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and write something about it.

last thread: >>28944

To anyone searching for things to watch, maybe this thread is useful for you too.


File: 1576111693669.jpg (423.67 KB, 1500x1075, 60:43, yande.re 421683 sample ani….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a handful of relatively short reviews I wrote around like 2 years ago, but I never posted them here.

I could post those to get the thread started, even though they don't fit the exact thread purpose. Apparently people like reading how other wizzies feel about anime.

If anyone is interested then respond to this post.


Go for it, I find that sort of thing interesting.


Pls post


Okay I'll post them as responses to this post.


File: 1576131982956.png (7.42 MB, 2180x3120, 109:156, Flip Flappers.png) ImgOps iqdb

Alright I just finished watching Flip Flappers.

I rate it 10/10 on the basis of the following:
1. Art style
2. Atmosphere
3. Characters
4. Sound and production quality

When I first started watching this anime I was immediately enamoured with it, and made a thread expressing that. Many people told me I would change my mind, and referred vaguely to the plot in the second half of the season.

Personally, I had no major problems with the plot. Certainly it was somewhat confusing and arguably had pacing issues, but it's not as if this series was trying to be some psychological thriller. In any case, plot was not the selling point. My immense enjoyment of the series was derived from the things listed above.

Overall, I consider this AOTY 2016, unless I am somehow overlooking a superior series.

I look forward to rewatching it.

Afterthought as I post this now:
- this is still my top anime for 2016
- this show has a lot of subtle visual metaphors and symbolism. Also the writing itself is complex and is begging to be analyzed and deconstructed, which really enhances the rewatch value. There are a lot of blog posts and the like by people picking apart the writing.


File: 1576132453625.jpg (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, no-life-no-game-anime-wall….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I originally passed on this(No Game No Life) because I have little interest in isekai and don't play vidya

What a fucking mistake that was.

I just finished ep7 and good lord this is good. Like really fucking good. Fuck me, it is terrific. This is some seriously potent escapism. I can't believe how wrong my intuition was about this anime.

I am in love with the art style in this. Also the sound production quality in this is absolutely top notch.

Rating after completion: 9/10

- this anime is exceptional in a ton of respects. Nice art style with superb audiovisual production quality. The story is fun and engaging. The main characters are otaku-ish, which maybe is appealing.
- I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm really looking forward to it.
- If you're going to take the plot super seriously and tear it apart saying "Hurrr that's so unrealistic" to inflate your fragile ego then this anime is not for you.


File: 1576132690970.jpg (939.18 KB, 1389x1119, 463:373, SLOW START HD.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

ahh that(Slow Start) was so great. I still have a warm feeling of afterglow as I write this.

When I watched the first episode of this my impression was that it was cliche to the point of absurdity. Almost a parody of its entire genre. I had a very low opinion of it and nearly dropped it.

My first impression was entirely wrong.

As the series progressed I came to appreciate it more and more. The character interactions in this are so well done it is difficult to put into words. It just feels so real. The development of each character is rich but subtle.

My appreciation of this series only increased as time went on. I really felt the healing with this one.

Aside from character interaction and development (the strongest points of this anime), the animation was really fluid and pleasant. I don't know about anyone else, but the cinematography really reminded me of hidamari sketch.

Also, in my opinion, this anime had the best op and ed of the season. I listened to the ed countless times.

Overall 9/10 and easily in my top 3 for the season.

- This is easily one of the most underrated anime of 2018


File: 1576132903239.png (1.32 MB, 1060x1492, 265:373, Toji-no-Miko-e149497321092….png) ImgOps iqdb

(Toji no Miko)

I actually had tears running down my face during the last episode.

I'll admit that toji no miko had its flaws and that it was objectively mediocre. The execution was lacking and there were a lot of missed opportunities. The plot was somewhat incoherent, if one cares about such trivial things.

Having said that, I really enjoyed toji no miko and I'm glad I watched it. My number one sources of enjoyment: characters and setting/atmosphere. Despite the large cast I felt an emotional attachment to nearly every single character. Hiyori and Kanami are an unforgettable duo. They had amazing chemistry from episode 1. I love them so much. Seriously I haven't shipped two characters as much as kanami hiyori in a long time. I really enjoyed the maternal theme throughout the story as well.

The setting was interesting and unique. It's difficult to put into words but I found it very rich and engaging.

Overall this anime was so much fun and had such a great cast of characters. I'm going to miss them.

Overall rating: 7/10

Hoping for season 2.


File: 1576133104988.jpg (60.87 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Orange.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished watching Orange. Including the so-called 'movie' which was disappointing due to it being ~75% recycled material. Seriously who greenlighted that.

