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File: 1550995630709.jpg (227.32 KB, 2048x1531, 2048:1531, dogwiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What's it like to have a dog? Do they make good companions? Do they give your life meaning? Are they loyal? Do they help with bad feels?


They're nice. I guess especially when you're a kid, since dogs are more willing to play. I'm more of a cat person now though.


I find dogs cute but I worry about germs from outside they spread all over your room.


File: 1551006778062.jpg (4.41 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20190209_180742.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dogs make great and loyal companions. If I didn't have a dog throughout my life to ground me in reality I think I would be completely insane now. So if you're someone like me who gets tired of being around other people but still needs some companionship then a dog is perfect to have.

Looking after a dog can be a lot of work though and can cost quite a bit in time and money so if you're particularly lazy or don't have any extra money then it's not going to work out. There's dog food, booster shots, walks everyday and so.

But if you're a NEET with spare money who spends most of the day inside and going exploring once a day along creeks and through parks and parts of your neighbourhood you never visit with a loyal companion who keeps people away just with their presence and can rip apart any trouble makers sounds like fun then a dog really is great to have.


wouldn't mind having an anthropomorphic dog


Dogs are shit. You have to walk them or they go crazy, you have to buy tons of food which they will shit out on your carpet.

Unless you're a hyperactive normgroid, a cat is much less maintenance while being much cuter and fitting your low energy personality as a wiz.


I honestly don't know how the fuck a "lazy" and SEEMINGLY "uncaring" person who is also a "pessimist" and somewhat anxious CAN take GOOD care of a dog.


File: 1551014894984.png (221.47 KB, 612x433, 612:433, hey buddy.png) ImgOps iqdb

/dep/ is 2 boards down, wizkid.


File: 1551015258789.jpg (338.87 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, fdcfd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>a cat is much less maintenance while being much cuter



>What's it like to have a dog?
Like a chore that lasts as long as the dog is alive.

>Do they make good companions?

As much as a 1y old child make a good conpanion, as in your "companion" is a creature completely dependent on you 24/7 and all it can really do is cry when it wants something.

>Do they give your life meaning?

It gives you a 24/7 caretaking job you have to pay for with time and money, no vacation.

>Are they loyal?

Yeah in the sense that it depends on you for everything, they stick around.

>Do they help with bad feels?

They bring in their own problems and now your brain has more shit to deal with.

>especially when you're a kid
that's because when you are a kid you're not the one actually taking care of the dog, your parents are.

And fur and drool and all the shit it sticks in them when they go out.

>Looking after a dog can be a lot of work though and can cost quite a bit in time and money so if you're particularly lazy or don't have any extra money then it's not going to work out. There's dog food, booster shots, walks everyday and
aand the older your dog gets the more expensive it is, they have diseases like all living things, they suffer, need medical care and on top of everything you end up becoming a nurse of sorts.

Don't fall for that, cats are less dependent only slightly, you don't have to walk then sure, the rest is the same.

Yup, a pet is not going to solve your problems, it just going to add problems to the ones you already have.



File: 1551026072652.jpg (87.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 126338885768.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When you're a kid a dog is a very fun pal that can play with you. If you're an active adult a dog might be a nice companion, but usually when you stop being a child you get a bit lazier and a dog needs more attention than you're willing to give. In those cases it's actually better to have more than one dog so they can give each other attention, but that requires more care in other ways.

My family has dogs and a cat. The cat likes me and I like the cat, she's very playful and curious even though she's already an older adult. She'll often come to my room when she wants to play with me, to ask for some petting or to sleep.

Pets are a nice thing to have if you want some company and can care for them. It's a long term commitment though.


get a fox kun


File: 1551037692309.jpg (44.56 KB, 512x512, 1:1, foxkun.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


punyaaaa? :3


Dogs are stupidly needy. Small breeds are a nightmare.


get homeless neets instead



Dogs are a responsibility. If you are the kind of wizard that hates responsibility then owning a dog probably isn't for you. If you are a wizard that is responsible then you would probably enjoy a dog as a animal companion.
It is also a really good idea to find out if you are allergic to them before you seriously consider getting one.


Foxes shouln't be pets. They are wild animals that can not be truly domesticated.


Domesticated foxes exist, and they can be made even more domestic.


those aren't actually domesticated yet, but if the breeding program continues eventually they will probably reach that point, based off all the anecdotes of them still being wild animals by smarter people than me

depends on the dog, but they are a real pain the ass generally when compared to cats. every dog i've had has no control over food, so it will eat forever, this means you have to regularly feed it as opposed to just filing a bowl with cat food for cats. every dog i've had also constantly needs attention, requires being let in/out multiple times a day, walking, and depending on the breed, or rather BECAUSE of their breed (many breeds are inbred to the point of developing health disorders, but this results in their characteristic looks, such as tiny snout, midget legs, etc), they will be plagued with nonsense health disorders, hip dysplasia, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, snoring, eyes popping from their sockets, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, wobbly kneecaps, cancer, backproblems, heart conditions, virtually every breed has some fucked up disorder. cats aren't different, but the magnitude is much less. dogs are probably better for helping you feel less lonely and sad than a cat though


>Domesticated foxes exist
No they don't and you don't know what domestication is if you think so.


