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and write something about it.

last thread: >>28944

To anyone searching for things to watch, maybe this thread is useful for you too.
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File: 1591264946456.jpg (249.93 KB, 640x924, 160:231, Dream-Festival-R-Visual-00….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched both seasons of Dream Festival. Here are my thoughts:

This is basically male Aikatsu.

Surprisingly good direction. Drama is handled well sometimes. At times there was definitely some 'forced drama' (forgive me for using this phrase), but it's a male idol show so I basically expected that. Forced drama and corniness comes with the territory (keep in mind the target audience demographic of this kind of show). I don't necessarily dislike forced drama but I will acknowledge it when I see it. In any case, the anime did a decent job of achieving the 'emotional rollercoaster' effect that I often enjoy in idol shows such as this.

Richer characterization than expected, especially with consideration for cast size. Most episodes had some element of character development within them, which is something I perceive as being a major strong point. The cast is fairly likable as well.

There was occasionally some shounen-ai subtext between characters, but it wasn't prominent. I would have expected more of that kind of thing from an anime like this actually. Not a negative or positive thing, just a neutral observation.

Idol songs themselves are good and the background OST is decent too. I notably enjoyed the voice acting of some of the characters (Yuuto and Chizuru).

Over-the-top tacky idol outfits, just like Aikatsu!

Warning: CG is used for the dance scenes.
The character designs are very simplistic, probably to make CG easier. Animation quality is serviceable at best. Art style is quite bland and lacking in detail. Visually, the production seems low budget.

Overall, this anime is surprisingly good for a low-budget low-viewership ONA associated with a video game.
My rating: 7/10

It did everything I'd expect from a male idol show and I felt satisfied with its performance. I wish there were more seasons. I would have rated this higher if the drama was executed a little better or if I liked the characters a little more; that's not to imply that the anime did poorly in either of those regards though.

I'm a huge sucker for idol shows that depict the more realistic/harder/behind-the-scenes aspects of working as an idol. This show does this fairly well, in addition to its other positive qualities. My expectations going into this were admittedly low, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I really like idol anime though so I might be biased.


File: 1591534899426-0.jpg (4.28 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, MV5BZDg0MWNmNjktMGEwZC00ZD….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591534899426-1.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1038, 320:173, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1591534899426-2.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1038, 320:173, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Decided to watch this, since it's one of the few Ghibli films I hadn't seen before. Very well animated, as most Ghibli films are. Thought the story was going to be all about lovely dovey type stuff based on the title, but it actually has a bit more depth to it than just that. It actually has more to do with trying to find one's purpose in life and some stuff like that, but the romance angle is still there as well. I found myself pretty depressed after watching this to be honest, since it just made me think of things I'd rather not think about, like how I'm a lazy good for nothing that dead-ended their life into oblivion without ever even bothering to try for anything better, such as just trying to write a story from the heart for its own sake, or whatever, like the main character does. Still a good movie though, with some downright gorgeous animation and wholesome/heartwarming moments. It was hard not to smile when everybody is playing along together and the main character is singing their rendition of 'Country Roads', since it's such a lovely and comfy scene.


File: 1591539282519.jpg (320.54 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, koukaku-no-pandora-ghost-u….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Koukaku no Pandora, also known as Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn. Here are my thoughts:

The plot of this anime is borderline incoherent.

Poor animation quality with CG used in the action scenes. If I could describe the animation in one word it would be 'sloppy.' Much of it is out of proportion and off-model. In fact the entire production has a very low-budget feel to it. Maybe that is part of the charm though? Which leads me to my next point: this is a pretty fun show. It doesn't take itself seriously. It is completely ridiculous and self-aware of that fact, and as a result it is a pretty fun watch. It feels like some kind of yuri sci-fi fever dream.

Okay soundtrack. The music is unique but suitable for the show. Actually the audio production quality in this is okay overall (in stark contrast with the visuals). I liked the ED song and felt myself singing along to it. Voice acting had lots of variety among the cast with each character being very distinctive.

Very erotic at times. Without going into too much detail, I spent a lot of time rubbing my nipples thinking about hot digital cyborg intercourse with sensitive port connections and things like that.

