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Do any of you believe in any conspiracy theories?

I'm fully convinced that the ruling elites are poisoning food and water with estrogen to feminize men, so they are more docile and obedient. Their plan is to mix all the races together to form one solid slave underclass that will work and consume. The final stage of consumerist capitalism. All nations will perish, all countries will perish. The Talmudic predictions will come true and every man and succubus will be a slave of the ruling jewish overclass. This is also why they are pushing degeneracy and race-mixing to get rid of any obstacles in their master plan to forever enslave humanity.

I don't particularly care, because I'm a nihilistic NEET who will die or kill self in all eventuality, however I dislike having feminine features and being attracted to BBC cuckold, sissification and femdom porn while I'm alive.
This is why I don't consume soy, I also want to buy a house and dig my own well, which the jews couldn't poison. But I don't know how you filter hormones from the water.


>Do any of you believe in any conspiracy theories?
You trying to get this site banned?

Anyway, I only believe in conspiracies that have been confirmed with solid evidence and aren't actually theories. There are plenty of them if you actually look it up and there is no good reason to make them up other then to make yourself feel better, that the world is more ordered and under someones control then it really is. To rather believe that there is a evil mastermind behind all that is wrong with the world then the harder to deal with truth. The truth that no one is truly in-control and we are helplessly at the mercy of chaos.


why would teh site get banned for this? Conspiracy theories are not illegal under US laws.


It isn't the US government you have to look out for anymore. The private sector now is able to censor all they don't like and their latest pretext to mass deplatformed what they don't like is whining about how dangerous conspiracy theories are and how anyone/site that pushes them should be erased from the net.
Really should pay more attention to the current culture war. If things go really badly it might literally lead to a few civil wars.


wizchan has no advertisers, no public recognition, we are flying very low under the radar. Just a bunch of celibate virgins talking about anime and whatnot, nobody cares about us. They can't even use us as bait like they did with the crabs, because we are non-violent or hate succubi like the crabs. Most of us barely leave our rooms. We are nobodies. I doubt any major attention will ever come to our tiny community even if we talk about conspiracy theories.


>You seem to be paranoid about becoming gay and the slave of some black.
No, I just feel an intense feeling of disgust after ejaculating to the aforementioned porn.
>And what feminine features you dislike in yourself?
I have enlarged breast tissue which makes my tits look like a 13-year old succubus's, I also have feminine hips and my wrists and forearms are thin like toothpicks and if I were to take a picture of them they would look like a little succubus's as well.

The breasts I'm sure are the result of eating a soy-based vegetarian diet for three years. Basically every major meal was soy. I only stopped when I realized the horrible changes to my body.



>I have enlarged breast tissue which makes my tits

>my tits



Still has to be hosted by a private company.
And smaller more obscure targets have been attacked then us. There is no such thing as too small of a target. All you have to do is expose you are a wrong thinker and they will make up whatever lies they need to take you down. There are even a few of them on this very site already and there have already been hit pieces put out about this site. Again, you are just believing what makes you comfortable rather then what the facts support. And fact is like it or not the culture war is coming for you and everything you love.


Most of the so-called conspiracy theories aren't really conspiracies at all. The information is right out there in the open, if you dig a bit for it and can sort through the bullshit. Consumerism doesn't really require a conspiracy to explain, if you understand what capitalism is and what power is. It would only require a propaganda machine, the function of which is well understood.

Most of the conspiracyshit put out there is mixed with deliberate un-truths, and is put out by intelligence agencies.


Lift heavy wights and incorporate animal products into your diet. Doesn't have to be meat, but egg, cheese, and especially whey protein. Really though the lifting heavy wights is the most important part though. Another tip is to lower your stress levels and get proper sleep.


>whey protein
Literally just cheese residue. Fitfags are forever retarded.


Your reductionist objection doesn't invalidate that it is clinically proven to be the best food/supplement for building muscle.


There's nothing wrong with soy it's actually healthier than milk.


>Their plan is to mix all the races together to form one solid slave underclass that will work and consume.
>The final stage of consumerist capitalism. All nations will perish, all countries will perish. The Talmudic predictions will come true and every man and succubus will be a slave of the ruling jewish overclass.
>This is also why they are pushing degeneracy and race-mixing to get rid of any obstacles in their master plan to forever enslave humanity.

You're an idiot
That's not how it works, that's not how the economy works, and I'm almost certain that's not how high end rich people luxiries work either.
You want high IQ and highly skilled workers to give you the best product, because you can fucking afford it. What the fuck else are you supposed to do with all that money?
An 80IQ negro isn't ever going to be a world class personal chef, why the hell would (((they))) want that? Wealthy people don't eat at Mcdonalds (I don't mean that literally, you dummy.)
A 90IQ mutt isn't going to be able to program an entertaining app, videogame, or write an good screenplay, novel, etc. They aren't going to be directing good movies, or anything.

Basically, your conspiracy only works if you believe the ruling elites are unfeeling robots whose only purpose is to maximize human suffering.
While they might be uncaring, they still want to maximize their own pleasure. And rich people have enough money that they can experience enough to acquire a higher standard.


Whatever helps you sleep at night soyboy.


Both are garbage that shouldn't be consumed after growing past the infant stage.


Dairy products are awesome though. Cheese, yogurt, etc. just wouldn't want to do without them.




That's why they will keep the yellow race alive as their entertainers. They will create anime, VR hentai and direct high quality movies for their entertainment while being perfectly obedient. The Europeans are just as intelligent, but not as obedient, that's why they must perish, because (((they))) are afraid of them.


Nice try weeb, only manchildren are actually entertained by whatever Japan shits out nowadays.


>manchildren as an insult
Wizchad 2019


…Wizchan 2019.. I'm under no illusion that Wizchan users are perfect reflections of the rules outside of wizchan. But that illusion should be kept true on the site itself. Many bans should be issued in this thread. There are certain things that must not be talked about on Wizchan you have many other places where you may discuss these topics. Mods have been very forgiving for a few months now.


Bet they are going to delete your post and ignore the fagotry though.


now wait, I wouldn't have mentioned my taste in porn if he hadn't first. So don't put the blame on me. If we're gonna enforce the rules because it upsets you to read something strictly related to the masturbatory act, ban 2d porn as well and all mention of waifus for good. It's the only fair thing to do.


Only Wizchads allowed. If you're not benching two plates, get off.


Well I stand corrected. I will admit when I was wrong. Good job mods.


I believe in a lot of the conspiracies surrounding the Trump administration. The rabbit holes go deeper and deeper each day. There was a conspiracy between the Trump administration, Russia, Israel, Saudia Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and probably China as well. The china thing perplexes me because they keep popping up at the periphery and of course at first glance it would appear from the tariffs that they certainly didn't get anything good from Trump, but I have some theories. I think that Wendy Deng is going to be the key to all of this. Fox news is essentially Trump's handler and has massive influence in the administration. It's no coincidence that the owner is married to a known Chinese Spy and that Kushner and Ivanka are super close to both of them. Fox news was also running a campaign of intimidation and blackmail on many many people going back decades, not Fox rather, but specifically Rupert Murdoch's companies and they also set up a system of fake sock puppet accounts on social media similar to how Russia has been operating. Trump is pushing hard for 5G because he wants Chinese companies to supply the tech which will be bugged six ways to sunday, just like most huawei and other chinese crap. The tariffs also can not be seen as purely a negative because China has used the opportunity to forge closer ties with its trading partners who were also hit, using it to show the need to create trade relationships that are not dependent upon the whims of US foreign policy. They also come at a time of global economic boom so the impact would be much less than any other time.

Most of the rest of the conspiracy has to do with bringing nuclear power plants to Saudia Arabia (and possibly the UAE), an effort that the Trump administration continues to this day. Israel basically made a deal with Saudia Arabia that they would allow them to have these nuclear power plants in exchange for going to war with Iran (preparations that also continue in the US, Israel, and SA to this day). They also sold them some extremely valuable hacking tools. Saudia Arabia and the UAE then paid for the Russians to conduct their influence campaign to elect Trump (using the sale of the world's most expensive painting to a Russian oligarch in plain sight of everyone to do it). Israel also helped with their own influence campaign similar to the Russians campaign using psychological profiling and targeted social media bots and sock puppet accounts to help Trump get elected. American nuclear energy corporations would stand to make a ton of money and they were easily brought into the conspiracy. Trump has ties to Russian (Russian Jewish) organized crime going back decades. He lost all his daddies money and was in a bind so he became a money launderer for Russian oligarchs and mobsters looking to park cash they stole from the collapse of the soviet union. They have had videos of his sexual escapades for ages and he's basically owned by Russia. Jared Kushner on the other hand is completely owned by Saudi crown prince MBS because that ridiculous unpayable debt that he incurred from buying 666 5th avenue mysteriously got all sorts of Saudi funding and then Kushner passed intelligence the CIA had about factions within the Saudi Royal family who opposed MBS and then he had a bunch of these guys rounded up and tortured or executed. That sealed Kushner's fate. From that moment on, all Saudi Arabia has to do is threaten to reveal that he passed them classified information to get him to do more for them. There's a ton of other aspects of foreign influence in the Trump administration too but unfortunately I don't have all day.


Murdoch is no longer married to that chinese spy lady.

