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File: 1567836087700.png (571.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 8b118dd0-dd89-4b5d-9edc-03….png) ImgOps iqdb


Hi /lounge/ do you have a smartphone? I think I'm addicted to mine (and no I don't even use social media).

I can read wizchan and "that other Imageboard" on my comfy bed,I can watch anime pretty much anywhere,I can read 800+ manga using my phone,and some mobile games are not bad,they can be quite good sometimes.

I have a Redmi Note 7,what about you?


Watching anime on such a tiny screen would not be enjoyable for me.


Did the other smartphone general end?


You would be surprised how fast you get used to such a small screen.
Personally I enjoyed it just fine.


last year my brother gave me his old samsung phone. it just has wifi so i cant make calls or text but ive never needed to do that anyway. i mostly use the notepad to jot down my ideas and things

i also use it to watch anime. a few weeks ago i slapped together a phone holder made from a pinata stick, rolls of tape, and a cardboard box. as long as phone screen is close enough its like im looking at a big tv or something

i never downloaded any apps except vlc and a file manager, but just as a media player its working good. was considering whether a mouse or some sort of wireless comtroller would be worth it, that way i wouldnt have to move my arms to click the screen every time a show ends

since it was free i think its pretty cool. i dont think ill ever buy a phone though. hopefully this doesnt break and i can just continue using it for a long time


File: 1567864068407.jpg (43.44 KB, 600x460, 30:23, Nokia-130-2017-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>new smartphone = expensive
>used smartphone = almost dead battery, maybe some backdoors from previous owner
>cheap new smartphones have smth like 3 hours of active screen battery
>what's the point if you already have laptop/desktop and don't go out much
>relying on public wifi / have to set up wifi at home
>no torrent support on celluar, so you have to download from / watch directly on some sketchy sites with unblockable ads and miners, usually in crappy quality
>celluar internet costs more for limited amount of Gb, compared to unlimited hardwire
>paying for Netflix, Crunchyroll or anything like that? haha
>expensive screen replacement if you drop it
>free games are shit, most games casual as fuck

It's probably ok if you have money and don't OCD about breaking/losing expensive things.
I have a dirtcheap old flip phone now, and whenever i'll have to get rid of PC, i'm gonna buy a nokia dumbphone that supports mp3 and fill a 64gb sdcard with fantasy audiobooks.
Right now all used cheap android phones i can buy in my area are too old, laggy and near broken, maybe a few years later some decent ones gonna be cheap, and with a swappable battery. The main advantage would be an fb2 reader, though i think it will fuck up my eyes.
Also an old nokia phone with symbian is an option now, but i never tried it and they are all pretty old too.


>Smartphone general
>All dumbphones

>it just has wifi so i cant make calls or text

How's that even possible? Is a fucking phone


you don't put a sim card in, or the thing is just broken


Mine is prepaid and I don't have any credit.


File: 1567926372256.jpg (21.78 KB, 296x325, 296:325, four-in-hand-5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Never owned a phone until my job issued me one. It's a recent samsung with unlimited internet included. Free and convenient.

Wageslave privileges.


I have my smartphone for 6 years now. The cover for microSD is falling off. I fixed it with a sticky tape.


My old Nokia button phone is 12 years old. I've never changed the battery and I still use it to receive calls from relatives rarely.


>hey, Kevin, please give in your phone, we're checking everybody after security breach
>what the hell man, your browser history is full of coprophilia and furry porn, you sick pervert
>what is wizardchan? wait… you're still a virgin?
>we promote you to a regional manager


Hows that a privilege, this is surveillance


I thought I would go berserk with it but in the end I only use it (besides work) for Anki and streaming music from youtube. I'm the most innocent man in the world.


File: 1567986951564.png (2.79 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190907-151954….png) ImgOps iqdb

I was very excited recently when LineageOS 16 got ported to my 2014 Moto X because it does great for my pointless internet browsing, manga reading, food tracking, and even watching anime. It was my first smartphone and I see no reason to change until the non-replaceable battery goes. Right now, it still has 85% capacity left and I'm never away from home long enough for it to run out.

Do you guys customize yours or just use the default look? I don't like icons, so I hide as many as possible.


you hide icons because you dont like to look at them?

you are only supposed to be at your desktop for a second, the stuff is meant so you instantly click and switch to something. you arent ever just staring at icons on the desktop. if you ever are then you should just get off the phone

i havent customized shit but i would like a black theme or something since i only use this thing at night. i dont know how to do anything to my phone and i doubt ill ever bother with it. its basically an ipod to me


I get that but just prefer a clean, minimal look to the clutter of most people's homescreens and desktops. My PC is the same and it's how I organize physical things as well - neatly kept in drawers or cabinets rather than laying about. You could argue it's inefficient but an extra tap or click has never made any difference for my casual use.


