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Just post videos you think are wizardly, no particular theme or genre outside of that. Don't post things that will be too shitposty, but they can be funny
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File: 1607951220023.jpg (38.61 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 261438710.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's a tradition there.


why are brown people such animals




I love this guy


the answer is in the question itself


Real Japanese VS Anime Character


The wizard corps.


i think a very small percent of the population can truly appreciate this video. good lord, that is gold.


jesus christ. ive seen high school marching bands with more discipline.


that poor guy in the middle


I'm having trouble believing those guys ever walked at all before marching in that parade. Where did they find so many adults that never used their legs before? That IS the wizard corps. Jesus Christ.


Haha gay. they're like cheap toy soldiers, only marginally more dangerous.


We draw ever closer to the age of unlimited ai generated content.


> ai generated content.
so white noise made by a machine to distract the masses.


Are you really going to pretend like you are totally against entertainment.

I mean if you feel smug or better then everyone sitting bored staring at the wall that is your prerogative.


I have nothing against entertainment, just ai generated.



For example Dungeon AI is pretty damn fun.
Also, I am totally certain you didn't watch the video.


Imagine a xanalogical imageboard.


I hate this video, he could have just talked about the movie, but normgroids got to make everything about themselves


Press the CC


This was really good and scary it reminded me of using strong psychedelics that make time stop and you live many lifetimes within your own personal hell only to come out of the trip and forget it.



FASTER: A Chapter From The Cure (Short film)


Are you…







Thanks for the unwanted nostalgia chum.





File: 1625549545813.mp4 (156.35 KB, 168x88, 21:11, video0.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Lying flat - China's Silent Revolution


Just thought this was cool.



Should go a step further & replace all golf carts with bicycles.


carts are cool.
Bikes are boring.


Carts like ones in >>274148 are for lazy golfers; do you want to be associated with golf?

As for boring bicycles, I'll fight you for it. "Two wheels good, four wheels bad."


Carts are so cool that there is even a Mario game about them.
Besides if you think those carts are too chill for you then you could always get into racing carts.


Mario is lame; so are his carts & his Nintendo-kid fans. Let's see a cart do tricks.


File: 1627650724761.png (184.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, unnamed.png) ImgOps iqdb


ironically, you only confirmed the point of the video


I think that was the intention.




Think cold thoughts


Video on why people don't want to work in 2021


Combines 3 things I love content on

Cults, anime, and making fun of shitty media/crazy cults.

Can't wait for part 2 to come out.


Street Food Tour of Kawagoe, Japan



kinda funny fallout 3 is now the new vegas right now


We're never going to talk about the damage the FED has done because it's so slow acting that it's nearly impossible to see, and we're never going to see anything get better because of it.

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