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File: 1558700143487.jpg (8.59 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Fuck_Dogs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Anyone else REALLY hate dogs?

My neighbor has two dogs. Some small breed and a rottweiler. The Rottweiler barks so loud that I can hear it with headphones on unless I'm listening to something at full volume.


All fucking day and night. I've complained to the police, animal control, the township, you name it. Nobody will do anything and the police told me to stop calling.

Not to mention whenever I go for a walk every fucking dog within 50 feet starts barking aggressively. I walk outside with hearing protection and I can still hear that shit. I've noticed more and more people bringing them into stores and other places dogs do NOT FUCKING BELONG.

Fuck these disgusting mutants and their faggot owners.


Are you a cat?



yeah, i really hate how dogs will bark at you. i cant even go in my backyard because dogs on either side bark at me. go for a walk? enjoy the dozens of outdoor dogs that will bark at you. on top of barking, they are needy and emotional, eat a lot, have severe deformities

i only had dogs growing up and i hated it. now that i've seen cats, they are completely opposite



File: 1558704869446.png (80.98 KB, 542x800, 271:400, sign.png) ImgOps iqdb

I like dogs but I am a bit germaphobic so I don't like being near them. The biggest issue living in the city thought are the idiot owners who don't clean up the poop after their dogs.


I will agree with you there. That shit is the worst.


File: 1558709685175.jpg (34.98 KB, 720x540, 4:3, pHRYjOBCygHk2xVGqddZ__bWuz….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I need a big dog that looks like it'll fuck anyone who breaks in because I live in a place with a lot of crime.

I tend to dislike the idea of keeping dogs for no reason at all. It's wasteful, it's petty, it's even cruel. succubi who treat dogs like people and spend lavishly on unnaturally bred abominations, poor people who live in squalor but have a bunch of dogs which they barely take care of, and so on.

Work dogs, guard dogs, or even service dogs (when the title is appropriate and it isn't just an excuse to bring the dog inside where it shouldn't be) don't bother me.


I have a dog. Well, my breeders do. The worst things about it are: it shits and pisses frequently(not a problem for me, my breeders always walk it); when the dogs outside are barking, it barks too; when my breeders are out it comes into my room. just when i finally get some alone time it just comes in my room and sits on my lap; when my breeders go to work at 8am it comes into my room and wakes me up(not in a good way).
All in all, it's just like a smaller, dumber, hornier human. I don't hate it, it's just annoying


File: 1558712091116.jpg (114.66 KB, 388x450, 194:225, 65559870_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live in a noisy apartment with a retard mutt below me who barks constantly and interrupts my NEET sleep. Also this boomer has to vacuum daily for an hour at 10 AM with the loudest model vacuum cleaner he could pick. Fuck people with large dogs.


I have one dog that is like 12 years old or something, it's really annoying because it pees and poops inside the house for no reason and at complete random even if I let it outside 5 times a day, if I step out of the house for 30 minutes I'll come back to pee, poop, or maybe even throwup; also my dad didn't train it right so whenever he's around it attacks strangers, but with me the one time it did that I beat the complete shit out of it and now if only I am around it acts like a nice polite dog. I have another dog though of a different breed that is just 2 years old and he is nice, I like how he follows me around, always sits next to me, greets me when I come home, when I have to walk him if he sees a stranger he will start walking faster so we get by them more quickly which I like because it's less interaction with other people and makes walking him less stressful, I also taught him lots of commands, he knows hand symbols and stuff so I don't have to speak to make him do things, I also like to pet him because unlike my other dog he has nice quality fur whereas my other dog feels greasy constantly and smells rancid.


- smell like shit. normalfag dog owners yuck it up and think it's the pinnacle of comedy to inhale dog farts, the disgusting smell is amusing to them. similar to how they giggle and find it cute when babies shit their pants.
- look like shit with their disgusting ape-like body language and expressionless paralyzed retard faces that are unreadable.
- taste like shit, are only ever eaten in history by some select gooks for religious ceremonies and never for nourishment because they are just so disgusting they aren't worth farming for food
- feel like shit with their coarse thick fur that feels like velcro; again, almost never slaughtered for their coat in history because who in god's name would want to wear a dog pelt? i'd rather make pinecone armor
- and, as you said, are one of, if not the most consistently and needlessly loud animals of all time

dogs are the most vile creatures on earth, the only animal i can think of that is OFFENSIVE TO ALL FIVE HUMAN SENSES!

skunks might smell worse, but they are pretty and cute and soft and are never loud.
only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.
naked molerats might be uglier, but they are nearly silent and have no odor and rats taste good.
only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.
cicadas are the only animal i can think of that is constantly without cessation making sounds like dogs, but the cicada sound many people find relaxing and charming, and also, cicadas don't eat infant's faces like pitbulls do.
only, and exclusively, only only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.

and i hate them and the world would be better off if they were all genocided once and for all.


in my nose and ears mostly.
name 1 other animal offensive to all five human senses instead of posting 4chan reaction pics and tumblr memes


File: 1558727379266.png (103.1 KB, 796x412, 199:103, Screenshot_3.png) ImgOps iqdb

> i hate them and the world would be better off if they were all genocided once and for all.

I don't like your writing, but I agree with certain points.


Vegan spammer, is that you?



get on the attack! high frequency sounds hurt dogs. Poison works wonders too. Some person here was throwing poisoned candy in dog parks. Some died. Maybe check out where he takes his dogs for walks and plant some.


I did until my parents got one
now I hate all dogs but this one


File: 1558730907982.jpg (71.7 KB, 521x697, 521:697, digger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

AYO HOL UP….*barks at literally nothing for several hours*….LEMME GET DIS STRAIT….*attacks toddler unprovoked*…..YOU BE SAYIN….LIKE….*vomits unidentifiable bile on carpet*….WE….WUZ….SUM….*farts rancid corpse gas*….SUM FINNA….*kills neighbor's cat*….LIKE…..SUM FINNA….*tears brand new $7000 mattress to pieces*….WE WUZ SUM….*constantly stinks like putrid shit*….MANS BEST FRRRIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN-*gets hit by car*


why would a vegan hate dogs and use taste as an example of a good trait in animals?
if i were him, it still doesn't change any of those facts.
smell like shit, taste like shit, look like shit, sound like shit, feel like shit. you can't say that about any animal except dog.


normalfag dog lovers think that he's making a silly smug face, but it's actually a non-expression.
could be he's scared, could be he's getting ready to bite you, could be he wants to play. they have no body language, and that is scary.
and why toddlers die often LOL
"aww rex is playing with timmy" - actually secretly super fucking pissed off and hungry for blood


Can't even walk down the road without my neighbors' dogs deciding whether or not they want to chase after you. I almost kicked some succubus' mini-mutt the other day because it sneaked up on me and nipped at my shoes while I was taking a walk.

Dogs do have body language, but they don't really have facial expressions and the ones they do have a lot of people misinterpret like you pointed out.


File: 1558736860605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.15 KB, 479x525, 479:525, liveleakDOTcom01555603jdf0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dislike dogs. I dislike dog sympathizers. HATE dog owners.

Dogs are one of the few animals who kill for no reason other than fun, and they kill literally anything smaller than them, including small children. They are a menace to any ecosystem they inhabit. They have no instincts preventing them from eating their own putrid feces and the burden is usually on some human to clean up the resulting vomit, which they will then eat again. They cry and whine when they don't get to mark everything in sight as "theirs" with their toxic urine, and if you have two dogs in one area, enjoy the stench of hot poisonous piss all year 'round because each one will be living solely to out-mark the other. Small dogs are a biological abomination; they should never have existed and only continue to do so due to human intervention with the intent of making a profit off of the retards who see it appropriate to own a poison-spewing car alarm.

Dog owners are the worst because despite all this, they just gotta have a bundle of wuv in theyo life. Dog owners are so cognitively inhibited that, while they do sometimes bag up the shit their murderous little faggot dropped on the sidewalk, they will leave the bag there because the tiny sign didn't say anything about throwing the bag away, so the mess stays even longer and has a chance to ferment. Share the sidewalk? Not with your dog and the clothesline between you and it. Noise complaint? "It's just a dog, he can't help alerting me to intruders!". My dogs barring his teeth at you? Maybe you should take of your hat, he doesn't like hats.

Only modern females like dogs, being feelers as apposed to thinkers, they see the "smiles" the dogs make, they see the "fluffyness" of the feces-covered matted fur, and they feel loved when the beast tries to expunge body heat from them. They only see the illusions of positive traits which override their ability to rationalize that dogs are fucking trash. Men who like dogs are by all means feminized themselves.

Replace every "doggy day-care" and (god help us) "doggy spa" with an affordable child care center or human wellness service and watch as civilization evolves.


my butt is hurt


>I need a big dog that looks like it'll fuck anyone who breaks in because I live in a place with a lot of crime.

Boxers are feared by black people, but not actually that aggressive/dangerous. I have a scar that just kind of looks like an indentation in my skin on the side of my face from when I was 2 going in a boxer's food bowl and having it jump on me.
I have seen a 3 year old with his face fucked up from a pitbull jumping a family's backyard fence and biting the kid's face. I haven't met anyone with an aggressive boxer encounter besides myself, and even though i got scratched up to the point of being scarred, I at least didn't have my jaw broken, nerve damage, and have to have skin grafts over the shit.


Get some bear spray and blast them in the face when they bark. Teach em real quick not to do that.


Have you had a pet? I would like to have something I can give affection to and that feeling may make any canine annoyance worthwhile.
cute pic


File: 1558758177058.png (354.65 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, 60233043_p1 - しずえイラストまとめ.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not him but I have. Dogs are a lot of work, and require you to walk them, but they certainly give back what you put in. Cats are much less maintenance but any pat that's not a fish is gonna require a lot of maintenance anyway. You have to groom them, keep their shots up to date, train them if they're young or have bad manners, feed them, buy them toys and collars, etc. But they do love you.


I'd like a husky anthro



File: 1558803492394.jpg (229.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, c50fc253e0474e6792b372fd43….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



cut minks. I always thought mustelids were cute, but they seem very hard to keep as pets.


I'd like a husky anthro


That's, not real though


Every noise a dog makes infuriates me. The endless barking is obviously at the top of that list but I hate but there's also the TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK noise their disgusting toenails make on hard surfaces, the way they slurp water as loud as they can, the panting, the fucking WHINING, the list goes on and on.

It's like silence is their mortal enemy. But of course THEY have to be the ones making the noise, because if something else makes a loud noise (thunderstorm, fireworks, etc.) they sperg the fuck out.

Dogs in the wild (African wild dogs) don't behave like this at all. They only bark while puppies and they don't make that pathetic whining noise.

