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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.
>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

Previous: >>221597


Yeah, looks nice, but i can't imagine it being used anywhere but outdoors advertisement.
Fast colorful e-ink would be a breakthrough on the over hand.



What the fuck. More attention needs to be brought to this.


That explains why /b/ is so awful.


i mean, i hate to be the pessimist here, but you cant exactly ban people who dont even post on this website. i know the mods in this website consider themselves as god kings, completely infallible, cannot be subject to any criticism as they are perfect and incapable of making a judgement error, but unfortunately they cant just ban people who dont post on the website


I've never seen such superficial, impeccable montage of mild disorganization. Fake comfy at its best I suppose.


I don't know how you can open a bag of chips and not finish them and instead fall asleep, it seems weird, maybe his mom placed them there for him as a surprise


he had to set up the tripod for his camera to take a picture of his 'wild messy bachelor pad'


I was just thinking if I was napping at my desk and my mom gave me a bag of goldfish that would be cool


Damn, you just reminded me I should email my mom.

Usually when she went to the store while I stayed home she would always pick up a little treat for me when she could afford it. She didn't have to, but it was really nice when she did.


File: 1565083731471.png (86.67 KB, 240x223, 240:223, true_wizrard.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fucking fake-ass neet fuckers this shit is not gonna stand here am i rhight wizzies, we see them through, back to gaychan you posers, yeah.


Fake beard, fake belly, there's even fake dirt on that shirt.


Also a fake person,even for an actor


no shit sherlock


File: 1565128010342-0.png (399.71 KB, 563x615, 563:615, 20-46-11.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565128010342-1.png (9.88 KB, 516x103, 516:103, 20-46-46.png) ImgOps iqdb




I've decided to start following circadian rhythms, I think that will improve my sleeping and make me feel less tired towards the end of the night. I'm a Neet so there is no reason to not do this.


Good luck. Hope you see benefit in it.


last night internet wasn't working, that sucked. woke up and found a different access point though so i assumed my sister changed the name and password for some reason. her computer keyboard/mouse was missing as well. had to bring up my own peripherals to log in the old admin:password to get the wifi password. when she came home just now she told me why the stuff was changed and why the keyboard and mouse were missing. she said yesterday she checked the internet history and found that her 10yr old daughter was using some weird app to pretend to be a 17 yr old boy and for the past 6 months had an online relationship with another 13 yr old succubus. sister is freaking out thinking her daughter is a lesbian now i guess and so permanently banned her from the computer

that explanation was so fucking random it was hard not to laugh as i was being told it


Sounds more like some crazy catfishing kind of thing, maybe as trolling.
The fact that she is 10 makes it all the more crazy.

People are scary sometimes, and stuff like this highlights why trusting people on the internet is not a good idea, and that children need to have what they do online monitored by their parents.

Hard to believe she was able to pull it off for 6 months, but then again I remember how thirsty 13 year olds can be. The power of (lady)boners makes anything believable I guess.


At 10 I was still playing with some mud on the backyard, completely unaware about the world of physical attraction and relationships.


at 10 I was playing retarded poop/fart games on early internet flash game websites


File: 1565178154936-0.jpg (361.79 KB, 1600x1309, 1600:1309, s-l1600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565178154936-1.jpg (2.07 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0124.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1565178154936-2.jpg (1.84 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, IMG_0126.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>For 26 bucks it's not even going to be a telescope, more like a shitty toy instead. I'm sorry.
It came yesterday, and it was $25 actually. The image was horrendous. I thought I got gyped, but then I disassembled it. A small lens in the middle was backward. The objective lens was backward. There was dust. All the lenses were filthy like someone wiped his ass with them. But it's all cleaned now and perfect. I can read license plates from a mile away and see moon craters with fine detail. No blur or distortion. It's also pretty lightweight.

So I guess "made in japan" lived up to its reputation again.


I'm glad I was mistaken about it. Have fun glove wiz.


Was it second hand?


Do you live in an area with clear enough sky?


I guess so, the original packaging is really worn down, there was also small evidence inside of disassembly, a previous owner messing around would explain the filth and flipped over lenses

I'm almost tempted to buy another old japanese tasco, it seems the legends about them are true
yeah, it's not covered in china levels of smog if that's what you mean


File: 1565187959949.png (300 KB, 311x317, 311:317, 12345.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've lost a week worth of documents because I'm a massive idiot and computer illiterate. A bunch of entries of my dream journal, a txt with a dozen passwords I don't remember anymore and 2 drafts for stories I was working on. Man just fuck my shit up, I'm done.


File: 1565207755977.jpeg (749.1 KB, 3250x1757, 3250:1757, D1733C03-EAB7-406D-98B7-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Any tips on being left alone by NORPers while out and about, without being blatantly rude? Certain mannerisms, clothes, etc. to make me appear less approachable? For reference, I’m a (very) skinny white guy, average height.

Watching anime on my wizphone at the library or at a cafe is comfy. My room is a mess and I’m disrupted when the breeders get home from work.


Pretend other people don't exist. If someone tries talking to you respond to any questions with one-word answers if possible and don't engage beyond that at all. If someone keeps trying to to talk to you while you do this they're either autistic, extremely self-absorbed, or trying to virtue signal by being friendly to a non-norp. For the first two you can just ignore them and nod when you hear them talking until they go away, the the third will give up pretty quickly.


>being left alone by NORPers while out
what do they do


stuff norps do often is asking for directions i always ignore them and sometimes they call me names, fucking normans.


How hard is it to say “I don’t know”?



A. left alone
B. existing in the company of "NORPers"

You can really only choose one


You aren't as smart as you think.


man the egg over rice did not turn out well tonight. rice wasnt hot enough, the white part was still slimy. it was like eating rice with snot all over it, felt like throwing up a few times but i got it down. i think this is why they only put the yolk in perhaps?


A common thing to do is to drop the egg in on top of the rice, and leave it in the cooker a bit, so then the yolk is still runny enough to blend but the egg has cooked enough to not be raw.



If you want to do it the Japanese way, you just take a raw egg and crack it over warm (not hot) Japanese rice. Make sure the egg doesn't cook. Since you should use a fresh egg, you don't have to worry about Salmonella, and people here enjoy the 'snotty' texture. I'll be honest, I kind of do too. Don't like it? Make an omelet.

It makes a quick snack, and if you want to change the flavor then you can add some soy sauce, furikake, or natto. Actually, there is a seasoning brand that makes a powder specifically for 'egg over rice'. The Japanese name for it is '卵かけご飯 (Tamago kake gohan'’ or just 'TKG'.


watch your tone! you're talking to the egg over rice king here. i'm kidding, but i had it for real in japan before, and also coincidentally it on the food's holiday. that time the rice was really hot, egg was room temp, and there was plenty of rice in the bowl. this one time however i was too hungry to wait so nothing went correctly, didn't fully microwave rice, didn't have enough rice, and the egg was ice cold



I live in Japan, so I have TKG as a snack every now and again, since there are microwavable rice packages that make it really easy to make.

To clarify, by not hot, I meant not hot enough to cook the egg. But yeah, not enough rice can turn it into a gloopy soup.

Have you tried other Japanese snack foods? Like roux-based curry rice, お茶漬け (ochya tzuke), ねこまんま, or the different kinds of 汁 (shiru)? These quick recipes always help me when I'm hungry and too lazy to make something proper.


>>223670 meant for >>223669


i tried a lot of the junk food, chips, etc but that bowl of rice was the only actual 'food' or meal because it was free during a local thing, i just sat down outside and was served it

even so, i was very impressed with it. for the past few years my own microwave knockoff version has been my daily lunch or breakfast


File: 1565224059339.jpg (162.08 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 011.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm glad you had fun at a festival, since people are getting less welcoming to foreigners in touristy areas nowadays. I don't think it's a 'get out of muh country' globalization issue or anything like that, but people are just desensitized to foreigners.

