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8ch.net is finally down. Good riddance. /tower/ was a comfy board while it lasted.


It's gonna come back. They're just migrating hosts because cloudflare dropped them.


File: 1564990189233.png (73.32 KB, 1675x1079, 1675:1079, 66544.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck the FBI

Can't believe people are falling for the mass shooter meme that is being instigated by the FBI


i own a board there. luckily i archived all posts before it got shut down. im not as confident in it returning as some are. it's just one guy paying to keep it afloat out of pocket. it makes zero profit.


File: 1564990311581-0.png (149.54 KB, 630x222, 105:37, you3.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564990311581-1.png (28.04 KB, 625x152, 625:152, you.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1564990311581-2.png (66.75 KB, 630x181, 630:181, you2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Reminder, FBI instigate mass shooters

These are from a search warrant on 8chan servers


File: 1564990401687.png (47.79 KB, 579x557, 579:557, 6644.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


I only went there to funpost on /ausneets/ once every few months or so. It doesn't really bother me, I just worry what flow on effects this may have.


There will be bad consequences for this though even though i think all those boards even tower is a shithole that deserved it.


> I just worry what flow on effects this may have.
It means other imageboards are next




How are screenshots from the tip that was sent to the FBI that was used as PC for the warrant somehow proof the FBI is instigating mass murders? Did you misspell "investigate" by accident or are you really that dumb?


It's up, some images and banners aren't loading however.


>inb4 we get flooded with retards from there


Wait, it's back

I guess I'm disappointed.



Who are you quoting?


Can't believe /pol/ moderation is so shit, they give permabans on /a/ if you dare to post some western cartoon picture, yet Manifestos and shooting threads are nice and dandy for /pol/ mods.


It's still relevant to politics.


>/tower/ was a comfy board while it lasted
They were other good boards imo

Which board may I ask?


>/tower/ was a comfy board while it lasted
>cesspool of emotional retards who cant use logic to communicate ideas is "comfy"

lel. /tower of reddit/ is a board for easily offended reddit faggots who ban anyone who annoys them. its actually worse than wizchan, because this board just deletes your post and gives you a warning if they dont like you. that shithole straight out bans you, and so does 8ch. they dont even have any rules, and they banned me for 2 months for talking about eating vegetables. like, that cesspool has literally less free speech than this place, and thats saying something. theres no free speech there, if the power tripping rat hypocrite mod doesnt like you, he just arbitrarily bans you

fuck that board and also fuck 8ch r9k


Maybe if you didn’t act like a big faggot people wouldn’t tell you to fuck off, eunuch.


>maybe if you didnt go beyond by arbitrary standards of behavior that i pulled entirely out of my reddit browsing ass we would like you
>its your fault you made other people emotionally upset, so that makes it okay to ban you, despite you not breaking any rules

wow, brilliant logic there, bud. literally verbatim, word for word the kind of shit that crazy liberals say who want to kill all white men. "you made me emotional so its okay to treat you badly"

im sorry that people exist who hold opinions and do things that you find extremely offensive, like peacefully eating vegetables


Oh, you're that preachy vegan faggot.
>they dont even have any rules
Each board had rules, so you're liar too.


they had 2 rules:

1. moderate yourself
2. no females

rule number one is so fucking arbitrary and subjective. i could easily make an argument that if i posted teenage mutant ninja turtles furry porn i was "moderately" posting, because i have much worse pornography

its SO fucking arbitrary. and then the power tripping admin on that cesspool website says "oh, you made me emotionally upset, so that means you didnt moderate yourself, so i guess i have to ban you". like, its literally a reddit tier cesspool. honestly, these days i only post on r9k, because that board has something called free speech. even if it has tons of trannies, and normies, and females and orbiters and whatever other shit threads

theres a difference between getting something wrong and being a liar, and i didnt even say anything thats not true


>they dont even have any rules
>they had 2 rules
>theres a difference between getting something wrong and being a liar


my point was they didnt have any rules that moderated the content of what you can discuss or not, yet they banned me anyways. its a power tripping cesspool. and im sure you'd fit in there perfectly, seeing as disingenuous and prone to arguing semantics you are


>to arguing semantics
No, there's clear difference between no rules to rules.


Which board may I ask?