Some neat sci-fi stuff in here. Most of it isn't explained well at all, but nevertheless it is very much a sci-fi series. The android main characters and their respective abilities were kind of neat. I liked the sci-fi elements in this, particularly with the cute silly spin on things.

Character interactions in this are really enjoyable. Nene and Clarion are great together. Takumi is also a funny character. Overall the cast is likable and cute.

In general the series feels very creative. This is not your modern design-by-boardroom commercial anime. It feels like artistic freedom was permitted liberally. Is it a masterpiece? No, but it is unique and creative, which is something that I value very much.

I really like the artistic vision and the spirit of this show. This anime is unique, fun, cute, and most importantly creative and authentic. However it is also somewhat poorly executed, mainly from a technical perspective.

My overall rating: 8/10
I really enjoyed watching this. Criminally underrated anime, in my opinion.

I didn't find out about this until after I finished watching the anime, but apparently the manga is written by the same person who created Ghost in the Shell.

I haven't been able to find the 'Pandoradio' specials anywhere, unfortunately.


File: 1591829302221.jpg (654.3 KB, 1600x2332, 400:583, Time-Travel-Shoujo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched all 12 episodes of Time Travel Shoujo: Mari Waka to 8-nin no Kagakusha-tachi. Here are my thoughts:

I have very little to say about this anime. This is basically the Japanese equivalent of an educational TV show that a school teacher might throw on when they're feeling lazy or something. It literally aired on Saturday morning and is targeted to a child audience. I mainly just watched it while I was eating breakfast.

The educational focus of the show is on electricity and magnetism. There are various relevant experiments that get incorporated into the show, and there are also some short educational segments at the end of each episode. For me, the most amusing aspect of the anime was the incorporation of various western historical figures into the cast, like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. The use of these characters in an anime was entertaining enough to keep me watching.

Otherwise though, the anime was pretty bad. I mean, it's literally a kid's show. The plot was groan-worthy. The characters were very simplistic. The art style and animation were unremarkable. It seems perfectly fine as a kids' "edutainment" show, but for me personally it was bad.

My rating: 4/10

Worth it though to see Benjamin Franklin as an anime character. Lol.



hey there, tohno


I'm not Tohno you silly goose


File: 1591998029410.png (803.92 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, wp2029950.png) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Drifters (12-episode season + 3 OVAs). Here are my thoughts:

Going into this, I expected it would be a very action-packed fast-paced show, but actually it ended up being fairly dialogue-heavy interspersed with some action scenes. This isn't a bad thing in my view because I don't care about action all that much, but it is something to be aware of.

Animation quality is good and the art style is creative. The art style makes heavy use of bold lines, particularly in the character animations. It kind of reminds me of American comics/graphic novels. I'm not overly impressed by it or anything, but at the very least it is unique, and I think it suits the series well. The action scenes look pretty good, although stills are used somewhat frequently. Voice acting and audio production quality are decent as well. OST is okay and suits the gritty atmosphere of the show.

The anime is filled with fighting and killing but it still feels very goofy to me. The premise is kind of ridiculous, and on top of that there is a fair amount of comedic relief. It's difficult to take seriously but that also means it's easy to watch casually. A lot of the humour is unfunny. The historical jokes, as you might expect, are very predictable. Most of the characters feel like caricatures, but given how over-the-top the rest of the series is, maybe it would be silly of me to expect that the characters not be equally as exaggerated. In any case, I would have preferred that the anime have a more serious tone and less comedy. At its best, the show has an atmosphere that is dark and gritty, which can be very captivating. Unfortunately, my immersion is often broken by the things mentioned here. One exception to the ongoing intrusive and unfunny comedy was the gay aristocrat character. He was genuinely hilarious and I often found myself laughing out loud when he was on-screen. The comedy itself wasn't always bad, the bigger issue was the timing and the way it interrupted plot-critical dialogue and scenes.