Normalfags bred dogs to behave in an infantilized manner their entire lives. That's why they're so loud, annoying, needy and retarded. And they do that pathetic whining noise to drum up sympathy in humans and it always works because most normalfags are easily manipulated by dogs.


File: 1558872914022.jpg (94.24 KB, 750x715, 150:143, 897898687880.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>succubi who treat dogs like people and spend lavishly on unnaturally bred abominations,
>"doggy day-care" and (god help us) "doggy spa"

I moved to a more middle class white area, and literally every millennial white succubus is like this. They are this generation's "crazy cat ladies" only 10,000 times worse because they bring their dogs everywhere and their dogs bark constantly because they don't believe in disciplining their precious "doggos" and actually reward them for bad behavior.


File: 1558881220851.png (496.71 KB, 755x657, 755:657, 1489417474692.png) ImgOps iqdb


Or muslims lol, only muslims are so autistic about hating dogs, they go head over heels for cats but hate dogs and think is impure to keep them as pets.


you are misinformed, muslims hate cats as well.
my step dad is muslim and one time when his muslim friends came over, a lady literally leaped over the couch fleeing from my cat like as if the cat was a grenade and she was taking cover. and she started shrieking like a banshee.


dog owners are so brainwashed into loving their smelly, loud, inbred retard mutts that it is literally unfathomable to them that someone could dislike them for logical reasons. it MUST be because you're muslim, asian, or have some pathological disorder.
you're embarrassing


>fish require no maintenance
this shit is why your fish die after 1 year you negligent schmuck



Seems like you just had bad luck with a particular muslim succubus. Even Mohamad himself had a major hard on for cats.

>the cat is considered "the quintessential pet" by Muslims.




File: 1558915765656.jpg (8.83 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1558725808261.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Nice try you Fish loving freak.


at least fish don't shit and vomit on the carpet and bark at 4 AM


>reaction pic
I understand you're from Reddit, but could you at least make SOME attempt to hide it?


Learn what being subtle means


I always hated the idea that loners are supposed to have a deep kinship with dogs or any other pet whatsoever. As if there's no way you could ever truly want to be alone. There's always gonna be someone who tries to convince you that actually, you don't really like being on your own and you should try to keep a pet around to meet the deep seated need for human companionship that you definitely have


File: 1558980100203.jpg (84.2 KB, 605x810, 121:162, p95yfloktq031.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1558981007226.jpg (250.45 KB, 1440x946, 720:473, 90443_web.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Dogs are cute in the same way minion memes for menopausal housewives are cute


I am sure you can find a picture of any carni/omnivore animal doing something cruel.

I feel like you are trying to be contrarian for the sake of it.


hate doesn't even begin to cover what i feel about dogs.
most dog owners are functional retards who use "Pwrecious poopey"as a friend /child subtitute and do nothing to train or restrict the filthy beasts.
it should be as hard to get a filthy damd dirty dog as it is to get a permit for a nuclear power plant in kali.
dogs are great, in soups stews and burritos.
i wish every dog owner would get his throat ripped out by his "precious poopy".


Just what did dogs do to you that you hate them so much? Did you get attacked by one?

I still get the feeling that you are being contrarian for the sake of it. Like you see all the "normies" who like dogs and post all these "doggo" memes and say stuff like "we don't deserve dogs" and "he a good boy" and that just triggers the contrarian in you.


i see the damage and misery that asshole dog owners cause every day. i have owned dogs and every one was trained to be the best it could be.
the noise the filth and the stupid have made me grow to hate dogs and their owners.
i have nearly 70 years experience with dogs and the problems they cause.


From that post it sounds like the owners are the problem. I live in the city and hate seeing dog poop and I even ruined some good shoes by stepping into it. I am also scared of unleashed dogs and I don't like getting close to dogs because who knows if that dog hasn't been rolling around in his poop before. But again that's not the dog's fault.


File: 1558989728804.png (515.72 KB, 989x758, 989:758, cteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png) ImgOps iqdb


if an animal needs to be trained hard to unlearn being a disgusting monster, you are turning it into something unnatural and it was shit from the start.


Doesn't that apply to any animal? I think you focus so much on dogs just because they are such common pets. I don't know if any other equally big animal would be any better.


now youre assuming i like animals and i don't


File: 1558991544591.jpg (562.3 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, fat kiwi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe it's because I live in a city in cold climate where I don't deal with any animals that are not pets so I can't really understand your hate. I don't know what it means to like animals but I just think they can be cute and it's interesting to read about them sometimes.


File: 1558992675373-0.gif (1.92 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1486292821314.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1558992675373-1.jpg (457.26 KB, 538x960, 269:480, 1499709721407.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1558992675373-2.jpg (57.27 KB, 639x750, 213:250, 1557782620045.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sad thread.


non-response cause you have no arguments. dogs are indefensible


>i see the damage and misery that asshole dog owners cause every day.

You must live in a very boring innane place for this to be a real problem


youre on a site where people get a full time job just so they can move out of their parent's house because they don't want to be asked to attend a family gathering twice a year or offered eggs in the morning.
you must be very new or very delusional to think that dogs aren't a very big problem for the average wiz.


Honestly this. You very occasionally find a nice dog that doesn't have these shitty traits, but the vast majority of them suck. I've started to really dislike dogs and dog owners, and the way they view them like they're their children. 90% of these animals could probably disappear tomorrow and everybody and everything would be better off.


There are cute and gentle dogs, and there are barking aggressive killing machines, or these little screech-barking fuckers.
So keep the cute, terminate the latter, simple as that.


screening for the 500,000 theoretical good dogs out of the literal billions of shit dogs would take exponentially more time and resources than genociding all of them.


File: 1559034501148.jpg (544.78 KB, 1199x1003, 1199:1003, dogs and animals.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

statistically, white aspergers male virgins liked dogs. i dont know about the race and ethnicity of op, nor do i know if he's even a virgin. but statistically wizards like animals and dogs. dont know what your problem is with dogs, m8. the only dogs i hate are pit bulls, those are the nigger of dogs

but most dogs are perfectly fine


"Love-shyness is a specific type of sometimes severe chronic shyness that impairs or prevents intimate relationships. … According to this definition, love-shy people may find it difficult if not impossible to be assertive in informal situations involving potential romantic or sexual partners."

love-shy people are by definition crabs and not volcels. and thereofre your little book quotes are normalfag incarnate, as dog lovers typically are.


>forward-facing hunter eyes
>forward-facing hunter ears
>Elongated snout bearing arrowhead teeth designed to rip the flesh off of a living being
Female logic in it's most concentrated form

>dont know what your problem is with dogs, m8.

Nearly everyone in this thread who says that they dislike dogs has explained what their problem with them is (and anyone has yet to counter the arguments).

I'm convinced dog lovers have an actual mental block, as in they lack enough physical brain mass where it's needed to process logic, which inhibits their ability to see dogs for what they are as well as be functional thinkers in general.

Zoologists and enthusiasts of any other animal, regardless of how cute or cuddly that animal may be, can at least reflect on the negatives of that species in regards to how such a beast can integrate with humans. I mean, I like cats a lot, I enjoy their company to the fullest, but I know they cause a huge biological mess, carry parasites, destroy belongings, and don't have any real emotional attachment to their human overlord. Cat owners and cat haters know this and there's usually a mutual understanding between the two groups that cats are objectively shit, but some people just like to put up with it in exchange for some passive companionship, and it's okay because in most circumstances it's only the owners who experience the poor traits; not random people existing within a large proximity of the cat's home. Dog lovers however, if asked to list flaws about dogs, would be at a loss for words, and evidently from this thread and the other one, if the negatives were listed out before them in plain text, they would flat out ignore that all together and go back to touting about how sweet dogs are, claiming that there are no negatives.

I've lived with a big dog in the house my entire life. I've lived much of my childhood and some of my adulthood in a house that was, unfortunately, an under-the-table small daycare for the dogs of people leaving the country, the premises of which would never have fewer than three and sometime an excess of 10 dogs owned by people rich enough to keep them in the best possible health. I've been surrounded by dogs of all breeds and sizes for most of my life and get out enough to witness dogs in public weekly. Nobody is going to convince me that dogs are smart, clean, loyal, respectable, independent, healthy, calm, non-violent, loving, or anything positive at all, because after only a little reflection is it easy to see that these animals aren't worth their weight in dirt. I liked dogs as a young wizzie but now I know they're nothing to smile at.


File: 1559044091422.png (120.64 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, pitbullshit.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1559044145712.jpg (113.64 KB, 631x768, 631:768, mistake.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>forward-facing hunter eyes
>forward-facing hunter ears
>Elongated snout bearing arrowhead teeth designed to rip the flesh off of a living being


Dog haters point out that:

>Medium to large dogs have the carbon footprint of an SUV

>Many dogs can bark at 100 decibels or greater (for reference a jackhammer is 110)
>Dogs contribute to noise pollution more than any other animal or anything else period
>Dogs attack small children unprovoked
>Dogs will bark at literally nothing for hours straight
>Dogs wreak havoc on any environment they inhabit
>Dogs are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year, are the third most deadly animal only behind snakes and mosquitoes
>Even dogs who have been pampered and raised in a loving home sometimes attack people (mostly children) unprovoked
>Dogs are retarded, eat their own shit, eat various inedible items and throw them up

Dog lovers:

>I don't have any counterpoints to that but here's a picture of le coot doggo not actively mauling anything. What kind of monster would hate such loyal, majestic creatures?


Nigger haters point out that:

>Medium to large niggers have the carbon footprint of an SUV

>Many niggers can bark at 100 decibels or greater (for reference a jackhammer is 110)
>Niggers contribute to noise pollution more than any other animal or anything else period
>Niggers attack small children unprovoked
>Niggers will bark at literally nothing for hours straight
>Niggers wreak havoc on any environment they inhabit
>Niggers are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year, are the third most deadly animal only behind snakes and mosquitoes
>Even niggers who have been pampered and raised in a loving home sometimes attack people (mostly children) unprovoked
>Niggers are retarded, eat their own shit, eat various inedible items and throw them up

Nigger lovers:

>I don't have any counterpoints to that but here's a picture of le coot niggergo not actively mauling anything. What kind of monster would hate such loyal, majestic creatures?


>statistically, white aspergers male virgins liked dogs. i dont know about the race and ethnicity of op, nor do i know if he's even a virgin. but statistically wizards like animals and dogs. dont know what your problem is with dogs, m8. the only dogs i hate are pit bulls, those are the nigger of dogs

so mods don't see anything wrong with this post?


You're a shitskin, aren't you?


File: 1559057063678.png (1.27 MB, 3584x2392, 448:299, ITT.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think this sums up the emotional maturity of most dog lovers nicely.


