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I don't like making /dep/ressing threads, especially on hobbyist boards like /jp/, but this has been bugging me for a long time now. Japan has always been a hot spot for foreigners, but I've noticed a lot, and I mean A LOT of people trying to invade the country recently. And to make things worse, not only will they eventually flood the gene pool, but they're going to pressure Japanese society into changing their morals as well. Don't think they wont, the Japanese are a very insecure race, especially young people that idolize shitty American pop culture. https://twitter.com/obskyr/status/1274628006103838720.

I'm so scared I'm going to live to see Japan's death before I even get to visit. I wish I could become some sort of stoic wizard samurai and kill any foreigners who plot against the country and its people, spreading propaganda. It infuriates me that eventually SJWs will be normalized in Japan, and people will still deny the fact that Japan will change, saying shit like "nawwww that wont happen" until it does. It happened to the majority of Europe, it'll happen to Nippon too.
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Aniplex doesn't "own" anime, the first owner of anime are the creators and authors. Who very often are the writers of light novels, novels, manga and so on, simply because they are the ones who create the original thing. When the anime itself has not "source material", then the direct creators pass to be the ones involved in the anime studio, while ownership is more complicated to determinate. While in many cases Aniplex has the distribution of some anime, they're not the only one producing it (let alone making it directly, which is on the anime studio).

Good for us, Japan doesn't replicate the way of doing things of the West. In which you will probably be in the right and one company will own almost everything, you like an author will need to comply with whatever crap the company in question comes up, or be shunned.
The way in which Japan does things is not the optimal of the ways, I think it should be more descentralized and more "indie". But it still far away from the nightmare that is the West right now. And that's one of the reason why they have anime in the first place.


They are mainly a publisher.
It is rare that they own the copywrite to the things the publish and executive produce.


The Type 10 tank (10式戦車, Hitomaru-shiki sensha) is interesting.


File: 1621060349780.jpg (612.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the more you know.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The way in which Japan does things is not the optimal of the ways, I think it should be more descentralized
That is actually exactly how they do it. This guy is dumb and almost entirely wrong.

Multiple companies come together and form a production committee, which collectively owns the rights. A given company will put forth a percentage share of the investment cost depending on how they're feeling for the venture, with the company that puts in the most being billed first from the top. Lantis (before it got eaten), for example, as a music company, will be entrusted to handle literally everything music for an anime they are a part of the committee on. Marketing, production, sales, etc etc. Every single thing music. This is the case for any sort of company you can imagine sitting at the table, from licensing, distribution, music/sound, broadcasting, goods production, etc etc. Once they've determined that, they will then contract an animation studio to produce it, provided one isn't at the table ponying up money themselves. In the case of the former, the animation studio doesn't own jackshit and has been paid for their work before they even start doing it and that's it.

This system enables anime to be made on the cheap considering cost per company, and almost guarantees returns even on the shittiest of anime; some portion of it, at least, will probably sell enough to recoup costs, eventually. And if not, it's all whatever, they only paid a portion of the upfront.

It's a fantastic model.


I wasn't saying that Japan didn't have a descentralized model, I said that it should be more descentralized and indie like. Of course the model they have now is good and vastly superior in everything to how things are normally done in the West. What I was saying is that it could be even better by putting even more power in the hands of the artists. I thought I was being very clear with that. So calling me dumb is rude.


File: 1621098832167.gif (868.24 KB, 500x281, 500:281, me and you.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My apologies, I interpreted it as implying there is no decentralization at all.

>What I was saying is that it could be even better by putting even more power in the hands of the artists

Like it or not, anime is made by a multitude of animators that mostly serve as little more than drawing monkeys. Though it's pumped out on the regular, each and every week, it's still gargantuan million dollar projects involving hundreds of people across all sorts of industries. It'd be ludicrous to accredit each and every artist or afford them undue authority. They have a paying job and exposure, what more do you want?

I don't know how it works for manga, but common sense would say they partially or fully sell their rights to the publisher. Makes sense, since the publisher is footing the bill and legwork on getting it out there. It's just business. At least bigwig mangaka can negotiate a more favorable contract though, such as the guy who does HxH, or Eiichiro Oda. At this point, I'm pretty sure Oda can tell Jump to do whatever the fuck he wants and they'll bend over backwards to accommodate.


I'd be careful if I were you. Posting two anime succubi hugging with the filename "me and you" is liable to get a certain caffeinated individual hoppin' mad.




