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I've noticed a few post on wiz saying they ignore or thinks that anyone who post with anime in it is a troll? what happened? I thought anime was part of the chan culture? why the backlash?
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Probably why I enjoy it.


It's the opposite actually. I liked anime way too much and people who still watch it are the 2nd or 3rd wave bandwagoners. The cut off point to liking anime is around 2013-2015.


To add on to this what I mean is that watching anime is only maybe 1/5th of being an anime fan, so it wasn't a reason itself to watch anime but rather be a part of the community. It's impossible to like anime and not want to discuss it with anyone else - thats the real bandwagoners there because they just add it to the list and spam waifus without ever discussing it.


No, he's right you are just a hipster norm, go back to facebook.


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Maybe one of the many reasons I don't like anime is that when i was a child my parents let me watch weird shit like Ripley's believe it or not, Unsolved Mysteries and Guinness world records.


I have 2000 anime watched over 10 years, you couldn't be more wrong.


It doesn't matter how many you have watched if you are doing it as a social activity which you say you are.


I never said I did.


>To add on to this what I mean is that watching anime is only maybe 1/5th of being an anime fan

So what is the other 4/5ths?


> It's impossible to like anime and not want to discuss it with anyone else

Implies socialisation.


It's only socialization insofar as talking to you on wizchan is.


Well that is socialization, so 4/5ths of what you watch anime for is socialisation, to talk to other people about it. I've been watching anime a similar amount of time yet I don't think I have ever had a discussion about anime with anybody, I would have had arguments, I would have given information but I don't think I have discussed it, I don't know how or why one even would but that's just me, you are much more socially inclined obviously as the 4/5ths show.


You're socializing right now.


Yes, but not about the anime I watch which is the point. That isn't a factor towards my enjoyment of anime in the slightest.


Hows buying anime figures and merch socializing?


>I am posting in a thread specifically about anime
>but I am not socializing about anime
okay dude


Normcore millionaire STEM grad. a true weirdo would collect those baby photos from diaper packages.


It's not, you never brought it up after all this time that you easily could have and should have like when I asked what the 4/5ths were, you are just deflecting now.

Name the anime I brought up and am discussing. I would not even say I enjoy this either, it's frustrating if anything, all them more so when people like you show up with comments like that.


Watching anime
Reading manga
Buying figs/merch
Discussing it online
Liking Japanese culture

There is also things like playing related anime games or VNs, maybe learning jap…included into that list but not necessary which separates the casuals from elitists. That barrier used to be huge before but the medium became so diluted with trash that there is anime clubs in schools and colleges and anime expos with cosplaying normie secondaries. It went from a hobby for reclusive virgin basement dwellers to your average guy watching anime on Netflix with his gf. Before wizchan if you were a reclusive virgin your only option to talk about anime was online and so a lot of the people had similar tastes/lifestyles that it was possible to discuss anime unironically.


That's just your opinion.

Reading manga tends to make me enjoy the anime less as I already know what will happen.

I don't think figs or merch are an essential part of enjoying anime or that they even impact it at all, I mean I have them but I don't have them for EVERY anime I watch, I can easily enjoy an anime just as much without it as I could with it.

Discussing online doesn't sound very interesting either, I don't even know how or why one would or how that would impact ones enjoyment of an anime itself.

Yes, if you don't like Japanese culture to a degree or at least share some of their values you may not enjoy it.


I'm more or less indifferent towards anime. Like, I prefer it over most western cartoons, but I don't go out of my way to watch it. I prefer Japanese games over western ones, and i play a lot of games


I really wonder what it was I found so enjoyable and entertaining about collecting hundreds of anime images to include with my posts. Even if they added nothing and I wasnt even trying to be an avatarfag. I'm fine with anime posters but I think I've started looking down on people who feel the need to include cute anime succubi with ALL of their posts.


>Discussing online doesn't sound very interesting either
I think it's interesting to see what others got out of an art piece that might enrich your understanding of it. Plenty works of art - not just anime - that can be interpreted in many different ways.
I am not the kind who finds posting walls of text analysis fun nor arguing about shit for hours though.


