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A few web novels I found recently have been really good especially since I haven't been enjoying any manga or anime lately. I've been reading this web novel about swinging http://novel18.syosetu.com/n2838cn/ and a few others that have been really good. It's been my best fap years which was really unexpected since I never read and don't expect much from text to being exciting.

Who else enjoys japanese novels?


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Reading the monogatari LNs right now after having watched most of the anime. They’re pretty good, and have some minor tidbits that the anime leaves out. Has anyone read the katanagatari LNs? I liked the anime and it’s by the same author so I’m considering picking those up too.

And yes, I am just gonna bump this old zero reply thread back from the depths.


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I never really read many light or web novels despite knowing Japanese for years, but I've started getting into them more recently. I finished reading the 2nd volume of Spice and Wolf yesterday and have moved onto the 3rd volume. It's been years since I've watched the anime so it's all pretty fresh.

I also started reading the web novel 異世界に来た僕は器用貧乏で素早さ頼りな旅をする after seeing someone praising it on another site. I've never read or watched 異世界 stuff but a few chapters in it's pretty good so far. The main character was pretty much thrown in the middle of nowhere so it's reading like a survival story right now, where he has to make use of natural resources to make tools and cook, sleep, etc.

Tangentially related, I had trouble converting the novel PDFs from Syosetsu to MOBI format so I could read them on my e-reader (usually it's easy to do with the application I have but for some reason the formatting of these PDFs was fucked up and couldn't pick up the text), so I found a site that will actually pull all the chapters from the site and create a MOBI file for you. It supports 縦書き also.



Light novels -> manga -> anime


When's the next HARUHI light-novel?


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read mushoku tensei,don't fall for the best isekai evar! hype, it's good but the ending comes outta nowhere.

gonna watch spice and wolf then read the LN's.

I remember reading konosuba and No game no life many moons ago both good, use calibre for ebook management it's very convenient also for those who don't know you can send books to your kindle via email.

I also wanna read the katanagari LNs, maybe FLCL after that.


I'm still salty from the ending of Devil is a Part-timer.


web novels -> light novels -> manga -> anime

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