesn't mean it's censorship.
But it literally is, gay characters are most often removed or completely changed, I recently watched an anime in which the main romance was plain replaced with a magical anime succubus crush out of nowhere when in the book the main character falls in love with the guy who is a super important plot character. Point is, japanese don't care about being inclusive or sjw or whatever, they just like to stuff tits and unsavory things to attract immature horny people.


>japanese don't care about being inclusive or sjw or whatever
And that's a good thing.
>they just like to stuff tits and unsavory things to attract immature horny people
Maybe. But then again there are tons of fujoshit and the like that falls right up your alley so you have no reason to complain. It's not like your tastes are not represented at all.


So you only care about censorship when it interferes with your ability to look at anime tits? This is the same response I usually get when I bring these things up elsewhere too. I'll never get to watch a shounen anime where the main characters are both male and also feel love for each other because of people like you, people who don't really care about the real censorship going on that has been going on for ages, it's sad.


There is a niche for BL in Japan, which means there is a demand, which means there are some titles made for you (with gay fanservice and all). But for people like you it is somehow not enough - you want to shove your fetishes down everyone else's throats. That is why people hate you.


You are shoving your sexuality down my throat, the original vision of certain authors have been changed to appeal to you, original ideas with homosexual love were changed by corporate rats to appeal to a wider audience that can't accept that kind of love. But somehow it is my problem? It's my problem that japanese studios hate gays and will censor them in their productions unless their target demographic is female? Many studios are changing entire plots to anime to removed gays, hardly any outcry except on tiny yaoi/shounen-ai forums; One studio changes a bikini bottom into shorts, the whole damn internet explodes. And you are saying I am shoving my "fetish" down your throat? Honestly, ridiculous.


Yes, you are a minority, so deal with it. Be glad you get something at all and are not prosecuted like how it used to be not so long ago.
I have my fetishes and interests too that rarely get addressed in anime but I realize I'm a minority in that and thus cannot expect or demand it being shoved into everything.
You faggots have to get off your high snowflake horses. No one owes you shit. Literally no one.


>Many studios are changing entire plots to anime to removed gays, hardly any outcry except on tiny yaoi/shounen-ai forums; One studio changes a bikini bottom into shorts, the whole damn internet explodes.
And whose fucking fault is that btw? If you are so few in numbers that you cannot make any visible outcry nor financial impact on studios in question - it is your problem entirely. Or do you seriously think people who don't care for gay shit have some sort of obligation to demand it for you?


Are you dense? I’m not asking for gay shit to get stuffed into everything, I’m asking for it to stop being censored and replaced with generic romances/love interests. It’s not even comparable to your fetishes because your fetishes are not being written in by the original author and then removed because corporate doesn’t think people will like it.



I just think it’s hypocrytical when all these people complain about their anime being censored and say they care about censorship but they don’t give a shit about actual censorship, they only care about seeing anime tits.


>they don’t give a shit about actual censorship
Things they like getting censored IS the "actual censorship" for them.

That being said, I disagree that what you are talking about is censorship at all, much less actual. I don't know which anime in particular you keep referring to, but look at it this way: making anime is business that depends on the consumer. So why would a studio pander to a minority who by your own words doesn't have a significant voice and is unlikely to bring profits when they can change things in favor of the heterosexual majority and make hue profits? Also that thing being adapted means the studio got the permission of the creator, which means the creator himself agreed with that line of thinking.

In other words, if "gay community" or whatever wants to see such titles (I doubt there are many of those anyway) adapted, it has to make a financial impact on the studio. Anime makers are not obliged to show you things you like just because of the goodness of their hearts if it does not bode well for them financially.


Just watch anime you like and avoid the group, most of the time you gain nothing from interacting with fellow fans of something except for maybe a related piece of media recommendation. There are better sites than CR anyway that have better features like downloading or enabling japanese subs


It's not even about money or how large of a community wants homo themes in their anime, in japan gays are like a meme, that is why it's censored or often even used as a joke. There needs to be more anime and adaptions like no.6, where the romance between the two boys is something natural and not weird, funny, or surprising. I think there is an untapped market of people that want to see shounen-ai but in a way that is seamlessly apart of an otherwise regular shounen or seinen anime, but you won't get that because the big nosed japs running the studios don't want to take risks, they'd rather censor stuff that isn't part of the charts and make everything as safe and homogenized as possible.


>It's not even about money or how large of a community wants homo themes in their anime
Yes it is.
>in japan gays are like a meme, that is why it's censored or often even used as a joke
And that's a problem how? They laugh at many other things as well.
>There needs to be more anime and adaptions like no.6, where the romance between the two boys is something natural and not weird, funny, or surprising.
No.6 is a typical example of fujoshi fanservice that you yourself called not serious or something. If you like fujoshit after all then why exactly are you complaining again?
>I think there is an untapped market of people that want to see shounen-ai but in a way that is seamlessly apart of an otherwise regular shounen or seinen anime
If there was any significant market for homo stuff (other than generic BL/yaoi), it would create a demand and people/studios would be willing to fulfill it.
>big nosed japs running the studios don't want to take risks
And why should they take those risks? Why should they risk losing a bigger fandom in favor of some dark horse minority?


I just hope you remember that when the japanese start catering to western SJW censorship demands. It's just business, right?


>western SJW censorship demands
They won't start catering to those demands unless those SJWs form a large stable paying niche, which they obviously will not. Look at western comic industry and how badly the new wave SJW titles in it flopped on the market. That's the thing with leftists - they can virtue signal all day but when it comes to supporting those demand financially most stop bothering because they largely don't care about the media they attack to begin with.
People like you simply enjoy panicking. Probably gives you adrenaline rush or something.


I think the point was the hypocrisy. Here we have a bunch of people crying about how the japanese censored/will censor their anime titties because of what ultimately amounts to business considerations and how that's absolutely not right, only to make a complete U turn and argue that it's completely right for the japanese to take business into account and censor the stuff they don't like. Lets be consistent here.


I'm not panicking. I do think it's inevitable the way the world is going though.


>how the japanese censored/will censor their anime titties
But that's the thing: THEY DON'T. Because it pays. Even if they do a degree of it for TV releases sometimes (and those shows usually flop) they uncensor it on blurays at least.
Btw the initial discussion was about the western branches of Japanese software corporations (run by westerners of course) that unilaterally decide to introduce censorship into game localizations because of some dumb virtue signalling or something.
And then some homo comes itt complaining that gay relationships weren't included into some (mostly likely mainstream) anime, and that it's somehow everyone else's fault that there wasn't enough outcry against it among the consumers.


So you'd have no problem if for some reason they started censoring the way and for the reasons westerners do, correct? Well, fine I guess.


>if for some reason
How do you say it in English - "if ifs and buts were candy and nuts" or something like that.
There is currently no reasons for them to introduce more censorship or appeal to leftards. And if by some fantastical means SJWs suddenly became the largest paying audience of Japanese media, then I'd just stop watching new stuff or move on to something else.


I think that even on the Japanese-only market there is much pre-censorship.

