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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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What are you talking about? I just said the guy is jewish, which is true.


there is zero contradiction in that


You do know we spy on all our allies too right?
I thought it was common knowledge that everybody at least tries to spy on everyone else, especially a important player like the US.


Now compare the response this will receive with what Russia got over a few facebook ads and the gaslighting that the mainstream media created over it.


with jews, you lose


File: 1568313873233.webm (4.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, out.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Connections can be made through hard work. Your birth situation and your death situation can be very different if you work at it. But it's unhealthy for any family to change classes during 1 persons life time. They will immediately lose it and end up back in the gutter no matter the connections.

There is no cognitive dissonance and you have no idea what that means you sargon watching cunt waffle. You're very clearly a jew trying to promote the usual bullshit when everyone can see through it.


File: 1568322806954.jpg (119.96 KB, 535x548, 535:548, hmm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Ignacio Labayen de Inza, a chemsex specialist who works at several UK clinics

We're really living in a dystopia already, aren't we?


>traps are gay sign
But that's completely true. It is homosexual in the most literal sense.


You don't have to suck up to the rich to not be a communist, you know? You can even be a capitalist and still agree that the rich are generally composed of assholes and cronies.


I couldn't care less about the Russian facebook ad thing.
It wasn't even espionage.
The mainstream media is 95% bullshit anyway so I don't take my opinions from them generally speaking.


You know there are other ideologies than capitalism and communist right? But the elite are assholes because we live in such a broken society.People aren't given the tools they need to understand this, hell they can't even tell you who the 1% are.


Economically they are the only ones relavent in the 21st century.
Other systems are probably better discussed in the history thread if you catch my drift.


hold on, I thought "whataboutism" is an invalid response


That's not true at all.

Stating a fact isn't whataboutism. To say allies spy on each other and some times get caught isn't whataboutism, it's explaining the situation isn't exceptional.


File: 1568363831682.png (58.46 KB, 782x453, 782:453, pol_mouth_breather.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pic related: Interesting infographic about /pol/


Is that supposed to be about shitchan or is this a attempt at trolling?


>That's not true
Ok, name another economic philosophy that is actually a thing and isn't a variation on those two in the 21st century then.



It's about you, that creature below a negro


>Sugarcoats everything about white history, denying facts like pagan Vikings and Greeks are being openly homosexual

Ignoring the poor writing, the Norse were not actually openly homosexual. In fact calling a Norseman a homosexual would allow him to challenge you to a duel and if you did not accept that duel after you had insulted him you would be outlawed. So I hardly think homosexuality was viewed in a good light.



>so much denial

It is the abramahic religions that mainly brought homophobia you dip. Homosexuality was normal especially between adult males and little children. Yes all around the white world back then like the rest of humanity where abrahamic religions werent prevalent. Where are you quoting your history from? Ah yeah, politically manipulated and edited. You dip.


>Where are you quoting your history from? Ah yeah, politically manipulated and edited. You dip.

>Icelandic law code Grágás

>Þav ero orð riú ef sva mioc versna máls endar manna er scog gang vaðla avll. Ef maðr kallar man ragan eða stroðinn eða sorðinn. Oc scal søkia sem avnnor full rettis orð enda a maðr vigt igegn þeim orðum þrimr.

>Then there are three terms which occasion bringing such a serious suit against a man that they are worthy to outlaw him. If a man call a man unmanly [effeminate], or homosexual, or demonstrably homosexually used by another man, he shall proceed to prosecute as with other terms of abuse, and indeed a man has the right to avenge with combat for these terms of abuse.



Again, there is difference between "disrespecting" a man by calling him in effeminate slurs like homo between actively engaging in same sex fucking and it being normal. This was a taboo to mock in societies where it was accepted, unless you had somekind of other "homo" related name that tries to sound "respectable". They wanted to keep it both patriarchic but also featuring buttsecks. Buttshecks without abrahamic religion rule was usually socially accepted and a man wasnt seen less of a man aslong as he did everything else society expected him to aka not acting like a succubus in other terms and following his gender role and do end up having a female wife to have kids with.

Some even wont call themselves gay as they ram up the ass of the other guy calling him the succubus. Still prevalent today this double standard.

Nice try poltard


It's clearly not normal if the mere allegation of it is cause for outlawing and duels to the death, stop deluding yourself. You say I am from pol(I'm not) and that I am manipulating things for political agendas but have you even stepped back and taken a look at yourself?


No, it wasn't. This is historic revisionism from the LGBT movement. Taking it in the ass was considered such a vile thing that it was something only acceptable to do against slaves. You can rest assured that in the ancient world there was much more in common with the Christian view of sex than with the LGBT one.


butt sex isn’t the only kind of gay sex, I think the greeks would fuck boys between their thighs or something because anal was something humiliating



>Since poltards realized here they fail as themselves, they now insist they are wizards but everyone can just see trough their shit. We are too old for this shit, groid kid.

