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I've noticed a few post on wiz saying they ignore or thinks that anyone who post with anime in it is a troll? what happened? I thought anime was part of the chan culture? why the backlash?


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Why create a need that there is no need for?


They're the trolls and idiots that this website is supposed to keep out and they're here to stay. It's the demise of wizard culture.


But isn't chan culture heavily anime influenced?


File: 1568180684349.png (53.39 KB, 403x344, 403:344, Screenshot_69.png) ImgOps iqdb

time changes, most wizards are too weary from working or being long time neets and full time shitposters that they stop giving a fuck about chinese cartoons or attaching to their posts silly anime pictures. Just imagine being a 30 year old with thousands of hours spent on imageboards and still posting along depictions of crappy smiling lolis that others use to masquerade their emotions or feelings, that's just depressing. I'd say that an imageboard where people post anime pictures or they promote the use of them is not very inviting to real wizards. Moreover if we consider the meme culture that surrounds them, which is, like it or not, pretty normalfaggish.


That's just your personal experience that you project onto others. There are wizards of all ages and backgrounds who like and dislike anime. Not barging into a thread to start an argument and allowing threads to produce good quality discussion for those interested in its topics is how you maintain a good site, but then I am also guilty of shitposting in threads I don't like. The idea of an imageboard only being filled with things you like and approve is stupid anyway. Just let this site turns into 4chan 2.0 already.


File: 1568183145990.png (231.53 KB, 1756x792, 439:198, b4x.png) ImgOps iqdb

Some anime is ugly, like pic related. So i prefer an imageboard without anime pictures.


>Just imagine being a 30 year old with thousands of hours spent on imageboards

Actually I can, are you this new? I can't tell if your post is serious or not. i'm guessing your solution to problems is "Just get a girlfriend LOL"


some wizzies are butthurt that their precious anime has been tainted by evil norpers


File: 1568190160753.jpg (233.08 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, cmon.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime is now mainstream. Lots of imageboard dwellers now hate it because they're no longer unique and special.
If you were never into anime in the first place, you're bound to feel hatred for it after seeing nothing but anime pics as you scroll down.
Then there's the board culture. Even if japanese animation is indifferent to them, for some, 2D succubi is almost as bad as 3D RL.

imo Wiz-chan and a few others are still quite healthy with regards to anime subculture and memetics. I guess due to the population I mentioned in my first sentence now (mostly) gone from those places.


As people get older they see a decline in things they used to like. Anime fans used to be the weirdo outcasts who found cool niche animations to watch from Japan. Now they're watching 10 hours of anime a week that's all slice of life, jerking off to cartoon characters and constantly shoving it in everyone's faces. As people age out of anime as inherently childish commercial medium they are unable to remain in their digital neighbourhoods without kids shitting up the place with it. So instead of "Oh that's the thing I used to like" it's "oh look another faggot posting anime succubi for attention".

I would also argue that anime fans are by their nature very shallow people with little to add to a conversation or worth while input. They're just blind consumers who think they're superior for watching a foreign cartoon series.

I've grown to hate anime because they're the modern version of the furry or brony. They think they're entitled to spam it every where and any one who doesn't like it should leave. Even if the person they're telling to leave has been there longer than they have, often two or three times longer. I could go into a whole bunch of other reasons but that basically sums it up. I outgrew anime and yet I'm constantly having it shoved down my throat.


File: 1568193644668.jpg (715.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Doki] Yuru Yuri 2 - 04v2 ….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can easily see how they would think that, the western fandom is absolutely atrocious and the western fandom is what they are going to be exposed too.


It's stupid.


Because retards always need something to hate and blame.


Although we share three traits in common, being male, virgins, and above the age of 18, that does not mean we share every trait. There is a diverse group of people who use this website. Not everyone likes the same things or has the same world view or values and interests.


Shove your “Chan culture” up your smelly ass. I even like anime, but I hate most people who post about it cause they smell like they come straight from /r9k/ 90% of the time. Also weebs basically own most imageboards so it’s nice to be able to take a big (deserved) shit on them sometimes, cause anywhere else you just get banned.


You really think that? Blame anime for what? Bad tastes? I guess it's true


I never really liked anime except for a select few, I have a sort of rule I follow, any anime I watch must not contain any main female characters, so far I haven't been disappointed


File: 1568227107606.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 1549645615045.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I'd say that an imageboard where people post anime pictures or they promote the use of them is not very inviting to real wizards. Moreover if we consider the meme culture that surrounds them, which is, like it or not, pretty normalfaggish.
Pretty much this. Maybe it would be inviting 10 years ago or so, but not so much today. Different times and different people. I still like and watch anime as much as I've always done, it's the modern community, meme culture and retards surrounding it now that's obnoxious and I can't stand. But really it depends on who and where, it's fine on here for example, but I mostly avoid the community otherwise.


File: 1568227443766.png (139.78 KB, 2178x1390, 1089:695, virgin9000.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't dislike anime per se. I do dislike anime posters on imageboards because all they do is drool over depictions of females, which is barely better than obsessing over real females, "waifu this, waifu that". Anime posters are no different than the posters in this picture in my opinion. Just to clarify one last time, there is nothing wrong with watching anime, but posting your "waifu" whenever possible is.


liking anime and posting nothing but dumb anime pictures are different things

it is annoying looking at anime faces attached to posts where it serves no purpose


Anime and cartoon reaction images are great because they make the place feel like an unreal representation of the world. I always liked that element but I guess the internet is just real life for most people these days.


It really irritates me when some retard's post is accompanied by an image of a 2d succubus. Makes it feel like she is the one spouting inane bullshit.


File: 1568235045193.png (141.79 KB, 216x226, 108:113, yeah.png) ImgOps iqdb

Really? For me, as soon as I see the 2D I imagine there's a guy like this behind it.


ha, now that I think about, yeah, pretty funny.
although it's very stereotypical and can be completely different


These are dark times to be an anime poster.


OP here
So what the problem seems to be is that anime is mainstream and considered "cool" by all the chads


File: 1568244782090.png (43.2 KB, 900x514, 450:257, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAnqbs8….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1568245043502.png (194.41 KB, 521x613, 521:613, 73d8de9a8899bc9590579011a0….png) ImgOps iqdb

>dariken's theory
>watermarking your meme MS Paint graph


it's disgusting that some normalfaggot actually felt like it was appropriate to sign this




I'm indifferent towards anime. There's some I like, some I hate, but I never think of putting it on.


Standards are subjective. But I think that when one starts watching anime they will start with the more mainstream ones naturally, then if they are truly that way inclined they will branch off to more genres and SoL type anime or they will get bored of it because they were not that way inclined and it was just a phase to them and/or they already saw most the mainstream stuff. That's often when people say that grew up or that modern anime is bad, it's not anime that changed but they were never really that way inclined to begin with, they were just normal people that found a novel hobby and got bored of it after a while.

Also, all media is based on tropes.


See this is one of the people that I hate. They always say that anime can't have problems, it's just you.


Of course it can have problems and it does, everything can have problems.


unironically this.
I used to be able to watch anything back in the day, typical to-love ru harem was a masterpiece to me. But after watching anime for a while I get bored of it, I leave and them come back.

Now I can only watch anime with a score of 8 on MAL or else i'm just gonna get extremely bored, I think movies and OVA's are the way to go. episodic anime are epic trash tbh


Maybe it's my age talking but I just can't watch anime anymore. It takes 5x time to watch anime than to read the manga it was based on. I like reading a lot more than just sitting in front of a screen anyways. The only thing anime does for me that manga doesn't is the music. A nice OST is always better than dead silence of reading a manga.


Never listened to OST but the most reason I watch anime is mostly for the psychedelic/experimental phase you get from anime, hence why old anime are best imo


File: 1568272077296.jpg (125.4 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 1568257271_real-crime-i54-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In my experience 10 years ago the core fanbase for anime I watched were dudes who loved old giant robot series. They built model kits and made cool artwork because they loved the classics. Now the modern mecha "fan" is basically a pedo who wants to see little succubi dressed up in robot parts because they're lonely and they just want a succubus like the fake ones they see in anime. Now that sort of weird fetishism is being pushed into model kits because they can hit more demographics.

And even the Japanese model kit community got fucked by the recent Gundam series being about it. It brought in an immense amount of new people with low standards. Low standards which the TV Series themselves get misused to justify. So as an older anime fan and modeling autist I lost 2 things I enjoyed in 1 because modern anime fans are fucking retards watching stuff on netflix and crunchy roll.

And because I feel like starting a bit of a shit flinging contest. As I woke up to the state of the world and seeing my culture devalued I saw Japan as a dangerous part of that. Instead of local culture being promoted (and no I don't mean hollywood shit), I see Japanese culture being promoted to the youth. I find it sad that so called white nationalists worship Japan unironically. I don't care which country it is or which ethnic group, if it's being promoted by another ethnic group claiming to be trying to preserve it's self something is terribly wrong there. You can't save European culture with anime.

I was browsing /tg/ and there was a guide to writing for a setting. On the male side you had interesting well done art, some nice buildings as examples and then anime succubi for the succubi. If you're writing a modern western setting why the fuck would your examples be weeaboo shit instead of keeping all your example pictures within the style you will be using?


Your post is stupid because all media clearly changes through different eras. Anime went through a huge mecha boom in the late 70s to mid 90s. Now Mecha series are more expensive to produce than slice of life series and it's easier producing generic figurines of succubi than complex original mecha designs. So you can see a very clear shift in the direction of the anime industry over the last 30 years. And even inside it's own genre CGI has completely butchered many other wise watchable series. anime CGI looks terrible

I will say Gundam Narrative was one of my favourite Gundam things ever, it's not to say there isn't some good mecha stuff out there, but it's mostly 1 OAV a year and that can be hit or miss like Unicorn and Origin was


File: 1568272878908.jpg (203.98 KB, 850x1131, 850:1131, __chloe_von_einzbern_illya….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cute sexy succubi and self insert fantasy is the pinnacle of anime and here to stay. Whine harder uguu.