Where are the hardcore animes like Genocyber? Where is the Hentai, where is the dirt, the mud, the typical 80's and 90's trashiness? Today it's like 90 % high polished cute highschool succubi making cute things, cheap fantasy and some MMORPG haha the NEET Hiki gets sucked into fantasy world with cute succubi crap, over and over again.

Some people are complaining about fanservice games on Steam (like Worthabuy), but it's only fanservice, not hardcore splatter tits tentaces guts gore, muddy drawn ultrashit from outa space, you know, what I mean …


>know what I mean
Yeah. I do. And you can include anime where everyone's always glued to their goddamn iphones just like IRL.


The market for those kinds of anime is far too small in japan.
They just don't want it anymore so they don't make it since they can't make a profit.


There's only one anime I can remember recently that even mentioned censorship and it was Osomatsu-san S1 ep 1 I think, and it's basically South Park/Family Guy humor that seems like it was the target for the outcry.
I think the main difference is that the artist culture these days is so vast and complex. You have 80 billion webcomics, webtoons from korean, manga from japan pirated by chinese, translations in every possible language getting scrapped by bots, light novel translations etc. etc.
Huge content glut, huge viewer glut.
The definition of what 'hardcore' is has changed too I think. If anyone wants to they can get a guro vore doujin in a couple seconds. The shock value of violence seems to have disappeared, which may be why you see weird sexual fetish anime like Beelzebub jou and Uzhai Meido and the imouto whatever getting traction.


The drama about ep 1 of Osomatsu-san was that it depicted some other shows' characters without changing them, which was considered a breach of copyright laws.


File: 1541579761510.jpg (90.64 KB, 960x955, 192:191, asdf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You know what I find the funniest about this shitty picture?
How the fucking CGI stands out, even on a still shot.


File: 1541586976861-0.jpg (787.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slay….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1541586976861-1.jpg (838.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slay….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, in the scenes where he's moving his armor is full CGI for some reason. Probably didn't have budget enough to make it properly, only close-ups and stills of him are the way they should be.
That being said, the way he looks is of course not the reason people watch this show.


whoa that armor man looks badass, I've never heard of this anime

is it worth watching?


the anime gets mediocre at times compared to the manga but I do really identify with the character's mindset


It's airing right now, I've heard it's Berserk-lite. I might give it a spin, as some popular anime were rather enjoyable
this also sounds promising.


Oooh boy, half an episode in and I'm already feeling like I'm watching yet another MMORPG anime, but this time the director remembered Berserk, you've already got MC namedropping himself.
This can still end up entertaining, but fuck it's pitiful seeing the same artstyles, same seiyuus, same overall atmosphere, and being able to describe the show like "other series but with edge gimmick".

Reminds me why I initially hated TV shows, they all felt the same, but recently some of them are directed similiar to movies (stuff like NARCOS, Breaking Bad), and I'm suddenly more interested in Netflix than whatever Japan creates.


>Celebrities and reality stars have been tweeting about anime

Why do niggers have to ruin everything?


How OP knows that though? What sort of garbage browsing habits you guys have to know shit like that? For the past couple of months I've been seriously considering quitting wizchan because your garbage browsing spills over to your posts and in turn it spills over on me and honestly I don't want to have anything to do with it. It's been a close tie so far and I've tried to keep it a positive result by hiding most of the shit trio lounge/wiz/dep threads but ffs, it seems to be getting harder to stomach through.

Sage for being a offtopic. Or is it though, I don't even know anymore.


Most of these larpers browse cesspits like 4chad and use social networks, so no wonder.


that was quite an R rated first episode, I'm hooked


File: 1544330457300-0.png (55.66 KB, 615x612, 205:204, 012.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1544330457300-1.png (56.66 KB, 614x624, 307:312, 013.png) ImgOps iqdb

this man just changed a male character into a female just because he thought a strong female character was needed for a change and to be more realistic since now apparently succubi fight alongside men to "save" the world. It's funny when he says he didn't want to create a new female character that has no real personality besides being a succubus and that's why he took Shun, a male and simply changed its gender. Pretty interesting, eh?



Just read the whole thread, this thing is kinda embarrassing. Anime have steadily became shittier and shittier since the early 00's, trash like Goblin Slayer retards jerked off to ITT is plain unwatchable. Nowadays most of all anime titles are just advertisement for shitty Light Novels written by stupid teenagers. But, yeah, let's cry about some mythical evil SJWs instead, we can't let them take control of this wonderful industry!
A bit of the double-thinking about gays in mainstream anime was especially funny. Anime have been being censored for decades, but it's not REAL censoring as long as it doesn't affect your extremely basic normalfag obsession with females?
Anyway, all the titles worth watching have been created many years ago, it absolutely doesn't matter who will be in charge of that modern pile of shit newfags call "anime" nowadays. Nothing will change for the best either way.


Is not infiltration until they start to look as ugly as cartoons.


File: 1544571649254.jpg (97.75 KB, 957x1518, 29:46, 1544316849783.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They're not going to make some sjw far-left woke bullshit show because they know it WILL NOT sell in Japan, their primary market. while I don't agree with the assertion that the Western anime market does not make studios any money at all, their primary market is still and will continue to be Japan for the foreseeable future, and the otaku that buy the BDs want ass and titties, end of story.


I think that at worse, assuming people in Japan maintain the same tastes and the leftist mind virus doesn't spread there, there may one day be studios that specialize in making anime that caters to western preferences. There have already been a few anime explicitly made for the west funded by adult swim. That was what the second season of Big O and Space Dandy were right?

That may be wishful thinking though, probably the ultimate goal of those trying to infiltrate anime is not to make money by making anime more palatable to westerners but to spread western ideology eastward. Fortunately they seem to have the subtlety of a brick and might have a hard time influencing Japanese executives to do what they want.


Yeah, most anime nowadays is absolute trash, you'll only find some good stuff in manga form imo. Anime has always been heavily censored for the most part but the weebs itt only care about their fap material and waifus. Fan service is basically the selling point of anime at this point so I can't see it ever being censored or removed. So, yeah, I'll stick to my manga reading over the stupid bullshit that gets put out for horny nerds these days.


young japs consume the same western media, so it unfortunately spreads add the Abe bringing in migrants and native japs daying and its not looking good


File: 1544579364603.jpg (240.55 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, lmao.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Censorship shit really seems to have reached a peak in the last few months, at least from what I can tell from the little news I read. Sony headquarters moving to California and going nuclear censoring anything remotely sexual, Steam opening up their store to adult shit and then banning various games for "child porn", even when they don't have loli, and the Olympics in Japan coming up in 2020. On the one hand I don't really consume recently released stuff regularly anyways so it doesn't really affect me much, but on the other it still upsets me to see shit censored for trivial bullshit reasons like this.

>Just read the whole thread, this thing is kinda embarrassing. Anime have steadily became shittier and shittier since the early 00's, trash like Goblin Slayer retards jerked off to ITT is plain unwatchable.

