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Just post videos you think are wizardly, no particular theme or genre outside of that. Don't post things that will be too shitposty, but they can be funny
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how to read a weather map



gonna read this book would share the pdf but couldn't find it the English version



I just want to warn people about claims like this. Sure, university can be expensive depending on where you live and how things are paid for (here in Australia, you get a very cheap, low\no interest government loan which you only have to pay back once you're earning an income where it won't impact you that much, and where the rate of repayment is kept low), and you could pick something you hate and regret it, etc. Lots of things to keep in mind… but from what I experienced in the workforce in the brief time I was in it, is that even if you have a generic arts degree practically any employer will give you preference over somebody who has NO degree - having no degree limits you a lot, especially above a basic level. You also now have HR goons involved in even relatively small businesses these days who'll automatically label you a low status male if you don't even have a basic degree. Suck that this is the system we're under, and there are obviously lots of exceptions, but keep what I've said in mind. Nothing is worse than working under someone YOUNGER than you, sometimes DUMBER than you, who just happens to have automatic status because they have a degree and you don't. That was soul-crushing, all because I listened to ideologues. I guess it might have worked out better if I was from the middle or upper-middle class and could fiddle around and find my way into starting a business or honing some unique skill, instead I was just fed into a system at the lowest level and deluded myself thinking I'd break out somehow without going to uni. Take into consideration many different points of view before you make a decision like that. Also, something is off about the guy who makes these videos.



I wasn't trying to claim it's true in all cases, but what I saw was that many established businesses advertising jobs above a certain pay-grade expect someone to have a degree, and if you go for a job the easiest way for an employer to discriminate is simply "this one has a degree", they almost see it as a red-flag if you don't, and some of my extended family who were in positions of hiring people ended up confirming this at some point.

What type of work did you end up in? Do you work now? Did you save enough to live on? Those are important factors, for me… I was only ever capable of 'wage' sort of work, I wasn't going to be a tradie or anything like that, and I wanted more than to be earning an average wage, I wanted to break free of the debt-system. How did you find having one a hindrance? What was your degree in?

I tried uni and tafe at different stages and hated it myself, more because of social anxiety related issues, but the consequence of not having a degree or other meaningful qualification was that I ended up unable to get higher level roles.


>here in Australia
You mean the country taken over by Karens/hr people to it's very core to the point where people have no liberties and the economy is on the brink of collapse since the populated areas seem infected with the same retardation that California has.

Also if you are going through a HR person to get hired you are already doing it wrong.





Just a reminder to take care of your mind.
It is a terrible thing to lose.


>think I’ll give the video a try
>twee girly voice
Nah I can’t.


File: 1603706162359.mp4 (439.64 KB, 328x480, 41:60, RNUb2nsMmvHjNwCt.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I have the same issue with a lot of these videos, or just Youtube videos in general. Every time I notice a female voice starting off a video I immediately become suspicious and untrusting.



She has a vocal fry as well. Double whammy.



very wizardly videos indeed. is >>255867 a middle aged succubus?




Love yourself and don't feel the need to sacrifice for others without benefit to yourself.


Seems like you kind of missed the point and instead felt the need to commie post based totally on a conditioned reaction rather then a topical response.

What if anything did you have a problem with that was said in the video?

How does anything you posted relate to what was brought up in the video?

If it doesn't then I am ignoring your post because this isn't going to be another thread where you shit it up by trying to preach communism.


not him but my understanding is that her entire philosophy is just stirner + some arbitrary rules, pay attention to every time she says one 'should' or 'should not' do something in that video. there is none of that with stirner


So you admit that you don't give a shit about what was actually said in the video, don't know what was said in the video, have no arguments related to anything brought up in the video and instead sperged out based on your preconceptions of who was on the thumbnail despite the thread being about the content of the videos.

>What if anything did you have a problem with that was said in the video?

The answer
that it has Any Rand in it, that is all.

>How does anything you posted relate to what was brought up in the video?

The answer
It doesn't.

I will be ignoring you now.



you're replying to 2 different posters. i watched the video and said exactly what i disagreed with in the video. i don't care about arguing either







lol imagine growing up in a place where your peers are fucking donkeys once the hit puberty because it's the normal thing to do, and they don't even shame for doing it. Based.


You make it sound like you want to fuck donkeys.


guess he craves the BDC


File: 1607951220023.jpg (38.61 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 261438710.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's a tradition there.


why are brown people such animals




I love this guy


the answer is in the question itself


Real Japanese VS Anime Character


The wizard corps.


i think a very small percent of the population can truly appreciate this video. good lord, that is gold.


jesus christ. ive seen high school marching bands with more discipline.


that poor guy in the middle


I'm having trouble believing those guys ever walked at all before marching in that parade. Where did they find so many adults that never used their legs before? That IS the wizard corps. Jesus Christ.


Haha gay. they're like cheap toy soldiers, only marginally more dangerous.


We draw ever closer to the age of unlimited ai generated content.


> ai generated content.
so white noise made by a machine to distract the masses.


Are you really going to pretend like you are totally against entertainment.

I mean if you feel smug or better then everyone sitting bored staring at the wall that is your prerogative.


I have nothing against entertainment, just ai generated.



For example Dungeon AI is pretty damn fun.
Also, I am totally certain you didn't watch the video.


Imagine a xanalogical imageboard.


I hate this video, he could have just talked about the movie, but normgroids got to make everything about themselves

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