I accidentally linked to the wrong post.


File: 1565044769686.jpg (63.66 KB, 510x680, 3:4, a67acc450c5ee1670546a202f4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

/pol/ moderator here

CodeMonkey and Jim say it's a minor inconvenience and that things will take a little bit before coming back online and working properly.

We are switching over to the BitMitigate service from cloudflare.


The reason the whole site had to die just for your one precious board.

>We are switching over to the BitMitigate service from cloudflare.

And it failed.


>The reason the whole site had to die just for your one precious board.

Yeah, so what? We're dedicated to free speech, so is Jim and his hapa son CodeMonkey.

>We are switching over to the BitMitigate service from cloudflare.

Like I said, things will take a little bit before coming back online and working properly.


>free speech
Inciting violence isn't free speech.

It's truly a shame this the hill that you decided to die on. 8chan meant to be imageboard for every subject, not just /pol/.


is this a real post or did someone repost it


Do you guys think this site will be targeted. I mean, we are a peaceful bunch but the ignorant censors will say we are part of the crab bullshit. Not to mention we don't pander to succubus.


Nah as long as nothing that would give more attention to the site pops up.


I'm with >>223365 . The only reason 8chan was targeted was because it had multiple shooters post their manifestos there and because it's small enough to that it can be attacked and no one will come to its aid, unlike say facebook, reddit, or 4chan. We might have some loons here but they never go out and shoot people to my knowledge, though we are small enough that if one did we'd likely get taken down too.


Doubt it, i think we're passé at this point. I n c e l sites attract way more heat these days.


Most people don't see any difference though. And remember when Zoe Quinn falsely accused wizchan of being behind her unproven claims of harassment? Everyone believed and still believes her.


I remember that clearly since I posted on the original thread, I remember calling her Game a fucking power point presentation, and I don't care is a succubus a white men or a genetically superior nigger did made it, it was shit and it was being called out on being SHIT a fucking power point presentation cant be a game what an imbecile retard. I bet that Zoe "shit for brains" Quinn believes Restaurant Menus are graphic Novels as well, what a scumbag.


File: 1565054158044-0.png (209.3 KB, 698x833, 698:833, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565054158044-1.png (51.92 KB, 981x413, 981:413, Capture2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565054158044-2.png (1.44 MB, 817x760, 43:40, stamos.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I think that this along with the earlier purges on Youtube and other platforms this year are part of a campaign from a sinister censorious force (or whatever you call the cabal of tyrannical crybabies ruining the Internet) to ensure a Trump loss in the election next year. It's been happening piece-by-piece to ensure not too many eyebrows are raised, but this creeping shutting off of anti-narrative voices and communities by any means is a perennial tactic in their arsenal and sign of their influence. Look at this Stamos guy playing his part in "enhancing the integrity and independence" of leftist thought policing. What a hypocrite.

Anybody else have theories about this?

Images are from:


True, but i'm thinking more along the lines of sites like "i ncels . co" or those old lookism sites, both of which are much more popular now. I think we're pretty low key compared to them, at least i hope so. Most norps who hear our name would probably just assume we're some D&D larp group or something like that.


>Most norps who hear our name would probably just assume we're some D&D larp group or something like that.
Yeah, wizard isn't nearly as known as in-cel


So now we'll stay here in the mean time. 4chin is the most normie shit.


I read on lainchan that there's a backup 8chan.


actually, you can access it using IP address right now[board name]/(["index" / page name].html)
can't see images though without the IP address of https://media.8ch.net/

courtesy of the ultimate chan


>8ch.net is the entire internet!
Fuck off


>8chan is not part of the internet
>8chan death won't have further repercussions
>I don't care if government officials manipulate the internet and the line between private and public sector is blurring
Cry more about how Trump is authoritarian you simple minded hypocrite.




There's someone from /tower/ here?
We're going somewhere or it's all fucked forever?
Since the death of magicchan it seems we can't go anywhere.


There is an active general thread for all political-related discussion. You can continue discussing Red Vs Blue there



Thanks for deleting my post and not migrating it there instead.


never seen a mod move individual posts, only threads. im guessing thats a thing on 8chan though


I lurked there, turns out the BO was working on a new imageboard.
Just checked, he left an email to contact him just in time before the site went down.