Lot of asspain over some wizards watching a different chink cartoon than you lol.
I don't watch recent stuff either and I don't really care for fanservice shit, but I still don't want it censored because then it sets a precedent for later things, and if someone actually wants to make something cool that makes use of that censored stuff in an interesting way (rape, gore, nudity, whatever) they won't be able to do it.

>A bit of the double-thinking about gays in mainstream anime was especially funny.

I don't know wtf you're talking about now lol. Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder because the majority of anime fanservice appeals to the tastes of heterosexuals, the majority of the population, and not you (a faggot).

If some gay shit you like did get censored then tough luck I guess, that sucks and I don't agree with it being censored, either. Not surprising that the majority of people don't give a shit about it since they don't care for gay shit.


sjw far-left woke bullshit shows don't sell well in the US ether but that hasn't stopped them from being made.


>I still don't want it censored because then it sets a precedent
Anime censoring has been going on for decades. I don't know why it's such a surprise for you, maybe because you think the word "censoring" means "removing sexy succubi that make my dick hard". Don't tell me you never fucking noticed how anime high-schoolers for some reason drink juice at the parties? Guess what, that's usually a fucking censoring! Hurry, we must stop it before it's too late!
Just try to read some manga sometimes, I don't know. You're so out of the loop I can't even comprehend where to start.


>Don't tell me you never fucking noticed how anime high-schoolers for some reason drink juice at the parties? Guess what, that's usually a fucking censoring!
Alchohol or other substance abuse propaganda among minors should be prohibited everywhere tbh. Although I doubt it's outright prohibited in Japan, most likely it's one of those things that grants an R18 rating. Otherwise explain that episode in Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou where the clearly underage heroines got wasted on salvaged beer. There are multiple examples like that in anime to say nothing of manga.
As the anon above said, you are just butthurt that your particular fetishes aren't being catered to in anime as much as certain other stuffs. Pretty sure you are the same anon who a while ago sperged out about some gay characters being changed to straight ones in adaptations.


So basically
>you think the word "censoring" means "removing sexy succubi that make my dick hard"
Okay then. I must admit you are kinda strange. Not only you use the term you supposedly hate incorrectly, you also lack the basic information about the whole concept. How is the censorship you are talking about (or even the actual censorship) connected with what's prohibited and what's not?
In case you don't know - depicting rape isn't prohibited in the most countries. You still won't get away with trying to insert a graphical rape scene in mainstream media. Because in the most cases you will be fucking censored. I have no idea why I needed to explain this to you.


As I've told you back when we last had this discussion, if you or the gay community thinks that gay shit is being "underrepresented" in particular media, you have to start financially influencing said media so that creators find it profitable to cater to your tastes. And once again: things like changing a gay character to a straight one in order for the show to appeal to wider audience is not a case censorship but free market economy at work.

Returning to your post and my initial response to it: you claimed that minors drinking alcohol in anime is censored, I asked you to explain examples (including recent ones) where it is not censored.

>How is the censorship you are talking about (or even the actual censorship) connected with what's prohibited and what's not?

Because if something is censored, especially in a pragmatic country like Japan, it is usually because of legal concerns (namely, the censored contents breaks certain laws or regulations OR puts the creation under stricter ratings).

>You still won't get away with trying to insert a graphical rape scene in mainstream media.

Wrong, unless those are outright pornographical and unless by "mainstream" you mean all ages TV show in prime time.
I mean, come on: Game of Thrones had multiple rape scenes but no one pulled it down.

Btw stop assuming everyone you're arguing with is a same person.


>back when we last had this discussion
that was me, this person is different, I still think you are dumb though and you only care about fap material


>As I've told you back when we last had this discussion
>Btw stop assuming everyone you're arguing with is a same person
Now this is getting awkward. I'll just state it like it is - I see a normalfag who has no business being on an imageboard constantly spitting utter nonsense in a desperate desire to be offended by something. The sole fact of you using this site grieves me deeply. Fuck you, you stupid faggot.


It grieves ME that there is apparently more than one faggot here who is pissed at anime industry for not catering to his personal fringe tastes 24/7 and calls it "censorship". And this one also pretends to be an "oldfag" to boot.
>spitting utter nonsense in a desperate desire to be offended by something
The irony.

Btw nice job both of you for not addressing neither mine nor >>29125's arguments and instead almost immediately devolving into "u dumb". Your asspain is delicious as always.


File: 1544717875083.png (258.58 KB, 634x692, 317:346, 1515106995769.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Anime censoring has been going on for decades

So why does it come as a surprise to you when people protest a hardening in censorship on sexual topics rather than these other things, which have been going on for decades? What do you expect people to do, faggot? Sit and watch while more censorship gets introduced and praise this shit?

Notice also how most of the stuff in my original post >>29125
was talking about Japanese media in general, in particular games and visual novels, being censored and/or deplatformed.

>Just try to read some manga sometimes, I don't know. You're so out of the loop I can't even comprehend where to start.

lol @ having this much of a superiority complex because you read comics instead of watching cartoons.

I'm not the other guy you're arguing with btw. My complaints are mainly against corporations like Sony forcing developers to jump through hoops just to sell their game and doing ridiculous shit like forcing them to remove all panty shots, with no good reason. Or Steam removing select adult games because of "child porn", even when said games have no child porn in them. It's obvious that these assholes have an agenda they're trying to push, so those "evil SJWs" aren't really mythical, are they?

>Fuck you, you stupid faggot.

Only stupid faggot here is you lol.


It's just funny when you complain about censorship in anime like it's something new and then people point of that it happens all the time and has been happening for decades and then you just make up excuses to why certain censorship is ok but this super specific censorship of stuff you like is not. I just want want you to admit that you don't actually care about censorship, you are just using it as a guise to say that you want your boobies and panty shots while still sounding like you're touting a noble cause and not just some pervert crap.


>Censorship shit really seems to have reached a peak in the last few months, at least from what I can tell from the little news I read.
It's all thanks to anime becoming mainstream this year. I found this video last night and while I was watching it, I couldn't help but feel a bit sad. A lot of the stuff this guy was saying he was afraid of is now happening.
This whole Otaku fad will no doubt die off though, just like every other thing normalfags latch on to, because it will no longer make them seem "special". But it will take a while. Just to give anyone in this thread some hope, I've read recently that gaming (outside of garbage like Fortnite and such) has been losing popularity. So now we will have more passionate game developers coming to the scene in the future and gaming may become niche again. For now though, we are seeing the beginning stages of something else we love going to shit.
I'm sorry if this post is a bit of a word salad, I was typing what I was thinking verbatim


That's funny. I thought I did care about anime becoming mainstream but as soon as I actually hear a person saying that outloud it hits me I don't. And as soon as the guy starts talking about how he likes video-games I can't even bother to watch the rest of his video. Thanks for posting, this just now was a curious experience.

I guess I'm really on the path to anhedonic nirvana.


>as soon as the guy starts talking about how he likes video-games I can't even bother to watch the rest of his video
Why would that of all things turn you off?


I didn't feel like he had anything interesting to say nor giving him the chance to prove me wrong and then he starts mentioning how he likes video-games I assumed he proceeded to talk about how it turned to shit because gaming went mainstream. I might be wrong but I just didn't feel like watching 8 minutes of it. I don't think it has anything to do with this video in particular, it's really my own state of mind for the past couple of months.

