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and write something about it.

Made a new one since the old one reached bump limit.

Old thread >>24509
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I just finished kingdom. I've been marathoning this for a while and now that it's done I feel empty inside because the story is really only just beginning even after two long-ass seasons and I want more. It's a pretty simple story of political and military conquest, but it's well done and manages to be engaging all the way through. It starts out with some bad CGI but the animation gets better as the show progresses.


File: 1568003318216.jpg (371.98 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 499672.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I reluctantly watched Kiznaiver. Here's my shitty stream-of-consciousness review:

Wow I really hate this art style
Wow I really hate this cinematography
Wow I really hate these character designs
This visual stuff is all subjective so I won't dwell on it much.

I almost didn't give this any chance at all because Trigger.

Forgive me for saying this but the pacing and exposition could best be surmised as 'zoomer-tier'. In all seriousness, I feel like this was made for someone about 14 years old.
Wow I hate this direction

Why am I still watching?
I like the premise and thinks it's promising.
Some of these characters seem interesting.

Let's see how it goes.

Yep, this literally feels like a Pixar movie.
Maybe the writing will have some artistic value…

None of these characters are particularly likable.
I'm finding it difficult to envisage a scenario where these characters are used to construct a compelling story. These characters have personalities that are unpleasantly exaggerated. They would be suitable for a comedy sketch, not a serious drama.

The animation itself is 'high quality' but I hate how these wacky jump cuts are constantly used. Like I feel dizzy just watching this. The animation itself is fluid but the cinematography ruins it, IMO.

I'm detecting a lot of ship-baiting. This is actually fine with me because I'm trash and can shamelessly enjoy shipping as cheap entertainment.

I'm liking Maki's backstory. Took them bloody long enough to get to this.
If they took Maki's backstory and turned it into a full cour anime with a quarter of the budget of this, it would be better and would have more artistic value.

It seems like people who watched this can be divided according to who did and did not like the forced shipping. My rebuttal to those who disliked it is "what else could have possibly been done with these shitty characters?" The anime is already bad regardless of whether shipping occurs or not. Removing the ships is like rearranging the cutlery on the fucking Titanic as it descends to the bottom of the ocean. If not ships, then what? What else is there with this awful cast? The problem is the characters themselves and shipping is just a band-aid on awful writing.

Everything about this anime is so ham-fisted. I'd liken it to building hobby models with mittens on.

This anime would benefit significantly from better foreshadowing.
Nico's voice actor is talented.

Watching this is reminding me of why I hate watching movies, generally speaking. They try to cram as much garbage as possible into a tiny period of time, all the while pacing it way too quickly and catering to people with an extremely short attention span. This is literally just a Pixar film masquerading as an anime.

A grown adult is not the target audience for this.
>but that's all ani-
No, there's a difference. This anime is designed specifically for a teenager's brain.

What a waste of a good premise.

The OST for this is supposed to be good but I'm not observing that. Maybe you could respond with your favourite tracks in the OST? The OP song is okay. Musically it is simple, but still it's pretty catchy.

The only decent attribute this anime has is the animation quality. Pretty much every single artistic choice possible was made poorly, in my opinion. Still, this might be one of the most well-animated works of 2016, I'll admit. The only competition I can think of is Sansha Sanyou. I'm probably overlooking something from that year though.

Overall 4/10. you_tried_sticker.png
There was serious potential here but so many poor choices were made along the way. But hey, despite all my complaints, I still didn't drop the damn thing. So take from that what you will. On the other hand, the only reason I'll be watching anything from Trigger from here onwards is out of morbid curiosity. In fact, Trigger should probably just upload all their work directly to Liveleak from now on.

A couple other things:
I want Chidori to sit on my face.
Nico is literally me.


describe zoomer anime to me please


Watched Kemono Friends.

Holy shit was the animation dogshit in the begining, but it was worth sitting through. Very comfy show with a good story. The animation slowly but surely did get better as it progressed too so I felt rewarded for sticking with it. And the voice actors, background art, and character design were all very good to make up for the fact that the animation wasn't very good.
Overall I liked it alot.
Will check out season two and some of the specials later.


