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Okay, I just finished the the series.
and I have to ask - is this a joke? Like a big decades long meme? I think this was the worst anime I've ever seen. A pseudo-philosophical LARP. Like does it actually have a point? A meaning? Beause I think I just witnessed someone's acid trip.

Unironically is the worldwide fame a LARP? Or is it like with the emperor's new clothes, where nobody mentions that he's actually naked?

What the acual fuck? Either I'm a brainlet retard or I'm the only sane person on earth - but what the fuck did I just watch?

It reminds me of those old french psychological art films… What a fucking waste of time…


>Either I'm a brainlet retard
At least you're self-aware.


Fuck it then. I'd rather be a brainlet than a pseudo-intellectual LARPer. I'll just stay with my rom-com SoLs.


Jokes on you, the whole world got their Endorphins released watching NGE and french art films, while you are left with whatever the fuck quality media you like.


Don't worry about it. It's mostly weebs reading too much into it and being impressed with generic christian symbolism. Also, omg shinji, he's totally me xdddd


Jesus Christ, what the actual fuck is wrong with the world if this piece of steaming shit is what it enjoys..


What's there to understand? It's just a story of people battling depression at the end of the world.


And that's enjoyable? I couldn't bring myself to give a single crap about any of them. I was just frustrated with them, I wanted to punch half of them in the face and shoot the remaining half. Always crying, bitching and whining about one trauma or another. Meh meh, my mommy didn't love me enough, meeh meeh my daddy abandoned me. Christ grow a pair and stop being a little bitch. Made me want to puke.

Also I was too busy trying to comprehend the clusterfuck of a "story", which proved rather fruitless…


OMG i'm so triggered by your post, i'm gonna defend muh NGE till the bumplimit.

>rom-com SoLs are better
very wizardly


>oh no I don't enjoy something

>oh no I don't understand something

>oh no I don't like that the world likes something

>oh no I hate something

So fucking what dickhead. You watch the show, you don't like it. That's the end of the story. What are you trying to expand from it? You want the whole world to acknowledge that NGE is shit or you won't sleep well or something? Jesus you're obnoxious.


I agree with OP. I found close to no value in the anime outside of its aesthetic and world design. The only people I have had any encounters with who claim to actually enjoy the anime have been complete meme children.


>why did you make a thread with your opinion on something on a fucking imageforum
>how dare you post your opinion on some anime on a dedicated board to anime and manga
>god you're so obnoxious

Nigger - this is what this place is for - discussion. I did not like it and am curious as to what other people think, so we can discuss it.
Stop being butthurt and by the same logic you used if you don't like seeing other people's opinions - just don't go on the internet.
I appreciate it. Honestly it makes me a little bit more at peace to know I'm not the only one who feels like this.


Discussion my ass you little bitch. If spouting meme words and and replying to shitposts with another shitpost is discussion then my posts is a social commentary. If you are actually curious to what other people thinks you would be more polite and talk like a human being. You just want to bash something and get validated by it.


I think Evangelion is the greatest thing human race ever produced and anyone who doesn't like like it should be castrated.


If I see a piece of crap I'll call it as I see it. I don't tend to put a napkin over my face just because it might offend someone's feelings.

And you're probably not all wrong. I was so hugely disappointed by it I did probably want to let off some steam, because of the time I wasted on it. What's so wrong with that? Isn't that what imageboards are for? To share one's experiences? And exchange shitpost about it angrily afterwards?


>If I see a piece of crap I'll call it as I see it.
That's what the people in this thread has been doing lmao. Calling your shit opinion for what it is.

>I was so hugely disappointed by it I did probably want to let off some steam, because of the time I wasted on it.

Same, I am also disappointed I wasted time arguing with you.

>And exchange shitpost about it angrily afterwards?

No. Your post is shit not mine.


File: 1562435724167.png (461.77 KB, 988x1190, 494:595, 1553734022413.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've never watched Eva
Also never seen a Miyazaki film


>Yeah, my favourite anime is gochuumon wa usagi desu ka. How'd you know?


You didn't get it. Go back and start from episode 1.


It's just rehashed ideas from Ideon and Ultraman. Not worth your time at all.


Our precious NEET time.


Please mods delete this thread, just look at the OP and you will realize.


The masses are stupid and have bad taste, nothing is new here.


File: 1562512343825.png (2.16 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 10 shokugeki no souma.png) ImgOps iqdb

I watched the first 5 episodes of Eva over a period of 3 days (when I usually watch 12 episodes a day) due to boredom, at which point I gave up on it but forgot to delete it, and 2 months later after finding it just pushed through it all in one sitting to see whether it was simply a slow start. Unfortunately, that was not the case - I had to force myself to focus instead of daydreaming around ep.13, and after finally finishing it I instantly deleted it and didn't watch any anime whatsoever for several weeks. The story wasn't anything special, symbolism doesn't interest me, the philosophical points were poorly handled alongside being infested with groid preaching, I don't hate Eva but I will definitely never watch it again nor recommend it to anyone. I've watched thousands of shows without dropping a single one (a matter of misplaced pride and stubbornness), yet this is definitely one of the 5-10 cases where I very nearly gave up on that streak.

Picture adequately explains how I felt after I spent several episodes half-daydreaming/half-microsleeping and then started paying full attention from ep.23 onwards


Opposite experience here. After watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, I haven't been able to enjoy any other anime because it all seems so vain and soulless. I was never into the philosophical/2deep4u part of EVA but I have to say, as a piece of art - it does its job perfectly. The purpose of art is to make you feel/envoke an emotion, and NGE has the most raw emotions I ever felt.

