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Masturbation is unwizardly. Post about your experiences here. Don't waste your mana!


it simply gets as boring and pointless as everything else in life


No fap is unwizardly.
It's main advocates are crabs trying to build up enough sexual desperation to fuck bitches they normally wouldn't try with.

Then again the claims involving nofap have always been sketchy bro-science based on antidote, testimonials, and making shit up.

I think the most wizardly path as far as dealing with "that" biological urge is to learn to fap to just the sensation rather then sexual material (viewed or imagined). Technique is also known as spiritual masturbation.


The only wiz nofappers I respect are those who want to entirely purge themselves of the sexual instinct.

For me its just not worth the investment, fapping keeps me volcel enough.


what is the nofappers most hated food?? ? the 'donut' haha get it?


Dad jokes?


man, this guy is about as spiritually pure as the old hemorrhoids on my ass back when i had them when i was a teenager. LITERALLY the 2+ year old fermented piss bottle that i lost in my room somewhere has elevated to a higher spiritual level than this soulless turbo-normie

this guys LITERALLY says he has sex everyday since forever and thinks all sexuality is okay, as has the FUCKING NERVE to open his soulless normie mouth on the topic of spirituality. this guy is about as ascetic and spiritual as the vegan shit that comes flying out my asshole every morning


"embrace your libido bro =D having lots of sex is just the way we live our lives teehee~"

please dont post this horseshit in my wizchan, please


yeah that guy does sound like a moron, tbh I hate masturbating because it makes me feel bad and a bit more nervous temporarily so I only fap like every 2-3 weeks because my brain will just make me aroused for some reason, I don't follow any "nofap" or anything like that though I just do what makes me feel best, I find it funny that normalfags have stuff like "nofap november" and other dumb crap, not fapping for a month isn't even hard, makes me think normals are just super sex obsessed beast-demons


> I just do what makes me feel best
That is what nearly everyone does. They just rationalize their choices afterwards and then see something wrong with others or themselves depending on what is considered "the norm".

The reason why it is harder for them to abstain from sexual matters probably has roots in biochemistry then anything else. Probably the same reason why your libido is relatively low. At the end of the day what separates most people from lower animals is the rationalization after acting on biological drives and instincts rather then actually over coming them.

As for the guy, I only care about the information at hand, not the one presenting it or his other works.
In that video he explains the concept in simple clear plain english without too much jargon all to common to spiritual practices. That is the reason why I posted that particular video to aid in explaining the concept I was talking about.


oh well I don't really wanna watch a video I just came to read some wizzies opinions and give my own


Fair enough.


My satirical “happy merchant” post, commenting on the Jewish nature of the porn industry, was discreetly removed by mods.

A wizard can only wonder why.


>Masturbation is unwizardly.



It’s simulated sex.


What about wet dreams?


Soytoons are unwizardly.


If I don't do it at least once a week I will just have wet dreams anyway.


Calling yourself a wizard and fapping is like calling yourself a muslim and drinking alcohol.


I masturabted 4 times today and i still haven' talked with succubi since i left high school which was on 2012.

what do you ahve to asy aby ot that? im an apprentice but im dead sure ill be a wizard one day, unless i die of cancer or some other disease because i havent visted a docotr since 2012 too, btw
ill fap in 4 days and think of your post and laugh at your stupid shit


it only happens because you believe it will


that makes no sense, anyway I never even knew it was possible until it happened.


the hell you didn't


File: 1557483898627.jpg (161.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1516875781023.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I masturabted 4 times today and i still haven' talked with succubi since i left high school which was on 2012.

>what do you ahve to asy aby ot that

Impressive that you have talked to literally 0 succubi in 7 years. You're still a wizkid, though


It's true I didn't.


File: 1557495313798.jpeg (138.17 KB, 861x928, 861:928, A61BB1E3-5053-463F-848E-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Don’t spill your mana, wizards. Use it to cast spells instead. You’ll become stronger than ever before.


File: 1557497316176.jpg (58.43 KB, 566x572, 283:286, 1556919578-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I jerked off and half a hour later i tried to remember what i did jerk off to but couldn't remember had to go check the internet history


It's threads like these that make me think that this site is mostly people playing pretend now. Shame on you for ruining one of the few safe spaces for wizards.