Also I'm saging because this has nothing to do with the topic. I just wanted to thank the anon who posted for the awkward experience.


>It's all thanks to anime becoming mainstream this year
You do understand that people watched anime on their TVs for ages? That there's a big as fuck industry, directly targeted at these people, that produces all kinds of merchandise for any social class? That the most anime are being produced to be watched by young people, so any fucker knows what anime is and usually gets sick of it by the time he hits 20? Guess what - ANIME HAS BEEN MAINSTREAM SINCE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN.
Seriously, what's wrong with you, people?


Weeaboos have been deluded into thinking they're some underground cool kids club.


He's probably just a young teen or something, I feel like it's common for kids growing up to misinterpret the feeling of their ideas and values shifting and instead think that they haven't changed and it's actually the world around them that has. I think this is some kind of coping mechanism because they don't want to consider that they were once a dumb kid that loved the latest mainstream shows or video games.


I never complained about censorship in anime and I never was against censorship as a practice, especially if it's self-censorship (which is the case for all the "decades-long censorship" you were talking about).
However I do indeed find it preposterous when the middle-man (like aniplex america or crunchyroll or whoever the fuck else) decides to censor or change things because of "cultural differences" or what not.


>and usually gets sick of it by the time he hits 20
Wrong. It is now becoming socially acceptable to watch anime well into your mid to late twenties. We are even beginning to see a strange shift where dakis are being sold out and niche anime like Eromanga Sensei is becoming accepted (granted I don't know if they watch it out of curiosity or if they genuinely like it. It's hard to tell with this ironic weeb fad now).
Even if you are right, I don't think there is any denying that Otaku culture is becoming to new "nerd culture" (since nerd culture is basically on it's deathbed now). It's now quirky and edgy to watch anime and it's getting annoying. Seeing what the anime community has turned into honestly makes me miss the days of genuine weeaboos. At least they had a passion and didn't just watch one anime series to brag about how "nerdy" they are for doing so.


What's wrong with anime becoming acceptable? You probaby don't want to interact with anybody in the community anyway, and this just removes one source of harassment you get from people. And seeing this is 2018 is strange, anime was quite popular in 2000s too, ever since we got widespread broadband. In USA it might be different, don't know.


>What's wrong with anime becoming acceptable?
Nothing. Hell shows like Cowboy Bebop have been widely respected for years. My concern is with anime becoming "trendy" and being associated with nerd culture. Because from there, you will get SJWs buying out huge anime companies and having a say in what is acceptable and what isn't. We are already beginning to see this with the 2020 olympics where the west has been pressuring companies to change the way they make their games and anime (because I guess respecting someone else's culture is a thing of the past).
>You probaby don't want to interact with anybody in the community anyway
Right, but what I was saying is that anime fans online used to be passionate and even quite elitist. But now it is full of casuals, niggers and "quirky" normalfags.


Unfortunately its not just Olympics. Japs are playing it all on one card and that's Tourism, they know the China and Korean defeats them in every other industry while they become increasingly poor.


Man, I can't escape the feeling that I've seen the series already, no matter what I'm watching.
There's still stuff like Made in Abyss produced, so it's okay, but God damn I'm starting to think that 2D characters are as tiring and obnoxious as normalfags.
I'm watching Overlord 2, a series that should be a bit different by default due to its protag, but so far (5 episodes in) it's been full of shounen-tier obnoxious characters and sex (Shalltear is kinky, horned succubus is kinky, Lizardmen are kinky).
It feels like a lot of anime have no balance whatsoever anymore, they go full throttle on lewd implications, edgy characters and switching between serious tone and comic reliefs which just makes them shit at both overall.
I used to really praise Gintama, but I've lost interest in it completely during the last few seasons. They recycle jokes and can't help but make the grand-final-chapter thing stand out like a sore thumb. I think industries like video games/anime and shit grew too large to have any semblence of soul left in them.


try Mahoujin Guru Guru


Anime is probably less trendy than ever m8, it peaked in popularity in the West during the mid 00s when the big three were at their peaks

It's generally considered crab media these days, full of lolicon and softporn



Dunno if I would say it's less popular, or it peaked in popularity in the mid 2000s (I think that was probably when it jumped over more into the mainstream).

What I think happened is it became more accessible to the masses in this period, more standardized/mainstreamed (ie, the generation that came of age in the 2000s had watched toonami in the late 90s, etc).

With more mainstreaming, I think the problem is you get the genre both dumbed down/ with companies realizing "oh crap, we can actually market/make a killing off of this" they start to produce anime to the largest demographic- which unfortunately usually isn't asking for anything really that interesting.

Past this, you have a ton of crab people who grew up with anime, and are older now, spend most of their disposable income on anime shit and lolicon, and that also influences the market to create the moe-trend we have now.

I sort of miss when the largest demographic was shonen anime and manga in the late 90s and 2000s.

There were a lot of basic and shit shonen stuff, but at least you could get into some massive 300 episode anime about some dude trying to become the dragonlord,

as opposed to slice of life after slice of life thats basically just softcore porn


There are still lots of shounen shows coming out each season, and moe slice-of-life is still just a small (albeit stable) niche. So, either you stopped checking the situation in the industry yourself a long time ago and instead resort to just copypasting trendy memes about "moe killing anime" and what not, or you have a bad case of "stop liking what I don't like".


>I think industries like video games/anime and shit grew too large to have any semblence of soul left in them.
I feel the same way. I think it's because anime and AAA video games are prohibitively expansive to produce. From the start, there was a lot of incentive to look for "safe" formulas with as little financial risk as possible. Those have been perfected over time and condensed to just a handful through natural selection. At this point they are so prolific that trying anything outside of the box seems irresponsible as far as profits are concerned. That's why I try to look for media where the production cost is lower like
niche Japanese games and online comics. I think they give authors more room to try out new ideas, encouraging experimentation.



Nothing like the shonen boom of the 200s though.

Yes, there are still shonen shows coming out; but theyre usually one season long/20 something odd episodes;

and often full of moeshit/fan service.

Slice of Life I see as more and more popular, and being made considerably more.

Not copy pasting trendy memes either or and not everything is a meme. Just posting what I feel I've observed, chill.

Oh the stop liking what I don't like

Yeah though, if you're into the moe-shit, I can't empathise with you and feel moe-shit is part of the problem with anime currently


>Slice of Life I see as more and more popular, and being made considerably more.
This is objectively not true and you would know it if you cared to pull your head out of unmentionable places and actually check the charts yourself. There is still way more action titles (including shounen) being released each season than slice-of-life ones (to say nothing of CGDCT in particular which is still a relatively small niche, but for some reason keeps being a thorn in a side and a target of attacks for many a normalfag nonetheless).

Also I don't care if some reddit-spacing/phoneposting casual "empathizes" with me or not, but if he is regurgitating typical misinformed and biased norman passages about "moeshit", and on /jp/ of all places, then there should be no surprise whatsoever when he gets called out on this.


