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File: 1597842254353.jpg (165.01 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1535849441373.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else at this point where the only anime you have left to see are long running children's' shows, old mecha anime, unsubbed shit, indie shit, anime unavailable on the internet and future/upcoming releases? How do people stick to one medium when it's so limited and scarce?


File: 1597843219281.png (96.37 KB, 225x350, 9:14, XQQsOTp.png) ImgOps iqdb

welcome to anime endgame, you basically realize anime is a shit medium

prepare for ironic weebs to start debating you how you haven't watched the right stuff or enough anime or "its always been like that" strawmans


I might be a little jaded and biased because I have been watching and reading anime/manga for over 10 years now.
I used it as an escape, like I assume a lot of you guys do.. however, I have reached a point to where I have watched way too many shows where there is an absolute drought in original content or ideas.
Im also too old for a LOT of showq that were meant to appeal for teens and young adult.




File: 1597844780989.jpg (380.73 KB, 1240x1240, 1:1, pE07IvyN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Every NEET out there that has enough free time to watch thousands of hours of anime has to learn how to branch out on media consumption. And I mean you have to acquire the taste to appreciate every type of media for what it is and have the eye for the little good things present in everything. It's like Pliny said, There is no book so bad that some good cannot be got out of it. If he was living on our day and age, he would have said media instead of book. Those are the words that pretty much guide my interest in media these days. If you're tired of anime, there are other things out there that you can learn how to appreciate. Movies, literature, comics, manga, video games, paintings and so on. You have to avoid burnout if you're going for the long run on escapism. There's simply too many ideas in media out there, even in anime alone for you to convince me you simply saw everything there was to see. It's impossible. It's your limitation, not anime's. You have to expand and reach out for things you don't care, or you think you don't care. There's always surprises out there. You don't have to stay with anime of course, you can try to read something for a change. Give anime a 4 years cool down and go appreciate something else in the meantime.

That's my advice to you. Listen to Pliny, improve your ability of appreciation for all media and understand you can learn how to enjoy a lot of things you previously considered not for you.


You don’t have to watch anime. If your interest is waning, then just don’t. Also what >>34151 said.


I appreciate the fact you took the time to write this if may not be very helpful to me but hopefully someone else will benefit from it.

It is not that I'm burn out more like that I think the quality is dead in the anime medium and I have already watched most good shows out there I also can't get into modern anime post-2007 I tried watching modern moe, sol romance, shounen, harem/ecchi, isekai, mecha anime etc etc and it is literally just worse produced, written and animated versions of what we had in the past.
Why is this? What the fuck happened to anime like LOGH and Texhnolyze?

And yes I read manga books and watched films much more than anime these days.


>I think the quality is dead in the anime medium
>can't get into modern anime post-2007

Well it's like I said, it's not anime, it's you. Let me put it this way. It's been a couple of years now I'm on a break from anime and I have watched thousands of hours of it by now. Last thing I watched is Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card, the sequel to the original. I heard a lot of people saying exactly what you said now. Old is better, this one is dead and souless, etc. This was 2 years ago and by that time I had already gone "Pliny way" towards media consumption. If you get rid of your prejudices, I guarantee, post-2007 anime is just as decent as the rest of it. I really enjoyed Clear Card and I'm one of the biggest fans of the original you will ever find. New anime is just like old anime, there's good ones and bad ones as usual. I think this is the hardest part to accept is, you're too far gone in your own taste to see something for what really is. That's the trap you have to escape from.

Let me tell you another story, this one goes way back. I guess I'm one of the oldest people in this site, I'll be 34 this year. My brother and I got our first computer in 1997. A year later or so we got into PC gaming. During that time X-COM: Apocalypse had just came out and we played the shit out of that game. Imagine your first experience with a media. It's pure bliss. You have no preconceptions of how a thing should be, everything is new and interesting. That was X-Com: Apoc to me. It was beautiful. Months later while I was still playing the game, we found out about bulletin board forums and imagine my shock when the X-Com community considered Apocalypse to be complete garbage! Those were people older than me that had played the first two games in the series. I didn't even know X-Com was a series back then. Now more than 20 have passed since its release and people really appreciate Apocalypse, it's usually considered up there with the originals. I'm pretty sure a lot of post-2007 anime will be considered really good looking back when people have time to analyse it without prejudice.