In terms of writing, I could definitely see the potential. The anime didn't execute as well as it could have here. Perhaps the source material is better in this regard. Definitely lots of potential here.

Characters. I personally found them very bland and difficult to relate to at all. Maybe if you're a normalfag you'll find them more engaging. Characterization was a weak point in my opinion. The script/dialogue overall was bland!

Music was totally forgettable overall. Despite the high visual production quality.

Okay let's get to the good things.

CINEMATOGRAPHY. Orange has gorgeous cinematography and from that lens I enjoyed it immensely. By far the best aspect of this anime. If you're someone who cares about cinematography then you should definitely watch Orange. (It is only a 1 cour production.)

Naho was my self-insert throughout btw.

Overall 7/10


File: 1576133288130.jpg (110.17 KB, 1024x910, 512:455, Sanrio-Danshi-2018-1024x91….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

(Sanrio Danshi)

Personally, I thought it(Sanrio Danshi) was good overall. Good characters with great chemistry. Yuu and Shunsuke were my favourite characters. Overall the atmosphere was really comfy. The episode where they all go to Puroland was by far the best. I loved that episode.

There was some 'forced drama' (forgive me for using the phrase) in the last few episodes but I feel like they tied up everything really well in the last episode.

Overall 7/10



File: 1576133489575.jpg (412.53 KB, 2048x1455, 2048:1455, Alderamin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished Tenkyou no Alderamin. My initial impression during the first few episodes was that this was trope-ridden battle harem trash.

While that assessment was accurate, it ended up being really good trope-ridden battle harem trash. Overall, I enjoyed this. I am left with the impression that the source material is good and will probably read it when I find the time to do so.

Unfortunately, season 2 never. Nevertheless, an effective advertisement. overall 7/10

Positive aspects: character interaction, great story, gripping and well-animated action scenes, sound and soundtrack, pretty animated landscapes


File: 1576133627522.jpg (1.33 MB, 2057x1443, 2057:1443, Houseki.no.Kuni.full.18499….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished watching this(Houseki no Kuni). The cinematography was excellent. I applaud the risks they took with cg animation. I guess some of the characters hair looked pretty too. Those are about the only good things I have to say, really.

A main focus of this was that of a 'coming of age' story, but in my view this was really poorly executed. It seems that most of phosphophyllite's character growth takes place off-screen, and we're just supposed to accept that. The last episode reflects on her growth strongly, yet that's something that was never illustrated well in earlier episodes.

The anime had a large cast of characters, nearly all of whom were poorly developed. Cinnabar, and perhaps bort and dia, were the only somewhat likable characters. Character design was ugly overall, in my view. The hair was nice but the outfits were hideous. Character development in this was really poor. A lot of time was spent focused on characters with no connection to the plot or even the protagonist. This valuable time could have been spent better.

Speaking of development, the world building in this was virtually non-existent. This was truly a lost opportunity because there was ample opportunity to create a well-fleshed out fantasy world full of mystery. The opposite of this was presented.

The art style is almost a metaphor for this lack of world building. Consider the promo art, such as pic related, which uses a nauseating amount of whitespace. The setting itself is totally devoid of detail. In their home there is barely any furniture, no cultural icons, everything is white and unfinished. The same is true for the comically bland grassland island outdoor setting. Truly a missed opportunity here. A richer setting would greatly enhance this anime. There was ample opportunity to do this.

The soundtrack again was a missed opportunity. The use of traditional Japanese instruments was so promising, yet the finished product was so lack luster. A richer, more engaging soundtrack would have gone a long way to enhancing this anime.

The plot itself was nearly incoherent, although this is a relatively low priority for me personally. Character motivations were often difficult to comprehend. I'll note here that I have not read the manga.

Overall I rate it 5/10. Absolutely not an aoty candidate like I had been informed. Squandered potential in nearly every respect.


No game no life was hot shit made to pander to SAO retards and gaymers,the art style was good I recognize that,but the "plot" was stupid,most characters are plain and full of shitty tropes,and on top of that the author of this crap plagiarized the manga characters from who knows where.

I'm glad this thing never got a second season.


It's definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kind of show.

I had a similar viewpoint to yours before I actually watched the thing.

If you're taking the plot super seriously then you're watching it wrong, IMO.


File: 1576151206234.png (1.2 MB, 1426x1070, 713:535, STUNNER.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished watching Lost Song.

The plot starts out standard but ends up turning into something pretty trippy towards the end.

Best part is that it all makes total sense, the show doesn't hold your hand and makes you sort out the pieces yourself.