This is bad news. Some of the worst users from there will try to migrate here.


I meant this >>223440 for >>223433


>pro ton mail com @ gourd squash

I don't understand


>A site that has been responsible for 3 mass shootings gets taken down
>"MUH FREEZE PEACH wtf this is full 1984"
>you simple minded hypocrite.
The irony.


File: 1565109591049.png (11.38 KB, 745x227, 745:227, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>8chan is responsible for those shootings


>I-It's only /pol/ so it doesn't count


Didn't 8chan delete the manifesto within 15 minutes of it being posted? Not sure why everyone is so eager to destroy it. I mean fucking facebook didn't stop the livestream of the tarrant shooting for 17 minutes and kept up the video for another 12 minutes and that was clearly a verified act of violence with no chance of it just being a shitpost.


Fuck you all and fuck this thread.


Who are you quoting?


holy fuck are the 8shit userbase teenagers with two weeks board experience? gtfo


What you're saying doesn't relate at all to the assertions you've made previously.


So did you just decide to not read my pic?


>Who are you quoting
Every single 8ch /pol/ user that is butthurt that a private company, who in no way is in obligation, won't host their shit site


No one is refusing to host 8chan, and no one is claiming that a private company is obligated to host 8chan.


>No one is refusing to host 8chan
Then why is the site having trouble staying online? Exactly.
>no one is claiming that a private company is obligated to host 8chan.
>"wtf Voxility cut services to Epik?? its the government and da jooz that want to take my freeze peaach"


You're quoting a strawman again.


Criticizing a company for doing something you disagree with is not the same thing as saying that they don't have the right to do it. Strawman harder moron.


>Criticizing a company for doing something you disagree with is not the same thing as saying that they don't have the right to do it.
Then stop sperging about da jooz taking your freeze peach, retard.


>quoting a strawman
Not a strawman. I doubt you even know what that word means.


It probably goes; gourdsquash@protonmail.com


Who were you quoting then?


>everyone i dont agree with is the same person


/pol/ is shit, no doubt it. But 8chan did cooperate with the law and deleted that thread quickly as possible.

>private company

This >>223484 and my deleted post already proved we are not talking just about private sector, but go on, call everyone who disagree with you /pol/ and use strawman. You are clearly different side of the same coin /pol/ is; shallow, paranoid and simple minded.

I know they deleted the mass shooting thread.


>everyone i dont agree with is the same person
>"NO ONE is refusing to host 8chan, and NO ONE is claiming that a private company is obligated to host 8chan."
The irony.


>everyone i don't agree with is the same person


File: 1565115471589.jpeg (17.72 KB, 375x500, 3:4, $_3.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


>Look mom I posted it again

>and my deleted post already proved we are not talking just about private sector
Oh right, it's about "muh government" which only proves my point.
>shallow, paranoid and simple minded
The irony coming from someone who got his low IQ conspiracy theory post deleted

Not an argument


The point in me posting that twice is to reiterate that you should argue against the arguments contained within the individual post not the imaginary person you have constructed in your head because very often they are not related even a little bit. Its clear you are not very familiar with the concept of anonymous posting. Here is some homework reading for you, test is on friday.



File: 1565116421659.png (702.57 KB, 522x579, 174:193, c5d8f7d121e41d990b3bef63a1….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Its clear you are not very familiar with the concept of anonymous posting. Here is some homework reading for you, test is on friday.


>Oh right, it's about "muh government" which only proves my point.
How?! You said , it's private companies! Now you changing your argument.
>post deleted
It was due to politics, your first post about drumpf got deleted too genious and this btw >>223376 still exists.

I hope you're troll and not an actual idiot. Anyway I'm done arguning with you, you're not a person which can be reasoned with.


File: 1565116471058.gif (3.91 MB, 400x200, 2:1, giphy (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The point in me posting that twice is to reiterate that you should argue against the arguments contained within the individual post
>Stop describing something that I'm obviously not
>Stop hurting my fees fees
Well, free speech. Retard.


Jesus christ, I didn't remember how much this place sucked, it's like swimming in shit.
Let's hope 8chan return for at least some days so we can decide what to do. If it doesn't, then it has been a pleasure.



Wow! Those are REALLY funny images. Brb, gonna post this screenshot on 9gag!


