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I've come to this realization after watching tons of comedic, ecchi, slice of life cutesy animes. The characters precisely because of their simplified caricatured personalities form together a perfect universe - there are no imperfect parts to the characters, they're idealized to the utmost, every feature of their fits perfectly, the relationships as well. Anime is the better version of our world. I'm happy I have anime in my life. I can feel a huge variety of emotions while watching it, which are inaccessible to me in any other medium, be it movies, books, TV series, actual real life. I feel no connection to anybody in the real world. I care not for even for my parents. Yet I still cry for these animated characters. Nothing moves me but anime, the art style, the characters, the music, everything about it fills my soul with joy (and sadness, anger - the whole emotional scope, but mostly joy)

I hope when I die I'll go to 2D heaven.




Sorry, I was caught between writing animus and anime and my brain had a malfunction.


I have a love hate relationship with anime.


Why hate?


>He cries listening to 3d succubi over-exagerated cries while emotional or sad music plays and words of how much pain they're experiencing are said so you can feel in your flesh the plight they're in

Most anime are crap.


You're lost OP. Anime is not perfect because of what it IS. It is perfect because of what it LACKS. The simplicity you're talking about isn't real; it's only possible through the deliberate ignorance of the real nature of things. In anime, it's easy to make people and behaviors seem nicer and sweeter than what they actually are. It's an illusion, not an answer.


Yeah, I agree with you. You have to understand though that the anime you are talking about is purposefully created as an audio-visual antidepressant of sorts, so the effect it has on people like us is pretty much intended.
>I feel no connection to anybody in the real world. Yet I still cry for these animated characters.
Yeah, same thing with me. It's like my empathy IRL is severely stunted, but for some reason opens towards fictional characters.
With you I also agree, mostly. It indeed lacks the complexity of RL, and that's on of the things that makes it so appealing. I personally call it "the Tolkien effect" - you know, as many pointed out high fantasy universes are so captivating because good vs evil, light vs darkness, beauty vs ugliness, etc are very well defined and separated in opposition there, barely ever intermingling, whereas the real world is the domain of shades and tints - everything is diluted, everyone if double-faced, and so on.
>It's an illusion, not an answer.
Everything's is ultimately an illusion. And answer for what? As any kind of idealist fantasy anime is great tool for escapism, so what's wrong with that?


Exactly what I said.
>The characters precisely because of their simplified caricatured personalities form together a perfect universe - there are no imperfect parts to the characters, they're idealized to the utmost
>Anime is the better version of our world
The unrealistic hyperbole in all aspects unattainable in this reality manifesting in the nature of the characters and the universes is what makes it perfect.
However what do you mean by "it's not an answer, but an illusion"? There was no question asked in the first place, I was just sharing my intense love for anime and my reasoning behind it, just like >>27028 further explained. I'm just glad something in this crappy world can still bring me joy, even if that thing is over-sexualized childish animated japanese cartoons.

I feel as if the real world was too complicated, too bright, too intricate in its nature. I just can't handle it, so instead an escape to a more dim reality my eyes can deal with is the only option or I'll go blind. Anime is simpler, more perfect version of our reality. Like when you distill spirits - anime is a distillate of the shitty 3D real world.


I can't stand how unreal anime is. I feel like I'm being brainwashed by groids about reality when I attempt to watch it.


Most anime is shit (actually most japanese media is shit).

People seems to think that hollywood movies and american media in general lacks original ideas,well that applies like 10x more to the japanese.

Every single season/year you find the same

-Generic JRPG's with absolutely no redeeming qualities besides being able to see the panties of the female characters in the same situations you've seen many times before in other games anime

-Anime:Either the same harem shit done many times already,with the absolutely horrible protag (that it's supposed to be a self insert for you the viewer) having lots of cute succubi,is that or the all-succubus cast of characters with extremely basic personalities doing cute shit (driving tanks/camping/using weapons/cooking/playing music or any other activity that appeals to a certain kind of otaku)

VN's:In the best case the same formula established by Kanon in the late 90's repeated ad nauseam and in the worst case a flimsy excuse for porn.

The japs are capable of creating truly great shit that can put western media to blame (like the Miyazaki movies) but most of the time they just want to appeal to the otakus that just want to jerk off to their waifus and buy merch….they repeat formulas and tropes that can be traced back to the 80's just changing some things like locations and obviously the characters and releasing tons of rehashes every year.

Say what you want,but moeshit is really ruining japanese media,I'm not against cute succubi,I like them…but I don't like the fact that cute succubi are THE ONLY good thing about most of the shit the japs come up with these days.


