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Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
I haven't watched a show since 2016 and still can't summon the will to watch anime any longer. It's hard to fathom how people can watch the same SoL/generic shounen over and over again without even getting tired, and even though I was never really into these genres, I can see that they're roughly the same rehashed pile of garbage. The anime industry seems to be bent more on milking brainless otaku and less keen on creating new content from my pointbof view. I'd rather read a good book or watch an opera through my PC if I'm actually in need of relaxation. Who's with me? Have you guys been looking for alternative media as well?


Anime is usually good. It's mostly for winners and highly sophisticated individuals.


buy those figurines,etc you filthy paypig. That's what smart and sophisticated people do, buying figurines.


It's trash meant for teenagers and young adults. Makes me cringe anytime anime tries to handle serious themes, although there are titles that have done it reasonably well even for western standards.

The only good thing coming out of anime is the art style and memes. Occasionally you get something of value which is then used to justify the entire medium, but like anything asian, most of it is mass produced cheap garbage meant for people with shit taste.

The people that haven't outgrown it are attached to it because of imageboard culture and/or because it's their "identity". They think they're special because they watch foreign media and masturbate to 2d characters as if it's any less degenerate than the real stuff.


File: 1553599738793.jpg (359.08 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Are.You.Alice..full.781686.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Agreed. All the decent/creative manga/anime/VNs get neglected in favor of repetitive soft porn trash or otaku pandering garbage. At some point you feel bad for these authors who are working their asses off to come up with original content while all talentless authors have to do is ride the mainstream wave and fill their work with blatant moeshit stereotypes and fanservice to get rake in 6 figures and get a 3 season anime adaptation.


Exporting anime is a much better prospect for japanese animation studios than staying on the otaku carousel and their increasingly shaky loyalty on blu ray purchases. Innovate or die.


Question, what do you still enjoy and why do you actually enjoy it?
What was it about anime that you enjoyed in the past?
What changed that you don't enjoy it now?


The last anime I bothered to watch was Pop Team Epic which was mostly out of curiosity. Before that the last anime I watched was Lain which was months ago. Most anime doesn't appeal to me anymore and honestly it really does seem like the industry is very fixated on appealing to a specific niche. Which is fine, isn't for me. I just watch movies and read now.

To be fair, that's any medium. There's plenty of great books and movies that get overshadowed by generic stuff only looking to cash in.


Not really, actually I am watching more anime now than I did before. Early on I would watch the more mainstream shows and other more action/military like shows like Jourmungund but then not much else, most early seasons I would only watch one or two shows and some seasons I would watch nothing. Now I consistently watch at least half a dozen to a dozen, not to mention the non-seasonal anime I watch too.

People generally watch anime, see how novel and fresh it is compared to what they have seen in the west and watch the more entry level mass friendly anime but then they get bored of it, have already watched it or only watch more mass friendly or meme anime as it airs.


I watch so slowly I probably won't ever get jaded.


File: 1553622991259.png (597.76 KB, 720x400, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I kind of agree. Most of the anime coming out now doesn't peak my interest in the slightest. But now that anime has become trendy not only in japan, but for most of the west as well, artists feel the need to keep shitting out generic garbage each season.
Right now I'm watching Kin iro Mosaic and I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. Just has a special feel to it that I can't explain.
>The only good thing coming out of anime is the memes
Anime memes haven't been entertaining or even amusing for years. It's all social media crap now with an anime succubus thrown in to show how "ironic" they can be.
Hell memes in general haven't been good in years.


>get bored of it
That can easily happen to someone who digs deeper than the current shounen stuff. I usually have to put it on hold for months at a time in order to not burn down like OP. In fact I do that with several media I like. Never binge too hard or too long, everything in moderation.

Perhaps it's the first time OP burns down on something, it goes away if you start to contain yourself and dose entertainment just right.


