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Share the stories of how you found this site.
For me it was someone on 4chan. (back before it was shit)


/dep/ was linked on 8chan's suicide board


there was an ad on a furry site and I've been here ever since :3


File: 1502567874281.jpg (119.63 KB, 632x814, average black wiz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I found the original site after the GG controversy and was surprised to find a place for people like me. Been a regular ever since.


First round of recruitment on 4chan. They were advertising on /r9k/ of course, /g/, /a/ and /jp/ possibly?



nvm i interpreted your post wrong, ignore


In early 2013 I was scrolling and sighing through r9k attempting to find something relatable in the middle of a sea of ever increasing normiedom, as it was the closest thing to this place I knew of. Opened two threads that seemed like they might be passable in their own tabs. The fourth or fifth reply to one of the threads, after some "man up faggot" and "just b urself man" posts was someone linking OP to Wizardchan. I've been here lurking and posting off and on ever since, and have never returned to r9k.


Through kc /int/ around 2013. This place fits better. /int/ has always been an incel circlejerk.


Heard of it during the whole GG fiasco, didn't start browsing here until a bit later though after I realized how terrible 4chan's /r9k/ was.


I found it probably during the first part of 2013, I'm not sure exactly how.


I don't remember.


Hadn't been on the chans since 2008, saw the GG story online and thought I might fit in here.





wasn't really that deep in the internet is 2009, can someone explain what this is?


I was bored one day so I decided to hop on ED for a couple of chuckles. I know ED is nothing like it used to be in its beginning but I had nothing better to do online at the time. I stumbled across a list of *chans and this was on it and while I initially thought the concept was amusing I lurked for a good week before posting. I actually liked the atmosphere but thought I could get a personal laugh in by trolling on a thread and it got me banned instead which bothered me immensely because I wanted to be a part of the community so I appealed with a wall of text and was fortunately given a second chance. I'm not on here a lot anymore but I still post here and there if I feel like inserting my two cents on a discussion. /pol/tards have definitely been a real nuisance to see in threads so as soon as I see a post mentioning jews I know to skip it entirely because it doesn't belong in the thread anyways (you have your own politics thread, voice your /pol/itics there–that's what's there for!).



Just Google "Gamergate". I left the *chan culture in '07-08 so I'm completely unfamiliar with it myself but I also don't care enough to educate myself about it either.


Several years ago (around 2013 I think) was lurking 4chad's /a/ and saw someone mention Wizardchan. Was occasionally lurking since then but became a frequent poster only around the beginning of 2015.


holy fuck im stupid
i know what gamergate is i just never heard someone refer to it as GG lmao


lol. That's actually exactly how I came to wizardchan. Some giy told me to "go back to wizardchan" after I called him out for being a norm, but I had never even heard of the site.


Found old wizardchan accidentally through /pol/ over 2 years ago. Forget which /pol/ it was, but it happened a little after GG, so probably 8chan's.


2014, 4chan



I assumed that's what it was because of how major of an event it was in the *chan subculture in recent years. I left the *chan scene in ~07-08 and didn't come back on limited basis until 2 years ago. And even then I hardly go to any of the sites. I've only browsed on 4chan a few times since 2008 to see how much of a shithole it has become.

There used to be a saying years ago about "the cancer that is killing /b/", well the whole site itself IS cancer now.


Found it back in its early days, same time when feels.ca was created.


Google searched something to do with Chris Chan in mid to late 2012, and wizchan randomly came up and I clicked it. I didn't post too frequently, I just remember there being a /v9k/ board for incels, then later there was a cancerous IRC full of normies. There were a couple wiz Minecraft servers too.


I don't remember when it was but I remember reading someone saying the site was six month old or something.
I found out on /b/, I think someone spammed the link there.


It was mentioned on uboachan's NEET board in 2013 or 14. It took me about a year to come back around because it looked like a /pol9k/ board which I didn't understand, and by then wizchan had replaced wizardchan and then I could understand what was going on.

And uboachan comes from /x/ comes from creepy pasta comes from my mom showing me a website for ghost stories around 2002.


randomly looking for chans in 2012 right before the end of the world, typed "wizardchan" to see if it was a thing, and it turns out it was a thing


Just to clarify, are you claiming you are the creator of creepypasta?


I saw the /g/ posts, that's how I got here.


I was here when it was first created, when it was just an idea on 4chon.net

thems were old days


Is it true the first admin was a gay furfag who later moved in with his boyfriend?


No, but I am the creator of /x/.


I was never into /meta/ circlejerking, but he was indeed a gay furry.


One day I was googling sonic the hedgehog yaoi.


I stated in a thread that I had no desire to pursue relationships and being celibit didn't bother me.
Some responded that I should fuck off to wizchan then.
I was curious so I checked it out.
Turns out that I really like the place. It has high quality, simple and consistent rules and inforcment, and a lack of cancer that is on other Chan's.
My only complaint is this place pretty slow, so I have to occasionally go elsewhere to discuss certain topics or ask questions since it would take days or weeks here to get going.


The admin linked to me.


Was this in /g/ or /r9k/? This was my stealth way of advertising the website since I cared about being banned at the time and I wasn't sure if I was allowed to openly advertise a different chan.