File: 1565116884600.jpg (35.83 KB, 612x340, 9:5, my boy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Here is some homework reading for you, test is on friday.


>How?! You said , it's private companies! Now you changing your argument.
My point still stands. >>223479
Not once did I change my argument.
>your first post about drumpf got deleted too genious
Because it obviously triggered you.


My main worry is that they will spread to other imageboards. 4chan has always been shit, but it was tolerable after the mass exodus to 8chan. Now that 8chan is gone, the people who frequent it are going to post their filth everywhere else.


Wizchan is next. At least we got those danged nazis though right boys?


Wizchan will be next due to 4chin and 8chon retards (who are already from reddit) flooding our website and turning it into polr9k normalfaggotry


Your point was it's private companies and anything else is conspiracy which was proven wrong.

If your so called shitty post triggered me I would've reported instead of replying. You're arguing like the next idiotic 4channer.


>it's private companies and anything else is conspiracy which was proven wrong
Oh really?

>I think that this along with the earlier purges on Youtube and other platforms this year are part of a campaign from a sinister censo…

>I think
>I think
>I think
Ok lad. That settles it.

>I would've reported instead of replying

And yet the post got deleted so I now know you did report it.

>You're arguing like the next idiotic 4channer.

My feelings are hurt.


They would do eventually it either way. Anonymous posting is banned in several countries and its days are numbered the world over.


I miss the early days of the internet when it was just seen as a thing nerdy guys used, rather than seen as a threat to nation states. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of threats enough to destroy a country, but I still miss when the internet felt anonymous


You just quoted the first sentence and ignore the proof of the snitcher working in the election committee.

You blame me for so called reporting your post without any proof and than you dare to claim others are idiots that believe in conspiracy, oh the irony.


Decentralised chans are the future.


>You just quoted the first sentence and ignore the proof of the snitcher working in the election committee
And rightfully so
It all boils down to

>Alex Stamos tweets about Epik's servers

>"Woah not cool guys I think I think I think… that Alex Stamos guy is behind it"
No proof whatsoever. Does Alex Stamos work for Voxility? No. Did Alex Stamos shut off the servers himself? No. Exactly.

>idiots that believe in conspiracy

A conspiracy without any proof, yes.


Aren't those just havens for pedos? Maybe I am thinking of something different.


I wish. It seems like reddit, Facebook, and Twitter are all anyone I know in person wants to go to. Part of it is the stigma around message boards. Things like what happened with 8chan give us all a bad rap. For crying out loud, 4chan is still known as "that place for hackers and pedophiles" even though it is filled with normies.
That being said, decentralized chans are a part of MY future


Again the point is the govremnent meddles in the private sector and line between the two blurs.
Also cludflare CEO used to be government official.


And now you're changing the goalpost. This is about Alex Stamos and Voxility. Not the Cloudfare CEO (which your link doesn't prove anything either)
Correlation =/= Causation.

Also, thanks for proving my point again.


Do you really want the facebook crowd coming over to imageboards? The idea is having boards that cannot be taken down by outside attackers for the kind of people who already use imageboards, getting the average normalfag to post on an imageboard would completely defeat the purpose of imageboards.

>For crying out loud, 4chan is still known as "that place for hackers and pedophiles" even though it is filled with normies.

Freaking reddit is widely known as a fringe right wing white nationalist ultramisogynist brogrammer toxic-masculine brony PUA crab rape dungeon. Journos will say the dumbest things imaginable and plenty of braindead normos will believe them.


It seems like the trend lately is for US senators/congressmen and even the president to publicly threaten to make things difficult for companies that don't do what they want. While passing a law to force companies to not do certain things would be clearly unconstitutional, it seems like similar results can easily be achieved by enforcing these rules in a more indirect way. It seems strange that these elected officials are allowed to so clearly violate the spirit of the constitution.


I haven't, I pointed out those two from the beginning, you goalposted saying it's govremnet fault only, while I said it's the blurring between the two and the intervention of the goverement in private affairs. I didn't post that >>223376, it was someone else.

>your link doesn't prove anything either

Ccludflare CEO was a government official and still works tightly with govermnet.

I agree, the goverment is too involved in the "private" market.