File: 1545244769157.png (260.86 KB, 500x710, 50:71, 47c78e81fa5c508e2bae93066e….png) ImgOps iqdb

This is my MAL profile: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Castorem

As you can see, I'll have to disagree. Moe SoL with lolis and fanservice is the basically the only anime I watch with some exceptions and I love it very much. It helps me relax, I dislike shonen because it's boring, the characters are boring, the combat scenes are boring, it's all a huge pain with no fun. When I'm watching "moeshit" however I'm grinning and feel extreme happiness. Same reasons why I don't watch movies, the plots bore me to death. I actually avoid anime with a deeper plot and audibly sigh when a plot-building/character-building sequence is played.

I have noticed my opinion is overwhelmingly unpopular. All opinions I have ever read are just like yours, none defending such genres and yet they are growing in popularity. I wonder what is the cause of this phenomenon. Either way I'm content with the way anime is going in and I don't much care for your respect if I can giggle in my dark room experiencing euphoria from silly jokes and fanservice.


>manga list
>1 title

Every time I open a mal someone links here I feel sad.


File: 1545245509057.png (705.69 KB, 735x720, 49:48, think.png) ImgOps iqdb

Interesting, I'm somewhere inbetween – I detest the usual shounen/seinen/action/mystery plot-laden shows and essentially only watch SoL/CGDCT. Yet I also prefer when the SoL has at least some underlying/unifying plot or theme. I couldn't watch more than a few episodes of Yuru Yuri for instance, because it just felt "empty" but I loved series like Imouto Sae or New Game. At the top of my list are things like flip flappers or comic succubi that manage to strike the perfect balance between moe relaxation and enough plot to provide substance and continuity.


Yeah, I guess you're right. For example currently I'm watching Rosario to Vampire
and even I find it a tad bit too repetitive and bland. So yes, some bare-bone plot to carry the fanservice forward is actually a good thing, otherwise it gets stuck in a cycle and it gets tiresome.


But I do have to add that I enjoyed Yuru Yuri, Gochuumon and Non Non Biyori for example even without some unifying plotline, because they weren't that repetitive and each episode has a different theme.


Hey, OP here. So I went back over this thread and read it and let me say that I regret doing so. When I first started this thread, I had this delusional thought that I would start a movement as large as Gamergate and cause a shitstorm across the entire internet. Looking back on it now, I was delusional and arrogant to think I could do so. Not only that, but Gamergate killed the original Wizardchan, and if this thread is to ever take off (which it won't), it will kill this website as well and we certainly don't need that.
So I want everyone to derail this thread. Talk about your favorite anime, recommend some to others, or start an argument over who is best succubus or something. All of you seem to be doing a great job of derailing without my help so keep it up.
I apologize for starting this shithole of a thread. Have a good day wizzies.


>Anime is probably less trendy than ever
Dude, go to youtube and type "anime" in the search bar. I found one video recently that had close to three million views within the first week. The gaming community on youtube is dying (and gaming in general isn't as popular as it used to be) so now they have to find something else to jump on and sensationalize.
And you have to remember to that video games used to be considered "nerdy", so you had normgroids playing video games and showing them off because it made them feel "special" and "unique". Now that gaming has become socially accepted, they have to find something else to make them feel special. And since the term "weeaboo" became popular, they can feel special again by calling themselves "weebs". Then when anime becomes accepted, they will find some other obscure community to destroy. It's a vicious cycle that will continue until we find some way to kick these asshats off of the internet.




There is nothing left after anime, there is a reason why Animefags shit on other "nerd" fandoms often, because they are the pinnacle of elit nerdome.


Anime is our Stalingrad


Why is it always weebs who get overly self righteous about consuming a medium?


>Then when anime becomes accepted, they will find some other obscure community to destroy
A couple of people on 8/r9k/ have predicted that furry will be next. I'm already seeing teenage, hypebeast Youtubers having furry avatars and calling themselves furfags. This will be especially painful because unlike weeaboos, furfags have no redeemable qualities whatsoever.
Anyone ever noticed that these self identified "nerds" only watch shit like Jojo or OPM? You will never see these people watch anything like Serial Experiments Lain or any other 2deep4u anime because they don't have the attention span for it. Not to mention, they absolutely despise the CGDCT genre for some reason.


I don't know where you get your ideas. Places like twitter absolutely explode with faux weeaboos gushing over shit like dragon maid or hataraku saibou.


>dragon maid
I'm honestly surprised that stuck around for as long as it has. I thought it would be another meme show that would fade off but no. I still see try hards with Kanna or Elma profile pics spamming overused jokes in Youtube comment sections.


I got bored with Yuru Yuri halfway through the first episode. I watched up until they found that clubhouse and when the show continued after that I remember thinking "son of bitch is this still going on?" I will never understand why that show gets such high praise.


The shows themselves are pretty decent, probably among the better half of SoL shows. Kobayashi portrays friendship and loyalty pretty nicely and Cells at Work is just fun to watch. But it's probably the unfortunate combination of the moebait "loli" characters and its status as a popular seasonal that made it meme fodder.


You are like the third or fourth person to tell me that Dragon Maid was good. A lot of the people that have told me it's trash haven't actually watched it. So I guess I'm sold. Thanks for the recommendation!


File: 1546151178004.jpg (110.78 KB, 647x719, 647:719, tohrudrinking.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not sure if your comment was intended to be sardonic. (Apologies if not). If it was, I've never understood why people conflate popularity with quality/enjoyability. Avoiding a show solely because it's popular seems stupid.


File: 1546160510026-0.jpg (621.87 KB, 2803x2242, 2803:2242, 39725.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There are a lot of people who enjoy this elitism by obscurity. If I watch/listen to stuff no one knows about, even if it's literally just a noise without any pattern, or intellectual masturbation kind of show I don't understand - I'm better than them. Because this is easy. You don't have to invest time and effort in something, you just smirk at this plebs down below.
Sometimes this attitude goes straight into degeneracy by discarding things that used to be obscure but became more popular.



I find that these recommendations are actually something to take seriously. Shows that are known to be good usually are actually really good. Still, I don't think there's a feeling better than finding a hidden gem or reflecting on a show by yourself, knowing that not many people have seen it. I also find that when people actually review the show, they have unique ideas and viewpoints on what makes the show good. It's the things that I don't think about that also make the show more special.

It's a weird feeling either way. I don't think this anime will have people actually writing reviews on it with unique ideas. I actually am thinking that maybe, the more popular and deep, thought provoking, different, etc. a show is, the more likely it will get reviewed, analyzed, and be more special to me, and, on the other side, you have shows that aren't popular and are bad.

It's a grid. There are hidden gems, unhidden gems, and just bad shows. The unhidden gems are better when people share their viewpoints since you can see the show in a different light, but a hidden gem is special because you feel like you're the only one watching it. They're both special in their own way.


Well no, but by rereading my comment, I can see how you would think so.
In fact, I just finished the first episode and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'll get back to you when I finish the entire season. Again, thanks for the recommendation.


>Olympics in Japan coming up in 2020
That's different. It's routine shit so they won't make the nation look bad prior to or during the event.