Despite the inappropriate comedic relief, the actual story is fairly interesting and engaging. Unfortunately, there are countless loose ends in the plot by the time the anime ends, leaving the viewer with the impression that they just watched a really expensive manga advertisement. This show has major issues with plot execution, even though the underlying story is promising.

Way too many characters. This is a common manga adaptation problem. Although I haven't read it, I'd wager that the manga is better. A single cour is too short for a story this complex and a character cast this large. Two cours (at least) would be much more suitable.

Overall rating: 7/10
Despite my criticisms, it was still entertaining.

People who like 'manly' anime with lots of grit and violence might enjoy this. For full enjoyment though, I think it's necessary to read about the history behind each character so that one can understand the frequent historical references in the show.

Yoichi is sexy as hell.

Apparently a second season has been supposedly confirmed for nearly 4 years now. If that does come to fruition then some of my criticisms may not apply or might at least be attenuated. In any case, it feels to me like they tried to cram far too many story arcs and characters into the show.

Breaking news: local high-budget anime gets ruined by poor direction! Stop the presses.


I just finished shounen onmyouji. It was unfortunately not very good. This show suffers heavily from "deus ex grandpa". This is supposed to be the coming of age tale of a magical priest boy who is overshadowed by his famous magical priest grandpa, but the entire show he ends up being overshadowed/bailed out by his magical grampa so there is never any independence or tension. His grampa has 12 pet Gods who he sends to trail his grandson everywhere he goes and to provide backup when needed. He also watches him in a crystal ball and goes himself to provide help. The show makes no attempt to ever explain the system of magic in any way so there's basically no strategy in fights, they just mumble some gobbledegook chant and a beam comes out and smites the demons or whatever. Yawn. It happens a lot too, the show is mostly about fighting demons. It also has a pretty lame romance that is again, highly dependent upon help by his gramps to flourish. It was overly saccharine at times and one of the characters acted emo for stupid reasons the whole time. The ending was also fucking stupid for many reasons.


File: 1592914674895.jpg (1.33 MB, 1809x2560, 1809:2560, Kotetsujo_no_Kabaneri-cove….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. Here are my thoughts:

Remember that movie Snakes on a Plane? Well this is basically Zombies on a Train - anime edition. Wow I'm so funny.

I didn't expect to like this anime but decided to give it a fair chance. Apparently it was fairly well received in Japan, not that that means much. Anyway, I found it entertaining enough to watch to completion.

This is kind of a guilty pleasure 'junk food' show from my perspective. Like a two-star Hollywood trash movie that you impulsively throw on and don't plan to take seriously. Although that kind of feeling is sort of intangible, I'll try to be more specific. This anime is a zombie show with a cliche cast and storyline, and is clearly meant to appeal to a broad audience. They even released a mobile game to go with it.

In addition to being a TV series, the content was recycled into a movie trilogy. Although I watched the Blu-ray release of the TV series (+the post-TV sequel movie "Unato Kessen"), it certainly had a cinematic feel to it and a fast pacing that I'd expect in a movie.

This anime has a rich steampunk theme/setting. The setting is a strong point for sure and was one of my favourite aspects of the show. I thought the 'railforts' were pretty cool. Furthermore, a steampunk setting combined with zombies is definitely a winning combination. It's difficult to screw something like that up, I think.

Decent soundtrack. Very polished, although I would have liked to have seen more variety.

Visual production quality is solid. There is a fair bit of visual detail overall. Fight choreography is at times complex which makes the action scenes more entertaining. Character animations in general are nice. Cinematography is decent as well. I typically don't value action all that much, but the action scenes in this often looked pretty good.

My one petty complaint about the visuals are the eyes. Characters' eyes frequently appear to be crudely 'pasted' onto their faces in a way that appears unnatural and sloppy. The eyes have a lot of detail, but when they're carelessly pasted onto a character's face, say during an action scene where the rest of the character animation is far less detailed, it appears unnatural. Even during ordinary scenes, the highly detailed irises clash with the pencil-sketch art style of the rest of the character's face.

Plot is fairly predictable and stereotypical. I'm not the kind of person who automatically considers a stereotypical plot to be bad, but that kind of thing is dependent on the viewer. Execution is always more important from my perspective.

