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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

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They Finally Did It, CNN Segment Claims Trump WORSE THAN HITLER

Like they actually had someone on that without irony said that Trump has a body count worse then Hitler and Mao put together, that what he is doing to the border jumpers is worse then what Hitler did to the Jews, and that he must be stopped by any means necessary.

Gee, I wonder what is causing so much violence on the left lately, including the firebombings of other ICE facilities that didn't make the news?


File: 1566914786123.png (375.8 KB, 500x711, 500:711, 76420456958315e8f0a6a26846….png) ImgOps iqdb

im on my knees begging zog to ban nick the spic.


The International Conference on Men's Rights was held in Chicago this year and hosted speakers who talked about a range of issues from men's mental health to the so-called "culture war." Subverse went on the ground to hear what some speakers think are pressing issues to the men's rights movement.


They banned James Allsup for measurably speaking against white dispossession because the ADL ordered them to, so they'll obviously get to Nick Fuentes. The only reason they didn't yet is because his channel is smaller, but it's a matter of time.


I knew it was going to be about climate change, although none of the sources mentioned it.

Trump is racist got conflated with rising water levels will kill millions. Its not as insane as Tim Pool is making it out to be.

The claim wasnt Trump is Hitler because hes genociding Mexicans, but that the body count will be bigger from rising sea levels than Hitler.


Had no idea he was banned. Was never a fan of his content but he always was careful of the TOS so that is a surprise.


the jewish occupied government is arresting a whole fuck of lot of people on pre-crime as trial balloons to see what the goyim say

and they aren't saying a damn thing


Can you maybe post that in normal English or post a link to a news story of where you are getting your info from. Preferably not dailystormer or other tabloid.


no, I'm not googling for you
just watch minority report again, because that's your future, with Big Data jews instead of psychics red flagging you to the regime for a pre-crime arrest because you looked at one too many gun pictures online


So just baseless crazy ramblings not prompted by anything in particular then.
Will be ignoring you now.


It's pretty stupid to place the blame of the entire phenomenon of climate change on one man though. In fact it contributes heavily to delegitimizing discussion of the issue when you make a claim like "it's all Trump's fault".


>The claim wasnt Trump is Hitler because hes genociding Mexicans, but that the body count will be bigger from rising sea levels than Hitler.
Actually no, that wasn't the claim. As you said, sea levels were not mentioned at all by the guy.



If ZOG passes red flag laws, anyone with centrist and right-wing political thought will be disarmed and put into gulags.



Isn't it ironic that the USA spent 5000 lives and 1 trillion dollars to install this Iraqi Democracy that is now being bombed as threat to Israel?


Don't hide behind "centrist" when you use terms like ZOG


Well democracy means submission to the anglo-zionist empire, so there isn't really any irony there. Because of the ineptitude of the US policies, Iraq has been drifting towards shia, and naturally towards Iran, which now has Shia militias (and it's Revolutionary Guards?) operating in the region against anti-Assad freedom figthers, and as you may know Iran is not a democracy, but a brutal theocratic tyranny, which don't respect human rights (a democratic other buzzword).


well it is still ironic because the "anglo-zionists" have to bomb the government they put in at great cost.

The War on Terror cost more than WW2 by some estimates

I don't think Hussein would have hosted Iran


Yes, it's all very silly and destructive for no good reason. The money doesn't really matter since they can have as much as they want, and it was diverted to various group such as military contractors, and megacorps, and turned into nice salaries, promotion and busy works that look important for high ranking officers, etc… Anyway you're right, enourmous quantity of resources (fuel, equipment, construction materials, high tech weaponry, human lives…) have been thrown away never to be recovered. I'm starting to think that pacifying the region wasn't even the reason for the military involvement in MENA. What was the actual political goal and was it achieved, I have no idea. That the overwhelming Shia majority would take over the country especially after they disarmed and disbanded the Iraqi military and security force, and putting a democratic system was an oversight so big that it can only be explained by total incompetence. I've read that the Sunni opposition isn't too happy either with US presence and would agree with the Shia with kicking the US out of the country in case of the US-Iran conflict. So major fuck up here as well.

Seems like they never had a plan beyond let's hang Saddam. And it is also the case for Syria, when asked what is supposed to happen if Assad get deposed according to Westeners wish.

There's always the Great Israel plan theory of regional déstabilisation for uncontested Jewish hegemony, but that is in my opinion recklessly stupid, but what do I know I don't have a 150 Jewish genius level IQ. The saying that never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity sounds more and more true to me as time pass'


>The money doesn't really matter since they can have as much as they want,

No its still in the US debt, it didn't just disappear. You could inflate it away, but inflation has been low in the 2000s


During the early days of the Arab Spring, the neocons were actually taking credit for the model of Iraqi Democracy inspiring Arabs across the region. They even termed the Iraqi elections the "Purple Revolution"


see >>225419
it's more of the trend to pre-crime'ing everyone

or at least everyone the jew regime hates



well the nazi capitalists who play human rights activists for China should be careful of what they wish for, if the magic of capitalism would have made China a big Taiwan or South Korea like in their KMT fantasies, then China would today have a GDP per capita bigger than the USA and EU combined, and triple the USA.

I suppose it shows the cosmopolitan humanitarianism of white nationalists that they want China to rule the world as long as its democratic capitalist.


The GDP per capita of the Tigers is only slightly behind the USA. So magnified onto 1.4 billion people, the total GDP would be triple the USA is what I meant to say.


>careful what they wish for
I have no idea what you're implying.
>China to rule the world
Projection. They've never shown any intention of usurping the evil empire role from your nasty fucking jewmerica. Nobody believes that ridiculous fear-mongering lie except old conservatards anyway. And in the unrealistic scenario where china does take over the world, it wouldn't be nearly as bad as the shit we suffer under now. You wouldn't get fired and attacked by government sanctioned paramilitaries (antifa) for saying "nigger." You wouldn't have "no go zones." Your kindergarten teacher won't be ordering you to "check you privilege."


An ascendant China under Xi means that it's neighbors are gonna die.


>nazi capitalists
Either you don't know what National Socialism is or you don't know what capitalism is. Probably both.


It wouldn't. Taiwan is only like that because it it basically a giant metropolis, it doesn't have the Rural areas that China has, being a western nation would probably cause many rich Chinese people to move their as well. Taiwan is basically a giant Chinese first tier city.


Of course they are trying to 'rule the world' power is the aim of every truly independent nation. China works hard on influencing other nations and is adamant on their one belt one road scheme. China is only a relativity new player, they are going to project much harder in the future.

>You wouldn't get fired and attacked by government sanctioned paramilitaries (antifa) for saying "nigger."

No, you would get fired and attacked by government sanctioned paramilitaries for speaking out against the comunist party.


My land is now gonna be under China sooner or later.


>No, you would get fired and attacked by government sanctioned paramilitaries for speaking out against the comunist party.
So? The only thing you're not allowed to speak against in china is the government (fun fact). Everything else is fair game. Now compare that to your "freedom" under the evil empire and globohomo. That's why no educated person in 2019 is scared by all this chinese "ascendency" hogwash the neocohens are shrieking about. Being a buttslave to kikes and niggers, or enjoying freedom and making good money on the new silk road? What a hard choice.


It should be noted that a fuck ton of China's GDP growth comes directly from government spending on non-productive building projects that have no market demand.


Well China today has a GDP per capita above Bulgaria and Turkey and nearing Russia. Which doesn't sound super-impressive. But Bulgaria is an EU member. So having a country with 1.4 billion people that wouldn't be the poorest country in the EU is something. Consider that as late as 1990 it was still poorer than most of subsaharan Africa.

When they say how bad the Reds are and how they wish the KMT would have won, they are assuming that China would have been a Big Taiwan without the years of socialism. idk if its true that Taiwan and South Korea were much more urban in 1949.

With a GDP per capita anything near the tigers with 1.4 billion people, that is just enormous power. So idk if that is what the pro-KMT capitalists are really wishing for. Or are aware that they are wishing for.


That just bolsters my point, that the people who wish pure capitalism on China, and all the productivity they believe true capitalism brings, are basically wishing for China to rule the world. Since by the logic of capitalism, China would be enormously more powerful with real capitalism, much more so if they had started with it in 1949.


Just to be clear I'm not talking about the actually existing PRC China, but the imagined alternative history of KMT China or Big Taiwan.

The anti-communists say they just want whats best for China, they didn't want all those chinks to die in the famines. So lets take them at their word and assume they sincerely believe in the miracles of capitalism.

What they suggest is that a China ruled by the KMT and not the CCP, would have been more like Japan and the Tiger economies, and would today be a big Taiwan. But all the Tiger economies have relatively small populations in the scheme of things. You give a nation of 1.4 billion a GDP per capita just approaching Taiwan's and like I said that is 3x the USA. Now South Korea and Taiwan eventually evolved into capitalist democracies. And even Imperial China and Red China hasn't historically wanted to expand outside its region.

So maybe a democratic capitalist China, which equals 2 USAs and an EU combined, wouldn't be a threat to the world. They would just economically rule it, without needing to go on a Genghis Khan spree.

I'm just saying someone like Andrew Anglin, a white nationalist Nazi, is basically saying that he wants non-white "Chinks" to rule the world, when he wishes that the KMT had won over the CCP, and spared those millions of chink lives, and had a more rational economy. So his anti-communism becomes pro- China ruling the world was my point. If we follow the logic.


"real capitalism" renders nation states largely irrelevant if you want to play that game. So china wouldn't actually rule shit if they when full on laissez faire capitalism, the global market would.


Ok well Andrew Anglin is a white nationalist, and if he had his way non-white yellow people would be much more influential in the world. Even if we forget the nation state, and divided China up into 40 South Koreas, with all that economic power, yellow people would still be ruling the world more so than they do now.