Whenever I want to watch anime I just watch NGE. Everything else pales in comparison. Its a masterpiece and a great pleb filter.


File: 1562565608607.jpg (907 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Its a masterpiece and a great pleb filter.

Which is exactly why they put it on Netflix, the patricians source of media.


>something popular gets put on Netflix
Oh wow stop the presses. Also Netflix does have some good anime. Mushishi for example.


you're right, good anime is only put on crunchyroll, not netflix!!!!


File: 1562600762569.png (9.77 KB, 800x515, 160:103, 11ca584ef3e6471cd05a110d3b….png) ImgOps iqdb

lol @ EVA tards getting assblasted as fuck by this post


It probably does but the point is that it is in some way acceptable to the masses hence why it is on there, just because it is entry level does not mean it's bad but to say something on Netflix is a 'pleb filter' is ridiculous. You even say it your self in your miss quoting.

>something popular

Things that are popular are generally popular because they are acceptable to a wide audience.


Pretty sure the OP just watched the Netflix version. You're implying every one gets the same amount of meaning (they dont) out of watching something. Norpers who only begin watching NGE now think it's about robots in the same vein they think Star Wars is about lightsabers and super powers.


>You're implying every one gets the same amount of meaning (they dont) out of watching something.

I'm not actually, watching is watching. If people are watching something and enjoying it(it wouldn't be popular if most of the people watching it did not enjoy it) Then the meaning they get from it ha no effect at all in regards to being a 'pleb filter'.

>Star Wars

I thought we were on /jp/, this would explain things though.


The pleb filter of NGE is that it needs multiple viewings to be enjoyed properly. Norpers who go "WTF did I just watch???" are obviously not the intended audience. If you haven't noticed, anime retards can barely have any opinion besides "Rei best succubus" or "Asuka best succubus".


>The pleb filter of NGE is that it needs multiple viewings to be enjoyed properly.

How does that make it an 'pleb filter'? As I said, it doesn't actually matter why they enjoy it, the bottom line is that the masses do.


That's a non sequitur. Whether the masses enjoy it or not has nothing to do with OPs point or that he got pleb filtered.


It does though. He watched it and saw it for the pretentious much it is, most of the masses don't. I don't see how that makes him the pleb. If the majority of people watch something and like it then in no way can those who don't be considered plebs, they are the minority.




What makes NGE pretentious?


That can be said about any anime and not just NGE, so your point makes no sense.


Popular = bad only applies to something new or still not released. If its getting shilled hard it usually attracts normies who can't tell its being marketed towards them.

Evangelion only became popular a decade later after it's release because it was so ahead of its time and the anime industry was in decline.


The waifufags that this show has spawned are cancer.


All waifufags are cancer


Just watched it a 2nd time. I now truly understand what I was missing.


Are you OP?


no, I'm Benny.


thats not true in the slightest, NGE was always popular


Yeah nice bait you got forty something replies, can you fuck off now?


It's not even bait. The anime is just shit and overhyped. I felt the need to put it in its place. I was tired of normans crossjerking over this piece of crap. Your salt is just fueling my purpose.


>had to put it in it’s place
Yeah man, you really showed everyone and changed the minds of everyone who likes it.


can you let this thread die? it was stolen from 4chan OP is taking the piss


File: 1563302568711.jpg (50.17 KB, 540x410, 54:41, sponge.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire anime up until the last, like, two episodes.

What the absolute fuck was that ending? Thanks for explaining absolutely NOTHING.


They ran out of money and just bullshitted it. Watch end of evangelion to get something a little more substantial, but it is just as weird.



The entire anime was a work of ART: not too fan-servicey, very plot driven. But then it hit the ending and it devolved into something lackluster. It concluded the emotional side but none of the sociopolitical side. What happens to Nerv? What was with the Spear of Vaginus?

>I understand now

>congrats bro


No I'm serious, the last two episodes of the tv anime are just narration and shots of people walking around tokyo because they had no more money.


what happens in the last 2 episodes is what goes on during a certain sequence in End of Eva, its a must watch


it's a highly overrated anime.


File: 1564465581638.jpg (58.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1559496883353.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Don't worry, I didn't like it either back in the day.
I think it was the first anime for many people in the west, basically what brought them into the fandom, so it's mostly their nostalgia speaking.


Not at all.

Op you must be a brainlet. Eva is a great psychological anime, It was one of the first anime I've ever watched and it still remains my favorite.


Watched the full anime and then End of Eva.

Still thoroughly confused, I had to supplement it with trips to the fan wiki.

agreed, it was fantastic. The ending left me feeling cheated, though.
I'm still glad I watched it, and I'd watch it again.


File: 1565425436729.jpg (154.46 KB, 1017x1067, 1017:1067, 1565303598798.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


niggers can't get evangelion


evangelion changed tv anime forever the same way yamato and gundam did before. I personally dislike it but there are plenty of reasons why the show is still remembered


File: 1567263331617.jpg (48.05 KB, 630x338, 315:169, noose.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think I won?


File: 1567321435944.png (110.7 KB, 279x304, 279:304, smug asuka.png) ImgOps iqdb

>He doesn't get it
Don't ever watch serial experiments lain.
Better stick to Jojo's and shit.


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand NGE. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Shinji's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike NGE truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Shinji's existential catchphrase "Congratulations!" which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Hideaki Anno's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.


Kinda surprised how well that copypasta works with NGE.



My God, it really does fit very well.


