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No one under 100 kg is allowed. This is a safespace and no bully zone for us fat wizards.

Fat and proud, post about how awesome being fat is and how it scares away normies and how food is better than drugs.


Food is better than drugs.
I think the casual weed smoker is quite childish, running away from his problems and his self, and needs more stuff to tolerste himself than I, who eats for the same reason. Also i hate my fat but i am too lazy to lose it. I hate every part of me to be honest. This is my first post in a while. I am angry with myself because i treat my family like shit they alk want my best but i always push them away. To be honest IM FUCKING TIRED I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER BUT I DONT WANNA SUICIDE. GOD. WHY. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I DESPISE THE FACT THAT I EXIST AND BREATH. :-)


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Fat wizards run this site.




Drinking a big glass of cold water after three days of binging is the best thing.


4 days ago I decided I was a useless subhuman and that punishment is in order. I haven't eaten anything since and I won't until I decide whether I truly want to die or not which will be in 3-4 weeks when the hunger strike starts taking its toll. Maybe if I lose 20 lbs or so I'll decide to continue living depending on how much better I feel. I have to say I finally feel good. I'm no longer hungry. I feel completely empty and it's a great feeling.


At least the casual smokers are not fat


I feel your pain. There are many more like you, let at least that fact be of somewhat comfort to you.

It'll all end one day and we'll finally rest, for eternity.


> Stupid
> 108 iq
Wow nice humble bragging


File: 1500380765864.jpg (139.33 KB, 1920x1080, 1495221384420.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love you anon :-). Oh how i wait for that day when I will jst seize to exist. Finally sweet relief, peace silence beyond words.
I thought i had 127 when in 8th grade i took a proper one but i remembered i copied the math answers from my mate until recently i had the courage to do 1 more. I was tired and angry and it turned out 97. I was absolutely torn apart. I have no words. That was the last thing i identified with. Somewhat intelligent. And that thing was taken away from me that day. I have no real interest i can't​ talk about anything…no knowledge… I don't even know how my life passes…. I don't do shit but play Heroes of the storm aimlessly, so I don't feel the time passing or Black dessert online which i dropped recently because i got tilted. Maybe you know how is it to not find yourself in anything and the thing that you thought is you is taken away. I kept falsely pursuing the thought that maybe i want to be a musician and i failed or i like nature which turned out to be false. I have nothing to live for. I feel nothing about my family. It hurts man. Its not something i was bragging about. Man it fucking hurts to the bone. To the core of what i call my existence. Its not something i will ever brag about anymore. Its gone. Forever. It wasnt even here. I was anchored in an illusion. Fuck me. I think noone and nothing can help me anymore. Im not sure i want to be helped. For the first time i write those words and i dont want any help. Im at peace with this hell im living. Its mine at least :( I really do hope you will make it someday. Al of you. From the bottom of my heart.


Iq is just iq. If its not above 130 its basically useless.


File: 1500386743326.jpg (162.64 KB, 632x620, FATWIZARDlogo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You can't be a wizard unless you're fat. Being fat pretty much ensures you will stay a volcel forever unlike the skinny incel late bloomers.


t. American


File: 1500394298319.jpg (129.22 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

420lb wiz here, probably a bit less now.

Food is fucking amazing. I lost weight and went to the gym when I was a lot younger, I got absolutely no positive outcomes from it; Socrates quotes can go in to the trash. I got fatter than ever after spending 100s of hours on false promises from norman society with no results. Never been addicted to alcohol, never got addicted to drugs. I tried a number of drugs explicitly to replace food or suppress hunger - marijuana, mdma, speed - none of them stuck. Food to me is better than anything else.

Being this fat isn't awesome, the sleep apnea has a serious impact on my life and that's the only reason I'm losing weight. Up until I was like 300-350lbs I didn't really care, I wageslaved around that weight for 8 hours a night in a warehouse and it wasn't terrible. I still don't have any metabolic disorders or anything beyond the sleep apnea. I always intended on suicide after my mother died anyway.

Sacrificing my only pleasure so I don't get a beating from the norman hordes when I go outside is a bad trade, I'd rather just be a proper reclusive outcast wizard. Seeing people in communities of "outcasts" still cling to norman value systems around fat people is kind of sad, it's a good way to spot people who will become normans when they can though.

I've made some progress with my suicidal depression lately which has stopped the constant, incessant, and uncontrollable hunger. I'm no longer shoving thousands of calories of rice, beans, and vegetables down my throat every day to satisfy the hungry void. As soon as I'm down to a weight where my sleep apnea isn't a problem again I'll be eating tasty food with near orgasmic guilt free glee :)

One day there will be a wizard feasting hall and it'll be glorious.


Fapping is better than eating, you can fap even when you're hungry, check mate, Obwiz.


>Wizard fasting hall

Oh. OH.


>fapping is better than eating
You just haven't sampled the right cuisine yet, my wiz.


File: 1500410239998.jpg (80.55 KB, 640x480, mgs2_55_637.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This wizard had it figured it out.



You haven't unlocked the unlimited pleasure that's hidden in your rod.


Who would win: lardwiz vs gymwiz?

Lardwiz could potentially crush gymwiz's head under his big man titty, but gymwiz could just counter with calling lardwiz a "fatfuck" which would highly demotivate him to fight.


It would be like hitting rubber, all the attacks would be deflected.


both are too lazy to attack the other and so its a stalemate resulting in nothing happening.
its too tiresome to start a fight.



In a period of starvation, lardwiz would win because he has copious reserves of fat to sustain himself.


I feel like I should be allowed because I'm 4'4" and 180.
I just don't care anymore, I feel fine.
Doesn't matter.



4'4" , wow that's small.

You should write a post someday describing your experiences. What life is like at that height. Im sure a lot of curious wiz would like to hear about it.


yeah, maybe in a few days.
I'll type a journal post out or something.


IQ is meaningless regardless. The best way to lower it is by freaking out over it and depressing yourself. Because that can have an almost irrevocable effect on you and make you more retarded than you already are. I think the IQ obsessed mongoloids just need to ignore it. If you need intelligence for something, you will adapt. Otherwise, who gives a shit.


File: 1500469766299.jpg (220.66 KB, 761x598, fat wiz title.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Time to bake a pizza


hope you enjoy my fellow fatwiz


File: 1500476175086.jpg (13.67 KB, 201x251, images (80).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Question to fat wizards from average wiz.

How do you guys fap? Is that difficult to reach the dick? Does it seem smaller because of the bigger body, like bodybuilders?

