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for now theres only 1 % of immigrants in japan but there could be more next years. I think it is problematic 1nd will degrade japan. who agrree?


Low levels of admixture will get absorbed in a generation through marriage and is in some respects eugenic depending on the populations involved.


>Over 10% non-white population in major western countries
I sleep
>1% mostly East Asian immigrants in Japan
Real shit


I need more answers


yeah i often worry about the structure of society in a small island nation half way across the world. it really keeps me up at night!


it does


I honestly couldn't care the fuck less.


I mean if an epidemic breaks out that starts killing all the japs we'll be thankful there's a few mixed race ones there to slow it down some. I mean a fungus killed off all our bananas about 70 years ago, imagine if the island responsible for all the anime and porn got fungicided.


A society that is ruled by laws can welcome anyone who is willing to agree to follow those laws. If they are doing things that are disruptive to your society that is a problem with your legal system that you can fix by simply outlawing whatever they are doing that is harmful.



why did you enter a thread of people who care? do by chance care a little?


No, I don't think i will.


Bait thread

I will say that if I was in a trade that was in demand there and spoke the language I would be tempted to move to one of those small villages with the free/ultra cheep houses. But I am not even sure foreigners can own real estate properly over there.

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