Backgrounds are really good and it feels like you're looking at a painting

The few problems I had were that some important plot elements were never explained(it doesn't affect the story but still), one of the main characters is too dumb to come to obvious conclusions resulting in him getting buttfucked multiple times
and that a few side characters feel like wastes of space as they don't do much for the story.


i really liked last song when i watched it, i think it's one of the better netflix anime and the story is pretty interesting.


I thought it was lots of fun. I hate the Japanese for not enjoying it enough to finance a season 2. I was about to say I may have to read the manga but then I realized it was based on a light novel, not a manga. Does anyone know if they have translations of those too?


File: 1576576605107.jpg (290.48 KB, 1156x1635, 1156:1635, 43b4af9ec3d040e8b9bf8212b1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari. My thoughts on it are written below.

I initially passed on this because of the totally unenticing premise, but eventually gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised.

Confused by how little traction this got. Possible 'hidden gem'. Seems easily digestible and would appeal to normalfags I think. Suspect of being breeder propaganda from Abe-sama (/sarcasm).

Insanely cute scenes with some deeper emotional undertones about life and family.

Poco a cute! CUTE!

Male ~3/8 life crisis: the anime

Direction is inconsistent but ranges from mediocre to bad. Which is a damn shame. The entire series is sloppily executed in terms of direction. Direction is a deep flaw of this anime. With improved direction this anime would have been far better, I think.

Animation and overall production quality are mediocre. OST is unremarkable aside from the OP song.
Ultimately, it is a seemingly low-budget manga adaptation. The strength of this anime arises from the writing itself. The writing is great.

At times, this anime is very emotionally engaging. I started to cry during multiple episodes. The themes around family and such can be a real gut punch. They really got to me with those family childhood stills (motionless images). It feels like an emotional sucker punch when they show images of the MC's now-deceased parents in the ED. There are definitely some touching moments in this. This sentimentality is the best aspect of the show. I strongly recommend this anime if you have mental issues relating to family.

I felt very positive about the anime after watching the first 4 episodes, but during subsequent episodes a feeling of squandered potential crept in. Any anime watcher will know this common feeling.

There are some subtle 'touristy' plugs in the anime but they're not particularly intrusive and mesh with the plot fairly well. The story mainly takes place in Kagawa(Takamatsu city) which is known for a number of foods (ex. Udon) and various attractions. This might put some people off. On balance, I'd prefer that these touristy plugs not be included. Following this train of thought though, I strongly feel that this anime deserved a higher budget. I think more of the potential could have been captured with more skillful staff. That said, it appears to be a faithful adaptation. I plan to read the source material. In fact, the source material might be a better way to approach this. I'm unsure if the anime enhances the story much. Like I said, the strength of this work is mainly due to the writing itself.

Spent too much time on the dynamics of his job instead of exploring themes like childhood and family more. Introduced more characters than necessary for the story. This is a 12 episode anime and time is valuable. I suspect this might be an issue of being overly committed to creating a fidelitious adaptation of the manga, instead of more effectively catering the story to the single-cour anime medium. A lot of plotlines were introduced and then simply not even close to resolved. During the last couple episodes I was left with a feeling of there being a ton of 'loose ends' that were not tied up. This is a typical manga adaptation issue, unfortunately. When I say that the direction was flawed, this lack of focus is a major component of that.

Overall I rate this anime 7/10. I'd at least consider reading the manga first though if you're interested. If anyone's read it already I'd be very interested in hearing their opinion.

The anime is still good, don't get me wrong, but this had the potential (or should I say ingredients? lol) to be a 10/10 masterpiece. I don't say that lightly. Seriously squandered potential. I cannot shake this feeling of frustration that I feel over such an enormous waste of potential. I wouldn't even call this a manga adaptation - it's more like a manga advertisement.

Should you watch it? Yes, if the positive aspects I've outlined here are appealing to you. At the very least it is good drinking-and-crying material.

Addendum: after digging around a bit I've read that apparently there were major conflicts among the production staff. Sadly, this doesn't surprise me at all. As usual, Japs cannot into project management. If anyone knows what happened with the production staff feud then I'd be interested to hear.


File: 1576813442873.jpg (213.41 KB, 1280x1818, 640:909, dp54333.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Sakamoto Desu ga. Here are my thoughts:

This is actually really funny. I consistently laughed out loud at every episode.
I'd describe the humour as kind of a combination of absurdist and situational. The gags themselves are really creative too, as opposed to the same recycled humour/jokes that we've seen countless times in anime.

Other characters play off of the main character (Sakamoto) well to create humour.

The jazz-like OST suits the series really well and enhances the humour.