An Ancap pure capitalist might not have a problem with it, but you would think Anglin the Daily Stormer would.


And to a lesser extent, arguably Trump nationalism just wants to altruistically make China more prosperous. In that most mainstream economists think that the state sector and crony capitalism is what is holding China back. Trump and his team want to force China to dismantle the state sector and embrace more pure capitalism, from what an economic textbook says would make China stronger.


this magic of capitalism, how would it make china richer and the chinese government stronger?


It all started with the Andrew Anglin article about how bad Communism was for China, implying it should have followed the KMT capitalists. A lot of westerners wish the KMT had won.

I guess its the irony of wishing capitalism on your enemies. Since capitalism is supposed to make countries richer and hence stronger. So wishing your enemies would be capitalist not communist, is wishing they would be richer and stronger.

Now for a liberal or libertarian capitalist this wouldn't be a problem. Look how friendly Germany and Japan are now that they are democratic capitalist. But Japan's economy still isn't nearly as larger as the USA. While a Big Taiwan China would be 3x the USA.

I was just pointing out the irony of Nationalists wishing capitalism on their enemies, because they are just wishing for nonwhites to become richer and stronger.

A libertarian would say good, and now we can be peaceful friends. But a racialist nationalist believes we still have to fight, but now against a much more powerful enemy.

>this magic of capitalism, how would it make china richer and the chinese government stronger?

But to sum up capitalism makes big GDP makes big power.


I've heard of people saying things like that, that communism in China helped the rest of the world by holding China back, that country being run under a non-retarded system would have quickly risen to worldwide prominence. And sure, that could have happened. But here's the thing, that Stormer article is not saying that it's a terrible shame that China was held back by communists and prevented from reaching its rightful place as world hegemon. It's saying that this one Jew went over to China, befriended Mao and a lot of other higher-ups in the CCP and got into a position of great power and influence. Then worked as a regime propagandist during the horrors of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

What had the Chinese ever done to the Jews? They go on and on about how they've been persecuted all their history, but then this one just goes to China and gleefully participates in a horrid regime that caused countless deaths and unimaginable suffering. Can't we be disgusted by his actions, even if they harmed an adversary of the West? If the plague ravages an enemy army's camp, are we supposed to sing praises to pestilence? Or just regard it as a fortuitous occurrence without declaring that widespread disease is, in fact, good?

Do you think he wouldn't have supported identical policies in the West? Do you believe he would have objected to mass starvation in Ohio when he applauded it in Hunan?

He continuously denounced the United States and other Western countries when he worked in China, yet when he returned to the US he had no problem setting up a company and getting rich. Despite having participated as a propagandist for a brutal regime that hated the West, Western elites had no problem welcoming him and doing business with him. Doesn't this show that they considered it completely acceptable to do such a thing, to support all those atrocities and denounce his country of birth as a great evil?

Does it not show his unbelievable hypocrisy, to go from communist propagandist to business tycoon like it was nothing? Doesn't it show that he believed in nothing, he supported whatever would benefit him at the moment, the horrid consequences to others be damned? Doesn't it say a lot that somebody like that is warmly welcomed by the bien pensants when he returns to the country in which he grew up and then spent years agitating against?


The debt will be the last problem of the US. There are bigger stuff the US have to worry about if they want to stay on top.

Not really, China is more interested in it's border being at peace, than any conquering spree, unless you mean something else by being dead. With current level of tech, most war will end up in a disaster, with never ending insurrection and terrorism. China is also more interested in deepening economic relation, by diversifying their supply for raw material and off-shoring low skill manufacturing, and developing their market for Chinese products and investments. Them being dead isn't going to help China in any way.

Real laissez faire capitalism never happened. Governments especially in East Asia have a lot of leverage and input in the economy.

Communism has been pretty bad for China, up to the Deng's reforms. It did provide China a somewhat effective political structure, that the KMT might not have been able to provide. On Andrew Anglin, hasn't he dropped White Nationalism a while ago? He also did voiced his support to the PRC against the Honkies in a couple of articles.


To be fair, its not like he just went to China to spread evil. He was actually originally there with the US military to establish contact with the Reds during WW2.

And seeing the corruption and autocracy of the KMT, a lot of people were taken in by the CPC as agrarian reformers for the little guy. Even General Stillwell a rightwing Republican who hated FDR, had some sympathy for the Reds as a better alternative to the KMT, just because as Chiang's aid he knew the KMT was so bad.

And he tried to push the CCP to befriend the USA. And Stalin knew about it and he actually spent 15 years in jail. And then he called out some of the brutalities of Jiang Qing in the Cultural Revolution and spent years in jail for that.

You can still believe he served an evil regime. But he wasn't just a Jew starving people for fun. He just worked for their domestic radio station. He got jailed by the regime for many years first because of Stalin, then the GPCR. When he was in jail in the 1950s, the Chinese even gave him a chance to go home and just forget about China, but he chose to remain.

I'm not defending communism as an economic system, but in backward parts of the world, where the forces of liberalism are weak, and the only alternatives are the autocracy of the landlords and communism, you can see why idealistic people would think communism means being for the underdog.


People say Communism is anti-NEET because you have to work. But the reason Communism failed is because Communist "work" is so easy it is basically NEETing


A middle-aged factory worker with broad shoulders and a prominent scar
on his right hand told me about another worker in his plant who had recently
retired at the mandatory age of sixty The factory gave a farewell party for
him, but in the middle of drinking beer and eating small sweet cakes he began
to cry “Why are you crying, now your life will be easy’” his colleagues
quizzed him

“Yes,” he replied "But I have been a worker in this factory for twenty
years, since they first started construction on it, and I have never done a day’s
work in the plant ” The others knew what he meant The factory was still
under construction and had never opened because there was such competi-
tion for building materials that the plant could not get the supplies it needed
He had simply reported for work each day and then idled his time attending
political study sessions, playing cards, or chatting with his friends
His story was not unusual


If that was true communist countries would have 0 GDP. Don't pretend that an anecdote proves the norm.


Seems pretty normal given how all socialists countries BTFO themselves with horrible policies and planning.


the damage control team sure took its time to respond


Looks like someone is trying to intimidate Tim Pool by attempting to break into his house.


politics 2019


I guess it could be worse.
We could be like Sweden.



To all you Millenials and Zoomers who grew up in the shadow of 9/11, who could have imagined that The War on Terror would end with the USA surrendering to the Taliban and handing them their country back?


It's impressive how quickly the US managed to destroy it's credibilty and mythology they've built over a century in less than 2 decades. Entropy at work right there. Though the fiction hasn't completely collapsed yet, there is still a lot of raw power backing it up, and many, even those who see the cracks forming, are still under the spell of American media due to it's world dominance and networks, and the fact that they are still pretty good at what they are doing.

Thinking of bringinh democracy over there was pretty dumb. They should have done something like Russia did with the Chechens and paying and arming the strongest and best connected guy to act as a vassal, and convince the Talibans that they aren't going to disturb they way of life, while slowly corrupting the local elites by taking their kids as hostage and educating them in Ivy league university to plant the seeds of liberalism, like how the Romans did (but there's the whole episode with Arminius, and you could compare him to Bin Laden and 9/11 with Teutoburg battle, so it's not a guarantee the whole experiment would work out too well) or something like it. If they really wanted to get rid of fundamental Islam, they should have gone against the KSA and the other Gulf States, but that was never going to happen. Islamist terror groups are pretty convenient pawns to use here and there, no reason to get rid of them, especially if it means going against your vassals who control massive amount of oil.


That is still work though, that is pretty much what people do in the security industry or in many other industries.


it's just a security arrangement iirc, it doesn't mean zog is gonna "pull out," they're never gonna "pull out"

they will maintain their infestation of afghanistan to keep their heroin pumping into european and american goyim forever (and keep blaming the deaths on prescription painkillers)


Universal suffrage is fake democracy. After all voting is just an head count of who can potentialy muster the biggest army and beat other into submission. But, the biggest number doesn't translate into the biggest army or even the best army. Most of the voters don't have the motivation to pick up a gun and exert his power over other, and those who do may be completely incompetent, incapable of large scale organisation, concentrating resources or be cowardly who will flee at the first sign of blood. A small cohesive group properly supplied and motivated which can take over a majority with ease, thrlugh sheer intimidation, infiltrating the administration, or engaging in insider trading, nepotism and corruption is the true expression of democracy.


Still in the aftermath of 9/11 no one could have imagined the US would be negotiating to let the Taliban back into the Afghan government


The US did make deals with unsavory Afghans, like the Warlords who keep boy-slaves, a practice the Taliban had ruthlessly banned



Well they were obviously not the strongest player. By strongest tribes I was thinking making deals directly with the Talibans who are well connected or can at least keep the other in check, and giving them tons of fancy titles of Sheiks, and the president of America becoming the Caliph and defender of the Islamic faith in the region. And not trying to spread stupid stuff like educating little succubi.


>no one could have imagined
I read tons of politics back then and I remember people (non patriotards anyway) saying one day the taliban would take it back. When was the last time you heard anyone refer to afghanistan's "graveyard of empires" history? It was still common knowledge back then and realistic observers everywhere were warning about it.

And it came true. Big surprise.


The term Graveyards of Empires is a American cope. It became popular around 2010s to explain why Afghanistan wasn't going so well, and the slow realisation that the Talibans were there to stay. Plenty of empires before America managed to hold Afghanistan for centuries with no troubles. Afghanistan was an important part of their empires due to the silk road through it and it's Central location in the Eurasian landmass connecting Persia, India, China and the Turkic steppes for commerce and military expeditions.

