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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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Thanks, guess I'll drop the idea of trying cigarettes.


I don't do it before each thing I do (well outside of some basic stretching) but I do lift weights and run a few times a week and I think it's had a positive effect on my mental state in general, including focus.


I've drunk several cups every day for over a decade now so I wouldn't be able to tell whether it has any effect or not.

I can understand associating it with corporate culture but I think the context here is obviously different.
For me it's not really about actual work. I just want to be able to focus on reading philosophical texts and raw Japanese novels/VNs for long periods of time without getting worn out or having my comprehensive abilities degrade.


the fact that this word gets thrown around all the time is depressing, it’s bad enough where it supposedly “belongs” ie work


>nearly midnight
>neighbor has been slowly shooting off fireworks for like an hour now


Green texting because lazy
>Waiting for bus
>Headphones in watching videos
>Clearly don't want to be distributed
>Normie ask me time
>Tell him then go to put headphone back in my ear
>He starts whining about is relationship issues and how he was thrown out and living on the streets for the past few days
>I am sure everything about my body language was screening I don't care and fuck off but this stranger want to unload on me
>At some point he asked if I knew what he means when it came to relationship problems and how crazy succubi can be
>I looked him dead in the eyes
>Said No, I don't
>Then said I was totally celibate and don't have to deal with such problems
>That it was simpler and more enjoyable that way
>He looked totally stunned like he just seen a space alien
>Finally shut the fuck up
>Was even quite the whole bus ride

I think I shorted him out or something. I really hope he doesn't try talking to me again.


god i want disability so badly but they make it so confusing, there's no way actually disabled people navigate through this shit


Most disabled people are also dependents so someone else does it for them.
When I was on it my mom did all the paperwork to get it set up.
The vast majority of those I knew irl that were on disability had someone else set it up for them.


>Honestly cigarettes are worst for you then marijuana
That's not honesty, that's lying drug propaganda.


>t. tobacco shill


I started watching anime again after haven't watched much for a long time and I find myself more sensitive to it. I am moved by cliched lines and cries when characters with little development dies. Even if the scene is badly directed or the character badly written I can shove in my own headcanon and interpretation to make it 10 times better. Feels fucking good to be touched so easily. The anime is Fate/Apocrypha by the way. It's quite shit.


Cigarettes don't do anywhere near as much damage to the mind.


my mom favorite thing to do any more is get drunk and harass me with shit about how everything is coming to an end to make me feel bad, especially through my bedroom door for some sick reason

I can't even have peace of mind in my room


File: 1566112789244.jpg (132.8 KB, 850x748, 25:22, __atalanta_and_jack_the_ri….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh fuck, I just finished episode 18. This shit ruined me. It's been a while since my last edgy anime.


If you have hard data to back up your position you are welcome to post it, otherwise I am just going to assume you are that nutter that gets triggered every time weed is mentioned.
In which case I will just hide your post rather than deal with your nonsense.




Dude, mild cognitive declined isn't worse then death, cancer, and serious lung and heart diseases.
Do you have data that says weed is worse then smokes or not?


found some fucking wigger's laptop on the street, the retard smashed it but left a fresh 250gb hard drive inside



We all die eventually. Besides,

>Cigarettes don't do anywhere near as much damage to the mind.

Was what my post said, nothing regarding cancer or physical health was mentioned in it.


>Nevertheless, it is not clear whether, at a population level, patterns of cannabis use influence rates of psychotic disorder

It seems pretty inconclusive with many of its findings. Also still doesn't seem as bad as the effects of heavy tobacco use.