I would highly recommend buying Japanese curry rice roux, then (pic related, but not me). The stuff here comes in little cubes in a box package, and you basically break pieces off and throw it in a pot with some water and veggies/meat. You can make a full pot of hearty stew with no major effort, and honestly it's really gratifying to make, almost like you're cooking in the olden days.

Otherwise, theres a ton of easy Japanese food you should try! The premade stuff isn't healthy, but the easy traditional recipes are.


I live in Japan, too! *copy & pastes some hiragana*


Adjusted the settings on the keyboard ony smart phone and now it is ultra fast and responsive compared to it being all laggy before.
What I did was turn off that glide/gesture bullshit I never used. Made a world of difference.

Now I can comfortably long post anywhere.


>>223681 嘘ついてないよ。だって、嘘つく理由ないもん。


Maybe I should turn spell check back on, lol.



File: 1565226510085.gif (269.82 KB, 320x180, 16:9, b90d01676ef6376a4fafb35d83….gif) ImgOps iqdb


Recently my gums have been getting inflamed even though I brush my teeth a lot and floss regularly and just got them cleaned by the oral hygenist. I've had more white fuzz than normal on my tongue so I think I've got too much yeast in my mouth and that's what's causing it. I think the super strong stannous flouride toothpaste I was using actually made the thing worse because it apparently kills off all the good bacteria that your mouth needs to keep the yeast from overpopulating. I'm trying some probiotics for the mouth now. You just chew a tablet and keep it in your mouth for a while before swallowing. If the packaging can be believed I've already unleashed 12 billion living bacteria in my mouth. They will have to conquer and displace the yeast but I will give them constant reinforcements. Begun, the microbe wars have.


I didn't know there were so many English teachers on here.


My body tends to create these perpetual chains of pain where everyday, if one pain goes away, another thing starts to ache and bother me.

Just in July, it went from having the flu to migraine headaches to intestinal cramps to chest pains now to persistent leg cramps. Can't my death just be quick and painless like all the other lucky idiots?


There's a surefire cure for this. Eat very spicy peppers. Every day. I'm talking about cayenne pepper & up, in enough quantity that you get the runs. It'll be nasty, but the really spicy peppers are like an atomic bomb on body yeast and they'll kill that evil shit in no time if you eat enough. And cut down on sugars in your diet. I had a bad yeast problem and that's how I cured it. Btw if you do it and get a sore stomach, have some powdered ginger. Ginger is another good natural remedy.



Do Neurotypicals Hate Us?

The question has to be asked – do NTs actually hate us?

You have to wonder, all the barrage of vitriol that is so often thrown our way. The ‘cure or kill’ brigade with their ‘autism as monster’, ‘autism as stealer of children’, ‘autism as fate worse than cancer’, etc, etc, ad nauseum propaganda, certainly seem to hate us. The autism ‘experts’ with their “if autistics do it, it’s pathological, wrong and bad, if NTs do it, it’s normal, good and okay” bias, also often give the impression of hating us, behind their cool masks of supposed ‘objectivity’.

There are ‘hate autism’ parents and their organisations who spew fear and loathing at us every chance they get. Bluntly calling autism an ‘epidemic’ of ‘brain damage’, they furiously label autistic advocates as ‘sad and deluded’, ‘attention seekers’, ‘nuisances’, a ‘noisy minority’ who are ‘hijacking’ or ‘trivialising’ autism, etc, etc, and of course as ‘not really’ autistic because we can talk (and therefore can’t speak for the non-verbal, though how then, those who aren’t autistic at all can, defies logic), even claiming that we are somehow ‘out to harm’ the ‘real’ autistics. I can think of at least one prominent ‘anti-autism’ parent (who shall go unnamed) who actively trolls autism websites, spraying his hate messages – which includes homophobia as well as neurophobia (hatred of autistics) – around at every opportunity.

There’s also a compliant media, who for the most part tamely rehashes all this negativity anytime the ‘autism issue’ comes up, the many professionals who make no effort to understand or offer any meaningful support to their autistic students, patients or clients, employers who refuse us even the smallest accommodations, workmates who never miss a chance to dump on us, the family members of some of us who react angrily to just about everything we do, and last but not least the general public who either don’t understand or don’t care or just seem to want us to go away, disappear into some wormhole in space… Need I go on?

I feel there’s more than one thing going on here. One is classic xenophobia, a human reaction to anyone ‘different’ and/or ‘strange’ which has been around since our ancestors lived in tribes in caves, and had to be wary of any strangers who might muscle in on their hunting territory, or even attack, kill, rape or enslave them. And autism – at least as a diagnosed condition, in large numbers and hugely visible – has only been around for a little while. So there’s that factor, which can eventually be overcome, just as non-acceptance of gays has been largely overcome, at least in the Western world, at least partly by gay people coming out in fairly large numbers - and thus becoming ‘familiar’, no longer ‘strangers’. We can become ‘familiar’ too, in time.

Another factor is a failure of NTs to understand themselves. Their responses to the world and other people are largely subconscious, automatic, intuitive and so quick they don’t even realise it’s happening, they ‘just know’ things. And because they don’t even realise there is a process happening, they don’t seem to get that it isn’t happening for us, that we’ve had to learn consciously, intellectually, and slowly, what they take for granted. Instead, they assume we know the ‘rules’ and are deliberately flouting them, being rude, arrogant, selfish, insulting, etc, etc; and react angrily to that.

And yet a third factor is the belief of many autism parents that they are entitled to a ‘normal’ child, and that it’s a huge affront, a violation of their ‘rights’, almost a crime in fact, for them to have one that isn’t. This is not an inference by the way, many of them outright say so, in very forthright terms that go way beyond ‘grieving’ into ‘grievance’. Their concern seems to be not for the child’s welfare, but for themselves. It’s as if they have this expectation of what their kid should be, how their child should reflect well on them, boost their social standing – so if their kid looks unlikely to ever be a cheerleader or football star, be ‘popular’, go to a prestigious (or any) university, bring home trophies, etc, etc, in short, if they have a kid they can’t show off, this is a ‘sin’ in their eyes. How this ‘I have a right to a normal child’ belief evolved, I’m really not sure, but those who hold this view consider themselves not only entitled to such a child, but entitled to do anything at all that will change their ‘deficient’ or ‘abnormal’ child into the one they believe they should have had from the beginning. They swing into action, blasting the child with every weapon at their command, and blasting too anyone who might have a different view of autism. They seem to hate autism because it disrupted the life they believe they are entitled to.

One final factor may be simple ‘demonisation’. Every society sooner or later creates a Bogeyman - a whipping boy, scapegoat, hated ‘other’, Foul Thing, an Evil Enemy who sole purpose is to unite folk against it. I believe to many Big Bad Autism has become this kind of ‘nasty’, a thing to be resisted, fought, overcome, obliterated, crushed, smashed and wiped out of existence, no matter what effort of time, energy or expense that entails. It’s the Big Bad Bogeyman who threatens education/health/insurance/etc budgets, ties up resources that some believe would be better used on ‘real’ people’s needs, ‘intrudes’ into and complicates ‘normal’ people’s lives unbearably. That there might be anything worthwhile to autism, or that autistics should be allowed to simply be autistic, is akin, in these people’s eyes, to saying ‘Hitler was a nice man’.

Wow. When I put it all together like this, you truly do begin to wonder… Yes, thankfully there are many NTs who aren’t like that, who accept us as we are, who are even our allies, for which I say a big ‘Hallelujah! It’s just that there are so many more who aren’t, who spread these messages of doom and gloom and hatred… it’s mind-boggling. However! Call me a hopeless optimist – but I do believe that most of this is due to simple fear and total ignorance. If only we can overcome that, educate people, we will have won at least one of the many battles facing us, and hopefully gained at least some new allies in our fight for human dignity and equality. For sure, right now we’re so far ‘out there’, getting such bad ‘PR’, that we’ve got little to lose by going for it.