It's just a massive cope. The American empire mythologising a historical law that never existed in the first place to conveniently explain it's failure and save face.


Apparently Zoe Quinn, the feminist icon, harassed a man into committing suicide. Imagine someone being so powerful that they can destroy your life by shouting a word. Someone being "succubi" and the word being "rape". They can destroy any man with that, take everything from them, with no accountability.

Reminder that she also made false accusations against Wizardchan in the past.


Yet another reason to not associate with any succubi not old enough to be your mom.
AWALT is a thing for a reason. The funny thing is I am not sure if people would believe a allegation against myself because there are a few people who know I am celibate and actively avoid being alone with succubi.


File: 1567312893139.png (453.95 KB, 594x822, 99:137, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


The popularity of this potato is still surprising to me.


>Wait…so then how is China bad? It's gotta be a step up from Jews, right?
If by "step up" you mean much worse internet censorship (actually done by the government and not just private companies), thousands of political prisoners, no freedom of speech, not being allowed to criticise the government, organ harvesting from political prisoners and millions of surveillance cameras with facial recognition all over the country, then yeah it's definitely a step up



>no freedom of speech, not being allowed to criticise the government,
don't conflate the two


I thought she had fetal alcohol syndrome?


>the cathedral


>kid (think of the children)
>succubus (succubi first victim of climate change)
>child of well connected swedish movie/art elite
Nothing surprising, it's pure marketing.


I had never heard about her until some days ago when I saw someone post about her in an imageboard a few days ago.

I'm pretty sure that until some years ago people generally knew that teenagers are not very knowledgeable and are usually emotional and easy to manipulate.


the green meme has become a pseudo-religion, expect tree huggers to become increasingly unhinged in the years to come


>thousands of political prisoners
Already happening in the West
>no freedom of speech
Liberal myth which was only useful to the extent it helped liberalism dominate society, which they are abandonning now that it is losing it's usefulness
>not being allowed to criticise the government
Only when it's used as political agitation to push what the government want, by pretending it's totally organic.
>organ harvesting from political prisoners
Falun Gong fake news financed by CIA.
>and millions of surveillance cameras with facial recognition all over the country
Isn't it the whole purpose of the Five Eyes?


Dude, they have been fringe ones have been unhinged since the beginning.
Just be thankful they aren't resorting to eco-terrorism anymore.


I bet this was done on purpose by oil companies or some shit. Instill radicalism in them and fund eco-terrorists so everyone thinks it's just a big meme.



No doubt a bunch of them are agent provocateurs, informants, secret police and so forth, but it’s still pretty concerning, and the media and political figures are not helping by repeating ad nauseam that it’s the end of the world. Don’t need to be a genius to know that such predictions are not healthy for the psyche of individuals and of the human population in general, and that succubus is the perfect example of that. Sincere doomsayers are almost inevitably nutcases, and those who consciously manipulate them to further their interests are just plain evil



"Prior to YouTube being purchased by the Jewish enterprise of Google, YouTube was actually a pretty great place. Content spread organically and there was no political censorship to speak of. Obviously, the days of an open and free Internet are long gone.

YouTube was originally created to allow individual people to broadcast video of themselves to audiences over the Internet. Hence why it was called “YouTube.” When it was first launched, it was a new and interesting concept that empowered individual content creators.

Now, it is a site that specifically caters towards big corporations run by Jews at the expense of individual content creators. This is why many people refer to YouTube as JewTube – JewTube is actually a more accurate reflection of what it really is. It is a site run by Jews for the benefit of Jews. …."


File: 1567500133351.png (392.97 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 1554589428963.png) ImgOps iqdb

50 cents have been deposited in your account

>Already happening in the West

Tell me more about how people in the US are being thrown in jail for insulting Trump (or Obama, or Bush, or any american president of the last 100 years).

"Two Years in Jail for Calling Xi Jinping a ‘Steamed Bun’": https://international.thenewslens.com/article/65955

>Liberal myth which was only useful to the extent it helped liberalism dominate society

Of course, when James Madison wrote the First Amendment, he was obviously trying to help modern progressive liberals who would only appear almost 200 years later. It all makes sense now.

>Falun Gong fake news financed by CIA

50 cent army bot pls

>Isn't it the whole purpose of the Five Eyes?

>more retarded whataboutism
Unlike China, most western cities don't have 1984 facial recognition surveillance cameras with A.I. installed every hundred meters. That kind of surveillance is highly controversial in the west (as it should be), only being used in a few malls, museums, airports and at best there's been a few trials done by the local police in some cities in the US and UK, but nothing like what China is doing. The US police does use facial recognition, but through driver's license photos, not real-time videos from traffic cameras or CCTV.


you know what the scariest part about china taking over teh world is? nobody left to protect israel

we might not even have enough america left to give israel $50 billion free money whenever they want

we gotta stop china guys


File: 1567510351707.png (1.38 MB, 1186x1510, 593:755, eatthebugsgoy4.png) ImgOps iqdb


Imagine going to the third world to harass brown people that are minding their own business to "save the oppressed chicken". Ironically she'd be fine with all of them immigrating to the UK.


There are so many things that annoy me about that picture.

For one thing those aren't even fucking maggots. Those are millworms. I would know, I used to feed them to my pet lizard when I was a kid.

They also aren't realisticly a answer to feeding the growing population. Figuring out a way around limited phosphorus so industrial agriculture can keep up with demand is the way to feed nine billion people.


On IQ and Welfare


What are the main points of the video?


>please spoon feed
Ironically one of the points was the negative effects on communities that become reliant on handouts (hint hint).


>Figuring out a way around limited phosphorus
As fake as peak oil, peak minerals, peak whatever resources X, and peak everything. It's death cultist scaremongering.


I didn't say anything about peak "whatever".
Current supply is somewhat limited and is the current weak link in the chain of food production when it comes to expansion. The supply problem of this resource directly relates to the ability to expand production to the point of being able to feed 9 billion as current phosphorus production and know mining resources would not be able to supply that level of demand with current agricultural tech.

Being realistic about the correct problems in the way of a goal is the path to correct solutions to reach that goal.
No scaremongering, of whatever you are going on about. Just realism based on supply and demand.

So, what do you think would be needed to ramp up global food production to realistically feed 9 billion people? Any ideas, information, or opinions on the matter of resource production?
Or does the fact that supply of resources are finite within the market trigger your NPC programing and you have no real thoughts on the subject other then soundbites you have been programed with?


You're not going to survive either way, so stop hoping for a collapse.


File: 1567526541641.jpg (128.33 KB, 640x425, 128:85, strawman2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When did I mention a collapse?

It is becoming clear you are out of your depth when it comes to this subject and have nothing productive to say.


>argument from pragmaticism
don't care if I die norp


I am so glad I got away from these kind of people.

Getting into fights over a damn chicken sandwich. Shit like this ain't a good look.



Not sure what your point is though.

I posted the other video as a commentary on the shamelessness of lower class normies.


lumpenprole scum


amazing display of agency on the nigger that sued popeyes


So you're not even willing or capable of writing about the videos that you dump.


He is an incompetent moron, I've tried to talk to him about his videos multiple times before, but he just gets all smug and pretends to be some high IQ well-read sophist. In reality he just melts his brain on clickbait videos all day. He also likes to make claims that he reads books on politics and philosophy and whatever else of the like, but I highly doubt that because most of the times that I've tried communicating with him he had problems spelling just basic words, which should tell you a lot.


wtf i hate niggers now


samefag and bait
If you want to know exactly what the video is about then watch the video.
You want someone to describe the details of the video as a troll so you can give a rote low thought troll response.
And if they don't do what you say then you give a rote low thought troll response as you have here.
Ether way you are just a shitposter.


File: 1567565708088.png (661.08 KB, 819x1077, 273:359, 542.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

If you haven't noticed, Jews are the ones pushing for censorship online.

They are the ones that took down 8chan, are the ones responsible for the censorship on twitter and youtube and any platform that tells the truth about them. The next platform they're going after is telegram.


You know there are plenty of non-jews pushing for censorship online as well and that it has nothing to do with some dumb Jewish conspiracy right?


File: 1567566491609.webm (7.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 544915c2c8462ebbf767d6aae….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>dumb Jewish conspiracy right

You have to be dumb to actually believe it is just a conspiracy, when they openly have lists of people who they want to censor off the internet and already have. This is an explicitly Jewish organization doing this.



They way he says "ok I gotchu" at the end is really funny to me for some reason.


File: 1567567557969.png (64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 15652052878070.png) ImgOps iqdb

>feeling sad for 8kike going down


Somewhere at the CIA, someone must be furious that their honey pot operation has been shut down.


why are /pol/niggers so salty about 8kike going down when it was basically a honeypot affiliated with the feds


And there are non-jewish groups doing the same god damn thing.
It isn't a jew thing, censorship is much bigger then that. The urge to censor and crazed censors from all abrahamic religions are a thing.
Non-religious ideologs want censorship.
and most importantly people in power or who want power and control love the tool of censorship.

The fact that you think it is just a jew thing marks you out as a blind idiot who's simplified view of the world will only make you a useful idiot for someone pulling the strings. Open your eyes, there are more threats to liberty then your favorite lazy scapegoat.


File: 1567577708644.jpg (45.89 KB, 280x384, 35:48, 1565980601124.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol schizo autist


how ironic.


Because their hyper-realoty dopamine dispenser (or cortisol for those addicted to stress and anger) has been taken away. I can relate to that. There's better places and ways to partake to this sort of stuff, particularly when so many of the users have terrible opsec, or security in general, when you see how they get doxxed for the stupidest reason.