Smoking is linked with stroke, hypoxia,and death.
All things that are worse for the brain/mind then what weed does.


t.doesn't live in a "weed" state

ignorance must be nice






Fuck I just want whatever is wrong with my mouth to be over. My gums keep getting inflamed over and over no matter how much I brush and floss. My lymph nodes under the jaw are the size of gumballs.


cat vomitted in a few places in the house yesterday, dog did a line of diarrhea trying to make it to the back door sometime last night, cat vomitted in another room last night, cat vomitted right in front of me

fucking animals man


My parents’ cat shit diarrhea on the rug every night for days once when they left me in charge of the house. Ugh.



you shouldn't have animals in your house


You should though


File: 1566136871291.png (375.8 KB, 500x711, 500:711, 76420456958315e8f0a6a26846….png) ImgOps iqdb

my cat brought a young dead bird (rip) home once, after she dies i'm not having another.


that would be great, they arent mine tho


after a year of using my laptop when I turn it on now the webcam flashes, I can see it through the electrical tape (that I've always had on it)

what is this shit about
who cracked my linux and is trying to take my picture?


Maybe you updated something or installed something that uses the camera?


I pissed my bed this morning. Pretty sure I don't have a problem. I went to bed extremely drunk and had a dream where I decided to take a piss after holdign it in for a long time. In the dream I felt the pee on my legs, but my dick was obviously out of my pants. I then thought "fuck, I'm dreaming arent I?" and woke up.

This doesn't happen often (maybe like once a year), but it has happened often enough that I got a waterproof liner for my bed. Maybe I should just stop drinking.


The people that populate the modern internet are impossible to relate to, lie through their teeth, and are impossibly confident in their lies. They insist nothing changes, online or otherwise, while everything changes. Every person is a clone to them, and they are all clones. They never have anything to say, and never back up anything they utter. They are purposely antagonistic in the hopes of your emotion making them excited, and are basically gaslighting normans because of it, all of them.


if it's flashing before you're logged on, that's just letting you know it's being powered


Maybe drink less right before bed and try to remember togo before you sleep to avoid accidents.
Plastic sheets are uncomfortable and personally give me rashes.


I don't piss my bed, but whenever I have to go pee at night(nearly every night for some reason) I have like a super long nightmare where I can't find a bathroom for what feels like hours, then I wake up and it's like 3am and I go fill the toilet up with like a quart of urine


I tried it before but I'll try it again. Watching anime at regular speed, then watching it slowed down at 0.25x to look at the details without frequently using my hand to pause or go frame by frame. So far 1m turned roughly into 4m which means 20m will be 80m (1h 20m). My previous time where I checced the details with pausing was 2h 14m for 20m of anime.


Happened to me earlier this year, I had a lot of water that day and went to bed early, last time it had happened was about five years before that. I don't think I have a problem either but it feels like shit when it happens. Now I just make sure I go to the toilet a couple of times and don't drink anything at least for an hour before bed


i remember years (maybe 2?) ago you posted about doing that

interesting hobby, you should share any weird things you notice



>Plastic sheets are uncomfortable and personally give me rashes.

I just have a waterproof liner that is under my sheets. I don't even really notice it. I remember buying it and thinking that it wouldn't block shit but it works extremely well.


Day 1 of no nicotine. Trying to kick this semitic habit once and for all.


File: 1566255359186.gif (4.65 MB, 237x178, 237:178, SeparateBiodegradableGiant….gif) ImgOps iqdb

They finally gave me a housemate. My 3 months of getting to live alone have come to and end.


Are they at least tolerable? Does the house layout permit you at least some privacy?


He seems okay (really) just a little bit friendly which may not mesh well with my schizoid behaviour.

As for privacy I just have my bedroom to myself, but it isn't suitable for anything beyond sleeping and storage of personal items. I had been using the den area to sit and read/browse internet/make notes, etc. I'll have to adjust to his presence.

Eventually there will be a third person which will actually be preferable to me since it will be less intimate.


I was wondering why tool was being talked about and shilled so hard lately, turns out they just dropped new album.

Must have payed off youtube and the few music sites to shill hard for them. That or their new shit is good, haven't listened to it yet.


It's okay. A lot like lateralus.

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