Are there problems with sweat and skin attrition? Does it hurt or form wounds?


100kg = 220lbs in burgerland

I weigh 100 more pounds than that



It is easy to fap. Dick definitely looks a lot smaller in the mirror, though.

I sweat like a pig whenever it is moderately warm. Other than making my shirts gross, there are no other problems.

I've only been fat for about 2 years, though. The issues that come from chronic fatassery have yet to hit me.


How long have you guys been fat?
I have no memories of being a normal weight. As soon as I could walk I would eat anything I could find. My parents tried to stop me but nothing worked, I have always been a compulsive over eater. I was over 50kg as a six year old. I am now in my mid twenties and weigh about 140kg.

I would like to be a normal weight at some point before I die. I just want to know what it feels like.


I've been fat for most of my life. I eat when I'm bored and have little willpower when shopping. I have dropped 100 to 150lbs a couple times on low carb.

16: 230
19: 295 (sophomore year of college)
20: 205 (joined Air Force)
24: 235 (left Air Force)
25: 290 (went back to college)
28: 155 (6 months of unemployment after graduation)
33: 260 (5 years of wageslaving)
36: 350+ (3 more years of wageslaving)

Mass gives a big advantage until they get you on the ground. I was in much better shape at my lower weights and it was much easier for my dad to push me around.


File: 1500487370303-0.jpg (14.8 KB, 324x324, IMG_0823.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>That feel when you're not 100kgs or over anymore and you can't post on this thread



File: 1500488197932.png (47.96 KB, 300x100, 1474215480231-0.png) ImgOps iqdb


just roleplay


But it makes me sad


They let you be 200lbs in the military? I know the AF doesn't have the highest physical standards, but unless you're 6'3, 200lbs is a lot.


>No one under 100 kg is allowed.
i don't think i'm there yet, but it's approaching fast. what do you guys think about fasting(vid related)? i can't imagine not eating even for 24 hours, so instead i tried to eat only at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00 meaning i don't eat for 18 hours straight which kinda counts as fasting. i have no means to measure my weight, so who knows if it will work, but i noticed that i can't eat as much as i used to, especially sweets. also, you can drink cofee(without sugar i assume) at any time or even add salt to water if you crave it that much.
it would be interesting to hear from someone who tried fasting for longer periods.


File: 1500557417974.jpg (95.71 KB, 480x678, d8859bc42e9cbb63e24604f873….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>by 2 skinny gaylords

If you want to know about muscle loss in different lifestyles and diets, better listen to a bodybuilder, their lives depend on their bodies.


How about you listen to the scientific literature instead of some roided up chads?



I would rather listen to roid chads, they know how to do it.


it's for us fats, it could be more harm than good for bodybuilders, atheletes and others who already use up all their fat. but if you have far more fat than muscle, muscle loss from fasting will be practically non-existent in comparison to fat loss. but there are also roided chads talking about fasting in related vids if that's more your thing. though honestly i don't think that even that doctor and interviewer need fasting, but they still do it.


I fasted for 2 months once when I was younger, I was trying to shrink my stomach and reset my hunger somehow. I was taking an ECA stack at the time as well which certainly helped the hunger.

It didn't really help, I was still really hungry once I touched food again. I was living alone then as well so it was easy to hold myself up in my room, only drink fizzy water, and never leave for weeks.

Haven't done it again since, there are stories on reddit of people who fasted for a year for weightloss ( Multivitamins+Minerals excluded ) and many kind of regret it saying it damaged their hearts and stomach, they were quite extreme though.


>I fasted for 2 months once when I was younger
what exactly do you mean by that, becouse it seems like you just tried to eat less, the point is not to eat less, but at certain days not eat at all for example. but of course it's very dangerous to fast for long periods of time especially if you aren't used to hunger, which is why i easy myself in. so far, even in the morning when i'm the hungriest, i feel perfectly fine.


though i gotta admit, putting food in empty stomach is unpleasant, even if food starts to taste godly when you are very hungry.


I didn't eat for 2 months full stop, you stop going to the toilet after two weeks and just have a green goo coming out.


jesus, that sounds way too extreme. and you didn't loose any weight? maybe ECA was somehow the problem, but it's weird either way that you didn't loose any weight.


How can one even become so fat without somebody who enables it? (Like parents).

My mother barely cooks anything and the food she makes is usally a thin soup.
Going to the store is a chore because I would have to go over a few hills to get there and hauling it all back is very exhausting.
ordering a pizza is something I can't afford to have daily, maybe once a month if i'm lucky.

I eat cheap bread and liverwurst which costs 68cents.
can't even afford candy because this shit costs like 3€.


american marketers enable it


Oh sorry I thought I said that but must have backspaced it, I did lose a fair bit of weight. It just didn't reset my hunger levels once it was over, so once I started eating again I was stupidly hungry constantly like before. It was easier to not eat at all than manage the hunger.

I had to come off the ECA stack shortly after too because I started having heart palpitations, I can't remember the cycle stuff now it was a long time ago.

It can definitely work, there's a succubus on youtube who used to have a channel "water fasting for god" or something and she did three months, she ended up looking like a skeleton. It just depends on the causes of your obesity really if it's a solution, in an attempt to shrink my stomach and reduce my hunger levels it didn't work.


>It was easier to not eat at all than manage the hunger.
that's the whole point of fasting from what i understand, it's not about eating less, that would be diet. 2 months is still crazy though especially if you are not used to it, it's like trying to run 10km when you can't run even 1km, even if you somehow pull it off it will fuck you up badly.


Disgusting skinnyfag detected.


I had no real problems long term from it, I recently had health checks because I went to the obesity doctors and there was nothing wrong. I did that maybe 8 years ago now, so nothing long term. Bodies are resilient.

You're not really disabled until you get to the point you can't physically walk, the people in mobility scooters are probably 500-600lbs. If you look at http://height-weight-chart.com/ you'll see people who are 400lbs who don't look incapacitated from like 5'8 upwards. I'm huge and can still walk a few miles around the nature reserve with my family as long as I'm wearing decent boots.

You don't need pizza, you just need enough to add a few hundred calories on top of your maintenance every day over enough years. I did it just eating too much rice and beans, I could have easily done it with just bread and butter. If you're an endless human trashcan it's not too hard.


>I had no real problems long term from it
that's great. how did you feel during fast? weaker, slower or same?



muscle is more easily absorbed by the body, which is much richer in protein than bodyfat, so fasting is dangerous because your body will also absorb muscle mass.