There is more anime in general being made than ever before, of course they will follow trends and the trend right now is anime g1rls. As you even say yourself they still make Mecha anime(I could not say weather they make more or less of it). There have always been anime about g1rls doing cute things being made as well though. Everything changes over time, maybe mecha anime is getting worse, maybe it is getting better, I don't watch it so I would not know.


You know it's time to quit when shit threads time and time again consistenly get bloated with responses above everything else. It took me this long to realize it, guess I didn't wanna see.


I'm pretty sure there are only 5 real posters in this thread who just phrase their opinion differently each time to spark conversation.


Fuck off crab


File: 1568293181579.png (548.69 KB, 1263x919, 1263:919, 1563158609325.png) ImgOps iqdb



>I am going to be a big obnoxious fag
>why do they persecute me so?
Well OP, this guy is your answer.


File: 1568310826034.png (866.3 KB, 960x720, 4:3, [Tsundere] Full Metal Pani….png) ImgOps iqdb

Openly proclaiming a dislike of anime and 2D as a whole, or flaming a post for containing anime, should be a bannable offense and the very first rule added to any imageboard. In fact, I'd say that if you decide your site isn't going to be open to anime anymore, you should change the format from a futaba-based imageboard to something else. You don't have the right to create an japanese-style website that is anti-2D. No, i don't care that you think 2D succubi are comparable to 3DPD. If you think that, you should probably leave. The very definition of "wizard" comes from anime. If you want to seperate from that definition of wizard, then make a different site with a different term like adult MGTOW virgins or something. But don't even use the term wizard if you hate anime. Disparaging anime and other japanese 2D should be an offense on par with disparaging NEETs or hikkis. tl,dr; You do not belong on imageboards if you do not like anime. A futaba-based imageboard without anime is like a wizard without his virginity. Even the implication that such is possible should be punishable by hanging.


It's a good thing your faggot ass doesn't make the rules.


>definition of "wizard" comes from anime
good job, you made the most moronic post in this entire thread (quite a feat) and got a reply from me. you can go back to shitposting on 4chan now


This post and the avatar fags show the reason why people hate anime more and more. The people who like it are intolerably annoying and think they own every place they go. They're entitled children raised on cartoons feeling superior to everyone else because they jerk off to children.


File: 1568322883148.png (2.13 MB, 1520x1080, 38:27, [Reaktor] Serial Experimen….png) ImgOps iqdb

>he doesn't know

Actually, we didn't "go" anywhere. People like you just come here, shit up the place, and go so far as to whine when you see us on our own fucking website. Go away. Get out. You don't belong here, you never will. Rule number one of normalfags is that they hate anime and it's related hobbies. I seriously don't get why you faggots come here. The only REASON you see anime as obnoxious is because you see it as something that shouldn't be here, and when it gets posted you get angry because you don't want anime here. But that has nothing to do with the reality that anime is actually a core part of the site, second and ONLY second to being a male virgin. You have no right to hate seeing anime posted, any more than you would have a right to get mad when someone posts about food on a cooking website. People hate anime more and more? Good, we're finally weeding out normalfags and going to the good old days where we keep invading niggers like you out because you don't want to see us post.


>Rule number one of normalfags is that they hate anime and it's related hobbies
maybe this was true 10 years ago or something, but nowadays you would be dead wrong, grandpa


The definition of normalfag doesn't change. If anything, it just means that the people trying to define the definition aren't the kinds of people who are worthy to do so anymore. See, no normalfag will ever be okay with anime that is centered around cute little succubi, or that is perverted from their point of view. Sure, they might watch entry level shounenshit, but when have they not? To me the reason normalfags are bad is because they whine about anime and how weird, or annoying, or stupid, or perverted, or pedophilic it is. That's why they're bad, it's always been why, because when they come into anime websites and start shitting on anime constantly and the people who watch it, they also try and change the site to their preferences.


>no normalfag will ever be okay with anime that is centered around cute little succubi
Are you sure about that?


I don't watch anime and actually do dislike it, but don't mind seeing it posted at all. I don't even notice. It's just a picture, obviously people here like anime.

However the claim that image-boards are "anime turf" is laughable to me. I've seen it several times now, some guy gets called a weeaboo and goes nuclear about how "anime invented image-boards, image-boards belong to weeaboos" yadayada. If that's the case I never got the memo and I've been "around" since about 2008.


Weebs think because Moot liked anime and made some anime boards that every image board belongs to them. Except some of us were around in those early days and we grew out of anime or others simply never went to anime boards. People forget 2ch had an extremely active board for train spotting. If someone goes to image boards for train spotting why should they have to put up with anime pedos wiping their assholes on everything?

Weeaboos are the furries of 2015-2020.


Nice historical revision, but the very first boards on 4chan were created to talk about anime. 2008? Normalfags had already begun to curse these websites with their presence. That just makes you the king of newfags and nothing else.


What part of those posts are revision?


ban this shitposter already mods, what the f are you waiting?


I'm not shitposting. What part of what I said did you think wasn't true? I'm just fed up with people coming to imageboards to then bitch at people for posting anime.


The implication that not only 4chan, but futaba were made with anything but the inclusion and prioritization of anime is absurd. Moot created 4chan because he wanted a place to post hentai, and to talk about anime casually, without worrying about forum rules on discussion being srs bzns. Not only that, but the entire culture of 4chan and western imageboards as a whole stemmed outward from people either shitposting about anime, or using anime to discuss other topics. It was only until around 2010 that other things seriously entered the imageboard sphere of culture. Now maybe you'd say that the culture has shifted and imageboards aren't about anime anymore. Well, not everyone wanted that change and not everyone intends to go along with it. Me included. You can say whatever you want about what imageboards are supposed to be now, but saying they weren't originally for anime and the like is just blatant lying. Why, it wasn't even until 5 years ago that there was a serious shift in the culture as a whole and you started seeing certain boards here and there being openly hostile to anime. Like it or hate it, it belongs here and if you don't like it, you're free to go somewhere else. It's basically the equivalent of immigrating to the United States and demanding they repeal the second and first amendments because you find them annoying.


>I'm just fed up with people coming to imageboards to then bitch at people for posting anime

People who post anime picswhen there's no reason to are dumb weaboo chimps who only make this place look like it was inhabited by low iq kids who spend all their time watching cartoons.

Wizchan is for wizards not weaboos.


I would understand if it was a forum specifically for anime discussion, or if it was the board of a forum for snime discussion, but these are for the most part general discussion boards. There are specific websites and specific boards on this website and others which are dedicated to anime discussion. I'm not saying anime should not be allowed outside of those sites or boards, just that you can't act all mortified and mutinied when someone rips on your weeaboo shit just because imageboards are incidentally associated with anime, however strong that association may be.

It's like saying U.S.Americans should hate Britain because that's how USA was founded so many years ago.


File: 1568337395683.gif (2.32 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 1468684758178.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>It's like saying U.S.Americans should hate Britain because that's how USA was founded so many years ago.
Damn that's actually a really apt comparison.


A country should return to it's roots, and any government that takes the form of that original tyranny should still be hated and fought against. I think it's horrible that no states want to secede even after all that's been done to force people into this heavily moderated collective.


>A country should return to it's roots



Are you sure it isn't just Irisfag and his cartoon bullshit?


is this what furfags were like 10 years ago?


>self insert fantasy
Who are you self inserting as in Kalleid Prsima Illya?


Illya, obviously. I'm serious.


File: 1568343256792.jpg (103.15 KB, 1120x700, 8:5, a47366f81f0cfa16e919f852c9….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So what are some imageboard that are anime oriented and not trash?



9 days after Moot created /b/ "anime and random" he made /s/. So your claims for it to be weeaboos exclusive lasts less than 2 weeks from 4chans creation.

Imageboard demographics change as they get older. /pol/ is the dominate influence on image boards so non-white content is going to go down in status over white content. You also didn't have people constantly avatar fagging as you have today.

>American politics

Oh so you're fat, ugly and retarded all in one. Now it makes sense.

>If you don't like it you can leave

Or I can stay here and bully every last weeaboo fag I see until they leave. It's an anonymous image board fag, you can't stop me shitting up every anime post made and pushing the board culture to hate weeaboos. And I'll do it just to spite people like you


File: 1568357124479.jpg (169.31 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, __astolfo_fate_apocrypha_a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's an anonymous image board fag, you can't stop me shitting up every anime post made and pushing the board culture to hate weeaboos. And I'll do it just to spite people like you
You're doing it wrong fag. Explaining your motives will reveal your hidden desire for serious discussion. Here, watch me.

>getting this butthurt over anime

What's the matter crab? Afraid that Stacy will find you gross? lol


Furries were slightly better than this. Furries would at least try to stay on topic with their furry shit. If you joined a dreamcast thread you might see sonic fan art or a Tekken thread might have one of the characters drawn as a furry. They were obviously sexual and annoying but they weren't wildly off topic. Brony's did the same thing but it was all horses instead of random animals. Weeaboos on the other hand are worse than furries because no matter the topic they have to insert anime into it. They're constantly shoving their extremely sexual content into discussions it doesn't belong in. And that content is usually underage succubi (and anime faces in general are closer to baby faces than an adult face).

It's an essay all of it's own for how fucked up people's attraction to anime faces is but I think that about covers it. Furries were on topic fetishists, this is just off topic hyper sexual fetishing.


