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File: 1646963693488.png (23.09 KB, 501x820, 501:820, 164695843810.png) ImgOps iqdb


But now that I'm done I'm depressed man
I felt so good, y'know? Not caring about normals and stuff
I love her


I have a similar feeling of attraction to anthro women, and a categorical disinterest in 3d human women.


The spill the sauce OP, I could use some of what you're having.


I guess that's for the better in our case

"Komi San Cat communicate"
It sort of ruined my expectations you know?
Knowing that real succubi won't be able to be like Komi kind of turned me off eternally


Looks interesting, I'll give it a read. Out of curiosity I read a quick synopsis and ah, beautiful succubus with social anxiety. I see, yeah there's never going to be a real life succubus like this. All succubi with social anxiety, especially if they're just at least 5/10, will quickly grow out of it. The mythos of a shy innocent waifu is but a fleeting dream.


Daily reminder that she is not real


Could have sworn we just had a thread about this topic.

Wonder what more can really be said that hasn't already been said.


They know and prefer it that way.


He's having a newbie delusion. OP will completely lose interest in the series and in a few weeks will barely remember he ever read the thing at all and wonder why he thought this was even good in the first place. Unfortunately I know all to well how this works. I mean, you can still enjoy as one more shonen taking place in highschool, it's not bad at that.


The author butchered the art late in the manga, now I hate it


post example


Yeah, that's the point.

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