Seems something will surely happen, pandora box was open with Mignogna case.


>"fighting chance"
What the fuck are you even on about? Gamergate was /pol/shits using Wizchan as bait so they could whole the moral high ground against leftists over their retarded political squabble masquerading as caring about integrity in game journalism.


Looks like it here with the #kickVic thing going on.
Basicly the SJWs in the western anime industry are making up bullshit and trying to blacklist Vic Migogna because they don't like his politics.
The main one behind it is the same bitch behind the funimation dub scandal where she shoved sjw feminist talking points into the dub script of a apolitical anime then played the victim when the fans complained.

Subs>Dubs. Don't give western companies any money.



Yeah, even the old gamer gate people are starting to weigh in.
Anime gate is officially here, and it is dumb as shit.


I think the way to murder this is to preempt some other outrage about something. Instead of concentrating on animegate, immediately move onto something 'worse' and make that an issue. Fake the next issue for people to get outraged about to fizzle the storm over what you actually like.


there is nothing left really.


"anime is dying because of western influence!"
"what do we do?"
"integrate western politics into it!!"
Oh no
you gotta be kidding


Sounds like a faggot and has completely missed everything. Also hiding negative comments by liking only comments that praise him is pretty cute tactic to make it appear as if majority is on his side.

Youtube was a mistake.


It doesn't quite work that way. The SJW play the long game of infiltration of everything they can then rotting it from the inside out.
While they can't quite reach the source (because they are mostly white succubi, aka baka gaijin that rely on being diversity hires and nepotism to get where they are) they are instead focused on rotting the western side of things. Fucking with dubs, taking over fansites, attacking fans, and other bullshit that they do everywhere else because they MUST push their shitty agenda on everything.
They go after "nerdy" communities because thirsty crabs in such communities are less likely to tell them no or fuck off for being malicious posers. It is the reason for example that they don't go after rap or metal music but will instead go after really old songs no one cares about to bitch about not fitting current year intersectional feminist moral purity standards.
If more people were willing to tell these posers and activist to fuck off we wouldn't have some many problems from them and they wouldn't be able to get into positions of authority, or be ousted as soon as they show their true colors or otherwise start attacking the fans.
God I hate them so much. They are the worse kind of people, the kind that can never and will never leave people alone. The kind who think they are on some devie mission to take over the world for their cause so they will infect everything they touch with their bullshit. Just fuck off and leave me and the stuff I like alone. That is all I want, but it appears that I have to fight for it.


And they are up to there old tricks of flat out lying about being attacked, swatted, and being threatened.


The thing is that they don't really care. If there's an outrage about something else they'll jump on that instead because they're purely attention driven.


And now You need to learn Japanese to even play the West poisoned Japanese games because localization teams are full of those fucks.


File: 1551590040041.png (2.63 MB, 1263x7003, 1263:7003, 89152F3A-383E-4BDC-99AA-6A….png) ImgOps iqdb

Regarding the KickVic scandal, there’s a lot more support on his side than you think. He’s got a VERY good set of lawyers (former HoR, State Senator, and a litigator) and his GFM is 95% at its goal. Meanwhile, the Funimation VAs are doing fuck all and farting around on Twitter all day, denying the videos and numerous pieces of evidence coming out. More and more people are beginning to see through Funi’s and ANN’s bullshit. Hell, Jamie Marchi (responsible for the “patriarchy” line in the Dragon Maid dub) denied them and refused to follow people’s advice to lawyer up as soon as possible. These DUMB motherfuckers are letting their egos do their talking. They think the hammer isn't going to fall on them. They think it's not as serious as it looks. And most of all. Their stupid asses think they are going to win. New flash, you fuckwits. YOU WON'T. To quote a famous villain from Mission impossible: "The end you always feared is coming. And the blood will be on your hands. The fallout of your "good" intentions."
To make a long story short, ANN is pretty much dead and Funi is up shit’s creek without a paddle and an ever looming lawsuit over their heads. Here’s a taste:


Now a major con in NYC is banning cosplay from Tanya the evil for "Nazi imagery and promoting hate groups" while at the same time Shilling the new movie coming out for it.
The number of ways this is just plain retarded is mind-boggling.
How do these people get into decision making positions when they are this stupid? Nepotism and cry bullying? There has to be more to it then that.


ehhhh, dressing up like a nazi and watching a show about nazis are two totally different things.


It's not even about Nazis.


File: 1558450374137.png (1.76 MB, 1274x1400, 91:100, Y.S Tanya 017.png) ImgOps iqdb

Also, Tanya's uniform isn't really a nazi uniform. It's more Imperial German based.


You think some fucking normgroid is going to know that?


The nazi uniform was based on the imperial german one mainly because hitler had a boner for the imperial german army. So much so that as an austrian he fought in the german army. It was a pretty magnificent army, best in the world.
The nazi war machine wasn't nearly as good.


>not sure if you have no knowledge of the show or you are literally retarded

Show doesn't have nazis, they don't look like nazi, they don't act like nazi, and it doesn't take place in a setting where nazi are even a thing because it's setting is a alternate universe version of World War 1, which hint hint, doesn't have fucking nazi in it as they didn't even exist yet.
I don't think they wouldn't assume that any formal military looking uniform would automatically be a nazi one. Most normies have seen or played some sort of media with nazi in them (as the bad guys) to know what they look like. So they would know that this uniform isn't a nazi one, because duh, it isn't.
Also given the context of a con, with other people in cosplay all around, I don't think they would think anything of someone in such a outfit, or think that because someone was in such a outfit that the con was a den of nazi or something stupid like that.
This is just a small minority of very stupid SJWs doing their thing again after infiltrating and getting their people in a position of power. They like to stir up shit wherever they can. Truly awful people who shouldn't be tolerated anymore in any fandom as they are simply destroyers who don't even like the things they try to control.


i love the idea that politics in anime is the west's fault, as if the japanese aren't normal people with typical political proclivities endemic to human nature. what is gundam? what is grave of the fireflies? what is patlabor? what is ghost in the shell? kaiba? hourou musuko? zankyou no terror? even outside of anime, you have godzilla, metal gear solid, persona 5. the japanese are gonna express whatever the fuck they want, and the west has way less to do with it than you think. as if they gave a shit what some american says in a language they don't even speak.


I think because of the internet the newer generation is in a permanent state of culture shock and disgust. I watched a lot of these 'edutainment' videos about anime/'scholarly' topics that are halfway between rants about how the video maker feels about the subject and them playing teacher. It always has lots of eyerolling humor towards someone else, and that someone is usually the most convenient target of the video maker - people in power/corporations/THE SYSTEM or 'alt–right'. Anime just seems to be another easy target that's so outside of their understanding that they pair it up with whoever their opponent is- very us vs. them.
I don't think we're any better. The truth is that politics begins and ends in sacrifices, and no one in these discussions is willing to sacrifice much to accomplish their goals. I assume that the majority like discussing politics so that they feel important, and that the majority of people who post in this thread, myself included, are doing the same.
Anime, in my years of watching it, has always been hyper-nerd supportive. Now with smartphones it's seen as more normal to be 'nerdy' so watching anime is just another popular rebellion along with discussing politics. No one gains from these discussions on the internet- they are a vast abyss of people typing endless blocks of text and pressing buttons imagining themselves powerful, when the truth is that the person who read their comment only did so in order to act out the same fantasy.
It's an elaborate power fantasy for everyone involved in which people 'imagine' they matter, meanwhile, reality lies unattended, a foreign eldritch thing burning it's candle wick in a dark cabin in the middle of nowhere down to it's last.