When someone tells me everything thing past an arbritrary year is bad, I'm just certain it has nothing to do with the media past that year. It's just the taste you acquired for the stuff you grow up with. I'm old now and I have seen 2 entire anime watchers generation going by (including pre-internet anime watchers and now online anime watchers) and they always consider the stuff they watched first to be better. Sure whatever, most of those people are going to get married and have demanding jobs and whatever, fuck them. But for people like me and probably you, wizards loners, media has a completely different, higher place in our existence. You can't afford to have a limited taste. That's where the Pliny quote comes in. You have to learn how to watch stuff with an open mind.

Right now I'm actually watching Star Trek The Next Generation. The quirky silly TV show. Years ago I would never never never ever have touched something like that. But now I'm actually having a good time with it, believe it or not. I guess if years ago someone would told me that I don't like new anime because of myself and not the actual quality of the shows I would tell the person to fuck off. It's a type of self-taste-awareness that you have to develop for yourself on your own time and if you're a wizard that will have to face "media shortage" you'll learn how to come to terms with it and learn how to enjoy a lot of stuff you previously thought it impossible. I mean I hope that's your case because being able to enjoy more stuff than less stuff is always better.

Eitherway I wish you good luck wizzie, hopefuly you'll find cool stuff to watch soon.


Are you still on your 2 years break?


Yeah. Right now I'm >>>/hob/54909 and for the past month I was going through >>>/hob/54902. Once I finished with that I'll be reading Dune and then go through マギ, a 37 volumes manga, then I don't know, I might pick up some anime, we'll see. I read some wiz saying going mad is the wizard endgame, and I can see that happening but I'm much more optimistic. I think the wizard endgame is to have a life of going through all the media delicacies humanity have put together over the centuries.


I have some questions for you if you do not mind.

1 Im very suprised you been in a 2 years break from anime especially having missed on seasonal new anime or even sequels of older anime you like that have come out in these 2 years.

There is a strong emphasis in the community about having to consume non stop seasonal weekly shows.

2 How much do you consume per day?

you seem to be taking your time and have long term plans despite admiting you ve seen thousands of hours of anime before so i assume you were a non stop all day anime consumer at some oint of your life.


I didn't miss it, I can grab it at some point and watch it. I know they have a new Gegege no Kitarou out now that I definitely want to watch it, also I'm far behind on 2000s Doraemon (Doraemon being my first memory of anime having watched it on TV at age of 4 or so I have a soft spot for it). There's also stuff that I dropped when I was binging few years ago (Danchi Tomoo, Kuragehime) that I definitely want to come back and finish it. I keep a mental list of things, more of less.
>How much do you consume per day?
When I'm not eating, sleeping on in the bathroom I'm probably watching, reading or playing something. I just finished another Star Trek episode as we speak and I downloaded a game called Black Mirror because it looks interesting, maybe I'll be playing that in the upcoming months. Being brutally honest with you, lots of anime eps I did watch more or less on the background. When I sense there's something important coming up I definitely watch it with full attention, but something like DBZ that has lots of filler I definitely don't pay attention when I know for sure it's filler, still I count that as hours watching anime. Pretty sure anyone who watched enough of anything has a good sense to tell when it's filler you don't really need to pay attention to.

>There is a strong emphasis in the community about having to consume non stop seasonal weekly shows.

I don't know what you mean wiz.



>I don't know what you mean wiz.

I meant watching seasonal anime while airing has become a habit for me even if I don't care much about the shows that I'm watching I still watch the episodes on a weekly basis once they get aired and subbed I been like this since 2012 and I cant think of a single season where I did not watch at least two shows while airing

Like I said before I still do it purely out of habit.


Still it shows you have a lot of energy to keep up with everything. No wonder you're considering mostly everything to be shit, you can probably spot every single plot and character trope 10 episodes away. If I were you I would just take a long vacation from anime and come back to it like a month later or so.


Thank you good fellow Wiz.


You got 3 options.
Do the new release grind
Rewatch stuff you already watched from way back but don't remember that well
Or find other supplemental hobbies so you aren't just doing one thing and getting burned out on it.

I mean there is also doing the normie thing of getting involved in the fandom community but I would strongly warn against it. Most fandoms are cancer, especially anime fandoms.

