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File: 1564031344076.jpg (527.91 KB, 2012x2048, 503:512, 3d426562a891d7e1093961b61a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


MY ENTIRE LIFE my mom fucks me on food. my entire fucking life, she has passive aggressively tortured me with food and feigns ignorance of my suffering.

as a child, i COULD NOT STAND mexican food. i would go hungry instead of eating mexican. i skipped dinner practically my entire childhood because SHE MADE IT ALMOST EVERY FUCKING DAY. by 16 i started getting so angry that i would shout and cry every time she would do this to me, and she still persisted.

by 20 my taste buds evolved and i began enjoying mexican. in fact it's one of my favorites now.
guess what happened once i started being excited for her cooking mexican? she stopped making it. she cooks it once every two years now that i enjoy it.

i really enjoy restaurant and fast food. so of course my mom scoured around and scouted out restaurants till she found one i dislike. a place called "China Garden" in mesa which serves exclusively frozen cafeteria style chink food that is seasoned to be way too sweet, and has stale rice.
and now she brings home food from there 9 times a week despite my stating that i hate it and refusing to eat the food she buys me every single time for a year.

if i say i enjoy a restaurant, she'll complain and pretend to hate it even though her food is fine and complain directly to the manager and never take me there again.


she KNOWS i hate cereal and refuse to eat it, but will fill the fucking cabinet with it and say "go eat cereal if you're so hungry" to me with this shit eating grin


becoming a wageslave is an option


It sounds like she's using food as a method of control over you. My parents tried doing the same thing, but then I just went to the store myself and bought good stuff while they were stuck with whatever garbage they'd made. It quickly stopped.

Is purchasing your own food an option? It doesn't sound like your mother would be open to not being a vindictive cunt anymore. Alternatively, don't let her know what you enjoy or dislike– it obviously isn't giving you any advantage and instead directly aiding her in knowing how to upset you. When you have people like her in your life without your best interests at heart the best route is giving them as little interactions and information as possible, just close them out.


i have a job but i only work 15 hours a week and give all my money to her. i will kill myself if i have to work 30+. i dont make enough for my own meals.

when i do have extra spending cash, i go to the movie theater and have a glass of whiskey and real food though.


File: 1564033267243.png (136.04 KB, 640x443, 640:443, 1417799773085.png) ImgOps iqdb

>give all my money to her
So you work a job and then come home to let your mother control your life anyways? Is your household dependent on whatever pittance you're making at 15 hours a week? Because if not I'd just yank her tendrils out by refusing to give her money anymore. She should not have this level of influence over your life when you're doing things like working. You have your own money and deserve to buy what you want to eat instead of giving it all to her.


Just as the quiet boy at school will be the most pestered by female bullies, or the little brother who wants to go to mars will be physically pinned to the ground by his older sister, your mother just does not want you to be able to enjoy your own tastes simply because you are you. Some females just hate certain brands of men and will stop at nothing to bring them down. No remorse. Mothers are no exception. Your only option is to get out while you still can.

Grab the nearest item you can - a spoon, a brick, even the phone you posted from - and fight your way out. Don't be afraid to shed blood, you'll need to harden yourself to the sight eventually. Head to Mexico where the food is spicy and the rice juicy. Never look back.


at least yours didn't maliciously withhold food from you

to this day I'm still starving and eating from dumpsters


you're also a spoiled little shit, in case you didn't know

there are kids who would kill to have parents that dump food on them and you're complaining about it, fuck you


>MY ENTIRE LIFE my mom fucks me on food

The opener sounded like he's food deprived. Nope. He's bitching about infinity free meals. What a brat.


What the fuck is your problem? You having a worse situation doesn't invalidate his pain. This is as retarded as bringing up starving kids in Africa whenever someone complains about their depression or personal issues.
Fucking dick.


sorry, i know there are wizards who have it worse off than me. believe me i know.
but i was just really emotional when writing this and not thinking about it.

and like a poster above said, i'm paying her rent, i deserve to be treated with respect. regardless of how petty this all seems. i pay her and i treat her nice and listen to her ramble about how shitty everything is, so she should consider me for once when she wants to buy her SHITTY MICROWAVED CHINK FOOD


Have you no pride?



