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2chan? I dont speak japanese at all,0 knowledge. But I want to ask a couple of (sociology-related)questions to a rather large group of japanese-born hikkis and neets,etc.
where do I go to,how do I introduce myself there to avoid glowing? im interested in a "native hikki" views on buddhism-celibacy relationship,and also on general japanese paradise-depression contrast.


If you don’t speak any Japanese how the fuck do you intend on communicating? Google translate?


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>buddhism-celibacy relationship
While you're at it, please also ask them about the buddhist commitment to not hurt any living being versus the buddhist priests wearing silk robes, the silk being obtained by boiling silkworms alive. I've always been interested in an answer from a native.


Buddhism came from india before being basardized into whatever shit they turned it into.


Bhuddism is a very sloppy and laughable culture but it did come from China.


a lot of them speak English too.


What's with the amount of threads here that are like "I wanna speak with japanese people but I don't know shit about japanese".
In any case 2chan does have a hikikomori board, but people there tend to be very closed off and they will know if you're using an online translator to communicate with them. They will probably assume you're korean and tell you to fuck off.


Buddhism comes from India and spread to China via Central Asia. From there it spread to Japan ect. in East Asia.


There is a thread dedicated to chatting in English on 2chan's hikikomori board.
Maybe you can write there.



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>my anus is very horny now
This thread is wonderful.

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