I really don't like autistic people, I have severe social anxiety and am really sensitive to body language and what not, my interactions with aspergers in highschool(I was in a lot of tech classes) was uncomfortable and made me fearful of coming to class at times because I was too timid to deal with them, I feel like they would often trap me when I just wanted to be alone but they couldn't take the hints because I was too shy to tell them outright, they'd also often get really close to me or say rude things which made me feel scared or bad due to my anxiety, I don't care if they don't know any better I'd rather not have to deal with them


Same guy here who was talking about Japanese food, but since I like this thread and the subject derailed…

I'm sorry if they made you uncomfortable, but translating that to 'I don't care what they feel like, I don't like them' is also rather apathetic. I think your negative encounters was a combination of their social unawareness and your inability to directly inform them of your situation. While this isn't your fault, you should understand why it isn't theirs either. If anything, wouldn't your social anxiety be even more reason to be aware of their struggle?

I can see both sides of the argument. On one hand, it is true that for a lot of NTs dealing with NDs is difficult to say the least, and often uncomfortable. But it's also important to understand that if the other person can't comprehend body language, its not their fault either. While glorifying neurodiversity isn't exactly healthy, demonizing it isn't either.


Most autists are incapable of empathy and don't care about anyone besides themselves. They're usually also barely capable of speech and are always yelling or humming or doing really annoying things. They're tolerated like children except they're worse than children because they never learn. The high functioning autist is extremely rare and is treated no differently from anyone else except for a mild dislike and desire not to spend time with them because of how they conduct themselves. They're just annoying dicks because they can't understand how what they're saying affects others due to the lack of empathy and will just go on and on about whatever lame ass shit their autist brain is obsessed with or say extremely rude and mean things without a second thought as to how it would affect someone. With autists there is no give and take, they just take take take. No one owes you their affection because you were born mildly retarded. If they hate spending time with you because you're an unlikable asshole then stop whining about how everyone is being so unfair to you by not liking you. It's not your fault that you were born an unlikable asshole, but it sure as shit isn't their fault either. No one hates or demonizes autists like they hate mexicans or gays or jews, we just don't like you because you're unlikable people.


Just about all of this is very false and sounds like a erroneous conclusion you have come to after one or two negative interactions.

Not only am I autistic, but I have been around hundreds of others to have directly observed their behavor, and directly interacted in the corse of classes and events (long story) with people on nearly all ends of the spectrum.

What you are pushing is nothing but ignorant hate, smears, and lies. I don't know what your problem is but you sound like a hateful and deluded jackass.


Did you write this blog post or what?


File: 1565280150870.png (2.15 MB, 1143x1133, 1143:1133, autismtest.png) ImgOps iqdb

I solved it. Can you?


What specifically do you disagree with and why?

I will admit that the ability to empathize increases the less on the spectrum an individual is and that many are not wholly incapable of such a thing, but it is a persistent feature of the disorder as is mental retardation and being non-communicative or throwing tantrums due to sensory overload. Autists are just incapable of socializing normally so it's unreasonable to demand that people enjoy socializing with them as much as they would with a normal person. It's not like you can choose what you do or don't enjoy and normal people don't enjoy socializing with autists for a variety of reasons. Autists are not persecuted nearly as much as other groups who are different because social norms demand people be nicer to those with disabilities. You're acting like autists are seen as some sort of monsters that need to be exterminated in society when mostly they're just ignored because engaging with them is not pleasurable. Sometimes additional pleasure can be gained from the interaction by teasing or something like that and it does unfortunately happen but I do not think it's nearly as bad as other forms of discrimination which have much lower social protections against. Autists are just outcasts, stop trying to make that into a worse fate than it is.


the twist is you have to draw a pig trough, autists are unable to pick up on spelling mistakes


That's bullshit. I bet this isn't even a reliable test.


I am not the person who posted the blog post.
I am just pointing out that you are both a ignorant bigot and that you are incorrect in most of the things you said in your screed against people with autism.

As for specifics
>Most autists are incapable of empathy and don't care about anyone besides themselves.
This is wrong
>hey're usually also barely capable of speech and are always yelling or humming or doing really annoying things
This is wrong
>They're tolerated like children except they're worse than children because they never learn.
This is wrong
>The high functioning autist is extremely rare and is treated no differently from anyone else
This is wrong
>They're just annoying dicks because they can't understand how what they're saying affects others due to the lack of empathy
This is wrong
>With autists there is no give and take, they just take take take.
This is wrong
>because you were born mildly retarded
This is just a insult and also wrong
> No one hates or demonizes autists
You are literally doing that in your post
>we just don't like you because you're unlikable people.
You only speak for your bigoted self. There is no we and you clearly don't know what the hell you are talking about.

You sound almost as bitter as a crab that got rejected. Did you try to chat up a autistic succubus and she bluntly turned you down, and you never got over it?


File: 1565301547843.jpg (595.27 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, uGJox8P.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish i had my own place and that level of not giving a shit.


It feels good for a while, until spending time in your own room becomes an ordeal because you get sick from the dust and mold


File: 1565338800438.jpg (74.03 KB, 720x676, 180:169, 8eed599593f1b74931c28f8291….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Tonight I was on the bus, heading to the supermarket to get some things. The bus driver says that the next stop will be the least stop, and everyone will have to get off and go onto the next bus to continue along the route - OK.

So I get off the bus and I figure I'll just start walking along the sidewalk path. Everyone else who got off the bus stands and waits for the next bus. I'm walking and this guy way up sees me and decides he's going to be big; as I pass him, he purposely and deliberately puffs out his chest and moves into my way, pushing me clean off the sidewalk. It's obvious what he was doing. Because I am weak and ugly looking I am used to people constantly messing with me and being aggressive toward me when I leave my house; names, laughing and pointing, sucking thier teeth, snorting, leering, etc. Usually I to well in ignoring it but I decide to say something this time - probably because I've been very irritable lately.
I turn around to face him and look him in the eye; he stares at me for a moment and says "Yes?", in this smarmy kind of way. I say "What are you doing?", he says "Waiting for the bus."
I walk away. I'm pissed.

As I'm walking I decide that's not going to be "it".
I catch up to the bus he got on, look him in his eye and sit right by him, trying to look sort of tough. When he gets off the bus (in a couple stops), I get off aswell, follow him across the street and confront him.

I say "Hey dude, you kind of got in my way back there". He goes "what?!". What followed was ten minutes of aggressive back and forth. He tried to deny that he was trying to start anything, I tell him that "he knew exactly what he was doing", he says I'm crazy, yadayadayada. He even tried to change his answer and claim that he was crossing the street (first he said he was "waiting for the bus"). He starts yelling about how he isn't going to fight a little kid (I'm ~20 and look neotenous, he was 40 at the most). He definetely would have beat me in a fight and at one point he said "what if i had a knife? what if I had a gun?" (I replied "and what if I did?"), which I agree was a good point. Eventually he walks away muttering, I scream at him to "get fucked". My voice sounded shaky and sad during the whole thing, which was annoying.

I was still angry as fuck after that and felt like my energy was way too high so I actually started jogging along the sidewalk - something I never do - for awhile in my heavy coat. I think my test surged aswell because I felt sort of strong afterwards; I actually felt the urge to chat up a succ - something I never do (inb4 "crab").