Are you complaining about the thread in general, or the people you disagree with in particular?


Not him but I'm also tired of posters that keep going on about what is or what isn't "wizardly". They remind me of crabs (most of them probably are) or those guys from the Norwegian black metal scene, calling others "you're not trve kvlt because you don't do x or y". I wonder if they realize how fucking stupid they sound.


"True-wiz" gate-keeping is silly in my view but necessary. If there weren't some people get at people's throats and fanatically reminding everyone about the fundaments of this website as a social club, it would become too relaxed and eventually succumb to secularism and be overrun with r9k-bots, "mgtows" and crabs.


I don't agree, there's a set of well defined rules and users who break them should be promptly banned. But if someone is talking about beating their meat, and it isn't agaisnt the rules, just ignore him. If it really bothers you that much make a meta thread asking for a new rule. Saying shit like "you're not a true wiz because you don't comply with these arbitrary requirements I came up with" is completely useless and, in some cases, annoying.


>"True-wiz" gate-keeping is silly in my view but necessary.

No it's wrong. IF ANYTHING it attracts bad users because they love the idea of being special and belonging to some kind of club.


masturbation has health benefits. Disprove this and only then I'll try this nofap meme nonsense, otherwise I'll just beat my meat like any wise person would.


Wizards (at least the volcel ones) technically are Mgtow by default.
I am not sure what you think Mgtow is, but your view seems really off. The rejection of society and succubi infavor of focusing on one's self is not just comparable with wizardly, it is practically required.

The only major difference ideologically speaking is Mgtow try to reform/red pill the crabs and betas while wizards leave them to their self imposed suffering.


mgtow accept sexhavers, they are not wizards they’re just normalfags who are going through a misogyny phase


They also "accept" non-sex havers known as Mgtow Monks, who are usually well respected in the community.
Not all Mgtow are wizards, but technically speaking all volcel wizards are Mgtow.


Yes. “volcel monks” are generally larpers and little more. Think of that former “buddhist” convict that used to post here and admitted to having had girlfriends on another imageboard… Anyway even if they are sincere it is no reason to show off and have an holier-than-thou attitude and wear their “identity” on their sleeve.


The irony in this post is next level.


yes, but can you beat your meat without watching porn?




File: 1558035965241-0.jpg (1.31 MB, 2747x1507, 2747:1507, 31 32 33 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1558035965241-1.jpg (1.93 MB, 2644x2096, 661:524, 28 29 30 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yeah, honestly im not really interested in this subject anymore once my sex drive died, but i figured i should say something. ive been into no fap since 2012 atleast. literally i have an account no yourbrainreballanced, a forum dedicated to nofap that was created in 2013 or 2014, i dont remember but i had access to it last year when i looked for it. i have listened to every single gary wilson podcast and tried it COUNTLESS times through many years, with the longest i could go was 28 days. i had an INSANE natural sex drive. i masturbated between 3.5 to 4 times consistently every day since i was 14, i swear to god. i tracked this throughout the years, even as a teen and every year in my twenties. somedays id do 2, sometimes i'd so 8, but it always averaged to 3.5~. i just gave up eventually in like 2016~? i literally tried many years and i could never do it

then i learned that the sex drive itself is made because of the presence of testosterone in your blood. your testicles create 95% of your body's testosterone, puts it in the blood, and when that test reaches your brain, then your brain uses it to be aggressive, have anger outbursts, do violent testosterony-things, and develop a sex drive. without testosterone in your blood YOU CANNOT HAVE A SEX DRIVE. this is a medical scientific fact. all those people who are trying and doing no fap either have a naturally low sex drive or they have jesus level self-control, because if you have test in your blood, you will ALWAYS have a sex drive. your libido will ALWAYS come back after doing no fap for too long, it doesnt matter how. these are chemicals in your blood

and the only way to absolutely remove your sex drive is to remove the testosterone in your blood. this is the ONLY way to get rid of your sex drive. all those faggots who did no fap for 6+months eventually get their sex drive back because they still have testosterone in their blood. the only way to permanently not have sexual desire is to be a eunuch, be it a chemically castrated eunuch or a physically castrated one. i had the choice either, and i even bought the pills, but i never took them because the side effects were weird, so i took the physical route