>They were obviously sexual and annoying but they weren't wildly off topic
there are some furries who only post sexualized anthropomorphic animals, there's furry images non sexualized, a surprising range of discussion, say how sci/fi and fantasy relate to anthros. furry was always somewhat connected to pornography, but its a real shame that what used to be a nerd interest got hijacked by sex obsessed, perverted normalfags. maybe that's the fate of any nerdish medium


File: 1568358197404.jpg (157.48 KB, 749x1066, 749:1066, 1457547490352.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


There are but they were the exception back then. Weeaboos only ever post their sexual interest. It's not like they're spamming YuGiOh monsters or Beyblades is it?

Any medium that tolerates sexual deviants will come to be run by them. They drive off everyone who doesn't want to be around them so nothing else is left.


File: 1568395909276.png (638.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Cleo]Higurashi_no_Naku_Ko….png) ImgOps iqdb

Or I can stay here and bully every last weeaboo fag I see until they leave. It's an anonymous image board fag, you can't stop me shitting up every anime post made and pushing the board culture to hate weeaboos. And I'll do it just to spite people like you
Yeah, figures you'd be an outsider piece of shit trying to uproot a culture you don't like for being degenerate and perverted or whatever. Call me a pedo all you want, but that's not an insult to us you dummy. You think we hide that? You dumb nigger. We LAUGH at people who come places like this and then start crying about loli or fanservice or hentai or whatever. If we were just your regular suppressed degenerates, you might have stood a chance. But you'll never defeat someone so pure-heartedly and unashamedly degenerate as a 2D patrician wizard. As long as two "weeaboos" exist, we will post here and discuss anime and you can never stop us.


File: 1568396194024.png (243.86 KB, 434x524, 217:262, 1555267270178.png) ImgOps iqdb

>but its a real shame that what used to be a nerd interest got hijacked by sex obsessed, perverted normalfags. maybe that's the fate of any nerdish medium
Yeah it goes for anything, especially anything deemed nerdy. Even the furry shit that always was about fetishising, as much as I dislike them I still found them a better community before.
Within any hobby or franchise you always get the sex crazed retards, attention seeking and sex obsessed succubi and trans "succubi", and the subversive feminist succubi. And pic related which to be honest are the least obnoxious of these normals.

>Weeaboos only ever post their sexual interest. It's not like they're spamming YuGiOh monsters or Beyblades is it?
"Weeaboos" makes me think of narutards and others of old, which actually had some interest in the medium. The "ironic weeb" normalfags you see today who only cares about sex and lewd^^ has a shallow if non-existent interest and will hopefully move on to the next thing to ruin.


Anime has been mainstream for the better part of this decade. Personally I've gotten tired of seeing repetitive anime succubus faces all over the place. It's tacky. Anime is boring.


File: 1568507953389.jpg (68.58 KB, 720x931, 720:931, 1520200787469.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think a lot of people are annoyed with the smug anime shitpost trend that's been going on for years and the ironic weeb culture that's come about with all the "who's your favorite waifu xD" material on youtube and other social media sites. There are also a few people who specifically get butthurt at modern anime or "moeshit", some of them manime fanboys or retro anime fans. Specific to this site, there are a lot of wizards who obsess about how many other people are doing what they're doing, because they're so deep into the "truwiz" religion that they worry about whether something they enjoy is also something normalfags enjoy - to the point where I've seen some people outright ask for obscure hobby recommendations.
And then there are a few who just don't like seeing anything sexual.

I'm not as into anime as I used to be and some of the ironic weeb types or people talking about how they want to do sexual things with X character are kind of annoying, but at the same time it seems silly to get upset over images on an imageboard or go on crusades against a certain medium because it makes you butthurt. As some of the posts in this thread illustrate a lot of these people have their heads really far up their own asses.


because we're taking over


Maybe anime got over-used and the wizez got to old and to depressed for this.


>Rule number one of normalfags is that they hate anime and it's related hobbies
We're not in 2007 anymore anon. Even freaking Evangelion is on Netflix now.


Yo listen up, here's the story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world, And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue
Like him, inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette, and everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen.


File: 1568875632504.jpg (14.63 KB, 204x251, 204:251, 1533753243801.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I barely sue any other board here than /jp/ and /hob/ so I haven't seen that much anime hate, but I guess that it has to do with anime suddenly becoming super mainstream and maybe some wizards getting tired of it. I still think they probably are a loud minority and most people here are just ok with it.
I personally have been watching anime for 10+ years and still haven't got tired of it, but I mostly avoid the community aside from posting here and a few other smaller imageboards.


I got bored of it. It got repetitive. Seeing posts here that it apparently became mainstream surprises me & I doubt it is true


I used to be very into anime, but recently I think both the community and the shows doubled down and are increasingly more stupid and centred around their female leads, tropes and cliches. The very obnoxious cliches such as lesbianism.


File: 1568897470705.png (680.45 KB, 822x802, 411:401, k.png) ImgOps iqdb

I feel the cuteposting/larping shit got out of hand. Your average weeb really is a sorry sight - prison gay, cumbrain, repeating the same old stale memes "handholding so lewd OwO". It makes me feel dirty to watch shows that cater to those people, and they ignore anything else.


>I use to like ice cream but now I don't anymore because other people who like ice cream are idiots

Someone explain to me how does that work. I particularly can't give a shit about a bunch of other nobodies who like the same things I like. They have no impact whatsoever on how I feel about things I like or dislike. I hear this also about games. If you're going to quit everything you like because some other what's his face likes it too and is obnoxious about it you're fucked.


Well if you put it this way then yeah, but I feel like the 'ice cream' flavours have gotten much worse and since the change for the worse people are more vocal about liking ice cream.
Sometimes you don't want to be associated with these people. Sometimes you don't want to be subjected to those people.


File: 1568904513313.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kaiki trench coat.png) ImgOps iqdb

To take your analogy and make it a little more fitting, imagine you like icecream, but at first hardly anyone else does. The few people you talk to who also like it basically make it themselves cause it's hard to get where you live, and because of this the only people who like icecream really like it and know everything there is to know about it. Then what's happening today is that every restaurant you go to serves ice cream now. Even your local wafflehouse serves it and it's all anyone orders. And the people who eat it now never make their own, they just order whatever's popular, and it's often some terrible flavor you think is gross. On top of that everyone is a messy eater, they don't eat at home in a bowl, everyone is eating it in a cone and getting everything sticky and leaving wrappers everywhere. And everywhere you go the smell of icecream just hangs in the air, even when you go the wafflehouse to get waffles, it smells like icecream.

Could you not imagine how this can make one sick of ice cream? Even if that person still enjoys having a bowl of ice cream at home, they now have to deal with it everywhere they go, and it's not really the same ice cream they used to like.


Sorry anon, I doubt you're in your mid 50s and know Japanese. Because that's the only way you were ever around and able to enjoy ice cream back when hardly anyone else did. My advice to you is stop going to restaurants and stop caring about what flavor people are ordering, you're not paying for their cones.

>you don't want to be associated with these people.
You're absolutely right. I never talk about it, ever. I think in fact I've never said the word anime outloud in my life. If ever you were in a position where you had to say it outloud, I say you fucked up somewhere down the line.

It's easy, do it like me, stay home and enjoy your damn ice cream.


The key phrase I used is "where you live". Anime was always popular in japan, though to an extent otakus are still largely hated/mocked. And I still stay home and enjoy my ice cream plenty. But the point of this thread isn't whether you like it or not, it's about the people who post it. Wizchan is a public forum, by going here you aren't staying home, and you have to deal with other posters. I'm not necessarily sick of anime, I'm sick of the people who currently call themselves weebs.


Ice cream companies keep substituting ingredients for cheaper and cheaper ones until now it's all artificial sugar with a different flavour and texture. And that diner you always used to enjoy going to is now full of smelly guys who shove their ice cream under your nose when you're trying to eat your meal. Doesn't matter what you're eating they want you to put ice cream on it or tell you about ice cream.

Food and entertainment aren't the same thing but you get the idea.


File: 1568908179643.gif (999.29 KB, 500x251, 500:251, Hyouka-gifs-hyouka-3464797….gif) ImgOps iqdb

did someone say ICECREAM???


most of them are jaded and don't enjoy anything (the problem is them, not anime)


ive watched around 90 animes. and i can say with an educated opinions now that it is utter shit. and i consider you retarded if you get any enjoyment out of most/any anime made after the 1990's. early anime was fine and there is some heart and soul there, but anything in the 2000's is purely for retarded consumer minds and very small children.
all the anime i consumed made me have a deep loathing for the immature japanese comedy. i can't stand humor from japan. even in seinen series, the "jokes" are dumber than stuff american 4th graders would find funny. farts and poop and FUNNY FACES.
the stuff just makes me sick now.

even the good 80's anime is usually misunderstood and mischaracterized by modern anime fans. like Fist of the North Star is talked about like as if it's a comedy anime now and jojo fans make memes out of it. but it's actually always been a very serious and dramatic series with a lot of things happening narratively. it was never a joke. so when i see people posting 80's anime, i assume they're making fun of it and too retarded to understand it and i hate them too.


>ive watched around 90 animes


The people that 'grow out' of it are the people that were only into it as a phase.


Well you can't keep a phase going that long but otherwise I don't see why somebody could 'objectivity' not.


It really depends on what anime and what demographic, I don't even have a MAL either.


I don't really watch seasonal shows.


You're full of shit and miserable.


>You cant objectively like anime past the age of 25.

Hmm. Who is the reductionist here I wonder?


>Are you reductionists?

What does this have to do with not watching seasonal anime?




usually it's either 18-19yo newfag or some fat pedophile


Anime posters are very annoying and constantly seek attention. You can tell they are underaged children. This is why nobody takes them seriously and nobody, on any platform, likes them. It's okay to post a picture once in a while, but the constant avatar/waifufaggotry with the smug speech is the most irritating, vapid garbage. It is the worst form of failednormalfaggotry.

Introducing anime to the west on a large scale was one of the biggest mistakes/crimes ever perpetrated.

