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Didn't see one in the catalog, so I'd like to have a thread on Japanese internet to share interesting things we've come across. Can be videos, sites, articles, particular threads, etc.

I'll start off with a few things below.


File: 1559438331082.png (98.39 KB, 1084x499, 1084:499, okuda.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is the latest in a series of 2ch threads dedicated to a man named 奥田 (Okuda) that I've been following on and off for a year or so. Okuda is a middle-school dropout hikki/NEET in his 50's currently living by himself in Tokyo. He's basically the Japanese equivalent of a "lolcow", and all the threads are dedicated to quoting and making fun of the ludicrous number of tweets he puts out each day.


Vast majority of his tweets are talking about trying to find a marriage partner (婚活. His main reason for moving to Tokyo was apparently to find a wife (even though he doesn't leave his house). He's obsessed with idols and has been blocked by several for making creepy comments or flaming them because they cut their hair, or similar things. Also frequently makes angry tweets about young people wasting their time by not getting married.

He doesn't work and hasn't since dropping out of school, but is trying (and not really succeeding) to become an author. I think he's trying to write some sort of sci-fi novel based on this blog.


He also hates the current Japanese government and considers himself a "revolutionary", despite just tweeting and playing games all day.

And lastly, he's extremely paranoid. This is evidenced by some of his tweets where thinks normal people walking outside are stalking him or are yakuza. He has cameras set up around his house to film outside. i.e. https://mobile.twitter.com/hiroki_okuda/media/grid?idx=0

One of his tweets:
>Hey, do you think I, a revolutionary, recognize people with dyed brown hair as humans? Treating them like humans is only a service. At any rate, I'd like to get married to someone with black hair.


Interesting how long-term NEEThood/hikikomori can stunt your development. This guy sounds like he's still at the mental level of a middle-schooler.


File: 1559439012346.jpg (68.67 KB, 821x601, 821:601, 879c6e582da8e407189b9afdb5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I believe this was posted several years ago as well. It's essentially an autobiography/suicide note by a hikki named Maeda Hitoshi, who committed suicide shortly after writing it. He writes about his life and his family from being a kid to present and includes a lot of family photos with it. Really a depressing read. I can't recall all the details because I haven't read it in a while but he details his brother's suicide as well.

All the family photos really served to add to the depression for me as well. Seeing all these family photos of the dad and mom with their kids and then thinking about how they suffered and killed themselves.

There was also a link to the audio of his mother crying and screaming when she found him dead. I can't find it now but if I do I'll post it in the thread later.


Couple of random site links


Imageboard for computers. Not much else to say. it's pretty slow.


Site with a bunch of free Japanese games I had in my bookmarks. I haven't tried any so I don't know how the quality is, but might be worth checking out if you're into playing weird or obscure stuff.


Site/blog of one guy who writes various stuff, including game reviews. I found it while searching for a visual novel guide.


A site for independent authors to submit their novels for others to read. I think everything is free.


File: 1559442306494.jpg (54.91 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 1439955724654.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

実況 is essentially the Japanese equivalent of Let's Plays. 2 I've found who I really like:


I like this guy because is voice is really soothing and he's generally pretty quiet. I've often put his videos on as background noise while studying or programming. Plus he's pretty funny.

He mainly plays horror games and he's ridiculously good/experienced in them. In the several games I've watched him play he's only ever died once, and he knows all the maps almost perfectly, to the point where he knows almost all enemy locations.

He also has a few odd ones, like one of Dream C Club, a dating sim type game where you go to a hostess club and get drunk while trying to woo succubi. It was pretty funny, and made even funnier by the comments people were making (which scroll across the video on niconico).


I mainly watched this guy for his Amagami playthrough, He's less relaxed and subdued than the last guy but is also much funnier IMO. He's also done a few playthroughs of low-budget smartphone games that are also surprisingly funny.


Jap fast internet means games with bad netcode.


don't you think it's kinda hypocritical for a wizard to make fun of lolcows?


File: 1560075761566.png (595.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a700bc26a9330c27ab15ce895e….png) ImgOps iqdb


Site for game walkthroughs that also has a few reviews and a BBS.

No, I don't think wizardy requires me to have a bleeding heart. I have some sympathy for the guy because he's probably a victim of bad parenting, if they let him just drop out of middle school. But that doesn't make his craziness any less funny to me.


No. Lolcows go out their way because they aren't self aware what they do. Internet is predatory, and if you don't keep your own info at minimum, it is your own fault to get targeted like that. Of course there are exceptions, like when the person is legally retarded without supervision.
That being said, I don't find enjoyment from observing and reading about them.