I dropped this show after a few episodes for the sole reason that I watch anime for escapism, and I hated the depressed/loser MC, and it didn't seem like it was getting better, animation was good though


File: 1570091805312.jpg (376.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1570004299043.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"What's wrong, not smart enough? Is this show too much for your little pea-brain to handle? Maybe you should go back to watching your baby shows."


eva is like the diametric opposite of escapism so if you're one of those weak types that like memes of the sponge toast cartoon and frogposting you're gonna have a bad time or the entire show just go above your head. it's primarily art and confronting problems in art. if you're too aspie for that then just stop complaining.


Funny because it seems to be the memes frogposters that like it most.


most of eva popularity revolves around waifu wars and "lul this is 2deep4u bait bait". where are you even seeing the frog shit in eva threads?


I still don’t get how people manage to waifu anyone from Eva. They’re all broken people except maybe Kaji and kaworu, but that’s gay. They’re not supposed to be attractive or loveable, that’s like half of the plot.


I like the idea of a broken "waifu". People who are rejected from society for being different will fantasize about being accepted by some equally broken people who'll understand and tolerate them while also needing your support to survive and vice versa. An anime succubus with a perfect personality is nice, but sometimes you want one extra level of realism without getting into actual reality and that's when characters with some depth to their personality come in. Cookie cutter personality archetypes can get bland anyway.

Asuka isn't a bad person! She just needs some love!


>being accepted by some equally broken people who'll understand and tolerate them
That's the thing. The only people who are capable of that are kaji and kaworu who are mostly functional in the first place. Maybe misato could. But asuka and rei have very real problems, and would not accept someone else who is also broken. I mean christ shinji barely makes any headway with either of them on just a platonic level.

Asuka may need some love, but she doesn't want any.


>would not accept someone else who is also broken
From what I remember, she kinda did at the End of Evangelion's ending.


a lot of people seem to enjoy broken things or just see what they want and ignore the rest. most people are also broken so it doesn't seem that bad.


Im with u, mechas and gifhts were good enough, but last 2 chapters were compeltely off


Just like most anime, it's shit. The only reason people like it is because they want girlfriends like REI and asuka.

It has good art and facial reactions though I'll give it that.


File: 1570187128370.jpg (692.76 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, asuka.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

By anime standards, Eva is very-very good. Though that isn't saying lot, considering most anime are trash. By general standards it is only mediocre. Its biggest issue is that it falls into the same problem as most pretentious art films do - that it thinks that not telling important things which are required for the viewer to completely comprehend Eva is artsy and whatnot. No, no it isn't high art at all, it is bad storytelling. Someone who watches Eva or other art-fart stuff shouldn't need to browse the net to understand what happened in the last half of the movie/series.

But after all this trashing I still say that Eva is among my favorite anime. It is certainly a memorable piece and besides, after seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey it doesn't even seem pretentious in comparison to that crap. 2001 is the biggest meme in the world, I'm a tolerant person but while watching 2001 I was literally having physical discomfort and pain. I swear I never waited the end titles more eagerly than in the case of 2001. NOW that movie is overrated and pretentious.


Rei scares me ;_;


Angel's egg:'85
Enough said.


File: 1570779325961.png (155.84 KB, 462x370, 231:185, shinji.png) ImgOps iqdb

Despite all the memes and hype around Evangelion I consider it a masterpiece. I can see why somebody would hate it: unlikable characters, unnecessary cryptic plot. What I actually find well done about NGE is the journey to depths of the mind of the characters and that's something you rarely see on a medium like anime that overexploits generic archetypes until exhaustion. The final message and the process of building it are also really interesting: due to mere fact of existing you are subjected to the pressures of a world always pinching you, and if we add to this the presence of other beings to who you're unable to connect or understand, suffering is amplified. Each of us as a tiny island in at vast sea in such a way that communication is just subtle falsehood and misunderstanding (we only grasp sketches of the others) while the external world overruns us. What is the solution? to return to the peace of oneness where boundaries, the cause of pain, are deleted. But Shinji still chose to live, i.e, to suffer. That's almost Nietzschean.

All this sentiment of hopelessness and despair is perfectly conveyed with the weird imagery of The End of Evangelion. The scene at the elevator with Misato, when the doors close and then Shinji looks her for the last time and realizes he's utterly alone in this wretched and fucked up world is perfect.

I have ranted so much. Anyway, to enjoy Evangelion really depends on your state of mind and your capacity to like some of the characters.


File: 1570824568686.png (454.36 KB, 1028x792, 257:198, 077cede3fa4c2e3f5281fa8174….png) ImgOps iqdb

What I liked about it was how human and lifelike the characters were, which anime characters very seldom are. I didn't really care about the philosophic ambition of the show, that was background noise for me. I remember especially liking Gendo and Asuka. I related to the self-destructive ambition the inability to express and communicate one's true feelings and desires, and the festering resentment that arises from these things.

I watched it many years ago so forgot most of the details, but that was the main impression.


The directing is great, characters are strong, and the cinematography unparalleled for a TV anime. It's very good.


File: 1586677722825.jpg (19.04 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 1585464460968.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I only watch slice of life and magic succubus shows.


I had about the same reaction back when I saw it too. I liked Rei though, she reminded me of myself.


You utter fucking crab I hope you die


>Ghibli? Never heard of them. For me, it's Doga Kobo; the greatest animation studio of all time.


hell yeah


Shut up Trashuka


I enjoyed it as a teenager because of Shinji being a loser. It's still good but I don't like teen stuff as much now.