You are brainwashed,not all brainwash is political,have you noticed how most succubi are designed to be waifu material? So you love them and buy the merch.

Why most anime is in a high school setting? Because for most japanese males that work HS was actually their favorite time of their lives,being carefree,with no responsibilities,and endless youth.


*western media to shame


>The japs are capable of creating truly great shit that can put western media to blame (like the Miyazaki movies)

I disagree, what Miyazaki makes isn't that much higher than classic Disney.


Groid, please. No one except newfags and casuals unironically seek novelty in anime. What matters is the quality of repackaging and reshuffling. Especially if one watches anime mostly for the same reasons that OP does (escapism, emotional relaxation, etc).
That is why niche stuff like harem/sol/cgdct/fujoshibait/etc always has stable audience and appreciation, whereas plot-heavy and/or experimental titles are often a hit-and-miss venture (unless they, again, follow a known and tested path).

TL;DR. We like anime generally not for its assumed artistic/cultural value whatever it might be or not be, but because of its huge escapist capacity and anti-depressive effect. Subjective reception is what matters to us, as opposed to "objective criticism" or some such shit.


>I have ultra low standards and I'm willing to consume low quality media as long as it makes me forget my shitty life.


Couldn't have said it better myself. Not everything has to be super ambitious extremely deep innovative high art.

>waaah how dare you like something I don't you pleb!
Eat a dick buddy.


This entire thread smells like /a/.

Fucking outsiders.


Nicely formulated, I completely agree.


So what's your point? Because you haven't really proven what he said wrong.

>What matters is the quality of repackaging and reshuffling

And each rehash ends up more exaggerated and shittier than the last. Sometimes I wish I could just watch or read anything and be engrossed in it despite the actual quality.


I use to like anime, but then I grew up.


I didn't like anime until I was 19


My point was that his "points" are completely irrelevant for us.
20 in my case. Back in 2010. And I regretted not hopping onto the animefag train earlier.


And he was speaking for "us. He was stating anime was shit.




>My point was that his "points" are completely irrelevant for us.

You are not speaking for me retard,your "us" doesn't apply to me,don't try to use your shitty opinion as the official opinion of the wizards,you are doing exactly what you accuse the other guy of doing.

Let me rephrase that "My point was that his "points" are completely irrelevant for ME"

I still think that anime is (mostly) shit.


>I still think that anime is (mostly) shit.
most things are mostly shit


End of discussion.


By "us" I obviously meant people like me and OP, not bile-spewing snobs like you who slammed into the thread with their worthless "expert opinions".
Next time just go rewatch your favorite art-house flick and go cry on /dep/ about your anhedonia instead of pestering people who are able to enjoy things.


Can someone explain why anime is so popular? I honestly don't understand what makes it so great. Why do people become obsessed over it like nothing else?


I seriously want to know this, I hope someone answers you.


In Japan? The answer is obvious. In the west? Because people grow up watching the same shitty cartoons then find a "new" type of cartoon that blows them away. Assuming they don't get sick of it.


Until around 2012-2013 It used to be engaging stories that were not found on western media,likeable characters you could identify with,good visuals….and cute succubi.

Now it's all moe,and pantyshots to distract the otakus and make them forget the fact that what they're watching has been done like 20 times already with the exact same generic plotlines and the barebones personality of the characters.

They use pantyshots to make up for the fact that most studios pretty much ran out of ideas years ago.


Can someone explain why sports are so popular?
Can someone explain why movies are so popular?
Can someone explain why books are so popular?
Can someone explain why videogames are so popular?
Can someone explain why boardgames are so popular?
Can someone explain why theater is so popular?
Can someone explain why music is so popular?
I seriously want to know this.


File: 1526712164992.png (19.54 KB, 150x200, 3:4, ted.png) ImgOps iqdb

Those are all worthless surrogate activities.


>Can someone explain why sports are so popular?
About two thousand years ago in Roman civilization sports teams were representatives of local militias and gangs, cheering for your sports team was cheering for your own self-interest, and benefits and offices could come through the ranks of the sports team, the organization mattered. About one hundred years ago in Western civilization sports teams were representatives of local unions, taverns and local cities, cheering for your home sports team was cheering for your home. In general throughout history sports have been closely tied to the pride and self-interest of the spectators. As sports increasingly divorce from the local population and move into the realm of the professional this stops making sense, but in those cases it's most likely based on attachment to fond memories of participating in sports years ago on the part of middle aged or older men who can no longer run and tackle each other safely.
>Can someone explain why movies are so popular?
Air conditioning in the rooms and it only costs a nickel to attend, even one of the newfangled talkies, so everybody can afford to relax and cool their heels.
>Can someone explain why books are so popular?
Allah said you can't go to Jannah unless you adhere to the instructions written in his book.
>Can someone explain why videogames are so popular?
The arcades the kids are going to these days are like the good ol' nickelodeon but more interactive, so you get the twin benefits of air conditioning and a sense of accomplishment.
>Can someone explain why boardgames are so popular?
Sometimes people really want to end a friendship, and that's where the triple strike of Monopoly, Risk and Diplomacy comes in handy.
>Can someone explain why theater is so popular?
>Can someone explain why music is so popular?
It's a preferable alternative to the sound of tinnitus.