>Inciting violence isn't free speech
Unless your skin is brown


I'm just saying, unless there is mas adoption to image boards, we can't really say that it is "the future of the internet." It is a part of the future of the internet, to be sure. But it isn't THE future.


Does DDoSing a site constantly like this take much resources?


I am not going to answer that question.
If you don't know, you don't need to know.


Just wait a few days, or download and learn to use tor/freenet and deal with slow as fuck load times.

Eventually they will find a hosting, and if they can't there is enough demand that a crowd funding campaign could lead to them buying their own servers to host the site.


That makes sense. It might be our future, but not most people's.


good to see the mods still blatantly ignore the rules.


Nice IP address


File: 1565139868583.png (306.58 KB, 500x429, 500:429, garb.png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh no! the anonymous hacker known as 4chans is going to make me a DDoS attak thru the entrophy of my modem!!!

fuck off


Anne Boonchuy warned me about this in a dream I had in Saturday.


cartoon clairvoyance


This is unacceptable. We have writen rules that are too be followed.
Latly the mods have behaving more and and more arbatrally, ignoring the writen rules, and their task of moderation, while exerting their power on things that are not rule violations and bringing disruption to communication, which is the opposite to what moderation is for.


Latest update from the site owner.


From the way he finished that video I'd say he wants to sue cloudflare or at least the guy who said 8chan was lawless.


I hope some nut finds and kills that cloudflare tyrant


Honestly I think he would be fine with just a apology or retraction. I don't think they have the resources to sue.


It'd be really interesting to see the fallout from that.


It seems like the nuts that actual go out and kill people never seem to directly go after the people that piss them off. They always take it out on some randos or low value targets.


Man…that screenshot looks super familiar. What is that?


good to see that the mods are doing their job


The only bad thing about 8chan closing is people like you fouling up other image boards.
There was literally no call for any of that, my dude


File: 1565155223693.jpg (206.71 KB, 600x379, 600:379, 20190806_221929.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



All the cancer is contained at /b/ so I doubt wizchan will be affected


I hope cloudflare just dies.


Seems unlikely


The owner of 8chan is being summoned to testify before Congress over its link to mass shootings, but no one seems to have his mailing address

>- On Tuesday, the House Committee on Homeland Security requested that 8chan's owner, Jim Watkins, testify regarding the message board's links to multiple mass shootings.

>- The letter comes in the wake of Saturday's mass shooting in El Paso, Texas where the suspect reportedly posted a manifesto on 8chan minutes prior to the attack.

>- Still, based off the House's letter on Tuesday, it looks to be unclear whether Watkins will attend, as the committee didn't seem to have a valid mailing address for the 8chan owner, who reportedly lives in the Philippines.

>Watkins, a US Army veteran, is said to have relocated his family in 2004 to the Philippines, where he reportedly lives today — raising pigs and running various websites, including an audiobook company and, 8chan.


It would be interesting if he showed up but it doesn't appear that he's eloquent enough for the job.


How long before m00t and Hiro do that?


This website is run by a wizard vanguard who decide what is best to protect wizard culture. Sorry nigger.


File: 1565188866893.jpg (70.98 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 5d4a1a9e100a241fe07cd6c3-7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love how they chose the most sinister picture possible to represent an otherwise mild and nerdy looking man


May our magic wands never be touched by succubi


Wizchan mods have been overtly corrupt for a long time. They go out of their way to ban and delete posts that break no rules, never respond to /meta/ criticism, and wholeheartedly support the perpetuation of /b/ despite it only serving as a place for larping normalfaggots to break their masquerade under the pretext that it's "just a joke". So talking about having sex on /b/ is allowed but making a mod upset can get you permabanned. Added to that the secret surveillance methods that mods will ban you for talking about. We desperately need some sort of public oversight for mods, but we'll never get that because they'll never ever give up an iota of the power that they have over us willingly.


File: 1565194505335.jpg (71.37 KB, 570x476, 285:238, il_570xN.1361312420_taec.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Kind of true but banning refugees is still cool


Unlike you, I don't view this community as a joke.


I'm here since ~2013, 26 lvl virgin and I was banned for no reason.