The most common criticism of this anime is that it is repetitive. It's true that the humour tends to follow a similar theme (Sakamoto and his interactions with others), but I found that there was plenty of variety among the gags themselves to entertain me. A lot of the gags were completely unpredictable (often due to their absurdity). I'm laughing to myself as I write this just thinking about it. Much of my enjoyment came from wondering what ridiculous scenario would come next and how Sakamoto would react to it.

I rate this anime 8/10.
One of the funniest series I've watched in recent memory. I put on every episode with happy anticipation and I was never disappointed.

I think wizzies would appreciate this kind of humour and for this reason I strongly recommend watching this.


File: 1576895163014.png (1.94 MB, 1620x1577, 1620:1577, Himouto-Umaru-chan-anime.png) ImgOps iqdb

My impression of Himouto! Umaru-chan prior to watching it was that it was simply dumb and for some reason caused a lot of butthurt among a lot of people. One day I put on the first episode out of impulse/curiosity. To my surprise, it was actually decent. I ended up watching both seasons and the OVAs.

Sibling relationships are a dominating theme. This is personally very depressing. Be warned. I had to stop watching sometimes because I'd start to think about my own family and would become very sad. This isn't a negative aspect of the anime, in fact it's a potent mechanism of emotional engagement. That said, one's reaction to the sibling relationship theme will be highly individual.

Another prevalent theme is the glorification of one's hobbies and leisure, which is obviously very relatable. Actually a lot of the themes explored in Umaru are relatable, I think. Various elements of Japanese culture are commonly included in the show, ranging from traditions to more otaku-ish stuff.

The series has broad appeal and is easily digestible. The quality is consistent. This would be good material for someone relatively new to the anime medium, I think.

Good direction. The show smoothly jumps from happy uplifting scenes, to light conflict, to comedy etc…
Episodes typically consist of scenes which are entertaining in isolation, but are woven together by a light episodic plot of some kind. Sweet moments are skillfully implemented within the light-hearted writing.
Very 'watchable' show overall.

The characters are simple but they do have good chemistry. There are funny scenes sometimes. The characters are cute and there are a lot of cute outfits!

In terms of likability, the cast is kind of a mixed bag. A lot could be said about this, but I'll summarize by saying that some aspects of the character personalities could be considered unlikable, and that one's own viewpoint on this will be highly individual. Regardless of the specifics though, I think the most common criticism of this anime is that character(s) are in some way unlikable or unethical. I'm sympathetic to this argument, but my own view is that it's just a fun light comedy SOL show and if you're sitting there doing a complex analysis of ethics then you are watching the wrong show for your mood. Go do a tiring day of work and come back, or put on a more intellectually demanding anime. Stop watching things that don't fit your mood. That said, I think the anime would be improved with better written characters, but I also think people are overreacting when they say that it's literally unwatchable because of the cast. This is yet another aspect of the show that will invoke a reaction that is strongly dependent on the viewer. Perhaps these highly variable audience reactions are why this anime stirred up so much butthurt.

The animation and art style are unremarkable. The OST is unremarkable, though I liked the S1 ED song. Also, the S2 ED animation is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

A lot of SOL shows tend to fizzle out as they progress. For this reason I had guarded expectations of the second season of Umaru. Actually though, season 2 was pretty good.

I'd liken watching Umaru to eating plain potato chips. It's not complex or unique, but it's still consistently good and you can consume a lot in one sitting and not even realize it.

Overall rating: 7/10

Kirie is literally me.

FYI, I used the Nii-sama release for the season 2 BDs. The release was unpolished and filled with innaccurate and lazy translations. I definitely won't be using their subs willingly again.

-kind of spoiler below-
a lot of light-hearted episodic anime tend to be ruined when the author attempts to introduce some kind of plot. In this case during the second season I found that the theme of private lives/secrets among the characters was handled well. It didn't intrude too much on the episodic SOL, but still provided a compelling and relatable theme for the viewer while simultaneously adding a little more character development. It also provided some relief from the repetition of season 1. I think this is a good example of mild plot injection for an SOL series being handled well.


File: 1577033418356.jpg (27.9 KB, 298x450, 149:225, 3b5a9c6d9d4928acb7f5ffc45e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished watching Oniisama he.
I was reluctant going into this because I'm generally not a fan of shows with high-class school settings or majority female casts. This really blew me away though. Never thought I'd be so hooked on what's essentially a long series of catfights and teenage succubus angst. The depiction of emotions is really good though, and even though it can be a bit melodramatic at times none of it felt like forced drama, and the situations all felt real and not too far-fetched.
Character development was extremely well done. The show really takes its time in revealing all the aspects and the background of each character. The main succubus is developed amazingly well throughout the series, going from being a pushover and lacking empathy to standing up for herself and others by the end, yet still maintaining some of her earlier weaknesses. The web of relationships between characters is complex and incredibly well developed throughout.
Some of the character designs were odd at first (shoujo proportions lol) but they grew on me. Animation was beautiful. For many important scenes they'll make it freeze onto a still painting-like picture of it.
Symbolism was rich, but always meaningful, and it never felt in-your-face or pretentious.