8kikes getting shut down is a service render to them, first by taking away their simulacrum so they can invest their time into themselves and better things to do (tho internet doesn't lack entertainment, so it's likely a huge proportion will fall back to bad habit- low impulse control, addictive personality, low conscienciousness, etc…), and a good reminder of how minuscule their power is minuscule compared to who they think they are fighting against, and seriously reconsider their position in the world. With the witch-hunting unleashed by the mental breakdown from the Trump election, and techno-capital converging interest with liberals and other leftists, there were no realistic way to keep the website running (or any website) when they don't even control basic telecommunications and financial infrastructures. Evolve and adapt, or rage in the abyss for self-gratification.


Speaking of chicken and politics.


Why wouldnt they be? And you could say any site is a honeypot for feds.


The United Kingdom has become the greatest clown country in existence.

I laughed throughout this video at how absurd it is.


File: 1567605874834.jpg (103.12 KB, 828x745, 828:745, photo_2019-09-03_22-15-07.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>Im offended
>No I'm offended
>well I am offended more

Agreed, the whole thing is a circus and all you can really do is laugh.


>And there are non-jewish groups doing the same god damn thing.
Such as?


Original wizards. O.W


It's absurd, but nothing special. The same sham takes place in almost all western nations. It certainly follows the American script perfectly. The "left" party accuses the "right" party of "racism", then the "right" party tries to cope by saying that it's the leftists are the "REAL racists" and don't forget also antisemites, usually followed by trying to one up the leftists on how progressive they are in some regard ("we're letting more people in LEGALLY than ever before!", "we have the most DIVERSE cabinet!", etc).



>Opposition MPs and Tory rebels ensured the bill passed by 327 votes to 299.

>The bill forces the PM to ask for an extension beyond the 31 October Brexit deadline if a deal has not been agreed with the EU.

>But Mr Johnson has warned he would push for an immediate vote on an early general election if it went through.



>The first mechanism also assumes voters who are able to accurately assess the success or failure of policies, accurately assign responsibility for success or failure, and then electorally reward or punish elites. This concept is known as retrospective voting. In retrospective voting, voters cast ballots based on results, not policies. Outcomes, so it goes, function as a heuristic for voters to rely on to overcome policy ignorance and compel liberal to act beneficially.
>But in a 2013 study, Bryan Caplan et al. determined that voters systematically overestimate the influence of politicians on the economy and systematically underestimate their influence on education and the federal budget. The prognosis for retrospective voting is grim: “As long as ignorant and irrational voters know enough to properly reward success and punish failure, democracy can still work well. Unfortunately, retrospective voting requires a largely undefended assumption: Voters’ beliefs about political influence are unbiased.” That is, voters overestimate, underestimate, and misallocate influence.
>Numerous other studies have examined voters’ strange propensity to vote out incumbents based on bad circumstances out of incumbents’ control. One such study found that voters punished U.S. governors in oil-producing states based on fluctuating world oil prices. Another determined that the success or failure of incumbent politicians in Latin America was based on U.S. interest rates, in addition to international commodity prices. Voters also consistently punish incumbents for droughts and floods.
>Voters also consistently punish incumbents for droughts and floods.
Seems like our lizard brain still operate under the priest-king paradigm.
>While the above work undermines retrospective voting in the abstract, Sebastian Rosato looked specifically at voter behavior in the context of lost wars and found that both liberal democratic and autocratic leaders have similar chances of being removed from power for losing wars, but not a single one of the liberal democratic leaders was actually punished. In contrast, 29 percent of autocratic leaders were either killed, imprisoned, or exiled. For wars that are costly, but not lost, that is, wars where there is one fatality per 2,000 population, autocrats were removed from power 35 percent of the time. They were also punished in 27 percent of cases. Democratic leaders, on the other hand, get off a lot easier, and were only removed 27 percent of the time and punished in just 7 percent of cases.
Interesting how the distribution of authority leads to nobody being responsible, and the demos certainly has none of the authority.


But isn't their hero Trump the #1 on "no u" "the left is the real racists" debating tactics?


Everybody work on the same vague liberal principles of liberalism, liberty, equality, human rights, etc… It's a question of interpretation, so it's perfectly sane for everybody to accuse each other of racism.


I think theres going to be an inherent tension when 70% of the Right says they just want rational economic, christian, and immigration policies and cheer on Black and Brown conservatives on their side, and claim that white nationalist fascism is an imaginary SJW boogieman, 5 crabs in their basement. And then you got guys like Fuentes and 30% of the Right wanting to march with Mussolini, Franco, Mosley, and proudly white nationalist fascist. And both sides supporting the same President and being on the "same team".


30% of the Right being anti-liberal or illiberal seems like an overestimation. Illiberalism would be mostly motivated by accelerating disruption of society from technological innlvation and globalisation, and the discomfort they bring, rather than a rejection of liberalism, and an indifferance to political theories (and in some case aversion). The politically motivated are much more marginal in my opinion, in the order of 10% at a maximum, but could be supplemented with a large proportion who couldn't care less, and just want something more or less normal, which would allow them to make life decision more simple.

The growing populist movements, while threatening to neo-liberalism, do not put into question liberal assumptions and principles, they are to some extent affirmation of them, and could easily be subverted to pacify the populations by stabilising the current socio-economic situation. It is highly possible that the West will use nationalistic sentiment in the West to prevent a collapse of liberalism in the World, if they can manage the Left in somehow.

Though radicalisation that has been happening since a decade, could very well lead to a complete collapse of liberal conservatism, and lead the way to a fourth political theory. For America it may entail the rejection of the Constitution and the Revoltion myth, but I doubt it'll happen, in part because it'll paint the Right as being anti-patriotic and traitors that should be put in fema camps, with the approval of the entire country. The cognitive stress of such rejection would also take disastrous effects on the White American population, as what happen to any population when their faith in religious and cosmogonic narratives collapse.


>The popularity of this potato is still surprising to me.
It's entirely manufactured. For whatever reason, the MSM hasn't figured out that people do not take children or their political endeavors seriously in the slightest (and for good reason), and thus, trying to turn them into figureheads for whatever agenda you're trying to push isn't a good idea. They tried the same thing with that bald mutt succubus and that Hogg kid. They were the face of gun control in the US for a hot minute, and the MSM tried pushing the angle of "this is a youth revolt against gun ownership in the US!". Haven't heard anything about them in ages, though. Surprise surprise, people don't want children telling them they're going to strip away their rights, or have to pay all sorts of "green" taxes while other nations continue to freely pollute the Earth and get away with it. I doubt anybody will remember this succubus in a year's time.


>The funny thing is I am not sure if people would believe a allegation against myself because there are a few people who know I am celibate and actively avoid being alone with succubi.
People believe baseless accusations like hers in a fucking /picosecond/. All it takes is a few paragraphs on Twitter and you're a goner. People wouldn't even stop to consider for a fucking second that you're a virgin. By the time that information came out, you'd have already been chewed up and spit out.

If not, then the mob would probably just find a way to twist it around on you, claiming that "of course you'd assault her, you're a virgin trying to get some!" These people will do anything to maintain the immense power and fake credibility that succubi have when it comes to rape accusations.


San Francisco declares NRA a Domestic Terror Organization
Yet they have no problem with antifa.


They're the local political elite foot soldiers, if you use facts and logic what is so hard to understand about that?



No, actual solders and militarized police are foot soldiers of the local political elite.


Soldiers belong to the federal government. Antifa do what the police can't do, like destruction of property and smashing the skulls of political opponents and other things the police cannot do without having bad press. You're a mayor and there's an anti-abortion protest going on? You can't just send the police firing tear gas at the crowd if the protest is peaceful, for this you send (or simply let) some guys do some aggressive intimidation, so that the protest goes away or you get the legitimate justification send the police do clean up the mess and do some arrest.

This sort of tactics is as old as mass politics and democracy.


> do what the police can't do, like destruction of property and smashing the skulls of political opponents
you don't pay attention to the news.
>and other things the police cannot do without having bad press.
The police shoot children and peoples dogs, lie cheat and steal, and straight up murder people on a daily bases.
Quit being silly.

Besides you have literally no evidence to support what you are saying, while what I am saying has been and still is the status quo that is "as old as mass politics and democracy".


the freaking limeys man….
you ever seen a live airing of parliament? they pack themselves into a room, wearing those pompous white wigs and yell over each other like an angry mob

or maybe it was the house of lords I watched, anyway, it basically tells you what a clownish and futile country england is


>you don't pay attention to the news
You don't know how to read the news.

>The police shoot children and peoples dogs, lie cheat and steal, and straight up murder people on a daily bases. Quit being silly.

That's not political violence, that's just undisciplined and badly trained police, because it'll take more energy to put them back into shape, beside this disorder in the rank is quite useful to propagate narrative such as systemic racism, gun violence, and stress the population to make them more receptive to desired policies.

>Besides you have literally no evidence to support what you are saying

Leftists politicians on the Old Continent have been quite happy to this day, to support, sponsor, give good press and finance antifa, and increasingly in the US. This sort of stuff isn't the monopoly of the Left, other political party of all spectrum have been quite happy to have a violent militant branch or mercenaries to do the dirty work, affiliated to them to varrying degrees, which aren't offical governmental force, to operate security missions, patrolling and controlling streets, gerrymandering, attacking political opponents and gathering, terrorism, show of force etc… They can be some workers union, student associations, street gangs, criminal organisations, revolutionary cellules, paramilitaries. Just pick up a book on political violence in the 19th and 20th century. Next you'll tell me that stuff like the SA never existed, parties never used "rogue" element to crush their opposition, or that gunmen don't go around shooting voting booth in opposition controlled neighborough in the Philipines.


>gets called out for having no evidence
>makes more claims and still provides no evidence


That sounds like the house of lords.