File: 1526759454788.jpg (125.73 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1482731585954.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i literally cry when watching animes sometimes, they're so beautiful and pure wtf…



Your brain's heart is in the right place my child.


A nice video on how the over-saturation of modern anime industry has changed anime fandom, watching habits, etc. Without any dumb memes or show-off elitism.

Although I personally hopped onto the animefag train as late as 2010 (despite having watched pokemon and sailor moon, as well as other stuff that created the first generation of western otakus/weebs back in the 90s), I still agree that even some 8 years ago the situation was still vastly different from what we have now.

I actually stopped watching seasonal/ongoing anime a couple of years ago in favour of catching up with things that interest me later, after they are released on blu-ray.
And looking at the modern "active fandom" as an idle observer, I kind of pity them. Not because "anime was better back then" as some like to claim - no, anime has roughly stayed the same since at least early 2000s. But because it seems to me that the majority of contemporary seasonal watchers do it mostly to have a sense of belonging to the community, to know what's "it" and to discuss it, while in actuality being fed up with anime to the point of hating it, which is indicated by the overall degree of toxicity and snobbery on anime discussion-related sites that has been steadily increasing over the last decade.

What do you think about it, wizzies?


It's mostly shit but I guess if you just pretend the flaws aren't there you can enjoy anything.
I don't agree with his stance on the idea that anime fans no longer really existing and people no longer expecting you to have seen the classics being a good thing. Every fucking normalfag calls himself an anime fan nowadays so if a person who likes anime states that he has seen some of the objectively best the medium has to offer it is a great way to find the genuine fans among the hordes of attentionwhoring cattle and/or idiots who will just watch anything such as OP.
If having this opinion makes me an "elitist" or whatever other buzzword there is nowadays for people who don't want to see the same rehashed show over and over again then so be it, I prefer things that way.


>objectively best
No such thing. It's mostly your nostalgia speaking.
>great way to find the genuine fans
I wouldn't call burnt-out haters "genuine fans". Neither, of course, would I call so the casuals who consume only what is trendy and discussed for the sole purpose of "being it". These two types of people are two sides of the same coin.
That being said, the fact remains: while "idiots like OP" are happily enjoying anime, "le genuine fans" are busy spitting bile about how they hate anime and how everyone is an idiot. Makes you think, doesn't it?


>It's mostly your nostalgia speaking
There are no anime I feel nostalgic about, I barely watched any of them as a child. There is such a thing as objectively good anime, well-drawn characters and fluid animation would mean objectively good visuals and there are specific rules built around how to write good characters and an interesting story.
>burnt-out haters
I'm not burnt-out, you're implying that when I started getting into anime I could watch anything and enjoy it like retarded normalfags such as yourself but there were already lots of shows I hated back then and specific types of anime/studios I avoided.
>while "idiots like OP" are happily enjoying anime
They aren't, most of them don't even enjoy what they watch and just do it to be part of some online conversation. I on the other hand am enjoying lots of different anime every day because I spend a lot of time searching for interesting, creative shows rather than watch seasonal shit since I don't enjoy talking to braindead retards like you.


>interesting, creative shows

What have you found, wiz?


I think /a/ is leaking.


>There is such a thing as objectively good anime
Oh please do produce the list of your "objectively good" anime. Somehow I'm pretty sure that's gonna be the same stuff every literal normalfag casual (with the exception of maybe gen z kiddies) has watched and is a fan of, like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Miyazaki movies. With an addition of some "obscure" artsy titles. Video related btw.
>retarded normalfags such as yourself
>braindead retards like you
So, actually enjoying anime instead of acting like an angry kid makes one a normalfag in your opinion? Ok then. I'd rather be called that than become someone who hates his own hobby.
>most of them don't even enjoy what they watch and just do it to be part of some online conversation
Sounds just like you to be honest. Except your conversation is how everything is shit. So, again as I've said - the casual posers and the angry pseudo-elitists are two sides of the same coin called "people who only pretend they like anime".
>enjoying lots of different anime every day
What's the last one you saw?