I personally recommend and practice option 3, having other hobbies.
Maybe give anime a rest for a season or two and dive into other hobbies or at the very least other mediums for a bit to relive the burn out.
Then when you start fresh with something that strikes your fancy and reminds you why you fell in love with the medium all over again.

You could also get deeper into the production side of the hobby and nerd out on all the behind the scenes information of projects and studios both of the past and present. Doing so has lead to a deeper appreciation of the art form for me.

Anyways I do wish you luck with your burnout and hope it isn't a bout of depression rearing it's ugly head.


keep up with seasonal stuff and read manga that doesn't have an anime adaptation


Yes I've watched almost 1000 and most of it is trash I've long forgotten.
There's no point in looking into older things because I've already watched the things I could enjoy. All that's left is to watch the 0-2 seasonal not completly garbage animes. Manga is kind of the same.
I haven't been able to find another hobby if anyone was very into anime and found something else to kill time tell me what it is I'd like to give it a try.


>I haven't been able to find another hobby if anyone was very into anime and found something else to kill time tell me what it is I'd like to give it a try.

How about drawing your own anime?


what about visual novels


youtube long game walkthroughs, no commentary


File: 1598052382846.gif (1.95 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1597272120419.gif) ImgOps iqdb

tv shows



I've read 50 or so and dropped a bunch of them. It's hard to invest time on them when they are so long and the start is very rarely not a borefest. Hard to find good vns too.

I'm watching sgdq, these events happen twice a year and since they last an entire week I can get some days of entertainment or use it as background noise.

I can't get into tv shows, they have lot of seasons and the episodes are very long. Doesn't help that it's a very "norm" medium. I tried movies but I lose interest after watching 3 or 4.


Are you sure you don't just have depression or some other mental condition that makes it so you can't enjoy things?


That's The very start of the end


Holly molly i just realized that im doing the same thing!


Ok then…


File: 1603202460434.png (1.26 MB, 1448x614, 724:307, uyctmsc.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

i wished the whole movie would be about just the three walking through the red landscape



now there is mangos and novels but not be that happy, i just finished novels and i just stopped consuming everything, i'm going to real books now while nothing in internet interest me except IBs but i lost that feeling too. I feel will become a normalfag and eventually lost my virginity for have completed the internet


Yeah. I hate the rebuilds, but that brief scene of them walking over the red train tracks looked nice.


yes, but only because my tastes are narrow
I'm just waiting for the new shield hero season, overlord and that slime anime at this point, but I'll probably be dead before that happens


File: 1603570957799.jpg (664.36 KB, 2000x1499, 2000:1499, 600472.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, I have been watching anime for nearly 10 years and have seen hundreds by now and am kind of running out of stuff to watch myself. Fortunately, I will still find some obscure series once in a while that I didn't pay attention to in the past and I can still rewatch shows that I didn't watch with full enjoyment when I watched them for the first time.

The only solution that I have found for the problem, which ties in somewhat with what >>34151 said, is to consume other types of Japanese media to scratch the itch. I have found that Japanese video-games and some live-action movies can give a similar type of enjoyment and immersion as anime so I have been trying those for the last 2 years as well. Even Japanese literature can be worth getting into as an anime fan. I have come to realize that what makes anime good is not the animation but the specific mentality that Japanese artists have and the atmosphere that their works contain, which doesn't have to be exclusive to Japanese animation. Sometimes I will even watch (mini-)documentaries about life in Japan to give me the same feeling I'd get from a slice of life anime.


File: 1603667355253.jpg (688.46 KB, 1400x846, 700:423, 45322390_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

kind of in the same boat, would you care to give some suggestions for anime/live-action/documentaries you still find interesting? I am also running out slowly and spend more time searching than actually watching something, will probably start reading more again. Examples for animation I overlooked for long: Alien 9, NieA Under 7, Wasurenagumo, Cat Soup, the last few years I have also started to appreciate mono no aware themes more like Kino no Tabi, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, succubi Last Tour or live-action-movies like Little Forest, Still Walking, The Taste of Tea, Always: Sunset on Third Street, All About Lily ChouChou etc.

Rewatching shows or movies after a long time is great, apart from forgetting stuff I believe we are changing constantly, and depending on my current situation in life it can happen that I interpret a show completely different than when I first watched it, while there are cases that something ages badly, more often than not it is like a great new experience for me.