>voice actors, background art, and character design were all very good

not sure how you can even rate voice acting since there's only like 5 people in the entire industry who do all the voices.


That's completely false.


I watched the sub so…


Wrong, it's actually three people. It used to be four but he died last year from the common cold. The three can do a wide range of voices and each does about 5 hours of voice line every day if you include their non-anime commission like cartoons, machine voice and movies (yes the japanese film industry has not figured out how to record visuals and audio at the same time so they have to resort to dubbing)


finised season 2.
Animation was better but the story and overall feeling was much worse. Kind of a letdown to be honest.
That said it was still enjoyable even though a lot of plot threads were never properly tighten up and far too much was left unanswered.


>watching dubs


File: 1569031593189.jpg (125.66 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 22.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Great animation & character/setting design let down by bad direction & plot.



File: 1570099867070.gif (1.87 MB, 758x720, 379:360, Houseki no Kuni Gif 001.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I liked it.


File: 1570161523848.jpg (642.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished Fairy tail.

I was disappointed with the ending but then the whole anime was not great, I still expected more though. At least now they might start airing a new long running shounen to replace it, I heard that the author behind Fairy tail is writing something else now so they might just air that.


File: 1570616323864.jpg (75.04 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 20191013.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished GOBLIN SLAYER. A bit more edgy but otherwise standard D&D tropes. At least, it's not isekai.


File: 1570632587660.jpg (31.38 KB, 352x550, 16:25, saikik.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Saiki K. Easy watching, enjoyable series.


>At least now they might start airing a new long running shounen to replace it

please, yes

>I heard that the author behind Fairy tail is writing something else now so they might just air that.

please, no.


I've been wanting to give this a shot


File: 1570944426741.jpg (572.77 KB, 1116x1072, 279:268, rgXiYo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Shuumatsu no Izetta. Here are my thoughts:

This has some really cute romantic shoujo-ai scenes.

Strong confident female lead, which I always like to see. succubi are so strong and powerful. succubi can do anything!

Lots of strong confident succubi kicking butt in this. succubi are amazing!

The female cast is super likable. Unfortunately there are a lot of dumb males in the cast as well that exist only to advance the plot.

"Expectations blown away. It horrifies me to think that I almost passed on this. Ordinarily I hesitate to watch Japanese bastardizations of European history. If you do watch this then obviously much suspension of disbelief is required. I mean, it's anime. Magic is involved in the story and it takes places in a pseudo-WW2 setting.

Way underrated and underappreciated."
^is what I wrote in my anime notes after watching the first 3 episodes. This anime had a very strong start.

Getting further into this anime I'm beginning to see what is probably its most significant flaw: the plot. Ultimately, the plot is kind of lame. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, but the issue is how much screentime is used to advance the plot. The series is very plot-heavy. There are some terrific scenes lurking within, but the overall series is diluted by this lame plot which consists of dumb violent men fighting each other for power. So basically men ruin everything as usual, smh. In all seriousness, I found most of the fighting/conflict-heavy scenes boring to watch. The fight scenes soaked up a lot of valuable screentime.

Having said the above, foreshadowing is used effectively and all the developed storylines tie together well in the end. In this regard, the show isn't poorly directed. I still cried during the last two episodes when the story climaxed. The wrap-up of all the story arcs was pretty good, even if the journey there was a little messy.

This anime is an unusual juxtaposition of genres (military/historical and shoujo-ai), of which a lot of people will like one or the other but less commonly both. I reluctantly gave this a chance knowing only that it was a historical military anime, and I was subsequently pleasantly surprised by the cute yuri romance that evolved as the episodes progressed. However, I think a lot of people who watched this had the opposite reaction, and consequently the anime is rated poorly by many. I guess an appropriate metaphor would be that Shuumatsu no Izetta is like an exotic food with a unique taste that puts most people off. Is that a flaw in the food or in the person tasting it? Maybe the same could be said about my distaste for the plot-heavy nature of the anime.

An argument could also be made that the two genres balance each other well. The soft tone of the cute romance provides relief from the seriousness of the military conflict. I'm not sure I agree with this but maybe this is what the writers were thinking.