>Oh please do produce the list of your "objectively good" anime.
Not him, but some of us do dislike the canonized "good" anime. My favorites are Kanashimi no Belladonna and Feelings of Mountains and Waters.


I started hating anime when I started browsing /a/ and MAL.


I despise /a/ and don't post there. Although that has mainly to do with their shitty moderation. I have no idea what kind of stuff the people there even like.
>Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Miyazaki movies
Most seasonal normalfags have never seen any of those, their attention span would not be able to bare something that wasn't shoving retarded moeblobs or tits inside their face at all times. Also, the characters in those anime you listed are actually likeable and/or relatable unlike the soulless faggots that star LN adaptions.
>So, actually enjoying anime instead of acting like an angry kid makes one a normalfag in your opinion?
I enjoy anime, I never said so otherwise. Not sure what you were getting at with this one.
>What's the last one you saw?
I have no obligation to answer you with titles but I have finished 2 tv shows in the past week and a few films.


I think you're mostly correct. I noticed the extreme snobbery while reading through MAL's anime reviews. It's absolute cancer. So now instead of discussing it with anyone or reading other people's critiques I just watch what I enjoy and say screw the world and ignore them all. They just ruin the fun for me trying to establish some objective standard for what good anime is.


I started hating it when I started reading books and found more interesting stuff there than anime.


So, I was right after all - it is sheer nostalgia in your case. Liking the most mainstream stuff there is as long as it is not new. I bet you also like Haruhi and claim that it's better than any school setting anime that came after. Seen tons of people like you back in the day. You are simply angry that while 5-10 years ago those "holy cow" titles of yours were discussed and praised by the majority of anime fans, modern seasonal watchers predictably stopped giving a damn about them.
And so I can respect the opinion of people like >>27299 who indeed have sort of obscure (or at least not so common) taste not based on when something was released or how well-known it was among anime fandom in 2000s. But in your case it is just nostalgia-fed snobbery and the "duckling effect" (admit it - the titles I mentioned were among your first ones too).
Just don't get me wrong: it is OK to like those titles. It is not OK though to claim that liking them makes you somehow superior or special. They are not obscure, they are the most high-budget, most mainstream, most well-known titles from that time.
>They just ruin the fun for me trying to establish some objective standard for what good anime is.
Exactly. That's why discussion platforms, "expert opinions" and other shit like that should generally be shunned like plague. They are detrimental to fully enjoying the media.


>That's why discussion platforms, "expert opinions" and other shit like that should generally be shunned like plague. They are detrimental to fully enjoying the media.

So people that notice flaws in shows and point them out shouldn't be able to because they "ruin" your enjoyment of the medium? That's stupid.


I said "shunned", not "shut down".


In the context of discussion its practically synonymous. Shunned equates to "Not giving this view a time of the day because it went against the grain of public opinion."


Can you recommend some of your favorites? I could really use a good book right now.


fuck this e-celeb faggot street shitter


File: 1528136018740.png (1.67 KB, 190x95, 2:1, shun.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

No, stop pulling definitions out of your behind.
That being said, taking a dump on titles because of "reasons" like not enough realism or such is very much in line with public opinion. As is the common idiotic practice of comparing well-known high-budget pieces of old with some random niche stuff from current year and pretending that it's evidence that "anime used to be better".
Also it goes without saying that most reviewers and critics are blazing normgroids who do what they do for attention and sometimes even as jobs, so no different from "game journalists". And as for discussion platforms like /a/ - they are chock-full on posers, trolls, irrational haters and other people who try to actively spoil the mood of people who like their hobby.


I just started reading actively so don't expect any top tier niche patrician taste or anything from me. I just found that the content and nature of some of the books I've read kept me interested more than anime did. Some of my favorites so far are The October Country, Roadside Picnic, Teatro Grotessco, Scanner Darkly, and You Were Never Really Here.


>No, stop pulling definitions out of your behind.

and then the definition in your image does exactly what I talked about. Bravo, Wizzie.


I've only read Roadside Picnic out of those, it was alright, will check out the rest.


No, you equaled ignoring something to abolishing it:
>>people that notice flaws in shows and point them out shouldn't be able to because


Are you really going to ignore that reject was one of the words using in the definition you posted? Says a lot.


Your definition:
>Not giving this view a time of the day because it went against the grain of public opinion.
Dictionary definition:
>persistently avoid, ignore, or reject
As you can see it doesn't mention "going against public opinion" nor does it say that shunning something means abolishing it, which is what you initially implied.
You fucked up, so stop pretending the shit in your pants is melted chocolate. It's unsightly.


I feel like anime are going to shit.