Parliament don't do the wig thing.
They do still yell over each other like an angry mob though.



File: 1567723990632.png (172.13 KB, 661x680, 661:680, political cartoons.png) ImgOps iqdb


Deconstructions of a joke aren't actually funny, nor are they insightful.
Especially absurdist lazy ones.


Politically, my stance has always just been "I'll do whatever I have to do in the current system to get what I desire". So advancing or changing the system is not my concern. Actually, I'm not really thrilled about the idea of people trying to make broad changes especially if they might intrude on my escapism. I'm not a normal person, I don't care what happens to others in society and I'm not interested in things outside my fictional worlds. I guess if it does change too much I'll just die, but otherwise I see no reason for someone like me to worry about politics. The system will always on some level cater to normalfags, and always on some level have the same basic types of laws and taxation, etc. Any other system change would probably force me into a living hell where I have to interact with normalfags in a strange and bizarre world. I know how to maintain a minimally comfortable existence in this world for little to no effort. I'm not really sure why I should give a fuck if normalfags have it bad.




Imagine if you will that there was a group of peaceful protesters violently rioting in Houston and demanding that Houston institute Chinese-style communism. They were flying Chinese flags as they attacked the cops, saying America is evil. The leaders of the riot movement were all trained at Chinese-funded schools, and the organizations that were organizing the riots had all been paid millions of dollars over the course of years by Chinese government funded front groups. During the riots, large numbers of Chinese people were flying into Houston. The entire Chinese media was celebrating the riots, saying that the people of Houston have a right to separate from America, and the Chinese government was threatening the US government to stay away from Houston and saying there will be consequences if the US doesn’t allow Houston to break away from America.


Fallacious. Totally different situations. You're a liar.


>hurrrrrrrr! its not meddling when WE do it!


Hong Kong has wanted to leave China for years. I don't get why so many anti-revolution faggots are siding with China. Fuck China, they can rot in hell. Hopefully Taiwan gets out of there too.


Hong Kong isn't China and they don't want to be. That's why they riot.


Even considering your exaggerated comparison, I still think any region have the right to vote secession with good enough reason. You can call it foreign brainwashing or whatever, but in a democracy the decision goes to the people regardless of whether it's a good decision or not. Even if you believe that a state should control the populace for their own good, China is far from doing that.


Ching Ching Chang chong.


>Hong Kong has wanted to leave China for years.
>That's why they riot.
even though zog is paying them to
>fifth columnists throwing a coup at zog's behest
pick one


What are you? A Chinese?


the real question is, are you getting paid or just shilling NED lies for free like a schmuck?


>deflecting the question


>even though zog is paying them to

Irrelevant even if it was true, they would anyway.


Hong Kong is not China and communists are not people.


if a thief steals your shit do you lose ownership of it?


Hmmm, good point, so I guess it belongs to Taiwan and should be governed by them?


wow you're dumb


Why is that?


well its like if the US declared Assad isn't allowed to take back North Syria in the civil war, and after 50 years of enforcing it, now North Syria is obviously a separate country with its own civilization


what a stupid comparison


Not really, that would be like if the Ottoman empire had leased North Syria to the US and then the Empire collapsed to form Turko-Syria and then The Turko-Syrians collapsed in a civil war with the communists but the US still had North Syria and then The US gave it to the New Communist Tuko-Syria(not the Old Government in Exile on Cyprus) under the terms that it could have it's own government for a set amount of time.


oh lemme guess, it's not theft when we do it? yeah uh huh


"Firstly, the premise that freedom has a duty to infect and destabilize foreign countries based on an absolute moral principle is in itself completely bizarre and seemingly based on nothing. Even if freedom were an absolute moral good – which is something that can certainly never be proven – claiming a moral right to infringe on the sovereignty of other nations in order to promote moral goodness among their population is extreme and dangerous.

Much more importantly and must more obviously, the US is less free than China, by a massive margin. China is not the most free country on earth, but the US is one of the least free, due to rampant corruption and endemic gangsterism.

It’s hard to say what people mean when they talk about “freedom” in the vague sense of “democracy and human rights,” and that is on purpose. But a solid and objective measure of freedom is the measurement of freedom of speech, and this value is much, much greater in China than it is in America, despite bizarro Orwellian claims of the opposite by the lying Jewish press.

In China, you are compelled not to question:

The Chinese Communist Party

In America, you are compelled not to question:

The intrinsic goodness of the Jews
The innocence of black people
Infinite amounts of nonwhite immigrants flooding into your country
Your entire neighborhood being replaced with aliens
Men who masturbate into each other’s anuses
The moral superiority of succubi
The superior job performance of succubi
A succubus’s fundamental right to murder her own children
Children being injected with sex hormones
Boys having their penises surgically removed

Secondly, the punishment for questioning is much less in China than it is in America. In the later nation, punishment for……."


All countries steal, that's how they became what they are now, China isn't excluded.


You're letting your antiamericanism melt your brain. Not liking the US doesn't mean you should suck up to every other shithole.


china is not a shithole, it is a wealthier country than the us


private citizens not wanting you around because you're really stupid and racist is not the same as literal government repression. We tell you to fuck off because we really want you to fuck off. This is not an attack, you have not been arrested or put in a gulag, you're just been told to fuck off. You might want to try it.


>claiming it's all just libertarianism at work
I had no idea that un-personing people is so…unpersonal

god bleses murika


What the government does in China is analogous to what "private citizens" do in the states. The fact that "individuals" self organize political repression doesn't mean this repression is fair and just.


India and Brazil are not shitholes, they're wealthier countries than the Netherlands, Norway or Switzerland


Honkies problem could be easily solved if they just emigrated to Vancouver, San Francisco or Seattle. It's not like most of they were native from HK anyway.


per capita? Cause I highly fucking doubt that.


No it isn't.
Why do you lie?


china has a cleaner, and more functional society than the US does. looking at everything in terms of GDP per capita is putting on reality-warping glasses. Glasses that turn chinese bullet trains into diesel locomotives, and orderly cities into slums. China's strong manufacturing and research is a better indicator of the strength of a society than the US economy's automated betting of abstract money, corn, and programming.


And already wrong right out of the gate.


Why are you telling such blatent and easily disprovable lies.
Is your soul really worth 50¢?


Ching Chang chong


File: 1567862652453.gif (171.78 KB, 249x189, 83:63, every-country-in-the-world….gif) ImgOps iqdb

so what's Plan B when china eventually tiananmen's your fifth columnists in hong kong? stomp your feet and scream no fair?


People are just not rational when talking about this stuff. Here you have the anticommies who do not want to recognize the advances of China because they don't like their ideology, and the antiamerican who worships the fucking chicom party of all things because the antiamericanism melted his brain. None wants to accept the nuance that it's possible to recognize that China is rising and that the West is in self-destruct mode without thinking this is a good thing.


US has never been as progressive of a country as it is now, blacks are a protected class and the only disagreement in the Democrat platform is how large should the reparations be at this moment. Yet at the same time, there has never been a moment where America has been considered as "racist" as it is now. The more progressive a society becomes, the more oppression it discovers, the more reparations it needs to distribute and the more oppressors it needs to punish.


Hong Kong: Terrorists March to US Consulate, Demand America Start a War with China!

Paul Jospeh Watson and other neocon shills were claiming that this wasn’t yet another neocon war hoax, but was in fact simply a bunch of terrorists rioting for freedom of their anuses.


Here they are with their American flags, demanding that Donald Trump declare war on China to liberate them from the oppressions and give them the freedoms once and for all.



i never said that the west self-destructing is a good thing, ideally americans could return to some acceptable quality of life but that probably won't happen as the country has been controlled by the rich since worker unions declined from their zenith in the 40s


It's pretty clear that feminist are useful idiots for a agenda they don't fully understand.


No rational and freedom-oriented person would want to be a subject of China, it's only natural that they seek support internationally. If it wasn't for China's fear of some international repercussion they'd already have killed everyone there.


Fake news.

Protestors want to simply enforce the Basic Law of Hong Kong. That law came about when the territory was handed from Britain to China. China is breaching their international obligations since the Basic Law says HK people should be able to democratically elect their own leader, but China instead chooses a few options for them for a fake sense of democracy. To achieve this they want to create international pressure and get the attention of other countries. USA is one of the only places saying they will stand up to China, with trade wars etc, and a symbol of democracy, so they are a target.


>the territory was handed from
the stolen part of china was handed back from
>international obligations
yes mister thief, thank you for giving my stolen shit back, I promise I won't do anything with it or act like I own it anymore
>the Basic Law says HK people should be able to
promises to thieves should be kept now


It was stolen from Qing China, RoC is a continuation of that, Communist China is a rouge separatist state. So a thief gave land that was not theirs to another thief that has no claim over it either.


Stolen land is a fucking stupid concept because you can always trace land ownership back to someone older, all countries are currently on "stolen land".


When Hong Kong was leased to Britain it was just a small backwater town, all of it's prosperity is because of Britain, they should reflect on this.


File: 1568008459274.jpg (6.02 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why won't China send Jackie Chan to beat those protesters like in the movies?


Cause that'd be a warcrime. He is too powerful.


Wizzie Chan


So apparently Contrapoints is a heretic now. I can't lie, I think it's amusing to see ultra-progressives eat each other over some dumb disagreement about "gender".


Whos the truwiz of them all


Shit logic. It was stolen from china, not a particular chinese government. A historical land claim is not invalidated just because the internal politics of the country claiming it changed to something you don't like for moral or ideological reasons, i.e. "rouge separatist state." That's just shit logic, son. Hong kong belongs to china and the "communists" currently running china. If some fifth columnist faggots rioting in the streets don't like it, too bad.