One the one hand I feel somewhat bad about the situation - not because I feel I was wrong but because I feel I was stupid. This behaviour is completely, completely out of character for me as I am usually reserved, calm and unassertive (schizoid) and that isn't the type of person I want to become. If I am going to start blowing up on every single person that "disrespects me" I know I won't fare well. I feel like following him and picking a fight was immature.
On the other hand, it's a positive development in the sense that this is the first time in any memory I can conjure that I have ever stood up for myself in a situation I was being messed with or "disrespected". Usually I get angry and say nothing, then go home and feel sad and victimized later. I thought I would feel disgusted with myself for "chimping out" and getting aggressive and passionate like the incident would be a permanent "stain" on my self-view, but honestly? I feel, sort of, good about what I did - like I've unlocked a new power, like I don't just have to imagine standing up for myself anymore, I can actually do it. Additionally no one got hurt, and I feel like I learned a lesson out of it.


i get why you were upset but next time just get out of the way and leave it at that? it's not worth your time when the very next day another groid will do the same thing. just treat them like animals too dumb to understand how to walk in public and they'll never bump into you


that sounds really awkward and scary, I guess if it made you feel better it's ok though, personally I don't look at anyone in real life, I just keep my eyes low, watch hands/feet and make sure no one is following me, I'm also 20-something weak and andro/highschooler looking, pretty sure literally any guy over the age of 18 could beat me up if they wanted to

I find most guys are jerks though so one guy being a jerk isn't that upsetting to me because it's just one of many guys that are jerks

you did better than I would though, usually the tactic people try to use with me when I try to be assertive is they tell me that they can't hear me and that I'm speaking too softly when I'm pretty sure I'm being loud


Is there a firefox addon which allows to one-click download mp3 from a youtube video - without going to third-party sites, registration and all that shit?


I have been thinking about the huge chunk of time I have wasted on imageboards, and before that bbs.
The thing that I noticed is the reason I keep using them is that they aren't complete waste of time. It is like a slot machine. Most of the time the lever is pulled and nothing good happens, but every once in a while the lever is pulled and a win state is reached. Lights flash and treasure dramatically is spilled forth.
It is now that I take stock and notice that I always come away with less then I started and rationally I should use my time on something that is less likely to feel like a waste. But I have been using them for over a decade. There are glimmers of real enjoyment. I don't really want to totally stop using them even if in theory it could be a net positive in my life.
Maybe I should strictly set limits for how much I use image boards.
I don't really know.
I'm just want to make sure "I get my money's worth" out of this life. Most time spent on image boards is feeling more and more like a waste not just in hindsight but now I feel it during my time on them as well.


I was trying to find a business on google that someone told me was in the same building as another place I knew about. I searched and searched on google trying to find it but to no avail, so I finally called up the business in the same building to ask them if they knew the name of the other place and they told me it, but then I googled it and I still couldn't find the thing, even with the name and address. It was just really weird. I went to white pages, yellow pages, still nothing. Then finally I tried a spelling that I thought was probably wrong in google and it says "did you mean correct spelling" then the first result was a hit on superpages that finally had the phone number of the place. I swear the corrected search phrase was exactly the same as the one I had just typed. Technology is weird yo.


yes, but early last year it stopped being functional after the copyright jews found out

don't remember the name, it's still on my desktop


File: 1565399550998.png (507.51 KB, 627x720, 209:240, mapamber.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've felt the same way and have already almost totally eliminated my use of the internet save for just a handful of websites, including this one.

I have tried to go as far as to totally eliminate my use of the internet and focus on my bovine existence of past-times (reading, art, puzzles) and self-improvement, but find myself drawn back for the fact that the few websites I visit are my only socialization; they are the only places that I can find and enjoy the mental sympathy of other who are more or less like myself - and despite that my need for social and emotional context is very sparse, it is there.

I find the best balance is to focus on my analog activities and routine for most of the time, and enjoy ocassionally reading boards once or twice in a month, as desired, as a refresher. Sometimes you enjoy it, sometimes you won't. Eventually you find that you aren't missing anything by taking long breaks and you enjoy the balance.

The problem is that you are searching for fulfillment in browsing these sites, rather using them as a supplement, and making yourself sick of them as a result. It's like looking for nourishment in ketchup or barbeque sauce, rather than the meat and potatoes.


How do you find ideas for a new hobby?


Just osmosis. Go on YouTube or other hobby boards and just see what looks cool.


It's full of normie shit like writing a diary or jogging.


I fail to see what’s inherently normal in those.


Diaries are just writing down how important you are. Jogging isn't even a hobby it's just moving.

I've been through endless lists and not come up with anything fun. Maybe learning card tricks?


Diaries can be anything you want them to be.


I have this same problem.

The only advice I have is to try to be pickier about which threads/posts you read. This will increase your return on time invested.

I have all sorts of mental coping mechanisms I use to justify to myself how much time I spend on forums and imageboards.


It's like fapping, you fap because you're bored and have nothing better to do. when you have something to keep your mind busy it doesn't fall into doing nothing but wasting time.


File: 1565470552932.jpg (14.98 MB, 3900x2611, 3900:2611, Role_playing_gamers_(III).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What the heck are they eating?


Mozzarella cheese


looks disgusting


They're not eating anything. You can tell by the fact the picture is entirely faked, no one dresses like that to play RPGs and 2 succubi are at the table.


Do Americans really do this?


Wizchan fake patrol never sleeps, lol.


No one does that.


I think they're spanish


my cum never has any flavor. I've read before that if you eat differently it's supposed to change flavor but it always tastes like nothing but slime all the time, not even salty just flavorless slime. If its thick or thin the taste is always the same flavorless slime. I just wish it had some flavor once in a while.


actually the dried cum flakes sometimes have a slightly salty taste, but maybe thats from drying on my skin.


Old rice is dangerous. Look it up.



Look it up, he just told you that


File: 1565495450585.jpg (2.06 MB, 1400x2000, 7:10, Toho Rumia 150.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In a world that no longer has a battlefield for him, can a warrior truly say he is strong? He never has a chance to test or show this strength. It's like Popes falling over in the woods, do they make a sound?


I should've died a thousand times then. I always leave my boiled rice sitting out, usually over two or three nights. So much for another one of those faggy "look it up" deals. I also eat canned goods past the "expiration" date. It's a miracle I'm not dead from ass cancer or whatever your "experts" claim.


I like here. It's comfy. But I'm not from the US and I realized that I can't write about things that are too local to my country. Nobody would be interested and it would just annoy people. I wanted to write that I want to read books written by some author who is internationally famous and popular but not from the US, and the reason why I wanted to read his books is probably partly because I'm from the same country as he is. (I saw someone mentioning his books and that made me want to read his books. Things I see are often very local.)

I have been trying to find a place in the English world where I can write about anything, but I realized it's not easy. Twitter seems to be a good option, but I'm reluctant to create an account. The communication style there, following people and replying to individual people, seems too direct to me.



His mind is his battlefield. Men of old fought against each other, but now men of today must fight against themselves. They must come to terms with their thoughts and feelings and learn how to live in this world on their own terms, rather than the terms set by society, and live by their own principles. No longer do they stand together, but by themselves.

Do you always post Rumia, or do a lot of people just love Rumia? I love Rumia, she's a cute.


Today was surprisingly eventful.
Took my bike in for repairs and as I was walking back found some dude collapsed on the ground.
Asked him if he was alright (reeeee rule 3 violation).
He was like "nah, you got a phone because I can't make it".
From what I gather he was walking home and his vision went blurry and he collapsed and couldn't get back up.
So I called 911 for him. Ironically him collapsing right in front of the cemetery gave a good landmark so the emt could find us pretty easy. Oddly enough as soon as the emt got there some succubus came out of nowhere to delay them in order to find out what was going on. Fucking succubi. Anyway after they dealt with her they finally got to dude and started helping him out. Probably the heat got to him. It was hot as hell out there today.
Then I went to this place called steak and shake. Didn't have steak. Had what they called steakburgers. Which were meh. Would have preferred a cheesesteak. But they were reasonable in price and not bad. Just weren't mind-blowing or anything. The milkshake was pretty damn good though. I think if I go there again I will just skip the food and just order a milkshake.

Only thing left to do is get some sleep to be ready for work tonight. Hopefully no more eventfulness today.


Be careful of people asking if you have phones. Stuff like this can lead to getting mugged. Better off asking if they need you to get them some help. It doesn't imply you have anything they might want to steal.


What a bunch of nonsense.


That's a metaphorical battlefield not a literal one though…

Hmm… Not sure that I always do but 100% of the Rumia posts in this thread as of this moment are from me. I feel like Rumia has exploded in popularity recently. As there is much more artwork of her being made recently, or since about a year ago.


