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A thread for sharing independently animated shorts, music videos, and experimental films from Japan. Any related thoughts or news are welcome.


Puparia, animation by Shingo Tamagawa, music by Steve Reich, 2020-11-20
The dreamlike journey of a pupa


Lagtrain, animation by Nukukunigirimeshi, music by Inabakumori, 2020-07-16
Minimal music video


This is a pretty good blog if you're interested in independent japanese animation OP
I recommend checking this part as well https://www.nishikata-eiga.com/p/best-animation-by.html?m=0


Thanks wiz, this is a good resource. Do you have any favorites?

*Nukunukunigirimeshi (excuse the typo)


I used to be really into Taku Furukawa shorts when I first started getting into independent japanese animation, also Ryu Katou was one of my favorites as well


>succubus doing super peppy moves with a deadpan face
ah yes, that's the stuff


Reincarnation Garden「りんね園」3:46 04-03-2016
Animation by Ayumi Nagaki「永木歩美」music by Naomi Amano「天野直美」

Ryu Katou's later stuff for NHK reminds me of a guy like Cezanne, it's really bright and cheerful


Salmon-chan「シャケちゃん」5:55 10-03-2012
Animation by CreativeLab
Comedy where Salmon-chan attempts to be eaten

A couple of the animators, Rina Iwamoto and Kyohei Konishi, later went to work on anime like Nisekoi and succubi und Panzer.



Tank Grandpa

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