I also laughed at it. The mods were unironically cool by banning a refugee who didn't even check the site before posting. If we let them just come and do anything without check they'll ruin our site like so man others


What? All he did was mention that he used 8chan. No indication that he was new or anything, just that he used 8chan. That's not even remotely against the rules, and using a site that's been temporarily shut down while also using wizchan doesn't make you a 'refugee'. People talk about using reddit on /b/ all the time and they're never banned for it.


The ban message has been since deleted, but his post said "where now will I talk about video games?", showing he didn't bother to look and see we have a board called /games/ where he can talk. Also it's less about the fact he's from 8chan and more about the fact he didn't have enough sense to not mention it. I imagine he would've blown his top if someone from 4chan declared he was from there while posting on 8chan. I will say though that a perma ban is really over the top.


Maybe he doesn't like /games/ for whatever reason. It's a very large leap in logic to conclude that he's a newfag just because he talks about videogames on 8chan.


If the vidya board was more active and less filled of pleb shit taste I would consider it. Waiting to see how the situation evolves. My posts were deleted the last time I posted there. Muh sitter safespace mentality.
Nigger calling the kettle black


>We're dedicated to free speech
Yeah the board where you can't even call mods fags without getting banned for "shilling" is all about free speech I'm sure.


People are allowed to moderate their boards however they want, the whole "free speech" thing is just referring to the fact anyone can make their own board on 8chan and moderate as they see fit.


People are free to moderate their boards how they like. But when you hand out bans for disagreeing with your opinion and openly denounce the concept of free speech, you don't get to go around the internet telling people that you're all about free speech.


The global mods were completely over barring faggots who constantly banned and deleted stuff they personally disliked but didn't break any rules or laws.
Like talking negativity about them.


The site as a whole is about free speech. There is no requirement that individual boards must be about free speech.


File: 1565225645313.jpg (119.43 KB, 640x480, 4:3, english mastar.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Let's learn to post coherent sentences.


Sentience was coherent, you work on your reading comprehension.


Is the site back up? I was going to draw a picture and post it on /loomis/.


Why would you ask here instead of just checking yourself?


File: 1565234119873.jpg (30.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, kimagure tip.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

FYI for people from /tower/, /hikki/, or or other boards who want to regroup somewhere else temporarily you could try endchan


There's an existing /pol/ and /v/. You can also make your own boards like 8chan.


doesn't endchan have a ton of pedos though? I don't want the fbi knocking down my door.


Because I don't know if it has been moved to another address and it's not something I can google.




Nothing but redditors 3DPD babeposting to draw attention to their posts. An absolute failure.

Wasn't this board down up until a few days ago? Did you bring it back knowing there would be a influx of lost posters to potentially give you traffic? Endchan offers nothing that any previous universal chans do. There are already properly established and moderated imageboards which have subboards for virgins and hikkis, even excluding Wizchan. Trying to offer a home for outcasts in your normie infested board will be a huge disappointment for both them and yourself.


File: 1565285328048.jpg (33.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, nicochiMoved.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

shame. /mai/ (waifu) and /jp/ were quite cozy ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌


All chans have pedos. If you see anything that resembles cp or the thread starts talking about little scubbi in bathing suits, just dont go in it.

It's on the clearnet too, so it's less likely to have cp. (Possible though)


I wish they would have only taken down the pol boards and not the entire thing


It was a bullshit narative anyway.
Stuff was origonally posted on instagram and other normie sites and then reposted by a anon after the fact on 8chan, yet somehow 8chan is being blamed and associated with the latest few mass shootings.
It is a media hit job by bitter leftest who hate the concept of free speech.


They love to delete shit and then dripfeed little quotes out. It got shared on 8chan, just like the mosque video. That's what they're trying to stop.


Shouldn't have taken down anything. There was no reason too except for virtue signaling. Nothing illegal was posted. Someone just uploaded the shooters manifesto.


The take down had literally nothing to do with illegality. Cloudflare decided they did not like 8chan and so stopped doing business with them. The whole thing was based entirely around feelings and political sidings, the law was not involved at all.


8chan was shut down because of Q, that should be clear as day


Tarrant streamed his actions on facebook but nobody seemed to care about that


its time for you to die boomer


They couldn't handle the truth



Q has proven himself many times over, groid


No way for them to. The people who took it down are DDoSing it. Government or site administration has nothing to do with it.


