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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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I really hope someone at Google gets charged with lying to the police for this.


I really doubt it, but it would be nice. Such behavor is obviously unacceptable, and can even be construed as potentially attempted murder.


Trumpers and liberals can all agree that George W. Bush was the worst President in US history. On domestic policies it was largely standard GOP stuff, except maybe the Patriot Act.

But in foreign policy he took the post- Cold War, Pax Americana, Golden Age and turned it into shit. Just imagine what the world would be like if the 1990s never ended.

This is beyond Left and Right. Like you can hate Regan's policies, but the USA was better off in 1989 when Communism collapsed than in 1980 when the USSR and Iran were taking over the world. Same with Obama, the US economy was objectively in a much better place in 2016 than in 2009. I didn't even touch on W Bush's economics, but 2001 vs 2009 yeah. Its amazing how much damage one man did. The whole ISIS and refugee crisis is aftershocks of the Iraq War.

And you could say 9.11 was out of his control. But first off he had plenty of warnings about it. 2nd he chose to make the Afghan war wider than it had to be, and 3rd most of the damage was from the Iraq War.

In 2015, this might have been called a liberal or Ron Paul line, but in 2019 its what the Republican President also believes.

Its just amazing what W Bush did to America's post Cold War Pax Golden Age


You can't do that much damage in 8 years. Typically in these cases, a change made several decades ago catches up and breaks things. In this case, it was the deregulation of the financial industry made in the 70s. The financial industry was regulated heavily after something called the great depression to prevent it happening again, and this was just removed in the 70s.


File: 1566023416180.jpg (44.91 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 102-39-71.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Right wingers aren't known for their critical thinking, knowledge of history
>knowledge of history

Coming from the guy who said this:
>So in what fascist book does it say they want to keep neets alive, reclusive people alive, mentally unstable people alive, and non-white wizards alive. Built inside of the theory and historically commies have always been inclusive to these people

In the USSR being unemployed was a criminal offense, you moron.

"He who does not work shall not eat" - Vladimir Lenin

"The phrase appears in his 1917 work, The State and Revolution. Through this slogan Lenin explains that in socialist states only productive individuals could be allowed access to the articles of consumption."

>In the Soviet Union, which declared itself a workers' state, every adult able-bodied person was expected to work until official retirement. Thus unemployment was officially and theoretically eliminated. Those who refused to work, study or serve in another way risked being criminally charged with social parasitism (Russian: тунеядство tuneyadstvo, тунеядцы [tuneyadets/tuneyadetchi"),[7] in accordance with the socialist principle "from each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution."[8]

>In 1961, 130,000 people were identified as leading the "anti-social, parasitic way of life" in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

Article twelve of the 1936 Soviet Constitution states:

>"In the USSR work is a duty and a matter of honor for every able-bodied citizen, in accordance with the principle: “He who does not work, neither shall he eat.”"

Also, while fascist regimes weren't exactly "wizardly" either, last time I checked, christian monasteries weren't outlawed and it was still possible for you to live in peace as a monk (which are basically religious wizards), unlike the soviets who either destroyed or closed down the majority of christian and buddhist monasteries that existed and whose monks were killed off, tortured or sent to mental hospitals.


>The whole ISIS and refugee crisis is aftershocks of the Iraq War.

Not really, ISIS formed in Syria and spread to Iraq and the war in Syria has been kept going for so long because of the US and Turkey. Most 'refugees' aren't even from Syria or Iraq anyway.


I meant the basic foundation of ISIS and the instability that nurtured it was from Syria. ISIS in Iraq was formally a branch of Al-Qaeda.


A decent number of the refugees are also Afghan, another of Bush's wars. And as for the rest of the Arab world, the Neocons were taking credit for the Arab Spring, as a new 1989 of democracy, inspired by democracy in Iraq. If they trumpeted credit when it looked good, they asked for blame when its bad.


tbh I had been thinking mostly of his foreign policy fiasco, and had forgotten oh yeah btw the US economy melted down on his watch.

It didn't come from no where but the subprime mortgage crisis. And Nial Fergueson argues that W Bush's dream of a "homeowner society" played a major role in formenting the bubble. It was incentivized as the best investment.

Where W. Bush really stands out is in the stark contrast of the USA he was handed in 2001 and the USA he left in 2009. Like as much as you might dislike other Presidents, its rare to find one with the economic and foreign situations that reversed in just 8 years.


I don't know, there are a few other contenders that were pretty damn bad.