Never found something so true to myself. Started as shounenfag, then deepfag, and now moeshit. It's almost like a play.

It is objectively false to say that anime as a medium hasn't changed over the years. All media changes throughout periods of time. And anime tropes can be considered very blatant. The west is extremely blatant with tropes, but I find Japanese media even more so, especially in concern to pandering to otaku.


>MAL Ratings
You should be ashamed of yourself.

That was 25+ Years ago. 20 Years ago till the 10s was the wapanese/weeaboo people who wanted to be japanese.

Normgroids love anime though. Look at all the "legal loli xdddd call the cops" garbage and constant waifufaggotry. You can't use anime to weed out normgroids anymore.


This is only pushing people further to the left and weebdom


>This is only pushing people further to the left

Which is ironic considering where it comes from.


This is the same reason I hate anime too.


well that's because old Anime where replacements for old movies and series, with influences of Mad max, Knight rider etc, since japanese live acton is shit but they aparently have all a gift for drawign they decided to replace those in 2D form. I cant believe how Japan dominates Animation uncontested yet their live action movies are worse than Bollywood.


Part of a game group I interacted with had one dude that started with a stickman avatar and went to full blown avatarfagging constantly due to weeb dominated atmosphere - cuteposting, gayposting, everything. I ended up leaving because it was becoming clear this is what the group was about, not the game in question.


avatarfagging with an obnoxious FoTM anime succubus I mean.


Discard losers on steam and discord and you'll never have to deal with these retards again. Used to be in the same boat, but I deleted discord and stopped chatting with groups with 4chan-esque behavior. Now I am free from the autism.


>Now I am free from the autism.
But you still post here.


I don't like anime because it's triggering my schizophrenia realizing that anime succubi are being mentioned as actual succubi recently. Because of the lower dimension theory.


File: 1569838580879.jpg (44.61 KB, 550x324, 275:162, anime isreal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you say they aren't real they will be angry.


>A train full of maskers
Nightmares made flesh


True that. I can't begin to say how annoying people are that say meme phrases while talking or chatting. Absolutely irritating


File: 1570615857918.jpeg (20.89 KB, 302x352, 151:176, 1570429081042.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It's a combination of modern anime being trash and anime/otaku culture going mainstream. Everyone and their mother jokes about "waifus" now. It's all so tiring.


Saddens me to see a post like this. I don't come back often to this site, but as I've grown I've found it harder and harder to come back.
I originally came to imageboards because there was people to talk about anime with there, even then, I don't remember enjoying the 'discussions' too much.
I suppose anime, or any hobby that you enjoy, is best enjoyed alone. Blaming the medium because others who get into the hobby are disgusting ignores the enjoyment you get from the hobby.
This is probably foolish to post. On the internet, it feels as though we are all alone. There is no one to hear us, but there are countless who will discount us and call us disgusting.
It's the height of foolishness to speak of individual enjoyment in the public square.
Everyone has their tastes, everyone can put anyone down for their tastes.
I find it disgusting that people are disgusted in anime. And I find myself disgusting for thinking like that.


Its just a bunch of serial malcontents trying to find excuses not to enjoy things. Most of us will remain enjoying anime or ignoring it completely like we always have.


>top 3 threads on /lounge/
>thread full of people hating anime
>thread full of someone shitposting about how he hate dogs
>castration thread
You're doing well by not coming often. I wouldn't be here either if I am not addicted to having people shit down my throat.


You're not missing much mate.


This is actually one of the best places to discuss anime, mostly because there's one dude who watches a lot of stuff and gives good reviews with pictures. People are nice and actually try to help you find something you want to watch too, unlike on 4chan.


Pretty good rundown.
It's like MLP fans back in 2013 or so. Weebs just shove their seasonal garbage waifus and inside jokes/lingo everywhere.
It's probably not fair in some way, but if your waifu/avatar is from an anime that's still airing I think you're full of shit and some bizarro version of a normie that's oh so in love with some chick he's just dicking.


>but if your waifu/avatar is from an anime that's still airing I think you're full of shit
Oh come on, some stuff has been running for decades, has been remade every few years like gintama, one piece, or HxH.


> I wouldn't be here either if I was a normie



>defending those threads
Stop posting any time.


The dog hate thread is actually one of the funniest threads I've ever seen on wizchan. Don't care for the castration thread but it's atleast normie-proof. And I personally don't have a taste for anime so it's nice to see I'm not alone there.
There's also an anime love thread >>/jp/26976
Decent discussion in both, revolving around the degradation of mainstream anime.


Haha ok


File: 1570858198583.jpg (248.39 KB, 1076x1076, 1:1, alternate2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pizza-faced cinder block.


both look like shit, but you're less likely to be exposed to the cartoon one whereas the anime will be spammed ad nauseam on imageboards and beyond
(that one guy on wizchan doesn't count)


How is the right pic “the most horrid thing in existence”?


it's a nigger


File: 1570894947955.jpeg (74.66 KB, 991x944, 991:944, ukrainian child.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah and? She looks nothing like one except for dark skin. Both of them are succubi yet people still parade them around as the cutest shit here.


File: 1570895514751.gif (1.61 MB, 500x250, 2:1, zankyou.gif) ImgOps iqdb

i remember watching Spirited Away and Ghost in the Shell when I was about eight. I work in cybersecurity now because I was inspired by Ghost in the Shell. My life would not be the same without anime. I won't try to defend it, i know it is disgusting. but i can't stop, you cant help what you like even if it destroys you. everything will kill you in the end, i prefer to be killed by the thing i enjoy.


>I work in cybersecurity now
you mean you sit in a backroom spying on walmart shoppers


watching security feeds is the physical security side of the house, I haven't worked that before. honestly i wouldn't be surprised if they are automating shoplifter recognition with software now, you can do some pretty cool stuff with CCTV setups. if your interested this is a DEFCON conference where a couple of dudes did some pretty neat stuff looping camera feeds


Niggers are the most scary things in existence, Everyday when I'm walking down the street and spot a mighty negro I shrivel in FEAR due to its omnipotence.


you're so cool


File: 1570936517851.jpg (148.61 KB, 750x753, 250:251, 1570930209331.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

why are normalfags so fucking stupid?


Avatar is actually pretty cool.


the bottom two are drawn in an anime style, idk about the cal arts stuff on top


I disagree, it still looks way to tacky, like those french animesque cartoons, Totally Spies and Martin Mystery just nowhere near as obnoxious.


The time to be into anime has long passed. If you don't believe me just go type in something like "black guy naruto" on YouTube or "watching anime with my friends" and then stop deluding yourself that it's still a super secluded hobby for Japanese enthusiasts. It is so diluted with literal normie trash it's not funny and makes me disgusted how someone can still watch it knowing it's probably the main talk of every western kid in school now. Seriously just go type in "anime real life school" or "weeabo cringe" and see how defiled this "sacred" otaku is and dare to tell me it doesn't change your view of anime or it's viewers. Holy fuck bros just fuck anime all together with its 50/50 cg/shaded bullshit now which appeals to low iq subhumans. Look up the normies and their waifu pillows in "anime room tour" on youtube theres people who spend thousands on anime merch and haven't watched more than 20 animeys. For the past 5 years or so now there hasn't been a single good anime made that made you go "woah". Wanna know how an anime this season or even next will end? The MC will get a hidden power and kill the bad guy in the end. Oh wait is that too generic? #Selfawareanime2019 crew reporting in and look turns out he was dreaming all along or you know what maybe every dead character gets resurrected and helps defeat the bad guy. Oh you're beyond that now? Well well how about the clumsy main succubus going to school with her friends and then falls down and you get a panty shot, her shy friend blushes, and then her megane friend raised a finger and tells her to be more careful. There you just watched every anime.


File: 1570945346947.jpeg (302.39 KB, 633x1234, 633:1234, 4312C4BF-7027-4F4A-BC23-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

While I agree with you, there is a point where you should stop caring about what other people do with their spare time. I assure pretty much every hobby has dreaded normgroids amongst them. And while it’s true that anime has only gotten more popular in the west because lmao anime tiddies xD there’s still good stuff that comes out every once in a while and tons of old stuff to watch. Also diving deeper into /jp/ hobbies like gunpla or garage kits can stave most normalfags off.


No, sorry bro I can't do that. When you are into anime it's all about the culture and not the actual shows themselves. What made it interesting for me was that if I liked an anime I would go and look up everything about it, I wanted to immerse myself into it's universe and look up discussions on it to see if someone shared my opinion on it or not and then discuss it. Going on anime boards and discussing new episodes as it aired with others was what made it fun for me, even shows I didn't like I could stomach watching because the community was different and it was worth lurking around and reading what people say even without talking about it yourself. Nowadays that part of the experience is gone and I can't find any decent discussion anywhere it's just "best succubus" and imagedumps mixed with shitty memes. Everywhere you go anime is defiled now by filthy norms posting owo uwu crap. Everything about it just pisses me off because the only people still watching are kids in high school on their smartphones or at least that's what it seems like to me. The normies ruined it for me beyond repair and I already jumped ship. The decline in animation and plots themselves doesn't make it any more appealing to get back into as it's all old troped with a new spin on it, it's just not enough for me to spend time and effort discussing it when my posts get drowned out by image dumps and waifu wars. An anology to this is if a bunch of normies just suddenly walked into your house and started drinking doing drugs having sex and blasting music, you try and close your eyes wishing they went away but more keep showing up and you can't do anything about it. As a true anime fan I feel like an outsider in the community be it on chans or forums.


You shouldn't let others dictate what you can and can't enjoy.