File: 1500569358662.jpg (231.32 KB, 1024x576, ds.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ex-fat wiz 450 lbs here, now healthy 180 lbs wiz.

The key to lose weight is to reduce the amount of daily cals regarding to your bodymass and stop eating carbs, especially easy carbs and industrialized ones(pasta, soda, sugar, sweets, chips etc…) and focus on protein based food(eggs, meat, greek yogurt), vegetables are mostly fibers and vitamins, so it's a free go when hungry, fruits aren't good because of fructose and some have carbs like bananas.

Key points:

1 - More than 70% of your diet should be protein and 30% healthy carbs.

2 - Reduce the daily intake of cals by 50-70% of your daily necessity(example; 1800 daily carbs, cut that to 1400).

3 - Vegetables and vitamins are free go, fruits aren't good because fructose and sometimes carbs.

4 - Distribute that throughout the day if possible, in 6 meals or so, so you wont feel hungry.

I lost 200 lbs in 6 months, by only following this, you do not need to starve, just eat better and reduce the daily of carbs, no crazy fasting diets or only vegetable diets, also, lots of water.

This is it, the secret has been unveiled and see you guys next time.

Any wiz willing to lose weight should follow through it, if not, I am sorry for you, keep inventing diets or crazy fasting runs. Boobye.


>so fasting is dangerous because your body will also absorb muscle mass.
accodring to that asian doctor, it's miniscule(as in if you aren't athlete you won't miss it) if you more fat than muscle and will only happen if you fast more than a day. also, plenty of people on youtube seem fine after a whole month fast.


>This is it, the secret has been unveiled and see you guys next time.
what works for you doesn't always work for someone else and you need lots of discipline to maintain healthy eating habits, not to mention you ask us to stop eating stuff like bread and sugar(not just sweets becouse they add sugar fucking everywhere) which is fucking insane even for most people, let alone wizards.


File: 1500570674017.jpg (58.36 KB, 500x333, Jesus.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am not stopping you, good luck.

It's the same meme when guys make youtube videos about having 6 pack by doing 200 abdominals everyday, it's very destructive.

Whatever floats your boat man.


don't worry, i don't intend to actually fast, not yet at least. right now i'll stick to 18 hour breaks between food, this already helped me to eat less snacks.
>doing 200 abdominals everyday, it's very destructive.
no shit, but it's one thing is doing something and another is doing nothing, which is what fasting is, it's natural for animals to not eat for long periods of time. that said i wouldn't do it for more than a couple days a week unless you are very, very fat.


plus, you are comparing what is actually used to succesfuly threat obese people to some broscience.


180 lbs is still fat, looks like you got ways to go kiddo


How did you deal with (if you had any) loose skin after losing weight? That's the one thing that is keeping me from trying. I'm 105kg
(that's about 230~ pounds) now and rather short (174cm that's about 5'9") so I wonder if I could avoid it.
I don't care much for looks, I just think that the loose skin would be a lot more inconvenient than being fat.
I wouldn't even have to do much, one summer I didn't have access to any of my current crap food / liters of energy drinks and soda, I lost a substantial amount back then without trying.
I'm really worried about loose skin though. I already have plenty of stretch marks or whatever it is. (Kinda like the skin is slightly torn but not quite ripped apart yet.)


>I lost 200 lbs in 6 months
You lost 7lbs a week? I don't believe you. Even if it was true you would have to use DNP,T3 etc.



Stop being a passive aggressive retard, kiddo.

I have bigger muscles now, that's why the 180 lbs.


My skin quite adjusted, but the chest and belly still poses a problem, 230 lbs is no big deal I guess, you would need to lose weight first, I did weight lifting while doing my diet, so I got muscle mass to help with that.

If you only lose bodyfat and not add muscle mass, you will look skinnyfat even if your bodyfat is low like 16%, it happens because you have no muscle mass underneath to add a healthy structure, so muscle mass will always be important, for both men and succubi.

>I wouldn't even have to do much, one summer I didn't have access to any of my current crap food / liters of energy drinks and soda, I lost a substantial amount back then without trying.

230 lbs is fine, do not worry about it really, you see, to lose weight one just needs to adjust the diet like I said >>146929, so you do not need to go through fasting or crazy starving diets that will only make you suffer from malnutrition.

The problem is the discipline to change your diet to protein based one, to switch from easy and industrialized carb to protein based and healthy carbs, beans and vegetables, that's the biggest obstacle.


>I did weight lifting while doing my diet
now that's a depressed person if i've ever seen one.


File: 1500573044115.jpg (17.28 KB, 220x251, 1427681707614.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am a wiz man, it's pure magic, I aint explain shit.


Just stocked up on frozen pizzas, sodas, chips, and other snacks for the weekend and following week.

Feels good to be truly free from the incel mindset of "improving yourself" and "losing weight" like some normies here are doing.


File: 1500574242068.jpg (117.62 KB, 1280x720, pestofuckyeah.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One of the best things I liked to do was go to the local supermarket late at night and buy some tasty garlic bread, green pesto, and different cheeses.

I'd lay out a whole cooking tray of these garlic bread baguettes, half them, and slather them in pesto before cooking them. They came out so juicy with the edges of the bread crispy, drops of pesto rolls out the far end as I lifted them up to eat. Tasted amazing.

Eating that and then laying in my bed with a full belly as I fall asleep under a warm blanket in top floor room, cold air coming in through the window making me appreciate my warm bed. That was good.


File: 1500574763662.jpg (12.23 KB, 500x500, 1499948710638.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


everything tastes fantastic when you are really fucking hungry.
i don't like do you even lift brah do you even protein talk too, but i don't see how not wanting to get an obesity related illness is incel.


File: 1500579384112-0.gif (4.72 MB, 448x252, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

it's impossible to sleep while hungry, in addition to being fat i will be sleep deprived, great. my stomach hurts like fuck, why being healthy is so painful?


File: 1500580656803.jpg (26.73 KB, 640x480, 1493346988031.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is it a real game?


Trying to enjoy greasy food like everyone else but it just isn't working. It just makes me nauseous. It's one aspect of fatwiz I'm jealous about that you can stuff yourself chock-full of good food and feel good afterwards.


I eat until I feel like shit.


>70% protein 30% carbs
Good lord! That sounds insanely unhealthy. Did you actually do any physical activities while on that diet?


What if I have around a 16% body fat but weigh 140kg due to (doctor suspected) growth hormone or igf1 disorder like acromegaly?