I think the series is weakest during times when it's focused on large-scale conflicts. During times of inaction, or small-scale conflict, there is much greater emphasis on the characters themselves. When the characters and their interactions are allowed the shine, the series is good. I wonder if the characters had been peasants instead of upper caste, would the series have been better due to a diminished scale of conflict?

Overall, I rate this anime 7/10.

I feel bad about rating this so low because there really were some terrific memorable scenes. Like I said though, it was too heavily diluted. Objectively speaking, I think that most people would really like some aspects of this anime and strongly dislike others. It is certainly not 'one size fits all', but maybe its uniqueness can be appreciated.

Additional Comments:
Good animation at times but the quality is inconsistent. Character animations like hair and body movement looked pretty good. At times the background landscapes looked nice too.

The OST is decent. It's high quality from a technical perspective and really suits the series thematically. The OP and ED songs are good. The voice acting is good.

Overall the production quality is good, but not spectacular. My number one criticism is that the action scenes were completely unremarkable in terms of audio-visual quality, and this made them more of a chore to watch.

I really liked the character designs, especially the female cast. Not only are the character designs great, but they also get lots of different lovely outfits and different pretty hairstyles too! Yay!


i recommend it! i was on a scanlation tem for the manga back in the day and liked the anime a lot too.


i enjoyed it a lot too,the episodes were fucking hilarious


File: 1571100463506.jpg (340.16 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Excel Saga S01E25.mkv_snap….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished excel saga and the sorta related 2 part special puni puni poemi. They were both a lot of fun. Excel saga got bogged down a bit when they tried to make it serious, but even then it was still pretty good.

Are there any other anime with similarly "wastefully energetic" succubi in them? I realized that I rather like that type of character, I find them funny and cute.

Also, that Excel was voiced by the VA that voiced sailor moon really added a lot to the whole thing. She is very talented, one of my favorite VAs I think. And excel was an excellent character for her voice and allowed her to shine.


File: 1571102510249.png (133.03 KB, 230x326, 115:163, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

thought those were some saggy cow udders from the thumbnail

last night i finished thermae romae, it is pretty short. it's about a roman architect who constantly falls through warpholes in baths and ends up in japan and uses his brief experiences of baths/saunas/hot tubs/etc in japan when he returns by falling through another bathtub warphole to innovate and build new roman baths. it's a comedy, not bad, is short so i would recommend it

apparently the movie adaptation made an enormous amount of money, was the second highest grossing film in 2012. so maybe that is worth watching now


Crosspost from the seasonal thread since I didnt see this one:
So far this month I have finished:
Yuru Camp. Great show, lots of cares was clearly put into depicting the act of camping, as well as the backgrounds and landscapes. Each campsite even has its own music. The main characters dilemas were pretty relatable and the whole show just made me want to try solo camping.
And then I had a triple feature day where I watched Millenium Actress, Perfect Blue, and Lupin III Castle of Cagleostro. Lupin was definitely my favorite of the 3, I also watched an episode of the original TV series just to get acquainted it and the characters. Definitely love the balance of wacky, goofy, cartoony and badassness of the characters (mostly of Lupin himself).
I also finally finished Bakuon which was a fun watch but nothing to ride home about. An above average and maybe even "good" show. cut succubi on motorcycles.
I gave Shaman King a few episodes and dropped it just because I was curious, and tried to give YuYu Hakusho a few more episodes before getting drained. I think I'm getting a bit of burn out.


File: 1571383929260.jpg (144.33 KB, 850x507, 850:507, 1BBC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Fluffy anime with just enough heart to be endearing.


File: 1572685663228.jpg (425.52 KB, 2996x2119, 2996:2119, 194328.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched the Mahoutsukai Tai OVAs (The 6 episode series released in 1996, AKA "magic user's club"). Pros and cons (in my opinion) are listed below:

>Some genuinely funny gags that were worth a laugh here and there.
>Cute characters and cute character designs.
>Surprisingly really well-animated. Seriously, the visuals for this were great and looked like a ton of effort went into them. I found myself frequently pausing to admire the art.
>Character personalities are simple but effective, particularly for humour.

>Lame cliche plot.
>Too much time spent on 'wacky oh-so-funny' boring action scenes used to advance said cliche plot.
>Too much slapstick humour in general (I know, it's anime).

