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Zoe Quinn, who just drove a game developer named Alec Holowka to suicide over unproven allegations that he grabbed her by the pussy ten years ago, is actually being defended by Wired. They’ve published an insane article written by feminist named Laurie Penny. She paints Quinn as a victim and blames so-called “male fragility” for all of her alleged problems.

In other words, she claims Quinn is the real victim because she’s a succubus and succubi must be believed no matter what. According to her, it doesn’t matter if Quinn’s allegations are provable or not. Facts, logic and reason can’t enter into the equation. Quinn being a female is all that is required.

Penny doesn’t think we should consider Quinn’s track record of having sex with men in order to get positive coverage for her fake video games. Nor should we consider all the other unethical shit she’s been involved in over the past several years. Shit like the hoax Kickstarter campaign she promoted in which she scammed around $85,000 from investors.
But we’re dealing with a situation in which Quinn made comically ridiculous sexual assault claims without ever going to the police to report them. Instead of filing a police report, she went straight to social media. It was effectively a way for her to smear a man without any due process and to get him fired from his job. Not only was Quinn successful in getting him fired, but the stress from the ordeal drove him to suicide.

Her actions are indefensible, which is what makes this article so insane. It largely ignores the fact that a man had his life ruined by this evil bitch and is now dead as a result.

Describing men who are angry at what happened as having “male fragility” is ridiculous. People are rightly upset that Quinn made retard-tier allegations in order to try and start a hoax #MeToo movement in the gaming industry. And being angry at the situation does not make someone a “troll” as Penny suggests in her article. She’s deceptively conflating two very different concepts.

If we were to apply Penny’s logic in reverse, succubi who get upset over a man bullying a succubus to suicide with false accusations could be described as having “female fragility.” In fact, maybe that term should be used to attack feminists who are constantly whining about how they are allegedly oppressed by the supposed patriarchy.



But the important thing is why would you post /b/ garbage on /wiz/ though?


Oh shit I'm sorry.


I don't care about gamergate shit anymore. It was the reason wizardchan got it's first and biggest norm raid. You can go to kiwifarms if you want to talk about the latest event.


So you read this and your first thought is to post it here on wizchan to quote mine us?? Begone mundane


Nobody here cares


Sorry for what?


File: 1568146112790.jpg (23.63 KB, 401x349, 401:349, 130.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Our dad taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks, specially since they're such good size and all


What do you expect? These people live in alternate realities where succubi are somehow marginalized and weak while simultaneously being stronk and independent. Also this post belongs in the news thread or politics.


Hmmmm. I see that. Daddy gave a good advice.


>hey everyone, he touched my vagoo ten years ago!
>oh no I must suicide now *kills self

idk, seems pretty fucking fragile if you ask me. Why do you even care about it? I can't possibly see how this would interest anyone enough to make an entire thread about.


It gets bigger when I pull on it.


Zoe is a liar and a crazy whore.
The fact that people put up with her bullshit rather then call her out on it is the problem, not "male Fragility".


Truly the length these succubi go to maintain their victimhood status is amazing.




Go away Zoe. You're just trying to blame wizards for more shit. We know your games by now.


Sometimes, I pull on it so hard I rip the skin!


succubi are FAR more privileged than men and it's fucking disgusting. They can just make up any lies that they want about any man and there will be hundreds of white knights defending her and harassing the man. I think it should be illegal to accuse rape in a public setting and you should ONLY be allowed to accuse someone to the police and let them handle it. succubi have WAYYYY to much power over men and we need gender equality.


>I can't possibly see how this would interest anyone enough to make an entire thread about.

You really think this type of thing should just keep happening and cunts like her should be able to get away with ruining mens lives over her lies? You seem to hate men and you want succubi to have unfair advantages over men.


He didn't say that.
Calm your tits and stop acting like a emotional succubus.


See, this is sexism. Men are just told to "man up and stop being an emotional little succubus" if we speak out against injustices against us. Meanwhile, succubi are blindly believed and defended by people like you no matter what lies they tell.


No, succubi are told to get the fuck out because they don't belong here.
Your dumbass is given a second chance to act like a rational being instead of a emotional one.
You have wasted that second chance and therefore can fuck off just like the succubi if you want to act like them so much.
How is that for equality for you?


There's so much irony in that comment that it is actually hilarious. I just state that we should have gender equality and then you wet your panties in anger screaming at me to GTFO. Seems like you're the emotional one. I've never seen a wizard defend toxic femininity as much as you have.


leave your gender politics


You want to be treated like a succubus, well I am treating you like a succubus.
You don't belong here and need to leave.
This is a site exclusively for men and succubi are not treated as equals they are entirely exuded from here.


Bro, wizchan is not a men's rights activism site. We don't care about that shit. If you want to talk about how all succubi are evil you can go to r9k.


Wagecuck commits suicide after being freed by feminist.


That's just your opinion. I can defend mens rights if I want to, it doesn't break the rules. So I'd be more welcome on this website if I were like you and just said "I don't fucking care about anything, especially succubi mentally abusing men an ruining their lives. Stop being so mean to the WOMANS!!!" I'm not going to be like you, sorry.


go away


Moved to >>>/b/387438.

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