I'm half way intothe series and so etimes there are these shots of likean upside down city from the sky and a normal one on the bottom, I get that there's an underground city but that doesn't explain an upside down city in the sky.


Tokyo III can retract into the geofront so it doesn’t get destroyed when angels show up. That is what you’re seeing.


Pure cerebral masterpiece. I have watched it 8 times already and it never gets old. A timeless classic.


File: 1592372984834.jpg (81.17 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, 1586067821105.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>My personal top 3?
>Ojamajo Doremi
>Cardcaptor Sakura
Sailor Moon


File: 1593786298941.jpg (55.47 KB, 615x461, 615:461, 1475811267244.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1593817158617.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, latest-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

>something popular must mean it is bad
Generally speaking this is true but is not always the case. Initial d, Eva, and Pokemon (the first few seasons) being exceptions to the rule. Of course, Angels of death, Goblin Slayer, Shiki, and Gleipner being the best anime around since 2010 despite not being that popular.


File: 1593817469418.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, 200:183, Ow_the_edge.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is death and rebirth necessary to watch? I've never seen it.


File: 1602894429671.jpg (55.8 KB, 1157x939, 1157:939, 1594783870419.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Goblin Slayer
>Best of the 2010s


File: 1602906365625.jpg (7.04 KB, 474x266, 237:133, FZlash.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Eva is so popular that the industry named a medium after one of its characters… BLUE REI.


I'm gonna rewatch the whole series in time for the last rebuild movie.

Can't wait for that winter depression!


『シン・エヴァンゲリオン劇場版』特報3【公式】EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME Official Trailer


im the biggest eva fan here and i think it looks terrible
the plot is so incomprehensible at this point that it could end up with something like Misato hopping into an eva an make 4th impact for no real reason and that angels were the gud bois all along


You have to put it in the context of 90 animation and teenage 'deep psychology'.
Then it might prevail and seem like a good one.

For Japanese comics and animations, 70's and 80's were the Golden times. 90's on the other hand went for Japanese dramas.

Yes, NGE is shit, both in terms on content and quality of animation.


it may be "shit" but it's the best we got


lol no it isn't, watch more anime, especially mecha and sci-fi


No, it isn't deep and it's pretty juvenile(it was made for young teenage boys), however it isn't bad.


Tenacious D are the angels wanting D Impact.

Just as planned.


already saw 2000+ anime, not my fault it filtered gundamfags like you out


File: 1610615058096.jpg (73.96 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Image_from_iOS.7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

its alright, not worthy of a thread though, it wasn't necessarily a bad watch. Just not as good as people hype it up to be.
For me it's atleast trying to be something.
There were many moments it had me hooked and feeling something for the characters but that was overseen by a bunch of bullshit symbolism.
Also a lot of the angel fights were sick.
It wasn't bad and it definitely wasn't great. It was good though. Not a masterpiece. Nothing worth arguing over on wizardchan.
I liked the film much better.

but you gotta admit asuka is sexy.


i remeber watching it as a juvenile boy, and i remeber that it didn't impress me back than… what is wrong with me?


Made me chuckle


>wasn't great
yeah im sure
did you play a game on the side while watching it in 360p on youtube?


For me it was the first anime I watched that was about loneliness and mental illness so it blew my mind, I thought all cartoons were like Scooby Doo.


File: 1610662315031.png (509.53 KB, 498x750, 83:125, Evangelion_reaction_couch.png) ImgOps iqdb

If we are having a serious discussion about Evangelion, can an Evangelion aficionado describe this meme?

Assuming a lack of any serious discussion, I will try to answer OP's questions as an anime outsider looking it. Evangelion was made by the studio Gainax, which has a cult following as it began as a group of enthusiastic animators who made 2 animations for Daicon all on their own, the second of which is legendary. Overall they have very detailed animations and do beautiful glowing renditions of technological computer overlays.

As anime is more known as an art medium than a plot medium, Evangelion's plot is infamous. Guessing from the meme here, the build up is engaging, though from watching certain episodes there is a lot of teenage angst. Fortunately it is not your typical American teenager Beverly Hill 90210 angst, but deals with a 13 your old teenager transitioning from being a child to being an adolescent in a world with high expectations professionally and sexually. Hence the series is like the NEET national anthem of anime series.

Toward the end the series' plot gets really infamous with revelations as to who Rei really is having an Oedipus complex that'd make Sigmund Freud's tits explode, with a less than idyllic ending (though it makes some sense in parallel with the protagonist's teenage angst struggles) that would obviously be a big turn off to Western audiences. The closest parallel is its like the male equivalent of the movie Welcome to the Dollhouse.


it's really old. yet you guys are still talking about it. that alone proves something, im not sure what


I feel weebs hating on Eva it's the equivalent of "metalheads" hating on Metallica once they get to know a few more "obscure" bands, yeah we get it, you're very special.


I think it's more like the beatles. Something just so popular that everyone tends to have a pretty colored opinion of them.


Faggot I found that image on google, Watched it thoroughly

Nice assumptions normie


low iq cope


watch more anime, pleb


There are plenty of good reasons to have strong opinions on Metallica that have nothing to do with their popularity.

Just like there is plenty to dislike about EVA or reason to have strong opinions on it.

This coming from someone who likes both but dislikes major problems they have which are really obvious to non-fanboys.


the main reason is because they helped get napster shutdown


it's been 20 years and there is nothing that even comes close to how mind blowing a first watch of End of Evangelion is


The new rebuild is out


crazy how long I've waited for this.

