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Just post videos you think are wizardly, no particular theme or genre outside of that. Don't post things that will be too shitposty, but they can be funny



File: 1563278877656-0.jpg (165.93 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DVee1jCVMAAfZWz.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563278877656-1.jpg (180.44 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DiV4b_cUEAAHABn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1563278877656-2.jpg (229.84 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DiV4XQSVMAAzSmr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny thing is, I feel exactly the same way. Every sentence this man uttered I identify with. I ordered a doll three weeks ago. She's on her way. I plan on making a thread once I have her.


She is beautiful.
Anyway I look forward to your thread.


will wait with great anticipation


all of this guys videos are the epitome of cope


Do you happen to be a black veteran?


I doubt it is "that guy", but I know who you are talking about. Dude better not let us down like the other guy and get found out for being a whoremonger before he makes a doll thread.


They already sent me the factory pictures. Sent her last week, should arrive next week.
Here are the pics:


now you're posting this cunt here, Why are you spamming it everywhere, on /b/ and here?


Never personally posted any of his videos before, but this particular video was both funny and on topic.
Why do you get so triggered over who made the video everywhere on this site and try to detail whenever someone post a person you personally dislike for whatever reason?
On a thread for posting youtube videos no less.
Complaining about spamming when a single video is posted, the height of stupidity.
And you subject the whole site to your rampant and undiluted stupidity on every single board, wherever videos are posted.
Fuck off and take your off topic shitposting back to /b/ where the retards belong.


Geez anon, that looks both bad and cumbersome. Wouldn't a tenga egg be enough? It fits in any drawer.


That looks just like the real thing.




Using her for masturbatory purposes is the least of my concerns. I want to dress her up and cuddle with her. Onaholes don't provide you that, just like the dude in >>221652 mentioned. It's a substitute for the flawed 3D succubus.


it's pathetic, do as you wish but don't post it here.


I don't particularly care what you think and I'll post it whether you like it or not. Just hide the thread if it triggers you so much.


should post it on /b/ preferably or at the very least the porn thread on lounge


File: 1563300490995.jpg (101.83 KB, 1506x1000, 753:500, Anime Sex Doll.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We've had sex doll threads before, and it seems this vid thread was naturally derailed.

>DS 145-



uh does the head come with it?


Yes, of course.


oh well, too bad they don't ship to my country. Was already about to purchase, pretty cool that they actually take photos of the doll. All other sites were pretty scammy, I know this one isn't the exception, but still


it's funny how in US and EU they cost 3k on average. But shitty stores in my country sell them in local currency, which is like 5k, rofl
They probably book order from another store, which also books an order in china factory, fucking genius



Going out in style.



John Cena vs. Vince McMahon final form


File: 1563636512847.webm (19.44 MB, 1278x658, 639:329, Ростислав Чебыкин - Прост….webm) ImgOps iqdb




thank you for posting that


That was really cool.

Please tell me there is a English version (preferably subed) of the full animation somewhere on the net.


"Mystery of the Third Planet" a soviet cartoon-film


You are awesome, thanks.


File: 1563962519672-0.gif (4.95 MB, 480x270, 16:9, holdingbacktears.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I actually cried. The fucking feels.


TFM's channal is done.
Youtube finally desided to ax his channal for nothing.


thanks for posting your youtube politik here


Life lessons from a shitty old as fuck anime.


Your very welcome


you want to turn this into your own vegan-esque containment thread? not bad


>celestina monkey


>Little does he know that there are actually several people posting TFM videos

This is just you at it yet again anyway. You whine whenever youtube videos from people you don't like are posted. Been at it for years.


Billymc (the guy who got made fun of by Retsupurae and SA many years ago) is going to be back to making videos after about 6 months. He's always seemed like a wizard to me, I think he works at a grocery store and based on his videos his only hobbies are games, eating shitty junk food, and sometimes driving. He's like a perennial wizkid, even though I think he's older than 30 years old now.


One of my favorite volcel youtubers is trying out a new video format.


He really does seem like a kid in a adult body. But in a good way, not weird or annoying, or creepy way.

I like his real enthusiasm and enjoyment that he shows. I wish him well.


He probably has a disability of some kind.


Few things are as wizardly as old school manime.



Joking aside, there is so much wisdom in this speech


Please embed


that was great


It might have a "problematic" thumbnail.


Japaneses culture changed, and with that change there was also a change in what weebs spent the most money on. Most really would rather just look at cute blobs be cute and not be reminded of how unmanly they are, unless that manliness is done tongue-in-cheek, ironically, or as a joke.

It is a global pattern really.

Market forces and all that kind of stuff.