The only Japan I care about is the one from 1968-2003 that I can see on my computer in mangas, movies, shows, etc. So idgaf about the IRL one


Yep. The NEETs, the irrelevant ones. Not the real people who go outside and live day by day or run the country.


This reply is a bit late.
>My apologies
Don't worry.
For the rest of what you say, the thing is simple. Artist are the ones who give us art. With artist we get anime, games, books, and so on, without them, we don't. Suits, in the West, more often than not, are leechers. Again, in Japan things are better (you already gave two examples but they have much more than that, the dōjin scene being a primary example) and suits are maybe not that bad. But still is always important to have everything in it's place. And artists always has a high one.


I wonder how many "k-pop stans" criticize Japanese idols in that manner.


Japan will die soon anyway since they aren't having any kids… infact there are more pets in Japan than kids, imagine that. In a few years they'll have no choice but to import a shitload of immigrants to keep the country running and to pay for the eldery japs. Europe is also going this way but in a slower pace.


How much immigrants do you think needs to be imported to a replace for one of the top ten most populated country? 150 million people and replacement rate is at 1 per 2 person. So import what? Like some 75 million people?
I never understood this immigration meme, its pointless unless you are living in some city state or your population is in few millions like in Canada or Australia where most people live clustered around a tiny strip of land as rest of the region is uninhabitable.
And thats exactly what happens in much of Europe and America. Most of the immigrant population clusters around few cities whose standards of living are rapidly declining due to them reaching peak population capability decades ago.
They might 'impede' the economic decline for some time because the current state of world economy is such that they are focused around a few cities but the0re is no indication they are needed to 'look after the elderly'. Most of the population outside of these few cities too suffer from similar demographic decline and they seems to be getting on well without any need of importing of immigrants.


>american imperialism in europe: bad
Honestly American imperialism in Europe is pretty much the only reason why Eurocucks can act like such insufferable smug liberal idiots. I would love seeing Eurocucks to be abandoned by muttlanders so that they will be left to their own vices and then realize that they aren't so high and mighty as they imagine themselves to be.


File: 1622008354768.jpg (35.85 KB, 421x750, 421:750, c6aa73403a755bbbdcde97d27f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am not sure if the goblina who wrote this is joking or actually do see the uglification of art for the purpose of uniqueness a good thing. Also sexualization of minors is pointless because the story could say they are studying in a college and not minors and I don't think it would impact the show so much or change her reaction to it. Man I miss western cartoons from 90s and 80s which didn't have such blatant uglification.


> Man I miss western cartoons from 90s and 80s which didn't have such blatant uglification.
Because rugrats, rin and stimpy, ah real monsters, etc weren't shows will similar ugly on purpose looks from the 90s

Western animation has always had a huge variation in style from show to show and studio to studio.


Most of the shows you have listed out are comedic and gag based and rarely took itself seriously. I can honestly get behind such a style being used in a gag based show. Even if its anime, such as Shinchan.
I love much of Hanna Barbara shows of that era and most of them were drawn in similar style too.
That is not how much shows these days produced in similar style are, where even serious shows drawn in such a manner. Its such a break of immersion seeing these ugly blobs talk seriously about muh meaning of life and doesn't make me take the show seriously.


>Most of the shows you have listed out are comedic and gag based and rarely took itself seriously.
2 out of 3 of the shows I mentioned do not fit that description.
> I love much of Hanna Barbara shows of that era and most of them were drawn in similar style too.
Doesn't look anything like what you were talking about. Hanna Barbara shows ranged the full gambit of show format and content, with there own very destictive inhouse style that isn't similar to any other studios.

>That is not how much shows these days produced in similar style are, where even serious shows drawn in such a manner.

What shows?
>Its such a break of immersion seeing these ugly blobs talk seriously about muh meaning of life and doesn't make me take the show seriously.
Do you have any examples?

I suspect you are pretty ignorant of western animation in general as your blanket statements seem totally off base and any detail you seem to mention is dead wrong.


Ren and stimpy, ah real monsters, and rugrats were all comedies no?



Japan is a long defeated nation. What happened after WWII was a shame and humiliation that the collective Japanese psyche could never possibly recover from. They recovered economically, yes, massively. But they have been America's cuckold since 1945 with no possible recourse.