File: 1553627552168.jpg (92.81 KB, 435x600, 29:40, planetes.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is the anime that "broke" me so to speak. It sounded amazing on paper. I love the space setting and it being about space workers doing a mundane job with no aliens or space wars sounded intriguing. I imagined that it would have a lot of world building and go into detail on how life in space would be different than on earth.

But instead what I got was typical wacky anime situational "comedy" and awkward romance. The tone was all over the place.

That's where I gave up on anime. Where I Realized that no matter how interesting and far out the premise will sound it's just a "reskin" of the same basic anime structure.

Also because despite only grazing the surface I already started running into the same tropes. It also sounds to me like anime uses the same handful of voice actors who intonate things the same making anime feel even more formularic.

And the visuals started getting unpleasant to me too. The bright clashing colors, the low detail, the whole digital plastic feel… the same-y looking faces. I miss the analog look of old anime where the colors were muted, the image had film grain, the lines were not clean, the backgrounds looked like painted with water colors…

Lastly I have to admit that I was fed up with the fanbase. Trying to discuss an anime with all this special anime memetalk and people posting images of their "waifus" was annoying.


i really hated the ending, and yeah the tone was all over the place, but overall i don't judge it too harshly now. the setting was also very relatable for me since at the time i was doing heavy avionics and aircraft maintenance stuff


You sound like you are not the intended audience of anime in the first place then.


Last time I watched an anime I played it at 1.50 speed.


Actually /toy/ is probably one of the most well-adjusted boards on 4chad. You have to be doing decently to afford a not inexpensive hobby.


Not really. I'm on welfare and I can, What else is there to spend money on from a small income at home?

However, not having ever been to /toy/ I would hazard a guess and say that you generally would not get shitposters and ironic shitposters because if you are spending that much money on something you probably do legitimately appreciate what these things are associated with.


>It's hard to fathom
This meme again. I get that understanding other peoples tastes can be difficult but you should stop trying to make it seem like everyone that likes stuff you don't is some kind of enigma and that everything you like is straightforward and normal.


Why is everyone attacking OP in this thread? Can you not picture yourself ever getting tired of anime?


What's with mocking people who are just asking for some quality. It's not like it's asking for a fish to climb a tree.


Mods i don't think moving my thread to jp is the right thing to do since this is an anime board. All you're doing is inviting people to rail against me and whoever has been in the thread before being moved here.


It's just not a very interesting topic. Maybe it would be better if it were rephrased like "how can the current state of anime be improved" or something like that.


I just don't know why anime has had this cult seemingly built up around it. On every image board, you cannot insult anime. It's the cardinal sin. You can't criticize or detract from it in any capacity. Then if you ever go somewhere that's not an imageboard you get either the same thing, or railed endlessly for knowing what an anime even is. How did this happen? It's like the furry community. And I say this as someone who frequents /jp/ and can enjoy anime. I just hate how polarizing it is, it's like all the sensible people just shut up around it.


Because imageboards (especially in the west) were built around discussion of anime and the imageboards on their own naturally attracts those who watch or are inclined to be into it. years of people online complaining about how anime has been "unfairly" treated has culminated into a victim complex where you can't say anything bad about it as a whole or you just don't "get" it. It's pretty apparent when you discuss this with animefans, they will argue whatever is convenient for defending anime regardless of how blatantly contradictory it is. A big one is how they go on about anime being treated as inferior to other mediums (again, stems from the built up victim complex) but anyone who views a show in the same way they would a book and such is looked on as "Dude it's anime, what were you expecting? Turn your brain off!" To each their own. I don't really care.


That goes for everything. Supporters of something will defend it when it is criticized. The reason why you feels like it's being defended vehemently is because the vocal defense made up the majority. In a different forum, it may be the case that liking anime in any way is considered a cardinal sin because the majority hates anime. This is the source of all social rules, the agreement of the majority. There is no cargo cult at work. It simply a group of people voicing out their opinion and over time, because of human's natural tendency to conform to the majority, the views of liking and hating anime become stronger due to positive reinforcement. It might be the case that the community originally have diverse ideas but they have changed and streamlined their beliefs because of their social instinct. The same can be said of any other views a community might possess. Those amazon tribes don't eat human because they have an intrinsic nature to do so but because of culture.

