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I've been thinking about tackling this monster, over 900 episodes sounds daunting but I figured if I can do a 200 episodes show in about a month it should take less than 6 to catch up with this.
Is it worth it? Or will I waste all that time just to get disappointed by newer seasons?


I would wait if I were you. The author said he already has an ending planned and all will be over by 2024. No use watching everything now and then have to rewatch parts of it just to remember what was going on when the end finally airs.


>will I waste all that time just to get disappointed by newer seasons?
The One Piece anime is a show that outlived the cel era and switched to digital, but the first 200 or so digital episodes are still clean looking. It really does show when a director changes though, especially in the most recent episodes. The Cake Island arc had some of the sloppiest, most dull animation ever, but even that was forgivable since Oda's ugly characters on the island fit right in with it. After that arc and all the backlash it got globally, including Japanese fans, they did a sort of meta art direction change when they reached the current island, which I thought was fitting since it's an old-timey Japanese country of samurai, and the new art is all chalky like an old painting. But they use the style for scenes outside of the island and for important flashbacks too, which I think is just off putting.


I binged the manga recently and it absolutely isn't worth it, it's one of those sunk cost fallacy series where the fans have invested too much time to admit it's just kinda shit and got worse overtime

you could use the time watching One Piece to instead watch 50 actually good series with endings, which is what I suggest doing


Thanks wizzie I was about to start reading it again.

I did not see the appeal it just felt weird to me.


I don’t really see anyone calling the series good anymore after the timeskip so I’m not sure which fans you’re talking about. I still follow it week to week but I would never recommend it to anyone at this point.


>after the timeskip
I'd say the last good arc was water7/ennies lobby where the serie peaks. After that it starts going down, has a small improvement in impel down and then it definitely craps itself forever. I don't think marineford was interesting at all (op fans usually like this arc a lot), it's exactly where the series went to shit trying to cram an insane amount of characters that end up not doing anything and you don't hear of them ever again. This pattern keeps repeating after this point.
The art also changed a lot from the start, it's very hard to tell what's happening in each manga panel, and half of them are character reaction faces or stupid unnecesary dialog.

So, from someone that has been following one piece >15 years, if someone asked me "Should I check one piece?" my answer would be no. I only read the weekly chapter to see the end, if I stopped I'd drop it and not come back to it.


people tend to say One Piece went to shit whenever they had to start reading weekly


File: 1615500425959.png (305 KB, 902x516, 451:258, enelhoi..PNG) ImgOps iqdb


I'm just glad Enel finally returns


Really? Don't think he would be an enemy, since his fruit is useless against Luffy and after his recent power up in observation Haki chances are not looking good for Eneru. Probably will be another ally. If Crocodile could, he can also. Oda loves this enemy turned ally shit.


File: 1615502788832.jpg (85.74 KB, 764x520, 191:130, 34078448_2077697865849070_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

not really, don't believe that Enel will come back helping the Samurai crew to defeat some Big Mama, but he has his moon-army of meerkats, and obviously he will also have had some power-ups, and I like his cover-stories


File: 1615503660079.jpg (110.28 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 93aef5cb5cc53a28c10e1d00f1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

also, if the picture isn't just a coincidence, he seems to play a bigger role in the century of the straw hats


That whole moon cover story seems very strange and right now I am not sure what to make of it. Plus there is that picture with young Blackbeard crying under the moon. It most certainly must be important. I like Eneru though, would be great to see him again. Though I have skimmed through one piece dedicated forums and some people think that it is not Enel, but Toki or whatver her name was, that time manipulating succubus or her daughter.
Actually i have put manga on hold, because constant hiatuses ruin the experience. I think I will wait until the end of Wano and then binge read it.


