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Wizards, what was the absolute worst anime you ever watched or the worst manga you ever read?



The very worst thing I've ever seen was a pair of movies called M.D. Geist and M.D. Geist Death Force.
These movies are pointlessly violent, really stupid, and extremely boring. As you finish the second one, you realized just how much "nothing" has happened and it reminds you of how much time you just wasted on such a terrible pair of movies.
The worst thing is how it thinks its so "cool" and "badass".


I enjoyed them myself.

I have seen and read so much shit that it all sort of blends together.

A few things I especially disliked were things like Star Blazers (American animated television series adaptation of the Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamato), because it was horrendously boring to me.
Like I have seen shows with worse writing, animation, etc, but never have I been more bored watching a anime in my life.


>>30232 (OP)
As in completely? There's very few I regret.
>Knights of Sidonia
>black rock shooter
I don't even regret watching bad stuff like the Chaos Head adaptation, so the above 3 really disgusted me.


M.D. Geist was a pleb filter


blue gender


for me i didn't enjoy the dragon maid manga.
early on the mangaka's character proportions were unsettling and ugly to me, so i stopped reading it.


>3months old thread similar to others
Eat my shit.

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