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Use this thread to post how you think anime or manga could be better. Note your criticism of industry trends here and suggest what may improve the medium.

I wish that anime had more varied voice acting as an example.
I think this because JP films have people talking like humans with more character but anime nearly always has the same basic voices for character if not in who does the voices it is how they talk. The problems is not present when watching MOE SOL CGDCT anime because it works to the advantage but sadly when you are watching a serious anime the voice acting can affect the anime badly.


I wish manga and novel adaptions would stop skipping chapters. I'd rather have a 24 episode adaption that's half mundane but potentially interesting dialogue than a 12 episode series that rushes to the point.


wish there were more lighthearted anime for teens+ with all male main casts that don't have any sexual themes or fan service and also isn't about fighting or action-whatever. Osomatsusan is probably the best anime I've seen in a really long time


If you mean like more Chromartie High stuff that deals with actual dude problems like casual gang violence, sports failures, and dealing with trolls on your forum then I agree. If you mean like Azumanga Daiou but rule 63 then no that's pretty bad, really bad.


Usually uncommon artstyles like Kaiji or Ping Pong Animation (Even AOT) mean that the anime is better. Therefore I recommend avoiding anime that looks the same as some other anime.


My bias is bizarre gag comedies. They stopped making them around the 2000s for some reason, and I want more. Apparently a new Di Gi Charat anime is in production, and set to release next year IIRC, but who knows how that'll turn out. The last modern anime that could make me belly laugh was pascal sensei/yokai watch. btw fuck fansubbers for ignoring the new yokai watch anime, it's better than the new seasons of digimon/pokemon combined; which in hindsight isn't saying much, but YW is really good.


Yes like chromartie and like the example osomatsusan which is about a bunch of neet brothers and every episode is a new funny plot. Azumanga isn't really funny at all to me even though its kinda similar comedy/SoL to osomatsu, it's just boring/childish humor


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Rather specific but I absolutely hated Junji itos adaption of no longer human. I waited to read it physically and looked online to see if anyone shared my opinion about how bad it was but only seen people drooling over it and saying it was a masterpiece. The adaption butchered Dazais book and added nothing a shameful dispray was committed and what makes this so much worse is that a brilliant manga adaption already existed. How is Junji scary? he basically plastered the /pol/ nigger face through the whole manga in an effort to be scary. He failed in every respect to make a story that was psychologically compelling and filled with emotions instead making a mockery of the work with manga jump scares every few pages and the plot is a total joke but people love this manga for some reason.
manga is always better than anime as a rule for anything with a good plot. Ping pong is the only anime I can think of that was better animated than as a manga.
>wish there were more lighthearted anime for teens+ with all male main casts that don't have any sexual themes or fan service and also isn't about fighting or action-whatever.
I can agree with this but why not just say you wish anime was actually creative instead of an assortment of tropes and archetypes mashed together every single time.
>Azumanga isn't really funny at all
you dont know how to watch it then. you dont watch it expecting to laugh you watch it while relaxing and giggle


gb2 hand-drawn.


Is that the manga about some kid who gets raped by his foster family or something then becomes an edgelord?


I didn't get very far, but it felt like he was just depicted as a fucked up sociopath, and the author didn't understand Dazai's feelings at all.


No not technically but it is close enough.
it gets worse and worse. I highly suggest reading the other manga adaption. as I said that manga was so shit and it is even insulting at times because it is so bad.
why do you post these gifs every time you post?


Less comedic relief, generally speaking.


I wish anime would ditch the tropes and everything typical to anime except being animated for once. Where is the indie anime that pushes creative boundaries like with film? nearly every single anime is the same exact story. Why don't they make anime out of mishimas novels like the sailor who fell from grace? that is very fitting for an anime.
Haibane renmei was partially inspired by hard boiled winter wonderland another japanese novel… I feel like I have to be a teenager to enjoy anything that is not moe SOL anime now.


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File: 1631516300932-1.jpg (82.69 KB, 1280x874, 640:437, 06becd0d00d7f43c94de5ddf8d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>more varied voice actors
>more willingness to use unconventional art styles even if it means more potential for failure (see pic related)
>more human characters rather than abusing tropes or kids acting like adults and vice versa (see erased, most romcoms, most shounen, made in abyss, promised neverland, tower of god)
>not tropes in general (fall into booba, tsundere, pussy MC, transfer student, MC sitting by wall, cutout shounen hero, overpowered characters, dead parents, villain pussies out, unlock le secret power)


I don't think you guys know what "trope" means…


How about cliche?