Overall an amazing show and definitely one that's taken a place in my top 10. Will probably become an annual or bi-annual rewatch for me.


File: 1577034979541.png (164.24 KB, 730x400, 73:40, eve-no-jikan1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Double-post for another I finished because I didn't want my previous one to be too long:

Finished watching Eve no Jikan (the movie).
It's set in a world where androids have become prevalent and advanced to the point of rivaling humans in some fields, but are still treated like servants and are also the subject of increasingly restrictive laws by officials who are worried about them gaining equality to humans. The protagonist and his friend, while investigating the odd movements of his family's android, find a cafe where there's no discrimination allowed between humans and androids - a grey zone of sorts, which is surprising to the average person based on their reactions - and the story develops from there, focused mainly on developing the characters and blurring the line between human and android.

The movie is less than 2 hours long but still covers a surprising amount of ground in exploring different aspects of the world and androids and posing questions related to the difference between them and humans. The primary inspirations seem to be Asimov's three laws (stated explicitly), which it uses to explore the ambiguities of such laws and effects on androids, and the Turing test, which it uses to explore the difference between humans and androids, and question the grounds for "humanity" (i.e. ostensible emotion vs. the process behind emotion). It's certainly sentimental at times but I still found it handled these themes well while also being entertaining to watch.
I have to admit I cried like a bitch at the arc with the Tex robot and the protagonist's friend, where he finds his dad who's never home and always at work has ordered it to silence because it made him look bad during his divorce, and yet it still stayed by his son's side throughout the years celebrating Christmas with him and graduation despite not being able to talk.

The movie ends on an ambiguous and slightly bittersweet note as lawmakers are pushing to shut down grey zones. It never completely and directly faces the issue of machines vs. humans related to internal processes (consciousness vs. a very complex program, can machines really have emotions when they're programmed to respond to certain things) but I don't think it needs to. What it showed and explored and what it ignored spoke volumes.

My only dissatisfaction is that I'm kind of left wanting more after seeing it, but I have feeling they might've hit a good sweet spot by ending it where they did and not expanding on the universe too much. So overall, an amazing movie and very provoking both intellectually and emotionally.


File: 1577110778682.jpg (21.5 KB, 420x418, 210:209, 2767d1ba9ad1dda51d4b8345b4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i thought this was gonna be garbage too,but i had a lot of good time watching it


I mentioned liking this show here 1 or 2 years ago and was attacked by the hivemind for it. This was back when "stop posting this fake neet" was a thing in response to umaruposting. Looks like the tide is finally turning.


seems like if you wait long enough, every shitty show becomes a classic.


oh y shuld read tje ln


File: 1577145567553.png (1.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 19 - Heavenward.mkv_snapsh….png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got to watching Texhnolyze after seeing it mentioned here a while ago, definitely a show I'll have to watch more than once. The ending really struck a cord with me to the point I teared up. The art, atmosphere, and music really make it captivating to watch.


It gets a lot of kneejerk reactions from people, plus it was le shitpost show for a while after it aired.


File: 1577146727987.png (919.94 KB, 1497x927, 499:309, Shakunetsu-no-Takkyuu-Musu….png) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume. Here are my thoughts:

Really fun series. Puts a smile on my face. I really enjoyed watching this.

Great direction, both on-court and off-court. The ping pong matches are engaging and fun to watch, and the off-court drama is well-executed. The great direction is a major positive in my view.

Decent soundtrack. Decent overall audio production.

Cute characters. Cute character interactions. Good chemistry among the cast.

Decent character development, particularly for a single-cour sports anime with a somewhat large cast.

Animation is unremarkable with occasional poor quality moments, but this is no big deal to me. CG is used briefly during some of the matches. Animation is not a strong point in this series. I'm indifferent to this but still it's worth mentioning, particularly for a sports-focused show.
The overall visual production quality for this anime is low. I don't value animation that much but the bland art style is a missed opportunity for sure.

I should mention that the climax of the series is around episodes 9 and 10. The last two episodes were still good but there were a few 'hooks' added to try to draw you into the manga. This is fairly typical of manga adaptations, for better or worse. I'll also point out that the team talks about wanting to go to the national competition multiple times, but they never actually go in the anime. This might bother you if you're a subhuman plotnigger. ahem. Anyway…

Overall I rate this anime 8/10. Really this is just an incredibly fun series and a joy to watch.