Sort of related, I feel like bringing up this blog again because this guy’s research is pretty solid. What do you think?


you're so full of shit son




Care to explain why, and not with buzzwords, preferably?


If you are the same guy from the politics thread then it would be a massive waste of time as no matter what is said you will ignore the vast majority of it and then construct a strawman and demand everyone defend that strawman while calling everyone names and in general acting like a irrational succubus.
Why use critical thinking when you can believe whatever you want and screech at whoever doesn't just trust and believe right?


I am not >>212562
Will you explain now?


Once you understand MKULTRA all other conspiracies fall into place. The 1960's in America was the beginning of the end. We are living in the NWO and there is a very good chance that AI/technology will kill us all. See y'all in the camp's bring lots of crickets!


Good blog post. It really just underscores how fucking blatant Trump's mob ties are and have been for ages. That guy seems a little loopy though going on about UFOs and synchronicity and stuff. I think there's something that comes with having a very open mind. On one hand you're able to see through the bullshit that the media and politicians and bankers want you to see and not ignore obvious dots that are leading to a clear pattern, but sometimes it also makes people open their minds to utter bullshit and see patterns that don't exist. You have to walk a fine line and stay open to the possibilities while also remaining skeptical.

As for Deng, even if she's no longer married to him, she probably still exerts influence over him because Murdoch is one of those people who thinks the laws only apply to the little people and he can do anything he wants. Those types are always so easy to blackmail. It's not a coincidence that Fox news has destroyed the Republican party and is close to destroying America. It's also not a coincidence that Fox News shut down its twitter account (along with a bunch of other right wing twitter accounts) the day after McConnell met with Rupert Murdoch in an after-hours meeting. This doesn't just extend to Trump, a lot of other GOP congressmen are implicated too for receiving foreign money and mob money as well as help from the Russians. Remember that the Russians also hacked the DCCC and released their data to several congressional campaigns that we know of, some of whom took proactive steps to obtain that data. Remember that GOP leadership is caught on tape saying they think Putin pays Trump "swear to God" and then they say "no leaks" "this is how we know we're all family here". Note that word. Family. As in crime family.


MK was ultimately unsuccessful but I do wonder what secret programs are going on right now that we won't hear about for 20-50 years.
Deep state is confirmed real and the past is a good indication that these people have no ethics. I am sure truely monstrous things are going on.


Today is a good day to talk about another conspiracy because yesterday's mosque shooting that left 50 dead could very well be said to have been engineered by Russia. Russia is currently engaged in an effort to radicalize right wing extremists in both Muslim and white nationalist circles using online propaganda. This started with their efforts in the Arab world (and in Chechnya) and it started before the internet, but when the internet started becoming adopted it really took off.

Disinformation has never found a better avenue to spread than the internet. It is the ultimate tool that can be used to literally manipulate people's perceptions of reality and Russians are masters at it. Various terrorist organizations have been useful pawns for Russia for decades, most recently and notably they funded ISIS to create a problem for Assad that they could come in and help to fix and make him dependent upon them for that help, further solidifying his status as a vassal of the Russian state. The conflict in Syria also created another angle that Russia used in their propaganda, namely greatly accelerating migration of Muslims to Europe. This became a major theme for Russians in their propaganda. Always the muzzies were invading and raping and murdering innocent white succubi in gangs and then the liberal governments were conspiring to cover it up. Again and again they hammered European internet with examples of this narrative, over and over again. Usually mixing just enough truth with their lies to make people believe it. At the same time they made aggressive campaigns of support for certain puppet politicians, basically agents of theirs that they started to install in right wing, often separatist ethno-nationalist anti-immigration parties in democratically elected states.

With the help of the Russian disinformation campaign these politicians gained massively in their respective countries. Victor Orban was the first crowning achievement for Putin, but it was quickly outdone by the election of Donald Trump, another of his puppets along with Nigel Farage managing to get Britain to exit the EU, another massive achievement for Russian online propaganda, largely won on anti-immigrant sentiment. They constantly seek to solidify their own power and add regional allies like Abkhazia to their sphere of influence while breaking up the EU/NATO sphere of influence. They constantly fund and support separatist movements like the one in Catalonia that could break up european influence and break off a piece that they can influence. It's soviet shit all over basically.

Anyway, back to yesterday's shooting. The guy was an 8channer, a place Russia has been proven to be operating in a large way for years now (same with 4chan's pol in case you're wondering). There is no doubt in my mind that he was largely radicalized by Russian propaganda and that without exposure to that day in and day out posting of examples painting muslims as an evil gang of rape-invaders out to destroy the white way of life by Russian agents, he would not have killed those people.

Russia is starting a race war. They're starting a Religious war. They just want chaos and destruction of their enemies, and that is nothing less than the entire west itself. They have been forging closer relationships with China and North Korea, their ties with Iran remain as strong as ever, and more Iran is becoming even more like Russia in the way the operate and the control their government has over its people. People need to wake the fuck up to this shit and do something because this is an act of war, make no mistake. We are currently at war with Russia, literally the entire west is being attacked and it's an attack on our minds and hearts this time and we are going to be the ones to pull the triggers and kill each other and Russia won't have to do a damn thing other than pay some pimple faced teens to post some memes.


>Russia is currently engaged in an effort to radicalize right wing extremists in both Muslim and white nationalist circles using online propaganda.

I have heard this too, why though? Surely it can only hurt them in the long run.

>most recently and notably they funded ISIS to create a problem for Assad that they could come in and help to fix and make him dependent upon them for that help

No, it was made bu the US. Again why? Why would Russia destabilize an ally to then make them an ally?


>I have heard this too, why though?
As I've just explained they are managing to install friendly agents in right wing parties of European and American governments (that's not even mentioning their African or South American escapades). They may very well be trying to engineer a civil war in the US along racial, political, and/or religious lines. This benefits them in obvious ways. The state department has basically been destroyed since Trump's election along with much of America's standing and influence in the world. Seriously research just how big of a shitfest the Trump state department has been and you will understand what Russia gained. They also managed to get sanctions dropped and made sure there was no retaliation for anything they did in Ukraine. A massive win surely. Basically they're breaking up the EU/NATO power blocks and deadlocking them with internal bickering while Russia makes territorial gains in Ukraine, Georgia, and Abkhazia.

>No, it was made bu the US.

This is Russia's favorite thing to do. They always blame the US for things that they themselves do. Fucking constantly. If you want to know what Russia is up to, just wait and listen to what they accuse the US of. I'm only half joking it's that bad, seriously. The US was active in Syria but only with the Kurds, not with ISIS.

>Why would Russia destabilize an ally to then make them an ally?

This is frankly a very stupid question that shows a lack of even the very basics of history or geopolitics. This is basically how it is always done. Internal divisions make a country weak and susceptible to outside powers coming in and funding the sides against one another. Smaller powers are dependent upon the bigger ones for help so they make more and more concessions to them in exchange for military aid to solidify their power over the region and put down their enemies. The means of destabilization varies and it's not always the case that the ones providing the help were also the ones who created the problem, but this is how Russia operates. They are masters of the Racket at every level and they know how to simply apply pressure to existing fault lines. They are opportunists who simply give a few toyotas and guns here and there, blame it on the Americans and then swoop in with their forces to help drive out all the pesky enemies for Assad and then militarily occupy the country. Assad may be nominally in control, but he is dependent on Russia for actual control. If he ever starts getting uppity again, I swear to God you will see more fucking sandniggers in brand new toyotas causing problems for Syrian military forces. Everyone will assume it was the Americans because that's who the Russians pretend to be when they hand out the goodies. The way Russia operates as a country is like how a mafia organization operates, it's really quite something to behold.


A strong nationalistic western government does not seem like it would be in Russian interests though. It would actually be better to support the left.

>This is Russia's favorite thing to do. They always blame the US for things that they themselves do. Fucking constantly. If you want to know what Russia is up to, just wait and listen to what they accuse the US of. I'm only half joking it's that bad, seriously.

You could say the same thing about the US.

>The US was active in Syria but only with the Kurds, not with ISIS.

Well they were active with other groups too. Russia was never active with ISIS either.

As for the last point(I won't quote it all.

Again, why? That makes sense if you want to break apart a non allied nation(like the US did with Libya) but why would Russia break apart an ally to do they? They are destroying an ally in order to make them an ally. Who really has the motive to destroy a Russian and Iranian ally like this? The US obviously.


Funding ISIS worked two ways for Russia. First, it allowed them to paint themselves as allies to the US in the fight on terrorism. This was actually very important for Russia's strategy as it allowed them to get Michael Flynn to be much more sympathetic towards them, and if the whole thing hadn't blown up on them they would have gotten him to drop all sanctions and welcome them into Saudi Arabia to help with the nuclear power plants. They were trying to set up an alliance between western powers and Russia, that was to be centered around fighting ISIS, but things didn't pan out like they had hoped. The second was as I already explained, they used fighting ISIS as an excuse to make Assad more dependent on them. I really don't see how you don't understand this. If a guy can't control his people without help from an outside military, it makes that guy extremely likely to do whatever that military wants him to do. It makes him welcome foreign soldiers into his lands, soldiers which still haven't left I might add despite the quieting down of the fighting. Russia is basically occupying Syria with Assad serving much like Ramzan Kadyrov does in Chechnya. ISIS basically played a much bigger role as a boogeyman in Russian propaganda abroad than in anything internal to Syria. Their funding wasn't strategically important from a military conquest point of view, but rather because of the opportunities they provided for Russia to make diplomatic gains.