>dont know what your problem is with dogs, m8.
Then you're completely retarded. OP explained why he hates dogs very clearly and in no uncertain terms. Maybe insistent barking doesn't bother you personally, but some of us can't stand that shit.


not all dogs bark


The vast majority of them do. More than enough to hate them in general.

All domestic dogs bark constantly by default because they've been bred to remain in an infantilized state. You can get them devocalized but very few owners do so and society think's it's "cruel". You can train them not to bark (or to only bark under very specific circumstances) but this requires a lot of time and energy, so most owners give up on it, or don't bother in the first place.

You might say that it's the owners are to blame, and you are right in that they most certainly should not be let off the hook for what their dogs do, but it's still perfectly reasonable to hate dogs for barking constantly, because it's their default behavior.


Left: Someone with an unhealthy obsession probably developed from untreated childhood trauma
Right: Cute doggo (and garfield) posters :3


my french bulldog doesn't bark and never has, not even when he sees people in the window, as he watches the front street all day through my window


i live in a 1st world shithole where where everybody under 60 is a delicate little mental case that can't be critisized without them running to the chitty cooncil to denounce me as 'unmutual'.
i was attacked last night by my asshole neighbors lab-rot cross while i was sitting reading in my front yard.
the dog is a mental case monster that is allowed to run free to intimidate everyone for the owners amusement.
the local AC will do nothing because the owner is a 'connected' twitchy pos.
the ef'n dog did not get me, this time…
i plan to return the dog to the owner as chinese barbecue…
the asshole laughs at all the dead & missing pets his efn dog causes.
i can't wait to move to a free state..


File: 1559061383910.jpg (253.79 KB, 1200x1160, 30:29, bulldogs_sadface_FINAL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>french bulldog



File: 1559062684307.jpg (34.61 KB, 1000x938, 500:469, asdsd.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that thing looks disgusting, mine doesn't look anything like it though, looks like pic related


lol OP is right, you dog lovers are fuckin blind.



Every dogfag types like a reddit/tumblr user.


"my dog doesnt bark so neither do the 2,000,000,000 others in the world cause my dog is representative of everyone"


Dogs have been companions of civilized people for millenia, they are usefull fetchers, they can herd animals, protect their owner, they are just very intelligent animals that evolved with, you might say for, us. But they can also offer their owner companionship and form an emotional bond that resembels friendship to most people.
They only cultures that hate dogs are shitholes, niggers, chinks and other antisocial, dysfunctional scum that would live in mutt houses to end of time because they are subhuman. Dogs are white mans friend.


>antisocial, dysfunctional scum
this is why people want to ban politics from this site, cause normalfags like you come here to discuss your /pol/shit and bully "gay nerds" while you're here


>They only cultures that hate dogs are shitholes, niggers, chinks and other antisocial, dysfunctional scum that would live in mutt houses to end of time because they are subhuman. Dogs are white mans friend.

mods see nothing wrong, again.


>they are just very intelligent animals

>Barks at nothing for hours

>Eats own shit
>Will eat until it's stomach bursts
>will eat inedible objects
>Spergs out upon hearing thunder or fireworks

Yeah, there's a few somewhat intelligent breeds out there that don't do these things, but these behaviors are fairly typical of dogs in general.

But by all means, keep throwing racial slurs and childish insults at people who see dogs for what they are.


I am talking about cultures where they cut off each others hands and human life has no value you retard, not individuals.

Butthurt shitskins.


sure you did, also:
>butthurt shitskins
go back to 4chad.


thanks for including my post in your screen, i worked hard on it >>218304


Not all euros have preference for dogs either..


> Replace every "doggy day-care" and (god help us) "doggy spa" with an affordable child care center or human wellness service and watch as civilization evolves.

Dashawn and Laquanda should not have kids if they can´t afford daycare, fuck that.


Wait, you are telling me that in the dog hate thread, the majority of high effort posters are people who hate dogs?
Imagine my shock

This was never a debate thread dude. Why would you expect people to make a effort to prove you wrong about your personal opinion and your desire to just complain about shit you don't like?
And no, I am not "the no no people" because I am pointing this out. I have no strong feeling about dogs ether way. I just feel like the obvious has to be pointed out to you.


This shit disgusts me


why post at all if you're not going to debate anything? random tumblr pic and "i disagree" is pretty much spam.


File: 1559092286380.mp4 (631.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, The Mighty B Dog Obedience.mp4) ImgOps iqdb



Why make this thread?
Why get so mad it isn't a total circle jerk?
Why would anyone waste their time debating somewhere based on personal individual option that they are totally unwilling to change?
Why do you want to debate at all?
Why do anything?

I don't think you know what debate is or what it is for. Debate doesn't fit the thread. You have your opinion, other people have a different opinion, and you are just going to have to deal with that fact or continue to be pointlessly angry over it.


no one eating dog meat throughout all of history other than for religious ceremonies cause it tastes like shit is fact
no one using dog pelts throughout all of history because it feels like shit is fact
dogs being one of the loudest animals on the planet is fact
dogs attacking people and animals unprovoked is fact
dogs eating themselves to death if given the chance is fact
dogs objectively smell like shit and smell like shit all the time and evidence of this can be found at any vet clinic and any pet website which will have thousands of documents on how to try to make the smell not so unbearable

these are all facts, and not opinions. yet, no facts from dog lovers. only fact i've seen is "they heard sheep" which is completely irrelevant info for wizards.


>cannot mate
French Bulldogs confirmed wizdoggos. Only a normgroid can hate them.


You should really google those "facts".
You are pretty blatantly trying hard to have a argument. Even going as far as intentionally being wrong to get a response.
Well, here is your respons.
2/10 bait attempt. Please don't try again, it is both obvious and sad.


File: 1559157409404.png (309.81 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

About 47,900,000 results (0.74 seconds)


Not even trying anymore


File: 1559168731166.jpg (38.98 KB, 600x401, 600:401, Cubby lookalike.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I hate hate HATE nigger pitbulls and ALL related violent dog breeds.

However I love love LOVE me some Australian Shepherds!

So I'm kinda, sorta conflicted on the matter, really.

Albeit that said in general I'm more a cat and or gerbil kind of person due to the low maintenance required at taking care of such pets, so you could say in that regard I'm the typical Wizard.

Dogs simply require far too much work to maintain but yes I love other people's dogs when its a friendly breed I like and NOT when it's the HATED nigger pitbulls of the dog world. Ugh.


Says dogs smell like shit

>google those "facts"

he googles the fact, showing that over 47 TRILLION dog owners admit that their dogs smell bad

>le bad rating/10

It's gotten comical how you're going about this.


What's the RGB color of your taskbar? I really like that shade of blue.


i don't know, i think it's just the new default on Opera. it was just that color on its own one day when i logged in after a restart and an update.


File: 1559247412550.png (3.49 KB, 377x180, 377:180, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh you said taskbar LOL.
transparency is on and the wallpaper i have is brown


File: 1559577665253.jpeg (22.02 KB, 338x600, 169:300, CE944624-0332-4B42-93A9-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

i dont mind the dog i live with. he’s relatively intelligent and pretty mild mannered, he only barks when he gets excitedly but that’s pretty rare. He mostly just hangs out nearby when im playing video games. I take him for walks and I feel bad his owners cucked him so much so i’ll take him out in the woods and remove his leash so he can finally have some freedom. Also I prefer walking in the woods anyways to avoid people. The only thing that annoys me about this dog (and it really has gradually driven me nuts) is that he always bothers me when im eating. Not as bad as some dogs, but he definitely will get really close to you or just stare at you the entire time you eat which gets annoying as fuck. Also sometimes I just get annoyed by him being around me. I like my solitude and even a dog still sort of disrupts my peace of mind. But not nearly as bad as other humans. Overall, not a bad dog at all. That said, I still prefer cats. They are just way more independent. By comparison, a dog is like having a perpetual toddler that you have to constantly take care of.


File: 1559624302952.jpg (63.16 KB, 793x360, 793:360, Screenshot_3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Thats a very easy game to play. Very silly argument tbh.


only 7 mil lol


File: 1560401457113.png (8.74 KB, 559x278, 559:278, Catanon.png) ImgOps iqdb

>tfw you realize you are a literal cat


stupid guard dog startled me again as I was walking down the street, I really hate these and their retarded owners, can’t they teach their stupid beasts to stay quiet when they see strangers simply walking by and minding their own business?


File: 1560540615794.jpg (1.55 MB, 5222x3481, 5222:3481, d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What annoys me is that barking dogs is the only type of noise society insists we have to put up with and that police pretty much never do anything about.

If you go outside and start shouting at someone's house for hours, police will arrest you for disturbing the peace and everyone will rightfully think you're insane.

If you blast your stereo all day, cops will come to your house, tell you to turn it down, and at least issue a citation. Everyone will think you are a huge asshole.

Your neighbor's dog won't stop barking at 3am? Police won't do shit. Every normalfags will tell you "Dogs bark, deal with it". "Wear earplugs." "Oh, you can still hear them with earplugs, well that's too bad". Neighbor's dog barked all night so you couldn't get any sleep and now you're forced to work in a severely sleep deprived state? Tough luck pal!


i would be thrilled beyond words if every dog on the planet keeled over dead after ripping out its asshole owners throat and pissing on the corpse.
the most useless ef'n creature after on gods earth…


I love animals for some reason. I can easily watch videos where people get hurt, but if I watch animal abuse I start crying.
In the early morning I work as a postman, many dogs bark at me and wake the neighbors.


More useless than you?


>MUST be because you're muslim, asian
That's just plainly objectively wrong, they even cruelly breed dogs as food
It's the fking opposite, the west worships dogs
How the hell can you be this wrong???


Probably because the edgy uninformed underages have infiltrated this place is my guess


Unironically kill them with a bow and arrow. You can make both yourself pretty easily. Use materials you can find at home and forests instead of buying them, make and touch arrows only while wearing gloves and put the half-feral mutts down at night when nobody is around while wearing as much clothing as possible (and switch it up as often as you can) to conceal your identity. I also made small holes near the end of arrow shafts and tied one end of strong string to that hole and the other to the bowstring so I left no physical evidence and didn't have to make new arrows. Also don't do it too often, and no need to kill the canine slaves if they aren't shitheads. I've killed numerous by now, never been caught, eventually the groids give up on buying new slaves or learn their lesson and keep inside at night. Hit the heart or at least chest area and they die quickly, often before you can even run 50 meters away from the scene.

Before you say it is cruel and I am a cunt, know that the barking prevented me from falling asleep and lead to me getting 4-8 hours of sleep a day for nearly half a year when I need 12 to feel rested. I was going crazy from sleep deprivation. Only after killing some 2 or 3 dozen dogs can I sleep normally in a (relatively) quiet neighborhood.