I probably won't be watching the TV anime version as apparently it is much worse than the OVAs.

Overall 7/10
Yes, I'd recommend these as a casual thing to watch. It's not like much commitment is needed (only 6 episodes).

The character interactions in this are literally /b/.
If you replaced characters with gayposters, crabs, moddess, metaburgers and admin, the character interactions would literally be the exact same. I'd recommend wizzies give this a shot for this reason. The show is even called 'magic user's club' - you literally can't make this up.


File: 1573536408058.jpg (65.18 KB, 706x480, 353:240, Slayers - 025.mkv_snapshot….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished watching the first season of Slayers.
I wasn't super into it the first few episodes but past 10 it got really good, the middle episodes from 11 to around 20 or so were the best IMO. After the mage and bounty hunter show up it really gets good. I was laughing my ass off straight through some episodes.
The big battles were ok but they felt kind of repetitive since it's just a loop of try thing to attack bid bad -> thing doesn't work -> get ass beaten -> find new thing to try until they finally think of some trump card to use and kill the enemy. The great music that sometimes played made up for it though, there were two songs in particular that were really good. Great ending to the final episode too.

Will probably continue onto NEXT sometime soon in the future, although I'm not in the mood to jump into it right now.


Kanata no Astra. It was a rough start that's for sure. To me is seemed like a super generic school story set in space. The little bits of comedy weren't really enough to keep my interest. The only reason I kept watching it was so I could delete it from my hard drive. Man am I glad I did. The whole story turned out to be a heart wrenching story that I did not at all expect from the early episode. To give anymore details would ruin the show, but I gotta say this was a great sci-fi anime that I am glad I stuck with.


I just polished off episode 3 of Kino's Journey 2017 and it reeks so far. Probably going to drop it.


The manga is good so far. The writing closely resembles the original anime.


#31857 Basado y rojo pastillado


File: 1573946229315.gif (1.7 MB, 500x280, 25:14, tumblr_o3l2tfrVqx1qg78wpo1….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I watched the movie 'Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai'. Here are my thoughts:

Positive aspects:
>novel premise
>tons of cute outfits!!
>decent animation and cinematography
>nice backgrounds, pretty solid visually overall
>cute characters
>good audio production quality

Negative aspects:
>rushed and kind of incoherent plot
>bland characters (this is partially why I rarely watch anime movies, also this point can't really be avoided with such a short runtime)
>weak direction
>felt sort of 'unpolished' overall

Overall 6/10.
I still watched the whole thing and it was enjoyable. If you're the kind of person who values style over substance then I guess I'd recommend it.

also this was pretty lewd at times, should probably have an ecchi tag FYI

Apparently a lot of impressive people worked on this, but as usual Japs can't into project management.


File: 1574097612717.jpg (287.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vhjcc (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

finished watching bakuman,it was meh
i actually liked watching the 2 of them work together to make it in the manga world,but the childish romance ruined it for me
would have a lot better if it didn't have any female characters


>would have a lot better if it didn't have any female characters

This can be said about many series. It's an actual meatspace condition too, where the boys are having a good time getting shit done but then one of them falls for a female and everything looses speed before crumbling because of her. It can even go the other way, like in those series about school succubi just succbi-ing around. If one of them of them got a BF it would be the end of the fun times as the succubi try to 'grow up' and act like adults.


mixed gender casts in general should be treated with caution


File: 1574216884167.jpg (699.32 KB, 2560x1815, 512:363, kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (both seasons + all OVAs)
Here are my thoughts:

This is just another junk food harem-comedy show that for some reason became popular among inexperienced anime viewers and was subsequently overrated.
Any attempt at plot always resulted in a convoluted mess. The show is strongest when it sticks to SOL and comedy scenes. The weakest episodes by far were those which were plot-focused. Poor direction might be the biggest flaw of this anime.

The show's best aspect is its supernatural flavour, I think. This is somewhat unique, and a lot of the skits and gags built around supernatural phenomena were funny and creative.

There is a strong otaku culture influence as well, which I found entertaining.

The character designs and animation seemed somewhat dated even for the production year. I'm not sure if this was an intentional artistic decision. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I thought it was noteworthy.