Proven wrong you mean


Talking to supporters of "q" is like talking to a cult member


I'll miss 8/v/. Leftypol has a backup board so I guess there's that. I never really went outside those two.


File: 1565454667528.gif (530.52 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 0965ad502e697db629054cf863….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I though trannies weren't allowed to be wizards


I'd tell you where the main 8/v/ bunker is but I don't want you there.


Moot already did that in the mid 00s. There were transcripts posted online, it was hilarious, he had to do shit like explain an IP address to the court.


Nigger, you deserve everything your soy ass got for letting people who shout KILL ALL LIBERALS KILL ALL ASIANS like real life was the fucking Turner Diaries run wild.


we should kill all hapas though


transmen can be wizards, transwomen have to go to crystalcafe but the terfs would kick them out

>Implying anyone wants to browse that reactionary shithole


Admitting to being trans in any direction leads to a ban.
Both the female sex and gender is banned. We don't recognize sex change certificates so if you admit it you're out. You must hide it to remain in this castle.


It's not my problem that wizchan's administration is run by people with backwards views. Transmen can be wizards since they're men, and certainly if they're a virgin too.


succubi who wish they were men can't be wizards. I'm ok with men who wish they were succubi though, it's not like it matters if they're virgin.


But it's not going to be the same, a lot of redditors are gonna start using 8chan to spread his shit and steal memes to make them unfunny.
8chan is dead.


File: 1565548421711.png (154.86 KB, 320x222, 160:111, adfsdfgg.png) ImgOps iqdb

>a lot of redditors are gonna start using 8chan
>gonna start


>since they're men
They're not. And never will be.


Read up on gender, sex, and biology and you'll realize what you learned in your shitty high school class would get laughed at by the vast majority of academics for being highly ignorant.

>inb4 "duh jooz run academia, i'm smarting getting my politics and worldviews from shitty memes on imageboards and propaganda sites"


>Transmen can be wizards since they're men
Wizardchan 2019


File: 1565583010699.png (766.36 KB, 739x707, 739:707, yare yare daze.png) ImgOps iqdb

4chan & endchan are ded. Where do you go for /pol/ content now? How am I supposed to keep up with rampant disinfo and shooter manifesto posting?


File: 1565584776848.png (824.96 KB, 1126x1745, 1126:1745, philip.png) ImgOps iqdb

4chan just reset as it does every few Sunday midnights, newfriend. It's been up since before you posted that you absolute goofball. Go back to 4/pol/ or r/politics or one of the existing large chans that have politics boards and are run by those who have years of experience administering an IB, Mr. knucklehead.

Endchan(dot)org is still up, silly. Only the .xyz domain is disconnected, baka.

Endchan was nothing to begin with anyway. It gained popularity in the light of 8Chan's shutdown and will likely die for the same reasons because of it.

If you didn't hear: Someone from there tried to do a second Christchurch and failed beyond human level. Endchan doesn't have lawyers, ddos protection, and other security shit that 8Chan had so the creator's decision to take the more popular URL down was the best move to circumvent hands-on attention from those who aren't net savvy IE news outlets. Good on him for that, but hopefully he learned that if you're going to welcome one and all to post freely on your site, you had better damn well be prepared to deal with anything.


File: 1565593518323.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200, 8:5, raughs.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>stopped by a 75 year old geezer before you can even score

holy shit that must be painful


If you hate it here so much then fuck off


/christian/ btfo by monad lol


File: 1565628973279.jpg (27.75 KB, 492x388, 123:97, a23.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It will be back and it will turn into even more of a honeypot. What's more, its death helped spread the word about board alternatives, 4chan and 8chan served as buffers to contain the retards and now they'll spread everywhere else.

See this for example:
Point at him and laugh


File: 1565645263881.mp4 (3.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, changuide-1.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

infinitechan was hit because q.
endchan was hit because q.
>when they came for [x], i did nothing…
>when they came for [me], there was no one.


slim jim posted a new video
he said 8ch is down because he wants it down until he talks to DHS about the past incidents
he is currently in Reno and you need to expect 8ch back online in a few days


Apparently some dude posted a manifesto here before trying to do a mass shooting at a mosque in Norway. I say try because he only managed to shoot one dude before that dude overpowered him lol.


It's really like a shitty version of 8chan in every way.


endchan is down.
as æı said.