Not even sure how I want the movie to end, a depressing one similar to End of Eva would be great, but I fear that will only spiral me further down my own rabbit hole, a happier ending would be cheap and not what I expect, but maybe it's what I need more right now, anyway it will finally be over


I feel compelled to watch it just cause I like the series and want closure, but 3.33 was so bad it’s very hard to summon the will to do so.


>It reminds me of those old french psychological art films… What a fucking waste of time…

If a film or book or its reception seems so incomprehensible to you that you have to go outside to ask questions and the questions you ask are "lol this is so stupid why do people watch/read this" then chances are it is you who is stupid. If you cannot explicate on how exactly it falls short on even being a proper story and why you do not like it(that is to say what your gripes are with the way it presents what it presents) then the shortcoming is on the end of the viewer/reader - ultimately you generate the meaning and the very fact that you had to ask the questions you pose in your OP point to you being a person not mentally functioning the way you should.




File: 1615374584256.jpeg (104.83 KB, 960x600, 8:5, R7275685ea644ae7f5f358208….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone explain what the fuck I just watched?


File: 1615417175091.jpg (121.73 KB, 679x1055, 679:1055, harvest-moon-a-wonderful-l….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't really care about this series, but watching waifufags seethe over the ending to the movie that just came out earlier this week was pretty funny


not going to waste a watch of it on a cam rip from theater lol


I'll wait for a rip of the blu-ray


You don't belong here. Not on /jp/, or wizchan.


thanks OP, because that's what I suspected the show is, did you fall for the meme? nothing that popular could be good, there's a reason 50 million fucking weebs are foaming at the mouth over it but it ain't gonna be cuz the show merits it


File: 1615484437221.jpg (36.83 KB, 694x693, 694:693, EVTNSqMXYAILst8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1615500616434.png (5.05 MB, 1889x3702, 1889:3702, so fake.png) ImgOps iqdb

they say final will be out by april, would be pretty cool


I have zero idea what the fuck this screen cap is trying to convey. But eva got re-released on netflix, so I could see them making a deal with amazon or something.


no, but pulling assumptions from your ass does make some people feel smart


Based on the spoilers, I am now 100% certain that, out of all of the characters, I am most similar to Rei. I really hope my parents buy a farm when they retire.


My curiosity is really killing me now, but I don’t want to see spoilers or watch a shitty cam rip.


File: 1615835661091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.11 KB, 350x261, 350:261, 01d5481371898001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I always ask people who post "2deep4u anime is shit lmao xd seeth cope lmao" posters what they think is good anime. Naturally they 100% of the time enjoy worthless shounenshit, SOL moefaggotry, nip comedy, and just about every normalfag and lack luster series imaginable.


File: 1618898550402.jpg (1.71 MB, 2234x1498, 1117:749, 9703d06ed3d0fe58884ede7fb0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>main character is an extreme bitch
>he's surrounded by beautiful succubi that all want him, and pilots a giant mecha
>constantly bitches and cries
>has hissy fits, crying and ignoring his fathers advice even at times when it will directly save his life
>first 10 episodes are boring
>the series finally starts to get halfway decent as the main character toughens up a bit
>suddenly the studio runs out of fucking money because they budgeted wrong
>they literally have no money to produce the last few episodes
>they decide to just push ahead anyways
>you can tell the exact second the money runs out because it stays on a single image frame for almost three minutes, blasting low quality opera music the whole time
>the remaining episodes are just drawings of stick figures floating around in space talking to themselves
>director pretends this is how he wanted the show to be and says that it's not him who was wrong, it's the fans who are wrong
>many years later he remakes the last few episodes anyways

Evangelion was one of the worst anime I've ever seen in my entire life. Absolute pretentious trash. The director even admitted the name means nothing and the symbolism means nothing, it just sounds/looks cool. He should have committed sudoku after the colossal budgeting failure


in reality the director made something that was too deep for even him


If eva is the worst you have seen then you have been very fortunate.


>main character is an extreme bitch
>he's surrounded by beautiful succubi that all want him, and pilots a giant mecha
>constantly bitches and cries
>has hissy fits, crying and ignoring his fathers advice even at times when it will directly save his life
Jesus did you even fucking watch it? This is some "get in the robot lol XD" type shit.


>The director even admitted the name means nothing and the symbolism means nothing, it just sounds/looks cool.
20 years later and people still can't understand sarcasm. The main story ties into christian gnosticism and jewish mythology, it's obviously not just there to look and sound cool.


you're not done just yet…watch End of Evangelion


It's been about eight years since I watched the show, so the details are a little bit fuzzy. However I can clearly remember one episode around the middle of the season where a giant robot attacks the underground city. Shinji fights it for a moment and then just entirely gives up due to depression. The enemy robot is choking him to death and Shinji's dad is yelling at him to fight back for several minutes so he doesn't die. However Shinji just whines and cries for several minutes, ignoring his dad's advice that directly relates to saving his life. Eventually he fights back but the show drug it out an unnecessarily long amount of time

The only thing worse I've seen was the Made in Abyss movie


>The only thing worse I've seen was the Made in Abyss movie

How did it fall short in your eyes? It was an exact one-to-one recreation of that segment of the manga. Hopefully you didn't watch it without reading or watching up to that point. It had all the same production attributes that the anime had and there's not a hint of deviation from the quality standards of the rest of the anime imo.


