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Bros I need some help. I downloaded this one anime (with english subs) and I can't figure out how to use the english subs. There is a file named: subs.rar in the the file directory but I have tried to paste them out of it (they're called [insert episode name here].ass) and when I use my video player, it has an option (in the subtitle settings) to find a subtitle file so I can play the video with subs. Yet, when I select the file directory, it just says: no subtitle files found. What do I do? This anime pretty high quality and it's very hard to find a torrent(s) of it (with all the seasons) that are still seeded on utorrent. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm stuck


what video player?


Vlc player. It's pretty much th only option I have right now unfortunately because I'm stuck with a phone and my computer (with my internal and external hard drive) is in serious need of fixing right now. Honestly, the computer has so many problems that I'm going to end up just buying a new computer. But the computers at the same specs or higher are literally being sold for $450 when I bought mine new for $250 in 2015 (literally just 4gb of ram and everything). So it's going to be a while before I can save the money to transfer my files to the new one. I'll need to buy new harddrives to store the information as well. All in all, I will need to save up like a grand just to get all my shit back. I am currently using a 256 gb SD card with my phone (I have a couple of them) so I can actually enjoy anime again.



Thanks I guess. Not sure if it's gonna work tho.


Yeah it's not allowing me to even convert them. I'm basically fucked


try mpv


Nvm I found another converter that works but it still won't allow me to use the file in the file directory.
It's not gonna make a difference. I have not had any problems with subtitles with mp4, mkv, etc files yet on this useful (and smooth I may say for myself) app. Maybe using subtitles this way is just not yet supported on vlcs app. I have never had any problems with subtitles that have been encoded on files yet and I don't think I ever will.


>There is a file named: subs.rar in the the file directory but I have tried to paste them out of it
you did unpack the .rar first right? like properly extract the entire contents and operate on the subs within the new extraxted directory.


I'm wondering the same thing since OP posted but refrained to ask because it's such an obvious thing to do. Nobody could be that clueless.


well what i imagine he did was probably double click to open the rar in winrar, and then from there clicked to play the video, which does work for simply playing a video or opening like a text file, etc. if that's true op you will just need to extract the rar first for vlc to find the subtitles


No shitsherlock. Android has winrar too


There is no double click on android. You just click on the app, click on the .rar file, and click the destination path, and then simply press ok.


>Nobody could be that clueless.
The fear of coming across as a retard probably made me an even bigger retard by not asking for help ever. We are out there.


So it fixed the problem?


No it did not and that isn't me.


Welp, I just deleted the anime for a different torrent (this time with english subs in the video files themselves). But, the audio isn't lossless anymore. Ah well. It's still in 1080p


I love Soul Eater Not!

The Pumpkin song was the highlight of my halloween 2018

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