now i masturbate maybe 1 day a month? and the rate is also declining. it takes like 6 to 24 months for your sex drive to entirely die out when you lose 95% of your testosterone. i still have some small test levels but its very very small, an average 70 year old man has noticeably more than me. you will NEVER IN YOUR LIFE remove your sex drive unless you become a eunuch. all those people doing no fap are just trying to remove porn's negative effect on their lives so they can get their dick hard with a actual female partner. but if you actually want your libido to be entirely done away with becoming a eunuch is the only way. sorry, this is just medical science. i had literal medical textbooks on endocrinology saying the same thing, but im too lazy to dig through all of them to find the reference, but i did get pic related just for this post


I didn't know it was common to be unable to do that.



File: 1558037609956.jpg (750.34 KB, 1168x1088, 73:68, summer camp torture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

no need to be upset that someone's different than you. you know, statistically most wizards have been called similar adhom names in the presence of normies. dont you think its a little bit ironic for you to behave in the same way as they behave when they encounter someone they find odd?


>yeah, honestly im not really interested in this subject anymore once my sex drive died, but i figured i should say something.
Yeah well most people here arent interested in becoming trans psuedo succubi


then whats the point in nofap if you still have a sex drive? it seems like a waste of time to me. gl hitting ur no fap goals however

>psuedo succubi

im balding and i have a neckbeard, but maybe you're right…. hmmm… maybe i should consider buying a wig, lipstick and a skirt?


I think the point is to not place such emphasis on modern sexuality and masturbation habits, pornography, etc. It's like with any other habit one has picked up, willpower and mentality is important.
Im not even nofap, nor trying to brag, but ive gone weeks without masturbating before and hardly noticed, simply because i didnt really care. I know other wizzies have said the same thing too.


>all those people who are trying and doing no fap either have a naturally low sex drive or they have jesus level self-control, because if you have test in your blood, you will ALWAYS have a sex drive.
You can have a sex drive and choose not to fap.

>Im not even nofap, nor trying to brag, but ive gone weeks without masturbating before and hardly noticed
same. I've been fapping since i was like 8 years old and can still do it many times in a day (late 20s now), but it is just self-control. Still had sexual thoughts and boners but i can let it come and go without fapping; it's that simple.

I've never really watched porn much.

After like 2 months of nofap I started fapping again because it felt like i was just taking pleasure away from myself for no reason, especially once i proved to myself that i had control over it. I wanted to have a wet dream to see what it felt like but i gave up and accepted that will never happen.

Didn't notice any magical effects from nofap. It's hilarious how people convince themselves that it has profound effects out of placebo.

Admittedly, regardless of how much i fap, i have moments of extreme sexual frustration where it makes me want to kill myself.

obviously, wtf sort of question is that?


the tranquilizer killed my libido, i never feel horny anymore. almost two weeks without jerking off now.


Lately my sex drive has plummeted. I feel like I've pretty much exhausted all my porn resources. Lately I spend more time looking for porn than I spend time actually beating off. This is especially the case for 3D porn, less so for doujins. Part of me also feels disgust at how debasing it is to whack off. I would take this even further and say that any sexual act is debasing for all parties involved. I've completely lost interest.


File: 1558712933616.pdf (3.66 MB, The Tao of Health, Sex and….pdf)

Here my wizard fellows, shall ye all find how much worthy your mana is, and how to properly save such a precious gift from the claws of vice and succubi.

attachment related


Hold up. Are you saying you had your testicles surgically removed… because you were fapping too much?


Odds are your libido will slowly come back as your body adapts to the tranquilizers over time.


I never understood the shame some people feel about jacking off. It makes me feel good to stroke my dick and look at sexy naked succubi so I do it. It's all good. Why do you feel that it's debasing to do this?


File: 1559999018678-0.jpg (55.28 KB, 474x805, 474:805, l.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1559999018678-1.jpg (140.87 KB, 850x848, 425:424, Logo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1559999018678-2.jpg (74.68 KB, 674x1024, 337:512, mm128_card01a.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

people believe it sucks up your energy


I wouldn't say it sucks off energy. But i feel very sleepy after busting a nut, tried, drowsy etc.


everytime a guy posts a pic of a succ, I know he's not wizardly and that he would fuck that succ if possible and had probably done it already in his fantasies.