I have a Redmi Note 7. It's basically fused to my hand now, I don't even use my PC anymore since all the games I play are on consoles.


I'm really tempted to buy new Xperia 1.
I was using some really really cheap Huawei phone for years, then switched to Sony, which was pretty cheap as well. And let me tell you, you guys say that smartphones aren't that useful anyway…that's bullshit.
Migrating from Huawei to Sony, and to more expensive phone in general, made a world of differences to me. Way faster, way more intuitive. Expensive, - yes, but it's worth it in most cases and saves a lot of frustration.


I've got a Nexus 5X flashed with Pure Nexus. It's already pretty streamlined and after purging the remainder of Google shit, the battery lasts for almost two days the way I use it. It's mostly stuff from F-Droid (Calendar, Maps, Feeder, Overchan, NewPipe, Kiwix) and a few other utilities. I bought it refurbished at the beginning of 2017, I'll likely use it until 5G becomes widespread and my carrier tells me to switch phones or fuck off.


Liar, you can't even get a job without a phone.


File: 1574579575645.png (101.75 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20191124-011204.png) ImgOps iqdb

Am still using Android 8.1, how does everything work? I'm planning to make the jump eventually.


samsung s6

no sim card. just use it to google things, visit a tech news site, visit wizchan. sometimes i take pictures of cats with it and record audio. also have used this app called jota plus for like a decade to make notes and write down random things or ideas. i install hackers keyboard everytime ive had a phone

there is a google play alternative called f-droid which has a lot of open source stuff. the good thing is that none of those apps have ads

i think ive tried playing games but i really dont see the point of mobile games. they are really shitty

screen isnt big enough to comfortably read manga so i dont bother

i mostly use it for googling, setting alarms, and writing things down


>i take pictures of cats


why not, i like cats


> f-droid
Thanks for mentioning, that might be handy one day.


are there any sites that work well for watching movies on a phone?


Torrent movies, then transfer the movies to ur phone


I found that using a adblock type browser makes most streaming sites stable enough.
I think I remember even using putlocker and the like just fine.


File: 1574799809420.gif (31.85 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1402608527223.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've never had a smartphone, not really, because I'm not a normalfaggot. However, I have one on standby for using a voice over IP program to pretend I have a real cell number for when I need to do official things. It keeps the same number if I use it for something often enough. I also have emulators on it, an ebook reader, and lots of files backed up onto it with an sd card in it with further backed up files.

I found it on the ground, reformatted it, and took the sim out, not specifically in that order.

Also I installed file managers and shitty VR stuff that was designed to break itself. Phones are garbage guys seriously. Oh, and a dictionary, a p2p program, IRC application, really I installed a lot of stuff I don't use that I thought'd be cool to try out and they worked. I downloaded ebooks with IRC using my device. But I have never used it to socialize, ever. I didn't install crabby applications on it either for random stupid shit. They are negated by the use of their decent web browsers. Even it's firefox has a ublock that works pretty well from what I've seen on the tiny thing. It has 3 gigs of ram and near 2 ghz cpu. It's stronger than my old laptop I use that has only 1.6 cpu and 2 gigs ram. I tested megaman legends on it and it seemed to run perfectly on the ported epsxe apk I installed for it, though I didn't play it very long.

I turned it on to look at it. I installed tor, some paint app that works as well as mspaint basically, some other stuff but the derpnet apk and the paint thing I used often. Another noteworthy thing I did was try to download vids using youtube-dl and some other application with gui to do so. I had minimal success. I hate what youtube became anyway. One app worked for other sites but not well. Ads glitched it.

It was a vs 985. I looked just now. So that's mine. They are discontinued but were nice phones it seems. The hardware does whatever I need it too and generally I can't make anything crash but VR apps did make the (cpu) very hot and I thought I might break it at times. Also, if it opens tons of images while also having the browser open it often runs out of memory even with it's supposed 3 gigs. Of which is sad. By about probably 2k thumbnails of scrolling the page will reset while trying to find something. It's manageable but I don't feel like making my reaction folders smaller nor am I going to name them all and scroll through descriptions.