I am aware, but I assessed the situation, saw no one that could prove a threat around, and him on the ground clearly in destress and in no shape to fight.
It was only after that assessment that I pulled out my phone.


If you are low in test does that mean you have female fat storage rather than the male type?(as fat storage is based on testosterone and oestrogen).


Everybody has Oestogen to some degree, men just don't have much.
W0men store fat all around the body and it is subcutaneous fat, so w0men tend to be quite soft even if they are not fat. Men store fat predominately in the gut. What type would you say you have?


having a big beer gut is masculine now? yeah i got that


Hmm. I kind of suspected that might be the case. Trannies seem to keep male fat distribution as well.


Why are you listening to a very low quality vegan troll on any sort of health matter?

Men do have estrogen, it's vital to your body. If you get too much T you get bitch tits from your body trying to balance it back.

Beer bellies are masculine as succubi gain weight on their legs, hips and bust as a primary location. Men tend to get it more round the belly area. Father Christmas is a masculine figure and has been for centuries.

Trannies fuck up their hormone balance nothing more or less. They still have all the biological male reactions with slight female deformities.


Why? I was just curious, it's not often that one can ask a eunuch such things. I find such cases to be interesting, an amateur schizologist one might call me.

>They still have all the biological male reactions with slight female deformities.

Yes, it seems like maybe the physiology of the body becomes set, so alterations in hormone levels after puberty will only have minor results even in fat distribution.


brain decided 3am was a good time to wake up for the day. need to order more melatonin but i keep forgetting


I told my mom that this new medication I'm taking increases my hunger and I have to watch what I eat, and what does she do? Comes home from the grocery store with a party size bag of reeses peanut butter cups, god damn it.


Learn to control yourself dude.
It is your body, your choice what you put into it, your fault if you turn into a fat ass.


I knew about Linus Tech Tips for years, but somehow only now discovered that i actually enjoy watching this tech porn, also clicked the random "Scrapyard Wars" video and it turned out to be super interesting.
And meanwhile i am a broke-ass neet with an old shitty pc.


Bought some tasty looking instant noodles. They were so spicy. I ate them anyway because I didn't want to waste. My tongue is on fire, there was no warning, it just said it was tasty green curry flavor. Korma curry is too hot for me. Ahhh.


This reminds me I had arguments with at least a couple fatsos here who mocked the idea of self control as "jus do it" chad-tier advice. When I mocked them back with spoof posts about their hands being possessed and feeding them against their will, they turned all serious and actually defended the idea of hand possession with some pseudo-science. Later on some masturbation addicts used the same defense. What I thought was a joke was apparently "proven" somewhere already.

I stay away from mainstream thought so that's when I learned just how crazy the victimhood culture has become. And I thought it couldn't get worse when fatasses started suing mcdonalds.


They're advertisements. If you want real tech stuff you won't find it in those sort of channels. Head for more of the nerdier channels who do old computer restores.

Thai green curry is hot.

Hand "possession" can exist where your hand acts on it's own but it's a mental illness thing. Fatties are fat because they eat more than they exercise. Some of these are sick so it's understandable, some are just fat fucks where it's not.


well I'm learning now that I dont seem to be getting this hunger effect from the medication, I ate just 3 or 4 and then I felt sick and extremely full all day, so I don't have anything to worry about I guess


That's why I usually just put half the spice pack in, it's way too much.


if you add something gross to your food it becomes fairly hard to overeat and binge

sometimes i just dump in vinegar on everything


But vinegar tastes good


File: 1565656388012.png (934.3 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

sister got back from remediation today, which is basically family court or something. the terms of her and her exhusbands child custody were changed, so every other week they get to be at the husbands house for like 5 days. i'm so pumped, i essentially just gained a 5-day vacation every 2 weeks

she also told me during the remediation that her exhusband tried to put forward evidence that i was unfit to babysit because i was autistic. i fucking WISH i was autistic, i'd be getting bux instead of doing this dumb babysitting


Firefox keeps asking me to update the browser with an annoying popup. Tried to disable just now and find out you can't stop firefox from checking for updates anymore. FFS is it that hard to leave me alone?


im sure you can disable or break the updating using about:config

i did that for all the old versions. i dont care now though


just update, it takes like 10 seconds or less


Probably, yeah. I just gave up and installed an older version where I can stop that from the menu.

Every time they do something that breaks some of my addons and every time it gets more and more packed with garbage like Pocket and I have to go out of my way to disable or hide it.

What browsers you guys use? Maybe I should just stop using ff altogether.


Videos are stuttering when they were not really before, even of the same shows. It's annoying. I think it may be something to do with playing media on a 4k tv connected to my PC, maybe running two 'monitors' causes this. I'll try running it with the PC monitor turned off, maybe that will help.


Using Waterfox right now.


File: 1565717698624.png (172.51 KB, 290x290, 1:1, rengeThinking.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is quantum mechanics evidence that our creators made a virtual universe to simulate their own but because of the processing constraints they had to use algorithms that are merely an approximation of what happens in their physical reality?


I think it is not very likely that any computer that is simulating our universe would be a simulation of their universe. I don't think a computer powerful enough to simulate our universe could even exist within the rules of physics here.


A computer that could simulate the universe would likely just be the universe.


not every aspect of the universe has to exist in a simulation, most of what you know about it just comes from books


simulating an universe wouldn't be that difficult because you can do a shit load of cheating. If no one is looking in my closet there is no reason to render it. The doors shut, no one can see inside it so it can just be left unrendered until the door is opened. And you don't even have to render it in real time. If I'm living in a universe that runs at 1 fps or 10,000 fps it's all the same to me within that system. Someone living inside a time distortion will continue to experience time the same way from within.

We don't know the rules of the universe yet. We know some basic stuff but the real meat of how it works we have no idea and it appears to be so complex it looks like magic to us now. We can't know if the speed of light is a true hard limit or if it's just the limit for primitive civilizations. It could be that this is just level 1 of the universe and once you unlock the tech tree level 2 opens up with a whole new set of extremely powerful mechanics.


I don't think processing speed would so much be an issue since as you said you could just simulate it really slowly. I think the real problems would come from power consumption, managing the heat generated by such a massive operation, and ultimately managing the size of the memory required from the computer so that it doesn't collapse in on itself and become some kind of star or create a black hole or something.

I will just assume you would need at the minimum 1 atom to store 1 bit in memory(it would probably need much more than that since you would need atoms for 'wires', non-conductive atoms to isolate it from other nearby atoms, and atoms for managing heat) already it would be unfeasible to simulate maybe even just the earth on an atom by atom basis. Just the amount of data needed to accurately store the very precise values of location and current momentum is mind boggling, especially when you consider how precise it would need to be just for cellular life to function. Who even knows how many bits of memory would be needed for the xyz position of each atom in order for it to be that precise, and there are numerous other bits of data that would be required for each atom as well. The amount of mass required to even simulate earth on the level of individual atoms would probably exceed that of the sun.

While all of that could probably be simplified down quite a bit, I think we would almost surely witness many more "glitches" than we are able to right now. But it seems like the only real glitches we can observe occur at the subatomic level.


I'm not sure that I am seeing any physical benefits of following circadian rhythms more closely. But I feel like I have more time even though I don't, but I also find it harder to get up because of how cold mornings are here now.


energy isn't a thing


U wot?


I love when dumb people try to discuss theoretical physics using misremembered pop-science and sprinkles of woo.

It makes me not feel so bad when I have trouble grasping the nitty-gritty of it.


The "energy excitations in space" part. I just can't stand seeing that "energy" word misused anymore. Energy is a measurement, not a substance. If particles are being born from something it's another substance and that substance is not "energy."


Define what you mean by exist.
I think that is where the confusion is coming from.


What is the point of a theory that you cannot test? Sure it might be a pretty mathematical construct, but that doesn't prove anything.


Didn't work. I think it has something to do with memory usage. MY PC sits at 38% memory usage with 2,700mb(pretty much all of it) coming from Firefox(because I have so many tabs).