>tied one end of strong string to that hole and the other to the bowstring so I left no physical evidence
that's some serious tensile strength, what did you use


No, you are a edgy cunt trying hard to be cool on the internet.
Also in most states doing what you described is a serious crime (several in fact). Like you would get 5-10 years and up to a million dollar restitution and fine.
Thankfully most wizards here have enough sense to know you are full of shit and the ones that don't probably don't have the balls or crazy to try it themselves.
In otherwords quit telling silly lies on the internet to sound bad ass or whatever. There is no need to do that here.


you could also, once dog is dead, burn said bow and remaining arrows and then mix the ashes into the earth.


Some sort of braided fishing line I found at home, I don't know the brand anymore. I reckon mono fishing line or even several strands of string braided together would work, you should test by shooting an arrow as deep into a thick tree as you can and see if you can pull it out without the string snapping.

Of course, just because you can't believe it means that I couldn't have possibly done it. I'm also not in america, but rather shithole eastern europe where I'd be more at risk of getting beaten up by the dog's owner if caught rather than have police called on me. Believe what you wish though, not like I can stop you or prove you wrong since I was more pre-occupied with running away than taking pictures for proof.

No need for that unless there is a risk that someone might link you and your bow to the dead dogs. Just keep it hidden when you're not on the hunt unless you live in some country that has police that care and could potentially search your house if they suspect you. I've kept mine until it cracked from overuse long after my days of exterminating filth were over, since it is actually fun to fuck around with bow and arrow in general and I'd prowl the forests at night roleplaying various fantasies I had.


doing god's work
are you the polish wizard who gets assaulted on his way home?


You guys care about living in a quiet home so much that youd kill loud things?



what if they realize it was the OP?


a dog's life is worth less than nothing.


But not enough to properly insulate their crap shacks so that outside noise isn't a problem anymore, or get headphones, or learn to deal with noise.
No, the world must change to personal desires or die.


to some degree that is like a curse of this demiurgic realm, but I don't see why people would want to inflict suffering on others to have their way


and what's the problem with that


>But not enough to properly insulate their crap shacks so that outside noise isn't a problem anymore

If a dog is loud enough (many dog breeds bark in the 100Db range) and close enough to your house, it isn't going to matter how well you insulate your house. The only way you wouldn't hear a dog that loud is if you had a house with a room that had no exterior walls, but very few houses are built that way. Also if you lived in an apartment this wouldn't be an option to begin with.

>get headphones

A lot of dogs are loud enough that you can hear them with headphones on. Are we expected to blast music in your headphones all day? What about at night?

>learn to deal with noise

Dog keeps waking you up at 2am and you can't get back to sleep? You have to go to work in a severely sleep deprived state now? Oh well, that's your problem. Le doggo is more important than your right to get peace and quiet, and to sleep sleep and be well-rested.


Dog keeps waking you up at 2am and you can't get back to sleep?
I grew up in a major city. Noise doesn't bother me or disrupt my sleep.
> and close enough to your house
The dog could be in your house, if you use the right sound insulation set up then you can barely hear the thing. Shit, just putting heavy curtains on the window can cut up the amount of outside sound significantly. Then using other tricks you can basically have a room that is studio quite for you to then find something else to complain about.
>A lot of dogs are loud enough that you can hear them with headphones on.
Not unless you are right next to the dog and you are going out of your way to try to hear the dog. Especially with the sound isolating kind.
Unless the dog is in your house you are full of shit saying headphones don't work. Totally and irredeemably full of shit.
It isn't about noise. You just hate the muts and love to complain about things that aren't real problems.


>Unless the dog is in your house you are full of shit saying headphones don't work. Totally and irredeemably full of shit.
I mean if you want to believe I'm just lying when I say I can hear my neighbor's loud barking dog inside my house with headphones on, I guess there's not much I can say. I could just as easily accuse you of lying when you say noise doesn't bother you or disrupt your sleep.

A lot of dog breeds bark in the 100Db range. For reference, a jackhammer is 110Db. You can look this up yourself if you don't believe me.


it's a logarithmic scale though
so you hypothetical dog is 10 times quieter than a jackhammer


You clearly never lived near a louder breed that barked all the time. Someone 3 houses up the street from me has a tibetan mastiff and I can hear the damn thing from most rooms in my house. If I lived right next to it, I'd probably kill it.


…Are you this retarded? It doesn't double every 1Db.


>A typical question on the internet: "Are 3 dBs or 6 dBs double the loudness (or twice as loud)?"

>Answer: "It's neither 3 dB, nor 6 dB − it's closer to 10 dB more."

So that makes many dogs roughly half as quiet as a jackhammer, which is still really fucking loud.


This isn't opinion
It is easily testable/demonstrable that you are full of shit.
Do you think I don't have access to headphones to not know you are lying through your teeth?
Do you think I am a fucking fool?

Also you pulling up some factoid about dogs barking at 100Db isn't taking into account that the measurement is taken right up in the dogs face.

It isn't 100Db in your room. Especially if you made any attempt to dampen the sound, which you probably didn't because you like to bitch about the bitches.

Go bark at the moon with your dog shit excuses and lies. Hating dogs is one thing, but trying to play the people here as fools is another thing entirely.


>Do you think I don't have access to headphones to not know you are lying through your teeth?

Do you live next to a neighbor that has a large dog that constantly barks facing your house? No? Then shut the fuck up.

If yes, then go ahead and test this. If you can't hear it with headphones on then you're clearly hard of hearing.


Some of the loud places I have lived include
>next to a active construction site for 2 years
>by a extremely busy road way that had traffic 24/7
>next to niggas who had badly trained pits, rocks, large mutts, German shepherds, and one that had a fucking saint Barnard for a few months before it was taken by animal control
and loudest of all
>labor camp next to a gun range


Stop lying and you wont get called out for lying.


lol, the only liar here is you. Pretty sad you have to make up shit just to be contrarian. Next time you should be more subtle.


Oh, and forgot the time dude next door blasted music at all hours of the day once he got a huge sound system. That lasted until he got locked up. Don't remember for what though.


Prove it.
I can prove your claims about the headphones wrong independently.
I can get my own headphones, my own sound meter, and own external sound source outside a normal house that is 100 Db and know for a fact you are full of shit due to my own observations.
You calling me a liar is both baseless and reactionary.
Do you have any proof I am lying. No, then quit your yapping.


>I can get my own headphones, my own sound meter, and own external sound source outside a normal house that is 100 Db and know for a fact you are full of shit due to my own observations.

I know for fact you won't do this, but i wouldn't put it past you to claim you totally did this just to prove a point. You're just making up shit to argue at this point.


File: 1560924525051.png (173.51 KB, 1118x1414, 559:707, Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

who said anything about doubling every 1 db, it's a base 10 logarithm


>implying I haven't used headphones to drown out noise including dogs barking before
I know you are lying because I have had headphones and used them to drown out very loud noise including dogs barking before.
I have used headphones for noise coming from WITHIN the house, and you think I am going to believe your poobuttass when you say it doesn't work for noise OUSIDE your house.
The only one making shit up here is you.


I'd like to know what magical headphones you have that block out all noises.


>I have used headphones for noise coming from WITHIN the house, and you think I am going to believe your poobuttass when you say it doesn't work for noise OUSIDE your house.

You're either trolling or you're practically deaf.


inb4 "noise cancelling" ones


Noise cancelling headphones only block out ambient background noise, not sudden bursts of noise like a dog barking.


The only one trolling here is you.
I am done.
Lie all you want. You ain't fooling anyone. Dog barks aren't magic that can penetrate all methods of dealing with noise.


>Dog barks aren't magic that can penetrate all methods of dealing with noise.

Funny strawman considering you're the one claiming headphones are magical devices that block out all outdoor sounds.


sometimes I wear earplugs and earphones together and I still hear everyday noises


>I wear earplugs and earphones together
My what big ears you have.


I think the guy you're arguing with means headphones with sound, not headphones with nothing playing. Of course headphones with nothing playing doesn't block much noise at all. It's basically just a couple thin pieces of plastic over your ears. With nothing playing I can hear my neighbors TV (I live in an apartment, mind you) but when I'm listening to music or playing a game i'm oblivious to the outside world completely.


Its probably the shitposter from /b/ that wants to spend all day sitting in complete silence and complain about every and all noises he hears through the day.
In which case the only thing that would satisfy him is death, because even if he built a soundproof room the sound of his own heart beat would then annoy him.


idk, if i lived next to someone with a yappy mutt that interrupted my sleep i'd go crazy too.


12 hours of uninterrupted sleep like dog serial killer claimed he needed?
Sleep that is apparently so ease to disturb that dogs blocks away must be killed to satisfy his need for sleep?


uh, who said anything about a dog serial killer?


Did you not read the thread?


Based. Fuck dogs.


File: 1560933861868.png (312.16 KB, 847x709, 847:709, 55185751.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just read the post you're talking about. Lol if you're seriously getting your panties in a twist over an obvious troll like that. And even if it were true (protip: it's not) bringing up one post and using it to try to make everyone who is annoyed by barking dogs ITT sound bad is pretty pathetic. I know you're desperate to claim the moral high ground here but turn down the self-righteousness just a tad. This isn't reddit.


>Lol if you're seriously getting your panties in a twist over an obvious troll like that.
>in a post that is a obvious troll
>complete with a anime reaction pic
This isn't shitchan.


dogs creep me out. they are very social creatures like people and they might seem nice but if someone else tells them to, they will rip out your throat. or they could be aggressive ("protective/defensive/nervous") and then when their owner goes away, be nice to you because their owner is gone because they are alone. they are psychopathic social intelligent things to me.

cats are at least predictably selfish, they torture small animals but it is accepted that cats are cruel. i hate hearing people say "ohhh i love my dog so much, hes so friendly like a child" when it is essentially a murderer that display childlike, blind obedience. cats just want food and not to be bored


we have a huge dog problem due to stupid bygoddam'd succubi and gutless soy boys who think little precious perfect poppy dearest rufus-rastus-dukakis-obama-clinton-biden the 23rd (that they paid 3K$ for) is just like like a child and 'you can't tell him/it NO! becuz you'll done bes make it/him neurotic'…!
i have very good reasons to hate all dogs and their owners.


yeah its almost disturbing how they've actually evolved to do things that wild dogs either never do or only do when they're puppies. Like that high pitched whiny noise thing they do. That's something dogs in the wild never do and that domestic dogs do to invoke sympathy to get something. Things like that work really well too because most people are very easily manipulated by dogs. Even when dogs do horrible things like attack children, a lot of people feel sympathy for the dog.