Personally I don't really care much about the plot. To me, anime are just animated paintings. I prefer simple stories instead of the overly convoluted stuff. What really matters is the art and animation. But anime nowadays have very low production value; anime studios hire half-assed animators to cut costs and we're seeing a lot of anime going full 3D (which looks like shit, like that new Berserk anime).

At least we still have Kyoani. Violet Evergarden had an autistic MC and a dumb story, but at least it looked fairly good. Also, toward the end the plot managed to interest me a little bit, nothing special but still.

Anyway I don't think Japan will manage to keep creating anime for much longer. These days I prefer to read manga or even better just look at pictures on pixiv. The amateur artists are still trying. The anime industry, on the other hand, is dying. I prefer much more to look at the works of amateur artists on pixiv and other sites rather than endure the awful, low-budget anime that these studios are still shitting out in the hope of making a profit by cutting edges as much as possible. Thank you capitalism.


>I don't think Japan will manage to keep creating anime for much longer.
I'm pretty sure this is a load of BS. People still flock to anime with religious devotion. I seriously doubt anime is going anywhere anytime soon.


Sounds like he's talking about himself and his view on life. Being pessimistic about anime is a well-established part of anime culture even in japan.
The truth though is that the industry has doubled in value since 2002. You can't compare what we're looking at now in sheer terms of content, technological improvement, and the number of artists in the industry.
There's shit, of course there's always been shit. There's always been good stuff too, so what's the point in wasting time trying to predict an upward trending industry?


You people have the most normalfag tastes possible, I regret even replying to this shitty thread because it just fills me with anger whenever I look at it from the catalog.


File: 1529259614823.jpg (41.22 KB, 493x575, 493:575, 1362238169159.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, better go rewatch NGE and fap to your waifu Rei like a true elitist with unique taste.


File: 1529260564203.jpg (175.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nekopara-Feature-Image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Actually normalfags hate moe anime. They consider it bland and boring.


is MAL down or what?
I can't update my list, I can't watch anime like this.


normals love moe shit because it's easy and mindless to consume while they browse trash and text their friends on their phone


This. SoLs are a pretty niche genre. Normans prefer high-budget thrillers, trendy adaptations of "edgy" stuff, etc.
Except they mainly consume stuff like JoJo, Titans, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. Anything that is action-y and trendy. With an occasional romancey tearjerker thrown in. Most of them don't even know about Kirara adaptations or other such things which your probably refer to as "moeshit".
If you're using a client, MAL has temporarily removed support for third-party apps (they are upgrading security or something).
So if you cannot wait I suggest you export your list to anilist.co or kitsu.io


This is objectively wrong, I've visited a number of places where the normals discussed anime and everywhere I was ridiculed for my tastes. They mostly watch the big popular anime, or are obsessed with the classics from their childhood, as they want to be a part of the community, but only ride the nostalgia train for they cannot actually get into new anime.


I took computer science classes for a while and all the normnerds were into the newest “cute” garbage you’d see posted all over 4chan


Dude, CS nerds are not representative of normie taste. They are considered normie only by wizchan standards, but you really shouldn't confuse them for actually being normalfags with normalfag taste.


To be fair, "cute succubi" does tend to get samey and bland after a while.


To be fair, it's just your opinion.
The fact is, SoL (and namely CGDCT sub-genre) has had a stable paying audience for nearly 2 decades now. Same with certain other niches.


>has had a stable paying audience for nearly 2 decades now.
Source on that claim.


>To be fair, it's just your opinion.

No shit, it's his opinion. Sounds like it bothers you on a personal level though. That's always the case with "It's just your opinion!"


Check the sales charts. Niche titles are rarely a hit-and-miss.
Or did you mean source on nearly 2 decades worth of CGDCT fandom? Well, Azumanga was adapted in 2002 and quickly gained a following. And in manga there were relevant things even before that. It all starts in late 90s.
My point was: a personal opinion isn't something you put after "to be fair", making it look like an objective truth.


File: 1537377453999.jpg (81.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1491125772787.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're right OP. This world is only a vague shape cast from the ideal forms and anime with its abstraction can hint at the real eternal ideals. Deny the flesh, let your waifu guide you through this clouded realm, like a shining ray of light breaking through the void.


>People still watch that succubi worshipping trash


File: 1537395837792.jpg (119.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Eromanga Sensei.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>succubi worship
It's precisely the opposite, it worships ideals 3D succubi will never be able to attain. 2D is what an ideal female would be, if she existed. Every succubus in anime with the perfect personality and appearance is like an insult to every living female on the face of the planet for their inferiority to the author's imagination.


So, succubi worship.