> now she brings home food from there 9 times a week despite my stating that i hate it and refusing to eat the food she buys me every single time for a year.

Fuck I wish I was OP. This is literally first world problems.


dumpsters have lots of good stuff despite the reputation, especially in big towns or at closing time at bakeries. bakeries usually have a lock on the dumpster so poor people can't get free meals from the 40+ pounds of unsold food they throw away every day, but some employees are cool and leave it unlocked. one guy would even plate the stuff and set it outside on the ground so we didn't have to climb into the dumpster to get it.


you asked that stupid ass question a year ago


I'll ask it next year too!


>MY ENTIRE LIFE my mom fucks me on food.


not THAT kind of fucking!


>his pain
That's the thing. He's not in fucking pain.
I bet you retards are the same ones who run to /dep/ when mom buys you an xbox for christmas instead of PS4.

Oh my god, house full of food. Constant restaurant trips. Bitch even cooks for me. DON'T INVALIDATE MY PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Shut the fuck up piggie.


Hope you're starving in the streets tonight you fucking subhuman.


more than half of wizchan is probably underage or in early 20s at this point.


I hope mom only cooks you three courses tonight instead of your usual six, and buys you a shitty 12 core gamer PC this christmas, not the 16 core one.


why are you pissing on OP? he experiences psychological fuckery every day


You would hope but unfortunately I don't think that's true.


That's not "psychological fuckery" son. He's whining about someone feeding him free food.

Am I the only person here that isn't insane?


even homeless people have standards for food. i once gave a homeless man in denver an anchovies pizza from chili's and he declined.

and someone buying and making food you've told them you hate and would rather skip dinner than eat for your entire life just to fuck with you is just that, fucking with you, psychological fuckery.


The best seasoning for food is hunger; for drink, thirst.


At first I thought that this thread about the parents who refuse to feed you when you're neet…but it isn't


There's a difference between food being objectively bad and food being below "standards." And there are no doubt starving bums who would turn down a free steak dinner if it's not as warm as they prefer it, so your little anecdote is meaningless except to demonstrate that bums can be picky little shits, too.

Nobody is asking you to eat fried bugs. Your mom made you tacos – of all things. Stop the presses. It's the end of the fucking world.


This seems like the kind of thing that sounds pathetic when you first read it but you have to admit after a few years it probably would be annoying.

I only have OP's post to go by but if its true then she probably is being passive aggressive and having a giggle to herself over the food situation. It's just a small thing she can control and might purposely do it for sport. Humans are cruel creatures but society will only allow them to be so cruel.

OP you're an adult. If you want to free yourself from this then make your own food. If you don't want to work more than 15 hours to have some food money then shut up and eat your eggroll.


Just pretend to hate food you like and like food you hate.


OP has a potentially, hypothetically worse alternative in the form of either being forced to eat rotten food or be starved to death methodically, which means anything that isn't as extremely "negative" from a typical social standpoint can't be complained about? You can't take issue or offense to something for any reason because you aren't the single most deprived, malnourished and disease ridden person on Earth?
Anyone has a right to be angry when for seemingly no reason, people associated with them are going out of their way to deprive them of material they enjoy and only provide them material they dislike, even when it's just as cheap as vice-versa. Quit your surface level wannabee assembly speeches.


>eat rotten food
>starved to death methodically,
>You can't take issue or offense to something for any reason unless blah blah blah
imagine being so sore to post something, anything, that you defend a kid calling burritos gross
>anything that isn't as extremely "negative" from a typical social standpoint can't be complained about?
that and his own "evolved" standpoint betraying the frivolousness and immaturity of his whine
>Anyone has a right to be angry when for seemingly no reason, people associated with them are going out of their way to deprive them of material they enjoy and
No they don't.
>Quit your surface level wannabee assembly speeches.
quit bumping threads to practice your jew lawyering


File: 1564693135565.jpg (124.83 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 5742afe177a87d460ad76dd46e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



If ever there was a time to use reverse psychology this is it.