It is in the normie instinct to to indulge in weird sexual stuff and deny it then blame someone else.

Penetrating children was ok trough human history. It's humans after all


/leftypol/ memes are great. They write walls of text to try and explain things because they make no sense.

>White history

Jewish bullshit. Europe spent centuries trying to off each other, competing with each other and are heated rivals still to this day. Only non-Europeans consider all Europeans to be white with a single shared history and no distinct culture differences.

This is incredibly retarded. Anal sex can cause serious damage to someone's asshole even if performed on an adult. Performing it on children leads to serious damage which requires medical treatment they did not have back then. So your argument is that children (who were hard to keep alive at all) were used by men for pleasure, which would lead to them suffering internal damaged and potentially dying just for the hell of it. It makes zero sense. Humans have a natural inbuilt hatred for people who hurt children, it's a defensive mechanism to keep the human race from going extinct. At no point in time has any one liked child molesters nor has it been acceptable for men to rape kids. It would definitely not be something common, accepted and promoted. You can find some small niche group which did it but they were a small niche and never last very long for an obvious reason.

You completely fail to take into account mass hysteria in your bullshit claims. Which is probably the biggest effect on homosexuality in all of history. When hysteria was the coolest mental illness in the world there was a rise of cases, not a small rise but thousands of times larger than is considered normal at any other time in history. Promoting the mental illness made people manifest it or at least act in ways which enabled it other ways being latent. Since we know homosexuality is not genetic, we can consider it a mental illness like hysteria was. So if you have mass promotion of faggotry of all kinds, you can expect people to act like faggots in much greater numbers than ever before. It's promoted, encouraged and rewarded these days yet you only see a 2-5% homosexual population depending on the country studied. So at the very extreme end of the spectrum, in countries that actively reward it you're still seeing very few people who claim to be faggots, many of who later repent saying it was just a phase they went through. So what does that tell you about historical numbers? They would be immensely small and since you couldn't travel around freely the odds of finding another faggot would be even smaller. So practicing homosexuality would be damn near impossible.

I could go into a long list of reasons why homosexuality is historically irrelevant and all but impossible to practice in any meaningful way but you have a clear agenda to push and will find some niche corner case where some african tribe raped kids and that will be your argument. You will ignore all the evolutionary selection going against homosexuals, which are more often than not also pedophiles (80% of child molesters say they're bisexual and 50% homosexual. But they fuck with these numbers in various ways too so it's likely higher than that).


Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? You are calling me a 'groid' and saying 'It is in the normie instinct to to indulge in weird sexual stuff and deny it then blame someone else' when the only one making up weird sexual fantasies is you.


File: 1568373526587.png (87.06 KB, 420x420, 1:1, strong-noob---strong-noob.png) ImgOps iqdb


I genuinely laughed at your comment a little. Such a retarded reply. Such a pathetic being.. Cannot grasp he and his kind are unwelcome here and still no one takes you seriously here.

I don't even take you seriously to have a proper converstation with you.. Why waste mental power on someone with few brain cells?


Trolling it is then.


Kinda funny troll, you might want to try something new though, because the emotionally upset but hiding behind a cocky persona "everyone I don't like is /pol/" shtick is getting old.


Time for the truth about google and this anti-trust nonsense.


Post an anime pic next time


File: 1568443950883.png (831.85 KB, 910x1280, 91:128, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stallman's been extremely consistent since the 1990s on the subject of pedophilia, and it doesn't seem to have substantially diminished his stature. His stature consists of mailing interjections at people from public libraries while homeless, so that's not saying too much, but it is interesting that someone can be intellectually consistent on such a socially charged issue without being personally invested in it in any way. Most people don't have actual principles.


>without being personally invested in it in any way.

your faith that he is not a pedophile is pretty baffling to me. He's probably invested because he's a pedo.


Nope, he just knows the true nature of a succubus.


There are many people who are " intellectually consistent on such a socially charged issue" when it comes to stuff like abortion "without being personally invested in it in any way".

It isn't actually unusual for intellectual types at all.


That is never true. Just because you don't understand their motivation doesn't mean they aren't invested in it. No one except people wanting to abuse children or to let someone they personally know abuse children would be pro-pedo. It's insane to think they would.


Do you have any evidence?


Do you have any evidence?


Define evidence. Do I have poorly reviewed studies done on small sample sizes manipulated by the location taken? No.

Do you think the average person is remotely interested in letting children be sexually abused with no motive for it? Such things are incredibly unlikely. People don't let pedos and they don't let people who enable pedos. So the only option left is they're a pedo or know a pedo.


Evidence that Stallman is a pedophile. Your claim that only pedophiles are capable of supporting the legalization of child pornography or consensual child-adult relationships is unsubstantiated.