You are suggesting these relatively minor theories while missing the elephant in the room. Assad was and is a Russian ally, the US has far more motive to get rid of him than Russia has to destabilise him. Also who is it that's been fighting ISIS and the other groups the hardest? Not the US that is for sure, after ISIS the only opposition groups will be in areas controlled by Turkey or the US. So who is really trying to destabilise Syria? Because it certainly looks like the US has the motive to do it and is being the least cooperative in Syria, the war would be over by now if not for the US and Turkey.


The US of course wanted and tried to get rid of Assad, I'm not claiming they didn't. What are you even on about here?


What are you on about?

You are saying Russia is the one with the motive and that Russia is the one causing destabilisation when the US is the one with the motive and Russia is the one bringing stabilisation.


Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention that's important. ISIS gave Russia cover to launch attacks against rebel forces by claiming they were there to kill ISIS when in fact they were just killing anyone opposing Assad. It gave them plausible deniability to operate with impugnity where otherwise it would have been way more of a diplomatic issue because they would be going right up against US troops. It was a way of keeping the proxy war a proxy war.

They weren't the sole cause of the destabilization. I thought that was so obvious it went without saying but I guess not. They didn't fund ISIS out of the blue to destabilize their ally, it was just an opportunistic act once things got rolling.


To clarify >>213171 further, The US has openly backed anti-Assad forces since the start of the civil war. This is not a secret and I was assuming it's common knowledge to everyone. This is completely separate from the funding of ISIS. The US has always been firmly opposed to ISIS and has fought them wherever they spring up and they would never arm them. There are some reports about weapons caches being stolen from US-backed rebel forces that ended up in the hands of ISIS, but that's completely different from supplying them outright which is what large amounts of evidence shows that Russia has done. ISIS is the enemy of America and funding them caused the US priorities in the region to shift towards fighting ISIS rather than fighting Assad. It worked beautifully even if you assume that Trump is not a Russian puppet, because he literally said the US is going to pull out of Syria "because ISIS has been defeated" He said nothing of the US support for rebel forces which shows how completely American priorities in the region have been sidetracked since 2012. Of course Trump is Putin's stooge so that's why operation Timber Sycamore was shut down and redirected towards fighting ISIS.


>Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention that's important. ISIS gave Russia cover to launch attacks against rebel forces by claiming they were there to kill ISIS when in fact they were just killing anyone opposing Assad

What? Russia always stated it was fighting ISIS and the Opposition. It's the US that was using that rhetoric.

>They weren't the sole cause of the destabilization.

Or even a cause at all.


>The US has openly backed anti-Assad forces since the start of the civil war

So you even admit this? Yet you still can't see the obvious.


Behold a Pale Horse
Cooper produced and published Behold a Pale Horse in 1991.[5] The book has been influential among "UFO and militia circles".[9] Just prior to the trial of Terry Nichols in 1997, The Guardian described it as "the manifesto of the militia movement".[10]
Political scientist Michael Barkun characterized it as "among the most complex superconspiracy theories", and also among the most influential due to its popularity in militia circles as well as mainstream bookstores.[6]
In 2000, he was named a "major fugitive" by the United States Marshals Service.[6]
On November 5, 2001, Apache County sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years evading execution of the 1998 arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the Marshals Service, he vowed that "he would not be taken alive".[1]
>17. Jeff Chang (February 1, 2005). Can't stop, won't stop: a history of the hip-hop generation. Macmillan. p. 438. ISBN 978-0-312-30143-9.


>Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention that's important. ISIS gave Russia cover to launch attacks against rebel forces by claiming they were there to kill ISIS when in fact they were just killing anyone opposing Assad

Good. Fuck amerika, fuck israel, and fuck their evil proxy coup murderers.


You know those hacking tools I said Israel sold to Saudia Arabia? Well they just turned up being used to hack Jeff Bezos' phone. That information was then given to American Media International and used to blackmail Bezos. (https://www.thedailybeast.com/jeff-bezos-investigation-finds-the-saudis-obtained-his-private-information?) AMI btw has tons of dirt on Trump. I believe this also includes evidence of a love child he had with a succubus and the existence of a contract to pay her to get an abortion. Basically the story we heard attributed to Elliot Broidy was in fact really Trump but Broidy took the fall for it and Pecker knows about it and SA is likely able to exert influence through them on the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, the US has quietly continued its utter subservience to SA by continuing to train its air force and to go forward with a plan to give them nuclear reactors that are capable of making material for a nuclear weapon.




btw I should mention that this is only the most Brazen attempt to use this software by Saudia Arabia. They've been using it to go after political dissidents all around the world, including Canada, The US, and the UK. (https://citizenlab.ca/2018/10/the-kingdom-came-to-canada-how-saudi-linked-digital-espionage-reached-canadian-soil/) They have gotten so open and brazen about this shit that they clearly know they will face zero repercussions. They killed a permanent US resident who worked for a major US newspaper and then hacked into the owner of that newspaper and used a highly Trump connected media outlet to try and blackmail that newspaper owner. At the same time the Trump administration is literally trying to give these assholes nukes, selling billions of dollars of weapons to them and training their military for them. At the same time all three countries are gearing up for war against Israel and Saudia Arabia's main enemy Iran. You put the fucking dots together. This conspiracy is operating in plain sight and MBS is basically dragging his balls all across Trump's face and he sits by and does nothing because he know MBS owns him.


Necro-ing a potentially interesting thread that the mod killed.

Very interesting video from Truestream media about some notable people from history.


File: 1557214387728-0.jpg (45.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, USAF-Seal-Aluminium-Standa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1557214387728-1.gif (33.29 KB, 697x432, 697:432, Raising the Djed.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1557214387728-2.jpg (22.41 KB, 398x255, 398:255, djet_lamp1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>That's not how it works,
Yes it is. Just because you believe the PSYOP about "muh economy" doesn't mean it's how things work. Academia is full of idiots that either repeat the indoctrination of bullcrap, or are blacklisted if they question the "scientific" dogma (esp. if they find proof contrary to the established propaganda).

Control of Innovation and technology is the true lever of power. Secret Societies use front men to release new innovation and thus control who gets rich.

> I only believe in conspiracies that have been confirmed with solid evidence and aren't actually theories.

Both of you would like to watch this video series about the satanic pedo cult of silicon valley. All sourced with actual facts and cross references via the Brain Database connection graph you can download on their site.

Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSvpYyH40x8

Some tech has been known but suppressed for hundreds or thousands of years, and is used in secret to keep the masses controlled. There are almanacs dated to the 1600's with pictures of "tesla coil" like electrical demonstrations being performed in the courtyard of French royalty… You'll have find out specifics yourself since you wouldn't believe all of what I'd say on this subject.

Tesla was such a man, allowed to release some technology to the masses, but he was also a good guy. He wanted to harness the atmospheric electricity and free the masses from the yoke of energy scarcity. Such good folk sometimes try to reveal the truth via sly statements. For instance: Tesla noted that he heard a pattern in the RF waves with his first radio that "could only have been intelligent in origin". That's because radio is ancient tech, and was already in use by secret societies to game the stock markets.

Tesla's Towers didn't send energy through the air, they harnessed the electrical energy that's already in the air. There's a huge voltage potential between the earth and ground, and its usable. You need a spiky conductive end high up in the sky, and then a good ground connection. Between this a wire is ran and the current flows, Saint Elmo's Fire is seen atop the spikes when the air is highly charged. Break this cable and bring the ends close together, it creates a spark gap, which generates an EM pulse. Take the cable and wind it into a coil. Within that coil place another coil that has many more turns of wire. The EM pulse will induce a higher voltage pulse in the inner coil. You've now got free electricity. Put a battery inline to stabilize the input power. Connect the two ends of the internal coil to an Alternating Current motor. Or use a resonant receiver to pick up the EMF pulses and convert them into power for wireless devices. This is ancient technology, known for thousands of years, and Tesla reintroduced it. It was the religious Reformation and Spanish Inquisition which burned scholars and books having this forbidden knowledge. You wouldn't believe how advanced the secret use of Radio and Passive Radar is currently…

Here's an explanation of the power available, Tesla was right when he said we were "swimming in a sea of electricity":
Here's a working free-energy power station:

Control via Resource scarcity, i.e., controlling the supply lines of food, water, power, etc., is a favorite governing dynamic. And this requires suppressing technology or else you'll "Go Nuclear" – This means to nucleate, to be a single nucleus, like a Nuclear Family, and isolated and uncontrollable by outside force. If a city had free energy and sustainable food, then a government couldn't just cut off its water, power, food, fuel, etc. in order to control it. To "denuclearize" North Korea means to get them dependent on outside supplies… not to take away their non-existent "nukes". Nuclear power = power that allows you to remain separated, nucleated. Many such words don't mean what you've been taught.

An occulted Djet / Djed tower is on the US Air Force shield. It represents a coil within a coil (a "Tesla" coil) that amplifies EMF waves and allows sight (radar).

I have a very old plaque where the central column is not like twisted rope, but is a coil around a column and another coiled column is rising up from it with the top
like \_/ (topload of Tesla coil) or The "Hands" atop the Djet tower in the picture of the Dendra Light Bulb.