30% body fat minimum to post in this thread


File: 1500603266163.jpeg (10.88 KB, 300x180, 300px-Acromegaly_facial_f….JPEG) ImgOps iqdb

Then you are a Chad.
>average big jawed attractive acromegaly patient


File: 1500606469888.gif (475.63 KB, 288x216, images.duckduckgo.com.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have freakishly wide hands at 15cm in width (can't wear any gloves due to width), freakishly wide feet at little over 13cm (difficult to find shoes), underbite and very wide jaw (can become painful), long sloping forehead (looks feminine) like Marco Rubio, large ears like Marco Rubio, and several other features. I am legally blind (not blind-blind butlegally blind) with 13+ on each eye.

I look more masculine than Marco Rubio but it's really a mix. All in all I am a friendless, kissless virgin and haven't had a friend since I was 10 years old. The biggest insult people throw at me is that I am ugly. I've had teenage succubi take pictures of me with their iphone as a form of bullying, on public transportation. No pity points.

(look like guy in gif except face is much longer)


File: 1500606714752.png (74.42 KB, 300x250, 52mL4HtOTN-12.png) ImgOps iqdb

Tfw curing depression with a big ass burger n some fries


Wow wiz, it sounds like hell-on-earth to be butlegally blind.


don't want to hijack the thread, just want to point out that legally blind means that you cannot see objects without a viewing aid..


You are confused, butlegally blind means being so fat, that you cannot properly see, nor position, your ass when trying to sit down. Patients who suffer from butlegal blindness may crush cellphones, animals, or small children under their weight.


I feel for you big wiz. I was only messing around with the Chad joke.


When I joined at I was 6' 205 (1lb under max allowed weight for that height). I think they got rid of the max allowed weight now once you are in, as long as you can pass your fitness test.


File: 1500639567114.jpg (37.33 KB, 512x384, Fat_Wizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Being fat is awesome


The purpose of those posts was to give you a little taste of how moronic you all seem. It's like old Facebook posts defending being in the stupidest cope-like ways. Posts like "being fat is awesome" are just plain stupid. Why do you take so much pride in destroying your body in a slow manner? At least do it quickly if you're going to do it.


They're obviously just having fun.

Are you on the spectrum? is that why you couldn't figure that out?


I don't think for the gent it is a matter of spectrum or not. However, I while thinking he could be, it is not so easy for you to tell. What is easy is that some people enjoy food. While others, simple things like shit posting. It is an easy afire. Enjoy your time, young ladst.


it feels good to eat what you want when you want, he didn't knew you were so retarded to not understand what he means by "being fat is awesome".


Anyone here ever eaten a whole box of coco-pops out of a giant mixing bowl?

Like box of coco-pops whole milk and cream in the bowl eat the whole thing?

I did this a lot this year I've already put on like 35 lbs.



That is very believable, as I've done it before. I cut my calories down to 1,200 a day, followed the insanity workout schedule, and went for a run at least three times a week. I lost 30lbs in about a month doing this. I wasn't even that much of a fatass (was 210lbs), so I assume if you are 400+lbs the weight will just melt off from you just sitting around and eating less.


File: 1500663149720.jpg (716.52 KB, 2688x1520, 1500661851351.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

who snackin here?
murrica edition



is that a mossberg 500 tactical 8 12 gauge model 50577


File: 1500665207392.jpg (52.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Will you eat the gun last?


>Why do you take so much pride in destroying your body in a slow manner?

Because we didn't get anything beneficial from not destroying our bodies? Enjoying yourself while you circle the drain is a good passtime. Once your'e an outcast with very little to lose being fat isn't nearly as much of a negative.


>Because we didn't get anything beneficial from not destroying our bodies?
That's not true at all. I didn't mind being obese up until mid-late 20's, but then shit started going downhill fast regarding my health.
And now since losing a lot of weight I'm sleeping a lot better, my back and legs don't hurt at all, I'm not tired all the time, I don't sweat nearly as much, my headaches are almost completely gone, I can actually sit or stand for longer periods of time without my body starting to hurt, I don't run out of breath when doing anything physical, my chest doesn't hurt or feel like burning any more, and plenty other benefits you might not even realize you would get if you have been obese all your life like I have been until that point.


That's all true and I don't disagree, this thread was originally in /dep/ and I forgot it was moved. When I was depressed and in-shape that stuff really didn't provide me any benefit to me. The world was still tedious suffering and those benefits were completely unnoticeable, food on the other hand was the only relief and actual pleasure.

I became obese in my twenties, the negatives of being fat only outweighed the positive of food for me when I became morbidly-obese (>40 BMI) the last handful of years.

I can definitely understand the feeling of OP ion this thread though. When you're depressed and the traditional "diet+exercise cures everything" culture refuses to accept that it didn't work for you and wants to shame or mock your arrogantly, returning to the only actual pleasure in your life can become an act of spite. "Fuck you I'm not going to do shit that didn't work just because you're shaming me to bulk up your ego, fuck you, I'm going to stay fat and enjoy it". I think it's more that than pride, understandable and I sometimes feel it too.

Once you build up the ability to entirely reject society and its illegitimate claim to authority on their views of your life you can move into a more passive acceptance of being fat. I'm losing weight now because I've made progress on my depression, but I'm content that I might just end up overweight to a point where my sleep apnea is gone because food is my only pleasure.


Well said, I actually am someone who went through the same exact phase of being fat > losing weight > realizing its pointless for me because i would sacrifise eating things i like for mostly bland, tasteless food or what people call "healthy eating". I realized why the fuck am I busting my ass? Im not interested in getting a succubus to like or to impress them with my body, and "doing it for myself" wasn't a motivation at all because I always had low self esteem and hate myself, losing weight did nothing for my "confidence". Not only that but I also realized "being fit" is lifestyle as well, that you need to keep up pretty much forever. Being a wiz by default as well, I never got that much motivation myself. This is why whenever someone posts about working out/eating healthy here I am really comprehensive about it. You either need Chad levels of natural motivation to keep at it or have your motivation be something like chasing pussy to keep going. The whole experience felt like playing a game you don't like just because its popular and having to pretend you like it and I had too much self-awareness already to continue tricking myself.


That guy prolly only ever eats chicken and oatmeal.


even if i'm a long-time recluse and i basically don't interact with anyone on a daily basis, the sole idea of a smelly fat person still disgusts me and makes me want to vomit


r9k might be the place for you


people are disgusting. fat people are even more disgusting. it's not r9k business.


skinny incels are disgusting


I heard fatwiz is good at eating smooth wizkids buns


It must suck to go into a thread about things you don't like and feel upset enough to tell us.