Congratulations, you just described literally everything a human can do ever.


I'm going on a nofap "purge" because I picked up distracting habits after coming down from a manic episode where my sex drive shot through the roof. This happens every couple of years and it manifests itself as crippling all-consuming porn addiction ("crippling" because it takes over all of my hobbies and interests i.e. can only read stuff if it makes me horny, can only watch stuff if it makes me horny, can only play stuff if it makes me horny, all energy spent on gamedev goes towards bullshit eroge gimmicks, can't do anything anyway because I inevitably get so horny I start jacking off for 6 to 12 hours at a time, etc.)


>health benefits
the same jewy McScience that tells people that drugs have health benefits


I'll create a YesFap thread and you'll regret being a stupid troll.


I don’t understand why everyone is teasing you. You’re actually being a hardcore in your sexuality without doing it so you can bang chics


we already have one of those, genius


You mean the fap thread?


fapping doesn't do crap, I castrated myself and go at least a month between each fap, makes no difference in my life, it's just an easy scape goat for most people's problems because everyone faps


>Castrate self
>Still faps


Castration only removes the testicles, not penis. I imagine he orgasms but doesn’t ejaculate.


What I don't understand is why?
Without the hormones to motivate such behavior I don't get why he would still want to fap, or even have enough of a response to be able to fap to completion.


It's like in anime how the MC is half dead but can still muster a burst of power completely out of nowhere to defeat the enemy who can only stand there and go "NANI?!" Well, even with zero hormones left >>221974 can do that when it comes to pussy.

In short, he's that much of a crab.


Ok, that was pretty funny.


with crab power on that level I wouldn't be surprised if it survives the grave and he's trying to suck lolis through a TV like that other dead guy in Poltergeist



That's not entirely true: you're just going to have hyperrealistic dreams which will serve as catalysts for stalkers to harrass you if you perform said dreamed up action in any way that is foreshadowed.

It's not something that makes life worth living tbh.


apeposter being honest about his sexual life


is that some /b/ meme or something


if you can't say no to porn and your dick i dont think you will be able to say no to a witch
you cannot be called a wizard unless you have achieved 3 years of nofap and noporn


Years of fapping without so much as speaking to succubi proves you incorrect


the more crab posts like this I see, the more I think that volceldom is literally incomprehensible to you people, like trying to imagine a color that doesn't exist


>sees everything in crab and noncrab terms

Very wizardly.


>evil spirits
This again. Christ….
It's 2019 and medieval superstitions are back in serious mainstream thought. What the fuck is going on with this generation?


Not true, its actually a huge problem at r/Nofap of porn addicts turning down the chance of 3d succubi, to stick to their porn


File: 1564074437938.jpg (23.28 KB, 780x780, 1:1, download16.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I failed already but I'm gonna try again. This time no edging and maybe no porn either. Anyone who has done it for long time I would like advice.


I have not done it for a year almost to the day. I don’t really know what to say as I have not changed at all, or not in any way that I can speak of, and I haven’t picked up any new cool hobby like fishing or painting.
Maybe… you could think of the strangely fast normalisation of pornography in the last seventy years, and how the moral landscape has shifted, from heavily discouraging ‘self-abuse’ to making excuses and propagating it. Well if you don’t care it’s not like it will matter in the slightest to you but still it is not uninteresting to ponder and research on a historical level… Now the nofap meme is honestly quite ridiculous for sure, but it would not be what it is if a significant proportion of young men had not came to realize that it is not as ‘normal’ as the new pseudo-priesthood of physicians, psychologists and media moguls would have them believe. Masturbating is like praying to the modern man, I have read something along these lines ages ago, can’t remember where, but it’s pretty accurate…


I'm on nofap because I broke my dick. Literally no pleasure from milking it, scratching my head is more orgasmic than edging myself until climax. I hate the porn, I hate the act I hate myself. So I quit, because I quit everything eventually.


It is called no fap, not fap but don't cum.


If you edge or watch porn you'll fail. You'll end up in pain and get prostatitis otherwise


that's just a myth the jew media tells to trick people to be chronic masturbators


the main thing is "no porn".
You'll end up cumming over yourself in your sleep, so the "no cum" part is the least significant. You try to remove porn out of equation first and foremost.