The Japanese "culture" that you idolise is really only a small subculture that caters to your particular hobbies and tastes. The average Japanese person secretly despises you, OP. They always have. Who can blame them?


Rin and stimpy was a comedy.
Rugrats was a slice of life/adventure show that didn't stick with a single genera.
Ah real monsters also didn't stick to a defined genera but was closer to kid horror or horror lite then a straight comedy.
Somewhat similar to say monster house.


Rug rats was comedy and hardly SOL from my memory anymore than any other artoons of the time were. True SOL seems to be an anime thing I would love for SOL movies to exist with no active dialogue or plot but maybe nature movies exist where there is no narrator or any real direction and just a display of animals doing their thing.


I would actually agree with him that rugrats is SoL. There's no overarching plot, no goal for the kids to achieve, they just kinda find things to do. However in SoL they usually focus on doing mundane tasks, while in rugrats they go on small adventures as the episode demands.


"Traditional Chinese Culture" was on life support after the May Fourth movement. It didn't take much to finish it off, both in the PRC and ROC.


Qing culture isn't traditional Chinese culture. That's like saying Mughal culture is traditional Hindu culture.


How is it an SOL if they go on adventures? it isn ot like non non biyori where stuff happens but does not happen and is episodic in nature with the show wrapping its self contained story up by the end.


Because they're all toddlers. The adventures they go on are mundane by nature. Only the imagination of the children provides any fantastic elements.


That second run-on sentence was totally scatterbrained.
It has nothing to do with anything and barely makes any sense when self contained.
Are you drinking?

Anyway, slice of life isn't a anime exlusive thing. In-fact I could list several weaster cartoons that could easily fit the bill as SOL.

Doug, Hey Arnold, Arthur, Caillou,Franklin, and the list goes on.

Anyway, rugrats was always more about the babies playing poorly supervised and not about relying on gag comedy.


>Doug, Hey Arnold, Arthur
Nearly everything is a slice of life in your eyes marvel movies are just super hero slice of life come on! how are you deeming them slice of slice when they have plots and forumlaic? Hey Arnold always had a plot and stuff happens.


I am thinking you don't actually know what slice of life even is as a genra.


I watched a lot of SOL whats next you will say Saving private ryan is a slice of life military movie.


Watching something doesn't mean you understand something.
Because clearly you don't.


In that case "Traditional Chinese Culture" died in 1644 when Wu Sangui opened the gates and let the Manchus in.


File: 1622325967753.jpeg (2.27 MB, 4084x5932, 1021:1483, 78534830.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

..b-but it is


That show doesn't have a story structure anyway similar to Saving Private Ryan.


File: 1623326712621.jpg (92.44 KB, 1080x463, 1080:463, 20210610_080414.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Who has the energy to even care about this shit anymore?


Why do normalfags get so upset when they discover that the people who sold themselves for fame and wealth - had to actually give up something in exchange?
Do they really think scouting agencies just pick up random people off the street to make them rich and famous like some kind of Chad/Stacy lottery?


>why do normalfags do X
Good way to find the answer would be to ask normalfags


Did you mean to post this somewhere else?


Even IF some of that happens over time, it will still be worth a visit. Because I don't engage in Japanese politics.
Especially if I'm on a visit there myself. Most things will stay as I know them till I die.

Also this
For me it's the media of the 80s and 90s … till ~2007 or 2010 at maximum. After that, the whole world went bonkers.

And I enjoyed all that was to enjoy and for that I'm greatful. I'm just a Wizard, I take what I get.


File: 1624622951488.jpg (88.78 KB, 815x683, 815:683, MTG22.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

China gonna wreck Japan


Why do you shill for china all over this site?
You ain't even getting payed, it's just sad.


it's not looking good bros https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/


No tanks


File: 1627363526822.png (32.24 KB, 706x883, 706:883, Google and Apple examinati….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Kadokawa had their manga refused by Google's and Apple's examination
>Potentially changing their manga for what considers appropriate or not
I hate this era we live in.


I think it's time for Google and Apple to face examination by the Chinese Public Administration committee. We need a new international standard to ensure the actions and policies of Google align with the values of the world's biggest market in the fight against extremism and exploitation.


One of the main reasons why manga and anime is so beloved outside of Japan is because is literally the opposite of mainstream western crap. And all the fans are aware of this.

Anyone who mess with this is going for one rude awakening.


So that's why new dragon maid has shit design?

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