I didn't use the word exist.
>I think that is where the confusion is coming from.
The confusion comes from the fact that most people aren't scientists, they don't learn physics or any real science in government school. So the common conception of what "energy" means is extremely vague and it's just assumed to be some sort of invisible power that, lol i dunno, just makes things happen, like it's The Force or some shit. When someone talks about "energy" 99% of the time what he means is essentially magic. It's the same reason people call their phones "smart" and need to have electrical hazard warnings stated in terms of high voltage. For all the crap about how we live in such a scientific age there's not a lot of scientific understanding going around.


>The confusion comes from the fact that most people aren't scientists
Oh, you better be a physicist/scientist to pull off a line like that.
Really it just sounds like you are being a pedantic jackass who likes whining about semantics in order to derail discussion of topics because people aren't discussing them in a way you find pleasing.


For someone trying to claim he has much more understanding of the topic, you don’t seem to understand the topic.


File: 1565798079707.png (101.8 KB, 500x353, 500:353, kkkkkkk.png) ImgOps iqdb

>one needs to be a scientist in order to point out a scientific fact
Uh huh…
Now who's whining?


So just confirming you are just a troll trying to disrupt.


Disrupting your ignorance.


Drunk neighbor from the upper floor got arrested by 3 cops for shitting and pissing in the hallway.


something brown, naked and crouched behind a trash can tried running after me tonight screaming for help at 3am while I rode my bicycle

just another day in marijuanaland


Where is that referring to?


File: 1565814897376.jpg (31.1 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 450px-Paronychia.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Starting today I'll stop biting on my nails. Because of this habit I always have cuts and wounds on my fingers but lately I developed a thing called Paronychia. Just looked it up, everything matches perfectly. I just squeezed pus out of my middle finger it was so swalled. This thing may last for weeks too and it's quite bothersome, god damn it. Never again I will bit a finger nail.


soak that thing in hydrogen peroxide


File: 1565818336224.png (96.27 KB, 276x183, 92:61, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


that looks really fun to pop


I've also stopped biting my nails recently I've found it surprisingly simple which is astonishing since it has been a life long habit which I have partaken in every single day.
I wish you success too.


I watch a lot of financial news and one of my favourite analysts over the years has been Steven Englander.

I realized today that he is literally the spitting image of dragonlordfrodo. They are like clones of one another - they even have the same voice.

someone post a dragonlordfrodo video please lol



>trying to act all smug.
If you'd care to notice, I was just ranting against the popular usage of the word, not trying to belittle you or anyone and be "smug." I didn't plan to post spongebob until >>224304 and >>224305 took the comments negatively for some reason.

Maybe hearing that The Force doesn't exist was too much for them.


I'm doing that now, thanks.

For the first time, yes. However it's showing no signs of improvement and every night I squeeze my finger and lots of pus and blood comes out. I don't know if I should leave it alone or keep draining the fluids out.

Thanks. So far it's been easy, though I did caught myself about to bite on a nail a couple of times without even noticing. This thing needs more vigilance than I realized at first.


All the songs were at least faithful to the 90s film, unlike The Lion King.


File: 1565900380641.jpg (2.03 MB, 1226x3601, 1226:3601, 20190815_134707.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Around a decade ago I made this comic https://www.deviantart.com/troell/art/Jands-Novel-613787334

Yet I forgot I made a giant sized version of it for an expo in my school that same year. Now's a better time than ever to show it.


Yo I’m a chill ass wizza with a hairy back,
Succubi are wack
Sneak into your cave, attack

Yeah, I just wanna fap
2D only, no 3 dimensional crap




It's just another step to getting the bux. Maybe you can use this as a stepping stone to acquire it? Especially since it was court evidence.


It's been 6 days now and it's finally starting to look a little better. Not so much pus came out today and I can touch the tip of my finger on my palm which I couldn't before it was so swalled. If anyone have this and is not sure about daily squeezing and hurting your finger to drain the pus out everyday, well, I did it and it's getting better. All I did was keeping it clean and drained the pus every morning.
Also, another piece of information, Paronychia is the most common type of infection on the hand and it's specially common among restaurant workers because they have their hands wet all day and their job let them prone to hand cuts and such. Did I also mentioned that pus some times just oozes out of the infection while you're doing common tasks like grabbing a plate? I'm pretty sure restaurant food must have a high pus content in them. So now I have an extra excuse not to go to restaurants. Not only it's expensive and the food not worth it, there's also a high chance you're getting an extra nasty sauce you didn't ask for.


Why are people so against "Reddit Spacing"?

I have seen Reddit comments and they don't really look like this. So I didn't really understand why this is called Reddit posting.

So I did some googling and saw a 4chan imgur explaining. Basically when you press enter on Reddit it just makes a new sentence not a new paragraph.

But that assumes the intent is to keep all ideas in 1 paragraph as on Reddit. When really I like pressing enter at the completion of each thought. I want it spread out and not in a paragraph.

I think the image board format is more suited for "Reddit spacing" as people just want to bounce from 1 bullet point to the next. 1 complete idea to the next. They don't need thoughts to unfold in paragraphs like they are reading a novel.

It is just easier to read.


Except you're not expressing a complete idea in your paragraphs. You're just making a statement in each one and then creating a new paragraph for some reason. Your post reads like it was written by a child who is incapable of putting ideas down in words effectively.


>It is just easier to read.
no, it's eye cancer and makes me not want to read your post


File: 1566058533398.jpg (137.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1508200484492.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can smoking improve focus? I saw some guy saying he smokes only one cigarette a day, in the morning, and that it helps him with focusing on reading for long periods of time.


File: 1566059581303.jpg (89.02 KB, 795x314, 795:314, meditation03.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

It's not prudent to rely on crutches like drugs for something as simple as focus. Perform this meditation for 10 minutes or so every day and your focus will quickly improve.


>1 cigarette/day

he's asking about 1 cigarette per day

not marijuana


what's the difference between weed and tobacco? sure, they have different effect on the brain, because the active substance in them is different, but they're both drugs in a similar category.


Tobacco is a drug no matter how you slice it.


It is one of those things where in the short run sort of, but in the long run it actually does the totally opposite in being a distraction the worsens focus. Because of how addictive it is, it really isn't worth the very small temporary benefits.
I spot of tea and maybe some focusing exercises (like meditation as the other dude said) will likely give you a bigger benefit without all the downsides.
Honestly cigarettes are worst for you then marijuana, and both are drugs.


File: 1566064018365.jpg (270.1 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1562114684525.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Lmao is that /fringe/?
I did meditation in the past but it never did anything me so I scrapped it as a waste of time.

>in the long run it actually does the totally opposite in being a distraction the worsens focus.

As in, you still get an addiction even from 1 a day? That was my main concern.
I don't really have any major focus issues but it's always nice to have a boost if the investment is small.


>As in, you still get an addiction even from 1 a day?
Yeah, nicotine is surprisingly extremely addictive despite how mild it's effects are. It is one of those drugs that really fails the cost benefit analysis. Usually very casual cigar smokers can avoid addiction because of how infrequently most smoke, but consistently doing it once a day is enough for it to cause problems with dependency.

>I don't really have any major focus issues but it's always nice to have a boost if the investment is small.

Caffeine and similar light stims in reasonable amounts is probably what you are looking for. Which is why I suggested tea. It has enough to give a little but noticeable mental boost, but not enough to cause jitters. That plus some sort of exercise to clear the mind at the beginning of a task is something that works well in my experience for focus and boosting productivity.


>boosting productivity
why is that corporate managerial lexicon even allowed here


When that phrase is used it's almost always regarding boosting someone else's productivity for their benefit with no personal return, in which case you're right. In this instance though we mean boosting our own productivity, allowing us to do more of what we want to do.


Why wouldn't it be allowed.
Some of us actually like or want to do things rather then sit in a funk hating life but fearing death, or whatever /dep/ does with the majority of it's time.