>You'll end up cumming over yourself in your sleep
Not necessarily. I've never had a wet dream in my life, even when i went 3 months nofap


couldn't have said it better alot of the mgtow-guys are very wizzardly


Love the non mention of succubi and norps..


File: 1564722830350.png (18.3 KB, 250x278, 125:139, 1564371825322.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nofap for 2 weeks
Go to bed horny every morning
Have dream where I'm masturbating, felating myself, or de-wizzing
Hyper realistic, can feel every stroke
Pleasure immeasurable, multiple beyond lifelike orgasms
Pumping out cum nonstop
wake up covered what I believe is my own semen

I never had wet dreams growing up, probably because I was fapping since before I could really produce semen, but now It's like I'm experiencing all of this puberty bullshit 15 years late. I just hope to god I don't moan and groan when ejaculating like some sort of ogre because I still live with family.

Last night I dreamed I was King Arthur, and my penis was 4 feet long and slender. My Penis was Excalibur, and I was using a clear onahole on the tip. I was having orgasm after orgasm, seated in a rooted nook off the sidelines of a massive knight battle. I was jerking off so the power of Sexcalibur would shoot strength in to my noble knights. All this because the only thing I remember from yesterday was looking at a jpeg of King Arthur's grave and thinking "Oh, that's real? I wonder where it is". Like those old cartoons where kids would be researching a historical figure, then fall asleep and go on a dream adventure with said figure to learn the history. Except it was giant penis adventure.


you honestly sound like a nigger


File: 1564735482154-0.gif (2.66 MB, 320x240, 4:3, compressed laughing man.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I laughed out loud.


That's funny. Definitely worth screencapping.


Haha xD


That happens to me if I don't fap too. I wonder how it can feel so real if I never actually felt it.


can't relate. Never have sexual dreams, just nightmares about people form high school that i havent seen in a decade every night


It's been almost 1 1/2 years since the last time I had a nocturnal emission, those things pissed me off so much. I commanded them to stop and they did. Now even when I get "blue balled" I can still go to sleep safely.

It feels good to take back control.


>just nightmares about people form high school that i havent seen in a decade every night

Iktf, though with me it's mostly middle school people, since I dropped out of HS right after the first year


File: 1564775775944.png (81.3 KB, 452x206, 226:103, 11111.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I commanded them to stop


you know you can reprogram your subconscious mind son

delete your stupid shit


File: 1564784232704.jpg (203.96 KB, 1500x2240, 75:112, looking_for_alaska_special….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>it's mostly middle school people
Sexual nightmares about children?
Unless you mean the teachers


Never said anything about sexual (neither did the wizard I was answering to), also in my country middle school ends when most are turning 15, so it's more like teens than children


Haven't fapped in a good while but still having lots of unwanted sexual thoughts… how long until these go away? do they decrease with time? It seems they're reaching a peak after a few weeks of nofap.. I'm just trying to keep busy and I'm glad my willpower has been steadfast


sexual thoughts never go away even if you cut your balls off


actually, had a testicle injury once and I rarely felt like masturbating for a long time.

You don't even need to have an injury though, if you're doing nofap just squeeze your balls a bit hard with your hands a couple of times a day everyday


Don't do that.
Instead try controlling your thoughts using old fashioned thought reform and redirection.
It is simple in concept and is unlikely to put you in the hospital due to a accident or give you a weird ballbusting fetish.
The way it was explained to me (by a fundamentalist Christan who believes lustful thoughts are a "mortal sin") is that any time you notice a unacceptable thought you don't engage with it. You don't let it "stick" in your mind and let your mind go in that direction. You instead redirect your mind as soon as you notice to a grounding acceptable thought that isn't sexual (like biblical scripture).
Over time it becomes second nature and the negative thoughts are repressed.
According to lefties thought repression is bad for you, but they don't seem to be good examples of mental health themselves.


Good advice, shame about the political jab at the end, especially as it's just based on a stereotype and not on facts.
I agree with trying to supress thoughts is going to do more harm than good… but redirecting seems the best way, I agree with your idea thanks for advice


I quit for 2 months and now I fap to 2D daily again. I know I’m capable of quitting and that’s good enough for me. The two real issues with PMO are 3D and when you put off important things to fap (like running late for things).