In the carving of the Dendra Bulb the little monkey is a symbol of Thoth (thinking) who is holding his hands up like this:
\_/ and has a sun on his head (light). He's saying, "This gives light". In the Raising Djed tower pic the little dude on the ground is literally the symbol for "ground", because you'll get shocked all to hell if you're not properly grounded when erecting one of these towers. Those are not "Ostrich feathers" on the Djed tower and Amun's head (god of invisibility and hidden power), they're antenna.

In occult symbolism the feathers / wings mean the EMF waves coming out like the magnetic field lines. Like the lightning arrows shooting out of the column on the USAF symbol. F22 Raptor Radar can fry an enemy's electronics. Amun-Ra is the God of "Hidden power, invisibility, Air/Wind, and Light". That is electromagnetic waves / radar. This is why Ra (the all-seeing sun) is behind Horus (occulted as an Eagle) on such USAF seals. The wavy line at the bottom of the seal used to be a square wave (as seen on my older plaque), it's a radio wave for communication, now occulted to look like some puzzle piece design.

Two "Djed" towers can communicate at great distance if their circuits resonate. These Twin Towers are the Free Masonic pillars Boaz and Jachine meaning "To Establish" [communication] and "Strength" [knowledge is power]. Nordics also raised similar towers as "temples to Thor" (lightning power) everywhere they went (so they could phone home, survey the land with radar, etc). Egyptian rulers kept people in the dark about use of Djet towers and other technology from before the flood by treating them like religious artifacts in public. Still today the artifacts are secreted away and called primitive totems, etc.

Geologic evidence of the Cataclysm is all over the place, but modern geologists support an idiotic interpretation that helps hide the technologically advanced past.

Egyptian multiplication & Wedjat fractions work the same way your modern CPU does multiplication & fractions. Much technology is reverse engineered artifacts from the prior cataclysm. This is why it wasn't crazy for Hitler to try and hoard "religious artifacts" or go on an expedition to Antarctica (looking for ancient relics / super weapons to help win the war).

In the era of colonization, military expeditions destroyed the natives and confiscated artifacts prior to settlers being allowed to colonize to ensure any technology that escaped the cataclysm was kept out of the commoner's hands.

This world is full of wool that's been pulled over the eyes of the masses. Nothing is as it seems. Ionic flow is what causes the rotating tides, not the moon:


It was quite interesting actualy, thanks.


Will give a watch with a open mind when it comes to the silicon valley thing.
That said, free energy stuff makes me roll my eyes pretty hard as the math/physics simply don't work when you look at any of this stuff in detail. I will still watch, because I like loling at woo/ snake oil sells men, but I know pretty damn well at this point that it is bunk from actually looking pretty deeply at this stuff and going through the trouble of doing the calculations and asking simple practical questions from a scientific perspective. Even tried to build one from plans in my teenage years for a after school science project. Might be time to dust off the old note book and calculator for this one.


The Truth About The US Dollar - Why Oil Is So Important In Geopolitics


why are you posting your furry & liz bro politics?


There's a conspiracy by the FDA to keep the scalie down in FULL effect.


It is related to the topic of the thread.
Nothing more, nothing less.


File: 1557322487073.jpg (517.94 KB, 2728x2128, 341:266, soy abuse.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I think there are many other issues going on there, but the shit diet probably made things worse.
I don't really think it is a conspiracy since every nutritionist would say such a lifestyle/diet is a bad idea. Yeah, you won't die using a shitty meal replacement shake for a huge bulk of your food, but it will have negative health effects over time. That plus maybe something like a chronic lack of sleep and some bad meds to stress the system is probably why he started looking like a crackhead.



Correlation does not imply causation, afeminate people and the stereotipical beta males are already likely to be into veganism and thus eat a lot of soy to supplement meat or other products they consider to be problematic because they are sissies.

The soy is not turning people into sissies, sissies turn to soy because it suits them.


see the canadian faggot in the crawl thread for a fine example of that kind of creature


Yikes! Thats pretty cringe and bluepilled, go back to /pol/. There is nothing wrong with soy consumption


File: 1557354164213.png (696.66 KB, 960x821, 960:821, 00e5150181e3f1b08fce3b96cd….png) ImgOps iqdb

>There is nothing wrong with soy consumption


Soy is prescribed to succubi who lack estrogen, excessive use has also been found to significantly raise estrogen level in men and cause things like breasts to develop(but this is only in excessive cases). However, >>217293 was likely a tranny nut job before he started drinking so much soy, that is probably the reason why he is doing it in the first place, because he wants the estrogen.


Soy has goitrogens that fuck with your thyroid and make you a hormonal mess
Mix that with the fluoride in water and food, bromide in food and used as a fire retardant on everything, low iodine diets and you get a pretty fucked up pituitary and thyroid warped body.


Almost forgot all that succubus birthcontrol piss in the tap water


I can confirm, I'm relatively thin but after a diet of almost purely soy for 3 years I developed semi-breasts akin to a young succubus beginning puberty. I would post a picture, but mods would delete it, even though it's not sexual content nor does it have my face in it.
I also have wide hips. Veganism and vegetarianism is a meme that causes men to become sissified by consuming products full of estrogen. Plus the >>217547 fucking hormones in the water. I just want to go back to the paleolithic, when everything wasn't poison to make you into a succubus. I hate this modern age.


Not particularly religious, but the Gospel of Essenes is a scripture found in a Vatican library & Slavic library that was translated without permission, where Jesus spoke about fasting and doing enemas, deep breathing & sun bathing to heal the body of impurities, disease and parasites. Called water, sunlight and air the angels of the earth. Its fucked up how toxic shit is nowadays and its ruining our health and spirits.


File: 1557572035314.jpg (73.91 KB, 700x467, 700:467, image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> Do any of you believe in any conspiracy theories?

Of course. Some of them aren't just theories. For example, it's easy to prove how history we are given by "scholars" and "academic experts" is nothing but total bullshit made up by those who wish to put down the white man.

No matter where you look it up, it's always a "fact" how the Roman army horse fought without stirrups, how these ridiculously simple devices were "invented" by glorious Chinese, and how Europeans found out about stirrups only when the inventive, genial, and in all respects much more intellectual Eastern hordes began to show up on their doorsteps by the late 6th or the early 7th century AD.

It's impossible for an army fighting on horseback for a thousand year not to come up with stirrups at some point even if it'd would be an army of chimpanzees lead by mentally disabled fish. So, it's clear that this is just a hoax, made up by people who want to put down the whitey.

Of course I don't believe in any of those ridiculous conspiracy theories like Russia influencing the US elections or messing up with elections in Britain. Only a moron would believe in those.


Have you seen recreations of ancient saddles?
Stirrups were not necessary to fight on horseback with such saddles.
Western stirrups didn't come from the Mongols. They were independently developed from loops that were used to aid in getting on the horse, which was only widely used when larger breeds became widely available.
Even then the step up loops didn't become Sturips for hundreds of years until they style of saddles and mounted combat significantly changed in the middle ages(think lance charges rather then mounted archers of what pushed the change).
It isn't a conspiracy, it is what is known based on the best available evidence, including artifacts and records from the time.


I agree with your first point about things being made up to put the white man down. However that stirrup part isn't one of them, even Ewart Oakeshott mentions it and he was born in 1916, his books were made way before the PC revisionism. Also the hordes that showed up with them were Germans(who in turn learnt about them further east).

>It's impossible for an army fighting on horseback for a thousand year not to come up with stirrups at some point even if it'd would be an army of chimpanzees lead by mentally disabled fish. So, it's clear that this is just a hoax, made up by people who want to put down the whitey.

They had saddles that gave them a fair amount of support(some argue that they are as effective as stirrups but I would not go that far).


The common view among scholars is that the Gospel of Essenes is fake.



Ewart Oakeshott is rarely mentioned anywhere nowadays, which I think proves my point.


How would that prove your point in anyway?
Also, who is it that rarely mentions him nowadays? Academics in the field still use his sword typologies and still make reference to him.


The entire book is fake how is this news


Well yes, I mean it's not part of the fake cannon but rather something made up by the person who 'discovered it' in the Vatican archive.


This level of delusion is fascinating.


Lots of mentally ill people on wizchan.


I agree with you OP, I believe the exact same scenario is currently happening while we speak. Without a doubt they are trying to ensure a permanent solution to enslave humanity without fail. Either way, there's something clearly evil going on with the Jews and their power trip controlling the masses.


>a few civil wars
We're practically in a civil war now. But if things escalated bad enough to the point where people were literally killing each other in the streets as a purge type level. We would simply just go into martial law. Which is another possibility of the near future.


A package containing G1rls und Panzer scale models finally arrived. What shocked me was the perspective having them gave me regarding their size. Even playing games and such I had never thought of a Tiger as being so much larger than a Panzer 4 as it was, I guess it's the kind of thing you need a 3d perspective to properly appreciate.


Ughhh. I'm an idiot. I just realised I posted this in the wrong thread…


I was wondering where you were going with this.
Had my gears going trying to figure out where the conspiracy was. lol.