By those standards then it should be returned to the Republic of China, since their government is older and has arguably a better claim to the clay, unless you're a communist and agree with the commie takeover. Hong Kong is not China, it was never communist. There's absolutely no logic behind the argument that anything that was ever touched by a chink belongs to the ChiCom party.

I'm assuming you're American, or at least live in the Western world. It's pretty ironic that you're defending Chinese authoritarianism and imperialism, since if America took some lessons from the ChiCom party you'd be in a reeducation camp or a shallow grave right now.


>the commies
Oh yes, the ebil gommunisms (which no longer exist except in name only). Amurika must start a war with china over hong kong because….because teh commies.

The 1950s called, grandpa. They want their propaganda back.


This isn't shitchan
Mockery isn't a real argument.


nor is appealing to cold war prejudices, grandpa


Not really. It got rich because it was the only place China could trade with the world, and in the 70s to early 2000s was the go to place if you want to set up buisness in China. Fair amount of the HK buiness class made good money from setting up factories over Shenzhen.


Yeah, totally had nothing to do with the high level of economic freedom and free market forces at work as expected according to Austrian economics.


File: 1568122030181.jpg (41 KB, 489x368, 489:368, SURF THE KALI YUGA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What exactly is wrong with trying to end the war against the Taliban? How can people seriously be against ending that mess already? I can see why the military industrial complex would be against it, but why are there so many brainlets in US who think that an eternal war is a good thing? The only way for US to win is to actually commit genocide, and they'll not do that.

I watched some daily wire yesterday and the neocons were literally arguing that "taliban is evil, america fights against evil, end of discussion". You'd need to have a negative IQ to think that's a good reasoning. And it's not only neocons, the neoliberals are all "how dare Drumpf try to end the war!!! Impeaaaaaachhhhhh"


if you're amerikan you already know why
these are literally the dumbest people in the world


Well it's generally never good to lose a war. But we don't know, this could turn out okay or it could turn out like Vietnam. It's probable that ISIS will flock there(they already have a presence), peace with the Taliban will not apply to them and indeed many members of the Taliban dissatisfied with the peace will join ISIS or other groups.

However, it may have no negative affect on the US anyway, it's just another Muslim war zone. So for the US to withdraw isn't really harmful to her.


>it could turn out like Vietnam.
what year is this?


so you could copy-paste hong kong over all of china and india and such? not bad


Part of it is the timing (Right before 9/11 is in really poor taste), part of it is the "RESISTENCE" idiots who hate literally anything trump does, and part of it is that there is almost no anti-war left anymore.
As for neocons, they have always been warhawks so their brain-dead response is unsurprising.

>Well it's generally never good to lose a war.
Militarily it wasn't really a loss for the US. It was just kind of pointless of a war to begin with, with no real end goal or win condition. The US didn't lose, but they also had no possible way of winning ether.


>laissez faire capitalism
>in communist and socialist shitholes
>implying the government in those countries would ever give up that kind of power to the free market


It's still a lose if you don't achieve an impossible goal.


Whoever wins in the desert we all lose. There is a fucking invasion going on at the Mexican border. We bring chaos to the Muslim world, they flood into Europe and America. Just as planned by the powers that be. I'm so sick of it all


File: 1568141236347.jpg (50.34 KB, 701x555, 701:555, john-bolton.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Trump fires John Bolton

>President Donald Trump abruptly announced in a tweet Tuesday that he has asked national security adviser John Bolton to resign, noting that he "strongly disagreed with many" of Bolton's suggestions "as did others in the administration."



without socialist governments or whatever, the magic of capitalism could move 1 or 2 more billion people into high standards of living without creating massive poverty in other regions of the world? i doubt it. the magic of capitalism works only under infinite economic expansion


does that mean the neocons are screwed?


>without socialist governments or whatever, the magic of capitalism could move 1 or 2 more billion people into high standards of living without creating massive poverty in other regions of the world?
Such governments actually greatly inhibit progress and keep people in poverty.
>the magic of capitalism works only under infinite economic expansion
False, I don't even know where you got such a idea. Capitalism is the most functional solution to resource allocation under finite resources.
Socialism falls apart when they run out of "other peoples" stuff to pillage from.


Fuck yeah!
One more step towards peace. That warhawk needed to be shown the door a long time ago.


Not even a little.
Though it is still a good thing for the US getting him out of that position.


WITHOUT socialist governments. WITHOUT. i mean if china would have any government of your choice, would it work consumer wonders?
>Capitalism is the most functional solution to resource allocation under finite resources.
False, I don't even know where you got such a idea. Socialism is the most functional solution to resource allocation under finite resources.
Capitalism falls apart when they run out of "other peoples" stuff to pillage from.


>I know what you are but what am I
About the level of discourse as can be expected from a socialist.


File: 1568213401804.png (105.11 KB, 1425x475, 3:1, 1568178684270.png) ImgOps iqdb

The Shocking Paper Predicting the End of Democracy


Wow, this is actually gold. Not because it's right, as it is only right insofar it predicts the inevitable demise of Democracy, but because of what it gets wrong. By reading it you can feel the utter contempt those people have towards the common man. In their condescending tone they go on about how people are just not intelligent enough to understand why we should all follow their progressive ideology. And that's what this is about and why it's not a contradiction that someone who supposedly defends democracy despairs over people choosing something they happen to not like. It's about the progressive ideology they push, of which "democracy" is just a magical word, for as long as they control all institutions then the people will choose as this small elite wishes, or at least so they thought. This article is about a jew who laments that not being the case. And why is that? The jew argues it's because the right has easy answers. What about the right answers? Fascists themselves said that people will naturally choose order, nation, and so on. Did the jew come to the conclusion that the fascists were right after all?

All in all, I agree with the prediction at least. Democracy will fall, but that's because progressivism itself is unsustainable.


bootlickers gonna lick. As long as they have someone below them on the social hierarchy they will fight to the death to maintain the current hierarchy because that's a successful survival strategy from an evolutionary standpoint. Just find the dominant power, support it and if you do a good enough job of supporting it, are loyal enough, they will elevate you and you can oppress all the people not associated with the dominant power. It's not a reasoned, well thought out intellectual ideology, but one based on nothing but base instinct.


File: 1568216195580.png (34.37 KB, 660x510, 22:17, poverty.png) ImgOps iqdb

Except that there's more proof that socialism keeps people OUT of poverty. But facts don't really matter to you. You just want to vomit out buzzwords without doing any research what so ever.


Democracy is overrated and even the founding fathers put pretty strong limits on it.
That said, your "final solution" is also shit too, actually being worse and having a worse track record then democracy.


Post the actual link to the page so I can look at the data, because I suspect you are full of shit and using that picture to lie.



I agree that capitalism works and does boost the economy and in certain ways gets people out of poverty. Yet we need a mixture of socialist and capitalist policies, just like most European nations, in order to create a society that works for everyone and gives everyone an equal playing field when it comes to rising out of poverty. Here's the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_percentage_of_population_living_in_poverty


same old rehashed economic fallacies one way or another. just say "I prefer socialism" or "I prefer capitalism" and leave all the human rights, poverty, other bs like that behind


>Yet we need a mixture of socialist and capitalist policies
The hell we do
>just like most European nations
You mean nations that are collapsing and in decline under the burdens bloated government?
>in order to create a society that works for everyone
By works for everyone you mean drag the everyone down to lowest level and actively punish anyone the isn't the worst of the worst.
>and gives everyone an equal playing field
Socialism isn't, and never was about equality of opertunity. It is about equality of outcome. Capitalism already provides social mobility and as close as you can get to equality of opportunity without infringing on individual liberty.
>when it comes to rising out of poverty
It doesn't do that.

Lastly, the data doesn't correspond to the point you were trying to make.


All of those countries have socialized healthcare, THAT'S why there isn't as much in poverty. Because they're not put into bankruptcy over one illness or broken bone. Please enlighten me to the actual facts and statistics that proves that all of those nations are collapsing and in decline under the burdens bloated government. I'm willing to admit you're right if you can prove that.


>All of those countries have socialized healthcare, THAT'S why there isn't as much in poverty
Corilation is not causation.
What you posted does not suport what you just said.

Also all of the absolute worst on the list are socialist countries, not capitalist ones.

Take a look at this
Notice something about the standard of living in countries where capitalism and free market economics is able to do it's thing?


Okay, correlation is not causation. Now prove to me that socialism is causing European nations to collapse under the burdens bloated government. And of course the countries with communist dictators are going to be the worst on the list. I'm looking at first world socialist countries who's governments aren't full of niggers who don't give a shit about their citizens.


>I'm looking at first world socialist countries who's governments aren't full of niggers who don't give a shit about their citizens.
>Now prove to me that socialism is causing European nations to collapse under the burdens bloated government.
Did you intentionally set up a immigration joke or what?



File: 1568224535196.png (381.31 KB, 901x918, 53:54, gfddfdf.png) ImgOps iqdb

You realize that the USA has more debt than literally any other country on earth? And we spend more on healthcare than countries who actually have socialized healthcare. Your own source shows that lack of regulation of big bank kikes who want to gamble with all of our money is the majority of the reason that they are in so much debt now.


File: 1568225356680.jpg (67.91 KB, 1024x475, 1024:475, 1567184578681.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh boy, it's the trillionth socialism vs capitalism discussion on the internet. There's even a PragerU video, so you can tell it's all very original and fresh content. I'm so excited about the possibilities of intellectual advancement with all the new things we'll see in this one.


Thanks for your profound opinion. You've really improved this thread.


People still watch PragerU lol?