I know its most likely some creepy fat dude but I think I just subconsciously file said poster as someone feminine or girly.


There is literally zero chance that this many people hit the end of the anime classics/"masterpieces" plateau. I have completely hundreds of TV shows and Movies and still fill like there is a lot I need to watch. I think these people just get hobbyburn out and try to blame it on the anime. If you are picking tropey shows thats 100% on you. Also the wording and meme'ing on this makes it looks like it was written by some fucktard normie ironic weeb who watched flavor of the month seasonal bullshit for a couple years then acted like he knew everything.


You watch one anime you watched em all. Down with anime.


Not really.
The fanbases of some of my favourite things turned to absolute shit, yet I still greatly enjoy them.
A good fanbase won't polish a turd into a diamond, a bad fanbase won't spoil something great.


>I don't enjoy anything about anime but still watch it
Oh so you are one of those ironic weeabooos


You are miss quoting me, I never said or even implied that, idiot…


How about enjoying the actual fucking anime itself rather than worrying about how much of a "fan" you seem to other people. You don't need to buy merch, read the original manga or participate in pseudo-intellectual discussions online to enjoy watching shows.


That's like eating pizza your whole life without ever getting toppings


Not really, it's like eating Pizza without eating brownies as well, they are two separate thing and they can infact conflict with each other anyway(like a manga could spoil the anime).


That's because your circle of "anime culture" comes from chan culture, you literally have an anger against /a/ not the community itself. You need to learn how to word yourself properly, the best way to watch anime in today's world is to get one or two friends and build a community like that. Imageboards were never the smartest place to discuss anime and they definitely aren't now


Manga is better than anime like 90% of the time anyway.

It's impossible to find anyone with a similar taste nowadays or someone whos mal isn't filled majorly with post-2010 anime.


It depends on the manga but generally to me at least it's not. However they are two different types of media so weather you prefer one or the other is solely depended on individual preference. It would still spoil the anime though and it's the enjoyment of anime we are speaking of here, not manga.


>But isn't chan culture heavily anime influenced?
4chan has always had an identity crisis. On one hand it is heavily focused on anime/Japan, on the other hand it's one of the most aggressively anti-anime, anti-Japan sites around, and created the mass panic over weeaboos that's still going on to this day.

Anti-anime hysteria has become increasingly common and unhinged in recent years, thanks to streaming and social media. Anyone whose psyche is not fortified against indoctrination, which means almost all people, will likely turn into an anti-anime drone just through exposure to the internet. There is so much bullshit about anime being repeated so much in so many places that it infects people and they start repeating it too, even if they have never seen a single episode of anime in their lives. "I fucking HATE anime because it's all just generic kawai uguu underage loli waifus flopping their massive tits around and showing their panties and there's no plot! It's all made for crab weeaboos, who I passionately HATE!" It never occurs to them to ask themselves how they could possibly "know" all these things despite a complete lack of experience and not having any information beyond vague third party accounts that they randomly come across, and why they feel so strongly about something they are so detached from.

>So what are some imageboard that are anime oriented and not trash?
There aren't any anime communities that aren't trash, because anime fans are their own worst enemy. They are either ironic cucks who keep trashing and belittling anime and themselves and memeing everything left and right, afraid to take anything seriously because normalfag disapproval is their worst fear, or "jaded" "oldfags" who massively overestimate their knowledge and experience and think all anime is supposed to be Gundam and Akira, and WAS Gundam and Akira until the 2000s when "otaku" appeared from thin air and forever ruined everything with their "moeshit" and "waifus" and "uguu" and "little succubi" which were unheard of until Kyoto Animation was founded in 2009. Like the anti-anime drones, anime fans also do little more than repeat things they have heard and possess almost no authentic knowledge. They'll tell you things like there being currently 20-30 isekai shows airing, and that they are all bad and exactly alike. It doesn't occur to them to ever fact check simple things like this, because they know they already have all the facts.