It is based on personal experience with these people and the things they have no hesitation in saying on the subject when asked.
They are very against the suppression of sexuality even when that sexually is defunctional.


File: 1565105826599.png (61.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, roll.png) ImgOps iqdb

All we have is anecdotical evidence, but it is very strong. Anyone who has tried it will defend it. It might all be just really effective placebo, but it IS effective. All periods of my recent life that I've spent never leaving my bed and considering suicide have been fueled by unusual amounts of masturbation, and whenever I try nofap the situation reverses. I think it's worth a try for everyone since you don't lose anything.

Kaguya what the hell.


> Anyone who has tried it will defend it.
except for you know, the people who tried it and don't.


The real benefits from abstaining from masturbation come from energy transmutation. Every desire or urge has energy behind it in order to make you act on it. With practice you can transmute the energy from one desire into another. This is done by abstracting the desire into symbolic form and acting out the transformation there. Examples of this are imaging the sexual desire as a red cloud or rock in the groin area filled with energy, and then visualizing tactilely and visually the movement of this energy from the groin to either the rest of the body as a whole or a specific desire, again represented symbolically. You'll have to be persistent with this, as desires "want" to attract energy, especially well-established ones like the sexual desire. Try to go at least 5 minutes per session, more if possible.


Do you buy rocks from new age stores?


Props are in no way necessary for energy manipulation.


>be me
>fapping to hot model posing as Velma from Scooby Doo
>hottest fap I have had in literal years
>cum buckets
>Look in the comments, apperently it was a trap.
>Feel disgusted with myself
>clean up the cum with a toilet brush
>two days later I decide to clean the toilet, because hygene
>toilet brush is covered in maggots

And that is the story of how my gay masturbation produced babies


Anyone else have pre-like liquid coming out after urinating while on nofap for months?


The dude that buys rocks that you meme on isn't no fap.
The guy you are replying to is the poser magick guy, also known as "dickwiz" because he had a elaborate story of how he grew his dick with magick with the power of no-fap and a variation of "the secrete" type wishing/willing it to be.

I actually think magic rock guy and dickwiz strongly dislike each other, lol.


No, I'm not whoever it is you're talking about.


I'm the one who does chaos magick, and I did not post >>223474 . Whoops. Apparently, being le critical thinker materialist who don't believe in no magick doesn't make you as smart as you think.


No fap is cool for low t guys but if I get horny I can barely concentrate until I jerk off.


File: 1565294653521.jpg (301.73 KB, 865x1055, 173:211, 09816436.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>went 148 days without
>went 28 days
>went 15 days
>went 6 days
>currently 6 days without


In what condition do you win?


File: 1565297568593.swf (1.11 MB, dagobah_Dio_No_Escape.swf)


eating less and taking cold showers is a help


Do you think that's because of the physiological changes which result ijn the body, or because you are training your will-power in doing those things?


Any wizards here into recycling their mana pool in order to battle climate change? I mean why let it all go to waste?


Fun fact
Your body already "recycles your mana" when you don't use it without you having to do anything.


sometimes but it hurts my back


I chuckled


File: 1574579052938.png (109.42 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20191124-010352.png) ImgOps iqdb

What day are you guys on?



I didn't even open the video. The thumbnail alone makes me murder humanity in thought.


>get horny I can barely concentrate until I jerk off

Eat less, practice different tyopes of fasting and Use cold showers.


6 days. I started nofap during NNN and lasted 11 days. I found out that test peaks around 10 days and it gets easier after that. I'm gonna shoot for at least 2 weeks this time and see for myself.