If she were my mother I'd of course be telling her how very much I hate Mcdonalds Quarter Pounders with cheese, bacon and onions as well Mcdonalds large fries and Mcdonalds large Cokes and how I especially "hate" 21 piece boxes of Mcdonalds chicken Mcnuggets.

Anyway though my parents were never this bad about fucking up the food when I was a kid but holy shit did I ever hate the times they'd make roast, steak or pork chops.

Reason being is none of that shit was ever chewable and my dad had come from an extremely poor family and despite himself getting a good job he was traumatized by his youth and so only allowed my mother and himself to buy usually very cheap low quality meat/cuts/versions of this stuff hence the ridiculous unchewable rubbery nature of the meals themselves.


>and so only allowed my mother and himself to buy usually very cheap low quality meat/cuts/versions of this stuff
So does da's frugality carry on? Or did you wind up being a money waster.



Money is never "wasted" when it goes towards buying delicious, heavily processed, high fructose corn syrup filled, Mcdonald's fast food my friend.


Guess what the bums you're using as examples of real suffering have to settle for? Starvation and eating expired/rotten food out of dumpsters.
>imagine being so sore to post something, anything, that you defend a kid calling burritos gross
It's defending someone having the right to not like certain kinds of food and preferring similarly priced alternatives that they find more palatable, which are also readily available.
>No they don't.
Yes they do, you'd at the very least want an explanation or some reasoning beyond what is seemingly spite. Hope you never take offense to people treating you like shit, after all they technically have the right to, which apparently equates to it being the moral choice as well.
>quit bumping threads to practice your jew lawyering
It's basic human mentality and morality, which is, oddly enough what Jews are toiling at decimating.


If you invalidate his pain you invalidate your own, so be quiet, you got nothing to complain about.


When my parents overcook red meats, I like to use beef bullion in lieu of table salt. It seems to salvage or maybe just replaces the flavor, like salt but with added glutamate.


>If you invalidate his pain you invalidate your own
That's some hallmark card-tier shit right there son.


I'm glad this word caught my eye before I wasted any time reading this guaranteed low-IQ reply.


I know you're looking for a reason to jump ship now that your own idiocy has been exposed, you must be elated that you found a word you can pass off as a flimsy excuse to do so.


It's not just any word, it's basically an IQ test. And you failed.


A "test" with a term you never introduced in the first place that seems to produce a violent, infantile reaction in your case. If anything I typed demonstrates low IQ then your own must be somewhere in the range of insect to subhuman, especially since you're purposefully redirecting the topic to avoid addressing any given point.


I'm sorry you're a faggot, but this thread is about the OP. Stop trying to make it about you, you attention whore.


I am financially independent and I visit my mother once a year. I mention this because life circumstances are different from OP yet a similar phenomenon is taking place. Although I'm not a picky eater like OP and never complain to the succubus. In fact I always praise her cooking to create psychological positive reinforcement. I never ask her to cook for me - she does it voluntarily but always turns it into some dramatic soap opera or uses it as a way to insult me or manipulate me. One of many examples: cooking something I like without my asking and then swiping away the plate as soon as I take a few bites and throwing the food in the garbage.

When I visit she consistently uses food as a tool for passive aggressive, childish and vindictive behaviours. In fact it is so common that next time I visit her there is a high probability that I will simply cook all my meals for myself just to avoid this sort of thing. I also invert my sleep schedule while I'm there so that I am only awake at the same time as her for one or two meals at most (due to these food-related behaviours). She is a profoundly unpleasant succubus to be around, particularly during the daytime because she is an alcoholic who drinks every evening.

Why does she do it? A few guesses: probably bitter about suffering the indignity of having a loner childless son. Hatred of my character as a person (she is viscerally disgusted by wizard-like men). Instinctive female attention-seeking. Feeling bitter about spending years preparing food for her children instead of having zero responsibilities. Feeling underappreciated.