In my state (Ohio) there was an incident not too long ago where a dog attacked a 4 year old boy, ripped off his arm, and fucking ate it. A petition to save the dogs from being euthanized was made and got like 300,000 signatures.


having owned many cats in my lifetime; and having watched them hunt and kill all manner of creatures, i have never seen any evidence of cruelty in their kills, if anything they are most efficient and fast in their actions…
Look for the video of a jaguar killing a crocodile, it would put the fear of god into any dog owner.
Maybe all the dogs will turn on their owners in a single night and the world will be a brighter cleaner place.
we can only hope.


> i have never seen any evidence of cruelty in their kills, if anything they are most efficient and fast in their actions
You must not have been very observant but it is extremely common for cats (Felis catus) to play with their pray and take their time killing it. They are also a animal that kills for sport even when it isn't hungry. It just finds hunting and killing things fun.
These are not just well documented but also behaviors I have observed in all the cats I have owned.


This is true.


My cat will play with its catch for about a half hour (tossing it in the air, pinning it down and staring at it, etc) before finally eating it ass end up - usually leaving the head behind as a trophy of some sort.


i have watched them hunt with more patience than any human could ever possess.
Cruelty is not efficient when you are hunting for food.


>i have watched them hunt with more patience than any human could ever possess
You have never been hunting or watched hunters do their thing before. That I can tell.
Those dudes are willing to sit in a stand ALL DAY on the small chance the game animal that is just right will come by and present a perfect shot to cleanly take the animal.
Cats while patient aren't even close to that damn patient.
>Cruelty is not efficient when you are hunting for food.
That sentence doesn't make sense.


File: 1561070561063.jpg (301.93 KB, 2250x1500, 3:2, a1bc87d51284a03cfa173e290d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

here is the precious puddytat grab'n himself a snack..


it makes perfect sense, any excess energy expended to secure food is wasteful…


File: 1561071901283.jpg (62.65 KB, 630x449, 630:449, 21158.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Maybe all the dogs will turn on their owners in a single night and the world will be a brighter cleaner place.
My sister owned a boxer that turned on her a couple years ago. She tried to pull it off of her cat when she saw it was ripping it apart and the damn thing turned on her. She managed to escape into the bathroom and call call 911. The cops had to kick down her door and shoot the fucker. On her facebook page she made like 5 posts about how much she missed her dog but never mentioned the cat that got mauled to death even once. She owned the cat for over 10 years but only had the dog for like 2 or 3 years.
BITCH GOT ANOTHER BOXER LESS THAN A MONTH LATER. This one is house broken as fuck. I visited her last year and her house was a total dumpster. It stunk to high heaven, the furniture was chewed to hell, stains everywhere. The demonic thing was running around the house like a racehorse and barking the entire time. I made up an excuse to leave after half an hour it was so unbearable.
Her husband doesn't want the dog in the bedroom and they've apparently gotten into arguments about this. I pretended to agree with her when she told me about it but in my mind I was thinking "bitch, can you not see what the dog has done to every other room in the house or do you just not care?" $350,000 house in a nice neighborhood and it might as well have been a crackhouse in the ghetto. I love my sister and all, but I swear its like she has stockholm syndrome.



throw a bar of chocolate in their yard and watch it curl up and die


the really sick thing about dogs is if you run their food/bait/snack thru a pile of shit, they will still gobble it down like it is a rare treat…
Right… let your filthy shit eating dog lick your face!


poor cat, hope it had a good life


>the really sick thing about dogs is if you run their food/bait/snack thru a pile of shit, they will still gobble it down like it is a rare treat
Dogs scarf down food, and sometimes inedible objects, like they're famished because they always feel hungry and never feel full. This is the result of selective breeding. Humans used food to incentivize/reward dogs for doing work (like guarding livestock). The hungrier a dog was, the more likely it was to do work for humans. Because early on dogs were selectively bred based on their willingness to do work, they also evolved to always feel hungry. The result is an animal that will eat it's own feces and eat until it's stomach ruptures if it has enough food in front of them.
>let your filthy shit eating dog lick your face!
Dogs do this because selective breeding led to dogs remaining in a juvenile state for their entire lives. With maturity comes independence, and domestication of dogs required the dog to be as dependent as possible. Puppies lick their mother's faces to prompt the regurgitation of food. This, combined with the aforementioned perpetual state of hunger, is why dogs lick their owner's faces. Deluded normalfags think this is an expression of "love" or "affection" but in reality they're just trying to make them vomit "food".
Basically, dogs are man-made infantile retards. They were useful early on, but now there is almost no more work for them to do. The sane thing to have done would have been to phase them out of society. Instead, we've gone the opposite route and bred more and more of them and now the majority of households have a dog even though dogs are very clearly not suited towards urban or suburban environments. Our culture practically worships them at this point, which is one of the many symptoms of society falling apart but that's another topic. But because most people don't have enough space, dogs are confined to tiny spaces like small backyards and apartments, which lead to them becoming more unstable and neurotic. That, combined with any effective form of discipline being considered "animal abuse" in this day and age, leads to dogs to causing all of the problems people in this thread are complaining about.


>Puppies lick their mother's faces to prompt the regurgitation of food.
Dogs are birds now?

Anyway, You seem well read on this subject. Can you tell me where you got some of this information so I can read more on my own time?


This. Dogs are honestly one of the worst animals in existence.


>Medium to large dogs have the carbon footprint of an SUV
lol who cares about the environment? im a vegan and i hate the environment. i personally support people going to the amazon rainforrest and burning the whole thing for fun

>Many dogs can bark at 100 decibels or greater

yes, they make noise

>Dogs attack small children unprovoked

only pit bulls do that. pit bulls are the niggers of dogs. dogs like german shepherds or Labradors rarely if ever do that. normally raised dogs virtually never do that

>Dogs will bark at literally nothing for hours straight

sure, some dogs are louder than others. each dog has a unique personality and some breeds are louder than others. some dogs are very quiet

>Dogs wreak havoc on any environment they inhabit


thats not true at all. they are fairly clean. they matt and shed fur in the summer and need to have their poop cleaned on walks, but besides this i dont think they are extremely messy. ive read that if your dog makes a huge mess in the house its because its stressed and its a sign of mental distress in the animal. many dogs dont go around making mess of the furniture, etc

>Dogs are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year, are the third most deadly animal only behind snakes and mosquitoes

my dude, PLEASE PLEASE link me statistics. like where are your numbers and facts. where are you getting your information from? please dont blame all dogs for the behavior of pit bulls. i have repeatedly encouraged genocide all pit bulls from existence

>Even dogs who have been pampered and raised in a loving home sometimes attack people (mostly children) unprovoked

care to give me statistics for all these fantastical claims?

dogs can be violent, but the vast amount of dog violence is from pit bulls and some rotwhilers. dogs like german shepherds are incredibly loving and loyal and would willingly risk their life to save yours. they defend you in virtually all dangers, provide love and comfort and are FRIERCLY loyal. and they are cute and cuddly and very loveable

and i say this as a guy who never had a dog. i never had a dog growing up or lived with one. ive dreamed many nights of having a german shepherd, and i watched many youtube videos of cuddling with german shepherds, but i never could

and the thing about dogs is, they love you. they love their owner so unconditionally it hurts. dogs will live homeless with you no problem. i see homeless people with loyal dogs all the time. cats dont do that. cats most of the time dont love you and are largely apathetic towards your existence

>pit bulls tho

i agree, i think pit bulls are the niggers of dogs and should be made illegal

i dont understand all this unprovoked hatred towards dogs?


>i dont understand all this unprovoked hatred towards dogs?
I'm guessing for most of us, our chief complaint is constant barking. Some people want nothing more than peace and quiet, and a website like this obviously attracts a disproportionate amount of people like this. Before you suggest "just wear earplugs!" for starters earplugs aren't going to be very effective if the dog(s) in question are loud and/or close enough. Even if earplugs did work, we should be able to enjoy the comfort of our own homes in peace and quiet without having to wear uncomfortable hearing protection 24 hours a day.
And no, you can't pin the blame exclusively on pitbulls when it comes to barking. Most breeds bark a lot. Are there some quiet breeds? Yeah sure, and good for them. But most dogs just won't shut the fuck up, and that's why we hate them.


Dogs are fine; in soups stews and burritos.
totally worthless otherwise…


>look at meeeeee im so edgyyy


more truth than edge.
a friend of mine rescued his current dog from a bunch of chinkypoos who were stealing dogs all over town and eating them…
They vanished one night after people caught on to their game…


Absolutely. I'm a vegan mostly for ethical reasons. When rats got into my house instead of killing them I used non-lethal traps to catch them and released them into a forest. Even still, I can 100% empathize with people who kill dogs that bark all day as long as they are doing it as a last resort. By last resort I mean the dog barks all day, it is too loud to effectively block out, you have spoken to the owners and they refuse to stop it, and you have spoken to the proper authorities and they are unwilling or unable to help you. At that point your only options are to simply put up with constant barking that is degrading your mental health and fucking with your sleep, move and hope to god to get better neighbors, or kill the dog. I wouldn't blame anyone who chooses the last option.


That sounds like a grade school level lie.


nope 100% genuine real, the viets, cambos, and other asian groups disappear pets all the time in kalistan…


retard chitwawa last night all night long yayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya etc.
whoever created dogs needs their ass kicked.


File: 1563317789325.jpg (257.11 KB, 1400x2700, 14:27, 6a27a884610daf9af8eae1f083….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>whoever created dogs needs their ass kicked.


pretty sure he was thinking of neolithic man


dogs would be super useful back then

modern times though?? they still have another thousand years of domestication before they learn to shut the fuck up and stop barking and realize they arent hunters anymore and they live off canned food.


>and realize they arent hunters anymore and they live off canned food.

don´t we all.