Characters frequently act like idiots just for the purpose of creating drama, which is a sign of lazy/poor writing in my opinion.

Apparently this is commonly criticized as being an Attack on Titan rip-off. I actually have not seen AoT but in any case I think that, for any kind of media, that kind of criticism is childish and unmeritorious. However, I think the AoT talking point alludes to something more meaningful, which is the fact that the series isn't particularly creative. It's a zombie thriller show, albeit with some unique mechanics and a somewhat refreshing setting.

The main character has a really unlikable personality, in my opinion. I'm having trouble coming up with the exact words to describe him. He's geeky but in an insufferable kind of way. His self-righteousness is groan-inducing. In fact, pretty much the entire cast is unlikable. The only exception is the lead female character, Mumei. She was cool and sexy, and her athleticism allowed for some great action scenes. This series was at its best when she was on screen. Otherwise though, characters are arguably the weakest aspect of the show. Most of the characters are either unlikable or totally bland.

Both the story and characters make the show feel as though it is targeted towards a teenage audience. This is not an objectively bad thing but still noteworthy.

Overall rating: 5/10

Seriously, the characters in this were terrible. My apathy towards the cast just made the sappy drama all the more eye-roll inducing (and I say that as someone with a very high tolerance for sappy drama). The story was Hollywood-tier. What kept me watching was the unique setting and the above-average visuals. Plus the fact that I was able to carelessly watch episodes of it without feeling any pressure to savour or appreciate it in any way, which is what 'junk food' shows are good for. I also sensed some potential in the earlier episodes which ultimately did not pan out.


File: 1593101338784.jpg (1.06 MB, 2150x3040, 215:304, Kono-Sekai-no-Katasumi-ni.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched the animated movie Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni, also known as In this Corner of the World. Here are my thoughts:

The story takes place in the 1940s of WW2-era Japan. It is mainly told through the eyes of civilians.

Even though it was released in 2016, the movie feels very old. Everything about it: the art style, the music, the voice acting, the story; they are all reminiscent of early anime productions from the late 20th century. I personally am not a huge fan of anime from this era (speaking VERY generally), so I might be unfairly biased towards this movie. Furthermore, I usually shy away from WW2-era fiction because of how I've seen it done ad nauseam in western media. So I might be biased in this respect as well, although the perspective of a Japanese citizen is relatively less common in western works.

Characterization is one weak aspect of this movie. Despite the 2-hour runtime, characters are not adequately fleshed out or even properly introduced at all. Random characters are just thrown into plot-relevant scenes as if the audience is expected to know who they are. This issue is exacerbated by the blob-like same-face character designs and dull earthy colour palette, which makes individual characters not particularly distinct from one another.

Although I didn't like the character designs, the background art is often quite nice. It has an organic look to it in that it often appears hand-drawn/painted. I frequently paused the movie to admire the landscape frames.

The main focus is on female characters and it felt as though gender roles were a consideration in the writing. The lives of Japanese succubi during this time period are explored in various ways. A lot of screentime is spent on the various domestic duties performed by succubi (mainly the MC). I enjoyed this aspect of the movie, but this enjoyment was derived from cultural interest rather than the usual mechanisms through which one appreciates fiction, like emotional engagement.

Good audio production quality. However, I did not like the voice acting. The characters mumble constantly and it is difficult to discern the words. Additionally, there is often very little emotion in the voices. Maybe this was a deliberate artistic choice but in any case I did not like it.

This movie has major direction problems. It tries to be sentimental and emotional but instead watching it feels like I took too much cough syrup. I often felt confused by what was happening, particularly during the first half of the movie. Basic plot components are never explicitly explained. It seems like the movie wants to be 'show don't tell' but it does this very poorly. Even before events take place, foreshadowing could have been handled better. Additionally, the characters' behaviour never seems to match the situation. The whole series feels absurdly tone-deaf; if this is an intentional artistic choice then it is a poor one.