>2D is what an ideal female would be
>I love anime succubi because I only want perfect succubi
>if 2d were real I wouldn't be here



2D succubi =/= 3D succubi
The same word, yet an eternal gap between the two.


Just give it up now, you can't convince crabs they're just eating substitute fish.


Why do you think I'm a wizard in the first place? Because sadly nothing in the real world is perfect unfortunately. Such is the nature of demiurgos' creation. We have to make due with 2D projections of perfection in the form of anime.


>Why do you think I'm a wizard in the first place?


File: 1561595460037.png (48.64 KB, 700x645, 140:129, old anime whining 1994.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1562601136359.png (176.2 KB, 410x452, 205:226, kOnGoodGrief.png) ImgOps iqdb

Spot-on. I only have so much time on this planet. I'd prefer to waste it on something I "subjectively" like, not whatever is "objectively" critically acclaimed.

I guess that's an interpretation. Waifuism is byproduct of escapism, yet, something totally different. Using 2D as replacement for 3D will only lead to a realization of real life, thus misery. 2D is great because it is not affiliated to RL. Rather, it is a different path entirely, with its own challenges and rewards, as opposed to a bridge used to get over obstacles that many folks make do.


When I worked in a facory automotive job I spent hours imagining scenarios of myself entering various 2D worlds.
Basically isekai. I made up various complex details, characters and interacted with them, daydreaming during the entire shift while working.

It's almost dystopian. To be in noisy, ugly, dark, hot automotive plant with other ugly hairy men carrying pieces of sheets and metals with sparks flying all around you while in your mind you walk around all those beautiful colorful worlds with perfect beautiful nice characters you made-up. My common thought however was not even sadness at my unfortunate state, but rather thankfulness that at least my mind is free to live in these perfect worlds, to be able to walk alongside these fictitious characters, even if my real body is chained like a slave to this horrid existence.


What would it be like living in 2d? My guess is that wherever you look would look like a perfectly drawn scene from your perspective from an anime made just for you in that moment. How nice that would be.


File: 1562685019042.png (1.24 MB, 858x1015, 858:1015, 1560025480372.png) ImgOps iqdb

It would be like watching yourself from 3rd person perspective, but it would feel natural.


Honestly, I only like anime because it looks good and because of the OPs and EDs. Lots of times I drop the anime midway and just rewatch the opening and ending movies or listen to their full versions.

The story, the characters are usually utter crap I've seen X times before. Japs really have this bad habit of copying everything and repeating them infinitely, much more so than we from the West.


That would be very strange I must say.


>anime is perfect
for me it is the art style that drew me in
and the fact that when I first found out about it, I only knew US cartoons that were either about kids on the playground / school or superheroes kicking evil people in their butts.

Animé was completely new for me aestetically (I loved it and still do) and also by plot. Usually there was something that the show was about with some greater plot theme. For example a sports, game, mission or goal. For cartoons I only knew daily lives of school brats or villian with this color of mask is again bullying superheroes city and he needs to destroy his latest killer robot.


File: 1563396319511-0.jpg (176.64 KB, 1200x845, 240:169, blue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563396319511-1.jpg (110 KB, 1024x720, 64:45, blurt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime always/never changes…


both look great. can't decide which is better, they're unique and beautiful in their own way


>I ♥ you


yeah, like watching a recording of yourself doing something but having vivid memories of doing that in first person.


Well you're a little love muffin, don't blame her!!!


i kinda like the re design more


File: 1563511104080.jpg (276.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 164946296-yuru-yuri-wallpa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Highly disagree with the OP on the fact that anime is perfect and causes sentimental feelings but he has somewhat of a point.

When I first got into anime, I was younger and I liked it for not being as ugly and bland as most western cartoons airing at the time. It had action, pretty characters and was darn cool to me at that time. Nips really know how to draw people into their works.

However I got older, and realized that anime isn't "all that". Same formulas used in every genre, same character archetypes, similar stories, etc. etc. It wasn't that anime was bad, however it is simply a type of media that panders to an audience, so of course these things were going to happen and years of watching it was going to make me notice this. So whenever someone told me anime was a "masterpiece" or "profound" (like Madoka Magica, Lain, Cowboy Bebop, etc. etc.) I'd simply view the anime as mediocre or not as thought provoking as people thought it was. (Truthfully it really wasn't to be honest).

I feel like japs feel the same way, especially since they live around this stuff unlike the westerners who overrate it. Anime/light novels as a medium is largely directed at teenagers and children. Even the "seinen" anime are. Adults seem to be more into manga, visual novels, and video games. The only anime that really attract adults seem to be "moe" or fujo//u/ pandering (and maybe even isekai). Every other anime seems to have a smaller older adult audience and a larger child/teen/young adult view group.