I don't read manga, I just casually watch anime from time to time. The Made in Abyss TV series was very well done, however in the film that follows as soon as they meet the guy based on every evil Nazi scientist trope the film turned into a gore and torture film worse than the Saw movies. At one point they literally have a 10 minute long flashback involving a cute six year old succubus, a montage of tender moments in her life. A ten fucking minute long flashback, directly before they show her mutilated dead corpse's gore spilling out of a suitcase

The film was the worst sort of torture porn and shock content I've ever came across, and it's all directed at very young children. When I started on Made in Abyss I was expecting adventure and beautiful landscapes, not The Human Centipede featuring kindergartners


Are you sure you watched the made in abyss anime? Cause all the torture porn in the movie is not only foreshadowed by the anime, but the anime itself has several extremely gory scenes that make it clear that it's not for kids.


File: 1618939690030.png (1.47 MB, 723x965, 723:965, made in abyss.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is the first thing I watched. It has some violence in it and some blood, but nothing really extreme. The worst that happens is the protagonist gets a broken arm and her friend tries to fix it poorly. Overall this is sad and painful, but it's realistic and actually happens sometimes

And then this right here is the movie that follows
In this an evil Nazi scientist is performing surgery on children, removing their nervous systems from their bodies and encasing them into suitcases, where they're trapped in their own personal hells until they serve as curse sponges and explode in showers of gore. Or the kids are turned into zombies and tortured repeatedly

There's a tremendous change of pace, intensity and focus between these two. The first has some artistic value, the second none


Not to mention the first chapter showed Riko dangling nude, crying, with visible frontal nudity. The whole series spawned from what the author intended to be just a short loli BDSM doujin.
>The first has some artistic value, the second none
The second is necessary to understand the duality of the Abyss.

On the surface, literally and figuratively, it's a beautiful, magical place full of adventure for people from all over, the spoils of which funded an entire city and opened up opportunities for orphans to lead healthy, fruitful lives. Aspirations for diving deep run wild.

Down below however, it is the opposite. There is a baron darkness with only death, a roadblock with no return, a prison where orphans are liquefied by clones. All in the name of researching how to prevent future generations from being consumed by the abyss. Prayers for a return home fall on a deaf god's ears.

>Nazi bad, MyAnimeList good

Good on Akihito Tsukushi for gatekeeping


I mean if you got all the way to the part with her and couldn't see what kind of show this is then I don't know what to tell you. I'll admit that bondrewd's arc is the goriest the show got, but everything in the movie has a pretty direct parallel in the anime.

Also not sure where you're pulling nazi from, he's just a generic mad scientist. Or maybe this is all bait and I've been deceived. Either way we're getting pretty off topic, I don't really mind though.


>the first chapter showed Riko dangling nude, crying, with visible frontal nudity
No nipples, no orifaces. Absolutely nothing but the asexual stick body of a prepubescent. A literal barbie doll is more sexual. Nudity isn't inherently sexual at all

>Also not sure where you're pulling nazi from, he's just a generic mad scientist. Or maybe this is all bait and I've been deceived

I'm being metaphorical when I say Nazi. Bondrew goes far beyond the mad scientist trope and embodies all of the worst myths about evil nazi scientists from the holocaust. The only thing he's missing is a masturbation machine to murder children

Bondrew took the series from realistic and brutal to the tasteless depths of gore films


>The only thing worse I've seen was the Made in Abyss movie
That movie was fucking amazing and I can't wait for the next season.
Did you actually watch the show because the movie was basically the same as the show only with a better animation budget. Tragity, gore, and human experimentation included.

And no, Bondrew isn't based on Nazi or troupes about Nazi.
Though if you want to go in that direction then you should look up Japan's history of human experimentation of WW2. Not saying it was based on that ether but lets just say it would be more likely to be inspiration then shit all the way in Germany.
Do you just not remember the backstory of mitty and nanachi?
What Bondrew did to them and hundreds of other children?
Or all the heavy body horror within the series in general?


Is there a good torrent for the latest evangelion movie?


I wish I didn't just google that abyss trash, everyone involved in making it should be ashamed of themselves, and the creator is a disgusting person


Can't you just direct download from one of the free streaming sites?


I use https://www6.kissanime.so/anime-list.html to direct download most anime. If I can't find it there I'll probably just torrent it off nyaa.si


File: 1625658670600.jpg (342.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EoE_cat_1920x1080.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So the final movie comes out in August and on Amazon, that was earlier than expected actually.

Shinji gets so much hate lately, even here on a site that's for wizards, so obviously you have always been the confident and popular person and none of his problems were relatable to you, let alone you would bravely fight one otherworldy monster after another with those 0.000003% possibilities of victory without a second thought.
I guess many including me did relate to him, otherwise the show wouldn't have become as popular as it is.

Maybe it's the mindset, people want to be like their cool isekais/shounen protagonists that act like kings and always get what they want, so nothing like reality for me at least, while in Eva you see characterization of some troubled teenagers, which still has that "muh weak" stigma attached to it like the real world treats talking about depression.
I believe it's a mainstream thing after all, you get more and more fans that are relatively adjusted to society, hence the harsher critisism about stuff they never had to experience, or don't want to accept about themselves, I don't know, I am just waiting for the movie and wasting my time.


I also thought it was mainly people without confidence issues who despised Shinji, but I've heard the same from people I'd consider to be incredibly reserved.


Actual END of Evangelion?


Maybe some lack the self-reflection to realize the similarities, for better or worse, or they see too many similarities so they put a distance inbetween them by dissociating.