Despite my distaste for the WW2 context, the movie does provide a rich view of the daily life of Japanese citizens during this time. From a sociological perspective it is interesting. The movie is clearly meant to be some sort of social commentary, and the characters and plot are just tools with which to accomplish this task. It does a good job of presenting a historical cultural snapshot, but perhaps at the cost of sacrificing any actual emotional engagement with the characters themselves. Throughout the movie I did not feel anything for the characters despite the tremendous hardship that inevitably comes with the Japanese WW2 setting. Emotionally, it felt like I was watching a documentary. Even though the subject matter is tragic, it was still viewed with detached emotionless intellectual interest.

In my judgement, the only reason to watch this movie is if you are interested in Japanese culture and history. I satisfy that criteria and for that reason I watched the entire thing.

Overall rating: 3/10
I am shocked by the praise that this movie has received.

For the record, nothing I've written here is intended to trivialize the events of WW2; I am simply stating my personal evaluation of a work of fiction.

Footnote: I watched the original length movie, not the extended version. Maybe the extended version would have been more coherent. Also, apparently there was a live-action adaptation (unseen by me) of this released a few years before the animated version.


I just finished Souten Kouro. I had been feeling put out by the mid-season cancellation of Kingdom S3 so I went searching for something similar. Souten Kouro really scratched that itch. It's got military campaigns set in ancient China. The MC was not your typical goody two shoes, he is more morally grey which was refreshing, but I feel like they made him a bit too perfect. The voice acting for Lu Bu was hilariously bad. I liked it overall but I wish it had an ending though. It literally ended on a massive cliffhanger and then just gave a few lines of text to say how the story ends.


File: 1593204443245-0.jpg (690.19 KB, 1760x2496, 55:78, 4627764264782.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593204443245-1.png (1.3 MB, 1802x976, 901:488, 5376153761.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593204443245-2.png (1.44 MB, 1802x976, 901:488, 3516735167.png) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoyed it, if only for how high quality the first story is. Really wish it had just been the entire movie to be honest. The other 2 stories really didn't come close to matching it. The 2nd one had some nice set pieces, but was pretty goofy/dumb. The 3rd was just plain boring. Random aside, but I feel like that one character from the first movie, Heintz, looks extremely similar to some famous Russian person I've seen somewhere, but I'm not sure who. Maybe it's just that he just generally looks like how a cliched Russian soldier would look, or something. I don't know.


File: 1593205126332-0.jpg (35.04 KB, 290x431, 290:431, 76428764782.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593205126332-1.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6748264276.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593205126332-2.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5638746583746.png) ImgOps iqdb

It was OK, I guess. Great scenery and atmosphere. Made it a very soothing experience to watch.


i recommend watching chris stuckman video on it


I just finished The Grand Lord. This was some Chinese anime I'm pretty sure was made to market some video game. It was surprisingly not bad. It's kind of like pokemon + DBZ. They have fights with martial arts and magic skills and sometimes these animal familiars. They rip several things blatantly from western media like the eye of sauron. It drops you right in the action and keeps on going at a somewhat frantic pace, but I enjoyed that. Those Chinese sure do transmit information efficiently, you have to read the text very quickly. The animation was sometimes pretty terrible but watchable. It was kind of cookie cutter, but overall enjoyable enough to keep me watching until the end.


I just watched the first two seasons of Kengan Ashura. It was one of the most fun shows I've watched in a while. I enjoy fighting tournament style shows as long as they're done well and this one was definitely done well. This was a really funny show. The CGI animation style nearly put me off it at the beginning but then I got used to it and I barely even noticed it by the end. The fight animation is at least good even if it is all CGI. The martial arts portrayed were pretty realistic even if the characters were super humanly overpowered.


Does it have any parallels to the rat catcher?
Titles like that always had me intrigued, been meaning to see Coppelion for the same reason.


The Ancient Magus' Bride

I loved it. Something about the ending satisfied my soul. The whole thing is emotional but not in a cheap way and has a wonderful ascetic mixed with a contemplative pace and fanciful but grounded atmosphere that I adore.
It is easily in my top 10 favorite anime now.


