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I was wondering if anyone here is watching vtubers, and if so who is your favorite? I'm into Gura, and on the Niji side Rosemi and Petra primarily. I also enjoy Pippa from Phase Connect.

Here's what I wanted to ask - is there a /vt/ board on any other site than 4shit? The mods there do absolutely nothing to maintain quality.


>I was wondering if anyone here is watching vtubers
I personally don't. I think they're just a fad, similar to FiM when image macros and references of that cartoon were spammed to death, and got so massively popular that 4chan mods that happened to also be fans of the craze caved and added a board dedicated to them. But unlike My Little Pony: Hasbro's IP's have no Expiration, these vtuber things will probably all die off at the same time once the youth that adore them so much hop on to the next bandwagon.
>is there a /vt/ board on any other site than 4shit
I feel like that's so obviously inevitable that there's no reason to complain. Think about it, there's so many of these streamers that the only 'tubers that get constant attention are the big digi-idol groups with millions of fans. There's just too many of them to discuss without the imageboard software crashing.


>I think they're just a fad
I thought so too, but from casually hearing the drama about them over the years, I've begun to realize just how fucking many people take them ultra serious. Even if it's just zoomers who will grow out of it from the Western side (and I don't agree that they will), there will always be tons of Chinks and Nips who love them to death and will never ever let the concept die out. Vtubers are here to stay and only going to get more numerous.


i think vtubers is the point where i started sympathizing with boomers who think zoomers are retarded


I like Gura but dont really watch any Vtubers. The only ever donation I made was to a vtuber after incredible gameplay because I was really entertained.

Gura is so cute I love that image you posted! she is the loli shark AAA


disgusting form of simping but with a pretty avatar to delude animefags


File: 1632490768107.jpg (1.75 MB, 1670x5283, 1670:5283, 1630075981377.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Aren't VTubers just 3dpd behind a program that make them look like 2d anime succubi? Isn't this VTuber fad just another step for people to donate money to them? The only reason this got popular is because of the anime avatars that they use.


Yeah but they will pretend it isn't, will compare it to anime characters having voice actors, will claim they just like the gameplay. It's a whole new level of delusion. The thing is it doesn't matter if it's just voice and an avatar, in MMO games just a voice and an avatar is enough for thirsty crabs to pile on any random female


File: 1632494246698.jpg (348.61 KB, 1507x2156, 137:196, 1607905330250.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Love vtubers especially Gawr Gura. It's fun watching them play video games I already played or watch movies with them.

I am fully aware it's just a suc behind an anime avatar but I don't see how it's different from actual anime. I don't care about who the voice is behind the cute avatar.


there is nothing wrong with being a fan of a VTer. They are in character and good at games or entertaining, I do not even watch Vtubers but I think it is fine as long as people like th echaracter and they do not see them as 3DPD


Weebs that see a problem with twitch thots but don't see a problem with v-tubers are disgusting.
They say 3DPD, yet they simp for shoddy attempts at concealing 3DPD with 2D.


>I am fully aware it's just a suc behind an anime avatar but I don't see how it's different from actual anime
It's a 3d female trying to get your money retard



I'm going to consider this 3D, you can object on /meta/ if you want.

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