I think it’s a matter of escapism. Some who are plagued will enjoy relating to a character, others would rather not be reminded of themselves/their problems and would rather enjoy a more escapist anime so they can forget reality for a few hours.


the retard who made it was making fun of escapism in a anime with no plot only retarded bs, only reason ppl like it is so they can relate to doing nothing in a decaying world or some bs instead of getting a job


File: 1626063199940.png (256.92 KB, 480x368, 30:23, 1625285066591.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is this show worth rewatching? I saw it a few years ago and it was a wild ride.


File: 1626104083257.jpg (93.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, rei5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've watched it 3 or 4 times, Its always a decent watch. The only downside is that you are forced to watch shounenshit episodes in order to finally reach the good part. Yet those shounenshit episodes build up the charcters in order for the final episodes to be so great. I could watch another time and still be glad I did I think, Eva is right at the top of anime imo.


You are an imbecile. Learn the meaning of the words you're using before thoughtlessly spewing them here.


File: 1626106351556.jpg (13.78 KB, 386x366, 193:183, rei10.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol Evahurt


File: 1626106629776.jpg (462.9 KB, 1388x1125, 1388:1125, 1611464914134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm warning you. Cease your sillyposting or I'll vote to have your ReiPass revoked. You have been warned.


File: 1626119228354.jpg (74.28 KB, 560x372, 140:93, Reimove your reiply.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I Reifuse you Reiquest


ok ok, what character would you fuck?


File: 1626567578170.gif (128.88 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 20210001.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> ties into christian gnosticism and jewish mythology
It's basically "Book of Revelations" interpreted as the new century modern anime.

Not anyone in Evangelion.


>I was just frustrated with them, I wanted to punch half of them in the face and shoot the remaining half. Always crying, bitching and whining about one trauma or another.
This is precisely why NGE is so divisive. I've pretty much seen two camps. One that says, "I'm fed the fuck up with Shinji's whiny bullshit," and the other that doesn't mind that (for a variety of reasons).


No, that's not what imageboard are for. They're for good-faith discussion, not just being an asshole to everyone. Go back to some neurotpyical place to vent that, it belongs there instead.

That anon was right, and you're an asshole.


It's a good show but I think the rebuilds, the fanbase and just the general overexposure of the franchise has ruined it a bit, it doesn't feel so special anymore.


Are you ready? Soon….


Lilith is not Biblical at all, is just a semitic boogeywoman and calling something "gnostic" is like calling something "postmodern" is not an actual dogma.


I think part of it comes down to those who can only sympathize with Shinji (and run out of sympathy) and those who can empathize with him and feel the same despair and pain


File: 1628391033774.jpg (30.33 KB, 640x347, 640:347, hideki.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

eva was never intended to be pretentious. like others have already said, episode 25+26 was the result of poor budgeting and scheduling constraints. simply put, anno probably had some sort of issue with procrastanation like many wizards here and those two episodes were really just him pushing out something acceptable with the given constraints.

it just happened to be that those constraints allowed to anno shit something out of his mind so raw, unfiltered, and unrefined that it couldn't be considered humanely polite. it didn't go through the self/peer review process the earlier episodes went through.

its the equivalent of saying the first thing that comes out of your autistic head to someone without really thinking about what you've just said. really you never cared about your answer to the question, you were just more preoccupied with giving an answer so you don't get in trouble. but your answer to that question was so unfathomable to the average person that they had to label you a genius or a retard just to cope


I fucking hate Eva fags and their stupidity.

Anno was a drug addict who filled his series full of whatever was "cool", which eva fags take as DEEP LORE. It's not, it's visual noise that looked "cool" to him and his designers.

TV series end isn't the 2DEEP4U original ending which is EoE, which is full of the same pretentious wank.

A drug addict mishandled his budget and then stumbled across a successful formula by pandering to waifu fags is the true story of Eva. Eva is the prototype for all the garbage anime we see shit out today.


Any proof that Anno was a drug addict? I never heard this before


File: 1628682469896.jpg (61 KB, 181x255, 181:255, 3mtg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Was he on psychiatrist-prescribed drugs?


File: 1628807753031.jpg (684.82 KB, 1920x816, 40:17, 3463496793.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Your favorite anime is objectively inferior to NGE which is why you hate it



Asuka's death was the best thing that happened to anime.

Never before it have been so extremely satisfying to see the brave, bratty, annoying and hot character meeting such a gruesome, torturous death.

The voice actors did a top-notch job, you could really feel her pain when the lance pierced her eye. The shriek was fantastic and horrifying.

It's so amazing. Seeing the scene go from her being on top-of-the-word, overcoming her issues, kicking ass, taking names… to absolute defeat, being broken and torn to pieces, slowly, suffering while still raging until her very last breath as has beautiful body is brutally destroyed.

God I will watch this scene every day, the screams are so satisfying, I wonder how voice actors got them so right.

Only thing that was missing was her guts spilling in the cabin as the birds devoured her EVA. But the way she was grabbing her waist it seemed that she really felt it all.

By the way, I don't give a shit about Rei. I care about her so little I didn't even recall she had a death scene, I had 0 emotions watching Rei die. Eat it, Reifags!


you are obviously a seething reifag wh cannot handle the admiration (well deserved I might add) that Asuka gets.

Is this what having the most BORING and literally replaceable Waifu does to someone?


No, I'm just a psychopath.

I don't even like Rei.


>>torture porn
It's called drama and children should be allowed to watch drama so as to prepare them for real life.


File: 1631043905056.jpg (649.78 KB, 1791x1119, 597:373, asuka_death_suffering_wall….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

rate my new wallpaper


It's painfully bright and a waste of computer performance. A pure black background always has been and always will be the best.