For example many of us have hobbies, where a increase in productivity would be quite personally satisfying.
A personal example for me is I have quite the backlog of comics and manga to read. A boost in focus so I can read full issues or even books without too many breaks would boost my productivity and increase my net happiness for the day (unless what I am reading that day is shit).


File: 1566083277056.jpg (165.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1454628448654.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks, guess I'll drop the idea of trying cigarettes.


I don't do it before each thing I do (well outside of some basic stretching) but I do lift weights and run a few times a week and I think it's had a positive effect on my mental state in general, including focus.


I've drunk several cups every day for over a decade now so I wouldn't be able to tell whether it has any effect or not.

I can understand associating it with corporate culture but I think the context here is obviously different.
For me it's not really about actual work. I just want to be able to focus on reading philosophical texts and raw Japanese novels/VNs for long periods of time without getting worn out or having my comprehensive abilities degrade.


the fact that this word gets thrown around all the time is depressing, it’s bad enough where it supposedly “belongs” ie work


>nearly midnight
>neighbor has been slowly shooting off fireworks for like an hour now


Green texting because lazy
>Waiting for bus
>Headphones in watching videos
>Clearly don't want to be distributed
>Normie ask me time
>Tell him then go to put headphone back in my ear
>He starts whining about is relationship issues and how he was thrown out and living on the streets for the past few days
>I am sure everything about my body language was screening I don't care and fuck off but this stranger want to unload on me
>At some point he asked if I knew what he means when it came to relationship problems and how crazy succubi can be
>I looked him dead in the eyes
>Said No, I don't
>Then said I was totally celibate and don't have to deal with such problems
>That it was simpler and more enjoyable that way
>He looked totally stunned like he just seen a space alien
>Finally shut the fuck up
>Was even quite the whole bus ride

I think I shorted him out or something. I really hope he doesn't try talking to me again.


god i want disability so badly but they make it so confusing, there's no way actually disabled people navigate through this shit


Most disabled people are also dependents so someone else does it for them.
When I was on it my mom did all the paperwork to get it set up.
The vast majority of those I knew irl that were on disability had someone else set it up for them.


>Honestly cigarettes are worst for you then marijuana
That's not honesty, that's lying drug propaganda.


>t. tobacco shill


I started watching anime again after haven't watched much for a long time and I find myself more sensitive to it. I am moved by cliched lines and cries when characters with little development dies. Even if the scene is badly directed or the character badly written I can shove in my own headcanon and interpretation to make it 10 times better. Feels fucking good to be touched so easily. The anime is Fate/Apocrypha by the way. It's quite shit.


Cigarettes don't do anywhere near as much damage to the mind.


my mom favorite thing to do any more is get drunk and harass me with shit about how everything is coming to an end to make me feel bad, especially through my bedroom door for some sick reason

I can't even have peace of mind in my room


File: 1566112789244.jpg (132.8 KB, 850x748, 25:22, __atalanta_and_jack_the_ri….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh fuck, I just finished episode 18. This shit ruined me. It's been a while since my last edgy anime.


If you have hard data to back up your position you are welcome to post it, otherwise I am just going to assume you are that nutter that gets triggered every time weed is mentioned.
In which case I will just hide your post rather than deal with your nonsense.




Dude, mild cognitive declined isn't worse then death, cancer, and serious lung and heart diseases.
Do you have data that says weed is worse then smokes or not?


found some fucking wigger's laptop on the street, the retard smashed it but left a fresh 250gb hard drive inside



We all die eventually. Besides,

>Cigarettes don't do anywhere near as much damage to the mind.

Was what my post said, nothing regarding cancer or physical health was mentioned in it.


>Nevertheless, it is not clear whether, at a population level, patterns of cannabis use influence rates of psychotic disorder

It seems pretty inconclusive with many of its findings. Also still doesn't seem as bad as the effects of heavy tobacco use.


Smoking is linked with stroke, hypoxia,and death.
All things that are worse for the brain/mind then what weed does.


t.doesn't live in a "weed" state

ignorance must be nice






Fuck I just want whatever is wrong with my mouth to be over. My gums keep getting inflamed over and over no matter how much I brush and floss. My lymph nodes under the jaw are the size of gumballs.


cat vomitted in a few places in the house yesterday, dog did a line of diarrhea trying to make it to the back door sometime last night, cat vomitted in another room last night, cat vomitted right in front of me

fucking animals man


My parents’ cat shit diarrhea on the rug every night for days once when they left me in charge of the house. Ugh.



you shouldn't have animals in your house


You should though


File: 1566136871291.png (375.8 KB, 500x711, 500:711, 76420456958315e8f0a6a26846….png) ImgOps iqdb

my cat brought a young dead bird (rip) home once, after she dies i'm not having another.


that would be great, they arent mine tho


after a year of using my laptop when I turn it on now the webcam flashes, I can see it through the electrical tape (that I've always had on it)

what is this shit about
who cracked my linux and is trying to take my picture?


Maybe you updated something or installed something that uses the camera?


The people that populate the modern internet are impossible to relate to, lie through their teeth, and are impossibly confident in their lies. They insist nothing changes, online or otherwise, while everything changes. Every person is a clone to them, and they are all clones. They never have anything to say, and never back up anything they utter. They are purposely antagonistic in the hopes of your emotion making them excited, and are basically gaslighting normans because of it, all of them.


if it's flashing before you're logged on, that's just letting you know it's being powered


Maybe drink less right before bed and try to remember togo before you sleep to avoid accidents.
Plastic sheets are uncomfortable and personally give me rashes.


I don't piss my bed, but whenever I have to go pee at night(nearly every night for some reason) I have like a super long nightmare where I can't find a bathroom for what feels like hours, then I wake up and it's like 3am and I go fill the toilet up with like a quart of urine


I tried it before but I'll try it again. Watching anime at regular speed, then watching it slowed down at 0.25x to look at the details without frequently using my hand to pause or go frame by frame. So far 1m turned roughly into 4m which means 20m will be 80m (1h 20m). My previous time where I checced the details with pausing was 2h 14m for 20m of anime.


Happened to me earlier this year, I had a lot of water that day and went to bed early, last time it had happened was about five years before that. I don't think I have a problem either but it feels like shit when it happens. Now I just make sure I go to the toilet a couple of times and don't drink anything at least for an hour before bed


i remember years (maybe 2?) ago you posted about doing that

interesting hobby, you should share any weird things you notice


Day 1 of no nicotine. Trying to kick this semitic habit once and for all.


File: 1566255359186.gif (4.65 MB, 237x178, 237:178, SeparateBiodegradableGiant….gif) ImgOps iqdb

They finally gave me a housemate. My 3 months of getting to live alone have come to and end.


Are they at least tolerable? Does the house layout permit you at least some privacy?


He seems okay (really) just a little bit friendly which may not mesh well with my schizoid behaviour.

As for privacy I just have my bedroom to myself, but it isn't suitable for anything beyond sleeping and storage of personal items. I had been using the den area to sit and read/browse internet/make notes, etc. I'll have to adjust to his presence.

Eventually there will be a third person which will actually be preferable to me since it will be less intimate.


I was wondering why tool was being talked about and shilled so hard lately, turns out they just dropped new album.

Must have payed off youtube and the few music sites to shill hard for them. That or their new shit is good, haven't listened to it yet.


It's okay. A lot like lateralus.


For the past month every time I turn on my lamp the bulb crackles and pops for a few minutes. I wish it would just burn out already.


File: 1566312759440.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-08-20-10-4….png) ImgOps iqdb

Been walking for h o u r s non stop. Through rural, industrial, commercial, suburb, then through a long park trail and back. Found a nice misty fountain aaah.


one time I was kicked out of the house I walked 18 hours, maybe 30 minutes of that was spent sitting down to roll some cigarettes

it wasn't fun, the blisters lasted all month


Can you stop with your old lies to try and one up everyone any time walking or exercise it brought up.
You aren't a superhuman marathon power walker who walks 10 miles a hour.