Soy is a wonder bean, plus stuff like tempeh is cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxG_S0Q-bAg


>Soy is a wonder bean
It will make you wonder alright.


nice jaw, reminds me of Brian Thompson in his 20s


File: 1558443759192.jpg (465.76 KB, 1535x2048, 1535:2048, Tou Aun 003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Samurai swords aren't actually samurai swords. Contemporary illustrations of the Senkogu Jidai show Samurai with Tachis(slightly longer, slung from a holster and blade down) and Ashigaru with Katanas. Later on Ashigaru are made a part of the Samurai being the lowest part and people stop fighting wars, that is when Katanas start being popular among samurai, because many samurai were ashigaru and because they are shorter and not held through a holster, so it's easier to carry around when you are not fighting. But because Japan is such a traditionalist society they see Katana as the Samurai sword despite its peasant origins and not the tachi, so most period dramas, games, anime and such show samurai with Katanas not Tachi. And even wikipedia lists the Katana as a shortened tachi made after the mongol wars because tachi were breaking on mongol armour, I found this weird to start with. After all, it's not as if the Samurai themselves did not wear armour, their armour was quite similar to mongol armour to start with, I also very much doubt a sword would snap like they say they did against mongol armour, it seems like something a historian suggested a while ago and that has just been spread as established fact.


There is no escape from the soy™ it's LITERALLY everywhere.


They actually use it as a common cheap filler in professed meat products, like meatballs and premade hamburgers.


I've heard of this as well. Apparently the bow was their most widely used weapon too, i think.


Early on yeah. Massed volley fire of Ashigaru kind of made them redundant in that regard.


japanese swords had wrought iron cores, they would have bent but they didn't snap unless they were getting bent at extreme angles like over 60 degrees, just buy a traditionally made katana and beat it around to see for yourself


>just buy a traditionally made katana and beat it around to see for yourself
Because this site is well know for having users that have hundreds of dollars to throw away due to a internet argument of no consequence.


I wonder if the edge would crack a lot if the sword was bent like bad. It seems like a weakness of having the edge harder than the core.


File: 1558563873628.gif (1.65 MB, 387x217, 387:217, b85.gif) ImgOps iqdb


As someone who used to work closely with the peeps near the top of the pyramid, I can confirm it's horrific and a lot worse than you think.


It is pretty insane how people have been lead to believe that there's no way to harness the energy in the atmosphere when there are literally just random bolts of lighting that strike everywhere as a natural phenomenon. Capitalism is evil. If you can profit off of selling something you control, you must make sure others can't get it anywhere else cheaper. Intellectual property rights are fucking evil. So many breakthroughs in science just bought up and put in a box somewhere to die because it would create a better solution to a problem that people are currently selling a "solution" to.


Lightning is a rather unreliable source of energy. And that's quite an understatement.


Let me guess, during that time you were also sedentary and ate foods containing tons of refined sugars and enriched wheat or corn. You want to know what fucks with your sex hormones? Sugar! More than anything sugar fucks with sex hormones like crazy but the sugar industry is fucking gigantic and has convinced everyone that it's all good to be stuffing their fat faces. Soy is just a distraction, a convenient scapegoat to hide the truth that sugar is making people fat, stupid, and unable to control their impulses. It has a worse effect on people's impulse control than fucking cocaine addiction. It causes wild amounts of inflammation in the body almost immediately, it literally rots your fucking brain over time and it sure as shit makes guys grow breasts. If anything I'd be suspicious the soy conspiracy was created to distract from the actual sugar conspiracy.


Well, there are really of them which are still theories. I mean its all being showed up, but let's see:

-Kalergi Plan
-Sodom plan
-forbidden medicinal plants
-Catolics in Vatican are known to be masons.
-Corruption in islam to wage war against Europe, so Israel puts itself as the savior and then use it as an excuse to openly achieve worldwide government.
-VIH was not isolated, fake AIDS results cause fear, then they induce true AIDS to you. AZT kills your immune system.
-Aspartame in food, along with other poisons.
-pr0n, media, banks and gov ruled by (((you know who)))
-The illuminati card game shows off their mockery against common people.
-Nazi camps were just for forced labour, Zyklon-B was merely a plaguicide.
-Freedom of (((Speech)))
-The Protocols of the elders of zion.
-Dangerous hormones in food which causes phoetal disturbances to provoke homosexuality and other symptoms which shall cause your sons to be depending on (((pharmacy)))


>your sons
go away



As if anyone here were watching that as something painfully wanted, huh.


You sound like someone from shitchan.



if the jews are smart enough to pull all that shit out of their asses and have it work so well then shit, they might be the master race after all and deserve their overlordship. The rest of the world is that stupid after all so who gives a fuck.


This is kind of the problem I have with most if not all conspiracies. The amount of effort needed to pull them off would be herculean, and you'd need absolute devotion from almost everyone involved so that the conspiracy never leaks, and you'd need no one to ever question things that should be easily falsifiable. Like chemtrails. Do the jews just pay off every engineer who makes these planes and includes ways to spread chemicals? Do they pay off every airline so they spread them? Do they pay off every measly worker at airports who refuels the airplane? And they all just keep their mouth shut about it too? There's just too many mouths to shut with not enough people to shut them.



I have a simpler way of looking at things, people with money and power work to retain it or expand it, literally every group of people does it in their favor, there are so many mafias and cartels out there because realizing you can manipulate the markets through nepotism and monopoly is something any asshole has been able to realize since mankind became civilized, a religious or nationalist excuse is good and all but it all comes down to keeping certain leverage under a close umbrella. Worry too about the mormons in the CIA or what scientologists are doing, In Latinamerica evangelicals are pulling some buffonery , same with arabs and chinese, is not that deep , they are just lobbying for their monetary interests.


what's always worth looking into with regard to conspiracy theories - even the most outrageous ones - is who initially came up with them, and for what purposes

likewise with predictions/prophecies and their interpretations, and "fringe" scientific theories…


Well then they cease to be conspiracies.



They are not, but people rather fantasize about jews and aliens, they forget actual mafias and cartels exist and theres dozens of groups operating solely for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else.

Like, is so basic. Everyone already does it in a way with their family circle. People only give a shit about family and clan and fuck the rest.


File: 1558845963859.gif (92.77 KB, 1039x601, 1039:601, left_gatekeepers.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This, all the conspiracies actually add up.


It's interesting that most of the trading nowadays is done by algorithms by computers without any human involvement. The people who developed those algorithms and own the servers with the shortest direct connection to the trading servers make the most money (like Trump's money man, Robert Mercer for example). Have you wondered why there have been so many big bounces where the market has dipped a thousand points just to recover shortly later? It's because the market is being artificially propped up by several of the largest automated traders who come in to stave off the inevitable coming crash. They're building a house of cards ever higher and higher but the moment a democrat gets in office they will dump the whole thing and crash it so that the only thing people remember is that things were great when the republican was in office and terrible when the democrat was in office. They fucked up last time because they couldn't hold it off long enough and the crash started under Bush, but they'll get it right this time, the technology has matured long enough that they can control the markets especially with a compliant fed pumping infinite cheap money into the market.


America´s great crash and burn is going to be glorious to behold. Just like in the Great Deppression, the burguers will take down the entire rest of the world to the shitter with them.

The stock market crash wrecked europe too and who knows what hellscape awaits the less priviledge economies, and then it comes automatization.

Fucking billionaires are hurrying it up to gtfo to mars for a reason


You are only describing high frequency automated trading, using the standard of number of transactions to mean "most trading".
Though if you look at the biggest transactions those are done by major companies firms and govenment agencies in bulk and often have very large and fast effects on market fluctuations.


An awful lot of billionaires are Democrats or lean that way, and an awful lot of corporations are dominated by Democrats. Of course, you'll probably rationalize that.

>They fucked up last time because they couldn't hold it off long enough and the crash started under Bush, but

<insert reason why the theory that I concocted to reinforce my ideology is correct despite evidence to the contrary>

You're correct that it's a house of cards though, the only problem is that ideology makes you short sighted. For one, it's not Democrats or Republicans, it's Democrats and Republicans.


This guy gets it.


I'm not disputing that money has corrupted both parties, but since the democrats are ostensibly for things like progressive tax schemes and paying for more services that help the people like social security and healthcare, obviously the real money and power is always going to be aligned against them more than the republicans who are quite open about being against all of that.

I wish people would wake the fuck up and pay more attention, the republicans have become literally nothing but a party of propagandists tricking a poor stupid working class into voting to give more power and money to the elites. Constantly they take things out of context, misrepresent their opponents, use every logical fallacy under the sun and try to get people emotional, and it works. It works because people want to believe the stories they tell because it validates their own world view and their own personal narrative that they tell about themselves. Basically if it makes them feel good about themselves they never fucking question it. They fight hard against the things that would help them because to them it's more important to mentally align themselves with the "winners" in society.

In their fantasies, they are all sure to be millionaires one day, so they want the millionaires to be able to get away with anything. It allows them to LARP as super badasses in their minds and they rationalise their deciion by saying that the whites have similar interests and that a vote for the republicans is a vote for white interests, and a vote for their interests, but it's not, it's a vote for the interests of the wealthy and the actual policies and actions of republican politicians make that extremely clear to anyone who takes the time to pay attention and do the legwork to investigate things for themselves, but people are lazy and just wait for things to be handed to them and then grasp for whatever they find the most pleasing and latch onto that. People think there is a right wing party and a left wing party in America, in reality there's a moderate conservative party and a super insanely conservative party, and the wealthiest are always the most conservative because that's what conservatism is all about, giving wealth and power to an elite few rather than distributing it more equitably among the people.