File: 1595357139028.jpg (159.66 KB, 1153x1550, 1153:1550, A16977-1742994513.14458521….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched the anime movie Doukyuusei. Here are my thoughts:

Doukyuusei is about a homosexual romance between two male characters.

I don't have much to say about this because it's just a short movie. The main concern I had going into this movie was that it was only ~1 hour long. Unfortunately, my concern was justified.

The romance feels forced, partially as a result of pacing problems, but even moreso due to a complete lack of foreshadowing. Also, I find it difficult to engage with a romance story that has so little character development. Probably one saving grace for the movie is that the source material is fairly short as well, so it's not like a much longer story was crudely crammed into a short adaptation, as is often the case with anime. The movie felt slightly rushed, but it could have been much worse in this regard, so maybe I shouldn't complain.

The plot is fairly stereotypical and touches on a lot of the usual themes of same-sex relationship stories. It felt kind of fanfic-tier at times. It was all pretty standard fare for this kind of story. Emotionally, I didn't really feel much while watching. A short runtime with simple characters and a stereotypical plot just can't engage me all that much, usually. This is one of the reasons why I tend to shy away from movies and prefer TV series.

It's nice to see a canonically gay male relationship in anime. Like, with actual kisses and frequent displays of affection, instead of the usual noncommittal subtext that's often implemented just to pander to a vocal minority in some franchise fanbase. The affectionate moments of the movie are pretty cute. Although they're simple, the two main characters do have decent chemistry when interacting with each other.

As the title of the movies implies, the setting is an all-boys high school. Although it was kind of hot in my imagination, in reality the setting doesn't add much to my enjoyment, and actually just contributes to the bland feeling of the movie.

Animation quality and cinematography are okay for a movie. Art style was kind of organic and watercolourish, but with a muted earthy colour palette; it wasn't anything special. Similarly, OST and voice acting were both unremarkable.

My overall rating: 5/10

It wasn't really unique in any way besides being an overtly homosexual anime. There are a lot of cute moments, but ultimately they feel kind of hollow because of the bland writing and underdeveloped characters.

I think this anime might have attracted a disproportionate number of people from outside the usual anime fanbase, and was subsequently overrated by people for whom the content of this movie would be more novel.


Last month I watched The Promised Neverland on YouTube (somehow).

Has that claustraphobic survivalist edge you'd expect from Battle Royale, albeit with wit in place of exploitation (or at least has the latter reduced to 5%). It's not too bad if you're willing to invest. 7/10


Finished the OVA
The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star
Was mainly a bit of backstory of the main character, which of course was sad and bittersweet, but still wonderful in it's own way.
I am a bit sad I won't be getting any more of this wonderful series.
Will probably watch it again next year to feed my soul.


The succubus From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún

Probably doesn't count as it is a 10 minute short but still it was quite moving despite not having a single line of dialog.
Love the art, the story, really just about everything about it.
Really worth a watch. And like I said, it is only 10 minutes so there is very little to lose.


Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (Demon King Daimao)

The pacing is lightning quick most of the time which really helps the humor style but really hurts the dramatic/action story beats, causing blink and you miss it style plot events driving the story forward.
Other then that it is just your standard but fun generic harem ecchi show with a protag that is super op but thankfully not totally boring. Same can't be said of the succubi though. They were mostly uninteresting if I am being honest.

Worth a watch if you are into the genera but otherwise you would probably find it brainless.
Oh, and this show has plenty of T&A in every ep. so if you are into that then there you go, and if you are not then now you know to avoid the show.


File: 1596367973427.jpg (41.6 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1596095891668.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

finished bokurano and steamboy a few weeks ago,both were pretty solid and they deserve at least a watch,i'm watching bleach atm


File: 1597093774922.jpg (570.69 KB, 1180x1500, 59:75, yande.re 389151 sample bus….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Luck and Logic (partially) and its spinoff Hina Logi ~from Luck and Logic~. Both of these shows were made by Doga Kobo. Thoughts on both series are provided below.

Luck and Logic:
The female hero characters are somewhat likable and showed some potential for an interesting character-driven story. The main male character is a generic personality-less MC.

