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A universal basic income is already implemented in america. you just have to go to the right state



any neets from alaska?

i wonder why mccandless didn't take advantage of this when he went to go live out in that bus


How would he have collected it from an abandoned bus in the middle of nowhere?



how do you think he got there? he would have to travel back and forth


It looks like the average pay is $1000 a year, that is like a month of rent money. It would be a nice bonus if you live and work there but there's no way you could live off of that.


The system is offset by the high cost of living, internet being shitty, having fucking bears and wolves outside, and the druggies, criminals, and fishermen. Nice outdoors though.

tbh, I don't want to go back there except maybe to visit


The reason he died is that he couldn’t get out to receive medical attention. How would he have been able to leave to pick up bux?

Also, his whole point was that he wanted nothing to do with the government or society. He gave away all his money and tore up all forms of ID. He wanted to be self-sufficient.


yeah but if you're having trouble getting something like a car, or any means at all, that's a free handout right there.


It would be enough to pay for basic requirements and a few treats if you are living with your mum.


when people refer to basic income, they usually mean a full basic income, something that is paid every month and is enough to bring you out of poverty, so it varies by country. in the us that amount is like $1000. alaska is a great start, and honestly they could be paying more, but it's not high enough for most wizards to justify moving there i think.


That's fucking nothing. Dumb thread


File: 1561119642941.jpg (135.42 KB, 770x604, 385:302, 000002.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The lowest dividend payout was $331.29 in 1984 and the highest was $2,072 in 2015.

Good luck with living on that for a whole year.


actually the highest was a little over $3,000 in 2008 because palin tacked on a bonus for some dumb reason


>Own your house outright
>Use wood that you chop yourself to heat the house
>food stamps

Sounds doable. Just have to save up enough money to buy the house outright. Property taxes are probably not that much.


You don't support yourself or know how much things cost in Alaska do you?
Even if you did all that you still would have quite a bit of trouble barely getting by with how expensive everything is unless you have a lot of social connections or a fuck ton of skills. And if anything bad happens that requires more money then you are totally fucked.
I can live cheap and have done so for most of my life, but the cost of living in Alaska is too damn high.


>but the cost of living in Alaska is too damn high.
last time I looked the average price of cigarettes is edging $13, but booze is still as cheap as anywhere


How is 1k a year a basic income? You try living off that


You might be able to scrape out an existance here somehow.



That’s pretty interesting


it is a basic income even though it's only like 1/10th what a 'proper' basic income for the us should be. the proper amount is said to ne equal to the poverty line/federal poverty guidelines, around $1000/mo

more importantly, basic income is not intended 'to live off' and no one supporting basic income ever really says $1000 is liveable


i lived most excellently on <$1000/month for 18 years you just have to be sensible about things in general and involvements in particular.


If you're living rent free with every bill footed by parents, you can live with even less than that. You can live with 0 in fact.
As soon as you're on rent and everything else, 1000 is not nearly enough. I was literally saving money by dumpster diving and stealing internet from the neighbor and still I was cutting it so close it was terryfing. Rent alone was 700+. Then groceries/water/elec/gas/ I was cutting as close as having 4 bucks left after everything paid for. And good fucking luck if your shoe gets a hole in it or you need any new shirt, you're fucked.


it really depends on the cost of living in your region, as well as the minimum luxury you perceive as necessary. living in an expensive state and thinking you need to own a car for example it would be really difficult, but without a car and living in a cheap state you could make it work


Yeah, if you wanted to live off of UBI only you would be stupid if you didnt move to a really cheap rural area.


Yeah, I made it work after all, but it's not possible long term. Any medical bill for example would fuck you over. Any emergency would fuck you over. It's just cutting it too close.

You can only make this long term if you don't pay rent. Without rent I can see being even "easy" to do. With rent you just have to hope nothing in your home will ever break, your clothing and shoes will last forever and you'll never get sick.


this year's payout is $1,606 and my mom just stole it all from me (neet, money goes direct deposit to their bank account)…as usual

my parents always forge my application but this time was the last straw, when the applications come back out next january I'm filing my own, I won't be able to cash the check the state mails me but at least these fucking thieves won't be stealing any more from me, I don't care how much retaliation it brings down on me, they can go fuck themselves


do you live with them, and are you legally their dependent?

i wish my family lived in alaska, i'd at least be gaining SOME money each year. currently my bank account is just on a slow drain.


What do you mean?


>i wonder why mccandless didn't take advantage of this when he went to go live out in that bus
Because he wanted to completely cut himself off from society and live as independently as possible. Taking handouts from the government would've flown in the face of that.
Also, there's not a huge point in having money if you're living in the middle of butt fucking nowhere with nothing to buy.

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