Regarding that last point, my mother has worked full-time for only a few years of her life. She married a wealthy man and has lived a life of unimaginable opulence. She likely still manages to see herself as a victim.

Lol this image in this context is hilarious


>fuck yourself into the bed of a wealthy man
>do not have to work
>still frustrated with life
>bully lil' timmy whenever he comes to visit you
fucking normalfags


>mommy isn’t give me the food I want!!!
You’re a grown ass man and don’t cook your own meals? And you’re stupid enough to not have played the reverse psychology trick on her for foods you actually want? Wow


Go back to 4chan


your mother sounds like an actual psychopath


she is mentally about 14 years old, I think.


>the quiet boy at school will be the most pestered by female bullies
>the little brother who wants to go to mars will be physically pinned to the ground by his older sister
>Some females just hate certain brands of men

Why do females do this? Are they possessed by Satan? I don't understand this


I'm a wizard that only makes $1000 a month and I pay my landlord $150 a month to buy food and cook me meals.

The problem is that he doesn't cook all that frequently or has a lot of leftovers, so I usually need to hold off my hunger with canned food or cereal. I would buy my own food, but the fridge and freezer are filled with ingredients and miscellaneous food stuffs.

How would I go about scavenging for food in dumpsters? What are the best restaurants or businesses that throw away the best food?

I'm asking this as a poor and starving wizard that has nobody and is isolated from his family.


You don't want anything to do with restaurant dumpsters, it's nothing but half-eaten slop mixed with restroom garbage and shit. Try bakeries, they throw out tons of bread baked the same day (for no clear reason), usually bagged. Convenience stores that sell wrapped burgers and boxed sandwiches and stuff usually toss out the day-old stuff in the afternoon. If your town has snack food distributors, google it. There's one in my city and until those rotten bastards built a barbed-wire around the place I was grabbing an ungodly amount of frozen burgers and burritos every night, and sodas and snacks. Whatever you do, don't make a mess.


the best dumpster diving spots in my zone always have the same guys that will haul everything good and leave fuck all for the rest.


Stop paying the guy for food. Eat nothing but rice and beans for a month then use the rest of what you save to buy a mini fridge. Then you can just stock your own food and cook your own meals.


with the internet you can get the fundamentals of cooking i have a ton of fun learning and experimenting.


Had a similar problem when I lived at home. Me and my parents have a fundamentally different taste in food. I love spicy food and at home I wasn't allowed in the kitchen because they couldn't eat my cooking, while cooking/eating separately wasn't allowed because "that's not what families do". I could only cook or buy food I liked when they were away.

Now that I finally got to move out things are fantastic, I can buy and cook anything I want, add as many spices as I want, experiment with weird unknown stuff from the asian grocery store and so on. Taking control of your meals has a pretty big effect on your quality of life I'd say.


Complaining isn't allowed, you haven't met the threshold of suffering required for you to do so.


File: 1571812373182.jpg (13.42 MB, 3096x4128, 3:4, 44d3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Took this wizard's advice and the first 6 spots didn't yield me anything except an untouched pizza hut pepperoni pizza (which I took), then I stumbled upon this holy grail of a dumpster. Sandwiches for days, the whole dumpster is filled to the brim with an assortment of food.

I didn't have a bag, so this is all I could grab.


yeah, see
I don't lie

>rat burger

but you might wanna avoid dumpsters behind the ethnic food stores


Can someone give me advice on dumpster diving? I'm in San Diego California


>I'm in San Diego California
My condolences

All this talk of dumpster diving is making me think it may be time to have another dumpster diving thread.


it can't be too hard

your whole state is a dumpster


its because they're raised to be entitled and play the victim and it works because of sex. if you don't want sex they'll kill you for it. if you want something more than you want succubi they'll kill you for it. its been culturing and refining itself online too now because womens media is so toxic and 'masculine' media has to be appropriate for everybody if you're not willing to fuck your mother you're not winning ever again.


nobody even lol'd
I thought for sure someone would lol


just use reverse psychology.

>i used to hate it here

>she'll eventually stop going

say you hate what u like, LEARN ACTING


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