While I'm meandering on, I remembered android's gba glitched me with the end of it's zelda. I don't trust these things at all. They're bad. My winxp latpop (I use it for emulation sometimes) I had to export the save state to to get past the spot then I exported it again (while chainging the names of the thing so they are recognized) to beat it. Others didn't glitch,often, but some roms were bad on the various emulators.

Really all in all they're not worth my time. The paint app lowered resolution very badly when pasting an image into something. I had issues getting an IRC client to work for downloads too. It's just bad. Though Linux is bad in general.


does anyone have the fairphone?
it costs as much as my motorola g5plus but i doubt it is as good
and I wonder if it works with lineage OS


File: 1575122631886.png (2.44 MB, 2160x2160, 1:1, degoogled.png) ImgOps iqdb

I own a Note 5 Pro. I like that it doesn't has that retarded notch. I have removed Mi and Google shit from it. I run AOSP Extended ROM on it with microG to run apps that require Google Play Services.
Pic related shows my homescreen and all the apps I have installed.
I would like to get rid of WhatsApp so that I can run everything open source on my phone but it is going to be hard given how all the normies assume everyone has whatsapp.
I would like to buy a pinephone when it is available. It's a phone that runs GNU/Linux and will be fully open source.


My laptop is being repaired and phone posting has been terrible. The auto correct keeps changing properly spelled words into other words, trying to edit something with cut and paste is a giant task, and rotating my phone now jumps the page randomly but a whole bunch. It's terrible, I just want my laptop back.


Top of the line Samsung phones have Dex. The S10 (and better) supports 2560x1440 @ 60hz. breddy good. There are hubs that work with it. They're chinese, so they can be annoying, like you try to fuck with it, plug in, plug out, whatever, then it works, keeps working. dunno why it gets fucky. So it's a janky thing, but the main thing is that after max 5 minutes per week of fucking with it it works.

What's it good for? you have to do this tap 5 times trick to load all apps, but you then can window apps. Like a real operating system. It's like black magic, because it turns Android into a legit desktop.

I don't know of anything as good as Dex, for that reason I'm a Samsung customer 4 lyf.

>anon, what's the big deal about it? just get a cheap af Windows machine & you'll have better performance

I'll tell you why: DATA. Your data use, if you have unlimited, counts as your phone. But you're using Dex, it's just like a desktop. Genius, and it's a totally legal way to get unlimited desktop data.

>but I have DSL/cable internet

if it's free, fine. But if you pay for it, you can drop the bill, if you find Dex good enough for you.


don't even ask, they suck on Dex. ffs what do you want?! But in all seriousness, just disconnect from Dex (you can do it from either the phone or in the (sort of, one of the) notifications area of Dex) and go into screen mirroring mode for gaymes. But gaymes that are clicking oriented (casual shit & stuff like chess) will probably work. if I try emulation I'll update, but who knows how that goes.

I know 3d works fine, though, but a lot of apps just don't know how to handle a large display right, and it just gets weird (like Google Earth looks fantastic and is super smooth, but there are issues otherwise).

meanwhile I thought the multi-tasking on the phone (like in phone mode) would matter to me, but I literally never do it (like watch youtube & read a webpage at the same time). I mean, it's nice, or whatever, but I just don't care. One thing it enables, though, is that you can play youtube shit while doing other things without paying for (((youtube red))). I'll try to do this more, just to see if I'm just being dumb to not do it or what.


>Pic related shows my homescreen
Nice wallpaper. Is that your gf?


None of those custom roms have a Dex equivalent yet, do they? Dex = Android apps where you can resize them & have as many as you want on screen at once. You use mouse & keyboard. Dex is why i'm a Samsung customer for life, actually. I know most people aren't really interested, though.


If you disable your mobile network on Android your standby time increases crazy. I'm using an old phone to keep an audio diary and with battery saver + disabled radio it lasts 25 days on standby. A newer big screen phone I have lasts 13 days on standby. Just thought I'd share because i find them useful and not having to charge them so often makes them useful.


That tip might be useful one day.
I will keep it in mind.


I personally bought extra battery packs for usb charging to add sixteen amp hours to the/a phone's typical 3 amp hour battery. My phone on standby with it's three amp without adding the sixteen worth (one ten one six) external batteries is if reading a book 5-8 hours with the screen low or when just off it's 11 days or so, on standby, that is.

On top of this I have a solar panel for usb devices with no battery that might be able to recharge a little 3 amp cell battery in a couple days.

I'm 'ready' though and you probably find a giant battery dangling off a phone to be inconvenient I guess.

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