Type in "how to enjoy things that other people also enjoy"


Anime is for in-cels


>The decline in animation and plots themselves doesn't make it any more appealing to get back into as it's all old troped with a new spin on it, it's just not enough for me to spend time and effort discussing it when my posts get drowned out by image dumps and waifu wars
This. Shows themselves don't feel like they're worth watching, and then you find out the fanbase and you question why did you even bother in the first place.
I'll watch something every now and then if it pops up on my radar like Made in Abyss which I liked, but seems like most shows are about their lead succubi and I can safely say that modern CGDCT anime is 99% shit.


If the only reason you liked anime was because of who made up the fan base then you never liked anime in the first place. You are nothing more than a bandwagoning hipster.


Probably why I enjoy it.


It's the opposite actually. I liked anime way too much and people who still watch it are the 2nd or 3rd wave bandwagoners. The cut off point to liking anime is around 2013-2015.


To add on to this what I mean is that watching anime is only maybe 1/5th of being an anime fan, so it wasn't a reason itself to watch anime but rather be a part of the community. It's impossible to like anime and not want to discuss it with anyone else - thats the real bandwagoners there because they just add it to the list and spam waifus without ever discussing it.


No, he's right you are just a hipster norm, go back to facebook.


File: 1571017017410.gif (990.4 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 3907b512c797dc405cf5783297….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe one of the many reasons I don't like anime is that when i was a child my parents let me watch weird shit like Ripley's believe it or not, Unsolved Mysteries and Guinness world records.


It doesn't matter how many you have watched if you are doing it as a social activity which you say you are.


>To add on to this what I mean is that watching anime is only maybe 1/5th of being an anime fan

So what is the other 4/5ths?


> It's impossible to like anime and not want to discuss it with anyone else

Implies socialisation.


It's only socialization insofar as talking to you on wizchan is.


Well that is socialization, so 4/5ths of what you watch anime for is socialisation, to talk to other people about it. I've been watching anime a similar amount of time yet I don't think I have ever had a discussion about anime with anybody, I would have had arguments, I would have given information but I don't think I have discussed it, I don't know how or why one even would but that's just me, you are much more socially inclined obviously as the 4/5ths show.


Yes, but not about the anime I watch which is the point. That isn't a factor towards my enjoyment of anime in the slightest.


>I am posting in a thread specifically about anime
>but I am not socializing about anime
okay dude


Normcore millionaire STEM grad. a true weirdo would collect those baby photos from diaper packages.


It's not, you never brought it up after all this time that you easily could have and should have like when I asked what the 4/5ths were, you are just deflecting now.

Name the anime I brought up and am discussing. I would not even say I enjoy this either, it's frustrating if anything, all them more so when people like you show up with comments like that.


That's just your opinion.

Reading manga tends to make me enjoy the anime less as I already know what will happen.

I don't think figs or merch are an essential part of enjoying anime or that they even impact it at all, I mean I have them but I don't have them for EVERY anime I watch, I can easily enjoy an anime just as much without it as I could with it.

Discussing online doesn't sound very interesting either, I don't even know how or why one would or how that would impact ones enjoyment of an anime itself.

Yes, if you don't like Japanese culture to a degree or at least share some of their values you may not enjoy it.


I'm more or less indifferent towards anime. Like, I prefer it over most western cartoons, but I don't go out of my way to watch it. I prefer Japanese games over western ones, and i play a lot of games


I really wonder what it was I found so enjoyable and entertaining about collecting hundreds of anime images to include with my posts. Even if they added nothing and I wasnt even trying to be an avatarfag. I'm fine with anime posters but I think I've started looking down on people who feel the need to include cute anime succubi with ALL of their posts.


>Discussing online doesn't sound very interesting either
I think it's interesting to see what others got out of an art piece that might enrich your understanding of it. Plenty works of art - not just anime - that can be interpreted in many different ways.
I am not the kind who finds posting walls of text analysis fun nor arguing about shit for hours though.


I know its most likely some creepy fat dude but I think I just subconsciously file said poster as someone feminine or girly.


There is literally zero chance that this many people hit the end of the anime classics/"masterpieces" plateau. I have completely hundreds of TV shows and Movies and still fill like there is a lot I need to watch. I think these people just get hobbyburn out and try to blame it on the anime. If you are picking tropey shows thats 100% on you. Also the wording and meme'ing on this makes it looks like it was written by some fucktard normie ironic weeb who watched flavor of the month seasonal bullshit for a couple years then acted like he knew everything.


You watch one anime you watched em all. Down with anime.


Not really.
The fanbases of some of my favourite things turned to absolute shit, yet I still greatly enjoy them.
A good fanbase won't polish a turd into a diamond, a bad fanbase won't spoil something great.


>I don't enjoy anything about anime but still watch it
Oh so you are one of those ironic weeabooos


You are miss quoting me, I never said or even implied that, idiot…


How about enjoying the actual fucking anime itself rather than worrying about how much of a "fan" you seem to other people. You don't need to buy merch, read the original manga or participate in pseudo-intellectual discussions online to enjoy watching shows.


That's like eating pizza your whole life without ever getting toppings


Not really, it's like eating Pizza without eating brownies as well, they are two separate thing and they can infact conflict with each other anyway(like a manga could spoil the anime).


That's because your circle of "anime culture" comes from chan culture, you literally have an anger against /a/ not the community itself. You need to learn how to word yourself properly, the best way to watch anime in today's world is to get one or two friends and build a community like that. Imageboards were never the smartest place to discuss anime and they definitely aren't now


It depends on the manga but generally to me at least it's not. However they are two different types of media so weather you prefer one or the other is solely depended on individual preference. It would still spoil the anime though and it's the enjoyment of anime we are speaking of here, not manga.


>But isn't chan culture heavily anime influenced?
4chan has always had an identity crisis. On one hand it is heavily focused on anime/Japan, on the other hand it's one of the most aggressively anti-anime, anti-Japan sites around, and created the mass panic over weeaboos that's still going on to this day.

Anti-anime hysteria has become increasingly common and unhinged in recent years, thanks to streaming and social media. Anyone whose psyche is not fortified against indoctrination, which means almost all people, will likely turn into an anti-anime drone just through exposure to the internet. There is so much bullshit about anime being repeated so much in so many places that it infects people and they start repeating it too, even if they have never seen a single episode of anime in their lives. "I fucking HATE anime because it's all just generic kawai uguu underage loli waifus flopping their massive tits around and showing their panties and there's no plot! It's all made for crab weeaboos, who I passionately HATE!" It never occurs to them to ask themselves how they could possibly "know" all these things despite a complete lack of experience and not having any information beyond vague third party accounts that they randomly come across, and why they feel so strongly about something they are so detached from.

>So what are some imageboard that are anime oriented and not trash?
There aren't any anime communities that aren't trash, because anime fans are their own worst enemy. They are either ironic cucks who keep trashing and belittling anime and themselves and memeing everything left and right, afraid to take anything seriously because normalfag disapproval is their worst fear, or "jaded" "oldfags" who massively overestimate their knowledge and experience and think all anime is supposed to be Gundam and Akira, and WAS Gundam and Akira until the 2000s when "otaku" appeared from thin air and forever ruined everything with their "moeshit" and "waifus" and "uguu" and "little succubi" which were unheard of until Kyoto Animation was founded in 2009. Like the anti-anime drones, anime fans also do little more than repeat things they have heard and possess almost no authentic knowledge. They'll tell you things like there being currently 20-30 isekai shows airing, and that they are all bad and exactly alike. It doesn't occur to them to ever fact check simple things like this, because they know they already have all the facts.

People trying to talk about anime is like blind uneducated retards trying to describe a nuclear reactor based on descriptions relayed to them by their likewise blind and uneducated and retarded friends who once heard about a reddit post about nuke actors. Naturally everyone involved considers themselves the foremost experts on the topic, and perhaps remember when nude tractors were still good.


I dunno, that sounds pretty antagonistic towards those who dislike the medium. You are equating the raging assholes to people who are just inherently not interested or like anime. The reverse of that would be someone not watching anime equating the assholes who worship anything made in japan and unironically defend shitty quality and practices to some random guy who watches anime here and there. That's not really better at all. It's like arguing about which music genre is the "best" is.


I'm not talking about people who aren't interested in anime. I'm talking about people who keep going on about how much they hate anime and its fans, and who believe themselves to possess very detailed knowledge of anime and the ability to accurately diagnose all its problems even if actually they have never seen anime or have seen just a bit of some popular shounen.


Aren't you doing the same thing right now by condemning everyone who doesn't like anime into 1 group?


No, because I am clearly talking about specific people. Are you doing this on purpose?


Do you really lack the self-awareness to notice you're doing the same thing as those you are criticizing?


Ok, you are definitely doing this on purpose. What the fuck is your problem?


I'm just confused on what point you're trying to make. Do you like anime or not?


Now you're randomly implying that I might not like anime? Seriously, what the fuck is this? Are you paid to act like this? What is your agenda here?


Couldn't have worded it better myself. Honestly, if you're still browsing /a/ and talking about anime online then you have already killed yourself and the medium. The best way to watch anime is in secret IMO, keep that "hobby" of your private. You don't need to make it your lifestyle, you don't need to dress like an anime character, a suit looks just fine. I'm starting to get a dissolution syndrome with the anime community, they always seem to think they need to be vocal about what they hate and love. It's a cartoon for good sake get over it if someone hate your anime or calls your show shounen trash. Just enjoy it in secret imo, no need to get into waifu wars. Social Media ruined what was left of this medium


>It's a cartoon for good sake get over it if someone hate your anime or calls your show shounen trash.
This is also the kind of self-deprecation I was talking about. It's not a problem that anime is treated with the appropriate level of seriousness or that you respond to criticism.

Problems would be for example:

>This screenshot from Sword Art Online is one example of <some technical or filmmaking feature>.

>Did someone say Sword Art Online? That shit is fucking trash, you have garbage taste and you're a weeb for thinking that Sword Art Online is the best, which is exactly what you just said. Fucking kill yourself my man.