Your review is painfully edgy and a waste of literary performance. A pure blank reply always has been and always will be the best.


> pure black

if you want to be anal about it, actually no. Pure black creates higher contrast icons and is not comfy on the eyes. If you want to have the most pleasurable background, choose dark grey


>dark grey is the best color


>one color backgrounds
What is wrong with all of you


>dark grey is the best color
Those are fighting words



File: 1639329207815.png (2.13 MB, 940x1422, 470:711, asuka_langley_soryu_eva.png) ImgOps iqdb

I love Asuka and I want to die in her arms.


And yet you would understand exactly what the person was talking about with both of those


I hate her, absolute bitch.


rei> asuka


fuck> you


What do any anons have to say about the last Eva movie?
I love Rei for being the only succubus I've heard of, real or fictional, who is laconic.
>What I liked about it was how human and lifelike the characters were, which anime characters very seldom are.
It's been repeated many times, and it deserves to be repeated again: Shinji is a 14 year old boy, and that is how a 14 year old boy with a shit father figure who was suddenly shoved into war would act.
>it just happened to be that those constraints allowed to anno shit something out of his mind so raw, unfiltered, and unrefined that it couldn't be considered humanely polite. it didn't go through the self/peer review process the earlier episodes went through.
I think this is the real reason Eva is remembered. Honesty and risk taking are so rare in our modern life that we couldn't help but be drawn to it. I think this is also why there has been this change of opinion and people nowadays are unironically liking Sonic '06. We've reached a state where something is good so long as it's genuine and risky because we are starving for honesty.

There's something to be said about the beauty of depression. Anno created Eva. Kurt Cobain created Nirvana. Radiohead created Creep. Picasso created his blue period. There's something transcendetal about depression when it is embraced as opposed to something that one tried to hide from.


>does it actually have a point?
Yes, it's literally Hideaki Anno telling otakus to touch grass. Anno is a self-hating otaku so make of that what you will


>I think this is the real reason Eva is remembered
I think it's more about just how people aren't (or weren't) used to a narrative being so abstract. Recently I watched The Prisoner series. I know it has a cult following, and throughout the whole series I was thinking why it was so remembered, in a way that I, a person from a country where not even Dr. Who was mildly popular, was watching this older than me British series, probably the only one I ever watched and will ever watch. That's until the ending. The last five minutes or so pretty much immortalized the series, just by how it broke any expectations about how a story should be told, both in form and content.


I recently watched this for the first time ever and was kinda surprised.

>inflation fetish Asuka is canon

>first episode is incredibly good looking
>animation quality after that is very inconsistent
>the fan service feels extremely out of place
>it's intriguing at first but then goes nowhere - kinda like LOST

It's much weirder than I expected. The most surprising was how much it seems to have shaped anime since then. The fucking pathetic loser MC trope was definitely born here. I think even the isekai meme can be traced back here. I'm glad I finally watched it but I wish somebody would have told me to skip the last two episodes and watch the movie instead to unlock the real ending.


File: 1660895594509.jpeg (73.71 KB, 1080x1232, 135:154, 04C3CBFF-C953-4C92-A7E7-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

this but still fapped to rei 3 times a day from the age of 13 to 21.


Eva reaching the mainstream like this proves to me that no matter how far beyond the pale something is, if the thing in question is in vogue and/or it can make them money, they will accept it whole-heartedly.

I haven't seen nge in nearly two decades and can barely remember anything except the organic mecha designs and the fact that it perved over it's 14yo characters, in fact IIRC the vhs copy voiceovers used to say something like "there's more fanservice in the next episodes". I don't care for it but:

If you told normalfags back then that you watched this shit they would have eviscerated you socially, and this isn't even taking hentai in account.

Now it's normalfag fodder with normalfags regurgitating formerly otaku-branded talking points.

There's a picture that does the rounds sometimes on imageboards, mostly just 4chan, but it's of a couple, hipster-looking normalfags holding a wooden board with their products laid on top of it like artisan food pieces. But instead of artisan food pieces, it's different colored rubber dog pussies.

Recently there was a post-grad student who did a "study" of jacking off to shota porn.


I want to see that picture.

Eva was mainstream in the 90s. It's always been on the to watch list with TV airings during the same era as DBZ and Gundam wing on toonami.


>Eva was mainstream in the 90s.
Mainstream in the anime fandom. Not mainstream outside of it. I think that anon is relating how EVA would be considered a weird chinese cartoon for perverts 20 years ago and is now just another thing every normalfag has seen.


Pokemon started in 97, DBZ in 98. 20 years ago 2002 would be the peak of mainstream anime acceptance. Every teenager was watching DBZ and every kid was watching Pokemon. Stuff like Digimon, monster rancher and all that stuff had already peaked and been forgotten.

I remember pokemon chat rooms back in the day discussing Eva regularly. It was pretty well known and you could buy dubbed VHS from HMV. It aired on a Saturday morning anime block on the sci fi channel if you wanted to tune in. You could debate how mainstream the sci fi channel is but it was airing there so it was definitely beyond tape traders and napster style sharing


>Eva was mainstream in the 90s.
In the anime fandom, internet chatrooms and forums sure.


>20 years ago 2002 would be the peak of mainstream anime acceptanc
e. Every teenager was watching DBZ and every kid was watching Pokemon

Dude, that's not mainstream, that's just "Whatever the kids were into that aired on the major networks". I knew people that didn't even realize DBZ was anime when we watched it as kids.

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