Well I think with Bush it goes beyond left-Right policy. Like yeah Dems will hate what the GOP does and vice versa. So some will see the Great Society as a good thing, helping out those on the bottom, while others will see it as too expensive and encouraging the lazy. But with W. Bush it goes beyond left-right policy, as everyone thinks economic meltdown and the Middle East on fire is bad for everyone.

The USA in 2001 was in a Pax Americana peak, and falling apart economically and politically in 2008.

When LBJ left office in 1969, the economy was still healthy and yeah there was Vietnam, but Nixon was the one who stayed there 4 more years, when the majority of the casualties took place, and when South Vietnam eventually did fall its repercussions were much less than the spillover from Iraq.

So I think its beyond "which Presidents' policies I don't like" and which President left the USA the worst off in 8 years.



The entire LBJ-JFK 8 years was one of economic expansion. Which is pretty rare in US history, even the Ike years had several recessions.

In terms of the Cold War, LBJ installed pro-US governments in Dominica and Indonesia with little cost to the USA. And the economy grew on his watch. It might not have been good for the 3rd world people, but unlike Iraq, the USA didn't have to pay the price for it.

Bigger economy, the US Cold War empire maintained and expanded. By those 2 domestic and foreign standards theres no way to say he left the country dramatically weaker.


His policies rotted America from the inside out.


yeah you don't like his policies. But America was doing just as well economically and internationally in 1969 as 1964.

What is unique about W Bush, is that whether you are Left or Right, no one can say America was better with the economy and middle east collapsed


I read this guys' reading list and its all very mainstream neoliberal books, its surprising he went so Alt-Lite race realist from that intellectual pedigree.

As usual with these Alt-Lite types when he did a video condemning ethnonationalism and economic protectionism, his usual fan base turned on their guru


>Trumpers and liberals can all agree that George W. Bush was the worst President in US history.

Truman was worse, communist China wouldn't exist today if the US had a different (more anti-communist) president during the the time of both the chinese civil war and the korean war.


I was going to write a post saying it's contradictory to to say someone is a race realist and against ethnonationalism, but then I remembered alt-hype kind of fits that definition. I didn't know this was a popular position to hold, I thought it was just Faulk's autism acting up.
Also I wouldn't say race realism is "alt lite". I've always thought of alt lite as being the average trump fan: ie someone without much deep thought on these issues. I'd say race realism is even too much for those people to stomach.


You have to remember that half the GOP was still Ron Paul type isolationists in Truman's day, so even setting up things like NATO and containment had a lot of opposition from both Left and Right. And you had plenty of rightwing Generals who said on a purely military basis that nothing could be done to save the KMT. And seeing how Vietnam turned out, much less tiny countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, it wouldn't be worth attempting to occupy a nation of a billion for decades.


I would say plenty of Alt-Light people would defend racial differences and IQ, rather then stake themselves on races being 100% IQ equal. But they don't advocate the strong policy consequences as the Alt-Right.

Like the youtuber in question is against ethnonationalism, yet his top crimes of LBJ are supporting integration and immigration, and hes big on cultural war stuff too.

The libertarian to Alt-Right pipeline is pretty well known now. I would say he sticks to libertarianism where it directly conflicts with the Alt-Right, as opposed to many who've dropped it completely.


File: 1566106997897.mp4 (15.96 MB, 400x400, 1:1, the end game.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Just nuke the western world already.


If a large % of males are doomed to be crab, maybe its just economic efficiency that they assume a role in which they will have more value rather than sticking with a sinking ship. What is degenerate about going from lesser to higher value? It is just rationality.


This isn't /b/.



If by crab you mean never reproduce? I wouldn't say that is true in modern times. More like 75% of men are able to reproduce. The rest may not for many reasons, but being a crab sure as shit is in the minority.


Look at how many zoomers are already identifying as crab when they are still in their teens



Those are just idiot teenagers. That isn't anything new. They may have children later than previous generations but they are still gonna have children.


who cares, fag kids are gonna be fag, why make them hate themselves for it


I dont hate you for "it"


It's sad, children are really easy to brainwash. They seek approval and attention, if a mother is saying that he is a good boy for dressing like a succubus then that is what he will do.


In the first place that goes beyond being a fag. That’s full on fucked up tranny shit.
Second, a child that young should not be thinking about their sex or sexuality.


implying that this kid would've been a fag if it wasn't for brainwashing


When I was that boys age I was into makeup and stuff and even took my own initiative to request that my mom do my makeup and nail polish to which she mildly complied but then tried to phase it out and discourage me from it by trying to replace my interests with sports-shit. Some boys are just faggots, no brainwashing needed; I hate when people get butthurt over one boy out of millions that is doing girly stuff and his parents actually not snubbing his feelings into the dirt, because these people have no idea what it's like to be in the position of a boy who is interested in girly stuff, they are just ignorant heterosexuals who can't fathom the possibility that any boy would ever be interested in things like makeup and dresses. I support the boy and his parents, let him live his life and do what he likes.