This isn't really news to anyone here so I decided not to post in news thread.


File: 1565393392259.png (40.61 KB, 225x160, 45:32, 1561496501433.png) ImgOps iqdb

>to anyone here
I think to anyone anywhere. That was some typical yt "news" - lasy-ass copypasta reading by a robot. 70% of the info is about japs.
And of course faggots in the comments blame feminists and anti-white-male shit, not the general horror of reality.


>blame feminists and anti-white-male shit, not the general horror of reality.
it can’t be both?


You seem unnecessary upset?


I truly wonder what the causes of this are.
I too suffer from all the mentioned issues. I cannot find any motivation, any drive for why I should participate in society. It all seems like shiny worthless trinkets. Slaving your entire life away for shekels I don't need? Why? Have a family? Why?
Life is mostly suffering and all pleasure you attain is paid with twice the pain. I would have killed myself long ago, if I didn't lack the will to do that as well.

Fuck the world, fuck society and fuck the demiurge.


News flash: people use obscene language not because they are frustrated, but just cuz they like it.


Or because they aren't very intelligent and lack the vocabulary or wit to otherwise express themselves.


Yeah, plus i don't five two flying fucks.



Just a little magical fun




So do you not know how the embed function works or what?




More silliness involving robots
Dry research edition.
This one is about debunking that people are racist towards robots.


For those interested in "potions", a good ingredient to think of including is Ginseng.


Lets learn the alphabet.


My Job is to Open and Close Doors



I am blown away by this.
That is way better than how I did it.


File: 1567320223610.webm (6.49 MB, 352x360, 44:45, Message From Thee Temple ….webm) ImgOps iqdb


Up your stealth game with some ninja knowledge.


A shed is halfway to a shack.
Learn how to make a shed and you are halfway to being able to build your own shack.



How to sharpen pencils


you don't need a nine and a half minute video for that.


The video is a joke/parody wooosh.


Warrior hairstyles.


For our sisters from cafechan


They are literally men's hair styles though.


>succubi warrior hair
Go back to the kitchen WHORE


I've wanted to get a Suebi knot for a long time but I never grow my hair long enough.


It would attract too much attention I think. Best thing is to have the more self-efacing hair style possible.



I love 70s documentaries.


Interesting Norse historian cowboy.


The TRUTH Why So Many Regret University/College


don't go to college, work at walmart for the rest of your life instead


Or learn to mooch and never work a day in your life.
Way more valuable skill then anything you will learn at college.


mooching is a social/normalfag skill


So neets are now normalfags to you?


>college isn't needed
Good luck becoming a doctor without college.


Because there are SOOOO many wizards that are willing and able to be doctors.


No groids here.

It's just an example, there are many other jobs.
t. doctor


plenty of neets are just sociopathic normalshits, most probably are drug users and liars, maybe scummy enough to fake mental illness and steal from actual wizards


thats right

being a warehouse grunt for very little pay is very wizardly


>being this fooled by the propaganda


>he doesn't want to learn how to mix potions
Not very wizardly of you.


Found this video pretty nice or, dare I say, rewaxing.


File: 1568654066367.png (575.2 KB, 937x971, 937:971, disturbed mouse.png) ImgOps iqdb

>just watched this yesterday on a whim
>and now it's posted here
spooky. Or maybe it's just youtube algorithms being what they are.


whatever helps you cope with not being smart enough to get a useful degree


uni goers = normalshits


Where social media is heading and why wizards should stay clear of it.


cant wait for social credit to become a thing too, i already have no credit score but with this ill be able to prove how detached from society i really am


Skillful artist always make me jealous of their ability.

Love watching them work though.


they (corporations and gov agencies) probably have something resembling china’s system already set up.


A completely different analysis of the source of this:
A different solution is proposed in that thread as well.



The only thing funnier then crabs is the media trying to hype up crabs as a Boogeyman to justify retarded shit.



Very cool

I like looking at custom mobile homes myself.


So much training and preparation used to go into the lightsaber duels.

I miss the good choreography of action in the prequels so much.


wow that was pretty impressive


This was a very interesting interview, chock full of fascinating tidbits. Clearly this is the future of financial forecasting. I can't believe the CIA didn't end up using this.

>Why The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Bigger Than 2008 (w/ Jim Rickards)



Self preservation and lone disaster survival through perpetration.


I wish they won


That is actually pretty cool.
I will say that because I am a weeb I kind of imagined and want to see a anime version of that all go down.


I find these kind of videos kind of comfy




Loved that movie plus the only succubi on it were with the black traitor


File: 1570119109598.png (175.18 KB, 916x548, 229:137, no.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I refuse



Video about Ulillillia.