Why is this? I guess it has somewhat to do with the "take it easy" phrase that /jp/ uses. Jap adults have to work arduous schedules at their jobs and their lives are constantly filled with stress and trying to have a good standing in society (high suicide rate is not there for no reason). That's why they love simple "moeshit" anime like Kemono Friends and Is Your Order a Rabbit? The characters are cute, the anime is easygoing, and it simply relaxing. No shounenshit and deepshit with constant shoving down philosophy and morals down your throats, none of that. Who wants to hear the same dull kindergarten tier philosophies over and over again that every adult is perfectly aware of after they come home from work? People rather watch something more comfortable and enjoyable. Probably why isekai is popular over there too. They can self insert into another world away from their stressful lives.

So, I guess I have a love hate relationship with anime. I used to be big onto deepfag and action packed shows. Anime was the best thing ever and I loved it for being so interesting and different. However, as I got older, and more aware of the world I realized that no anime is a "masterpiece" and even the ones that people call deep are all very simple with simple messages executed in various ways. I feel even that some of the ways the are executed are quite bland to, reaffirming my opinion on the fact that there is no phenomenal anime. This is an issue of all media.

If I want to invest my thoughts on something, I usually ponder over literature. Many can find that literature is more provoking than anime, especially interesting literature. Same goes with even manga and visual novels since more time is invested into these things to create a coherent structure. (Though these things too also suffer from troupes and such, especially visual novels)

I do enjoy anime though, mainly for the experience however. Some of my favorites include Dragonball, Riding Bean, Di-Gi Charat, Mitsudome', Dream Hunter Rem, Gunsmith Cats, Kanon 2006, succubi Und Panzer, etc. etc. All very nice to watch when I need to sit and relax a bit. I guess it doesn't have that shine anymore but I still greatly prefer it over western media.


>Same formulas used in every genre, same character archetypes, similar stories, etc. etc.

That's all media. Actually I feel anime does this less than western media does. Because they can afford to experiment a bit and break out of moulds because of how cheap anime is to make.


I mentioned that somewhere in that giant text of blog posting I believe.


File: 1567433851121.jpg (86.09 KB, 850x850, 1:1, eyy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Also being visually different to stand out helps.


File: 1569848485541.mp4 (54.06 KB, 720x520, 18:13, z1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Anime makes me sleepy


>Imo the people who still watch anime just haven't watched enough.

If they are only watching as a phase or to fit in then that's true, if they legitimately enjoy it then there is no reason why they would stop.


It's not a phase for everyone, it's fine if it was for you, to most people it is, particularly most westerners. Just because it was for you don't go assuming that it's the same way for everybody else though.


File: 1569863841091.jpeg (47.07 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 53720006-6F22-43A3-9287-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Some people really don’t get bored of stuff anon. I have a friend who’s been playing world of Warcraft for 13 years now I think. And he stopped for maybe a year, and is now back playing wow classic. So it stands to reason there are people who are fine watching the millionth gundam rip off or lucky star clone.


File: 1569866697738.jpg (38.31 KB, 600x336, 25:14, 1569338872261.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>posting this meme chart again, same filename as the other thread
>still claiming that anime is a phase with no evidence or arguments to back it up, just "you'll see when you get older" rhetoric
>still getting butthurt when people contradict you

So are you dariken, or just his gay lover?

I've come to the realization that I mainly watch anime for the atmosphere and "feel" that certain shows give off. Same for most other types of Japanese media, including games. Looking back at the plot for these things it's never that great and usually predictable, the themes are shallow, etc. But there are certain moments or elements that resonate with me, or the entire "feel" the work gives off is attractive to me. It's hard to explain.

My annoyance comes from the fact that it's getting harder for me to find these types of works and I feel like I'm running out of things to watch/read/play that I'll actually enjoy. I just end up dropping almost everything I pick up because it disappoints me.


As I said, it's fine that it was a phase for you, for most people it is. You are still making assumptions.


all of those things have more artistic merit than anime.
anime is generally on the same level as children's cartoons.


recommend some anime then you nerd


>all of those things have more artistic merit than anime.

No to everything except books, music, and theater.
Just lmao at thinking sports or boardgames as a whole have more artistic merit than any anime.
Although judging artistic value based on an entire medium rather than individual works is retarded anyways. Plus anime is not necessarily a medium and is more of a subset of movies/television, just animated and made in a certain country.


Oh and also entertaining how you conflate artistic value with popularity and/or enjoyment.


It depends on what books, music and theatre. Most books are generic, most music is generic and most theatre is the same old plays or generic. I would say anime has more artistic merit on average than any of these things.