Nice transformation scenes.
Episodes are mainly monster-of-the-week conflicts which are boring as hell.

I dropped this after episode 6.

Some of the female hero characters seemed interesting but truly this show is trash with few redeeming qualities.

Hina Logi:
- Surprisingly enjoyable
- Likable and cute characters
- Nice mahou shoujo outfits
- CUTE!!!!!!

Mostly episodic in terms of plot. Fairly typical school SoL plots but with a mahou shoujo flavour. There was a healthy mix of comfy SoL, sweet moments, and some minor drama. There were some mild shoujo-ai vibes between the two lead characters, but it was only a subtle aspect of the show until THAT ONE SCENE (*squees internally*).

Decent voice acting and the OST was okay as well.

Hina Logi was overlooked by many due to it being a spinoff (in name at least) from the show Luck and Logic. Consequently, very few people watched it despite it being a decent CGDCT show. Furthermore, it is underrated as a result of a selection-bias effect whereby those who did watch the show were typically those who enjoyed the garbage original series. The two shows are completely different and the kind of person who would enjoy one is unlikely to enjoy the other. Anyway, my point is that Hina Logi is a show which is very much underappreciated by those who are fans of CGDCT anime.

Aside from some character cameos from the original series, this show is almost entirely independent from the Luck and Logic anime. It takes place in the same world, although the tone is completely different. The atmosphere in Hina Logi is very soft and playful with minimal conflict. The main succubus characters are in training at an academy to be the same kinds of heroes that are depicted in the original series. You do not need to watch Luck and Logic to watch Hina Logi. The plot dependencies and crossovers are very insignificant between the series.

My rating for Hina Logi: 7/10

It's a good CGDCT show that barely anybody watched.


File: 1597519747341.jpg (2.7 MB, 4000x2496, 125:78, mushi uta.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

mushi uta

im prettty much sure it falls into the category of standard shonen so theres not much to talk about.
its not a master piece or a phylosophy show, but its watchable if you are bored enough or just want some feeling of nostalgia.
be aware it might be edgy as hell in some points
there are like 3 ost pieces i enjoyed though





just link us a virus next time instead


go fuck yourself, elitard


watched the Yuri Seijin Naoko-san OVA because I saw this ending.

There isn't much going on in terms of plot, a typical relaxing slice of life comedy episode with some nice jokes, the animation was charming, oh and I liked Naokos voice.


There's literally nothing bad about Crunchyroll except for the fact that you have to pay for it (in fact the horriblesubs subs that pretty much everyone sees come from crunchy) so congrats unless you're fluent in spoken Japanese you probably have used Crunchyroll without even noticing.


>There's literally nothing bad about Crunchyroll except for the fact that you have to pay for it
Or maybe it's the 4kids tier socjus shit they pull?


I have recently just binged and finished Kaiji, does anyone have any other suggestions for a new series I can watch? It can literally be anything but Harem Anime.


You could watch the other stuff that the author of kaiji made, there's one about mahjong. Are you looking for similar shows like it? or just not harem stuff?


Yeah I've heard of Akagi and considered watching it but to answer your question, I don't really care what anime it is just as long it isn't harem anime.


If you like shounen there's hunter x hunter, and it'll last you a long time. Space dandy is good one and just has one off episodes with little to no over arching story. Mushishi and kino's journey are very relaxing and also are mostly just one off episodes that don't connect. There also the monogatari series which I really enjoy, but it's borderline harem so take that rec with a grain of salt. Also a lot of stuff by trigger/gainax is good if you want some action movie stuff. Gurren lagann is their best by far in my opinion. There's also some classics like evangelion, legend of the galactic heroes, and patlabor. Some movies i liked also were wolf children and stinkbomb memories.


Thanks for the suggestions I'll be sure to give some of these series a watch once I'm done watching Akagi.


Finished Macross Delta. How is it? I should have been called Macross LoveLive.