>Honzuki no Gekokujou is pretty good.

>Ugh, not another generic harem isekai where the self-insert OP protagonist molests sameface underage moe waifus in a magic high school, just like in 99% of shows today. Or is it another one of those solshit uguu moeblob waifu sims about ten year olds who are creepily sexualized and there's literally no story? What happened to anime? Remember when they still made thought-provoking, artistic, philosophical and mature anime that I could share with my friends and family to show them that I'm a serious adult who spends my time productively? Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell… the list goes on! I guess they don't make those anymore because shit taste japs only buy garbage because they're dumb and closed-minded and don't like anything that's different. They should be sophisticated connoiseurs of anime, like me. Speaking of which, check out this pretentious 30 minute video essay I just made called One Punch Man: The Art of the Punch.


You just sound mad that people aren't liking garbage.


This is a good fucking post that pretty much lists all my biggest problems with anime discussion on chans. Especially the part about "jaded" oldfags. Hell you can literally get by on just watching stuff from the early 2000s and pre-2000s, there is a lot of shit, but you just know these idiots watched like, Cowboy Bebop,Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and maybe if they're cultured some Gundam. Anyone who says anime hasnt been good in x years is full of shit.

You are literally one of the self deprecating shitposters he was talking about. Try actually watching anime for once.


>there is a lot of shit
Should have made this more clear, by a lot of shit I just meant there is ton of decent to good to masterclass anime from basically any era. You just have to dig for it once you've broken the surface level and watched all the well known highly praised shows.


You are part of the problem that I am talking about.


Those arent oldfags, those are just casuals. Oldfags are moeshitters with thousands of anime watched which is why they are jaded.


You have to be low iq to enjoy moe anime or just a masochist that loves consuming garbage.


And you’re a fag with no taste making straw men.


I didn't make any strawmen.


Both examples used here are >>229544
In fact I find it funny that you show someone being attacked for analyzing a shot of SAO, yet then you attack someone for analyzing one punch man.


Neither of those are strawmen regardless of how desperately you wish they were.

>In fact I find it funny that you show someone being attacked for analyzing a shot of SAO, yet then you attack someone for analyzing one punch man.

This never happened.

I give up. This place is full of retard normalfags who want to manufacture arguments.


They are straw men in the most literal use. You made up your own opposition to defeat it.
>this never happened
Yes it did, in that exact post. You are in denial.


Normgroids do ruin communities but that is inevitable. If it is so bad, try to go on obscure fourms/imageboards where you know the userbase is autistic and is not open to outsiders. Better yet, learn japanese because westerners are annoying. You shouldn't let others dictate what you like, just isolate yourself from them. Also try manga/obscure japanese games/non-OEL visual novels

But that was his problem in the first place. Interacting with normalfags. Normalfags (IRL Friends etc. etc.) are the ones posting "dank maymays" and other garbage which does not lead to a suitable community. With imageboards (excluding 4chan, as that is just reddit 2.0 now) and other obscure sites you get a better sense of a community that does know their stuff and can generally relate to "otaku" culture more than other westeners.

That is true for every medium though, not just anime

A lot of people watch moe shit because "deep shit" and the shounens became tiring. Nobody ever starts watching anime through moe-shit.


>the best way to watch anime in today's world is to get one or two friends
Rule 3?


You need to realize that posts like these that break the rules are common, and that actual wizards are a rare commodity here.


I mean technically it's not violating the rules, as it says having friends is not considered a social activity.


Anigay is for in-cels who lust after the type of females portrayed in anigay.

This type of females is typically shy, introverted, awkward, doesn't have friends and overwhelmingly innocent. This is the ideal female of most in-cels and one of the reasons in-cels are completely obsessed with it.

One of the clear signs of this affectionation is their desire to use 'cute' anigay females as their reaction pictures


They worship female in a way or another, having a 2d female as an avatar is just more proof of this worship behavior men are inclined to have towards succubi.


what's your opinion of anime that isn't moeshit?


The current shows have taken a drastic drop in quality for sure. There are also far too many of them and it has basically become a deluge of mediocrity. I mostly enjoy watching older shows that I missed and re-watching my favorites from time to time. I am very on and off with my anime consumption, though, and will go long periods without watching it. Seasonal fags are the worst tbh. They consistently consume whatever generic shit is churned out and usually rot their brains in the process.


File: 1571794605329.png (349.6 KB, 791x533, 791:533, 0_M0fHvZGmEFCkwroM.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Modern meme culture

I feel like this thread has more to do with modern imageboard culture being filled with wannabes of pre-2010 4chan yet without the constant evolving OC and disregarding of old memes.

As more people come in the less interesting the video game discussion, anime discussion and memes. I joined towards the end of 4chan's reign when it was still fun in 2008 and I remember even then when everyone was worried on /v/ about being normies or "/b/ with video games"

I remember thinking the elitism is a bit dumb but now 4chan is filled with nothing but Pepe and no OC in sight. The modern culture took the old culture and made a bastardized version of it. I realized that in some cases like with imageboards that gatekeeping was the smartest thing we could have done.

What I never would have guessed is 4chan being filled with actual nazi idiots or larpers. My worry was always the sjw types taking over.


Jesus christ you guys sound like the people who play video games and actually think it got worse. No it didn't get worse it had an increase of popularity therefore a boost in the amount of shows and a boost in the amount of shit you gotta swim through. The pros being you'll always be able to find something good eventually.

Post-2010 shows worthy of the classics of the past:

Mob Psycho 100
Mushishi sequel
The Promised Neverland
Tatami Galaxy
The Jojo adaptations (Ignore the retarded memes the show is good)
Vinland Saga adaptation
Psycho Pass
and more that I won't list because I'm not autistic enough to do so

I'm sure some of you with debate this list and that's fine with me as long as you don't debate Mob Psycho's quality because Ill fucking kill you if you do.


File: 1571797168278.png (14.75 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

> as long as you don't debate Mob Psycho's quality because Ill fucking kill you if you do.


>I feel like this thread has more to do with modern imageboard culture
Dude, that's right on the OP. He's saying people disregard posts with anime, not necessarily anime itself.

Video games did factually get worse. Not even in a quality sense, just in terms of monetization. But that's a discussion for another thread. Also I'm just gonna say it, the mushishi sequel was not nearly as good as the original, and I am a die hard fan of the first season.



Look for indie and unpopular games. There are far more gems than you think. Fuck mainstream gaming.


Yeah you're right I brain farted and said the obvious.


I think its really on a genre by genre basis as to whether or not modern games are good or not. Some genres have been doing badly for many years and other have had very strong titles recently.


not him but i rarely see anime posted here that isnt moeshit or succubus oriented


Because cute animes are cute so people are more likely to post screenshots from them than from other anime, that and these anime naturally are more emotive in general.


File: 1571842687427.jpeg (519.29 KB, 1278x1200, 213:200, 5460A0BC-E42C-4E42-9BDF-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I disagree with everything you just posted.


I think we should start Garyposting instead


File: 1576011926079.jpg (1.19 MB, 1500x1320, 25:22, 1375505337627.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My main issue with people who post anime images is that nowadays most of them don't even have an authentic interest in the hobby. The current culture of irony and memes in the western anime fandom is nauseating.

I'm fine with people posting anime if they are genuine fans.

It's not the image itself, it's the intent and mentality behind it that bothers me. Most of the anime images that get posted are either from highly popular series or a flavour-of-the-month show, which I think is indicative of the bandwagon mentality already discussed ITT.

As for discussing anime online, it's pretty much impossible. With any other topic, if you search long enough, you can find somewhat decent discussion of it online (like along hobbyist forums, for example). This is not the case with anime. For some reason nearly all anime-related discussion on the internet is utterly intolerable. For numerous reasons, some already mentioned ITT like waifu wars, meme culture, fauxelitists and pseudointellectuals, casuals, teenagers, prude/easily-offended people, sex-obsessed people, fanbase wars, low IQ ESL people, the irony attitude and not taking anything seriously etc etc etc…


File: 1576014088649.jpg (74.48 KB, 610x471, 610:471, 1469986022239.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

My main issue with anime is that it's a great visual medium but lacks any substance in other aspects. I collect and post anime images but I can't stand to watch any of the seasonal anime because it's simply too boring and childish for my taste. The majority of anime is made for teens and young adults and seldom handles complex themes. The few titles that offer anything interesting are experimental stuff like Lain and old-school stuff like Cowboy Bebop, but that has little or no market appeal today.

Honestly, the best thing about anime is the memes and art style. Anyone that unironically consumes this trash as a "hobby" is either a teenager or subhuman in some way, and I automatically look down on them.


>the best thing about anime is the memes
>also I'm too intelligent and mature to enjoy anime


File: 1576016406118.png (28.05 KB, 949x516, 949:516, mtstupid.png) ImgOps iqdb


don't you have some vaporwave albums to go listen to or something


File: 1576017278285.jpg (1.15 MB, 1400x2009, 200:287, Dead Dead Demon_s Dededede….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like Manga! (anime is ok too)


>you can't be intelligent and enjoy humor at the same time


File: 1576021132195.jpg (403.22 KB, 1108x1478, 554:739, wizkids posing with an eld….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah this thread turned into wizkid central real fucking quick after getting bumped back up. It's made even funnier by the fact that the guy you replied to uses the same generic "aesthetic" image that I've seen 100 times and lists Cowboy Bepop and Serial Experiments Lain as the peaks of the medium, like every other cookie cutter dilettante weaboo.

Too fucking stupid…


File: 1576021361880.jpg (150.25 KB, 1080x1016, 135:127, 1547378015829.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Memes are an underrated form of art. Sure, they're mass produced and a cheap form of expression resulting in the average meme's value not being worth the time it takes to scroll past it, but the medium has proven that it can also produce works of considerable depth and influence. These works often require an understanding and appreciation of self-aware humor and a certain nuanced understanding of Internet subcultures. This creates an entirely new way to enjoy things, from an "ironic" or even "post-ironic" perspective where you are both in on the joke and at the same time have an almost sentimental, naive attachment to the subculture that is the butt of the joke.