The narrator talks like she just woke up and is on drugs. It ruined it for me.


RIP Jacob. I wish your best channel still existed.



Thanks, I liked it.


That was actually a unexpectedly nice video.



Embed so I don't click on this 12 year old faggots videos


Someone who decided to live in a abandon ghost town.
Some what interesting, though I have the feeling it could be done better.


On Male Internalized Abuse, especially from maternal sources.







Not particularly wizardly.
Just interesting.



This is so basic but I see so many complaints from wizards where people put upon them even when the simple solution is available to them.


Stoicism, in an academic context.


I enjoyed it. The last one he discussed, about consciousness, shows that modern science is essentially Stoic, surprisingly this video I just posted relates to it. Despite stoicism not be precisely right, it's interesting and worth listening to (also, ironically, stoics had a more interconnected idea of consciousness, but the resulting view is kind of a dumbed down version):

Isn't it odd that both stoicism and your video could be inspiring? I can be inspired by McKenna ("Give me one free miracle") & stoic hymn to Zeus, in the same evening.


Checked. The MGTOW solution. ciao bitches!



Why even as a neet you still need to find something active to do or you will become ill.



This guy and turd flinging monkey are so embarrassing and lame it hurts to see them ever posted here.


No one cares about your teenage succubus sensibilities and tactics.
Such feminine methods don't work here.



So having any iota of self awareness is instantly dismissed on your part, I see. My point was that both of those youtubers say things that are painfully apparent to anyone paying attention to reality. If you need a youtuber to form or reiterate your opinions I'm sorry but that's really sad.

It also doesn't help they go about sharing those opinions in quite literally the cringiest way possible. I really shouldn't be surprised anymore that part of their 60ish K average viewership is here among us.



I believe crabs can be educated out of their crabdom and into proper volcels.

For example teaching them that romantic love isn't real and won't solve their problems.


to me theres nothing more pathetic than Red Pill MGTOWs who write mountains on how much they despise females, also being PUAs and giving attraction tips, because they are so desperate for intimacy with those they despise.

Really they are more pitiful than the females they mock, as they prove they need the company of females a lot more than their despised succubi need them


I kind of want to start a counter-MGTOW movement called, JGA or "JGA Go Already." I hate how MGTOW 'needs' all of this 'philosophy.' Just don't get in a goddam relationship, JFC, you don't need to pontificate on it for the next three decades and complain about your former divorce until the Sun burns out.


*Cel shit is Reddit af

Hating succubi while being attracted to them is pretty normal. I'm honestly surprised more men haven't become "radicalized" or whatever because of it.


This is the crab butthurt I was looking for, and it is glorious to behold.


what is PUA?
I feel like I can't keep up with all new acronym shit. I'm not even that old


pick up artist


MGTOW and the red pill and stuff like that are counter moments to our post feminist society.


They were a thing like 10 years ago but is mostly dead.
Still used as a boogyman by feminist types for some strange reason though.

Think nerds using very complicated if/else scripts written by some self help guru to hit on succubi.

I read a ninja and cia pua book for lolz and wasn't disappointed in how funny it was.
If I still had that hdd I would post it but I don't so oh well.

Totally opposite to most mgtow as those guys tend to stay away from succubi and relationships in general. Wizards are "technically" a sub-catagory of mgtow.


well bald guru above is talking about shit tests and frame game


Notice he isn't talking about anything to do with PUA in the video, but how to maintain a relationship, because he isn't exclusively talking to a "high level mgtow monk" audience.

So if your point was that he was talking about PUA stuff then you are just plain wrong.


They're about lookism now for the most part.


I haven't even bothered looking into "lookism" because it doesn't look as funny as some of the pua stuff of the past.
I mean when you have the meme ninja himself Ashida Kim writing books on the subject you know you are in for some funny bullshit.


seems like the natural progression to blame looks after their badboy asshole personalities didn't impress anyone


>Still used as a boogyman by feminist types for some strange reason though.
I have a sister who thinks every other guy she interacts with is doing some complex PUA tactics on her. Her bosses, her coworkers, customers at her job, cashiers, they're all doing PUA on her everyday. I've witnessed a few of these interactions that she later claimed were PUA tactics, she's completely delusional. I've seen her start very avoidable conflicts with guys, get unnecessarily aggressive, and then retell the story as if she was standing up to some wicked misogynist.


Amor Fati


Why ad block is necessary for your computer health.


he confuses java with javascript hah



Protestant work ethic has infected modern man


Well if you just say something is false that makes it so.
Great argument, sure you will be totally happy laying in bed all day and never doing anything fulfilling or productive. I am sure that won't get old or degrade your mental health to the point of misery.


