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I've been practicing complete celibacy (no masturbation) recently, I'm still getting a lot of involuntary sexual thoughts occuring, almost like a part of my self is trying to trigger me to find porn and masturbate. For anyone who's gone like a month or more does that start to decrease with time and if so what sorta time did it take for improvements for you?


Get a hobby or job to distract you. If you’re NEET you’ll get bored and your mind will go back to it.


It does happen after time, as long as you distract yourself and don't stimulate yourself like edging. Everyone needs psychological stimulation, you can't do nothing. I find meditation helps a lot to give you more control over your thoughts.

Despite this I personally decided not to abstain after succeeding at nofap for a few months. Seemed like depriving myself of pleasure for no reason at that point, since I got rid of the feeling that I was incapable of stopping.


So you still don't want to do some jogging or whatever? You look energized…


Masturbation is a drain of energy. If you have an excess of energy and no way to get rid of it it will naturally manifest as lust if that's how you normally dispense of it. You need to find something else to do.


Try intermitent fasting, cold showers and some intensive sports.


improvebrah bingo


File: 1575621088774.png (9.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's not generic energy. You can lift weights or run on a treadmill for a decade and you won't rid yourself of horniness.

Huge red pill from an aging wizard here, okay? Every type of sex that isn't procreative is celebacy. Everything short of the kill pill. Bitch is on the pill, fuck a man in the ass, have sex with your poodle, it's celebacy, she's infertile, you're shooting blanks.

Celebacy = not risking pregnancy.

What you're talking about is the "stain of the world", and you are perfectly free from the worry!

The clever trick of porn is to convince you that it's authentic. It's not, it's nothing. It's a less than nothing nothingness. It's not even lust, because the truth is that you wouldn't even touch those disgusting whores in those pictures. Hover hand is not due to the man lacking masculinity, but a powerful and incredible instinct against repulsive garbage succubi. succubi who are trash are impossible to even touch, without being a worthless man.

And so it is, you've been bamboozled.

There's only one kind of masturbation that MIGHT constitute non-wizardly behavior, and that's fapping while actually physically seeing a female.

Another important point, faggots (wizchan is run by fags) are actually (fucking filthy) wizards.

Now for a wizard tool, that works better for wizards than anyone else, charging sigils. Simply enough, you fap, then, just before the moment (you're a pro at masturbation at this point, so you'll be able to learn it easily enough) you stare at your self-made sigil & climax & come. Then you put out of mind whatever the topic might have been. That should also prove easy enough by now. To make a sigil, it's quite simple, you combine letters of a phrase expressing your wish. Your goal is a unique creation, so I recommend beginning with another word, then make sure all letters are there (you can trace all needed letters in the combined letter aka sigil). Now trace (mentally or with your pen/cil) each letter of the sigil in order, spelling the wish out intently (without distractions). It's now ready for charging (masturbating to). Some people burn them after charged. Others keep them and charge again, etc. There are various possibilities.

Example provided. I am assuming your name is Zot. Our phrase is "Grant Zot immense wealth". After creating, add imbellishments & two boxes (symbolizing dual defense, the first, touching, is defense against dissipation, the second, spaced, is against ingress). I skip all i's, if any line is present (typically) - all you need for an i is a line.

Contrasting colors are also a great idea, consider the meaning of colors, independently and combined. Silver sharpies are very good. Paint pens are very good.


>You can lift weights or run on a treadmill for a decade and you won't rid yourself of horniness.
It's not really how to get rid of the horniness but rather how you can channel that horniness into energy use it to productivity.


File: 1575653348665.jpg (60.71 KB, 625x415, 125:83, wooooooooooo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Every type of sex that isn't procreative is celebacy
Simply based


A wizard is not only celibate though. A wizard is a virgin past the age of 30. So engaging in sexual activity at all is counterwizardly. Masturbation could be argued is form of awizard to aid himself against such desires, but that's highly arguable.


Or rather to correct myself, a celibate and a virgin past 30.


Tried sigils on many occasions. They don't work. Don't waste your time.
In my experience watching porn triggers a lot of involuntary fantasizing. Also voluntary fantasizing triggers involuntary fantasizing. Staring at pretty succubi, looking at still pictures, they don't help. Stay away from stimuli period.


Celibacy is kind of already implied with virginity.
You can't be a virgin without also being celibate due to how the definition works. To claim otherwise would be illogical.

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