I don't know who you think you're talking to, and we're not talking about walking speed

do you really think walking for 18 hours is a superhuman feat? rotflmao


reminds me of that snow wizard who walked hours lol


Don't you get scared you're going to get jumped, mugged or something? That's all I think of when I go out for a walk


Weak white boys


I guess I am. I don't know. I'd rather just stay cozy at home.


File: 1566352639075.jpg (1.38 MB, 2588x2985, 2588:2985, Toho Hong Meiling 177.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want something like that to happen so I can test my strength, it never does though. I guess that sort of occurrence only really happens in developing nations like the US.


File: 1566353882810.jpg (153.01 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, sonatine gunman.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah I've got your test of strength right here bro.


Can mods put a stop to this crystal cafe tranny spam? This makes me want to flood their retarded blogpost site with gore.


Do that anyway.


that anime picture is terrifying. Please dont go outside(im sure you dont) looking for fights.


It should be terrifying, she eats humans.

I'm too polite to do that. I think that if you live your life without being rude and insulting people for no reason you will never get into a fight.


Ok, try not to get laugh at by kids when you go out


I highly doubt it's them doing it.


-living in a "weed" state
-junkie shitheads obsessed with theft and "treasure" ever since legalization
-digging in absolutely fucking everything
-even cardboard-only dumpsters
-roadside litter
-in random patches of grass
-will try to pawn a dirty sock for more drug money
-buying a soda
-convenience store clerk yelling from behind
-clerk #2: "they what?"

just when you thought reefermania couldn't possibly go lower, they're stealing restroom cans full of ass wipes


Did the weed hate thread reach bump limit or something?


>do a couple of vape hits
>munchies kick in
>go to pantry to see what we got
>alright cheetos sweet
>take them back to bed to eat as I watch anime
>open up bag ready to chow down when what do I see?
>goddammit they're flamin hots
>resign myself and get the tongs because I'm way too high to just not eat an open bag of cheetoes, even if they are soaked in cheap spice and food coloring

Why do these fuckers put so much goddamn food dye on finger foods? That shit stains everything, you can make it taste hot without soaking it in dye.


next door neighbor is a mechanic or something and fixes vehicles, he makes all this noise from 08-24 every day


The fuck?


Looking for a cheap, basic, low maintenance laptop to wizpost on. Something that won’t run like shit after a month.


you could go for a second hand thinkpad, there should be a general on 4g


Idea: Display gore banner at the top of the site to fend off norman invaders.


File: 1566414993409.jpg (60.54 KB, 561x309, 187:103, 1561143976740.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Idea: Display gay sex banner at the top of the site to fend off normshits


Homosexuality and approval of homosexuality is the norm now, 62% voted yes to gay marriage here.


It isn’t well received by most men who browse image boards though.
I guess there’s female fujos, but few of them would come here in the first place.


So well just get more Facebook like posters. Great.


I don't think that'd work nowadays. The only I believe can work is loli and shit like that, but I'd rather deal with a few normshits now and then.


*the only thing


File: 1566448847936.png (38.22 KB, 1024x439, 1024:439, x5ob21gudwh31.png) ImgOps iqdb

just LMAO at the life of an crab in the year 2019




What's a "swipe"? Some social media thing?


This isn't going to get deleted because he doesn't explicitly say it's him, is it?


It should've been Grindr. The only wizardly dating site.


The least wizardly dating site more like. At least with tinder there might be a 0.000001% chance that they are not after sex.


I believe it’s from the tinder dating site. You swipe right in a person’s profile if you’re interested and left if you’re not.


Today I learned that the online world is not as big as I thought. When you can't find a place you want to belong to in well known websites such as Twitter, Reddit, 4chan or 8chan, you will most likely not able to find it anywhere else (unless you are satisfied with a small community).
I believed that if I became good enough at English to start exploring the English online world, or the online world itself rather, I would be able to find a good place where I can feel at home and spend most of my online time. (I used to have such a place in my country, but the community has gotten depopulated over the years to the point that it doesn't feel any longer comfortable staying there.)
This realization was very shocking to me, but knowing it is better than wasting time not knowing the reality.
(This must've been obvious to almost all the wizanons here. I was just ignorant. There seems to be such a thing as a language barrier. If you don't understand the language, some things are hard to clearly grasp the picture of them.)



Same. I miss 8chan so much. Glad wizchan is here.


So much this. As depressing as it sounds, 8chan was the only place online I really felt at home. This place is okay but is smaller and has much less variety in terms of content. I never really had a place I felt at home in the real world, and now I don't feel at home anywhere.
I'm so fucking pissed at Cloudflare for shutting it down just because of this 'muh toxic whiteness' bullshit. Fuck all these pretentious media orgs that bitch about freedom of press because some retarded orange fatass called them names, but then do a complete 180 and demand we censor some tiny imageboard marketed towards edgy teenagers because it's a 'white supremacist site', despite them probably never having heard of it before the shooting.
I wish there was some way I could make all these holier-than-thou faggots feel the same way I felt.


Someone on Reddit said that only recently their catalog has appeared on the streaming sites.



I'm seriously banned from everything. I'm banned from reddit and social media platforms, banned from my favorite game servers, was banned on wizchan, banned from subreddits, etc.

Seriously hope every power tripping mod dies a horrible death.


>banned from everything
maybe you should start looking at yourself and what you are doing wrong instead of blaming other people


I stopped biting and picking mine around January but I've started again recently due to stress, I think. After reading that and realizing I've had the same or something similar a few times in the past, I'll be more conscious of it now.


>social media


I am pretty sure the problem is you.
Maybe you should try reforming your behavor and not acting like a jackass. Then you won't get banned so much.
Or if you refuse to change your ways, maybe stop inflicting yourself on others and learn to be content alone.


I still believe my little place in the internet is out there waiting for me and I haven't found it, in the meantime I'll keep posting here


i felt that way about very early 4chan, and before that some forums for videogames. it seems communities change over time, like how we change over time, so nothing gold can stay


File: 1566520966197.jpg (3.22 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190819_073811804.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am thinking about getting more serious about smartphone photography.
And by more serious I just mean using a tripod, playing with the manual settings, and maybe getting a clip on ring light or a lens or two.
I mean it is a camera I have with me whenever I'm out and I dabbled in photography years ago with a old 35mm. Might as well use the camera function to it's full potential since I have it.
Too bad I forget most of the basics and don't feel like reading photography textbooks again. At least I don't have to pay for film.
Can even experiment with video. Something I never worked with before.
Not sure what I would video but I have the option if I so choose.


there's an asian wildcat crouched outside my door waiting to attack


just dug another hole for another kitty

turned out it was really sick so they put it down

i was just lying outside with it yesterday bevause it wasnt feeling fell


Sorry to hear that wiz, it really sucks when a a pet dies.


i actually dug it in anticipation of the worst. no one else noticed she was behaving odd for the past week. even after mentioning things like her stumbling walk, falling over, and being too tired to stand they all dismissed me, but today they decided to take her to the vet for eye drops because they foggy. vet told them she was really sick and it was too late

i kind of figured this would happen so thats why i dug. i was lying with her outside in the grass yesterday. she didnt move at all but her tail would wag when i stroked her back. so that was a nice goodbye

rip fiona you were a good little cat


It's a good way to go. Try to become a master of this particular tool.

Alos, do you mind post some of your pictures? I really like on the effect of this one.


File: 1566551511404.jpg (4.89 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190728_083727476.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe the next photography thread. Don't want be obnoxious with crappy photos here.


is that florida? it looks exactly where I live


>bigass pines
>crepe myrtles
it has to be florida


how do you deal with the heat and humidity all year long it would drive me insane
also the insects must be scary


>how do you deal with the heat and humidity
I literally don't go outside, lol. Also, pretty much every single building keeps their AC on at like icebox temperatures, I think it is required to keep AC on at all times else the insides of the building/house/whatever will be destroyed by mold.





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