All this diatribe makes people with good chemmies feel better about themselves while shitting on /dep/ people

>laying in bed all day? Get up you worthless shit! you WANT to feel bad dont you?

Damn why do NTs have such an obsession with /dep/s?

Because you all feel the call of the void also, and don't want to admit your treadmill, 6am, positive affirmation, socialising bullshit is not going to save you


File: 1579395933285.jpg (144.39 KB, 2000x2665, 400:533, 55310017_dc_shoes_mens_cla….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this thing is either a bot or a boomer


Oh look non-arguments and self told lies to cope.


On Self-Pity



Why do /dep/ go out of there way to spread their misery and woe?
Why must they always try to drag others into their bucket of despair?


Vid explaining the history and dirty deeds of Autism Speaks.


Talking about an old french comics artist


Even more evil shit autism speaks has been involved in.
I actually teared up at certain points. It is really grim. Like torturing special needs children grim. And no that isn't hyperbole.


File: 1585888015307.png (224.12 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 0_aCyAqbkFHFpX4LdH.png) ImgOps iqdb





This is a video of some dude letting a giant salamander bite him.


But why?




Can you stop.
There is a whole thread for anime music videos on music for you to dump your collection there.


?just posting a wizardly video man. Not sure where it said i couldn't post what i posted. Also i only posted one "anime video".




Kenneth Clark has a hell of a way of adding British gravitas to art history.



This question never got anyone anywhere.


This story made my day.
Very wizardly.



Where's the rest of this story?
Did he make it to his Father's house?



How does this guy have 94k subscribers while i have to wagecuck all he has to do is read out greentext for a living wtf


Must be comfy to have a hermit waifu


Can someone recommend me some comfy hermit documentary?
I've already watched china hermit, russia hermit, alaska hermit, wood cabin hermit and japan hermit
Need some fresh ones


i'm sorry, wiz, you probably watched them all, i too ran out of monk/hermit documentaries to watch.


how to read a weather map



gonna read this book would share the pdf but couldn't find it the English version



I just want to warn people about claims like this. Sure, university can be expensive depending on where you live and how things are paid for (here in Australia, you get a very cheap, low\no interest government loan which you only have to pay back once you're earning an income where it won't impact you that much, and where the rate of repayment is kept low), and you could pick something you hate and regret it, etc. Lots of things to keep in mind… but from what I experienced in the workforce in the brief time I was in it, is that even if you have a generic arts degree practically any employer will give you preference over somebody who has NO degree - having no degree limits you a lot, especially above a basic level. You also now have HR goons involved in even relatively small businesses these days who'll automatically label you a low status male if you don't even have a basic degree. Suck that this is the system we're under, and there are obviously lots of exceptions, but keep what I've said in mind. Nothing is worse than working under someone YOUNGER than you, sometimes DUMBER than you, who just happens to have automatic status because they have a degree and you don't. That was soul-crushing, all because I listened to ideologues. I guess it might have worked out better if I was from the middle or upper-middle class and could fiddle around and find my way into starting a business or honing some unique skill, instead I was just fed into a system at the lowest level and deluded myself thinking I'd break out somehow without going to uni. Take into consideration many different points of view before you make a decision like that. Also, something is off about the guy who makes these videos.



I wasn't trying to claim it's true in all cases, but what I saw was that many established businesses advertising jobs above a certain pay-grade expect someone to have a degree, and if you go for a job the easiest way for an employer to discriminate is simply "this one has a degree", they almost see it as a red-flag if you don't, and some of my extended family who were in positions of hiring people ended up confirming this at some point.

What type of work did you end up in? Do you work now? Did you save enough to live on? Those are important factors, for me… I was only ever capable of 'wage' sort of work, I wasn't going to be a tradie or anything like that, and I wanted more than to be earning an average wage, I wanted to break free of the debt-system. How did you find having one a hindrance? What was your degree in?

I tried uni and tafe at different stages and hated it myself, more because of social anxiety related issues, but the consequence of not having a degree or other meaningful qualification was that I ended up unable to get higher level roles.


>here in Australia
You mean the country taken over by Karens/hr people to it's very core to the point where people have no liberties and the economy is on the brink of collapse since the populated areas seem infected with the same retardation that California has.

Also if you are going through a HR person to get hired you are already doing it wrong.





Just a reminder to take care of your mind.
It is a terrible thing to lose.


>think I’ll give the video a try
>twee girly voice
Nah I can’t.


File: 1603706162359.mp4 (439.64 KB, 328x480, 41:60, RNUb2nsMmvHjNwCt.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I have the same issue with a lot of these videos, or just Youtube videos in general. Every time I notice a female voice starting off a video I immediately become suspicious and untrusting.