Great example of a low budget anime done well (especially impressive considering that it's a sports anime). Low production quality can't ruin a well-directed anime, but poor direction can cripple any show.

Great OP song! I found myself singing along every time it played.

Would recommend if you like CGDCT or sports anime, especially as a means of bridging the gap between the genres.

I've been planning to watch this for a long time but haven't gotten around to it. I think I'd like it. I really like shoujo (and yuri romance) anime. I might make it a priority now since you mentioned it.


yoshii did nothing wrong


File: 1577587848653.jpg (76.89 KB, 858x480, 143:80, [BSEnc] Pale Cocoon (R2 DV….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pale Cocoon
Short OVA by the same director of Eve no Jikan. Earth has been fucked by pollution and humans have to live in artificial colonies with no sunlight. The protagonist works in a department trying to decode past records (images, videos, text, etc.) in an attempt to learn more about the past.
Can't say much more without spoiling it but it was pretty good. Maybe a little corny towards the end but still enjoyable and bittersweet.


looks good, think I will watch it also


File: 1577664814444.jpg (46.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hotori.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hotori: Tada Saiwai o Koinegau
Takes place in a world where human memories can be taken and placed into androids to essentially create copies of people. The story follows the relationship between one of these androids who's being raised as a replacement for a deceased boy and gradually having memories put into him, and a human succubus who's slowly losing her memories due to a terminal illness. The concept was interesting but they only had 40 minutes to develop things so it felt a little lacking. Still a decent watch though.


Finished the last episode of Vinland Saga. I thought it was pretty great. Beautiful animation, great characters, great backstories, great fight choreography, and it was actually more historically accurate than the show about Vikings on the history channel.


>Youjo Senki Movie

Was a exelent continuation of the show.
The only negative thing I have to say is that it left me strongly wanting season two to come out, which hasn't even been announced so who the fuck knows when that will happen.
Nothing felt conclusive but it packed a fuck ton of action and story in a feature length ep that somehow didn't feel super rushed.
If you liked the show then the movie is great. If you didn't like the show then the movie really isn't for you. If you haven't seen the show then don't start with the movie as nothing will be explained to you, watch the first season then the movie.


I just finished the first season of Oreimo (for the first time). Considering that its LN was written by the same guy who did Eromanga-Sensei, whose adaption is by far the worst anime I have ever finished, I had very low expectations.
But I found it to be quite an enjoyable SOL for the most part. Kirino's bitchy behaviour was annoying at times but I feel like this made the relationship between her and her brother more realistic, at least when I consider my own experiences with siblings. And she did have a bit of character development all the way at the end which I appreciated.

I'll probably start watching the second season tommorow. I already know its ending caused somewhat of a shitstorm online so I'm sure it will be interesting.


File: 1578031778395.mp4 (4.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 50e6d8c0a0685afa609d3595bf….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>I'll probably start watching the second season tomorrow. I already know its ending caused somewhat of a shitstorm online so I'm sure it will be interesting.

Watching shitstorms caused by succubi losing was always half the fun of these semi-trashy anime and manga for me. Though looking back Oreimo wasn't that bad compared to some shows. Eromanga Sensei looked stupid and I didn't like the art style so I never watched it.


>Eromanga Sensei looked stupid and I didn't like the art style so I never watched it.
Well, you didn't miss out on anything. For me, it was one of those shows that I watched just to see how much worse it could get every episode. I found it hard to believe that the two works were by the same author when I started watching Oreimo.


I liked Eromanga-sensei better simply because it felt like it was more about sol and less about (shitty)plot.


And Sagiri is better hiki than Sato ever was


I've been getting into 80s anime, and watched Project A-ko; and I have to say…fuck it, I think I'm just going to stay in the 80s now.


I finished ore wo suki nano wa omae dake ka. I just wanted a funny comedy harem with cute succubi but this has too much cringe drama and crying. I think the fucking economy being good has made people in JApan too excited and they aren’t producing the quiet desperate shows where people who have given up on life can silently enjoy , compared to earlier this decade. I hope they get a massive depression there and continue making the anime’s that I like. I deserve it because i’m a superior American and the Japs are my vassals anyways.


80s anime is fun, but you will probably run out of good stuff in 6 months to a year. Then it is all down hill from there.


I'm already used to things being downhill from here.


File: 1578473542139.png (1.35 MB, 1132x1600, 283:400, Tanaka-kun-wa-Itsumo-Kedar….png) ImgOps iqdb

I watched Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (all animated content). Here are my thoughts:

Great direction
Solid production quality
Decent soundtrack
Nice character designs
Genuinely funny - the humour is derived from character interaction which I like.