480 :^)

you forgot self-flagellation


File: 1574639916726.jpg (52.62 KB, 457x459, 457:459, maga.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

wow nice streak.
its a coincidence but i started hitting my back with my earphone's metal end. Its not masochism,i see it as a religious action.

im on month 23,I can give advice and help for those who want it but my methods are harsh or difficult


>a succubus's hand
>female masturbation


File: 1574681209639.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-05-23-23h49m5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

More than no-fap the deal is no-porn. I mean yes, it's better to fap very little or zero, but whether you like it or not until you become old you need to eyaculate every once, it's the body that it's made like that. And some people have a higher sex drive than others. Since I dropped porn completely (it was VERY difficult, but it is possible as you can see) my masturbation frecuence decreased A LOT. I'm now only using 2D/waifu and imagination every once and I feel really good. I actually enjoy it and feel satisfied when I do it, zero guilt feeling and also it doesn't interfer in my normal life anymore. Also whenever I do it it is spontaneous, not forced like I used to do it

Before that whenever I fapped it was a dead sentence, the worse if I was days without doing it. Like, if I fapped at noon I'd fap again at night and maybe two times and lose the entire noon and night watching and downloading porn, then I'd go in a porn-fap rampage all the week (if not more) until I feel completely miserable or without energy until the cycle repeated again. Since I dropped porn I haven't had that problem again, at much I'd fap once or twice a week and in "normal" times like before sleeping and no big deal about it

The last time I watched porn I felt seriously disgusted and not only I closed the video but also didn't even fap that night. I felt so proud and realized

I'm not saying you should move to 2D (worse if that is your addiction), just take something less "shocking". 3D porn has a worse effect in the mind IMO. Get yourself a lovely waifu 2D or 3D (better 2D IMO) and try to stick to her, or even if you still use porn focus on her or watch her image in the moment of orgasm for a while. That's what worked for me


Not noon, I meant evening. Sorry, english is not my mother tongue, obviously

Not that it changes, sometimes I'd fap very early and remain a porn mood all the day. I had genuine porn addiction as a cope/escape from other problems


>I can give advice and help for those who want it but my methods are harsh or difficult
Teach me master

Yeah porn is extremely detrimental. However fapping is still something to overcome. Fapping only leads to more fapping, more fantasizing and eventually porn. And you feel the energy and motivation increasing after nofap and noporn for a week+


Almost every time I've seen someone defend nofap one of the reasons given is because it makes you more willing to go after real succubi or something.


This post is crab tier


While that may be true on shitchan and redzit you will never find such a argument here on this site.


>you will never find such a argument here on this site.

Because rules, not because retards here don't think it.


I never really intentionally went on nofap but every few months there's a period where I just don't masturbate for a few weeks. I'm going through another one of those periods now where I've stopped, and it was partially just unconscious (didn't feel like fapping) but also caused by some lines of thought I entered into. On another imageboard there was some "shock" webm posted of some bent over bitch getting a prickly fruit slingshotted into her anus while a nasheed was playing in the background. Seeing her squirm around with a fruit lodged into her ass made me re-contemplate how disgusting and pathetic the human body actually is.
The other thing which got me to thinking was seeing a bunch of retarded sexual ads on the internet. I almost always browse with adblock but I was using my phone to look stuff up on a wiki for a game I was playing and seeing all these dumb ads just disgusted me, shit like "singles in your area" and "you won't be able to keep your hands off this succubus!", all targeted towards the lowest common denominator of dumbass normalfags, and all clearly shopped to hell, inflated tits and asses.

Seeing those things and thinking about how conditioned a lot of our sexual desires are by what we're fed by media turned me off of masturbating for a while. I usually only play H-games or search on danbooru when I fap but even with 2D I'm not really in the mood to fap to it since it's still an image of the human body and often is manipulative (so many games have obviously been marketed on imageboards with the sexual appeal of one of the characters, and everyone just seems to slurp it up).

Maybe I'm just low-test but I generally find it gets easy to refrain after a week or so. When fapping daily or semi-daily I'm usually sensitive enough that even the shaking in a car or rubbing against my pants when I sit down makes me pop a boner, and sometimes it happens at random points throughout the day. After stopping for a few days generally I stop getting them, even while looking at soft 2D porn on imageboards. When I go back to masturbating after a few weeks of abstinence it's always either out of boredom or an attempt to release stress, not out of sexual desire (or at least the desire isn't obvious to me).

So yeah I don't believe in woo and I'm not too sure on the positive effects of abstinence, but for me engaging in the desire always just exacerbates it and it turns into a pointless cycle of masturbate, harden the conditioning and strengthen the desire, repeat. It's a pointless cycle and not one I want to reenter right now.