File: 1603729051825.jpg (66.14 KB, 500x557, 500:557, 1537699016.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>would you care to give some suggestions for anime/live-action/documentaries you still find interesting?
Anime suggestions are kind of difficult because if you are an experienced watcher, I'd probably mostly give you titles that you have already seen. One of the most underrated anime I have ever seen would be Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran, I don't even think I have ever seen someone mention it online aside from myself, a very enjoyable show and I think the last anime that Madhouse made using cell animation. If you like episodic traveler anime like Mushishi and Kino no Tabi, imagine that, but in comedic form. I think that Shoujo Kakumei Utena is also a very underrated anime, it's not exactly a hidden gem or anything but the animation and ideas behind it are so impressive that I believe it deserves to be mentioned more.
As for anime that I still find interesting in the sense that I can keep getting back to them even after having seen them many times, that would be Evangelion, Lucky Star and the Monogatari series. I re-watch most of those on a yearly basis.

And as for live-action movies, I kind of got into 2000s horror films recently, so far I find them more relaxing to watch than scary. One of them was Noroi, which is a film you can find in its entirety on youtube, it was the first movie I had seen in a long time that I could watch in one go without any breaks.
Love and Pop is also highly worth watching in case you haven't seen that yet. It was directed by Hideaki Anno and is aesthetically very similar to his anime.

Finally, one video-game series that I recently got into which probably comes the closest of any video-game to giving you the feeling of 'playing an anime' is the Yakuza series. You should start with Yakuza 0 if you want to get into it, it's a very impressive game. Outside of the main story, you can do mini-games and side-quests in the specific neighborhood of Tokyo in which it is set and it feels like you are actually walking around in a Japanese city. I guarantee it's a lot of fun and that's coming from someone who for the most part has no interest in video-games.


One anime I forgot to mention that I also find underrated is Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku Hen. The main TV-series it's a prequel to is well-known of course and not really worth watching in my opinion. But this OVA is insanely good and doesn't get mentioned online at all from what I have seen. It took me a long time before I 'discovered' it because I had assumed it would be something similar to the TV show.


File: 1603792598951.jpg (171.5 KB, 1917x799, 1917:799, shikijitsu_04.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran sounds like something for me and I've never heard of it before, will definitely watch it after finishing my current show, thank you!
I knew about Utena which people say is like Evangelion, but never came to it because of it's length, now I will consider it sooner though. Similar to Rurouni Kenshin, a short OVA could be a good entrypoint, wanted to watch the live-action versions, but found out that they are still not finished.

>As for anime that I still find interesting in the sense that I can keep getting back to them even after having seen them many times, that would be Evangelion, Lucky Star and the Monogatari series.

Yeah there are many shows I have to take breaks every episode, but still can watch Eva after all these years in almost one go and not get bored.

Noroi could be something for Halloween, I haven't really gotten into japanese horror, strange considering I like the horror genre and some of the mainstream movies came from Japan, watched The Audition which was ok lately, but the movie Gozu was so weird and interesting if you haven't seen that yet.

Love and Pop got more suspenseful than I thought, Shiki-Jitsu was also weirdly good even though I never cared for arthouse-movies, I believe they shot it in Annos hometown and there was some cool and relaxing cinematography.

Yakuza series looks really fun, in one you can do ridiculous things like singing karaoke with porn actresses I heard, will look for a sale on the ps store then.


File: 1603814567023-0.gif (834.9 KB, 500x203, 500:203, 57d72230bc65717d5b7d186d68….gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603814567023-1.jpg (261.89 KB, 1781x891, 1781:891, aZ9wiq2Kn8wcrwOgkW9rwUgknF….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I knew about Utena which people say is like Evangelion, but never came to it because of it's length, now I will consider it sooner though
I am glad to hear that. In terms of animation/visuals, I'd say it's up there as one of the best anime ever made.
>the movie Gozu was so weird and interesting if you haven't seen that yet.
I did try it a few years ago but dropped it halfway through because it was a bit too nonsensical for my taste. I might give it another try though.
>in one you can do ridiculous things like singing karaoke with porn actresses I heard
Yeah, most of the recent games have a ton of famous porn actresses, 0 has Ai Uehara as a side character later in the game for example. There's also some regular actors that play supporting roles like Takeshi Kitano in Yakuza 6 (I haven't played that one though) and the three antagonists of Yakuza 0 are also played by three actors who are famous for their involvement in crime films.