The music is okay; I liked all of the OP and ED songs.

There are moments where the show shines but they're outweighed by the mediocre remainder, unfortunately. I rate this anime 6/10 overall. It's watchable junk food, but junk food nonetheless.


File: 1574595083778.jpg (191.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, xcdsd (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i finished watching kaguya sama love is war,i only wanted to watch it because chika is cute but honestly the show was beautiful and really funny
i usually hate tsundere characters but kaguya fits the role really well and it's the same case for all the other characters


I watched some episodes of the anime. It's a good adaptation but I still liked the manga more I'd recommend reading it if you want more of it.


File: 1574595549885.png (482.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-07-03-05h57m5….png) ImgOps iqdb

i wish it stayed just a watchable junk with slapstick comedy and fan service
i hate it for the fact that it tried to take itself seriously while it had terrible writing and generic characters
the last episodes were really retarded and ruined the entire thing for me


File: 1574632500195-0.png (808.35 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2019-11-24-21h02m0….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1574632500195-1.jpg (155.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0004.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1574632500195-2.jpg (126.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shot0067.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just when I thought that I will never again find one of those series that give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I‘ve stumbled upon this. It has really hit the spot for me. Slice of life series with 26 episodes usually sounds like a drag, but at times I had to restrain myself in order to not binge watch it. If I had to pick something negative, it was sometimes overly dramatic for my tastes, but other than that, I enjoyed it immensely. Characters were likeable with enough development, plot arcs were interesting, and art was really nice.

Maybe if I’ll bonboru enough I’ll run a comfy inn in the countryside one day.


like that first pic. googling "anime inn" shows this as the first result which surprised me


I downloaded this the other day and am looking forward to watching it


You should watch Milky Holmes if you haven't already


Name pls? Might be just what I need.


Hanasaku Iroha


I finished Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san recently, a comfy SOL show about a succubus who ends up living with a vampire loli. Most of the comedy bits felt a bit forced but the ones where the vampires fail to understand human behaviour were actually quite funny. Overall, highly recommended if you liked shows such as Kiniro Mosaic, GochiUsa and WataTen because the character dynamics in this show are very smilar to those.


File: 1574697499371.jpg (360.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, [FroZen-EviL]_Yawara!_Sore….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I also recently finished the hour-long special for the Yawara series; Sore Yuke Koshinuke Kids!!. The visuals in this one are even better than that of the main series and the characters were quite fleshed-out for ones that never appear in the TV-show.

I've been watching the Yawara series recently, as someone has been uploading the BD episodes on Nyaa, although at a very slow pace. I think it's a fantastic series and perhaps the most underrated anime of the 80s (although I'll admit that I haven't watched that many 80s anime).


File: 1575550546994.jpg (597.59 KB, 1400x980, 10:7, Kobayashi-san.Chi.no.Maid.….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Alright so I watched Memedragon (not including OVA). Here are my thoughts.

Solid production quality. Well-animated.
Funny sometimes.

Very 'gag-like' episode structure with rapid jumps from short scene to short scene. Not necessarily a bad thing but certainly more reminiscent of comedy than a typical SOL anime.

The way they jump from short scene to short scene is almost disorienting. Slow down please. Feels like the target audience has the attention span of a goldfish. Maybe some people like this but I don't really. I guess for packing in as many jokes as possible it works.

Cast is kind of unlikable but they do have good chemistry.

Most of the cast are one-note characters and the gags are often unfunny and repetitive.

Most of the supposedly sentimental/touching moments felt forced to me. You have to make me give a shit about the characters first before injecting an emotional scene and expecting me to engage with it. You can't just jump from short gag after short gag to sentimental moment about family or whatever. You have to build a foundation first and that just wasn't done in this anime.

My favourite aspect of the story was the relationship between Fafnir and Takiya. Which isn't saying much because they got very little screentime together.

This anime started out mediocre to me but as I progressed through the episodes my opinion of it declined. Each newly introduced character was worse than the last, and as time went on the gags became more repetitive.

I'm not knocking you if you liked it but I disliked both the direction and writing.

Overall 4/10.


I wonder how long until a new one of these threads is made now that the bump limit is reached.


new thread: >>32036

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