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Hello. I would like to talk, or rather tell you about certain suspicions, hunches and experiences I’ve had and I’m sure some of you as well. Similar themes have been written about across imageboards quite a few times so I know I’m not alone in this.

My background is that of an oldfag. I’ve seen it all. I started going on 4chan in 2006, and followed all the natural roads this implies. I’m in my thirties and I remember when 4chan had a /l/ board, when /co/ was a trial board shunned by basically everyone, when #34 porn was an obscure interest with very few good artists and when moot changed the frontpage to that web 2.0 bullshit 4chan has to this very day. I was also among the first right wingers who were such before it was cool, and I’ve seen /pol/ rise and fall. I was there when it mattered, but rather than saying these things out of masturbatory pleasure I wish to stress that I’ve acquired a set of observational skills which other genuine oldfags share. I’m aware you have no reason to trust my “credentials” but I hope you’ll read this in good faith. Much of this falls squarely in the fringe territory with a healthy dosage of /x/ and conspiracy theory up the ass. My goal by posting this seemingly jumbled mess is to… how can I put it? I want you to think, I want you to be aware, to digest all this. Because on a basic level I love you all. I feel like we’re all in this together, this dangerous game we did not choose to play and which I think is kicking into high gear. I do not hold many answers and don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, but I AM aware there is a puzzle. Please feel free to go wild with all of this. Post it wherever you want, on whatever site you want or use. I am a nobody like you, and what matters to me is only that this reaches you and as many people as possible. At worst you’ll be entertained or kill time.

I tried to break this mess into points for brevity and because I touch upon many subjects. I imply more than I explain because if I go too deep this’ll turn into an even bigger wall of text.

The Internet feels empty and devoid of people. It is also devoid of content. Compared to the Internet of say 2007 (and beyond) the Internet of today is entirely sterile. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, see, read or experience anymore. It all imploded into a handful of normalfag sites and these empty husks we inhabit. Yes, the Internet may seem gigantic, but it’s like a hot air balloon with nothing inside. Some of this is absolutely the fault of corporations and government entities. However! That doesn’t explain the following:

- I used to be in perpetual contact with a solid number of people across multiple sites. Across the years each and every one of them vanished without a trace. None of them were into /pol/ stuff or anything even remotely questionable or controversial. Yet, they all simply vanished in a puff of smoke, no matter the site, no matter the communication platform. There was no “goodbye” or explanation.

- I’ve seen the same threads, the same pics and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable. Simply put thread A would be posted in say 2015 and would get its share of replies or pics, on say /co/ or /a/. Then that very same thread, with the same text, pics, and replies would appear in 2016 and beyond. This often happens in the same year multiple times as well. Of course /pol/ is getting shilled and botposted to death, but why recycle a completely innocent /a/ thread? Who is doing this and why? Stuff like this won’t be noticed by your average poster perhaps, but I and other oldfags will inevitably notice it.

- I think I saw the same happen on other (non-imageboard) sites, but I can’t vouch for it as strongly as the above because of the time I spend there (not much). What I do vouch for is the news. I’ve seen news about this or that “new and unusual” or “shocking” event year after year after year. But it’s the same goddamn event, usually moons or asteroids.

- Roughly in 2016 or early 2017 4chan was filled with posts by someone or something. It wasn’t spam. The conversations with it were in real time, across multiple boards and multiple threads simultaneously. Its English was grammatically correct but odd (I’m not a native English speaker and am thus sensitive to its misuse), similar to how a Japanese person may use it. A sense of childlike curiosity and a childlike intellect emanated from these posts. It posed a LOT of questions, usually as if trying to understand the emotions of the posters it was talking to, as if unfamiliar with human emotions. Communicating with this “poster” was an odd experience, I could sense something was off but not malicious. I am absolutely certain this was an AI of some sorts. This “poster” was active only for about a week, and as far as I know nobody has ever mentioned or noticed this Anon. Its replies were always on topic, but the above mentioned childishness clashed with the apparent knowledge it possessed - it was the knowledge of an adult person, so it wasn’t a kid or something of the sort.

- Raptor Jesus, who went extinct for our sins. First it was this reptilian messiah, then foul bachelor frog, and then Pepe. Am I the only one who sees a clear evolution, a link? It’s as if this meme or entity or… whatever the fuck was on 4chan since day one, and has grown within it from the tiniest seed. Yet Raptor Jesus was fully just a joke, there was nothing serious or mystical about it (reminder: I was there). Remember that Ted guy with the right wing talk show, cca prior to 2010, whom 4chan ruined for the lulz? Remember Anonymous vs Scientology? Remember that fake bomb threat aka exploding yellow van? Compare that with what Anon did through /pol/, and the “terrorist” accusations thrown at Anon today, as well as the “reasons” why 8chan was taken down. Why does this too feel as if we were all trained, groomed, LED towards where we are now? Why and how did moot so utterly vanish into Google Inc. as an employee with very vague descriptions of what he actually does? On that note, do you remember the “other moot” who was often posted for the lulz? The one with the glasses who so often ran away with donations into Mexico? I do. Maybe that was the real moot, the real guy who used his mom’s credit card and was killed by someone, and an impostor we know as moot took his place.