This guy does not get it.


If only those poor working class knew their true interests were with immigration.


"Corrupting" both parties implies that the American political system has actual parties, rather than two arms of the state that exist to manage democracy and present the people a spectacle.

The progressive tax scheme of the New Deal democrats wasn't the heart of the Democratic Party. It was a temporary measure to respond to an emergency, and to fund a hugeass military and bureaucracy. If you actually pay attention to what Democrat politicians do, they've been cooperating with Republicans to slash public spending on people (but both parties are totally happy with throwing billions of dollars towards the military and police, that even the Pentagon acknowledges they don't need).
Since Bill Clinton the Democrats have been going along with tax cuts galore for the rich (though they disagree on which corporations and which communities in the country should get government gibs and tax breaks). What little Obama did was again a response to an emergency, and Obama unlike FDR made sure the money was going to big finance and the megacorps that align with the party best.

I agree that the Democrats are better than the Republicans, because the Republicans have gone batshit insane and cut taxes and spending in a way that's completely unsustainable and incompetent. A good chunk of the 2008 crisis stems from shit Bush Jr. did to run up debt, both public and private, and the response of the Bushes was such a disaster that, if we had an actual democracy worth a damn, the Republicans would have been discredited forever. But we don't have a democracy, and the Democrats went ahead and set us up for the same shit in 10-15 years with Obama's market-focused policy, and set up an asinine health care system that basically enshrines insurance companies and the profit motive and makes public health care nearly impossible to implement.

I can see why some of these poor people vote Rethuglican. Democrats have gone so far out of their way to shit on rural America, hell Democrats shit on their own urban base and went all in for the college-educated professionals. You have Democrats who don't even want to acknowledge for a second just how terrible the situation is in rural America, who want to tell you poverty is only a black person's problem (and then they do nothing for those poor black people except keep them as a captive voting base). At least the Rethugs just say outright they hate poor people. Of course, the system we have is set up to encourage people to kick those beneath them on the social ladder, well beyond any need for social hierarchy or privileges; and the reasons why that system was established intentionally come back to the bugbear no one wants to talk about - eugenism and population control.


Their interests aren't with immigration though. Not really.

Trump's immigration policy (if you can even call it a coherent policy) is oriented towards maintaining the status quo. No one wants to give up the benefits of illegal labor and prison labor, and everyone in a position of power wants to weaken the working class - especially the white working class, because they often have guns and a mind to revolt if things get too shitty, as they did in the 1930s and to a lesser extent in the 1960s. Feeding some red meat to the most degenerate elements of the white working class is the standard way American rulers divide and conquer the lower classes of society. Trump has no interest in actually doing anything and has made it clear he intends to continue the system of legal immigrant labor (and once those legal immigrants overstay their visa, the labor becomes illegal).

The problem will resolve itself (and has been resolving itself) as the money runs out, as America reaches a crisis point and the population violently contracts. No one wants to be here, and that's why a lot of these immigrants are fucking off and going back home. It will get worse once the next economic crisis hits, by 2024 at the latest I imagine.


Does it count if it is a conspiracy but isn't a theory?


>it's all going down in 2024 I imagine
>I imagine
I imagined it was all goin' down in 2008

nothing ever happens


It did go down in 2008, however much the press wants to claim Obama saved the economy etc. etc. Since that happened, a lot of fictitious capital was created to convince people that there wasn't a problem, just to keep the system going somewhat like it was before. That shell game only lasts so long though.

People often forget how much has been lost in the past 20 years, and just how bad things have become, and how many people were destroyed - permanently - by 2008. The economy is propped up by a lot of people running on to disability, increases in the rate of exploitation in the First World labor force, continued confiscation of what wealth the former lower-middle class had, speculation, and a shit ton of debt. The shell game only lasts so long, which is why America has been going totally apeshit with war and making the most pathetic cases to start one.

2008 was also around the time you started to see the police heavily militarize, and cities started making formal policies to declare war on the poor. That shit you see with the police choking a man to death for selling loose cigarettes isn't just some racist police offers being racist, it's literally government policy for police to act like that, and you can find a case like that every day in America. That stepped up dramatically once Obama got in, and it stepped up in a new way once Trump got in. They're probably preparing us for periodic escalations every time a new president assumes office, until the last generation that actually remembered democracy in any meaningful sense is well in the grave. Then they'll just abandon pretenses and start slaughtering poor people left and right, and the middle class shits will eat it all up and act like it's the greatest, because the middle class is fucking trash.


The Fed is both the cause of the 08 recession and due to inflationary money printing while keeping the interest rates artificially low things are being propped up in a bubble will burst sometime soon.


The next recession has already begun.


Any you are basing that on what exactly? By every objective standard I have seen we are still fully in the bubble. The bust has not begun yet.


Capitalism is just a shitty, unstable system with recurrent crises. (Of course, for the people at the top, those crises aren't crises, but moments of opportunities when the property of weaker capitalists is devoured by the strong.) The system now requires this sort of inflationary money printing just to remain solvent. The Fed just manipulates this cycle somewhat so that it is even more consistently useful for the strong devouring the weak, and so the other pig Porkies and their national security state have a constant stream of money. They don't play by the same rules you and I do, nor do the small capitalist fish. You don't get anywhere in capitalism unless you pay dues to the beast, that's how it is and it's unavoidable.


Capitalism works just fine when you eliminate government interference in the market.
to see the real root of the problem.


No "super obvious political views that any idiot should see and I believe in" doesn't count as a conspiracy. Its just a backdoor to a third politics thread


The vast majority of people do not understand the evil and destruction caused by the central bankers and what FIAT really is and how it is used to rob everyone.
It may be basic but it isn't super obvious by design. It also literally is a conspiracy.


Dude, It is happening. The day where they finally stop trying to hide this stuff is drawing near.
The Senate Is Being Briefed On UFOs.



The ufo news lately have been very suspicious, but when have they not been. I wonder how many these days still believe in the nuts and bolts/et “theory”…


the jew media haul out the ufo/bigfoot shit every time there's a real-world event they'd rather not have the goyim focus on like the current iran stuff, they've been doing this forever


I am going to need you to be able to back that up with something.


you must be rather new to the news


They're going to use a staged alien invasion to convince us goyim that we need a global government


we already have one of those


Money itself is a scam. There is nothing special about backing the scam with gold or silver. Gold and silver aren't particularly useful, they were selected specifically because normal people couldn't acquire them easily and thus it was possible for an upper class to hoard most of the precious metal and get the lower classes to fight over it.

There just isn't a reason why we should make the claim that one bushel of wheat = x amount of some other good. There's no law of the universe which makes anything have intrinsic value. The very concept of exchange in this way is silly when you think about the reality that bushels of wheat and metals to construct a plow are not exactly interchangeable. If you wanted a system of exchange and distribution that was based on something fair, we would be looking at the actual uses of the stuff we exchange and judge based on the actual need, rather than some value.

The central banks are of course shitty and playing a long con, and an obvious con. ALL banks are running the con of fabricating money, that's literally what banks do and why they were a necessary step towards the development of capitalism. Without banks, you don't have capitalism in any recognizable form. So you're really saying that capitalism is evil and destructive, which it most certainly is, but what you're trying to say is that there's something special about central banks and that it is only their particularly sinister behavior at fault. If you didn't have this notion that there was a good capitalism (which only exists because it is heavily, heavily propagandized), then the explanation is obvious to basically anyone who thinks about what money is for five minutes.
Is the operation of central banks a conspiracy? It most certainly is, it's a conspiracy of the super rich and banking aristocracy to secure their position and make their "services" obligatory to all. It is, however, often trotted out by fash and other assorted scumbags who want to do the same thing, but with krauts instead of kikes. It is, inevitably, the same beast, and its very existence implies a lie imposed on the ostensible people who these institutions "serve".


Money is just an evolution of the barter system. There is nothing wrong with it.

>There's no law of the universe which makes anything have intrinsic value.

No. Value is set by supply and demand(the market).


You do understand what "intrinsic" means, right? Demand necessarily implies people and their subjective wants. Without people, none of the matter in the universe would have any value in the economic sense.

The only things that come close to an intrinsic theory of value would be something like the old labor theory of value, but even this itself only exists because of a quid pro quo between people, and that contract can be (and frequently is) broken. The wageslave system only works as long as workers go along with it and accept the quid pro quo of money or goods-in-kind in an adversarial relationship. That's making quite an assumption if we're going to impose that relationship on all of nature, as if the rest of the universe cares about our class system or even recognizes our own psychological concept of dominance and subservience.

I'm guessing, though, that you don't believe in classical political economy, in which case you have no argument to make.

The point I make is that money systems largely persist on deprivation, and rely on large institutions sucking up money in the form of taxes in order to really work. That's literally the reason why we have money as such, even after it has long outlived its usefulness and we can realize quite easily a rationally planned economy. We don't need money to solve calculation problems per se. Rulers need money because, without a quid pro quo to chase after, there is less reason to give a shit what the state or the rulers want or what they think, short of outright violence.


Without people weather something is or isn't worth anything is not really an issue or relevant to anything… Nothing would have any value in any sense.


Also, money isn't some evil shackle introduced by the ruling class to enslave us. As I said, it's an evolution of the barter system. It hasn't outlived its usefulness and it never will either.