File: 1560217529394.jpg (61.59 KB, 713x766, 713:766, c3c90df525f53fe04208455bc4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Obscure Japanese populated board on a Western imageboard site. I don't really understand their culture but they're really cool guys. I made a successful thread advertising the /AM/ board on the same site.


I forgot about this one, haven't browsed it in a few months.
I think its creation was a response to all the shady shit happening with imageboard ownership several years ago. Interesting that they chose an Western site to build their new community on.


> I made a successful thread advertising the /AM/ board on the same site.



Site based off the chatroom in the anime Durarara.
Also has a BBS with some interesting threads. Here's one I found with people posting their drawings


Note that the threads with lock icons are private.


Mobile site for 2ch, I've been using it since they blocked American IPs from browsing.


Site with e-books from 青空文庫 (collection of public domain books in Japanese, quite a few from the early 20th century) in MOBI format for Kindle, rather than the the txt and html formats aozora offers. Not a complete collection but still has quite a few books.



antinatalism thread on the philosophy board of 2ch


File: 1566001175906.webm (1.82 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 1560802409412.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I browse futaba occasionally. I enjoy the ohayo konata threads in which konata is posted every morning. This was posted in one of the threads. It gives me hope that early moe shows like lucky star wont be forgotten as time goes on.


File: 1566197710328.jpg (68.13 KB, 661x666, 661:666, crab_behind_bars.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Unemployed dropout crab stalker uses 2ch as his personal blog
gets arrested for threatening mass school stabbing because >no gf

(VGPerson has a lot of translations from 2ch on his site)


File: 1576376424777.jpg (822.32 KB, 845x1200, 169:240, 1525483369307.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This was a blog I found tonight while searching for reviews/analyses of a visual novel. He writes about a pretty variety of things but so far I've only read a few of his articles related to visual novels. All were pretty good.


About Haibane Renmei and how the lack of explanation for the world and existence of the haibane actually serves as a strength.


About a visual novel (果てしなく青い、この空の下で) and the skillful use of supernatural elements in the resolution which doesn't rely on deus ex machina or convenience.


Commentary on lines from a denpa visual novel and their relation to solipsism and messiah complex.


Do you know how he makes money being a NEET/hikki in an extremely expensive city?


Great thread, here's some I have.

Site that analyses the linework in anime and estimates the original resolution it was produced at.

Has information about anime pilgrimage destinations.

Not strictly a japanese site but it has Natsume Souseki books tailored to japanese learners. Good if your japanese is at an intermediate level and you're looking for a good boost.

Japanese version of vndb containing vn reviews and information. There's a mirror too if your ip is gaijin blocked.

Also we had a thread like this a while back and a wiz posted a site that conveniently compiled the most active 2ch (now 5ch I guess) threads. I've lost the link but if anyone has it please let me know.


Japanese meme/web slang dictionary.

Let's you search for files on share easier. Not really useful because share is pretty much dead but it's useful sometimes to find out if old stuff was ever uploaded to the internet at all.

Site for 100% eroge save data.


Wow 2ch is really cancerous,is like a strange mix of reddit and 4chan.


File: 1601540728749.jpg (1.69 MB, 1419x1280, 1419:1280, みんなの体験談 その19.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Why are they so obsessed with banning foreign IPs from their sites? Posting I can maybe understand, but plainly banning IPs from browsing? That looks exagerated


I haven't run into that problem.
Regards VPN would solve if I ever ran into such bans.


Last I checked it's impossible to post on 4chan with any VPN. And it's run by a japanese guy


to prevent spam and most likely the fbi forces them to keep real users posts and ips


Normalfags are psycopaths, they get a thrill out of kicking someone when they're already down, many normalfags post on wizchan now that it is anticrab they think they fit in.


I am not a normalfag but I am a shitposter.


File: 1603554805832-0.png (55.99 KB, 979x667, 979:667, your classmates will know,….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603554805832-1.png (43.07 KB, 1010x707, 10:7, ;_;.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

So the wonderful autists at 2ch have been harassing another 3D loli this week. This succubus on YT posts videos of herself pooping and peeing for fun, and of course some pervs stumbled upon it and asked her to do more, which she did. Well concerntrolls of course found the thread and told her they're "going to inform her classmates" and now the succubus wants to shinitai.


>This (3d loli) on YT posts videos of herself pooping and peeing for fun
why do succubi do this
>not linking the videos
why do wizards do this


>This succubus on YT posts videos of herself pooping and peeing for fun
I thought this only happened in doujins. What the fuck

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