That's dependent entirely on what your standard for weighing the total artistic value of a medium is. There are a lot of trash books and books have been around longer so of course there will be more generic ones total than generic anime. But there's literature and philosophy with artistic value that no anime has even reached the foot of.

But like I said comparing mediums as a whole is stupid anyways.


There are a great many generic books being published every single day, age has nothing to do with it. In fact it only means that the medium has been around long enough to have books that break out, if one book every 10 years did that there would be countless more good books than if even one anime a season did.

>But there's literature and philosophy with artistic value that no anime has even reached the foot of.

Philosophy is pretentious garbage. But then as you said.

>That's dependent entirely on what your standard for weighing the total artistic value of a medium is.

If people enjoy that kind of thing then they can, I don't mind.


>anime has more artistic value than film
no, it does not.


>Philosophy is pretentious garbage.


File: 1570008513790.jpg (594.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Takunomi - ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wow, such a witty retort, reading philosophy certainly does marvels for ones intellect.


It is a phase for everyone. You just haven't grown out of it yet.


I really don't know why you keep repeating this, as I keep saying, it's okay that it was a phase for you, for most people particularly most people in the west it is. Stop being so self centred and stop assuming that everybody feels the same way you do about everything. Your simple mindedness is getting to be irritating.


>Philosophy is pretentious garbage

You not understanding something does not make it pretentious.

lol how many times are you going to repeat this? You did this in the other thread too, I don't understand why you can't accept that some people just like different things than you.


>You not understanding something does not make it pretentious

And viewing something as pretentious does not make one not understand it.


If you gave it a chance and still think it's pretentious that's on you I guess. But it's not an argument against philosophy to say it's pretentious. And I doubt you understood it.


I've given it numerous chances. Really it's just the ramblings of an individual, if you like those ramblings that is fine but ramblings is all they are, to ascribe any higher meaning to them is just pretentious.


If you had actually read and understood something you would have more substantial critiques than "it's pretentious" and "it's just ramblings", which has really said nothing about why philosophy has no artistic value.
I'm not going to derail the thread further so chalk it up to a difference in opinion I guess. Artistic value itself can be very subjective as well.


Eventually you will get a reality check and realize how wrong you were at the time, but its ok if you are still young, there is time to learn from your elders.


I would say it's you that will get a reality check when you look outside your little bubble and see that not everybody is you but you never will.


So you are saying people get bored of books as well? That nobody over the age of 25 can read a book?


It's still consumption and as a wise person once said.

>Its not a matter of preference.


File: 1570105214272.jpg (907 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

That would still be preference and still be consumption.

The fact that you never enjoyed a book until you were 25 explains a lot though.


File: 1570105542400.png (340 KB, 938x725, 938:725, 21ee70165f062851c70e249674….png) ImgOps iqdb

Anime is a media of modern times. The majority of anime is designed to be sold and cater to the watcher/audience. If cutesy stuff is what you found to "work" for you OP, good for you, but to claim it to be "perfect" is a pretty big over-exaggeration that I cannot agree with.

And personally, the fact that 3d animates AND voices the succubi that you seemingly find perfect is to me wizmorally questionable.


I only enjoy the craziest moe shit the less realistic and morally correct the better for me I mean is supposed to be escapism fuck off with your reminders of real life limitations


Really? You don't know how reading a book is consumption? You are still consuming media, books are a form of media and by reading it you are consuming it.


>Its not a matter of preference

>Rather, it is about realizing the transcience of consuming,

This is what your argument lies on, apples and oranges are both fruits and if you are arguing against fruits as a whole then that argument will affect both apples and oranges, not just whatever one you choose.


Cartoons are ugly garbage made by caveman though.




I think he means cartoons as in what the west produces as opposed to anime.


Anime is still a cartoon.


So you agree that Anime is dumb and ugly? I don't get it.


And your mum is still an ape.


That is why I call it the superior art and the rest, inferior arts. Even when I had to mention anime in a professional essay or something.


File: 1577012963707.jpg (144.48 KB, 1199x746, 1199:746, 99Probs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There should be more anime on feudal china.


Strongly disagree. Especially nowadays, most shows and everything simply can't exist without cute females.


it's no worse than western media that can't create anything without multiculturalism and political correctness, I prefer the way anime does it personally


Try Koihime Musou unless you hate cute stuff


File: 1602906690476.jpg (107.09 KB, 300x510, 10:17, FZlash.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like Fushigi Yuugi but wish that all the cast to be genderswapped.


File: 1603706519257.gif (487.67 KB, 500x375, 4:3, w.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Animation is perfect

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