About how the conflict is so polarized and lacking in sensibilities, it is simply the case of tribalism which you can observe in politics or other media. It is not something new to anime. Supporting and condemning something are simple stances that everybody can be categorized into so everybody will always belong to either teams. I've found myself getting triggered when I see people bashing anime, but I've felt the same for quarrels about philosophy, politics, race, religion or video games. In conclusion, anime is not special and is only one of many. The emotional investment in anime also contributed to this. Anime fans are usually more invested into anime since it is an insulated, escapist media and people who hate anime are probably conservatives who are uncomfortably with how much anime goes against traditional values.


If you go anywhere on the internet and criticise anything you are liable to get a backlash, it's nothing unusual. People on the internet are very opinionated.


99% of the time I watch "old" animes that were published before 2010. But I can understand what you mean. I suffer from anhedonia, so after a while everything gets boring and intolerable. I looked for alternatives as well. My main alternative media are books.


What contributed to me getting annoyed with anime is how the fanbase on imageboards behave. I find all this waifuposting (this is anime-chan my wife say something nice about her!), avatarfagging and t-trying to act c-cute! tiresome. Also so much of the anime pictures people obsess over are so badly drawn I wonder if it's done for comedic effect and everyone is simply pretending to like it. Like when the breasts are bigger than the characters head or when the hips are three time the width of the body or when the character is contorted in an anatomically impossible way just to show off the boobage or butt. Also in general a lot of the anime drawings I see look disturbingly bloated.


I tend to ignore the fanbase not so much for those reasons(although waifuists are annoying) but because of how memey, degenerate and western they are.
You shouldn't let other people dictate what you watch though.


I started binge watching some beginner shows, and then got bored. I would do 13 episodes a day, lol. My first anime was actually Lucky Star, not including the Pokemon and Naruto stuff. It was my first "serious" take on anime, and I actually never finished it until 2016 or something. Then I did Higurashi, all three seasons, and some other stuff. I can't really remember many of the anime, honestly.

Then I just stopped.

I don't watch anime very often now. It has to be really special or recommended to me for me to watch it. I remember watching "Here and Now, Then and There", and liking it. I still occasionally listen to a song from it, and remember the anime pretty favorably.

For SoL stuff, I barely watch. I just sometimes find anime on youtube every year or two and watch that. I forget most anime anyways.

In short, just watch anime that's recommended by other people, appeals to the genre you like, and if you don't like it in its first episode, just drop it. For me, watching anime is special when I don't binge it and only watch shows that I could really like.


i watched pretty much every anime from 70s 80s 90s except popular ones and never was animefag

rate and subscribe


>i watched pretty much every anime from 70s 80s 90s
extremely dubious claim


File: 1554145292703.jpg (844.98 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, big titty goth gf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Nope, I still love gook porn cartoons a quarter-century after I started watching them.


i've been watching anime pretty consistently ever since i first saw sailor moon. i've never watched a lot though, i just pick what interests me each season, if any at all, but i havent grown tired of it yet


This image is made ironically right? I wonder if people who enjoy this kinda stuff have a sort of brain disfunction where they think "the bigger the tiddies the hotter" with the brain center that cares about proportions being shut off.


Fetishes never make sense.


Maybe people have different tastes and like different things, weird right?


>Not wanting to suck those huge goth anime tiddies

Gays cannot be wizards.


females are disgusting


Who are you quoting? She isn't a Goth, Goths don't even exist any more and have not for a long time.


File: 1556948114644.jpg (71.28 KB, 850x357, 50:21, 20190519.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that's how you do it, folks.