The point is that supply and demand is really just an aggregate of the total production and subjective wants in this thing called "society", and the exact boundaries of this society are never quite specified. It is an airy, mystical quality, and thus it isn't really a meaningful definition of value in the economic sense. It is an explanation of prices in a market system, but markets are not intrinsic or necessary themselves and are inherently antagonistic. Again, it's quite an assumption to impose this market system on all of human history and human nature, especially considering how often the market rules are willfully broken and value is simply appropriated by force.

When we actually ask ourselves what we are doing, and why we are doing it, we don't naturally quantify our demands as a single number that can be compared against others. That's just a heuristic, and a very crude one with a lot of problems. The truly important thing about any system isn't the money, but the relations between classes themselves. Usually, at least in modern American history, people don't defend capitalism because they legitimately believe that markets are human nature and that the economy is a deity that must be sacrificed to. They defend capitalism because they believe in the class structure of this society, or at least wish to preserve their status within it. They believe in a certain hierarchy and place themselves above those beneath them, and seek to reproduce those relations as much as possible. This obviously applies to the people at the very top, the bankers who can arbitrarily create money and largely dictate the flow of the market system, and it goes down the line, down to the working classes turning against each other. We live in a profoundly sick system where kicking down the person beneath you is encouraged far beyond any natural need, because the system only works so long as a large part of the population is forced by deprivation to chase after money for the means of subsistence. If the need to simply survive isn't enough motivation, threats of violence against the lowest classes in society and making them into examples for public humiliation generally keeps the workers in line. This system is not pursued because it maximizes production or human happiness, indeed this insane Social Darwinism is tearing society to shreds and hurting productivity with artificial barriers and gross profiteering. But the people at the top revel in the misery of the lower classes, and because their values are imposed on us, it gets passed down the line. The point I'm making with all of this is that the only thing we can do, here at the bottom, is to not needless encourage their faggotry or pretend that their system means anything more than it does.


How, then, is money useful?
You can't use the calculation problem, because the truth is that money is a pretty piss poor calculator for utility, as anyone who has thought about artificial intelligence could tell you. Markets have certain behaviors which guide the distribution of goods, but it also means necessarily the existence of racketeering. There is no good capitalism which eliminates the racket, and if you do theorize a stable society which can mitigate the racket, you've moved far past any ideology which places markets at the very center of your social system. Maybe you'd have markets around still because money is easier, but when there are gross disturbances in the market system you'd have the sense to step in and regulate the system, perhaps even introduce a clean slate, wipe out all debt, and redistribute property to address the accumulation of wealth into monopolies.


>It is an airy, mystical quality,

Yes, thus why the market changes.

To buy things you want.

Would you please stop spewing nonsense as well. It isn't even worth reading.


Wow, total non-answers.
You're fucking retarded.


Non answers to nonsensical ramblings, maybe if you could formulate a reasonable reply you would get a reasonable reply.


My conspiracy is most conspiracies are just way to distract the public, and to keep us busy. Sometimes it's just ways to try to keep life feeling interesting and exciting.
People who actually believe conspiracies unironically are schizophrenic. But blaming people for having a mental illness is probably not too wise.


In order to make the claim that money is essential and will never disappear, you need some reason for it besides "DURRR MONEY GET ME STUFF", especially when as conspiracy wiz was saying, money is literally created by fiat. My argument to him was that any money system is essentially fiat, and that if there weren't large central treasuries of some sort, then money as a medium of exchange probably wouldn't be viable. There would be endless arguments about what we're supposed to use as this medium of exchange, absent a large, central wealth-owner that can dictate the rules for a lot of people.

Also barter almost certainly didn't lead to the development of money in the way Adam Smith thought it did. It is far more likely that systems of credit and bonds of patronage drove economic activity before (and largely, even after) the introduction of money.
I don't want to get bogged down in a history of economics, only to state that your conception of it is ridiculously naive / stupid.


It seems a brief lesson on the history of basic economics is in order.

Money is just an evolution of the barter system. If one person has wheat and another has apples but does not want wheat well then the wheat haver is in trouble if he wants apples. Therefore he must trade this wheat for something the apple seller has a use for. Precious metals fill this role nicely as they are rare, easy to store and carry and are non-perishable, so can easily be traded on. But metals can be debased and require weighing to ascertain appropriate value. So mints are made to produce a known weight of metal in a known consistency and are stamped appropriately with the mark of the sovereign to show that it is authentic. From this paper notes where then made that represent these coins to make it even easier to carry, trade and store wealth, this is what money is.


That would make some sense if you assume everyone is a merchant, but historically most people aren't merchants. Most of us didn't ask for money, or really much at all in the way of exchange. As I said, absent a large, central wealth-owner - like a large landlord, or a particularly wealthy merchant or an association of merchants, or the whole class of merchants - could impose the money system on everyone. It just so happens that they pick precious metals, where the mineral veins can be much more easily controlled by force, as the medium of exchange. Curious, no? Oh, no, the good merchants and landlords just chose metals because it was convenient and compact.

Fucking ridiculous.


And even if the "good merchant" version of history were true, it doesn't change the fundamental point that, ultimately, the money unit itself is of no practical utility beyond the fact that people believe it has value, which makes it a scam regardless of origins. But I don't think anyone can seriously believing Antiquity was full of honest, free, hardworking craftsmen trucking and bartering their wares at the village market. By the time we have anything like a historical record, powerful landlords already kept the bulk of the population bound in some form or another, and the concentration of wealth was already incredibly lopsided in favor of an aristocracy. The conspiracy to lock people into servitude had been going on for quite some time.


You don't have to be a merchant to use money.

>Most of us didn't ask for money, or really much at all in the way of exchange.

Gold was exchanged by peasants too, not just merchants and nobility. It benefits everyone by enabling people to liquidate goods and easily receive a value for any services they do.

>It just so happens that they pick precious metals, where the mineral veins can be much more easily controlled by force, as the medium of exchange. Curious, no?

Not really. It's the most convenient.

>Oh, no, the good merchants and landlords just chose metals because it was convenient and compact.

Yes, also non perishable and rare. There wasn't anything else they could use in it's stead.


I mean there wasn't anything as effective they could use.


Incidently I should mention that precious metals are not the only thing ever to be used as currency. For example fabric used to be used in Japan but Japan was quite backwards at that point and would eventually switch to metals.


File: 1562618867843.jpg (172.98 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 14-5c6bbd6825153__700.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>And we're on this planet, and Einstein's physics show that Max Planck's physics show that all, there's at least 12 dimensions. And now that's what all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out saying. It's a false hologram, it is artificial. The computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected, and gravity is "bleeding in" to this universe. That's what they call "dark matter". So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in some computer program, some god's mind, whatever, they're proving it all. It's all coming out.
>Now, there's like this sub-transmission zone below the third dimension that's just turned over the most horrible things is what it resonates to, and it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic-level consciousness to launch into the next levels. And our species is already way up at the 5th-6th dimension, consciousnally, our best people. But there's this big war trying to like, basically, destroy humanity, because humanity has free will, and there's a decision to which level we want to go to. We have free will, so evil's allowed to come and contend, not just good.
>And the elites themselves believe they're racing, well, using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're gonna merge with machines, transcend, and break away from the failed species that is man. Which is kind of like a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad, projecting it onto themselves instead of believing, "No, it's a human test about building us up."
>And so, Google was set up 18-19 years ago (this was, I knew about this before it was declassified, I'm just saying, I have good sources) that they wanted to build a giant, artificial system. And Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hivemind of humanity, with billions of people wired into it with the internet of change, and so all our thoughts go into it, and we're actually building a computer that has real neurons, in real-time, that's also psychically connected to us, that are organic creatures, so that they will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers, a true crystal ball. But the big secret is, once you have a crystal ball and know the future, you can add stimuli and make decisions beforehand that control the future.


>and so then it’s the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know, and a true 2.0 (and a very bad way) hive-mind consciousness with an AI jacked-into everyone, knowing our hopes and dreams, delivering it to us, not in some PKD wire-head system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure, but because we were already wired-in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to the system, our daily decisions — that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
>There’s now a human counter-strike taking place, to shut this off before it gets fully into place, and to block these systems and to try to have an actual debate about where humanity goes, and cut-off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that are in control of this AI system before humanity’s destroyed."


It is almost certain that our understanding of physics has serious weaknesses, that have just been papered over. The people who were writing on quantum mechanics around the turn of the 20th century and for about three decades after were open about the problems with their theory and that there was likely something deeply wrong, but after the war and the need for information and thought control over large populations, open discussion of this matter has been largely overwhelmed by vulgarizations and total bullshit put forward by university physics departments to get more monies.

So no, there aren't 10 or 12 dimensions, or if there are it has nothing to do with whatever cockamamie theory someone is trying to sell. Popular science, generally, is a deliberate lie meant for sale to rubes, so that the general public is led to believe in fantasy and unicorns. That's why they keep cranking out time travel stories and familiar tropes, some of which is just straight up lifted from theosophy and other such mystical nonsense.

Now, the ACTUAL stuff physicists believe is… not really true either. The state of the academy is such a mess for a variety of reasons, and even if there's a hidden truth that has been deliberately obscured from any public discussion, I doubt the best and brightest are much further along in their understanding of the universe than they were in the 1930s. It is almost certain that general relativity is a dead end in understanding the universe for a variety of reasons, because the problem of the light speed limit threw everything for a loop. Quantum mechanics, as I said, has been on shaky ground for a long time in ways that was recognized and written about. I'm not a physicist and shouldn't pretend to be, but a lot of the assumptions I see are just silly if I think about them for more than a few seconds.