>You realize that the USA has more debt than literally any other country on earth?
You do realize how that has nothing to do with anything of what has been said or have any factor into the reason why the debt in Europe is a crises right?
I am not sure if you take me for a easily distracted fool or you are just making one of yourself with that comment.
>Your own source shows that lack of regulation of big bank kikes who want to gamble with all of our money is the majority of the reason that they are in so much debt now.
And now you went full retard on several different levels.
I am too tired for this foolishness.
I will be back in a few hours after a nap.
Enjoy learning something about economics while I am gone.
Or at the very least take the time to think up better arguments then JEWWWWWWWWWWWWS!


>if you can't argue against the info presented just make fun of the presenter of the information instead



Yes it does moron, you seem to think that nations without socialized healthcare are these utopias and Europe is in a crisis right now because of EVIL SOCIALISM!!! When in reality, socialism actually helps save money, but you're too idiotic to understand simple concepts. I'm glad you're getting too tired to defend your idiotic statements, it was getting really sad and pathetic. But by all means, go ahead and keep letting jews hoard all of the wealth by cutting all regulations and taxes while living in this false reality where you think it's actually helping you and everyone else in the country.





you gonna post that tranny next?


on this morning 18 years ago the fucking goddamn kikes ruined everything forever



Just like in the last thread where you posted this, your video does not debunk any of the information presented in the video you are complaining about and is therefor irrelevant as a long winded poisoning the well attempt.


>I wake up to this
Seems you have given up any pretense of being rational and now shown your true colors.


>Just like in the last thread where you posted this

I didn't post it in the last thread, I rarely post in this thread at all. I was just entertained that some people still watch PragerU.


The point still stands


I think he means that popular leftist youtuber counterpoints.
People who tend to watch/post shaun videos also watch/post counterpoints stuff.


You haven't justified giving everyone an equal playing field as if this is just by default a good thing. I have no interest in a kid with down syndrome going to school with a normal kid because it's obvious a tard is worthless and wasting good time and money on "equality" when it's stupid to do so.

You cannot make an equal playing field, it's impossible because everyone has connections or lacks connections. So a jew in poverty can use his local synagogue to get out of poverty easier than a poor white man who's constantly told he's oppressing succubi by trying to get a job. succubi like wise have an easier time getting hired. So if men and succubi cannot be equal (and they cannot) and humans have a natural inbred instinct to treat them differently (which they do). How to you propose an equal playing field among 2 completely unequal things?

Lastly poverty will always exist, it is impossible to prevent. Some people are too lazy, stupid or disabled to get out of the gutter. They're genetically unable to succeed and nothing you can do will make them a go getter. The best you can do is handicap the successful people (this is socialism BTW) where you force them to give to the poor and prevent them from doing more with money than the poor will do. So you punish the successful to give to the unsuccessful who then waste it.


>And therein lies the core of his argument: Democracy is hard work and requires a lot from those who participate in it. It requires people to respect those with different views from theirs and *people who don’t look like them.*
……huh. That's peculiar. I'm pretty sure Democracy more or less worked fairly okay when everybody looked the same. In fact, it worked a lot better. So, you're telling me that Democracy necessarily must be multiracial/multiethnic, Mr.Rosenberg? Having blocs that prioritize voting along racial lines (barring white people, of course) is a good thing for a healthy Democracy? Hmm.


I am starting to think you can't make a single post without somehow bringing up your dislike of jews.
I swear you think about them more then actual jews do.


Why does it bother you that we mention the jewishness?


I am not the same poster as >>226794 . The person who wrote the paper I was responding to is quite literally named Shawn Rosenberg.


so let me get this straight, you accept that success in society is largely due to connections and privilege in society but you're also blaming everyone who isn't successful and acting like they're no good and the successful people are all just more successful because they're better than everyone else and they deserve it unlike the unsuccessful who deserve to suffer.

Holy fucking shit the cognitive dissonance is staggering.



>b-b-but jews

*exasperated sigh*
It is just tiresome at this point.


Are you jewish?


if he is do you actually expect him to say yes? they never do


No, not that you will believe me, as how could anyone disagree with you or not feel the same way you do without being the dreaded no-no group.


I'm just trying to understand why you feel offended. If you were jewish I'd at least have something to work with but right now you're just someone feeling offended on behalf of someone else for no apparent reason.


Annoyed and offended are two very different emotions.
As for why, if someone doesn't believe that jews are literally the root of everything one could dislike ever then having someone use jews as a explanation/boogeyman ad nauseam gets really old and very irritating very quickly.
Your mind is a one trick pony and it was never a very good trick to begin with but you have still over-preformed it. Get what I am saying?
It is just as bad as the demiurge posters on /b/ only even more played out.
That more then anything else is why it is so annoying. Endless repretition over YEARS!
just jew this and kike for god damn everything. Like are you retarded. Is this the only way you can string to thoughts together, by linking it with jews?
Let me ask, what the fuck don't you think is caused by jews that you don't like?
Anything at all?
Like in the whole world, the infinate span of things to dislike, is there nothing you don't think the jews had a hand in?


File: 1568308471453.jpeg (240.02 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, (JPEG Image, 1160 × 773 p….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

>The U.S. government concluded within the past two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cellphone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.


The Greatest Ally strikes again.


>trump is a jew owned president
>so jews need to spy on him


What are you talking about? I just said the guy is jewish, which is true.


there is zero contradiction in that


You do know we spy on all our allies too right?
I thought it was common knowledge that everybody at least tries to spy on everyone else, especially a important player like the US.


Now compare the response this will receive with what Russia got over a few facebook ads and the gaslighting that the mainstream media created over it.


with jews, you lose


File: 1568313873233.webm (4.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, out.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Connections can be made through hard work. Your birth situation and your death situation can be very different if you work at it. But it's unhealthy for any family to change classes during 1 persons life time. They will immediately lose it and end up back in the gutter no matter the connections.

There is no cognitive dissonance and you have no idea what that means you sargon watching cunt waffle. You're very clearly a jew trying to promote the usual bullshit when everyone can see through it.


File: 1568322806954.jpg (119.96 KB, 535x548, 535:548, hmm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Ignacio Labayen de Inza, a chemsex specialist who works at several UK clinics

We're really living in a dystopia already, aren't we?


>traps are gay sign
But that's completely true. It is homosexual in the most literal sense.


You don't have to suck up to the rich to not be a communist, you know? You can even be a capitalist and still agree that the rich are generally composed of assholes and cronies.


I couldn't care less about the Russian facebook ad thing.
It wasn't even espionage.
The mainstream media is 95% bullshit anyway so I don't take my opinions from them generally speaking.


You know there are other ideologies than capitalism and communist right? But the elite are assholes because we live in such a broken society.People aren't given the tools they need to understand this, hell they can't even tell you who the 1% are.


Economically they are the only ones relavent in the 21st century.
Other systems are probably better discussed in the history thread if you catch my drift.


hold on, I thought "whataboutism" is an invalid response


That's not true at all.

Stating a fact isn't whataboutism. To say allies spy on each other and some times get caught isn't whataboutism, it's explaining the situation isn't exceptional.


File: 1568363831682.png (58.46 KB, 782x453, 782:453, pol_mouth_breather.png) ImgOps iqdb

Pic related: Interesting infographic about /pol/


Is that supposed to be about shitchan or is this a attempt at trolling?


>That's not true
Ok, name another economic philosophy that is actually a thing and isn't a variation on those two in the 21st century then.



It's about you, that creature below a negro


>Sugarcoats everything about white history, denying facts like pagan Vikings and Greeks are being openly homosexual

Ignoring the poor writing, the Norse were not actually openly homosexual. In fact calling a Norseman a homosexual would allow him to challenge you to a duel and if you did not accept that duel after you had insulted him you would be outlawed. So I hardly think homosexuality was viewed in a good light.



>so much denial

It is the abramahic religions that mainly brought homophobia you dip. Homosexuality was normal especially between adult males and little children. Yes all around the white world back then like the rest of humanity where abrahamic religions werent prevalent. Where are you quoting your history from? Ah yeah, politically manipulated and edited. You dip.


>Where are you quoting your history from? Ah yeah, politically manipulated and edited. You dip.

>Icelandic law code Grágás

>Þav ero orð riú ef sva mioc versna máls endar manna er scog gang vaðla avll. Ef maðr kallar man ragan eða stroðinn eða sorðinn. Oc scal søkia sem avnnor full rettis orð enda a maðr vigt igegn þeim orðum þrimr.

>Then there are three terms which occasion bringing such a serious suit against a man that they are worthy to outlaw him. If a man call a man unmanly [effeminate], or homosexual, or demonstrably homosexually used by another man, he shall proceed to prosecute as with other terms of abuse, and indeed a man has the right to avenge with combat for these terms of abuse.



Again, there is difference between "disrespecting" a man by calling him in effeminate slurs like homo between actively engaging in same sex fucking and it being normal. This was a taboo to mock in societies where it was accepted, unless you had somekind of other "homo" related name that tries to sound "respectable". They wanted to keep it both patriarchic but also featuring buttsecks. Buttshecks without abrahamic religion rule was usually socially accepted and a man wasnt seen less of a man aslong as he did everything else society expected him to aka not acting like a succubus in other terms and following his gender role and do end up having a female wife to have kids with.

Some even wont call themselves gay as they ram up the ass of the other guy calling him the succubus. Still prevalent today this double standard.

Nice try poltard


It's clearly not normal if the mere allegation of it is cause for outlawing and duels to the death, stop deluding yourself. You say I am from pol(I'm not) and that I am manipulating things for political agendas but have you even stepped back and taken a look at yourself?


No, it wasn't. This is historic revisionism from the LGBT movement. Taking it in the ass was considered such a vile thing that it was something only acceptable to do against slaves. You can rest assured that in the ancient world there was much more in common with the Christian view of sex than with the LGBT one.


butt sex isn’t the only kind of gay sex, I think the greeks would fuck boys between their thighs or something because anal was something humiliating



>Since poltards realized here they fail as themselves, they now insist they are wizards but everyone can just see trough their shit. We are too old for this shit, groid kid.