Is consumer fatigue present among anyone the casuals as it is with oldfags? Anime should have the potential of all other mediums to tell a story instead of being the designated Other world, ecchi, what have you medium.

I'm aware that producers only produce what consumers want because it is business yet anime has a very limited perspective on itself and the potential.


The only limit is what you look for. No one thinks that all movies are marvel superheroes but that’s undeniably the most popular. There’s plenty of anime that do different things, just stop trying to find it in the deluge of seasonal watch-and-forget titles.


this is bullshit though because the amount of anime that is not typical anime. there is much more variance among movies or books obviously than anime.


your'e taking the piss or what being a right fucker if you think I am only watching seasonal anime.


File: 1631638381777.jpg (231.54 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 4574573.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's something special about the late 20th century era of Japanese animation studios. The fact that so many of them were basically cramped drawing spaces for otaku and creative minds really shows in a lot of classic anime. Now that every anime studio can afford computers, PCs basically do all the heavy lifting in every way. It's not as bad as the American animation industry of course, but it's definitely deteriorating, which is why this thread exists.


Isn't all anime seasonal anime? Unless indie anime released on DVD that never sell more than 10 copies doesn't count


cliches is what i mean


It is more than means of production it is the culture as well within the anime community also. People don't watch anime to see stories they watch it to see the same few stories told in the same few ways and if you try anything new be sure it is exaggerated to the extreme.

How are normalfags content consuming the same school setting romance comedy onii-san bullshit or SAO type shit non stop for the past 10 years?


>the anime community
I don't think there's such a thing. There's entire communities based on different genres of anime, including some kinks like ryona or yuri that have its place in quite a few anime. Unless you're referring to the same
>normalfags content consuming the same school setting romance comedy onii-san bullshit or SAO type shit non stop for the past 10 years
-but those people shouldn't count since they have nothing to do with the Japanese anime market


yurifag here and yuri is looking more promising than any other anime genre now besides SOL moe.
>-but those people shouldn't count since they have nothing to do with the Japanese anime market
even if western normalfags are not influencing content the result is the same. it is the community whatever it is


anime died in 2015, around that time a bunch of different things happened like sub groups dying off and anime production companies have been shutting down as well
the changes in audience have been subtly more normalfaggish as the years go, a YouTube video essay on anime would get millions of views, even niggers started parading around in Akatsuki cloaks and making jutsu with their hands

animation itself has taken a nosedive in quality, with even the most funded "quality" anime being nothing more than a few slideshows with talking mouths and a 1-2 minute "sakuga" every 5 or so episodes
digital art looks awful in anime and so does CG animation - everything looks fake and plastic now and morons with no taste eat that shit up
shading and color palettes are a thing of the past now everything is super shiny now to appease the zoomers - the skin shines, the eyes glow, a random object in the background will be extremely detailed yet the characters themselves will have a single stroke triangle for a nose

what was once a restaurant with all sorts of full course meals to choose from became a trashy dive bar you pop into once or twice a year to get a beer in


File: 1633302026272.jpg (46.96 KB, 595x367, 595:367, 20211003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Very simple. Actually give the animation studio time & money to do anime right. Image as example.


File: 1635617806674.jpg (17.99 KB, 220x266, 110:133, Hideaki_Anno_cropped_1_Hid….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

isekais are an example. there are literally hundreds of mangas that refer to the genre itself and that work only with that (and it is a genre that appeared about 10 years ago)


>(and it is a genre that appeared about 10 years ago)
This is comically wrong but whatever.

I think as directors, show runners, and key animators get better at digital compositing and using technology they will be able to produce higher quality animation on tv/ova budgets. If they also do what the west does and simplify designs then full fluid animation at all times and over indulgent action scenes can be accomplished on a very low budget, allowing animators to be payed and treated better.
Better pay and treatment would attract more talent. Lower production cost would mean studios would be more willing to take risk on different ideas.
I think overall this would lead to more creative freedom overall.
While it might not necessarily lead to better overall quality, it will almost certainly help with the problem of overly similar shows chasing a trend coming out season after season for years with little to no creativity.

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