I'm one of those idiots who's metabolism caught up with me, I guess you could say. Could eat plenty as a teenager but around a year or two ago it kind of hit me hard while I was keeping up the same eating habits.
I'm personally content with being chunky for a while longer (I'm already adjusting my diet and once I move out I'll be working out more), but damn, what the fuck is wrong with normies. I've always been careful to never offend fat people or bring up their weight or anything like that. That's there business. But no, I guess its okay for normies to just bring it up like nothing. Yes, I know I've gotten bigger. Yes, I know I need to eat healthier and all that. Yes I know. I dont understand why mother fuckers think its fine to just bring this the fuck up like I dont know. I'm not asking for fat acceptance or whatever the fuck like tumblrites but come the fuck on man, I'm not blind. Do they just do this to feel superior or something?


File: 1500772478418.jpg (34.65 KB, 500x356, TLxVSmO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What, no anime figures?


>Physical activity releases hormones, such as endorphins and dopamine, that are believed to affect sex drive. Best of all, working up a sweat increases sexual sensations almost immediately, Meston's groundbreaking studies have found. "It's the best cure for sluggish sexual arousal that we have," she says.
can't be wizard if you are fit


Yeah sounds like a load of shit to me.


>That feel when you're in fat wizard general and its supposed to be a safe place for fat people

>Diet, losing weight, how to lose weight, protein

>70% protein 30% carbs

> Muscles brah

Can I die yet please thank you.



File: 1500896715262.png (663.53 KB, 750x702, b180c64548cce42d7078dd3b02….png) ImgOps iqdb


100% carbs challenge.


really shows how there's only shitposters and trolls left on this site


File: 1501064123240.jpg (64.48 KB, 500x500, 1500665643494.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got 40 nuggets from BK for $6. Not bad. They gave me 7 packs of zesty sauce which was based.


File: 1501065797577.gif (1.75 MB, 200x150, 1501062544576.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Finished 20 of them. Saving for later when I get hungry.


Nice, but they might get kind of nasty later. I work at a Burger King and the nuggets are nasty after an hour or so even sitting in a lampshade. Go strips or go home.


File: 1501124745193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.21 KB, 1480x820, 1497675863597.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They were still ok


I think I just puked cause I ate and drank too much. I don't think I ate too much, but I did have a chicken wrap + fries + medium lemonade from chick fil-a, and probably like three 8-oz cocktails. I ate a pb&j sandwich and then threw it all up shortly afterwards.

They say the stomach can handle about a gallon of stuff. I don't think all that equated to about a gallon of stuff in my stomach, and I ate FAR more than that in the past (like an entire pizza + 6 beers without even feeling nauseous). I am also sure I didn't puke because of the alcohol because I was nowhere near puke drunk. Interesting.


What are/were your biggest food sins? I used to eat a lot of sausage (the "layer" was way thicker than the bread), dipping it into butter and downing ot with soda. I also order 44 nuggets at McDonalds and eat them all at once sometimes.


> I used to eat a lot of sausage (the "layer" was way thicker than the bread)


Probably means that there was more sausage then bread.



Correct. Sometimes I didn't bother with bread at all. Just ate it out of a tin and dipped it in butter.


I am so fat that I can lick my own nipples. Neato


Does it give you pleasure?


This is a really, really bad idea

Don't go down this road, without normie motivators the weightgain will increase and increase portion sizes will explode too.

I highly advise against this, it didn't work for fatwiz and now he is more depressed than he evhas been.

it may seem pleasurable as the risk:reward is still there yeah a few glares in public who cares? Untl you end up going diabetic can't walk properly can't sleep properly or anything like that.

DOn't give yourselves obesity, wizes, you are more than that.


File: 1501253555148.gif (720.21 KB, 360x420, 1501189235643.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I ate 40 nuggets like wiz above mentioned. It wasn't that hard, 20 now and 20 an hour later with 7 sauce packets total.


well memed


File: 1501340798320.jpg (13.3 KB, 300x496, page-224-01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pizza and burgers = mana batteries


the guys in this thread are from reddit anyways. Nobody rational would actually WANT to be fat. Don't bother trying to help. They won't losten, then they will come here when their joints are aching, they can barely breathe, and feel jdimsa all the time. They'll ask "why is this happening", and they'll bitch and moan when it's all their fault.


Are you implying being fat is unhealthy?


It objectively is.


Mods will see your ip on /dep/ 6months later complaining why you are born lolz


Prove it then normie


you are so mentally ill lol.
Prove it how? By showing you the countless studies correlating being fat with a number of diseases, early deaths, depression, joint pain, etc.? No, because you won't listen to those. I don't even know what the fuck you want. Being fat is unhealthy, yes.


It might not be healthy for normies but being fat is healthy for wizards


No it isn't. If you hated life as a wiz and wanted to die, it would be easy to just kill yourself quickly instead of slowly and painfully as being fat would. If you loved life as a wiz, then you wouldn't want to inflict that kind of suffering on your body for a few moments of gluttony. Being fat is not healthy.


Health doesn't matter so much as being comfortable does. If someone can manage to not go for prime health and still be comfortable that's fine.

But typically being unhealthy is uncomfy.


Not just typically. If you are 100+kg like these guys are, and likely at the very LEAST 30% body fat, your life will be pure, unadulterated hell 99% of the time. I absolutely guarantee that the majority of these posters make shittons of threads on /dep/. This whole "fatwiz" thing actually started there.


There is almost no difference in my life from when I was thin in my early twenties and now that I'm obese. Most fat wizzes would have been on /dep/ before they were fat too.

There are a number of posts in this thread explaining motivations and progress from people who got fatter, there is no need to shoot from the hip.


The only difference I noticed from getting fat was its harder to stand up from the toilet. I felt shitty when I wasn't fat and I feel shitty when I'm fat. Literally nothing changed.


Some people here argue that being fat makes things worse, other argue that it makes no difference. I wonder if there are any advantages to being fat? At all? Besides being able to survive longer during famine, obviously.


Actually that is false, fat is nothing but simply fat. There is no vitamins in fat, check out studies where fat people fast away their extra weight. They need to be hooked up to an IV or something similar to get the necessary nutrients to survive.
Being fat is in no way healthy. As it restricts and hurts the body. And consuming the necessary amounts of food puts unneeded amounts of stress on the digestive and other systems of the body.
Its not healthy, plain and simple. There is no benefit beyond, possibly, being a bit warmer in colder climate. But even then, if you are skinny, its simple enough to put on plenty of layers of clothing.