Maybe in a thousand years dog might even learn deppression like we did


File: 1563339561375-0.jpeg (2.01 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, C58A4562-6AF9-49C8-A9FB-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563339561375-1.jpg (339.14 KB, 1178x1268, 589:634, dogs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>When rats got into my house instead of killing them I used non-lethal traps to catch them and released them into a forest
lol. before i went vegan i caught them with those sticky traps then killed them by crushing them with my body weight and something hard like wood. now that i went vegan im such a cuck i wouldn't know what to do, lol. literally i feed the birds outside with birdfood, but i sometimes see squires and even rats eat out of the bird food thingy and i just mumble to myself "well, sometimes you just get cucked i guess". lol KILL ME i geuinely want to die, lel

>I can 100% empathize with people who kill dogs that bark all day as long

first of all some breeds are worse than others in regards to barking. i dont know which breeds are the loud annoying ones as i never even had a dog, but i presume theres some differences

second of all, i think if you're sensitive to sound you need to step up your anti-sound game, pic related. ive been using heavy duty ear plugs every single day BAR NONE since 2012 atleast. without them i would die. they make everything so much easier

also i bought speakers from amazon and i play this on full volume whenever i go sleep


i also have it playing at half volume at all times on my headphones whenever im awake. ive been doing this for about a year or 2 now. it just reduces the amount of unwanted sound that leaks into my brain. i have aspergers so im extremely sensitive to sound especially, and brown noise calms me down so much. literally if i dont hear it i get anxiety. every time the 10 hour song reaches it's end and it takes a couple seconds of silence for the repeat to start, i get a mini-heart attack. also i do stuff like putting my towel under my door to reduce sound, also i try keeping a good relationship with the other guys in my boarding house, so they will be respectful and quiet

literally i live with an obese ex-con who when he just came, was always loud and fighting with everyone. but over the years, because i was very kind with allowing him to use my toilet paper and giving him vegan food from time to time, he respects me and tries to be quiet, which is literally the only thing i need from others whom i live with. i literally upgraded my internet and bought netflix (which he pays me 50$ a month for), just for him, just to help him because he kept defaulting on tv subscriptions, he had a dozen different cable modems in his room because he defaulted on all of them

point is, you can go a long way to reduce sound leaking into your room with some effort

2nd point, i think its probably unethical to even have dogs in the first place. they are slaves bred for our amusement. they are literally enslaved, and have had their genetic lineage tailored for our AMUSEMENT. dogs like chihuahua's and pugs are deformed beasts that couldn't survive in the wild, but humans love them because they think the deformed retard look is adorable, pic also related

they have had their genetics changed so they will be loyal and trustworthy, but fundamentally they are still slaves bred for our AMUSEMENT. we dont need dogs at all in 2019, but most people have dogs because "awww so cute" and "awww i feel lonely without a cute slave ='D"

like, people abuse their dogs, abandon their dogs, castrate their dogs, ignore their dogs all the time. dogs are very social animals who need constant attention, and they can suffer deeply, like all mammals. people often times dont really care for the suffering of their dogs, they just get the dog for themselves. if i had more money and i wasn't a mental cripple, id probably would of gotten one too when i was like a decade younger

i honestly think having ANY pets is unethical, because its slavery for your amusement. i dont care how nice you treat your pet slave, a slave is a slave regardless of living conditions. but dont get me wrong, i dont hate dogs. i LOVE dogs and i enjoy watching dog petting videos on youtube, but still its slavery and the most ethical thing to do would be not to have them in the first place



some middle aged guy’s pooch got agressive and tried to bite my leg, asshole owner didn’t even apologize
I wish I had kicked that ugly little thing but it would have probably made things worse



why? in 1000 years do they anthropomorphize and people start making them wageslave?

what would a dumb dog ever get depressed about



To be fair, both of those dogs look really fun and cute.


Being around humans 24/7 is one good reason to get any creature depressed.




urg….so why haven't they learned depression yet???

lame comeback


> every one was trained to be the best it could be.

doubt it. Most of retarded dogs have retarded owners who don't train them.


Animals actually have ability to feel depression. Alienation could be one of reasons why a dog might feel depressed.


when people are angry, they get super passionate about expressing this anger in some form. this isn't really a big deal to most of the pro dog people. none of them really care about this opinion and aren't taking it seriously.


I have the scar of a rotweiler/German shepherd hybrid which tore a chunk of my arm off when I was 11, but I overall think doogals are actually more compassionate than most pets when treated well.


File: 1563758383459.jpg (25.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, rYFWTiD_d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>dogs are more compassionate than most pets
>dogs feel compassion

to be capable of compassion one needs to be capable of having morals and to accomplish this first they'd need to be conscious of themselves in the same level humans are. Life isn't a Disney movie and animals lack morals.
Humans can be compassionate, not dogs or cats or whatever animal you like for any reason.


they cant make any arguments regarding dogs not being shit, so that's all they can do. if it irritates or annoys you seeing dumb dog reaction memes, they see that as a 'win'


File: 1563842296747.gif (2.01 MB, 350x255, 70:51, d47.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I had no idea. Guess this gif and that Hachi story had me brainwashed.


File: 1563844004347.jpg (54.95 KB, 735x933, 245:311, screen-3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the truth is the same, animals cannot act upon principles or morals and become virtuous in any way. If you want to be good you need to stop treating animals for what they're not. You're not doing good by judging an animal as if it were a human.



I think you seperate humans too sharply from the world of animals. Morality and goodness are nothing more than necessary survival functions for social, group-oriented organisms. As survival functions they are fundamentally selfish. "Goodness" in terms of morality generally boils down to "altruism" (doing good for others at the expense of the self), but in reality the relationships are symbiotic; you are compelled by your brain chemistry to help others because they will then be in a better position to help you. You are compelled to do so because that is how your instincts evolved, and many animals that evolved as social, group-oriented animals exhibit the equivalent behaviour of "moral goodness". It takes no higher level of conciousness to acheive this behaviour, because it is instinctual; and, I will add pre-emptively, that the display of altruistic behaviour in situations when one has nothing to gain in doing so is really nothing more than a misappropriation of this instinct, usually only by those who have the wealth to afford it. (Not to mention indirect gains like popularity).

You use the fact that dogs and cats often eat their owners after they die as an example of pets lacking morality, but the way human family members might squabble to get the best assets and pay-outs from the estate of a dying or recently passed elder is fairly analogous.


File: 1563867294090.png (76.87 KB, 399x315, 19:15, 0817_voa.png) ImgOps iqdb

I’m advising to be aware of the language we use when we refer to the behavior animals can present, so as not to be misled into believing that animals are just like us, as so often happens. It's incredibly irritating to find people treating animals as if they were humans, or in many cases, better than humans.

>You use the fact that dogs and cats often eat their owners after they die as an example of pets lacking morality, but the way human family members might squabble to get the best assets and pay-outs from the estate of a dying or recently passed elder is fairly analogous.

I don't know what led you to write such a cynical comment but I'm gonna do what only a human can, and I will decide to be bad by telling you to kiss your pious and merciful dog in its compassionate ass.


dogs are based


Very low iq


Cats and dogs eat dead owners because they understand fundamentally better than humans that life is transient, that the matter that they consume, the vehicle in which its owner existed, is just that. And that its owner is not that disoccupied vehicle.

Humans foolishly cling onto the remains (this word, what a contradiction!) of dead humans. "And to dust you shall return!". Dust refers to the process of breaking down (decomposition) into smaller units. Organisms die and decompose, returning to Mother Earth, thus feeding plants and continuing the cycle of life/energy. And eating a carcass is this same process of returning to dust. The (say) dog eats its owner's former body, catabolizes this and creates energy thus continuing the cycle of life and energy. The law of conservation!

Humans are wrong. Nature is right.


bro, i love genesis 3.


>In 24 percent of the cases in the 2015 review, which all involved dogs, less than a day had passed before the partially eaten body was found. What’s more, some of the dogs had access to normal food they hadn’t eaten.

animal with morals: have respect for the dead and don't eat them
animals without morals: eat their dead owner and friend the second they die even if they have food available

You're only proving my point that animals lack morals and to expect them to be like humans is dumb and totally wrong.


You're still right but there is no morality surrounding non sentient entities anyway. You can do anything you want with a corpse. You won't harm or kill it.


Having "respect" for the dead is expressed in different ways in human cultures also. Some people express their grief by eating the dead's corpses. Also why are you obsessed about reusing corpses when they are merely another food source?


File: 1564037225948.png (297.5 KB, 761x284, 761:284, bestiatlityreasonsbehind.png) ImgOps iqdb

Let's not forget that love for animals is the most common reason for engaging in zoophilic acts. Dog owners are literally fucking their pets and this shouldn't be news to anyone. They should make illegal to own dogs, there's absolutely no reason to have dogs besides pure craziness.


File: 1564099931956-0.png (402.92 KB, 1003x769, 1003:769, doglovers.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564099931956-1.png (99.01 KB, 988x320, 247:80, dogbehaviour1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564099931956-2.jpg (295.8 KB, 720x480, 3:2, rtx10i6w.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Save face after this, dog lovers. OH WAIT, YOU CAN'T!


I had a dog before everyone started picking up the dog's shit.

We had a different relationship than I imagine most people have with their dog now when they have to do that.


>the truth is the same, animals cannot act upon principles or morals and become virtuous in any way
Neither can most people, but I'm sure they're still able to feel happy, sad and other base emotions like that.


Why do you care?

Let them do what they wish.


File: 1564106132667.png (1.43 MB, 599x1001, 599:1001, mauled-deer.png) ImgOps iqdb

Neighborhood dogs maul deer


>“Whoever declared that love at first sight doesn’t exist has never witnessed the purity of a puppy or looked deep into a puppy’s eyes. If they did, their lives would change considerably.”

>“A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own"

Dog lovers are crazy, as always.


Fuck deer. Always destroying my wizgarden. Nothing more than giant rats.


Theres too many deers after humans killed all the predators


There's too many dogs after humans have bred them for profit.



>While sitting outside on his porch neighbor, a man heard an unusual sound of an animal in distress. Hurrying into his backyard, he found two large dogs, off-leash, bringing down the medium sized female deer.

The man's spouse immediately grabbed her phone and recorded the incident as it unfolded. The gruesome video captured the moment the dogs mortally wounded the deer and the helplessness of the dog’s owners to stop the attack.

An Eagle County, Colorado sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene after a 911 call was placed but it was too late. Later the case was turned over to the department of Eagle County Animal Services division.

This is not the first time the dogs have behaved this way, the man claims. About two years ago one of the dogs killed a fawn. “These dogs have come into my yard a dozen times. They come after me, my wife and my guests.”

Disgusting. Get the freaking bat or something, god dammit. You couldn't just "do nothing", you let that deer die because all you did was record that deer getting mauled and slowly killed by two dogs for FUN. There's no way those dogs are doing that for food. They already attack you, so they're probably just crazy dogs. I like dogs mostly, but I wouldn't hesitate to kill these animals or any other problem animals that threaten my life. Get a gun or something. Don't you have some way to protect yourself? Wasn't it apparent after the second or third time this has happened that you need to protect yourselves?

Off this topic, I can't find a good reason for a dog for myself. When you get a dog, any dog, you have more responsibilities. You need to feed, walk, and take care of that dog. Most people cannot do that. They'll put their dog down or release them (make them homeless) if there are any problems. My mother's friend did just that and got two new dogs. The old dog didn't get along with the other two, I hear. When a dog needs medical attention, most people will not provide that to their dog, despite that being their responsibility. That dog is a living being than has needs and medical attention, just like a human. It should be looked down upon harshly for people who do that. They might also need to give away their privilege to own a dog, in my eyes. I can't imagine doing that to a human. Both are living beings that feel pain and trust you, and you would both let them down and let them die. I was in St. Kitts, and they treat dogs horribly there. Digs are but guards, but are starved to make them more aggressive. They're being exploited for sure. Unlike a regular guard, which would be compensated by money or something else like a place to live and food, these dogs get none of that. They live a horrible life.