Let's be honest, we live in a fucking golden age for media. The human population is like 7 billion and we have giant corporations who finance teams of japanese wageslaves to create all sorts of fantastic adventures for us. Don't get greedy, if you can't appreciate everything this world has to offer, that's on you buddy, it's not everyone else's fault they haven't pandered to your lame ass hard enough.


File: 1557438714627.jpg (116.89 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, g252589472.1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> It's hard to fathom how people can watch the same SoL/generic shounen over and over again without even getting tired
I mostly only watch SoL and rom-coms with tons of fanservice. I can see how you could get tired of it, but for me it's almost an ecstatic experience. It's like heroin, it just fills you with happiness for some time, slowly lingering even after finishing the show.

I see these types of shows as a substitute for the feelings people who watch them don't have. It's like emotional acupuncture almost. It hits all the right spots and can make me laugh, cry and feel emotion for these animated characters. And even if it repeats with only small variations from anime to anime, it's still pleasant and enjoyable, because I have no other way to feel these feelings.

But I can see how people without such emotional needs or ones who have them fulfilled by natural means of social interaction (e.g. normies) would see these shows as shallow (which they are) and boring.

Basically it's a substitute for loners to simulate being loved. If you don't need it or have it, you consider it pointless/boring/etc…

You may call me a crab after this explanation, however I view anime as superior to its real inspiration, because it simulates what perfect scenarios would be like. You cannot find perfection in the real world. No perfect fan service moments, or script that just warms your heart in the right place at the right time. The characters are caricatures of reality, with only the positive traits and all the negative ones cut out.

It's a distilled version of the real world's love/social interaction/relationships in a small compact cute 2D version ready to be consumed by people who don't want or cannot have the real thing.


I think you put it well.
A comparison I used to like to draw from SOL shows with all their similar content and build and how a lot of them have their beach or onsen episode in specific places, was jazz standards. The archetext is the same, but the narratemes are arranged in a slighty different way. You know the song, you know why you like it, but you still listen to interpretation after interpretation of it just for the small changes in fundamental structure and fancy flourishes on the surface that keep it a little fresher for you instead of listening to the original over and over again. The elementary experience remains the same, but the variation gives it a new aspect each time.


>Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
Yeah, I dunno, shows seem more cliched than western TV-shows which all feel the same but with a gimmick. Feels like I've already watched entire scenes, whole episodes, whole series a couple of times already.
The recent rise of le crazy loli lesbo trope was the tipping point. I'm only watching old anime now and shit that appears on my radar after enough exposure (most of the time it's the same generic shit like Yuru Camp, but sometimes it's something neat like Made in Abyss).
Overall I could stop watching anime just like that, and many times did.
I'm watching Bakemonogatari S2 and I just feel like I'm too old for this shit.


Well said. Japanese do have some creativity to come up with interesting story premises… but they completely fucking blow the actual thing.


>Japanese do have some creativity to come up with interesting story premises… but they completely fucking blow the actual thing
Holy shit, you perfectly summarised the problem with japaneseasian, really. koreans do this shit toomedia. Too many times have I seen elaborate fantasy worlds with interesting lore, cool magic systems and complex relationships between different races… just to be ruined by isekai teen dark-haired boy #186482 with a harem consisting of a big titted succubus, a medium-sized one and a loli.
Funnily enough, western media has a complete opposite problem. The blandest settings imaginable populated by interesting characters with countless stories to tell.


Yup. I would even go as far as to say that 2D succubi ruined anime.
>ED focuses on the heroine
red flag right there.


Anime is for the most part very cheap escapism made for kids and lonely otaku and you really need to view it that way. A lot of people go into it with expectation it's this vast medium with amazing stories and stuff but no, the anime that fit that description are a small exception.