Iv read people describe being overweight as a jacket you can't take off.


For your healthfags: They say that living a life in isolation with little social contact is unhealthy. Being isolated leads to chronic mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, which are also linked to a decline in your physical health.

Do you give a fuck? If you want to be a shiny beacon of healthiness why don't you go outside and be urself? But you wont, because you know that shit sucks and you hate it. Same for people who choose to be fat. So get the fuck out of here with your health bullshit.



I am a 300+lb fatass and I don't really feel any different than I did when I was 190lbs, except that I sweat and get tired a lot easier. Exercise isn't really any harder, except that I can't go on for as long as I used to. My stomach flopping around during exercise is a bit annoying, though. I guess it is what succubi with big titties feel like when they exercise. At any rate, I definitely wouldn't call day to day living "pure unadulterated hell."

I think I am going to lose the weight because I don't like the way I look being this fat, but it sure as shit isn't because life is SO HARD when I'm this fat. I would imagine you have to be at least 400lbs for your life to suck from being fat.


let's talk about national dishes
i like bigos and pierogi, im polish
and you?


File: 1501460790106.jpg (80.8 KB, 650x366, burger_w_fries_650[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Proud citizen of burgerland.


do you have any national dishes besides hot-dog and hamburger?


File: 1501466317066.jpg (338.48 KB, 1024x768, 3057820790.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


reminder that Whataburger is the fat wizard's burger of choice, holy fuck these things so fucking good

not really, but the few things we have we do really well. quality over quantity


usa is a new nation
maybe in the future new national dishes of the usa will come into existence


File: 1501467316271.jpg (121.88 KB, 600x400, southern food.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well if you really insist we've got tons of regional and state food, not so much "national" cuisine since some of our states have a bigger population than other countries. each state in terms of culture is like a different country, some can be very different from each other and that means very different food

like take Southern food where I'm from (Texas), we've got steaks, barbecue, and even something called Tex-Mex which is a mix of Texan and Mexican recipes…very delicious stuff… I mean the South is often bullied for being heavier and bigger than other states but who can blame them for having such awesome food? neighboring Texas is Louisiana, which have stuff like gumbo and french-inspired food

then there's more far coastal food, I was up in New England due to family reasons before and they had a ton of seafood stuff like lobster, clams, and shrimp, all very varied and cooked differently. Maryland is famous for its crabs. the US has a lot of state and regional diversity I think but not so much *national* food which are core American essentials found everywhere like burgers and hotdogs, fries etc.

i wonder how it is like in other countries though if regional differences are so varied like how it is here


please tell me about typical north carolinian food and typical new hampshire's food

regardin poland, my state, we have ethnic minority of silesians and they have wodzionka https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wodzionka
they have also their own types of kaszanka https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaszanka

people from greater poland tend to eat many potatoes aka pyry

also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomeranian_cuisine

also gorals make their famous oscypkis


oh I don't really know that much about North Carolina's food or New Hampshire, maybe some other wizards can talk to us about their home state like that

Polish food sounds interesting, lots of sausages right? I like sausage food and potatoes yeah, that stuff sounds great. would try if there are any Polish restaurants, not in my town, but maybe in the big city where there's Polish immigrants

what do you think would be the most American-friendly Polish food to start with? something not too exotic?

I think everybody in the world has tried at least a burger, hot dog, or steak at some point but here in the states European food doesn't have the same universal popularity


File: 1501469463158.jpg (378.65 KB, 1600x900, crabs_2016_2[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


If we are going regional, I am gonna talk about stuff from my home state, Maryland. The state is famous for the blue crabs and the crabcakes from the Chesapeake bay (as a kid I remember going down to the bay with my family to eat some fresh crabs), and the pulled pork from Baltimore. I'm actually not that big of a fan of crab cakes, but I do love eating crabs. Eating a whole crab is gross as shit (it is literally a whole crab, meaning you have to pull out the guts and junk on your own), and takes a lot of work to get to the meat, but it is a nice experience. Its not too bad once you get used to it.

Attached image is pretty much what you expect from a Maryland seafood place. A table covered with some form of disposable paper and just a pile of crabs for you to tear apart. They also give you a bucket for you to toss the inedible parts into. Utensils are a cylindrical wooden mallet and a small knife for prying.


File: 1501471059795.jpg (149.98 KB, 1600x1071, dsc_0348[1].jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Oh yea, also the only other state I really spent significant time in was Hawaii. Hawaiian pizza is some bullshit that is not even native cuisine there. Pizza is an extremely foreign dish to hawaiians.

Hawaiian food is a lot like any other pacific island cuisine, dominated by seafood. Other than seafood, tropical fruits are a big thing in hawaii, as long with pigs. Roasting a pig is only reserved for a HUGE party (luaus), and since I am an antisocial wizard I never ate one because I was never invited to a luau.

Hawaii has its own native version of sushi, called poke (attached image), which is prepared differently, but still is raw fish. I think it tastes a lot better than sushi, though, but that is my opinion. Both are pretty popular in Hawaii due to the amount of Japanese immigrants there. I remember there being quite a few bento box stands, and I would eat that shit nearly every day for lunch. The poke and sushi sold in mainland restaurants really doesn't even compare.

Also for some reason spam was a huge thing over there? No fucking idea why, I never thought much of spam until I lived there, and the natives put that shit in everything. It is so popular that McDonald's even served spam on their breakfast menu.


>Polish food sounds interesting, lots of sausages right?
not really, we eat sausages but we are not experts at preparing them in many different ways, btw grilling is said to be polish national passtime

>what do you think would be the most American-friendly Polish food to start with? something not too exotic?

pierogi with cheese/fruits, everyone likes them


you are wrong, it's possible to survive on water and just multivitamins, it's probably possible to survive without vitamins as well, but you might get ill.
>fat is nothing but simply fat
do you seriously think our body is so retarded it stores fat for no good reason?


Reasons that are vastly irrelevant when you have access to food 24/7. You only need a miniscule amount when you can get food whenever. Your body runs best when it's more than 5% and less than or equal to 20% body fat for men. More fat than essential fat is energy storage for when you may not have enough food available to cover your caloric needs. You will ALWAYS have access to food, therefore you don't need extra fat.


we were talking about possibiltiy of survival without food, don't switch topics.


>everyone likes them
Am German, can confirm. We invaded your country just to get our hands on those.