Have you watched any chinese anime? They're getting to be pretty good now, some of them at least. China's population is over 11 times as big as Japan's so I figure they could end up producing many times as many shows as Japan does currently once their animation industry matures.


>China's population is over 11 times as big as Japan's so I figure they could end up producing many times as many shows as Japan does currently once their animation industry matures
The question is if what they produce will be of the same quality as real anime (Japanese animation). Having more people working on it doesn't mean the product is going to be of high quality.
We don't exactly have a shortage of Japanese shows every season either yet it is obvious that anime has decreased in quality when compared to eras when only a quarter of the current amount of shows would be airing in a given season.


>chinese anime
Maybe in another 20 years because they're still embarrassing now compared to established animation industries like Japan or the west. At least you can watch them for free in bilibili if you know Chinese.


I guess it's a matter of taste. Personally I'm enjoying the chinese anime I'm watching more than any of the Japanese anime I'm watching. I have always been fans of long-running shows with an MC who grows over time that have fights with magic powers and martial arts like naruto and bleach, and I like anime like overlord, code geass, or no game no life where the MC tries to conquer territory and is OP. Chinese anime is very formulaic and unoriginal but this is actually an advantage in my case because they keep making a ton of shows with exactly these things that I like. I also find the shows refreshingly lacking in romance and morally grey/non-pussified. Some guy got some stuff the mc wants and he won't give it to him? That's a killing in a chinese anime, they don't give a fuck. On one hand I can realize that these shows have lots of flaws, but on the other hand I am entertained often more than I would be from watching something "good".


> I have always been fans of long-running shows with an MC who grows over time that have fights with magic powers and martial arts like naruto and bleach and I like anime like overlord, code geass, or no game no life
That's a list of anime I hate (with the exception of Overlord I guess but that was still mediocre imo) so it certainly is about taste. If I want to see a story about a stereotypical good guy beating up a stereotypical bad guy, I could just turn to western media, I like anime that offer an experience which you cannot get from any western show or movie.


>the west

That's the fucking bottom of the barrel of all media if you exclude 3DCGI.


i rewatch a lot of my favorite shows. certain episodes of gintama i rewatch for certain days of the year

i was never much into jrpgs, and while i liked visual novels i just never played many, so im able to fill the void of new anime with other mediums

i refuse to consume anime that doesnt interest me just because there's nothing else left. like another poster said i do occasionally find obscure stuff that flee under my radar but for the most part i'm finished with the categories and themes of anime that interest me most


File: 1603960532218.png (1017.39 KB, 2245x2281, 2245:2281, 71848614_p1.png) ImgOps iqdb

>but dropped it halfway through because it was a bit too nonsensical for my taste.
I think if you didn't like the first half then you probably won't change your mind as the movie only gets weirder, for me the enjoyment came mostly from not knowing what could happen next and wondering what was going on all the time, it basically held my attention because of the silliness.


File: 1603964626852.gif (983.08 KB, 450x338, 225:169, bb44f686e36e9be7aedaa9cae0….gif) ImgOps iqdb

China should produce their own kind of animation (like they do in cgi, which makes sense as japan has outsourced much of their 3d animation to china I believe) and not copy something 1:1, remember all the fake toys like yu-gi-oh-cards from them?
In most cases you can see a clear difference between western and japanese animation, even Avatar while looking animeish was still clearly western. First anime were inspired by disney-animations, but even then you could tell that it had its own style that further evolved over many years, while chinese studios have been known before for picking something established and selling it as their own as it is. I would not measure quantity with quality, having more resources means it's also easier to produce knockoffs, or look at all the TripleA-games that are coming out with an enormous budget and a huge staff, they look so good yet most of them are so similar. Globalism has been changing the tide for a while though, if something becomes popular many want to get in on it, now the whole world is producing anime-style content like all those games that slap an anime-picture on their cover, which strips away the cultural aspect from what made them appealing in the first place. Reading your post it seems that you aquired your taste through these anime that you can now enjoy the chinese ones, and mostly because they are similar in many places.