I would say dogs are not the problem. They're but animals that can be trained. They can be trained to not bark or try to attack people while on a leash. Dog owners are the problem. There are too many dogs in this world, and most owners are unable to to have a dog. They cannot train it or even use it. They'll let it rot and grow fat, get diseases, and eventually be put down. I'm amazed most people can even have kids, but even here, they'll grow fat and be burdened. Luckily though, humans live longer than dogs, and can control their own destinies. They'll hopefully straighten whatever flaws they have in their life.


I think what they did was pretty smart and pragmatic actually. I'm no expert in law but getting a bat and beating someone's dog to death (on the owner's property, I'm assuming, it's not too clear in the video) because it's attacking a wild animal seems like it's something you could get in trouble for. I would not risk fines, community service or other bullshit just to save a fucking deer.
Also by allowing the attack they got evidence of how vicious the dogs were so that animal control could step in.

But definitely if my neighbor had those kinds of dogs I would be carrying a gun on me at all times and be ready to kill if they entered my property and threatened me or anyone else.


made the mistake of going downtown on thursday night.
i was victim of an unprovoked attack by a kaffirs GSD.
when the kaffir saw me calling the popo he followed me for blocks looking for a chance to beat / shank me…
idiots with dogs all over the place, minimal or 0 control over their mutts.
f**k this state, i am moving up into the mountains where all i have to deal with are wolves and black bears/grizzlies.
Then, to top it off a 10 year old pos skateboard trash tried to run me down and the followed me for blocks screaming threats/obscenities when i objected to him being on the sidewalk (350$ fine).
i live in the worlds largest open air insane asylum!
i hate dogs more than ever now!



Pet hate is a really effective way of drawing normalfags out of the woodwork.


BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK whine whine whine yelp yelp yelp BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK grrrrrrrrr BARK BARK BARK *pause* BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK whine whine whine whine BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK yelp yelp BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK *pause* BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK *pause just long enough to get your hopes up that it's stopped* BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!!

Normalfags complain about people chewing too loud and other minor noises they're not subjected to nearly as often but somehow they're ok with this shit? In fact, most people actually react with sympathy when they hear a loud annoying dog, as opposed to annoyance


File: 1565616635862-0.jpeg (217.25 KB, 637x421, 637:421, 16AB7170-9646-4D14-9585-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565616635862-1.jpeg (42.2 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 399CFE55-6AF2-4575-B11B-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565616635862-2.jpeg (60.14 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 5802516F-DFD3-48D8-A2A4-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


dogs must be the equivalent of lolibabas for wolves, theyve evolved to be 'cute' and deformed. thats so strange how some breeds are so small


dogs take down game, they evolved to do so. This faggot sounds like a whiny cunt vegan


next time they will maul you y'know


A couple houses over from me was a nuisance dog that didn't shut the fuck up except maybe a couple hours at night, for 15 years. We complained to the city many times but they shrugged. These noxious fucking creatures are so deeply ingrained to everything considered "normal" that nobody gives a second thought to them shitting on sidewalks and disturbing the peace 24/7.

Fifteen years.

The day the silence came and I realized that piece of shit finally croaked I felt like a broken old man who steps out of prison and sees the sun for the first time since he was a kid.


dark chocolate solves a lot of dawg problems!


Just imagine if all of the money, resources, and attention that gets directed towards dogs instead went towards the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, disadvantaged youth, infrastructure and scientific research. Civilization would advance leaps and miles. But instead society wants to pamper and spoil useless dogs while calling disadvantaged young people "entitled" and telling them to pick themselves up from their bootstraps.

Hell, you could direct all of that money/attention/resources towards digging ditches in the Nevada desert, and civilization would still be better off considering you'd have to hire people to dig said ditches (lower unemployment) and best of all the mutts would all starve to death, putting an end to endless barking and dog shit all over the sidewalks.

People overestimate how lethal chocolate is to dogs. A larger mutt would have to eat like 5 pounds of it to die.

Antifreeze is a much better option.


I'm not some pussy ass bitch afraid of dogs. I've spent my life around them and never had so much as a nip from one. Dangerous dogs are easy to tell in their body language and very rarely will a dog attack unprovoked.

Most countries have laws against dog shit on the pavement. You can report people for it.

Stupidity in a nutshell. No matter how much money you throw at whackos and niggers they're never going to improve. They're hommeless and niggers because they're fucked up and can't function. No amount of money will solve those problems. And if you did care about mentally ill people, homeless or the disabled you would notice everyone of them benefits from having a dog. Having a dog to guard you while you sleep is homeless 101.


When you're poor enough to live on the fringe of consumer society you don't give a shit about money and material comfort anyway. The state decided to build brand new homes for impoverished natives over here and the first thing the natives did when they moved in was to tear down as much shit from the houses as they could to use as firewood.


>Most countries have laws against dog shit on the pavement.

There's also technically laws against having dogs that bark excessively or at least "quiet hours" in most jurisdictions. The issue is they're very rarely enforced and even if you report it (be it owners with dogs that bark at all hours of the night, or owners who don't pick dog shit up) the chances of police doing anything (even so much as a fine) is very slim. Even power tripping, ticket happy cops are overly lax on shitty owners, probably because they're all mutt lovers too.


a full size worthless pos useless
dumbass golden lab (yes i know, redundant)
ate a standard hershey bar, the vet bill came to 2300$
doggy was very messed up, and grandkid got his ass beat to the point where felony child abuse charges were filed.
all because of one of the most useless dog breeds on the planet and a 78 cent candy bar…


Why did the kid get his ass beat? There something I'm missing here?


probably for feeding the retard doggy chocolate


>Antifreeze is a much better option.
The problem is its hard to get a retarded dog to eat antifreeze, it would be much easier to toss a bar of dark chocolate over the fence


Antifreeze is actually sweet to taste, so it’s not that hard. Maybe dip some chocolate in antifreeze.


ding ding ding we have a winner!


bump because i like this thread


File: 1566344292587.jpg (31.81 KB, 454x679, 454:679, 618aMcZaRaL._SY679_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Chocolate and antifreeze aren't guaranteed to kill the dog. Try this
>This past May, a dog named Gunner wandered into his neighbor’s barn and lapped sweet blue liquid from two pie tins on the floor. Then he collapsed and started to convulse. When Gunner’s veterinarian heard the story, he immediately guessed what was in the tins, according to a case summary from the Office of Indiana State Chemist (OISC). It was a mixture of Coca Cola and methomyl, a chemical sold to attract and kill flies.


I figured wizards would like dogs more than anyone, because they are they are more or less the only creatures that will love you unconditionally.

This oddly obsessive rage you're showing makes you come across as unhinged and immature. Who cares this much about something? It's embarrassing.


>Who cares this much about something? It's embarrassing.
This statement more then anything else on this site, gives away how much of a normie you are.
You are literally everything that is currently wrong with the world and the reasons why everything related to culture has gone to shit.


You're right. I support dog genocide now.


dogs are great; in soups, stews, and burritos…


lol doghurt


>because they are they are more or less the only creatures that will love you unconditionally.
you aren't embarassed that you have such a normalfag need to feel loved that you get a dog?


File: 1566493423794.jpg (63.85 KB, 662x577, 662:577, 1477320963058.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not him but I'd be more embarrassed about being a wizkid LARPer obsessed with the wizard identity to the point where anyone feeling emotions is 'le norman' to me.


that's disappointing you feel the need to be loved as well, but truwiz larper accusations are only compliments


File: 1566497706903.jpg (139.04 KB, 1130x947, 1130:947, da7198c95691f662b54c669089….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sorry, I forgot that to be a Wizard you have to suppress all your emotions except for bitterness and rage.

All the dogs in this thread are either feral or owned by people who didn't train them. Lot of wizzers are letting a bad experience with one dog form their judgement of a whole species. If you interacted with a dog that has a good owner, so it was groomed and trained, you would realize that they live to please you.

I hope you find peace.


>Sorry, I forgot that to be a Wizard you have to suppress all your emotions except for bitterness and rage.
this is a dog HATE thread after all, you are the outlier here

i've owned nothing but dogs for over 20 years, they are annoying and way too emotional. they behave sure, but they are too needy. others dogs are usually way too loud


Yeah, dogs can be fucking annoying animals, and their owners tend to be even worse animals. Just look at some of the people posting in this thread: they are either incapable of comprehending, or are self-centeredly (and often times aggressively) dismissive of how disruptive their animals are.

Don't get me wrong, I like dogs in isolation. They can be friendly and cool to hang around with. I grew up with a dog. But you know what my family did? We made the dog shut the fuck up when it started barking like a retard. We actually picked up its shit so the neighborhood wasn't covered in feces. We trained her to not run up to people and act like an asshole. Naturally, most dog owners don't fucking bother. They see no issue with letting their dog take a big dump in your yard. They see literally no issue with letting their dog sit there and bark for fucking hours like a moron, and if you dare complain about it, they get offended as if you just slighted their child. That's half of the problem; people treat dogs like a surrogate child.

Dogs are the one commonly owned animal with the potential to be massively disruptive to practically any human environment they're introduced to. Cats can be disruptive to the natural environment, but they generally aren't disruptive to humans unless the population is really bad. Dogs are the only animal people own that are loud as fuck, and it only takes one faggot barking dog to ruin an entire block–even worse if there are multiple dogs, because one dog barking kicks off a domino effect of every retard dog in the neighborhood spazzing out and barking too. And, like OP said, there's just nothing you can do about it. You can complain to every authority under the sun about a loud dog, nobody seems to give a shit. This is to say nothing of the dogs that are genuinely aggressive and will maul people for no fucking reason.

In my opinion, dogs should be completely banned for ownership within the city and suburban areas. Rural areas are spread out enough to be mostly fine.


amen & amen


>>225032 in 'rural' areas we blow precious poopies shit away because they are a threat to livestock and game animals.
they run in packs and no one is safe from them.
its not uncommon to see dogs and 'notes hanging by the dozens from the fences along the roads out here.
damd filthy noisy efn worthless beasts!
and the NORMIES dump the dogs (and cats) they no longer want out here all the time.
we let the viets come out and hunt them all they want.
the cats we welcome.
they are usefull.


'notes' = (co)yotes…
the noisy normies here at the diner are killing my concentration.


Every single experience I've had with dogs have been horrible and I want nothing to do with them.

>In my opinion, dogs should be completely banned for ownership within the city and suburban areas. Rural areas are spread out enough to be mostly fine.
Would be nice.