>you are wrong, it's possible to survive on water and just multivitamins, it's probably possible to survive without vitamins as well, but you might get ill.
You can only survive for so long with that though.
>do you seriously think our body is so retarded it stores fat for no good reason?
What I meant by "fat is nothing but fat" is that it is only empty calories that do not contain anything like vitamins.
>>148345 covers a good response to the rest of what you wrote.

Upon the survival without food, you would be far better off having a % of fat as
>>148345 mentioned. If you were so fat that it is hard to move you're in a lot of trouble.
I'm only irritated at fat people because they waste so many resources, driving up the price for food products because they got to consume it all. Not everyone has that kind of money to blow on food every week. I barely manage to get a base 1 meal a day.


>You can only survive for so long with that though.
>hide in a bunker
>wait until all fitfags kill each other
>world belongs to wizfats
>driving up the price for food products because they got to consume it all
bodybuilders consume about as much, why aren't you irritated by them? besides you seem to imagine that wizards are so fat they need a scooter to move around, it's the normalfags who get THAT fat.


>bodybuilders consume about as much, why aren't you irritated by them?
Who says I'm not?
>besides you seem to imagine that wizards are so fat they need a scooter to move around, it's the normalfags who get THAT fat.
Its possible a wizard could get to the level, or worse. I don't know if there are or aren't, that is the thing.


>Who says I'm not?
i'm sure you've never mentioned it in fitfag threads.


Once again I repeat myself


It is a very, very poor idea.

If you have depression and start using food to medicate yourself you are going to fuck your entire life up. If you think life is bad now, having heart failiure lymphedema in your legs and not being able to enjoy a nice walk outside for the rest of your life is a horrible thing.



I agree being obese doesn't bring any good and only complicates things.
"Skinnyfat" is ok though.


File: 1501723361173.jpg (21.37 KB, 250x250, IMG_002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just rolled up on this fatty



How easy are burgers to get outside of the US? Here in the US you can find a burger joint on every corner. I got tired of eating burgers because I would eat one nearly every day since they are so cheap and convenient.


It's pretty easy, there is a McDonald pretty much everywhere on this planet.

This past few year, burger has become a new food fashion in my country for whatever reason, so a bunch a small burgers joint have been opened, and bar, pub, kebab and other places which didn't traditionally made this sort of stuff started to make them.


what country?




File: 1502049714672.jpg (28.58 KB, 620x350, eatingpasta_istock5807703.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just ate a huge bowl of pasta. It was just spaghetti, salt, pepper, and a tomato sauce. It was brilliant, there is no better feeling than a big, full, warm belly. These are always the best moments in my life.


Just an update half an hour later, I am feeling so great still. There is an afterglow of pleasure, this is the first time I've eaten like this in months. I've been working on depressive thoughts and guilt, so this feels better than any other time in years. I'm lying on my bed playing civilization rubbing my belly, nothing else compares to this - food really is better than drugs for some of us.


Sounds comfy wiz.

I've been into pizza bagels lately.


I'm 160 pounds and I feel fat.


i dont even weight 60kg


Good genetic or bad health?



Nice get

How does that guy stay so skinny eating shit like that? Looks like he uploads a new video every week where he eats an absurd amount of food.


Chink genetics.



I like the channel but I hate that he tries to eat everything so fast. But if he actually was eating the food for the taste, he would be a fat ass, I guess.


The speed at which he eats is the point of the channel, he's a competitive eater. I think Joey Chestnut is still the fastest, though


Just went to the bakery, got myself a huge loaf of bread and ate the whole thing with a cup of milk and some butter. It feels good to be a man of modest taste, having bread as your favorite food. Affordable and feeling. Pretty much like this man >>148810
>>148816 over here. I bet I'm feeling exactly the same.


File: 1502417555624.jpg (38.19 KB, 406x492, wizard-kid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Its a KFC bucket day


File: 1502421572532.png (634.27 KB, 960x691, 1499616580964.png) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw my kfc recently got this

Pretty yummy.


I wish my mother would stop fat shaming me


File: 1502487373135.jpg (8.82 KB, 225x225, IDShot_225x225.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love just making a big sandwich, I hope you really enjoyed your bread wiz. I like getting the densest wholemeal bread available, like pictured. It's just a rye block that can't take any shape other than square it's so heavy, just with butter it's amazing to chow down on.


File: 1502497010262.jpg (256.48 KB, 1074x1024, 1074px-Boule_de_campagne_0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Certainly did, thanks. It was a boule bread like this one, about 14oz.


The shape of that bread reminds me of those sweets with delicious cream inside


File: 1502551187321.jpg (95.77 KB, 537x717, f441e99fd2873a9c58508808c1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Came here to praise all the fat wizards who don't give a fuck to people and eat whatever they want, you guys are the only people I trust to hold this board.


File: 1502554280372.jpg (91.19 KB, 480x480, general tso's chicken.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting Chinese food tonight


>read kg as lb
>think: the fuck?


How do look now? I want to lose weight but I'm afraid of being stuck with skin flaps. Granted surgery is an option for that but I don't have that kind of money and the recovery for skin removal sounds horrifying.


same anon, for reference I am 22 and 410
>I actually lost about 15 pounds so thats something…


> 220 = fat
I'm 230 and most of my body looks skinny. I'm tall though.


Huh. Just had a very interesting experience. I'll green text it for easier reading

>me, 250ish pounds

>relative clearly fatter than me (maybe 310ish) comes for a visit
>he looks bigger than the last time I saw him
>wonder how he can get fatter so fast when even I who will eat crap practically every couple of hours don't
>meal time
>mentions a very good salad dressing he can prepare
>practically empty a whole jar of mayonnaise, a big Heinz jar, into a bowl
>add tons of salt, vinegar, ungodly amount of ketchup, stir
>'there you go guys, enjoy it'
>even I'm disgusted by this mayonnaise monstrosity
>people barely touch it
>big cousin ends up eating almost the whole salad dressing by himself
>when the salad runs out, he takes some bread and have the dressing with that
>can't stop thinking about that jar of mayonnaise

My god what a sight, practically a full jar in a single meal. I'm sure people must think the same thing when they see me eating and that's why I have all my meals by myself.


maynonaise eaters need to be destroyed. Everysingle one of them are disgusting degenerates,


File: 1502732774741.jpg (38.32 KB, 430x351, abc00e8cc4e4f474e2e3311662….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mayonnaise, ketchup, and vinegar


He should at least look at the calorie values on the side of things. Mayo is 800kcal per 100g. A large jar like that would be like, 600g? Not even counting the ketchup, that's 4800 kCal right there.