I think you are confusing artist driven politics integrated as part of the story/artistic expresion, which no one is complaining about, and what the SJW are doing, which is coming in as outside censors and dictators to destroy yet another hobby for as many people as they can that they don't even care about on the consumer end by disrupting the supply chain.
You really need to fuck off with that strawman dude.


people complain all the time about the former and the latter doesn't actually happen. if you think today's anime is "too censored" than you're too young to remember 4kids. anime in the west has a history of being censored, but too many of you retards think this is new or something.


i should add this fear that SJWs are "disrupting the supply chain" is hilarious because this would imply that you actually pay to consume anime via streaming sites which would be your fault for giving them money in the first place, but i know you don't so this fake dilemma doesn't even affect you.

you easily bypass this whole "problem" by pirating fansubbed anime, and if you still think this shit happens then it either: 1) the fansubs are SJW which in this case it's your fault for being a lazyfuck and not subbing yourself; or 2) the SJWs are infecting japan, which isn't the case re: my first post


>if you think today's anime is "too censored" than you're too young to remember 4kids. anime in the west has a history of being censored, but too many of you retards think this is new or something.
Oh look, another strawman/red herring
The reason why anime fans are so extremely sensitive to alteration from the source material and censorship is because we have had to eat shit for decades and don't want a return to those dark times because of meddlesome SJWs shoving their bullshit where it doesn't belong.
> and the latter doesn't actually happen
Go fuck off with your reality denial.


i don't think you know what a strawman actually is.
>The reason why anime fans are so extremely sensitive to alteration from the source material and censorship is because we have had to eat shit for decades
when did this stop? can you actually point to me when this happened? because it hasn't, see >>30387. i think it's hilarious because i already addressed this in the post right after but for some reason you didn't read that even though it's right fucking there.
>Go fuck off with your reality denial.
give me examples where this happens and it actually affects you. if you're complaining about crunchyroll subs, that's your fucking fault for having a subscription to crunchyroll. if you have "SJW" shit so much stop paying for it, retard. are you fucking stupid or are you just retarded?


also inb4 you abuse the concept of logical fallacies with >muh strawman again. you should know that calling muh fallacy does jackshit in an actual debate and is itself a fallacy (the fallacy fallacy). when you're on a forum, it's better to actually address what someone is saying instead of hiding behind magic fallacy vocab like a typical 4chan/reddit retard. no one thinks you're smart because you read the "List of logical fallacies" wikipedia page like every other 14 year old


He is american watching subbed, so of course it has SJW shit. Shame on him.


can you name some sites that have Japanese subs?

The only one I know of is Animelon.


>The reason why anime fans are so extremely sensitive to alteration from the source material and censorship is because we have had to eat shit for decades and don't want a return to those dark times because of meddlesome SJWs shoving their bullshit where it doesn't belong.
The ones who actually feel strongly about that have long since learned Japanese and watch everything raw, you're just a poseur


Gamergate was people getting angry about reviews, anime reviews have nowhere near such relevance.

It is not easy to make an anime either, much less a good one, so the accusations of people getting in bed to promote products aren't there either.

Don't see any ingredients for the retarded masses congregating in any kind of "gate" for anime


I've been hunting for jap subs in general for the longest time, and to no satisfactory result, but I will now present you with my findings.

For old stuff there exist several repositories. Kitsunekko is one of them, and you can find links to others in various DJTs. This variety of subs is decent, being captured off BDs and DVDs and whatever.
For currently airing stuff there is NOTHING. Sometimes, very rarely, subs for an ongoing show would be uploaded to kitsunekko, with significant delay, and timed to God knows what. Additionally there is at least one chink group that includes jap subs in their releases, and they used to sub ongoing shows semi-actively, though of course only a handful per season, but apparently they've been on life support for a while now. They're called Kamigami.

That's it.

It's really surprising how jap subs are impossible to find, considering a huge amount of shows on jap tv air with subs for hearing impaired, and for those folks that bring us the raws it should be trivial to capture them.


It is a super small niche, which is funny because from what I heard watching stuff with with CC in the native language is one of the best ways of getting the hang of a language when it comes to low stress solo practice.


File: 1581755449227.jpg (163.21 KB, 610x600, 61:60, aFireDoor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Too erotic for streaming…


Why have SJW dropped the mask of pretending to like anime and now just full on trying to ban it wherever it appears now?


Interesting, thanks.

Link to subs for anyone reading: http://kitsunekko.net/


What good are your raws going to do to you when anime is subverted during production? It's video games all over again. All the Japanese in the world does not do you any good when the games get cucked before they even hit the shelves. Also, anime subtitles are almost never the problem.

Gamergate was not about reviews, it was about the leftist collusion and subversion within game journalism and then game development and publishing. An animegate means the same happening to anime.


You realize "SJW" isn't some singular hivemind entity that encompasses anything you don't like, right? Oh, wait, you're probably just another buzzword obsessed poltard, nevermind.


>Can't wait for wageslaves to be fired and blacklisted once it's discovered they like anime.
too late, they know I post here


They are a hivemind though, and an SJW is exactly who'd complain about something like this.


Contrary to what you've been brainwashed to believe, the vast majority of people aren't caricatures of some group, they are individuals with their own personalities and opinions.


That doesn't apply to SJWs.


File: 1595670879687-0.webm (1.02 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1595442904033.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595670879687-1.webm (1.13 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1595442972951.webm) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595670879687-2.webm (1.86 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Eromanga.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Aussies at it again


And because of ausfailia amazon is removing a bunch of JP stuff due to not fitting "global standards".

Meanwhile I can still buy a brand spanking new copy of Mein Kampf, The Pivot of Civilization, The Manifesto of the Communist Party, or even Baby and Childcare by Benjamin Spock, which has directly lead to far more deaths then weeb books ever did, on amazon and have them delivered within the week.

Fuck amazon and fuck the western sjw that keep trying to ban everything that I enjoy.


it's not sjw and not only west. I think they do this just as showing off, like "yes, look, we do our job, we're doing something, look"
plus they get more exposure and ratings before elections. There's more to it, I think


a bunch of normalfaggots watched anime when I went to hs and were proud of that
the most degenerate shit is becoming mainstream now
I saw one normalnigger always coming to school with one of those aheago shirts and some anime music blasting out of his air pops


File: 1596937958415.jpg (179.64 KB, 1200x792, 50:33, ulzana-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>be weirdo
>be outcasted from everywhere in life from the normans
>retreat to internet and obscure cartoons
>finally a space I can be myself
>build a new culture around obscure hobbies
>normans invade your last refugee and destroy it too
>then take over whatever has not fallen victim to their pillaging
>they tell you to go somewhere else and that your home is their home now
We will one day look back to history and find out that we are the modern day's eqivalent of the native american tribes. Robbed of their homeland and dignity by foreign invaders and made the laughing stock of the world with depression and drug abuse being the only things left to spend time on


File: 1600900135303.jpg (83.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thought Police won't get me!