I tried really hard to like One Piece but just couldn't get into it which I feel guilty about… I liked Naruto and even Bleach more


one piece art is ugly as fuck
the main character and his crew are all boring and one dimensional with 0 growth throughout the series
the villains are all goofy with random super powers
it's only positive is that it's not naruto and bleach but it's def the worst one


The newer seasons are actually fine but there are some really boring arcs out there in the middle somewhere. The filler also sucks and they add in filler to non-filler episodes by just looping scenes so they last 3x how long they should last. I just read the manga instead of watching the show these days because the pace is better. Overall it's the weakest of the big three but still watchable. I probably never would have watched it though if not for some succubus at the pool who was super into it. I really don't understand being into this show, it's just not that good.


if you wanna get into it read the manga, there is a colored version if you're not used to black and white comic


I just watched the first episode, it was pretty decent. Don't know how much more I'm gonna watch, probably until I get bored of it.


I just started from wholecake island and enjoyed it. Kinda got bored after entering wano though.


Links to the colored version? I figured the manga would go by much quicker.

Anyone ever watch the 4Kids dub? Comedy gold.


you can find it on nyaa up to volume 93


I unironically enjoyed the 4kids theme song.
It was cheesey in the best way.


So you did ironically like it. Or are you saying this unironically, post-ironically?


I've been watching One Piece lately, I'm enjoying it. But I have a question: I'm at the Arlong arc, and why the fuck didn't Nami just get a big mob of people and break her mom out of prison? Why did she just let her rot there?


Because shounen powerlevels. Arlong by himself could effortlessly slaughter any number of Murabito A.


File: 1621571793265.png (185.02 KB, 492x496, 123:124, 1609047986861.png) ImgOps iqdb

>why the fuck didn't Nami just get a big mob of people and break her mom out of prison
You responded to his bait, but I don't think you comprehended the bait.


Why does it have to be bait? It's a valid question.


Why do you think it would be so easy to get people to attack a strong gang of pirates who control everyone with force? Most people would know they would get slaughtered against superior fighters and turn her down out of self preservation.


File: 1621598409511.jpg (986.25 KB, 1920x2890, 192:289, bitt-s-art-strawhat-choppe….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tony Tony Chopper is the best one piece character and a certified truwiz. Prove me wrong. Show went downhill after he got killed.


Would an adult Chopper mate with another reindeer or with a human succubus? He is cursed with the human human fruit


File: 1621613459034.png (72.89 KB, 205x270, 41:54, 8CB795A1-77A9-4F70-A586-ED….png) ImgOps iqdb

Chopper belongs to milky


Oh, I forgot about the minks. I guess Chopper is not entirely helpless.


what's weird is that the minks consider themselves the same species as humans, so I wonder if chopper would be able to have babies with a mink or not.


Considering you cannot forcefully remove the power of the fruit from it's user I think Chopper's dna became half human half reindeer so he is basically a mink.


File: 1621698070577.jpg (19.9 KB, 400x280, 10:7, eDHMOLGBtvpReWx-400x400-no….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nigaz see this n be like yea ima watch that looks dope



One Piece anime got peakid in the Water 7 arc. Now the Wano arc looks good too but the animation quality wasn't consistent throught the series.


Is this a frame from one piece?


I like watching the 4kids version best


I like cheese. At least in moderate doses.
It is better then something being campy imo and isn't always bad like corny is.


File: 1622205345750.jpg (72.57 KB, 412x994, 206:497, 0003mtg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Set sail for ONE PIECE


File: 1622327562677.png (2.49 MB, 1324x955, 1324:955, buddhacat.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't like Water 7, guess it was at a point where the whole arc-structure was starting to get repetetive

Really liked the last manga-chapters though, can't wait to see the anime-version
also there was this theory that Usopp will be the one that pacifies Big Mom, and that sounds cool and plausible


I started watching it today got to episode 11 it was fun. I'm gonna try to watch at least 10 episodes a day so it won't take years to catch up


Based neet


I always forget how long this anime is. I got into it a decade ago and back then it was still a lenghty series. It doesn't have to many filler episodes but watch out, there are a few short arcs you can skip because it wasn't in the manga.


What often happens is that the episodes are just constructed with filler. Often time they have like 5 manga pages they need to stretch into ~20 minutes and so everything just happens super slowly.

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