Mayonnaise is okay but it should be treated as if it were oil. You don't drink large jugs of oil. Just use a little.


What are the problems with skinflaps? Honest question, I've heard they can get sweaty and sore but I presume not more than when you're morbidly obese anyway. What else?


they can be pretty gross, I'd rather have fat rolls than 5 inch flaps hanging off every part of my body


About 5 hours after I wrote this, my cousin Arthur passed away at the age of 43. He complained of chest pains and his wife took him to the hospital. He was having a heart attack. While they were preparing him for surgery he had a second one. Doctors said he had over 90% of artery blockage and was a little over 350 pounds.

I gotta say this just scared the shit out of me. Today he made jokes about his bones been skinny and that his soul was 50 grams instead of 21 or something like that. He made another couple of jokes about dying too but for the life of me I can't remember it and there's no way I'm asking my parents. Wish I was paying attention to what he was saying now, fuck. I'm not saying he knew it but I can't stop thinking about. Fucking hell and the last time I saw him I had this disgusted look on my face. Hopefully he didn't notice.

I was feeling glad the mayonnaise incident occurred because that really took the attention away from my own eating habits for a moment. Now all the attention will be coming back tripled because surely my dad is going to use this to rebuke my eating habits.

I was snacking on peanut butter m&ms when my mom told me about the call and I stood there for 20 minutes staring at the bag feeling like vomiting the whole thing. I was holding a bunch of them and after awhile they melted, printing a clustered rainbow on the palm of my hand. Jesus Christ.

I google the salad dressing, it really exists, it's called Russian salad dressing. Last meal I had with Arthur was a bowl of salted mayonnaise. It feels appalling on so many levels.


File: 1502762219975.jpg (15.7 KB, 180x192, 1498158405648.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>practically empty a whole jar of mayonnaise, a big Heinz jar, into a bowl
>add tons of salt, vinegar, ungodly amount of ketchup, stir

Sounds delicious.


Mayonnaise can be really good. I like to make my own mayo with a few things I throw in too. I don't really like bland mayo, it has to be made tasty with other things. It does make you really fat really fast if you eat too much though, since it's so easy to eat and tasty.

Wow. It's actually kind of hard to believe. In any case, RIP Arthur the mayo God.


>Today he made jokes about his bones been skinny and that his soul was 50 grams instead of 21 or something like that.
Sounds like he was a cool guy.


File: 1502833389679.jpg (25.22 KB, 391x371, 25rr2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm pulling my hair in anger here. Story time.
>hard to believe
You'll love this

>cousin Arthur is from the Italian side of the family and a serious church goer catholic

>died yesterday at the age of 43
>everyone knows his last wish is to be buried
>99.9% sure he left money for such arrangements
>completely en passant, mom tells me he will be cremated tomorrow
>he's too large for regular caskets
>small family mausoleum don't have enough shelf space for a super-sized casket
>people won't arrange for a plot, despite the fact, as I mentioned, 99.9% sure he left money for these arrangements
>blood boiling over this and his disgusting piece of shit of a wife who is probably behind this fucking thing
>mention his last wish is to be buried
>mom and dad completely disregard my opinion because I'm an unemployed 30y old with 'no notion of money and money related problems'
>mention cousin left the fucking money for it already
>'you don't know that' and shrug me off
>for some reason I take it personally
>call the disgusting bitch of a wife
>she goes on a victim tirade for, I shit you not, 30 minutes
>don't let me speak
>says their priest said it's OK now, catholics can be cremated
>fucking wat
>hang up on her and google it
>turns out those fucking people can't keep the rules clear and straight and catholics can be cremated now
>feel like it shouldn't matter if the fairy tale changed in the past year, cousin's last wish is to be buried

Gets better

>dad gets a call on his phone

>it's for you wiz
>guess what, it's their minister
>goes on and on about how I don't have to worry, that laws against cremation was related to pagan burials or some shit and as long as the ashes are stored on the mausoleum with Christian rituals it's fine
>mention he didn't want to be cremated
>minister now begins to very politely and cunningly say my cousin should keep up with church theology and it's fine
>I'm too dumb and unarticulated to tell this guy to go fuck himself in the same polite , cunning manner
>tells me he understands I'm mourning and angry and if anything yadayada we should talk more
>can't even say anything at this point
>complete defeat in all fronts
>not only I'll have to endure talks about my health, I made a scandal over this money issue and this will be brought up too
>cousin getting combusted tomorrow anyway

So everybody is fine with completely ignoring this last guy's wish like it's nothing. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? I hope Arthur haunts these people and make them insane, please God if you exist make this happen. There's nothing to do, I was his last hope and I failed. Fucked up big time.

He was the funny fatman. Always making self-detrimental jokes. He was fine despite being a normie.


This is what norms are. I bet they promised him they would do it like he wanted. Norms will talk about "honor" and "respect" but they don't hold anything dear. And that was his wife. That's why you shouldn't trust anyone to do things the way you wanted after you die. If they couldn't cremate him too they would probably just dump his body somewhere to rot out of their sight and make excuses about how they're still good people. I'm utterly disgusted too.


Norms are vultures. I mean, cremating him allows his widow to buy another fashionable handbag.


This was to be expected of normalfags and you can expect the same treatment when you're dead. I don't know how wills work, but maybe your uncle should have written one detailing that nobody gets anything of his unless he's buried.

Normalslimes really do have no concept of honor or keeping promises. They will perform any mental gymnastics possible to justify what they want. Your uncle sounds like he was a cool guy and I'm sorry that he has such a shit family.


Maybe you should go back to /pol/


Your family is horrible, they definitely deserve to be haunted for the rest of their days. Make sure to pray to your cousin and tell him that they ignored his wishes and how even the priest doesn't give a shit about his won traditions. I hope the priest is haunted too.


Nothing legal left to write, other than at least now you understand the true nature of normalfags better.


There was an old meme around a youtube succubus called "Sarah" I think who was a very obese lady from the American South. She had this upbeat amateur youtube channel where she had recipes, like all youtube channels although this was about a decade ago. When she was making a pasta salad dish and she emptied an entire jar of mayo in to her pasta, in an oblivious fashion.

I just remember the intense aggressive abuse of her, a slightly dim lady who was a nice person and obviously had a deficit of education. The normalfags just surrounded like vultures and abused her in every way possible.

Internet culture was a mistake.


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