Watch it for some cheap silly fun, don't take it too seriously.


it's not really limited to just Asians, look at the West with that GoT fiasco and all the other shitty fantasy stuff we have

it's actually extremely difficult to create a fictional world AND a coherent plot on top of it, not many can do it justice


I've thought the same for many years. Real relationships require sacrifice and effort, anime as a medium is heavily based on exaggeration of people's pleasant characteristics and an eternal revival of youth. I think the main reason I keep coming back is that I feel like I'm 14 again watching shows, the succubi/self-insert allow me to feel like the world is fresh again.
Even when the show isn't good, I find myself ignoring that and bringing my own imagination to the table to buttress what I find lacking in the anime.
My favorite shows this season are the half-length rom-coms Senryuu Shoujo, Ao Can't Study, and Amazing Stranger. Nothing about these shows is 'new', but the way they are done and presented feels very fresh. Amazing Stranger particularly is otaku pandering to the max, yet for some reason I find myself taking it much more seriously than most anime even though it's just about a guy and his figurines.


File: 1558127311694.jpg (323.65 KB, 650x4162, 325:2081, anime_art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime was at its the best in the 90s and 80s, I would say. The early 2000s too. Pretty much all the shows that are said to be the greatest were made in these two decades. Nothing made in the last 10 years can hold a candle to Evangelion, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, or SEL, to name a few. Are there any anime made recently that can be called classics on par with those I mentioned?

It used to be 'art', but it's been steadily declining into the shameless otaku cash grabs we have today.


The only good recent must-watch is Mahou Madoka.


Much of that is nostalgia and age. If x was 8/10 and then a few years later y was pretty much the same but 9/10 even though it is better people will still not see it as being better, because they grew up with x and by the time y was released they grew bored of anime. There are still many good animes being made every year.


yeah dude, 90s anime was art and not cash grabs, like… Tomatoman, and… many Hello Kitty anime. you're totally right though, the 80s had some classics like Perman. yup, you're definitely not like every other internet schmuck who has nostalgia for the era of anime filled with garbage kiddyshit that you would never watch.


That is some fucking cherry picking if I've ever seen it.


File: 1558233225383.jpg (213.89 KB, 1000x991, 1000:991, Ravenacolor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got a better appreciation for anime when I realised that it was better to think of anime as radio drama with pictures.
Then you appreciate the really well animated scenes.


Not to be rude or anything but what is that site and why did you post it? What is it's purpose as a booru?


Not who you asked but afair that site was originally intended to be specifically for anime webms/similar formats. I see some other things on the frontpage too, but since he spoke of appreciating the well-animated parts, the reason for posting this link should be clear.


File: 1558274903423.jpg (708.86 KB, 1165x2020, 233:404, 1993xq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

but that's not really true either. cinematography started out as the spectacle of motion with the lumiere brothers' first films relying solely on this idea, and not much has changed since. techniques have become more advanced to allow more complex ideas and choices, but the core of animation is still the spectacle of abstract forms and movement.

the fact of the matter is that anime, like every other medium, was always filled with mostly garbage. people blinded by nostalgia glasses for the classics and generalizing entire decades of QUALITY is not unique to anime. the truth is, with better technology, production values have generally increased and subsequently the quality of animation, but it's hard to notice 1)if you're a fucking casual; 2) since the sheer volume of anime produced annually has increased by magnitudes since the '90s and thus so has the amount of QUALITY anime. your average kirara seasonal is more watchable than 70% of the shit that came out in 1993.

if japan actually nurtured its animators today, you'd probably have several movies of akira-tier animation quality. but even still, you have animators like yutaka nakamura, niho tomoyuki, and shingo yamashita working in the industry today, so anime hasn't gotten worse, just oversaturated.


there's actually a lot of stuff worth watching from 1993


i see 5 shows, 6 movies, and being super generous, half of the OVAs from the chart that are worth watching. if you chose at random, more than 60% of the time you'd get something that's absolute garbage and less than 20% of the time something that's actually really good


A garbage thread regurgitating the usual nonsense talking points by people who clearly haven't even watched anime. Every single site is now full of this shit. Nobody has any fucking clue about anime. Crunchyroll could force them to watch anime at gunpoint and it would make no difference. People are incapable of comprehension. This site is no different from 4chan or reddit or youtube.


that's a better ration than most other years


I also used to watch it but now haven't watched any at all for years


>Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
Yep. I feel like I've seen every show already, and the rest are just copying the ones I did.