I generally don't seek out humour as a genre, and typically don't like shows where the focus is on humour. Humour works best as a side dish at most, usually. I made an exception for this show because I thought I might like the flavour of humour. I was right; it was pretty enjoyable and I laughed out loud plenty of times. The gags in this are implemented well with things like dramatic pauses, facial expressions, thought bubblish stuff for context, etc.

Fairly likable cast of characters. Using their various personalities, the entire cast is employed to create humorous situations.

Both the writing and the execution of the show are well-done. Not at all surprised to see how universally well-received this show was. My rating: 8/10

I don't have any criticisms. It did what it said on the label. I have nothing else to say; maybe the listlessness of this review is a reflection of the contagious mood of the show.


I loved that show too, I don't know why I stopped watching it.

Tanaka-kun, Natsume's Book of Friends, YKK–all super comfy. I love that genre.


File: 1578996448699-0.jpg (386.93 KB, 1143x1600, 1143:1600, 573984759837598935_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1578996448699-1.png (2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7598375983798.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well, it was an alright show, I guess. About time I got around to watching it.

The ending felt just a bit too rosy & happy la-la for my tastes, though. The fact that Ed was able to give up his alchemical abilities to save Al came across as a huge ass pull & far too convenient. As the very intro itself states in the grim question it poses, "What can equal the value of a human soul?", which itself is meant to have no answer, other than that being another human soul, it's all ruined retroactively by the fact that it does. That being, a magical door which represents one's alchemical abilities, apparently. It would've been far more compelling with some form of sacrifice attached, and or a loss of his naive principles, by having to use someone else, or even himself, in order to finally save Al, or that's Al's sacrifice to save the world had been a permanent one. Ed's final lines in the show about sacrifice just comes across as especially empty as a result of all this, given that he really didn't need to sacrifice anyone or anything that mattered to him, since Ed would've given up his alchemy at any point in a heartbeat, assuming he knew in the beginning that that's what it took to get Al back. In addition, the fact that Roy just turns around and uses a philosopher's stone to heal himself & Havoc felt especially incongruous & weak. Wouldn't Ed & Al have wanted it destroyed or disposed of somehow, given it still has human souls trapped within it? Wouldn't releasing all those souls have been a major fucking deal for them, instead of going on vacation around the world because they want to help chimeras now, I guess? And to top it off, Ling just takes the other one for his own, no questions asked. Meh, whatever. Guess the author wanted his happily ever after, sugary sweet Disney ending no matter what, so fuck everything else. God forbid anyone have to live with the sacrifices they made to save the world, which is doubly hilarious considering that this is ostensibly what the story is all about. That being, learning to live with the sacrifices & mistakes you've made and bearing the marks & scars of them while moving forward in a world where nothing is as perfect as we'd like it to be. In the end, nobody really learns anything. Nobody has really given up anything. Roy didn't want to lose any of his closest men, or Riza. Roy didn't lose any of his closet men, or Riza, and even got his sight back to boot. Al wanted his body back. Al has his body back. Ed loves Winry. Ed marries Winry. Where is the cost here? The sacrifice? Fuu and Buccaneer? That's it? Two marginal side characters that were just shortly forgotten about, anyway? Really? Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't bring back Hughes while they were at it as well, fucking hell.

Like I said before it's a fine show in most respects, but I just expected much more depth & consequences in the ending considering the core themes of the show itself about learning to live with loss & sacrifice, which were otherwise mostly present in the show and best exemplified in Nina's fate, Ed, Al & Izumi's dabbling to get back what they lost only to suffer more in the process, & of course Maes Hughes' death. A much more appropriate theme for the ending could've been that we are truly only human and thus we are faced with the inevitability that there are some points in our lives where to get what we want, we have to sacrifice something else. In Ed's case, that would have been his pride & naive sense of ethics. The pride that he had only once used human lives as a tool and his naive ethics preventing him from ever using them again no matter what. Now he would have to use them again to save his brother, or that in order to save the world, he'd have to sacrifice Al, but nope. Let's go with the random ass pull so that everyone lives happily ever after.

Also, another random thing about the ending, at least in regards to the english dub.

Winry: Men who just sit around and do nothing are boring.

It might be an obvious, axiomatic statement to make, but that still hurt to hear, Winry. That still hurt. You were so warm & compassionate, but then you go and say something so cruel, judgemental & heartless like that. Why is society so contemptuous of the idle? Even in anime you can't escape hearing this sort of bullshit. Seriously though, why do writers throw lines like these in anyway, when considering that a good portion of the audience are impotent, or otherwise detached, men who can't do anything, but sit around doing nothing? Just feels like an insulting cheap shot is all, flipping off the viewer like that right at the very end. Reminds of that time everybody got upset at that one "Mighty No. 9" trailer for pulling what was relatively the same shit.