People trying to talk about anime is like blind uneducated retards trying to describe a nuclear reactor based on descriptions relayed to them by their likewise blind and uneducated and retarded friends who once heard about a reddit post about nuke actors. Naturally everyone involved considers themselves the foremost experts on the topic, and perhaps remember when nude tractors were still good.


I dunno, that sounds pretty antagonistic towards those who dislike the medium. You are equating the raging assholes to people who are just inherently not interested or like anime. The reverse of that would be someone not watching anime equating the assholes who worship anything made in japan and unironically defend shitty quality and practices to some random guy who watches anime here and there. That's not really better at all. It's like arguing about which music genre is the "best" is.


I'm not talking about people who aren't interested in anime. I'm talking about people who keep going on about how much they hate anime and its fans, and who believe themselves to possess very detailed knowledge of anime and the ability to accurately diagnose all its problems even if actually they have never seen anime or have seen just a bit of some popular shounen.


Aren't you doing the same thing right now by condemning everyone who doesn't like anime into 1 group?


No, because I am clearly talking about specific people. Are you doing this on purpose?


Do you really lack the self-awareness to notice you're doing the same thing as those you are criticizing?


Ok, you are definitely doing this on purpose. What the fuck is your problem?


I'm just confused on what point you're trying to make. Do you like anime or not?


Now you're randomly implying that I might not like anime? Seriously, what the fuck is this? Are you paid to act like this? What is your agenda here?


Couldn't have worded it better myself. Honestly, if you're still browsing /a/ and talking about anime online then you have already killed yourself and the medium. The best way to watch anime is in secret IMO, keep that "hobby" of your private. You don't need to make it your lifestyle, you don't need to dress like an anime character, a suit looks just fine. I'm starting to get a dissolution syndrome with the anime community, they always seem to think they need to be vocal about what they hate and love. It's a cartoon for good sake get over it if someone hate your anime or calls your show shounen trash. Just enjoy it in secret imo, no need to get into waifu wars. Social Media ruined what was left of this medium


>It's a cartoon for good sake get over it if someone hate your anime or calls your show shounen trash.
This is also the kind of self-deprecation I was talking about. It's not a problem that anime is treated with the appropriate level of seriousness or that you respond to criticism.

Problems would be for example:

>This screenshot from Sword Art Online is one example of <some technical or filmmaking feature>.

>Did someone say Sword Art Online? That shit is fucking trash, you have garbage taste and you're a weeb for thinking that Sword Art Online is the best, which is exactly what you just said. Fucking kill yourself my man.

>Honzuki no Gekokujou is pretty good.

>Ugh, not another generic harem isekai where the self-insert OP protagonist molests sameface underage moe waifus in a magic high school, just like in 99% of shows today. Or is it another one of those solshit uguu moeblob waifu sims about ten year olds who are creepily sexualized and there's literally no story? What happened to anime? Remember when they still made thought-provoking, artistic, philosophical and mature anime that I could share with my friends and family to show them that I'm a serious adult who spends my time productively? Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell… the list goes on! I guess they don't make those anymore because shit taste japs only buy garbage because they're dumb and closed-minded and don't like anything that's different. They should be sophisticated connoiseurs of anime, like me. Speaking of which, check out this pretentious 30 minute video essay I just made called One Punch Man: The Art of the Punch.


You just sound mad that people aren't liking garbage.


I love how you're putting discussing anime online in the same category as cosplaying. It seems that comment about having mainly post2010 shows on your MAL really set you off into a psychotic samefagging rage.


This is a good fucking post that pretty much lists all my biggest problems with anime discussion on chans. Especially the part about "jaded" oldfags. Hell you can literally get by on just watching stuff from the early 2000s and pre-2000s, there is a lot of shit, but you just know these idiots watched like, Cowboy Bebop,Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and maybe if they're cultured some Gundam. Anyone who says anime hasnt been good in x years is full of shit.

You are literally one of the self deprecating shitposters he was talking about. Try actually watching anime for once.


>there is a lot of shit
Should have made this more clear, by a lot of shit I just meant there is ton of decent to good to masterclass anime from basically any era. You just have to dig for it once you've broken the surface level and watched all the well known highly praised shows.


You are part of the problem that I am talking about.

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