Because you are a world class mind reader?
Or maybe you are just projecting?


>(so many games have obviously been marketed on imageboards with the sexual appeal of one of the characters, and everyone just seems to slurp it up).
Yeah. Nier Automata is a textbook example of this.





i envy you buddy. i wish i didn't have a sex drive.


I avoided Nier Automata for a long time because it looked like that. But eventually I played it because I saw someone praising it for its gameplay and story etc - and I loved it (even though i actively dislike the sexualised female main character, the boy was kind of cute)


It's not sex, though. St. Paul, when he mentions marriage & couples abstaining by mutual consent, for a period of prayer, never mentions masturbation at all. In fact, the Bible never mentions masturbation, not even once, in fact (because masturbation wasn't even an issue back then, because, for one thing, you never saw sexy succubi unless you were married to them, plus, you always got married when you were ready to fuck.


Who cares what the bible says?


masturbation doesnt stop just because there's no porn. Young people these days who grew up always using porn must be so fucked up to think like this…


dunno, why would anyone give a shit about a book that was literally made for population control?


File: 1574955037736.jpg (14.77 KB, 285x177, 95:59, chill out.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you must take cold baths or cold showers,and avoid spicy food. This lowers the libido.
now,to avoid porn read up on the evils of it,and research the process of human rotting after death.if you visualize a corpse sexual thoughts wont arise
sometiems youll need to quit the internet and go out for a walk.
between days 40 to 90 you'll surely see an improvement in life.


>cold shower meme
>meditation meme
>nofap meme
Are you collecting them all?


>if you visualize a corpse sexual thoughts wont arise
right, cause no one has ever had a corpse fetish before


File: 1574967433354.jpg (1.28 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, iStock-870206880.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My urge to watch porn is diminishing over time. I've lost my streaks a few times but it's getting easier each time. I feel I have a lot more control over it now.
A while back I watched porn for the first time after 15 days nofap and it felt like I was doing heroin. It is a shockingly strong stimulant and you don't even realize it when you're addicted. No more of this degeneracy for me.


>buddhism meme
I wish these shills would take their own advice and leave the internet.


>It is a shockingly strong stimulant and you don't even realize it when you're addicted.
Sometimes I consume pornographic media when I am tired or lazy and one of the side effects are that it wakes me up and I become more energised. I'm sure, apart from the mental stimulation, it has something to do with hormons. This even works without fapping.



How to learn this power?

What spells can i do and how?



Are there any non-Taoist sources for learning this energy transmutation?

I can understand the visualisation aspect of it, but what do you do with the energy then?

What stops the energy from arising everyday from the same groin area?

Eventually your testicles start hurting


>Are there any non-Taoist sources for learning this energy transmutation?
There is Tantra


absolute legend


why post this on the nofap thread.
Fucking mods do nothing again…


File: 1580431031225.png (183.69 KB, 518x441, 74:63, 342342.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>mfw seeing all these pseudoscience tier explanations in this thread to justify why masturbation is a disease
No it's not is it? You just like touching yourself don't you?


No, he's enuchanon from 8chan /christian/. He removed his balls because he believed that testosterone was killing his nofap streak, but the irony of all of this is that he went back to masturbating to porn 2 weeks after cutting his balls off.


And he didn't get them surgically removed by doctors. The madman did it himself in an DIY style with house knives


that's a truly mentally fucked up, disgusting individual


Origen did it


whatever that means


fuck off normie


He’s right though


I actually felt worse than before after a week without fapping.


>Be 16 and try out nofap.
>After about two weeks, the friction from putting on my pants made me jizz.
>Realize that for the past two weeks I couldn't focus at all and that this was complete bullshit.
>Be 26 and suddenly realize that I accidentally did nofap for a month.
>I wasn't even trying.
>Just completely impotent now.
>32 now
>Secretly wish I had enjoyed it more while I could.


>the friction from putting on my pants made me jizz.
goddamn that's pathetic, lol


File: 1581652095739.png (89.02 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20200213-214745.png) ImgOps iqdb



Which app??

>What stops the energy from arising everyday from the same groin area?
>Eventually your testicles start hurting

I'm wondering this also, after about a week i start getting antsy and having depraved thoughts


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