He's detailing how he ended up on uboachan


I got here from 4chon in 2013.


Hey, I wonder which buttfucking furry ex-admin set that up?


I knew 4chon in 2013 but I didn't frequent their /r9k/, only their news board. Well, not really by then, since it was a piece of shit for tripfags at that point. Jesus that made me hate the whole concept of tripfaggotry more than anything.


I was on /int/ many years ago, about 4 maybe, on those tfwnogf threads, i deeply hated any normalshit who dared step in the thread, and a mexican told me to come here, as people here hated normalfags as much as i do. I came around the time of glaive, i made a post about the pain of wanting a relationship and got banned. Came back around the time of Anachronos, by then i had well accepted loneliness and grew thanks to the mages i shared my time with. Anachronos disappeared, this place was made and stood until about a year ago, when i started taking antidepressives.

I am really thankful, you taught me the value of death, which is not insight you can gain from someone who hasn't suffered, or someone who only has suffered from tangible causes, not because of self or things beyond one's reach. I have looked at people dying, even in my hands, and it really is a peaceful moment when you know a person is not suffering anymore. It helps you think they may be starting a new journey, but either way, you can rest assured their hardships have come to an end, and their book is finally closed.

I am a happier person now. I don't want to die yet, but i will gently receive it when the time comes. The only drawback of it is, the world feels a bit more insipid after realizing that. I wonder if one day i won',t see the horizon with melancholy.


8/pol/ early days of cripplechan probably


File: 1502692835686.png (72.21 KB, 526x55, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Along with pic related, I got really into the site after this video on jewtube


I enjoy his content, he's made some stuff recently that talks less about le memes and ebin 4chan.


I first heard about it from skype then reddit then r9k. I used to be a tfwnogf incel then.

Im volcel now


I think r9k but it has been a while.
If it was you then you have my thanks for introducing me to this site.


2013, karachan - polish imageboard with similar rules (only male virgins)


Through 4chon before it died but I didn't frequent as a regular until recently.


Found a link to Wizardchan in a 4chan /jp/ NEET thread in March or April of 2014, just before Elliot Roger went crazy.

I'd seen it mentioned on /g/ prior to this but never checked it out.


Isn't that a lie? I could have sworn I remember karachan being chock full of normalfags. Maybe I'm thinking of a different place.


It was moderated by a 15 year old succubus few years ago. That's really all you need to know to figure out what kind of place it is and who runs it.


So it was basically just wizchan.


It's culture is different from Wizchan even though rules are similar.
Name karachan is a wordplay on the word karaczan (meaning corkroach), and the way that site is ran shows that it's supposed to be a forum for "social corkroaches". It's not a website about wizardry or virginity, but due to most of its userbase being neets and hikkikomoris, the rules evolved to include the following:
>admitting to be under the age of 18 (purposefuly or not) is bannable
>admitting to not being a virgin is bannable
>admitting or pretenting to being a female (includes the usage of female grammar forms) is bannable
>whining in failed normalfag style is not welcomed and may result in a ban

It's very "trendy" to hate on karachan because it's the biggest polish imageboard, and in edgy circlejerks everything popular is bad. This is not to say that the forum is free of flaws: the moderation is at the very least controversial and there are some conspiracy theories about behind the scenes stuff, but for a Polish person it's the best safe space to be according to my knowledge. All the smaller forums are either dead or lack anonymity, and are often full of circlejerking and attention whoring.

I have to say though, all my knowledge about that site is at least a year old. From 2014 and following there is a constant surge of normalfags and it will only get worse, so it might as well be a "chock full of normalfags" right now. Everything depends on the point of view: it's more "normie" than wizchan, but less normie than 4chan for example.


>but due to most of its userbase being neets and hikkikomoris
I'm sorry, but no. The average age range on that website is probably something around 13-20, it's effectively filled with literal children. And most people aren't neets nor hikkihomoris, most of them aren't even virgins. If you spent any real amount of time on that website and got to know it's "community" better (irc cliques, synchtube rooms, game servers\guilds, people running the radio and so on) you'd know all of this. And that's how bad it was 3-4 years ago since that's when I last visited the place, from what I heard (and seen in other parts of polish internet) it's 10x worse now.


I'm not interested in discussing personal opinions (by principle of them being personal and biased). Everything I said in my previous post is an undeniable fact. Whatever you think about the site is up to you.


I don't know who in their right mind would shill for that shithole, but good luck I guess.


A robot directed me here after 30 minutes of us both complaining about the presence of females and non-virgins on /r9k/.


A couple of LGBT flamboyant homo's mentioned wizchan in a conversation on 4chan.


I was in a furry discord when someone offered me to moderate this site for free.


oh shit i think that's me


I followed some brogres on a pillage to Wizarchan, but instead of going back to where we came from I just kind of stuck around. I'd throw stones at them whenever they came back to cause more trouble.


Brogres? Did you come from shrekchan? Is that place still around? I guess it would be pigchan now


Yeah, It's long gone. It was fun while it lasted. Pigchan is also a thing of myth now.


2015 from 4chan. Can't remember the board but I believe it was either /v/ or /g/


I met someone on discord who was a moderator on the site, I never went there though.


A pale imitation still exists at shrekchan.life.

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