I have nothing but respect for memes, an appreciation of which requires both intelligence and maturity (self-awareness), something which the average anime fan does not have. Some people consume anime just to shitpost about it and I can respect that, but anyone that considers it a serious "hobby" should bite on a cyanide pill.

>you haven't eaten enough shit to say that you don't enjoy it!

Nice reddit-tier graph there, pal.

Not sure what you're implying, buddy.


> works of considerable depth

such as? (no enmity)


File: 1576022268282.gif (2.7 MB, 328x190, 164:95, 1436574530776.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This is so incredibly blind and retarded that I feel compelled to reply just to see where you'll go next.


>this guy is lecturing us on self-awareness


OP here and holy crap am I surprised this thread is still going. Seemed like what I'm getting from here is that most wiz are just getting tired of anime becoming mainstream while others are fighting that anime is imagboard culture.


File: 1576026973150.gif (262.01 KB, 500x607, 500:607, 1568487307173.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The most obvious example is Pepe the frog. It started as a way for a niche Internet subculture to express their personal "feels" and then in its natural development through ironic cycles culminated into ever more extreme forms of emotion that no longer represented any one individual but gave voice to a certain generational angst shared by people that grew up on the Internet.

As other subcultures got wind of the format, the pepes became ever more extreme and abstract in an reactionary attempt to protect itself from outsiders. I believe that's when the critical shift happened and the enjoyment derived from pepe memes was no longer about relatable "feels" or even the actual content of a particular instance of the meme, but were enjoyed on a meta-ironic level born out of a shared intersubjective space, a certain acknowledgment that they were "in on the joke" and the disgust these images caused in the general public that was outside of it. Further development culminated from that cultural clash and pepe became political, primarily as just another dimension taken to its extreme which lead the general public to falsely assume it as a hate symbol. At that point, the distinction between irony and sincerity became completely blurred as young adults once characterized by their disinterest in the outside world, suddenly took on serious political matters and expressed them memetically, the only way they knew how.

If you've spent any considerable amount of time on the Internet then you probably already know this. It's also been talked about to death and I'd compare Pepe's influence in the meme arts on the same level as Mona Lisa, as a certain cultural artifact that can't be denied. Sure, you might roll your eyes at this, precisely because that kind of ironic detachment from sentimentality is inherent in the art form and this kind of analytic perspective ruins the enjoyment of the work (the same way explaining a joke does). The depth of the work comes not from the actual content, but a complex web of meaning on top of it. You might say a crudely drawn image of a cartoon frog taking a shit is disgusting and childish, but this is because you're outside of the intersubjective space needed to appreciate it and you cannot gain access to it by simply grasping the content. All art can be conceptualized as just an inside joke between the artist and his culture.

I'll forgive your insolence on account of those digits, but watch your mouth or I'll show you my blade, fool.


i think the same, i was a very big fan of anime/manga (more manga tho) in my early teen years but i grew up and my tastes have change, the shows are pretty childish and teenager themed, i just need something more, i have no preoblem with people who still enjoys it tho, good for them, but i'm sure they enjoy it more for the "escapism" part than for an actual good story. Anyway, i still think wanting to ban anime of imageboards is dumb, it's part of it's culture and yes i like people who uses succubi in posts because fuck it, internet is not the real world it's part of the place having personas.
I still like anime for it's easthetic tho, like you, i think japanese animators/chara designs are god-tier that's why i always have an eye on anime/manga threads/actuality.
sorry for my bad writing i'm a lurker


forgot to add that i draw a lot and that i was greatly influenced by anime/manga in my draw style. Anime/manga had a big effect on me in a visual way, and i'll be forever gratefull for that, i can critisize it but i can't hate it because it is too important for me. I just can't watch a show anymore, too uninteristing for me. but animeposters, please never stop animeposting, fuck those normans wanting to ban the last authentic thing from imageboard culture. It's one of the few reasons i still like those places.


Good anime was shit from like 2007. Everything good was from that far back and farther to the 90s, the golden years. You just posted that new shit image. Don't you see why it's hated? You want some overly disney-cute moe shit dancing to nigger music, we wanted Ergo Proxy.

The line is not fine.


I don't hate all anime but a lot of it is just soft porn trash, it doesn't even try to be well written


You've all got it wrong. Otaku culture has been declining for years even in Japan and anime being the most mainstream part of it after gachashit, cancer, has been the most hit by it.
If you say that someone that loved anime should love it even now you are either deluded or a newfag. I almost only watch or rewatch anime from the late 90s, early 2000s because that's the real otaku culture I love.


People defending anime haven't watched enough or started recently so they are still fresh and larping as oldfags


I honestly believe anime is more normie now than ever, even in Japan. It seems less of a niche thing you'd try to keep away from others, and more becoming a victim of its own success.
One thing that makes me see this is just coming across old doujinshi and seeing the type of things they'd draw, a more crude humor and art that won't appeal or sale anymore.
In the west, just look at all the stupid memes zoomers tack anime onto, almost instinctively. Most of it just to signal that they're cool and watch anime, or about how much they jerk off to it like a joke.


Jesus christ, it's just a cartoon. If you like it watch it. If you don't like it don't watch it.


It's an edit.
She's Thai.


That tweet used some subpar fanart for it. The show itself doesn't look more tacky than most anime that were more popular at the time, like Naruto.


Subpar fanart, for a subpar show.


dykeniggers need to be killed




Do Wizards not associate themselves with crab culture?


i always hated the seasonal/airing aspect of anime. it's fucking annoying having to wait a god damn week in between episodes. when i was a kid watching anime on tv, id completely forget what happened the last episode. i usually watch stuff from the previous season so i can watch it all at once. or sometimes i wait and watch 4 per month back to back

i have very primitive and adhd tastes in anime as well, so a lot of the time the season sucks ass and i have to dig through older stuff but im lazy and that happens maybe once a month

i also get burned out because updating my mal after months of neglect is a pain in the ass trying to remember everything


I always wait for the final episode to be aired, because anime has a tendency to take a nosedive, even as close as last episode.


dunno about anyone else but when I post anime it's not because of any reason but I've been watching anime since the 80s and early 90s, and it comes naturally, like playing video games

it's just one of those things that's always been with me


Sounds like me except I only wish I had made a MAL. I have no idea what I've watched. It feels like I must have watched hundreds of shows by now but I can't remember shit.

I'm getting burned out now because it's becoming harder and harder to easily find an older anime that is actually decent. I used to just go to lists of high rated anime and watch the ones that looked like they might be good. Usually the ratings are pretty accurate, sometimes they're not. Now that I've watched a lot of shows though I know it's going to be harder and harder to find those shows that were rated lower but which I actually will enjoy so I haven't even been searching. This has left me watching current stuff again week by week because I'm too lazy and just look at what people are talking about online to find stuff now. I hate it so damn much.


people who share anime pictures just want to jerk off together


speak for yourself faggot, when I stick anime on my posts it's basically just punctuation, and I don't mean the run of the mill smug anime succubus reaction pics that you probably use

sometimes a post needs that extra special touch that only a carefully chosen anime pic can provide, especially when it's a funny post


I like anime. but hate normie culture of le cute loli waifu xD. fuck outta here


File: 1581824301591.jpg (20.77 KB, 236x191, 236:191, 1416241130868.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't like it as I used to because it just became boring; same fucking tropes all the fucking time.
Honestly it doesn't help how it is becoming more and more mainstream in the west these past few years. You're now starting to see blatant PC as fuck anime made by western trash and "MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN AMINE. WHY? BECAUSE! JUST BLACK PEOPLE NOTHING ELSE BECAUSE LIKE THERE ARE TOO MANY WHITES REPRESENTED IN ANIME BECAUSE THE JAPANESE ARE XENOPHOBIC RACISTS AND BE NEED MORE BLACK PEOPLE TO OVER REPRESENTED IN ANOTHER FORM OF MEDIA BECAUSE OF MY WHITE GUILT" I fucking swear whites are stupid obnoxious afro-centric scum no matter how racist and liberal they are. At this rate Japanese anime will be heavily influenced by the west and it will only get worse than the moeshit/repeated haremshit.

Then again I have not watched anime in the last two years so I don't care if it becomes another cultural icon appropriated and corrupted by the west (eurangutangs, kikes and their african pets).


i hate having to download shit. streaming is pure cancer. paid anime streaming sites only have a tiny selection. the whole ordeal is a PAIN in the ass no matter what you choose


Anime sucks now because it's now just a glorified advertisement for the source material, VAs and the soundtract artist


Streaming is pretty good now, at least if you use a good adblock and have a good net connection.
I have never been a fan of downloading because I tend to only watch things once anyway.
And no I avoid premium shit like the plauge.


File: 1581874418832.gif (12.39 KB, 315x202, 315:202, 00_00_01.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I still like anime, but it's not close as important as anime was to me a few years ago. I found anime to be a perfect media to use as escapism, and thats what i think many of us fall in love with. The idea to have something as wonderful and great as anime was when we first found it, and simply having it just too ourself, back when anime wasn't mainstream, i think that idea meant alot to us. These days our special place that was "ours" is no longer, and the same goes with the "death of internet" theory. I honestly not sure if anime is getting worse or not, there's still alot of good shows produced, but somehow i fall back to the 2000-2010 era. Since that time period was my special place. I also think the more mainstream something get, the more haters it get. Im partwise anti-culture too. Even if culture is something i love..