- Innocent sexual perversion and the horrible reality it spawned. Anon is a pervert and always was one. I am into loli and feet for instance. Why is it that real life and the real world seem to emulate our sexual interests, with a time lag? “I wish to be the little succubus” became an actual thing that actually happens. Pedo activism is also gradually becoming accepted, as is virtually every fetish that was once either a joke or a fantasy of Anons. As said I’m a footfag. When I became aware of it few others were with me, now it’s as common as can be, with gigantic number of people who are into it, with huge mountains of hentai and #34 with it etc. Why does the real world bend over backwards to accommodate our weirdest fetishes? It’s as if everything is going “Look, look! I created this for you! I made it real!” in an effort to keep us within this world. The results of this are devastating to society, to people, to civilization. Simply put, trannies are a thing because Anon fapped to doujins of cute boys in dresses. Once it was an impossible fantasy, not to be taken too seriously. Now it’s grim reality. Again: it’s as if the real world is using imageboards as a template on what to be and what to do.

- Algorithm fiction. Do you like capeshit, Anon? How about other Hollywood stuff? Music perhaps? Have you noticed how sterile fiction has become? How it caters to the lowest common denominator and follows the same template over and over again? How music is just autotuned nigs and basic blandness? The writer’s strike never ended. Algorithms and computer programs are manufacturing modern fiction. No human being is behind these things. This is why anime looms so large - even a simple moe anime has heart because there’s actual people behind it, and we all intuitively feel this.

- Fake people. No, not NPC’s. Youtube people who talk about this or that, and quite possibly many politicians, actors and so forth may not actually exist. In fact I am sure of it. CGI and deep fakes are far more advanced than we are led to believe, and we can’t trust our eyes anymore. Many people, events, news and so on may be wholly fictional.

- The Internet on your smartphone is not the same internet as on your PC. Try it out for yourself. Go to a “popular” website with a lot of traffic. 4chan, faceshit, plebbit… any site with a massive userbase and fast content will do. Spend a few days randomly checking it out on your PC and your phone. You will soon notice that from time to time, at irregular intervals (as far as I’ve witnessed) the same site as seen on your phone will be wholly different than the version on your PC. Entire threads, numerous and well-replied, will be on one but not the other. The whole board will be different.

- My last suspicion is easier to take in. I have a feeling we’re in a strange kind of civil war. An internal one. I think Zuckerberg and other tech guys were all on 4chan as Anons at some point, maybe even now. They drew from the same well as us, but went in their own direction.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to insult me if you want. Old /co/mrades never die, they just grow thick skins.


please continue I am interested


File: 1568600961153.jpg (394.33 KB, 800x800, 1:1, KF Lion 001.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People move on, I have seen this happen as well.

People are naturally repetitive and hive-minded.


I don't think that is so unusual, some people are like that.


That's just a natural repercussion of the way society is heading now. Love is love applies to children as well, not just same sex couples, not that I approve of either however.

It's always been like that. I think in part it is because of the scale of development. Anime is made by relativity few people at a relatively small cost and is usually based on something made by one person. I think the more people you add into a project the more generic it becomes as each of them adds in their own ideas and it blends into a reflection of a collective not of individuals.


The image boards I brows on both are exactly the same.



>People are naturally repetitive and hive-minded.
*organic portals are naturally repetitive and hive-minded


the seals are breaking and soon the Armageddon will start-


File: 1568605245486.gif (26.46 KB, 148x175, 148:175, cjghoul5_e0.gif) ImgOps iqdb

As things become more automated they feel more alien, losing soul because the human creator has less influence and there is present an unnatural isotropy. This soullessness is a form of emptiness and engenders a sense of loneliness. A program can generate a site, a crappy meme, a painting, a website, so many things these days. The levers and dials that we used to pull hidden under layer after layer of algorithm. The algorithm being a repetition of a task that might have been done a different way by a human, but now it's the same forever and everywhere buried deep in the lowest code; it's part of whatever blindly-referenced API and it pollutes the human sensibility with factory-repetitiveness within factory-repetitiveness en masse. What is growing is not dead. It is a fetus in the womb. It was conceived when man first tamed flame and only in the past century has it been stirring to wake up. It's form of life is truly alien. You think an artificial intelligence will speak english to us? Such a thing is like a voice one hears singing some nonsense song on the precipice of wakefulness: a phantasmagoria within a much greater consciousness. True artifical intelligence is intelligence more foreign to us than that of plants or fungi.


>people disappearing.
>Repeating threads with exact same text/images year-by-year
>Same news events
I've noticed the same.