>endchan.xyz is down
try the org and net domains


File: 1565734745550.gif (192.39 KB, 525x477, 175:159, 20180627_173755.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>>224211 снект
đæикё §снœи


Just finished reading this thread. You were right.


Most of the 8chan crossposters were already here.


File: 1565743538236.jpg (336.14 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 1471771159830.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think this is the main /v/ bunker if anyone is interested



Fucking hotwheels, man.


By the looks of recent events, slimjim waited until another attack happened, then lambasted the media for immediately blaming 8chan when the website wasn't even fucking up.

How does the MSM continue to have any shred of credibility larger than Pravda, RT, or Xinhua?


I use 8chan as my main image board site, but I've come to wizchan periodically over the years when I feel like it. I fit the bill as a male virgin who feels secluded from normiedom, but it just depresses me too much to stay here permanently.


Hide /dep/ if you use /all/.


R.I.P. 8ch /m/


I would not expect it back. Even if he tries, he lost his DDOS protection. That shit will never be up again.


File: 1565801463693.png (221.95 KB, 333x395, 333:395, 3kqgzau3pod31.png) ImgOps iqdb

8chan going down was a horrible loss for free speech on the internets.

As always CuckWheels proved ever the traitor and now he went from Communism 2.0 to Christ insanity which is simply Communism 1.0 which makes the little fucker redundant twice over via being a traitor twice and a Christ cuck twice (without his likely even knowing it).

And Watkins was always too fucking stupid to own 8chan as evidenced by his crocodile tears video about the shootings.

The kikes and leftist cucks don't give a shit about his little faux baw fest nor do any of the normies.

Apologies are simply blood in the water to Jew sharks indicating that you're weak, vulnerable, prey that they need to begin tearing at and attacking ever more ferociously until you're finally and totally gone from their sight.

Never capitulate, never apologize to kikes.

Not ever.

Oh and Jim if you're reading shave off that retarded fucking mustache you goddamned idiot.


fuck free speech people should earn the right to express their opinions


File: 1565812354863.png (696.66 KB, 960x821, 960:821, 00e5150181e3f1b08fce3b96cd….png) ImgOps iqdb

>fuck free speech people should earn the right to express their opinions


good riddance.


The downside of 8chan going down is that we get fatlink back.


Guess we'll just ban you from here and you'll have to earn your way back


He's been with us all along.


Maybe the real fatlink was the friends we made along the way


I miss 8chan


Any news?


8chan will be back up once the hearing is over.

Jim said he wants to keep 8chan offline until everything is cleared up. He also said that 8chan won't have any ddos protection once it comes back.


>He also said that 8chan won't have any ddos protection once it comes back.
So in otherwords the site will never work once it is back up.
There are enough no life retards that hate the site to ddos attack the site for months without end.


I'm going to miss 4chan… oh wait no I won't.


File: 1566164626848.gif (115.47 KB, 332x332, 1:1, 20190817_181448.gif) ImgOps iqdb

probability of (((coordinated effort))) to stop the free exchange of data…
=/> __87.3%__.
//allchans// are threatened


File: 1566199926686.jpg (68.13 KB, 500x600, 5:6, max nut.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Same. Well, at least i don't have to deal with the retarded Qboomers anymore.


File: 1566250492052.png (676.89 KB, 657x575, 657:575, j9u3F.png) ImgOps iqdb

I still can't believe it's gone…worst of all, the twitter profiles give me some hope it will be back.


File: 1566250948752.jpg (37.94 KB, 500x375, 4:3, johan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What boards will you guys most miss?
The big ones like /v/ /pol/ and /a/ obviously have bunkers, but for me the smaller boards that were lost, full of links and small comfy communities, hit me hard.
/hikki/, /late/, /tower/, /hgg/
There were a couple alt boards for games and anime that I also liked, but I forget the names.


File: 1566251224551.png (794.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kaiki not pleased.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's it.


i miss shitposting on /brit/


No cloudflare means it will be DDOSed to oblivion the moment it comes up


I doubt it's really gone. Backups of the site exist and it will probably return eventually once all this political shit blows over. At worst it will just come back under a different name.


Isn't the reason it hasn't come up because they're trying to find someone else to provide DDoS protection?

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