The retard gypsy succubus here can't live without them though, either it's a whiny chihuahua or some other tiny faggot dog, or loud obnoxious shitbulls and rottweilers. She lets them do whatever they want, but after a few months she gets tired of them or the big ones gets to be too much to handle, so they disappear only to yet again be replaced by a new mutt a few weeks late. Now it's a shitbull again and I can't stand it. I hope I can avoid the piece of shit and it'll be cute and cuddle the just as loud and destructive Somali kids instead.

I have a relative like that, though she's a boomer hag. The one and only thing I can appreciate with living in a multiculti ghetto is the low amount of dogs, it's usually just the gypsies who have them and the few whites left are too poor. But then again you're still surrounded by trash that acts like dogs.


File: 1566573691918.jpg (50.48 KB, 740x555, 4:3, damn-how-long-did-you-elav….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>>225068 another reason to hate dogs is their pure joy of being destructive.



>>225161 thank you, i love watching stupid dogs (and dog owners) getting the shit chewed out of them by their pwecious poopies.
it makes my day; especially when they have to shoot the dog to get it off its 'owner'…


pitbulls are the worst. bred for centuries for dog fighting and little else.

other dogs are ok.


out here the most injuries are caused by rat/mop dogs.
the er's have people that do 0 but patch up dog bites 24-7-365.
it is a constant carnage of hand face/dick* injuries.
(* i'll let you figure it out)


due to a very large (18 million +) the number of injuries from interspecies sexual encounters is off the charts (calif).
the most common victims are goats, sheep, horses (small), dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, chimps, other monkeys, etc


insert "ethnic population i the state of california" between '+)' and 'the'.


I see two small dogs when I go on my daily walk. Rather, I used to routinely see them on my daily walk. Like at least three times a week up until maybe two to three weeks ago. I saw one in the past fortinght-ish on two separate occasions.

They're small and are extremely barky. I wish they'd fuck off. I want to kick them like footballs, but it's easier to just walk away.


I think dogs are basically normshits. They are loud, shameless, dangerous predators incapable of empathy, can't ever bring themselves to just leave people alone, routinely gang up on weak humans with other dogs, etc.
I'm really sick of the damn things. Everywhere I go there are dogs. When I go for a walk they start barking aggressively from 30-40 metres away, I've had dogs run out into the street after me, the neighbours' dogs bark all day and night, off-leash dogs are everywhere here and all self-defence methods are illegal so I can't even go for a walk in the park without constantly being on edge, the footpaths and even sporting fields are covered in dog shit. Anything else that constantly menaced people would be subject to some kind of control, but of course dogs are special so that doesn't apply.

> a bad experience with one dog
Yeah, more like the 99% giving the 1% a bad name.
Besides, if so-called "good" dog owners cared about the bad dogs they would try to do something to improve the overall standards of dog ownership. Instead they just appear in discussions about dogs to lecture people on "not all dogs!*"
* actually all dogs, but some have been trained to hide it
> they live to please you
Doesn't sound very authentic when you just said they have to be trained to do it. And then they are only trained to please their owner, not me. If they really cared about pleasing me they would leave me alone.


I love dogs… except when they're barking at me for no reason. Then I kinda hate them.


the best post so far…


"bruh dogs are great when they're trained"
utterly irrelevant info when 99.9% of dogs arent. ive only met a single person in my whole life who trained their dog. met thousands of dogs


you guys sure like making up statistics


training a dog to not eat shit doesn't stop it from wanting to eat shit. they will always be disgusting on the inside no matter what you do


ooooookay, final fucking straw with dog owners…
3 am, some asshole starts an endless tape of rat dogs barking.
it set off every dog in the neighborhood and spread for miles as dam'd dirty dipshit fuckwit dogs responded over a huge area of the chitty.
imagine 50,000+ dam'd asshole retard dogs having a barkithon !
it went on for ??????.
po-lice be look'n fo' de fool what be started it…


filthy CBWSMFPB walking on sidewalk ahead of me…
Her pos toilet brush dog proceeds to stagger down sidewalk shitting as it is dragged.
she has hysterics about cleaning it up, her boyfriend proceeds to pick it up like a good whitekight and rescue her from the terrible fate…
posdog is tap-dancing /yelping because sidewalk is too hot.
i give her a look that would melt a battlestar, she is completely oblivious to it.
retroactive abortion is the only thing that will save this coontree.
we are be doomed and shit.




ct b*H w*e st m**y f*G pa b****o
Its a California thing, you wouldn't understand.
its about all the mindless ef'd up 'hoors' in this state that are lower than snake shit and not half as bright.


ok… can someone clue me in as to the weird rendering of my carefully formed post.
is this some censorship modality that i am not familiar with ?



forget about it
those creatures are all gonna get earthquaked into the ocean soon


lol whatever helps you sleep at night.


File: 1567567555894.jpg (51.28 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 知らなかった.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


denial is unhealthy


that's my line


this man kicked a ball to get the dog cross the fence so he could shoot at the innocent animal.


And this is how dumbasses end up in jail for dumbshit.
When you do illegal shit don't record it. It can and will be used against you.


good lad pitbulls are the scum of the earth.


yep, he could have avoided the punishment for this. Same with people that you ran over in the streets, where no one else saw it. You could tell your side of the story…and chances are high that you'll walk away


Scum vs scum


Pretty much.


oooooh yeah! and they are all in denial of it…
they are the most clueless hominids on the planet.


i h8 dogs, and yet… one of the nicest dogs i ever knew belonged to the biggest drug dealer in the county.
he was like a cat more than a dog…
he would crawl up in your lap and go to sleep like a puppy…


Taking the breed of the dog into consideration, as well as how readily and easily it jumped over the fence, it was only a matter of time before it jumped over the fence to attack a child.


5 am, walk out front door, 2 houses down the rat dog rufus rastus dipshitus f-witus (the 32nd) goes apeshit with his morning barkathon and waking the entire neighborhood…
he barked himself stupid @ 3am this morning…
i see a 2 pound bag of M&M's soaked in beef broth in his future…


that dog probably ruined his sleep for a full decade with incessant barking and one day he just snapped.


Why don’t anons just buy IEMs? They block out damn near everything. There’s no reason to get pissed about noise in a time where noise blocking tech exists. Seems like complaining for the sake of complaining rather than anything relevant. If we want to talk about dogs, I think we need to get rid of the fucked up breeds with messed up spines and breathing issues. And yeah genocide all pits, they are atrocities.


>the disgusting smell is amusing to them. similar to how they giggle and find it cute when babies shit their pants.
What the fuck is wrong with you? I have never once seen this in my life.

kill yourself shitskin, dogs are the reason humanity is where it is. We couldnt have survived without them. I guess im not surpised I come on this crab site and muslim thread is the first one I see, let me guess, you got "Allah-pilled"?

One day you will die.


I've owned IEMs before, they're less effective than earplugs when it comes to blocking outside sounds. But even with earplugs, i can still hear barking.

You've clearly never lived 10 feet away with a large, loud breed that barks constantly. The only way I can't hear the dog is if I have my headphones on while playing music at full volume. Even while watching anime or movies I hear the dog because there's always quiet moments and the moment it gets quiet I hear "RURURURUROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT", completely ruining the experience.

Sometimes I go to empty parking lots just to watch movies without hearing constant barking.


Accusations of /pol/ faggotry are all too common and usually baseless, but it applies here.

I also find it amusing how dog owners react with irrational rage whenever someone says they hate dogs. They think everyone should love (their) fur babies and anyone who doesn't is a horrible, evil person. Imagine being this mentally stunted.


can you believe this fucking thread reached bump limit


okay Mehmet



no? why?
its quality thread.




well ?


a really great thread, one of the best ever on this site, it needs to go for another 300 posts!
come on people!


i'll add 1 post!


Let's not forget that having pets is animal abuse.


not really


did this actually get stickied???


*takes an species different than his and locks it in an environment made for humans to live and sacrifices other living organisms to make the one animal he likes live all his life next to him and also calls himself the owner of such animal*



oh so you're just a vegan weenie mad about dog food


just like what my parents did to me


The dog lovers of /pol/ are funny. As soon as they find out that you hate dogs they get angry and emotional like succubi and will call you muslim/nigger/chink/mutt/shitskin. Even if you'd have the same opinions on everything else that doesn't matter anymore because you're the enemy now. Your beloved literal mutts are the inbred shitskins of the carnivorans and you're exaggerating the "importance" of dogs to humans and the white race. Maybe they were useful thousands of years ago, but in this day and age domesticated dogs are more of a burden than anything else.

>let me guess, you got "Allah-pilled"?

I don't want any muslims, white or non-white, or any non-whites at all in my country, they should stay in their own parts of the world. Neither do I want any unstable dog lovers and their furbabies near me.

This tbqh, unless you live on a farm or animal sanctuary.


>>226581simple solution feed the towheads to the dogs, dogs are then 2X unclean for eating heathens and unbelievers, soon sell all the dogs to china, nam, all SEA coontrees, etc


sitting in a cafe minding my own dam'd business…
dam'd fool brings in a mental case beagle/pitbull cross…
stupid ass dog makes that horrid noise a beagle at every little movement/ flash of light, etc
asshole fuckwit owner ignores it while everyone else suffers and/or leaves…
what an abomination of a mutt!
the owner should be dragged behind a bus until nothing remains but the forearms and hands.


File: 1568531286339.jpg (23.47 KB, 339x424, 339:424, 1338148789212.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I know what you mean with the annoyance OP.
But I generally don't hate dogs, I hate the OWNERS.
I kinda pity the dog race, they are pretty unfortunate with these human breeders doing whatever the fuck they want with them. Dogs are seen as items, as property.
So you have humans sticking them where they don't belong to show off their living breathing accessory. And if the dog constantly barks it is the owner's job to take care of it, just like cleaning the shit after.

It is the humans OP.


Other animals (eg cats, rabbits, fish etc) are pets and thus treated as "property" and yet none of them are anywhere near as loud and disruptive as dogs are. At least none of the commonly owned pets are, maybe a few exotic birds can be really loud, but in terms of noise from pets that can be heard from other houses/apartments, dogs are like 99 percent of the problem.




too bloody efn much to hope for, its too far gone to recover any hope of success.


every dog owner i know can be certified as severely mentally ill and a threat to society as a whole.
Delusional and warped mentally believing their beasts are no different from actual children.
Delusional in the extreme, they must be confined and executed for the public safety.
None should be allowed to survive as a threat to civilization.




omg that is pathetic!
poor kitty!


omg that is pathetic!
poor kitty!
a more perfect summation of the average dumbass dog would be hard to find.



i have saved this epic thread in its entirety…
thank you all so much for being a part of it.

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