Explain Einstein theory of the black hole that was just proven to be true


that's an obvious hoax and looks like a glazed doughnut, not him btw


Thoughts on Operation Mocking Bird?



Even if it happened looks like it didn't work at all. American media was already pretty anti-american and left-leaning in the 50s and 60s. What happened to senator McCarthy was mostly caused by mainstream american journalists who hated him. Same thing with the civil rights and vietnam war protests which were also supported by Hollywood and and mainstream media at the time


I'm pretty far-right but this seems like a troll thread.

>I'm fully convinced that the ruling elites are poisoning food and water with estrogen to feminize men, so they are more docile and obedient. Their plan is to mix all the races together

If that were true then the japanese, koreans and chinese would be the biggest cucks in the world when it comes to immigration, when as you probably know, it's actually the opposite. these asian nations are some of the most racist and anti-immigration countries in the world.

Most whites are cucks for many other reasons who have nothing to do with fucking soy milk or "poisoned water"


You're intentionally being narrow-minded and obtuse.

You're absolutely right, it's not *just* the "fucking soy milk or "poisoned water""—whites at large are cucked for a variety of factors that cannot be explained outside of a historical narrative.

People always forget that last century had some of the deadliest wars in human history that all happened no more than a generation apart from one another. All the genes of the fighting men who got wasted were not there to be passed down to the next generation of citizens—it was the cowards, the stay at homes, along with scarred veterans, who got to breed. And so your dysgenics is one of breeding people who are complacent, docile, compliant.

Now on the other hand, the Japanese (I will ignore your statement on the Chinese which comes from ignorance of their history and actual racial makeup), despite having a reputation for docility, belong to a culture whose society's premise is rooted in moral homogeneity and obedience. There can be no multi-culturalism in Japan—that people could not tolerate the Ainu among them, nor could the Jomon and Yayoi peoples exist separately but eventually became one. And this rigid adherence to their Law stifles any feelings of sympathy and fellowship they may have had for foreign immigrants who are compelled to conform. No matter their personal feelings of guilt and welcoming, they cannot help but abide by the Law's enforcement, damn other societies' values. Whites almost universally no longer have such a mindset or culture—their culture is to accommodate.


Japan and China lost a large number of their fighting men too. Anyway, by that logic Russia would be the most 'cucked' and soft which we know is not true.

As for your Japans ethnicity, they are not the only ones to do this and in fact in the period you mention(the one with conflict between Jomon and Yayoi) the Japanese were at the same time importing large numbers of Koreans, Chinese and Manchus. They would make whole villages out of them.


>Japan lost a large number of their fighting men too
Yeah, once.
And as I explained, this actually worked to their benefit.
>Anyway, by that logic Russia would be the most 'cucked' and soft which we know is not true.
Is it?


>Yeah, once.

Ahh…. China was in a near constant state of war since the late Qing Dynasty until the end of the Chinese civil war.

>Is it?

Why would it not be? Please don't say something ignorant like 'because it has Muslims'.


>Why would it not be?
Putin regularly steals their elections and even has his political opponents assassinated—and they do nothing about it.
And they've long since lost the image of technological innovators they had during the cold war; Russia calls up images of seemingly intractable, stagnant near-poverty.
There are many examples one could bring up showing they are cucked like Germany, just to a different degree.


Russians are "cucked" in a different way from the West. They have one of the most corrupt governments of the world and most are ok with it.


>Putin regularly steals their elections and even has his political opponents assassinated
>and they do nothing about it.

Hmm I wonder why they do nothing about it? Still, that same logic applies to China. Why don't they do something about their government? I guess they are 'cucked' too.

Technology isn't relevant to this.


File: 1565103695554.png (809.87 KB, 800x5132, 200:1283, 1563864328386 - chinese.png) ImgOps iqdb

Like I said, I'm not talking about China and don't want to get into a discussion about them.
You're still making a faulty argument based on comparing an honest dictatorship with one that is pretending toward democracy; one which effectively controls every single thought the citizen has, vs one who allows exposure to ideas that undermine its legitimacy.


Every democrayc in a way is faulty, even the most true to from versions. Who about the Democratic republic of Korea? Or the Democratic republic of the Conogo? So are they 'cucked' because they live in a dictatorship pretending to be a democracy? You keep shifting the goal posts and don't really have any set points. In fact this argument is moving from the original argument of war causing cuckoldry anyway, as you have now conveniently skipped the Chinese loose in war aspect.


What a blockhead! It was never about war specifically, it was about the circumstances which led one nation or another to being cucked; I clearly established who I chose to focus on.
The Russia discussion was a tangent you initiated and pursued.
That is all. This discussion is now off-topic and I didn't want it to last this long.


> it was about the circumstances which led one nation or another to being cucked;

Circumstances are not some magic phenomena that only affect some nations because you say so and then don't affect other nations even though they are hit harder by these circumstances because you say so.


I believe the evil russkies want to taint our precious bodily fluids


They can't fuse all races, there is an entire continent full of negroids and several south and central American countries, there is 5 blacks per white worldwide.


That's the point. The more intelligent races will basically be consumed by the negro menace. The world of mutts. A dark age of worldwide subhuman idiocy.



i live off "Huel". its the same as soylent but no soy and 1/6 the price

t. autist who cant eat



File: 1565750013863.jpg (12.8 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 1558003011177.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Once you understand MKULTRA all other conspiracies fall into place
oh no anon. once you read any of david icke's books it all falls into place


>no soy
So what is the base made of then?


Never mind, I looked up the answer already.


Maybe if I see it at walmart or something I might some up to try it. I suspect it probably taste as bad as most protein shakes though, so my expectations are pretty low.





lol fithurt


There is a strong push by TPTB to make outcasts or "losers" internalize or otherwise cast their hatred at themselves or other "losers" rather than the other humans who have caused them to be in the negative social place they find themselves. Whether this is "bootstraps" conservatism, "toxic masculinity" feminism, or "subhuman genetics" crabism, it's all the same message. Hate yourself, not me, while I shit on you.



To add to this:

TPTB do not want men to get along. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Any constructive discussion will be derailed purposely. Most places for "outcasts" online are, if not honeypots, "controlled opposition" where discussion is kept within certain boundaries. This is again to keep all hatred pointed at the same, or other "losers." See: crabism



Heard an interesting one a while ago.

What if 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' was actually caused by mothers murdering their children? Think about it, how many other types of mortal illnesses do we have very little idea what causes it? I think doctors just kind of look the other way and label many baby deaths as SIDS just because they feel bad for the parents.



The powers that be


I see, thanks for clarifying.


I prefer the old folk stories of faires and changelings, but I yes I do think some of the cases are probably from stuff like intentional suffocation. Look at it this was. The number 1 cause of death in the US, far out numbering cancer and heart problems, is abortion.
Killing babies is already fully normalized in our culture. Females see it as their right to have the power of life and death under their full control. There as even talk to make post birth abortions legal.


maybe not conspiracy theories but just my own thoughts

the super rich cooperate with each other and ensure their success at the expense of the nonrich

the term conspiracy theory was also hijacked to now only mean laypeople theorizing about the government. anyone else gets a free pass at suspecting the government of anything. suspecting other country's governments is also encouraged, not seen as conspiracy theories, but healthy suspicions…

not like anyone hasn't heard it before, but religion is primarily a business

cars, houses, credit, and work, it's all a scam

illegality for lots of things is primarily influenced by rich and powerful nongovernment people. people make a big deal about 'instagram influencers' but 'government influencers' also exist

cheap housing in cities is possible but there is more benefit for the city to not do that

it's in the interest of a country to produce a maze of laws that enable selective punishment for virtually anything, it's also beneficial to limit the understanding of those laws


I feel like the more alone I become the more paranoid I become.

I've already installed a custom ROM onto my phone and opted out of all Google Play Services. I recently deleted my Facebook. I'm storing everything locally as opposed to "on the cloud" because, well, whose cloud is it, really? Not mine.

I turn off my phones WI-FI when I leave the house because I don't want my phone being scanned for MAC addresses at grocery stores. And I'm 100% convinced that the cameras in front of self-checkouts at Wal-Mart are facial-recognition devices that will inevitably be used against our knowledge. Theft-prevention my ass, they don't stop anyone anymore than the greeters at the door.


That's just basic opsec, nothing irrational about it.


>I recently deleted my Facebook.
wizchan 2019


that blows my mind people have facebook account, what do people even do there? i can't imagine having real conversations with people online


fair enough. But, I haven't USED my facebook in literally years.
The reason I deleted it was not because I was using it, but because family was using it and posting pictures of me without my consent and tagging my name onto my face. THAT's why I deleted it.


>I recently deleted my Facebook
wow such paranoid anti-social anonymage!
you're at like level 1 out of 10


File: 1565921631150.jpg (46.33 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1519382805763.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My sister made a facebook account with my name and picture just so our extended family would stop asking if I was dead/extremely anti-social or simply din't like them. Needless to say I have never used it.


The wageslave thread posters are probably all on linkedin lol



Eating shit is right for flies.

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