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I keep hearing how good this show is and I'm thinking of checking it out. I also heard that this show has a legitimate debate over sub vs dub.


I watched it recently, its pretty good if you like shounen. The only problem is that it takes a while for it to find its footing and the last arc is very rushed.


>The only problem is that it takes a while to find it's footing


I've seen the first three episodes and I'm digging it. People on this show are so mean to each other though; Kuwabara is based.


It starts fine as kind of as slice of life with spiritual stuff, but then it was clearly rushed into the "action" part which results on a couple of arcs that are kind of boring and not that interesting or exciting. It doesn't get really good until you get to the Dark Tournament.


I watched it as a kid. I really loved it back then.


>keep hearing how great the dub is
>check it out
>it's early funimation so all the talent is still a bit amateurish sounding
>the lines are changed and the tones and inflictions are very cheesy or slightly over the top
>all the comments say the same shit about "muh childhood, muh toonami" so it confirms that just like the cowboy bebop dub, it's all just nostalgia and rose tinted glasses.


I really enjoyed the story and voiceover work and only saw this series when I was already in my 30s. Maybe some people just have different tastes. Hopefully you enjoy it, OP.


The dub is great, they make Yusuke even more of a bastard thug and it works.


It is a great show, the dub is actually pretty good for the most part which is why there is debate at all, but if you prefer to watch everything subbed that watch it that way.
There are only a handful of shows I would highly recommend the dub over the sub.

The cowboy bebop dub was flawless. You trying to start a fight? Because I will fight you over this.


>Justifying a dub
Get out of here, normalfaggot


Dub can be good on rare occasions but it is never ever better than the original.



Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, Dragon ball Z, Helsing, Monster, GitS:SAC, Black Lagoon, Ghost Stories, Cowboy Beboop,Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

In general If your show has numerous nationalities and accents, then I usually find the dub to be superior. That and if the show is drawing heavy influence from western culture. If it is Japaneses people in japan then of course the Sub is better.


I've gotten to the part where we're introduced to Kurama and Hiel. Pretty enjoyable so far.


the worst part is whoever did the dubbed spike went on to doing just about every anime and video game localization for the next like 15 years

I grew so goddamn sick of hearing that man's voice in everything it makes me wanna tear my hair out


There are only a limited number of people that can do ADR really well and Steve Blum is great at it as well as not being super expensive. It is no surprise that he has gotten so many roles given the limited talent pool and his skill in the craft.


I'm onto the four demon beasts arc, the Rando arc before that was good up until the last fight with Yusuke,kind of a letdown.


>never watching Ghost Stories


>lolsorandom adult swim tier humor


Gotta agree here, I went on YouTube and watched some "best of" videos for Ghost Stories, and it just feels like corny early 2000s humor that just isn't funny in this day of age.

I felt that way with Pop Team Epic as well, the four panels are a bit funny, but that doesn't mean I would want to watch an entire series about it. I'm pretty sure that show flopped too.


Watched it in my teens and also read the manga. Very cool and liked it a lot but imo it should've ended after the martial arts tournament. The following arcs, specially the final one, were pretty disappointing and forced imo


>it just feels like corny early 2000s humor
cause it is literally that.

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