he's just using the what the people selling the foxes call them. i don't think anyone actually considers them domesticated. my guess is they are domesticated enough, compared to the original foxes, that they can get away with calling them domesticated and sell them to continue the breeding program in hopes of actually domesticating them


You are making a lot of assumptions on his behave and giving him way too much credit by fabricating excuses for him.


it's a very safe assumption considering it's literally what they are called, domesticated silver foxes, and so everyone thinks they are domestic


Tell me why they aren’t then.


not him but i take back what i said >>214257 >>214251

it seems domestication doesn't have as big a requirement as i thought, or just things sufficiently tame can be considered domestic, whether or not this info is true https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_domesticated_animals


Dog's are great. They are high maintenance though (unless you get a greyhound), which I presume faggots like you are not willing to take on. If you want a pet to feel less alone, get a cat


This photo is lewd. If a male cat raped my mouth with its spiked dick in my sleep would I no longer be a wizard?


Molestation steals your mana so probably.


>What's it like to have a dog?
Like living with an animal in the house
>Do they make good companions?
Yes. A well kept dog will always have your back and they will do things like let you know if someone is snooping around your property and may even engage an intruder.
>Do they give your life meaning?
No, don't be stupid.
Well maybe if you're one of those people that REALLY like dogs and obtain a whole pack of them.
>Are they loyal?
Fiercely so. I would trust a dog far more than any human.
>Do they help with bad feels?
Yes, and they can sense when you aren't feeling well and do whatever they can to help.

I wouldn't own a dog if I lived in a city though, for its sake and mine. Having at least a fenced yard for them to run around in is a necessity as far as I'm concerned. People that buy a dog and chain it up in their yard for its entire life are disgusting.
A dog feels more like a partner, a cat feels more like a succubus in the house freeloading off you and acting like you should be grateful.


Cat is the jew of the animal realm and a flagship animal of reddit. Only a faggot would consider getting one.


how does that shit website matter in any way for pet considerations


I don't know what a cat did to you guys but the cats that my family owned were real assets when it came to pest control. Very cuddly and cute when not hunting mice and other pest as well. Plus self sufficient for the most part and not overly clingy. Would only bug you if it's water dish was empty or it caught a especially big mouse and wanted to show off for a treat and head rub. Very good kitty.


File: 1554461569614.jpg (69.23 KB, 400x487, 400:487, 1550691581488.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Their nature is to be overly reliant and need supervision. Even the smartest breeds are neurotic, whiny, and prone to running away or being injured. They'll eat until they are sick, they will eat feces, they will eat poisonous plants and animals. They are incredibly prone to disease and parasites. They are dirty and difficult to clean. It takes lots of time and focus to train them correctly to do basic things and many people are too lazy to even do that.

Small breeds have major genetic defects and should not exist. Working breeds are good, but some are not suitable for a low energy lifestyle.

The worst part of having a dog is that they get old and die really quickly. For a time they entertain you with their youthfulness, then all of a sudden are reminding you of your own mortality with their aching joints, cataracts and other medical issues. My first dog, a collie, ran laps around the yard and chased our cats for 10 years, then suddenly started limping the same path and finally just rested in a shaded corner and withered away before I knew it. It hit me harder than when family died.


what would you do with a foxx kun?


Seems very relaxing to pet a dog at the end of a long day.


Better cats, their saliva is antiseptic and sometimes they can afford their own food. They don't make noises and have better manners than dogs.

>Unless you're a hyperactive normgroid, a cat is much less maintenance while being much cuter and fitting your low energy personality as a wiz.

Couldn't have said it in a better way.



a cat will absolutely break every single thing you own. Wathever you buy prepare it to have it knoced over, scrathed, bit, or pissed on.




Absolutely hilarious, thanks for the laugh wizzie!


>>218366 in 65+ years of being around/having dozens of cats i have NEVER had a thing broken.
clawed yes, broken, no.
oh i did have 1 cat jumped on a table and land in the middle of a fresh unboxed large all meat pizza. the look on her face was priceless.
her cute little face had a perfect wtf/embarrassment look .
i sat her down, cleaned her paws and gave her her own slice.
She always got on a chair and checked the table top after the experience. i miss her even now 30 years later.


At least your cat learned from experience.
I had a cat that kept falling into the toilet and washing machine then left wet paw prints of shame where it went into a corner to clean its self off after fucking up.
Though it did learn not to sleep in the dryer after someone threw a load of wet cloths on her.



Foxes can be domesticated, they just won't act like dogs.


you bring up a lot of good points about dogs being overly reliant and stupid animals. but, overall, a well-trained dog makes a fantastic companion.


What's it like to have a dog?
Pretty cool, but also a chore.
>Do they make good companions?
Better than humans for sure, but it's still just a beast.
>Do they give your life meaning?
Reason to go out, but at the same time they kind of keep you home, you're not free, unless it can go everywhere with you (it can't)
>Are they loyal?
Mostly, but again, it's just a beast. Chasing wild animals, getting pissed of at wolf-related breeds and eating random crap she finds in a forest is more important.
>Do they help with bad feels?
Yeah, she's genuinely happy to see me, especially if I want to pet her or walk her outside.
It probably depends on the breed. If you're a shut-in, having a pet is therapeutic. If you're a vagabond, it's better to be alone.


Its pretty awesome if you're not too lazy and the dog isn't a menace with bad habits. Compatibility is key.

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