I agree 100%. I love anime more than ever, I can't stop watching, I feel like it's a drug I'm addicted to. When I was a kid it was just a bunch of cartoons I enjoyed and was hooked on, but nowadays it's basically my main way to feel emotions - of any kind. Anime is like a gateway into another world, a world of joy, of new experiences, of interesting characters and this feeling of eternal youth, beauty and happiness. It's the one drug I'm so addicted to, that I know if I had to give it up to face the mirk reality I reside in, I would surely kill myself immediately. It's the one single thing that makes me cry genuine tears filled with emotion. It's not just art, it's the soul of my pathetic existence. I live for anime. I wake up to watch another episode and daydream for hours. Daydream of a better reality, where colors are vivid and the smiles genuine…


File: 1559682029088.gif (634.94 KB, 489x200, 489:200, now-thats-what-i-call-edgy….gif) ImgOps iqdb


I wonder whether it is. It's been like this for the past three years.


Read the manga, while it has some issues and isn't perfect by any means its more consistent in tone and doesn't pander to mainstream tropes as much.


May this period of elation last you an eternity my fellow


Yes,anime has been pretty shit for like a decade,but like most people here says it still makes you feel good,it's not really high quality per se,but the fact that elicits such positive emotions on people it's what keeps it going.

That said most of the high tier anime fans (the ones that buy tons of figurines and watch pretty much everything) seem to have serious issues,any kind of obsession is product of a mental illness like this >>30415

In that regard we are not so different from normalfags,most of them need something to keep them going,a big dose of escapism,for normies is their jobs,their faith in god or their relationships,for us is anime and videogames.

That said I would like to see an improvement,anime and games have been on a downward spiral for years,and the sad thing is that as long as we continue to consume them,they will keep getting worse until they hit rock bottom.


Have you still been circling anime-related imageboards? Or still keeping up with new anime/trends? If so you should isolate yourself from all of it for a while. Might help.
I watched a lot of anime for a few years, then for 2~ years really fell out of anime, only watching a couple shows a year. But these last few months I've pretty much watched more anime than I have in the past 2-3 years.
>the same SoL/generic shounen over and over again
if you think you've hit the ceiling for anime at any point you probably just aren't looking hard enough.


>Anyone's got jaded of anime? Not the drawing style, just the medium.
I probably made a post here already and can't remember it but yeah. At this point I drop so many shows I might as well turn my weeb card in and never watch a show again, feeling I'm not gonna miss out on anything important anyway. Shows nowadays are just filled with so much female worship, it just pisses me off. Surely there must be more to life than sex and everything that surrounds sex.


That guy just sounds like he has discovered the joy of living vicariously through anime. How is a recluse supposed to experience the full emotional depth of a human life without vicarious experience? Stop calling it a mental illness like people should feel guilty for experiencing pleasure in ways that are not approved by normalfags.


I've stopped watching post-2015 anime but I still enjoy rewatching some of my favourites and the occasional hidden gem I haven't seen yet. As >>32081 said, avoid online anime discussion, most people there only watch what's popular to keep up with conversation and don't really have a passion for the medium.
>It's hard to fathom how people can watch the same SoL/generic shounen over and over again without even getting tired
Anime isn't just those two genres though. Excuse me for making assumptions but it sounds to me like you were one of those types who only watched long-running shounen shows like One Piece and got burned out because of it. Taste can change over time so you might just need to find another genre of anime to watch. I watched CGDCT shows almost exclusively in 2015/2016 but now I nearly pass out of boredom when I try to rewatch some of them.