I prefer the divergent story of the original anime that culminates in the Conquerer of Shamballa movie.



I've seen some others say the same thing. I've actually never watched the original anime, but perhaps I will at some point, since it'd be interesting to see a different, potentially better take on the ending, as opposed to the rather lackluster & spineless one we see in the manga/brotherhood.


It's awful, way worse than the manga ending.
It's a shounen adventure series. For some reason people seem to really misunderstand FMA and think it's a Shakesprian tragedy or something. It's at least satisfying on a plot level which is more than what most anime get.



Fair enough. FMA:B is the first shounen series I've watched since I was a kid. I was just hoping it wouldn't end like a typical shounen would and, despite the fact that it did, although not very surprising considering its genre, was still somewhat disappointing, when considering some of the decidedly non-shounen themes of what you see prior in the story, or even just the non-shounen nature of the setting itself (alternative fantasy version of Nazi Germany, genocide and all). Either way, people in general seem to describe FMA:B as being the more straightforward shounen of the two, with FMA being more a lot more focused on the grim themes of the plot itself, which I find to be a far more interesting alternative than, "Main character beats up teh bad guy and saves teh world. Everybody then happy forever, teh end.".

As a random aside, I really fucking hope Berserk, assuming it ever gets an ending, doesn't end up like this. Abandoning all of its compelling themes for an empty, bombastic & schmaltzy conclusion. The fact that it's already long slid into shounen territory is enough to essentially confirm that it will, which is really quite sad.


File: 1579355980583-0.jpg (29.53 KB, 369x500, 369:500, 41JPV8I5Y L.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579355980583-1.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 789247598247.png) ImgOps iqdb

-Aku No Hana-

Seems like a lot of people hated this one, but I didn't mind it. Had nice atmosphere and I felt like it it was superior in both that and some other ways as well when compared to the manga. Soundtrack was good too. The rotoscoping didn't really bother me that much and I actually appreciated it for being something different and the fact that it sorta felt more appropriate for the nature of the story. Damn shame there will never be a conclusion to the series and that tease at the end of all the scenes they didn't get to yet just depressed me. It's weird because based on the tease it looks like it's already finished. I wonder if it's just sitting on some hard drive somewhere, or something. Apparently the series sold less than 300 blu-rays, or something like that, which is a pretty crazy flop, I must say.


File: 1579387363820-0.jpg (407.09 KB, 1916x1076, 479:269, Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yu….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1579387363820-1.jpg (553.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Blame! Movie 2017.mkv_snap….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Damn shame there will never be a conclusion to the series
Manga has finished the story…
There's not much to be said about Wolf's children. "Mother's day movie" I'd call it. There was nothing bad/annoying about it which makes it a solid 7/10.

BLAME! sponsored by netflix(tm) was decent too. I have no prior knowledge of the story and movie managed to make everything necessary understandable.
There is a theme connecting this movie with other anime like "succubi last tour", "matrix", texhnolyze, Angel's egg,

let me upvote this and add this little mad theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAbNtzK9Qa4


both the anime adaptation and the live action were unnecessary



>Manga has finished the story…

That's not what I meant. To be more clear, the actual TV series itself will never reach the conclusion of the story outlined in the manga, which I still consider to be a shame.

Really I would've been satisfied if they'd gotten to the point where they both try to kill themselves in front of everyone. Everything after that what was just disappointing/lame and I didn't much care for it. Kasuga's further, bordering on soap opera like, relationshit problems, post time skip, were just boring as hell, especially without Nakamura in the story. On that note, I found the wordless montage ending and Nakamura's fate to both be quite unsatisfying, even if it is somewhat realistic & fitting when it comes to the latter. The fact that she just becomes what is essentially a subdued ghost living with her mother and that she'll spend the rest of her days alone, dissatisfied and unable to find solace in anything, turned out to be way more depressing a turn of events than if she had just simply killed herself, or whatever. The last glimpse we see of her during the montage making up with her dad just seemed like the author desperately trying to give her some sort of "closure event", even though it's clear how little that would've mattered to her in the first place, so it just comes off as forced. The final chapter showing things from Nakamura's perspective was fantastic, though.



The TV series had merit and was even better than the manga in some respects, but the live action film was, I agree, completely unnecessary. Especially since the TV series was already live action in a sense anyway, what with the use of rotoscoping over real actors and all that. As a result, it's kinda hard to classify it as an anime in the traditional sense of the word.


there was no need for an adaptation for Aku no Hana since the series was already heavily inspired by an actual movie, Moonlight Whispers. Then again it was Oshimi Shuzo first 'serious' work

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