Aren't you the same person who was posting about how his dad called him a sissy and a succubus and how this 'ruined his life' and made him gay?


It is to his benefit (and to your benefit) to snub that crap early. Do you honestly think that dressing up like a succubi would make your life better now? Chances are it would only be worse. At least a normal male won't be singled out to a substantial degree by society. Strutting around like a freak will see you treated in kind.
Also, my first crush when I was young was a guy and my preference has only leaned further towards men with time. This isn't some view exclusively for hetero's.


so how has denying your true self for the sake of fitting in worked out for you?


if he enjoys it I don't see why he shouldn't be able to do it, it's better than his parents crushing his self esteem and turning him into a depressed wreck


i remember those days, they were real if you were with and had your shit together.
1.25 an hour to start, fast advancement no count/spics/pajeets given us shit. liberals/niggaz were beaten,(or hung/burned) no one except commies made a stink about it.
19 cent gas(12-13 cent if gas war going on) real food, coke tasted good, our first new house 3 br 1.25 acres was $3200 !
its now $350,000 no shit!
the good old days were real!


with=white count= cuunz
too tired giving up posting for today. btw a 10 cent comic i bought in the 50's is worth $3700!


I never wanted to dress up like a succubus. My entire point was that being into men does not equal being a tranny.
That said, I'm very much "myself" all the time, and it's probably been a negative for me. If I had the social capabilities of the typical normalfag I'd probably be happier and have a better life in general.

It's called tough love. If his parents don't do it, then everyone else will when he grows up. You have to learn at some point that you can't just do whatever you want without repercussions. Or at least, not in public. If he wants to do weird shit, he should learn to do it in private.


Liberalism will consume all, until all light fade from the cosmos.


They won't have higher value though, they'll still be in the same spot they're in now just with more wrecked bodies. Actually forcing this on boys will be even more damaging.


idk some of them are like puppies who get neutered young and never develop their male traits to begin with and then get pop careers and stuff they'd never have as boys


File: 1566246872784-0.png (19.94 KB, 579x262, 579:262, 6644.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1566246872784-1.png (324.33 KB, 579x489, 193:163, 4433.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1566246872784-2.png (59.72 KB, 631x557, 631:557, 5r543.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


Seriously I think there should be a third gender, I don't want to be a man, I don't care about having sex or anything about succubi, why can't people like this just drop out and become some kind of simple-living servant class or something, I'd gladly sweep and clean chads castle halls for a room and a pc, he can have all the succubi he wants.


Gender means a component to creation. In all acts of creation there is an active and passive component. There is no other category that an object can fall into.


I just don't want to be part of gender crap, I don't want to rape kids or succubi, I just want to live peacefully with a modest purpose, like a eunuch house servant but something more fitting of modern times


The life of a garden hermit is, or at least would have been, the life for you.


Prepubescent boys aren't fags unless outside forces push it on them.
These kids are victims of a people using them as props to brainwash them for a fucked up agenda.
This is just another vector of the radical lefts dream of deconstructing all forms of masculinity by trying to stamp it out as early as possible. It is a direct goal of feminism and the Frankfort school.
I seen the results of this non-sense. It leads to pain and suffering for the individual in the long run, and damage to the society at large.



Relatively neutral coverage of the shitshow in Portland.


The U.S. government has banned any transactions over $10k.
There are no notes larger than $100.
Inflation will with time make these two figures meaningless.
In a cashless society, the U.S. government will have complete control over all transactions. No escape. Everything will have surveillance.
Instead of outright Chinese-style "social credit score," the U.S. will have this implemented via the two or three major payment processors, and there can only be two or three because cash will not be viable to use in the future and the number of regulations to try to start your own payment processor are innumerable.
Meanwhile, the U.S. government has pushed 8chan off of the internet. Christchurch's proposals are gaining support in Western governments, so you let alone not having any anonymity, you won't even be able to hear anything slightly edgy.

I'm getting really depressed. I don't see a bright future.


>It leads to pain and suffering for the individual in the long run,

what form of masculinity doesn't lead to pain?

Wizchan has /dep/

crabs nuff said

And even chads who should be the ones doing well according to crabs, are crying about the persecution of their masculinity louder than anyone.

So its not like the volcel, crab, normie chads form of masculinity are so much more happy and joyful than the gay form

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