She has a vocal fry as well. Double whammy.



very wizardly videos indeed. is >>255867 a middle aged succubus?




Love yourself and don't feel the need to sacrifice for others without benefit to yourself.


Seems like you kind of missed the point and instead felt the need to commie post based totally on a conditioned reaction rather then a topical response.

What if anything did you have a problem with that was said in the video?

How does anything you posted relate to what was brought up in the video?

If it doesn't then I am ignoring your post because this isn't going to be another thread where you shit it up by trying to preach communism.


not him but my understanding is that her entire philosophy is just stirner + some arbitrary rules, pay attention to every time she says one 'should' or 'should not' do something in that video. there is none of that with stirner


So you admit that you don't give a shit about what was actually said in the video, don't know what was said in the video, have no arguments related to anything brought up in the video and instead sperged out based on your preconceptions of who was on the thumbnail despite the thread being about the content of the videos.

>What if anything did you have a problem with that was said in the video?

The answer
that it has Any Rand in it, that is all.

>How does anything you posted relate to what was brought up in the video?

The answer
It doesn't.

I will be ignoring you now.



you're replying to 2 different posters. i watched the video and said exactly what i disagreed with in the video. i don't care about arguing either







lol imagine growing up in a place where your peers are fucking donkeys once the hit puberty because it's the normal thing to do, and they don't even shame for doing it. Based.


You make it sound like you want to fuck donkeys.


guess he craves the BDC


File: 1607951220023.jpg (38.61 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 261438710.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's a tradition there.


why are brown people such animals




I love this guy


the answer is in the question itself


Real Japanese VS Anime Character


The wizard corps.


i think a very small percent of the population can truly appreciate this video. good lord, that is gold.


jesus christ. ive seen high school marching bands with more discipline.


that poor guy in the middle


I'm having trouble believing those guys ever walked at all before marching in that parade. Where did they find so many adults that never used their legs before? That IS the wizard corps. Jesus Christ.


Haha gay. they're like cheap toy soldiers, only marginally more dangerous.


We draw ever closer to the age of unlimited ai generated content.


> ai generated content.
so white noise made by a machine to distract the masses.


Are you really going to pretend like you are totally against entertainment.

I mean if you feel smug or better then everyone sitting bored staring at the wall that is your prerogative.


I have nothing against entertainment, just ai generated.



For example Dungeon AI is pretty damn fun.
Also, I am totally certain you didn't watch the video.


Imagine a xanalogical imageboard.


I hate this video, he could have just talked about the movie, but normgroids got to make everything about themselves


Press the CC


This was really good and scary it reminded me of using strong psychedelics that make time stop and you live many lifetimes within your own personal hell only to come out of the trip and forget it.



FASTER: A Chapter From The Cure (Short film)


Are you…







Thanks for the unwanted nostalgia chum.





File: 1625549545813.mp4 (156.35 KB, 168x88, 21:11, video0.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Lying flat - China's Silent Revolution


Just thought this was cool.



Should go a step further & replace all golf carts with bicycles.


carts are cool.
Bikes are boring.


Carts like ones in >>274148 are for lazy golfers; do you want to be associated with golf?

As for boring bicycles, I'll fight you for it. "Two wheels good, four wheels bad."


Carts are so cool that there is even a Mario game about them.
Besides if you think those carts are too chill for you then you could always get into racing carts.


Mario is lame; so are his carts & his Nintendo-kid fans. Let's see a cart do tricks.


File: 1627650724761.png (184.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, unnamed.png) ImgOps iqdb


ironically, you only confirmed the point of the video


I think that was the intention.




Think cold thoughts


Video on why people don't want to work in 2021


Combines 3 things I love content on

Cults, anime, and making fun of shitty media/crazy cults.

Can't wait for part 2 to come out.


Street Food Tour of Kawagoe, Japan



kinda funny fallout 3 is now the new vegas right now


We're never going to talk about the damage the FED has done because it's so slow acting that it's nearly impossible to see, and we're never going to see anything get better because of it.


Book wizard vs Space wizard



Video about the current main issue in scientific research.


This channel has some decent videos on utilitarianism.


I would argue utilitarianism is collectivist nonsense that isn't even close to wizardly but you are free to believe whatever.


What's their answer to the unjust punishment paradox? e.g. where an innocent person is punished for an unsolved crime to serve the greater utilitarian benefit of pacifying the populace.


Andrés Gómez Emilsson is worth watching if you're interested in psychedelics and the philosophy of consciousness.





didn't expect seeing Makłowicz here


oh man peanuts


Saratoga Chips

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