File: 1602905405632.gif (353.59 KB, 158x255, 158:255, 20201025.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What happen to freedom of ideas?

This always gets me. It's fiction, bro. If anything sjw should be after shows with live-actors cos it's real while no one can confuse anime (or as normies call it cartoons) with real-life. Family Guy isn't censored so why should you care about another country's 'cartoons'? This really gets to me.


Well, they have started making localized subs now. I guess if a character has dialouge that's considered too problematic for the snowflake netflix watchers they can just change the sub completely. I've noticed an influx of anime in normalfag culture. I'm really hoping that this is just another fad that they'll eventually jump off of. However, unless Japan starts listening to screeching blue hair American harpies, I couldn't see there being politically correct anime being made specifically for them. Now, Western companies might try to make their own 'woke' anime by mimicking Japanese art styles. I think there was a fuss about Uzaki-chan this year because she looked like a loli, but people got over that quickly.


Then in a massive twist of irony, the 300 lb. female with a goatee and shave head will smugly say "lol this isn't your safe space if you hate us why are you demanding a safe space?" while demanding safe spaces irl.


>A lot of them are not "teehee I'm a weeb and I buy figurines xD" but actual sick people with mental problems.
And what is the issue?
Where do you think you are newfaggot

>Moe deserves being attacked,it's the #1 cause of the massive drop in quality in anime.

He hates non non byori because he is a shoentard or psudeointellectual who needs to be watching "deep" meme note type animes.
Moe done right is comfy shit you just relax to and maybe fall asleep to.
If I want something truly engaging I will read philosophy do not shit on my comfy time faggot.
>not complaining about the billon iseaki titles

> it just makes everything seem so soulless and uninteresting to me and makes it feel like every page looks the same.

Managa is better IMO for story and pretty much everything but relax chill shows.
because I like to lay back and watch laid back camp instead of read that type of manga although moe manga is decent like non non byori.
>Ive made tons of threads in the past about how being an otaku is mainstream and trendy but no one believed me.
I never vall myself a weeb seriously.
I have spent many thousands on merch and dakimakuras.
I do not see myself as a weeb.
Normans would but I would not.
Am I a weeb wizards?


Unlike the native tribes we won't even be remembered in history, we're far too scattered and silent for that. Only internet scholars might know we existed.


I know what you mean. Normies idolize the hikki lifestyle and just want to sit on their ass consuming shit non-stop like the nerds they were making fun of during 80's-2000's


Japan and anime itself is shifting into SJW mindset, don't blame it just on Netflix subtitles and normalfags


I can understand the more liberal cities and prefectures shifting, but aside from a very few recent examples (related to Netflix), I haven't seen much of a shift in anime over there.


File: 1628681461583-0.jpg (72.06 KB, 850x523, 850:523, 20210905.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628681461583-1.jpg (179.28 KB, 850x1143, 850:1143, 20210829.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why pander to people who won't buy your stuff anyways? Jap business know better & just ignore them.


I think something that might work would be to make western normalfags aware of things that already exist in anime. Like how it can be patriotic (GATE), sometimes shows a very romantic view of Japan(k-on) and how great it is and sometimes even regarding ww2 Japan (sora yori no tooi basho). And all this is very unapologetic. That kind of stuff would create an outrage if it appeared in western entertainment.
I have no idea if your suggestion would work but the stuff I'm suggesting might achieve what you were talking about.


>sora yori
>WW2 Japan
are you thinking of a different title here, wiz?


It was just in one conversation.
The adult succubus on the boat told one of the succubi that Japan got the worst place on the south pole because they lost the war but managed to succeed anyway because it was so great. Then the succubus asked something like "so the other countries bullied Japan?" and the adult replied "yeah something like that".
I can't remember when it was but it was on the boat.


And this wouldn't attract the cringe normalfag kind of /pol/ because they side with USA when it comes to ww2.


by careful inspection, be sober and alert and no trojan crab (horse) infiltrates the last bastion of free neets


File: 1629395270165.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 59F9A0FC-A6CA-4AFF-B111-13….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I spent years saying /jp/ board was the last line of denfense free of politics. I lurk and come across posts like 26618, 26622, 26625
goodbye /jp/


those posts are literally over 3 years old, how have you just come across them after you "spent years" lurking


File: 1629396162677.gif (811.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1CD3DC7D-9D38-4F30-8E4B-AE….gif) ImgOps iqdb

nepture that's a relief, I nearly died. well I only check the threads where they suggest anime movies or currently watching, my bad. take this as an apology


File: 1629501117360.jpg (816.57 KB, 3840x2033, 3840:2033, 20210912.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Not getting your anime/manga/game direct from the source without a western distributor
You messed up, man.


The distributors are coming for your anime whether you use them or not.


File: 1629792017976-0.jpg (213.1 KB, 850x808, 425:404, atlb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1629792017976-1.jpg (21.58 KB, 474x284, 237:142, atll.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pirates are always the best suppliers


It's not anime of it's 3DCG only. No, I don't care if your Japanese VA is Kana Ueda 植田 佳奈.


File: 1630063179710.jpg (209.86 KB, 850x1210, 85:121, 20210912.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lewding spiders is fine?


Only if it’s the manga look. She didn’t turn out that great animated.


Sigh, but with the usa and the creeper act (nice name you morons) the banned all anime tier dolls, so…with 2003 also having laws against such things 'it' really already happenned.


Black people preasured Sanrio in to apologizing for having negro characters, Sanrio retcons the characters out of existence in response. Hasn't made it to the Western presses yet


I don’t know how you maintain the energy to care about this stuff.


I swear you default response to everything is some form of dismissal.

If you truly don't give a shit then why are you here?


Nobody here is asking what you do or do not know, and you have no reason to assume anyone cares. Or is that just your way of questioning why we care while also being dismissive of the fact that we should care?

What "energy" is involved in caring? The facts in that post showed up automatically in a feed of things that interest me, which I check every so often. It took my about 40 seconds to write that post. The subject of characters being canonically fired in to the sun in response to pressure from groids is something that can greatly influence the future of anime, so anyone invested at all in anime would be right to care about it. Go swim in questionably coloured water.


No I'm glad you care. If no one did then things would be way worse. I just find it hard to do so myself.


Alarmist faggot.


>thread is 4 years old
>absolutely nothing of the kind has happened
it's on the front page you jackass


based accelerationist weeb
I get the line of thought, sadly i think western audiences are becoming more and more pro degeneracy in their content. I 100% believe the trandemic is in large part because of anime moeshit, and the liberal, anime-buying western audience are the biggest supporters of pushing more moeshit you can find, other than hard-core otakus.



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