>I like anime that offer an experience which you cannot get from any western show or movie.
these type of anime end up being too try-hard or end up going full nippon nationalist unless you're talking purely animation then there's still only a handful that fit that criteria

once you watch a few anime from every genre you're interested in they end up being all the same


chinese animation (donghua) is unimpressive for the most part and only had a good run during the 60's. Not really comparable to anime or japanese animation in general. Guess most people will have to wait another decade for them to get good at making shows.


I only watch 80's series.

Touch, HR, Miyuki, Maison Ikkoku every five years or so.


I feel you bro. I just don't feel like any of its worth it anymore. All I've been doing is laying around on my phone. I want to watch anime, but I'm just not happy. The thought of it doesn't spark joy anymore. I've been able to circumvent it somewhat by watching old nestolgic shows, but even then I have to be drunk. I'm afraid of the magic it once had will be gone if I'm not sober. And that's even if I'm in the mood. I have to work up the motivation to go outside for a beer run and chug a few in one sitting. But because I'm already depressed and tired, over half the time I just end up falling asleep and waking up a few hours later with a hangover. Rinse/repeat. I don't know what to so anymore. I'm already on meds. Anime used to make me feel different. It just doesn't anymore.


people who make these threads are always normies who have seen like 200 shows and think that's the entire medium


I'd say you can have seen everything that is genuinely worth watching of the medium if you reach that number. The amount of anime with actual artistic value is extremely low and mostly consists of the 'classics' that everyone knows like Akira or Evangelion.


there's probably 20 anime total that's worth watching and it's all on recommend charts already, anything beyond that is a rehash or some post-2015 zoomer garbage like goblin slayer or succubi last tour


File: 1611843012777.jpg (425.02 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, normalmaxx.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

kindly fuck off


You first, memelord. Normalfags are the ones who only care about seasonal anime.


Of the classics pre-1990 alone there are at least 200 worth watching.


200 isn't even enough to cover the movies and OVAs worth watching, nevermind the tv series

You always reveal yourselves as normies who haven't seen much, which is fine but don't act like you're experts on the medium, learn to shut up about subjects you're not knowledgeable about


>being this desparate to include movies and ovas into your myanimelist profile
the posers always reveal themselves, let me guess you probably have tons of those 3-5min anime as well to boost your watched number?


The least retarded path here is to not try to desperately up yourself over this inane shit. There's still time to not post anymore.
All decent responses OP got were on the same day he opened the thread anyway.


watch more anime before commenting again


the ironic thing is you wouldn't know the difference if i watched 5000 animes or 50 because all anime watchers are posers


whatever man, you sound like an insecure fag to me


>one medium when it's so limited and scarce
They produce the most new cartoon properties out of any other country. I can only think of three or four cartoons that came out in the US last year, and half of them are Indian CGshit made for retarded children


File: 1612544041648.png (299.13 KB, 479x492, 479:492, be5.png) ImgOps iqdb

cope you're just jealous i saw more high quality japanese animation than you have


Does anyone know 'comfy' Japanese documentaries or even youtube channels? I used to binge-watch NHK's Japanology but I have pretty much seen all the episodes now.


I'm back at the point now. A number of good things were made during my last hiatus like that slime anime and overlord and some others. Saw the crap out of those. Went back to MAL and spent like 30 hours googling hundreds of listings, trial-watched a lot of them, it all sucked a panda.

I defaulted to western media recently and actually watching the harry potter flicks. It doesn't get worse than this.


File: 1613162494866.jpg (289.48 KB, 340x501, 340:501, 603TSUKIJI_WONDERLAND.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>>35536 Tsukiji Wonderland. Great documentary, really comfy.


Have you read all HP books?


No. In 2000 I read the first one in a single night, which was probably a little demented of me. The authorship struck me as boring children's literature so I wasn't interested in the rest. Tolkien it was not.


sucks 4 U


yeah I'm really missing out on that mcdonald's literature


I'm desperate for options and I'm really picky. Is votoms worth watching? I found a nyaa torrent with everything but it's 39gb…ugh


In your case I believe it's better to use streaming sites so you can quickly watch and drop a lot of anime. Since you're picky, it seems like a waste to wait for a 40gb torrents that you might not even enjoy.

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