I'm not into anime like I use to be. Very rarely theres a new anime that I'm interested in and enjoy. Infact, I pretty much don't even pay attention to what comes out these days. Whenever I do watch anime these days, its usually stuff from the early 2000's and before. When it comes to otaku/anime culture, I was into it during the mid 2000's and before. When I discovered imageboards and started going on 4chan in early 2005, sure it was cool that there was a presence otaku culture there, but that wasn't the thing that made 4chan appealing to me (remember, there were other anime sites and online communities), what made 4chan appealing to me was the anonymity, the humor, it was the first online community I truly felt like I connected with and fit into (before that, every IRC channel and online forum I ever went on, they were filled with failed normalfags and they all hated me). I don't get upset when people post with anime succubus images, I don't give a shit, but its not something I personally care about or connect with, atleast not anymore.


Why is there no musical Anime? I know there is rotoscoped musical perfomances that look eerie ( but thats not bad in itself a lot of Disney muscicals had rotoscoped dance numbers, is more like the Japanese themselves are eerie)

Do you know about a musical Anime? I mean, Americans have made Musicals About The Mormons, about Historical figures, About Spongebob, why is Anime not fit to Musicals? If there is a lot of them post examples.


Most anime is serialized, whereas most musicals are one offs (plays or movies). It's pretty easy to fill a 2 hour period with music, but filling 12 episodes if not more is tough. That alone means most anime is not gonna be a musical for logistic reasons. Secondly I don't think japan has much of the "kid movies need a fun song" thing as much as the west, and if they do want something like that, disney is also very popular in japan so they likely fill that niche quite well.

The closest you're gonna get is stuff like idols or k-on. Show by rock started a new season if you want that.


There is musicals about everything though, why s it so far fetched to an Anime musical to exist as movies, after all they do much weirder shit like converting EVERYTHING in to pubescent succubi.


Short answer is culture difference.
There are very few Japanese musicals to begin with and even fewer animated ones.


anime burn out is real
I remember reading threads on /a/ about quitting anime or from people who quit and the general consensus was around 25 you just start losing interest. I was a teen back then around 16 or so and thought LMAO no way that will happen to me I will watch animes forever xddd but it actually did happen to me around 25 I started losing interest and dropped it completely around 27 (basically when all the popular zoomer shit like isekai and heavy cgi became popular). At first I thought no biggie it's just a downtime phase until something good pops up


But it fucken hasn't yet 3 years later i am beginning to cringe and actively hate anime and it's watchers mainly because they are all posers nowadays. Strongly disagree that there is still good things to watch coming out, basically people who still watch it remind me of myself when I thought id be watching anime forever and that it would never get boring and just seem like lower life forms overall.


Good, you've learned that people who are older than you are usually wiser and know what they're talking about. Now listen to what they say.


same but I watched a little of that isekai stuff (after 10 years of no anime) and I enjoyed it, I wanna watch the news seasons of overlord and that slime show

I hope I'm not dead yet then


your taste must be shit or you never grew up watching the good stuff or just a masochist consoomer that loves garbage

first it was the music industry to start to fail in the late 90s and then movies hit the shit in early 2000s, video game industry collapsed at the start of 2010s and now anime is the last to go in 2020s - all soulless garbage for normie coomers and consoomers like flies attracted to shit


i also noticed the avg anime fan these days can't even discuss what they watched beyond spamming twitter fan art or some easily googleable plot, its either the fans are human trash who can't even hold an opinion, anime is trash made for them, or both.


yeah yeah yeah, blah blah

take your hyperbole the fuck back to b


>around 25 you just start losing interest
Seinen used to be actually mature stuff with complicated themes only an adult could comprehend like Mushishi, GitS or Berserk. Seinen nowadays is Love Live, Gochiusa. No wonder things are cringe worthy these days
Moe is the cancer that killed anime


name a single good isekai or anime that came out after 2018 and explain why you like it and what your favorite part was and how it made you feel, idm spoilers


the main character of the slime show is a 37yo virgin like me who dies and goes to anime heaven


there a something seriously wrong when shonen manga is the most story rich these days, the medium a whole has stagnated far too much by going the safe route and reusing common tropes and similar themes

i can just take a look at the studio, the character names and watch the preview on the seasonal charts and know every line that every character will say and how every episode will happen and guess the ending from just 5 mins of looking into every new anime

its like im watching the same show over and over just recolored and rehashed with new names, but they will repeat the same common lines and it will get a shitty unexplained abrupt ending instead of the usual this time to seem like it's something new and breaks the flow but just makes the whole thing pointless in the end


sounds like crap tbh, how do you still watch shit like that?


why can't you post like a human outside of b?


my dude i have posted my genuine thoughts and concerns as a long time anime fan about the industry sorry you felt like it's a personal attack on your animelist profile


it seems to be headed for a much needed crash where all the creativity is gone and having soulless anti-trope indie studio garbage is going to keep popping up while big studios will just make cgi remakes of everything they released previously just like with video games, it may even crash and burn faster because video games are still somewhat getting carried by new tech

feel free to prove me wrong as well and attach your own opinion if you truly care about anime as much as you say and not a 1 line brainfart shitpost



File: 1581962060893.jpg (95.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 534633.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder why this never happened to me, I started watching anime in the 80's and it still remains one of my favourite things in life. Preferences have changed as one has aged certainly, I used to love my Starzinger and Gundam episodes and thought Hokuto no Ken and Cobra were boring as shit, nowadays it's the reverse. Nor can I particularly relate to the sort of rose shade nostalgia drooling retards who spew on about muh good ol' days (they were around in the past as well btw). Most stuff regardless of era is plain jane average, then there's always been some favourites to sift out. Current seasons Eizouken is brilliant and Dorohedoro is fun as hell (inb4 gurdur CG).


Cg is bad though.


Anime feels generic.

Also, I'm getting older, I can't empathize with the characters


Certainly, I passionately hate most CG, but also understand why a studio might need to opt for it. Lazy drawing can be just as awful though.


I mean CG anime can be good, but it’s almost always in spite of it, not because of it.


Generic as opposed to what? Triple AAA games? Pop music? Young adult novels? Hollywood films? Are you finally reaching the big special conclusion that when there is a lot of something, the majority of it HAS to be mediocre as this is what creates a quality standard?


File: 1581979014873.jpg (112.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, zdQD1wCVcnHWvxMKnayCsLWEat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks prager U.
You're a joke no matter what form you put this in.


It doesn't have to be in comparison to anything other than itself. Every time someone says anything negative about anime someone jumps in and goes "yeah well what about X, Y, or Z??". We aren't talking about those other things, we're talking about anime.


It is a reasonable point in relation to the topic.
Any medium can be called generic.
It is a throw away meaningless statement.


No it's not. Bringing in other media is a non-sequitur at best.


I just explained how it is.
Just because you say it isn't doesn't make it the case.
Just calling something non-sequitur doesn't make it so ether.


And just cause you say it isn't doesn't make it so either.


Unlike you I made a actual argument.
One you have yet to rebut.


Everything is generic isn't much of an argument.


But it is a augment you have yet to refute regardless of how "much" of a augment it is or isn't.

Again, you are making meaningless non-statements.


I'm not gonna bother arguing with it, when your whole method is declaring whatever you dislike as a "meaningless non-statement". I've done this dance before and have no interest in continuing it.



Anyway, for it not to be "much" of a argument it sure stumped you.
Thread is done anyway.


I never liked anime. Only anime I remember enjoying was cowboy bebop in the 90s, and that was likely cause I was the prime audience (teenage male). Looking at anime today it seems all too overly dramatic and shallow. Themes that may seem deep to a teenager, but just naive bullshit to anyone with any real life experience.


If you started watching in the 80s then you might unironically just enjoy consooming garbage because audio/visual standards were very low back then. The current anime you mentioned looks awful. One is a meta/meme anime and the other is some meme isekai and both look worse visually than older hand drawn stuff while seemingly lacking substance as well.

Anime is overm


File: 1582013815897.jpg (217.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, information-density-and-pa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>look guise, I added meme to everything to make it seem relevant, I swear it's not a meme XD
Good job making it easy to tell how clueless you actually are. There has yet to be one single instant of studio meta in the former show and the latter isn't even isekai. How on earth did you deduce that they're "seemingly lacking substance"? They're both filled with substance and story, in fact Eizouken almost has too much substance at times. The artwork is just average, it looks far better than some both older and newer shows and worse than others. Dorohedoro is just plain vanilla with some shitty CG while Eizouken has a more unique style that varies throughout the episodes, I'd actually put it a bit above average due to this.

>Anime is overm

>currently at peak popularity with more content to choose from than ever
Now there's a real substanceless meme comment. You represent the typical holder of this opinion very well though, they lost interest in the medium some years back and fondly remember the shows they watched back when they had interest while scoffing at anything current without realizing that they're the ones who've changed far more than the shows, if I am to guess this probably often ties in with depression.


It's pretty clear that Japan wanted to make their own 80's action and scify movie culture, but Japan movie industry has always been campy and low end, when they caught on that they were great at animation, they decided to invest all the effort they could on it, this is why Anime has more in common with movies/tv series than with cartoons and reason why is it accepted as a medium for all kinds of public, it is an integral part of their pop culture.


Best post in this thread.
That's why nowadays I avoid anime discussions on the internet. Unfortunately too much exposure to the ironic culture surrounding anime communities makes one feel contempt for anime itself.
The thing I hate the most about such communities is how everything needs to be shifted towards what's new and trendy. I don't think it's possible to have a decent discussion about old anime on 4chan's /a/ anymore. Well, not without seeing hundreds of threads about memes and lewd pictures of flavour of the month anime.
Oh, and by the way, I'm not saying that current anime is bad (quite the contrary, I like it a lot). I'm just saying that this tendency towards what is new reflects some sort of unhealthy need for instant gratification. Maybe the people in anime communities had their serotonin receptors destroyed by the internet, who knows.


try getting into something that's not pop culture, for God's sake

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