What is "pro-pedo" though? Not wanting to lynch everyone who society arbitrarily labels a pedophile?


Well, for one, he's been working as an asset for Russian intelligence for like 10 years at least now and Russia is known to use pedophiles as agents because they can control them via a mixture of blackmail and supplying them with underage whores.


Wild speculation is not evidence of anything.
Do you not know what evidence is?


File: 1568596839235.jpg (64.38 KB, 1024x187, 1024:187, islam evolution pol user.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sick of reading these discussions too. It's endless materialist garbage and shitflinging. Wizards of all persuasions need to focus on submitting to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth before Judgement Day. Your economic preferences are meaningless and limited before what God has ordained for mankind.

>[24:39] But the deeds of those who disbelieve are like a mirage in a desert: the thirsty person thinks there will be water but, when he gets there, he finds only God, who pays him his account in full- God is swift in reckoning.


Looking at the whole Richard Stallman thing, it really doesn't look like he is defending pedophilia. It appears that he is just being autistic and stubborn about the definitions of words, which autists tend to do.

His basic point is that somebody wrote that Marvin Minsky "sexually assaulted" a 17 year old succubus. He believes that this is not what Minsky was actually accused of, as there was no "assault" or violence committed on the part of Minsky. As far as anybody knows, this 17 year old succubus has only alleged that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Minsky, which she then did after some initial objections. It is not stated whether or not Minsky was aware of these objections or not, so we cant assume that he was involved in the coercion of the succubus. So saying that Minsky committed sexual assault is probably a bit misleading because that implies that there was some sort of violence committed by him during what happened. It would probably be more accurate to call it statutory rape (which is in itself admittedly hyperbolic) or more simply say that he had unlawful sex with a minor.

That being said, basically no reasonable person would bring up such a minor point in defense of such a serious accusation against a person connected to one of the most infamous criminals ever. Usually you would attribute such a defense of a pedo as a thinly veiled defense of pedophilia in general, but in Stallman's case there is a very long history of being incredibly autistic and stubborn about all sorts of minor things like this so it would be assumed that this is exactly the kind of thing he would do regardless of what he thought about pedophilia itself.


Imagine being one of the poorest countries of Europe and wasting your country's money to repeat the elections instead of sharing your power for the well being of the people


Stallman's points always maintain focus on coercion and freedom.
In Minsky's case, Dr. Minsky did not perform any coercive actions, and Stallman defends Minsky on those grounds.
In Epstein's case, coercive actions were taken and Stallman condemns him, quite resoundingly, on those grounds.
Stallman is almost always consistent in that regard.

He's racked up a number of quotes over the years involving pedophilia and taking a decidedly neutral stance on it except insofar as it raises the spectre of coercion, which he always opposes. He is usually careful to specify that it is the coercive aspect that he opposes, because that properly contextualizes and integrates that subject into his philosophical left-libertarian message as a coherent whole.
>The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally–but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness.
This quote, taken as an island, is shocking, as are many of his other quotes on the subject. That shock was intentional but ill advised. The context of Stallman's political life around this quote is one in which censorship, control, authoritarianism and liberty are considered from front to back, inside and out, to an extreme degree. Stallman has made equally shocking statements declaring that Nazis should always be free to run his software as they wish, for any purpose, to study how his software works to improve it towards any of their Nazi purposes, to redistribute his software and to redistribute their modified versions of said software amongst all their Nazi friends, in response to all of the thousands of repetitions of "you wouldn't want Nazis using your software to run concentration camps now would you, isn't it silly to say that there shouldn't be any restrictions on software usage [smug liberal face]." Stallman's shocking quotes and antics suddenly become tame when considered within the context of Ethics as an academic subject and a branch of philosophy. Usually Ethicists prefer to take the most extreme positions possible, as that is the only sound way to gauge a philosophy's mettle. If restrictions on either art or information are always, unconditionally bad then restrictions on pornography are always bad, with everything that goes with that at every degree and branch from that point onwards. Any ethical perspective that talks about censorship without being willing to address All Those Horrible Things Pretty Much Everyone Would Be Healthier Not Seeing isn't an ethical perspective at all, because it ignores the entire purpose of ethics as a discipline. In the case of the above quote, no-where does Stallman say that sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor is non-harmful or that coercion would be absent from it, and it can in no sense be taken as a defense of child molestation–however, he does say that possession–NOT production–of child pornography, a category which throughout much of the world includes illustrations, and pedophilia–the sexual inclination, not the act of sex with minors–"should be legal so long as no-one is coerced."
If it were to come to actual, physical sex with minors then Stallman would certainly agree that coercion is inextricable from any such relationship in practical life, but from the perspective of Ethical Philosophy that is a much more difficult thing to establish, since the attempt to systemize Ethics requires making a coherent whole out of the whole system of possible human states, necessarily including extremely improbable edge cases.

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