It's just the tv op, man…


I liked the first half of Delta but I thought it gets worse as it starts focusing on the winderemians


I originally wrote out a four thousand word essay as a response, but yeah, Delta focused way too much on the idols. I'm indifferent to them and thus the whole anime was pretty mediocre and forgettable to me. Frontier was much better overall except the treatment of Ranka and especially the ending, fuck the ending, 4 years later and I'm still furious about Ranka getting blatantly shit on for over half the runtime then getting relegated to a permanent third wheel position in the end in favour of a glorified 3DPD cunt because even though both Frontier and Delta had roughly the same breadth of focus, the latter focused all of it's depth to idols where Frontier was much more balanced. Idols were a part of the greater whole, the world didn't revolve around them and them alone. Delta would've been better if it removed the low-effort mechas and the Macross title to be it's own thing of idols fighting totally-aliens through the power of idolshit.

In the end Delta was mediocre, when it could've been so much more than that.


Assassins Pride

Due to the description and opining of the first ep my expectations and the reality of the show were completely off.
What I expected
>oh cool magic ninja assassin type show
What I actually got
>fedora tipping lolicon bait

It also had passing problems of most of the story lines feeling really rushed and poorly edited, like they probably needed more ep then they actually had to tell the amount of story they had to get through.

Overall it was pretty meh. Not irredeemable but not good ether.


Clockwork Planet

I knew from the first ep that it was probably going to be shit but somehow I still enjoyed myself so it wasn't a waste of time.
You would think it being so focused on gears and clockwork that it would be more steampunk but it is really just light sci-fi with heavy fantasy elements. Stuff being based on gears doesn't have as much of a effect on the look or function of most things in the anime.
Whatever, it was a meh show that has it's enjoyable moments.


Wasn't this made by same anime studio as the AoT?


Yes, I think so.


I just finished Kemono No Souja Erin. This was one of the best anime I've watched in a long time. The art is good, the characters have depth, the pace isn't frantically rushed. The best thing about it though is the world-building. They build up a world that incorporates fantasy elements yet feels very real. It's top tier escapism with lots of episodes to keep you engaged.


Just finished the second season of Kaiji. This is the rare example of a 26 episode season of anime that would have been better off as 13 episodes instead of the reverse like usual. It was almost tortuous at times. Over half the anime is spent playing a game of pachinko.


Almost done with SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online. Fukaziro is very cute and there are succubi with guns who do crazy smiles, that is 90% of my enjoyment of the series. The other 10% is Eva being a little succubus in real life. That fight between LLENN and Eva was very exciting to watch.

Upset that Fukaziro wasn't in the first six episodes.


I enjoyed the second season of SAO (Gun Gale Online) way more than I expected. I'm cautiously optimistic about SAO Alternative and plan to watch it sometime in the next year.


I just spent the past 3 days or so marathoning all 120 episodes of Doulou Dalu. Felt good man, haven't just done an anime binge like that in a long time. This anime is like Naruto if Naruto were a chinese RPG and instead of being weak and unpopular at the beginning Naruto was just OP from the start. Teenagers have death matches with martial arts and magic and shit. It's 90% training arcs and tournament/fighting arcs. It's not great but I was entertained.

Everything is CGI. The CGI sets are great but the animation of the people was pretty bad. They don't even bother to animate people taking damage for example. There was also gratuitous use of close-ups, shaky camera/jump cuts, and slow-mo during the fights that kind of sucks. Lots of rough cuts throught too.

Despite its flaws I enjoyed this show. It's the first CGI show to really make me excited for the future of the format. Since then I've watched a couple of other chinese CGI shows and some have even better CGI quality despite having other flaws that kept them from being truly good. At the end of one of them they had a behind the scenes look at how it was made and it was literally just a couple of guys in an office room somewhere with dots on their body. I hope this technology becomes cheap and widespread and we get a CGI anime renaissance.


I watched one punch man seasons 1 and 2, first season was funny and very entertaining, I really enjoy this last decade's anime trend of impossibly overpowered main characters nerfing everything in their way to everyone's astonishment, same as Overlord and that anime about re-incarnating as a slime, I don;t know why but it makes me lmao

season 2 was a piece of shit though where they sidelined the MC in his own show to feature a bunch of useless background characters and their boring stories

still can't believe I never heard of this anime until last week

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