Shockingly, Japanese cartoons made for children and teenagers aren't a lasting source of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.


I feel a simliar way OP, as in I rarely have watched anything from this decade, however it's your fault for trying to be a seasonal watcher and not just picking shows that interest you. For example, a lot of anime I have been watching lately are shows I skipped over from the 90s and early 2000s. Stop limiting yourself to new things that come out. And the industry is not here to be creative. It's here to gain a profit by promoting merchandise and the source material. Where do you think franchises like Pokemon make most of their money? Not from anime, nor from games, but from merchandise.

What >>32097 is true too. If you want something more interesting, perhaps read a manga or a book. The authors are not restricted by time or profits. (Unless they do it for a living)

OP does have a point though. All I mainly see nowadays is isekai fantasy or SOL airing. You cannot deny this fact even if there are outliers.

Nevertheless, it was always this way. I remember a lot of harem romcoms in the 2000s and tons of mecha in the 90s.


File: 1576712874997.jpg (54.6 KB, 780x624, 5:4, s (66).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i can only enjoy anime when i'm really happy or feeling at ease which is rare,otherwise i barely watch one episode every couple of weeks
i no longer enjoy the medium but i don't want let go of it,it's like a part of my childhood that i want to keep cherishing


>growing up
Is a trap and a spook. Is for people with broken spirits of whom are egotistically tricking themselves into thinking that being a disingenuous martyre is admirable.
Ask me how I know you go to work every day?
Literally everything has been pretty shit for a decade.
>someone is having too much fun to be a slave for The Man
>shame him into working for The Machine QUICK before ALL IS LOST


Also, just to be clear, life itself is a phase. And arbitrary. All that matters is how you feel. If you aren't hedonistic you're dead inside. A soulless robot. A Tool.

To add to my previous: >>32115


>All I mainly see nowadays is isekai fantasy or SOL airing
Yeah, but what is airing right now isn't representative of anime as a whole. As you said yourself, he can simply watch shows from other eras. Even if all eras had their own genres that got the most exposure, I still feel like the 80s and 90s were more diverse in terms of subject matter and styles than the last few years. Especially in the late 90s and early 2000s, when anime studios seemed to be more willing to experiment and not stick to the same old formulas.


The thing is, most communities only discuss what's airing. This is because 1. it's more available, and 2. younger people don't know about the old stuff, and older people have already seen the old stuff. So what's currently airing makes up a much bigger amount of people are watching.


>Ask me how I know you go to work every day?
i don't,i go to college from time to time but that's it


>a zoomer is growing up


File: 1576819292213.jpg (84.73 KB, 1440x783, 160:87, PopeFrancis-Japan-Anime-Fa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, I mainly read books and visual novels and play games but I still come back to anime when I find a show that seems interesting. Most of the stuff I watch is pre-2000's with a few early 2000's shows thrown in. Once every few years an airing show catches my interest and I'll watch it.

I did grow out of the embarrassing phase of trying to watch as many shows as possible for nonexistent otaku cred that led me to sitting through fanservice and shitty shounen. But I don't really care about the state of the medium or if other people are watching shows I wouldn't like. A lot of posts in this thread just seem like people creating strawmen and hypothetical situations to get butthurt about.

Communities and places for discussion of anime all fucking suck though, as some others have pointed out. Lots of ironic meme-spamming shitheads and horny idiots who can't go 5 seconds without declaring how much they want to fuck a cartoon character.
Cuteposting culture is pretty cancerous too and I can see why so many people on imageboards have grown to hate anime for just that reason.


>your average kirara seasonal is more watchable than 70% of the shit that came out in 1993.
Are you fucking serious? There's soo much good shit on that chart. When I look at anichart nowadays I rarely find ANYTHING worth watching and the production value is usually atrocious.

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