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This is a thread to post anime character songs in.

>What's a character song, wizzie?


Moddess can move this to /music/ if she wants, but I'd wager that the /jp/ audience will be far more receptive to the ultra-moe songs I'm going to post ITT. Plus, it will probably get more contributors if it's on /jp/.



I recently explored the Himouto Umaru-chan music catalog, after watching it slightly over a year ago. The character songs are surprisingly pretty good. Umaru's VA is quite talented, and the instrumentals are well produced. I suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise to me since the franchise did have a live concert component, and I'm guessing was fairly profitable given the show's popularity and cultural footprint. Anyway, I'll be posting my favourite character songs from the franchise. This will include some OP/ED songs since those were sung by the VAs as well.












All done!

I wish I could just upload actual music files instead of linking to things.




St Gloriana's Darjeeling & Orange Pekoe duet.


La Chanson de l'oignon Sung by BC Freedom Academy


Do character themes count?


Gut's Theme then.


Go for it. There is room for everyone!

This is good. I need to sit down sometime and explore the entire GuP musical catalog.


知波単のラバさん ~ Homage of ドリフのラバさん

I like BC Freedom's marching song about… onions >>36751


This entire OST was good, but I think this was my favourite song. It has a bit of an intro, so if you lack patience just skip the first minute and a half.


「Giorno's Theme / Il vento d'oro」JoJo Golden Wind OST

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