It is in the normie instinct to to indulge in weird sexual stuff and deny it then blame someone else.

Penetrating children was ok trough human history. It's humans after all


/leftypol/ memes are great. They write walls of text to try and explain things because they make no sense.

>White history

Jewish bullshit. Europe spent centuries trying to off each other, competing with each other and are heated rivals still to this day. Only non-Europeans consider all Europeans to be white with a single shared history and no distinct culture differences.

This is incredibly retarded. Anal sex can cause serious damage to someone's asshole even if performed on an adult. Performing it on children leads to serious damage which requires medical treatment they did not have back then. So your argument is that children (who were hard to keep alive at all) were used by men for pleasure, which would lead to them suffering internal damaged and potentially dying just for the hell of it. It makes zero sense. Humans have a natural inbuilt hatred for people who hurt children, it's a defensive mechanism to keep the human race from going extinct. At no point in time has any one liked child molesters nor has it been acceptable for men to rape kids. It would definitely not be something common, accepted and promoted. You can find some small niche group which did it but they were a small niche and never last very long for an obvious reason.

You completely fail to take into account mass hysteria in your bullshit claims. Which is probably the biggest effect on homosexuality in all of history. When hysteria was the coolest mental illness in the world there was a rise of cases, not a small rise but thousands of times larger than is considered normal at any other time in history. Promoting the mental illness made people manifest it or at least act in ways which enabled it other ways being latent. Since we know homosexuality is not genetic, we can consider it a mental illness like hysteria was. So if you have mass promotion of faggotry of all kinds, you can expect people to act like faggots in much greater numbers than ever before. It's promoted, encouraged and rewarded these days yet you only see a 2-5% homosexual population depending on the country studied. So at the very extreme end of the spectrum, in countries that actively reward it you're still seeing very few people who claim to be faggots, many of who later repent saying it was just a phase they went through. So what does that tell you about historical numbers? They would be immensely small and since you couldn't travel around freely the odds of finding another faggot would be even smaller. So practicing homosexuality would be damn near impossible.

I could go into a long list of reasons why homosexuality is historically irrelevant and all but impossible to practice in any meaningful way but you have a clear agenda to push and will find some niche corner case where some african tribe raped kids and that will be your argument. You will ignore all the evolutionary selection going against homosexuals, which are more often than not also pedophiles (80% of child molesters say they're bisexual and 50% homosexual. But they fuck with these numbers in various ways too so it's likely higher than that).


Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? You are calling me a 'groid' and saying 'It is in the normie instinct to to indulge in weird sexual stuff and deny it then blame someone else' when the only one making up weird sexual fantasies is you.


File: 1568373526587.png (87.06 KB, 420x420, 1:1, strong-noob---strong-noob.png) ImgOps iqdb


I genuinely laughed at your comment a little. Such a retarded reply. Such a pathetic being.. Cannot grasp he and his kind are unwelcome here and still no one takes you seriously here.

I don't even take you seriously to have a proper converstation with you.. Why waste mental power on someone with few brain cells?


Trolling it is then.


Kinda funny troll, you might want to try something new though, because the emotionally upset but hiding behind a cocky persona "everyone I don't like is /pol/" shtick is getting old.


Time for the truth about google and this anti-trust nonsense.


Post an anime pic next time


File: 1568443950883.png (831.85 KB, 910x1280, 91:128, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stallman's been extremely consistent since the 1990s on the subject of pedophilia, and it doesn't seem to have substantially diminished his stature. His stature consists of mailing interjections at people from public libraries while homeless, so that's not saying too much, but it is interesting that someone can be intellectually consistent on such a socially charged issue without being personally invested in it in any way. Most people don't have actual principles.


>without being personally invested in it in any way.

your faith that he is not a pedophile is pretty baffling to me. He's probably invested because he's a pedo.


Nope, he just knows the true nature of a succubus.


There are many people who are " intellectually consistent on such a socially charged issue" when it comes to stuff like abortion "without being personally invested in it in any way".

It isn't actually unusual for intellectual types at all.


That is never true. Just because you don't understand their motivation doesn't mean they aren't invested in it. No one except people wanting to abuse children or to let someone they personally know abuse children would be pro-pedo. It's insane to think they would.


Do you have any evidence?


Do you have any evidence?


Define evidence. Do I have poorly reviewed studies done on small sample sizes manipulated by the location taken? No.

Do you think the average person is remotely interested in letting children be sexually abused with no motive for it? Such things are incredibly unlikely. People don't let pedos and they don't let people who enable pedos. So the only option left is they're a pedo or know a pedo.


Evidence that Stallman is a pedophile. Your claim that only pedophiles are capable of supporting the legalization of child pornography or consensual child-adult relationships is unsubstantiated.


What is "pro-pedo" though? Not wanting to lynch everyone who society arbitrarily labels a pedophile?


Well, for one, he's been working as an asset for Russian intelligence for like 10 years at least now and Russia is known to use pedophiles as agents because they can control them via a mixture of blackmail and supplying them with underage whores.


Wild speculation is not evidence of anything.
Do you not know what evidence is?


File: 1568596839235.jpg (64.38 KB, 1024x187, 1024:187, islam evolution pol user.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sick of reading these discussions too. It's endless materialist garbage and shitflinging. Wizards of all persuasions need to focus on submitting to the Creator of the Heavens and Earth before Judgement Day. Your economic preferences are meaningless and limited before what God has ordained for mankind.

>[24:39] But the deeds of those who disbelieve are like a mirage in a desert: the thirsty person thinks there will be water but, when he gets there, he finds only God, who pays him his account in full- God is swift in reckoning.


Looking at the whole Richard Stallman thing, it really doesn't look like he is defending pedophilia. It appears that he is just being autistic and stubborn about the definitions of words, which autists tend to do.

His basic point is that somebody wrote that Marvin Minsky "sexually assaulted" a 17 year old succubus. He believes that this is not what Minsky was actually accused of, as there was no "assault" or violence committed on the part of Minsky. As far as anybody knows, this 17 year old succubus has only alleged that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Minsky, which she then did after some initial objections. It is not stated whether or not Minsky was aware of these objections or not, so we cant assume that he was involved in the coercion of the succubus. So saying that Minsky committed sexual assault is probably a bit misleading because that implies that there was some sort of violence committed by him during what happened. It would probably be more accurate to call it statutory rape (which is in itself admittedly hyperbolic) or more simply say that he had unlawful sex with a minor.

That being said, basically no reasonable person would bring up such a minor point in defense of such a serious accusation against a person connected to one of the most infamous criminals ever. Usually you would attribute such a defense of a pedo as a thinly veiled defense of pedophilia in general, but in Stallman's case there is a very long history of being incredibly autistic and stubborn about all sorts of minor things like this so it would be assumed that this is exactly the kind of thing he would do regardless of what he thought about pedophilia itself.


Imagine being one of the poorest countries of Europe and wasting your country's money to repeat the elections instead of sharing your power for the well being of the people


Stallman's points always maintain focus on coercion and freedom.
In Minsky's case, Dr. Minsky did not perform any coercive actions, and Stallman defends Minsky on those grounds.
In Epstein's case, coercive actions were taken and Stallman condemns him, quite resoundingly, on those grounds.
Stallman is almost always consistent in that regard.

He's racked up a number of quotes over the years involving pedophilia and taking a decidedly neutral stance on it except insofar as it raises the spectre of coercion, which he always opposes. He is usually careful to specify that it is the coercive aspect that he opposes, because that properly contextualizes and integrates that subject into his philosophical left-libertarian message as a coherent whole.
>The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally–but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness.
This quote, taken as an island, is shocking, as are many of his other quotes on the subject. That shock was intentional but ill advised. The context of Stallman's political life around this quote is one in which censorship, control, authoritarianism and liberty are considered from front to back, inside and out, to an extreme degree. Stallman has made equally shocking statements declaring that Nazis should always be free to run his software as they wish, for any purpose, to study how his software works to improve it towards any of their Nazi purposes, to redistribute his software and to redistribute their modified versions of said software amongst all their Nazi friends, in response to all of the thousands of repetitions of "you wouldn't want Nazis using your software to run concentration camps now would you, isn't it silly to say that there shouldn't be any restrictions on software usage [smug liberal face]." Stallman's shocking quotes and antics suddenly become tame when considered within the context of Ethics as an academic subject and a branch of philosophy. Usually Ethicists prefer to take the most extreme positions possible, as that is the only sound way to gauge a philosophy's mettle. If restrictions on either art or information are always, unconditionally bad then restrictions on pornography are always bad, with everything that goes with that at every degree and branch from that point onwards. Any ethical perspective that talks about censorship without being willing to address All Those Horrible Things Pretty Much Everyone Would Be Healthier Not Seeing isn't an ethical perspective at all, because it ignores the entire purpose of ethics as a discipline. In the case of the above quote, no-where does Stallman say that sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor is non-harmful or that coercion would be absent from it, and it can in no sense be taken as a defense of child molestation–however, he does say that possession–NOT production–of child pornography, a category which throughout much of the world includes illustrations, and pedophilia–the sexual inclination, not the act of sex with minors–"should be legal so long as no-one is coerced."
If it were to come to actual, physical sex with minors then Stallman would certainly agree that coercion is inextricable from any such relationship in practical life, but from the perspective of Ethical Philosophy that is a much more difficult thing to establish, since the attempt to systemize Ethics requires making a coherent whole out of the whole system of possible human states, necessarily including extremely improbable edge cases.

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