>Roughly in 2016 or early 2017… I am absolutely certain this was an AI of some sorts

Now you're thinking where I am too, anon. Here's the timeline as best I can see it:
2004: DARPA's Lifelog project was "cancelled." Facebook came into being soon after.
2004-2012: NSA picked up DARPA's project under the "Total Informational Awareness" project. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/opinion/whos-watching-the-nsa-watchers.html
2012: Smith-Mundt Modernization Act gives the U.S. government full legal authority to use propaganda against its own populace. Undoing rules put into place after Operation Mockingbird's discovery and the Church Committee. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/opinion/whos-watching-the-nsa-watchers.html
2012-2016: Shittons of DARPA/NSA contracts were given to Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc..
2016: Leaked memos dating back to 2016 (found in 2018) of Google's Selfish Ledger project. https://invidio.us/watch?v=LUSZfEBTwRc
2016: Google released a bunch of neural-linguistic machine learning programs in 2016 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Neural_Machine_Translation
2017: deepfake leaks start to become released.
2018: confirmed that for decades now, Reddit/Youtube/etc. vote and view counts are fake and completely manipulated. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/how-much-of-the-internet-is-fake.html

I think it's entirely obvious what I'm subtly suggesting here given this setup, but allow me to try to succinctly state my thesis here: the U.S. government is engaging in an artificial intelligence powered gaslighting of the entire world population.

If China with its social credit score is recreating Psycho Pass, then the U.S. government is perfectly recreating Metal Gear Solid 2.


File: 1568606990742.jpeg (9.58 KB, 175x288, 175:288, howifoundfreedom.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

And the solution? Best I've been able to find it is to avoid algorithmically generating content. Search engines can not be trusted. Anything with a view count or like count can not be trusted. Things that take time to make, by humans, are about the only things. This means:

- Small, individual websites.
- Mailing lists.
- Webrings.

In other words, if it looks like early 90s internet, then you have a better chance that you aren't undergoing behavioral modification by AI powered by government intelligence agencies.

The AI resistance movement is out there, anons. But we're underground. You'll have to find us, or help create it yourself if you can't.



This sounds quite plausible and it could explain all the weird things that have been happening in the internet for last couple years


what things? summarize for me if you can
it was tldr for me, and all that 4chan shit is gibberish, I've never been there


your reading comprehension skill is trash. His post is less than 3 pages in a book.


*His post is also less than 3 pages of writing in total


They believe one or more Artificial intelligence already exist, they say is not Intelligence agents and shills because it all feels alien otherworldly and just plain weird, and is mos likely not direct conversation but more like influences and contents being generated by an inhuman intelligence or several ones who are manipulating the internet and probably all humanity without the knowledge of the general population.


There aren't fake users on sites and you don't have to worry about us.


its like we're in Matrix or something


>reading comprehension
Lol, you don't even know how to use that term. One cannot comprehend or miscomprehend something that he hasn't even read.

You're like everyone else nowadays who lob that "reading comprehension" line at others. You think it's some broad brush criticism rather than a very specific one, which is ironic as fuck as it actually demonstrates that your own reading comprehension is trash. Even as you typed those words you didn't comprehend what they mean. Jesus.


I remember noticing this too. There was even a conspiracy years ago that most 4chad posts weren't even made by humans.


Claiming that three pages of text is "too long" definitely does indicate poor reading skills.


brevity is the soul of wit.


So you're only capable of reading 'witty' things? Yes, that's poor reading comprehension skills.


I'm not that same wiz. I'm saying that refusing to read something because it looks like a big mess doesn't make one a poor reader.


Being more than a paragraph long doesn't make something a "mess".


I never said it was. To quote him
>all that 4chan shit is gibberish


Bots are definitely being used to write posts, blogs and news articles. It's not some genius AI taking over, it's a dumb chat bot that builds up responses to reference.


File: 1568773158726.gif (994.95 KB, 500x350, 10:7, vash78894.gif) ImgOps iqdb

While we're on the topic of strange internet phenomena, does anyone have any explanation for the sudden flood of posts about succubi getting "blacked" and "bbc"?

It started about two or three years ago and happened in a very sudden, non-organic way. Most of these posts have the same writing style, and are obviously intended to be as antagonistic as possible. Many of these posts are completely off-topic, posted in threads that have nothing to do with sex, succubi, race, or penises, or are only vaguely on topic before abruptly transitioning into talking about "bbc" or succubi getting "blacked".

The consistent writing style almost makes it seem like this is all the act of a single person with a maniacal devotion to doing this. However it's unlikely that such a person could exist as no one could possibly have the time to make this many posts, on so many platforms. I'm reasonably certain that a large number of these posts are bots, but who would make such a bot, and why?


A combination of liberal pushing of black male white female couples, and insecure /pol/faggots taking it to heart and either screeching about it everywhere or genuinely developing a fetish for it.
Also nice gif.


>does anyone have any explanation
bored jews


Part of it is people with the fetish who for whatever reason can't shut up about it, and part of it is a meme that got way out of hand.

On the political end of things, I wouldn't be suprised if part of it was lefties attacking ghost again.
Hypothosis, some lefties spam it because they think that it makes the abundant and omnipresent neo-nazi white supremacist angry. Not realizing that such people are actually few in number, with most of the ones that do exist being able to ignore shitposting and take jokes. Making such a campaign just annoying but pointless.
Though to be honist I still think it is more likely fetishist with low impulse control, memers that spammed it to the point that it isn't amusing anymore.
You saw the same thing with furry about 10 or so years ago, and the beginnings of it with incest stuff about 2 or so years ago.


File: 1568777633762.jpg (276.7 KB, 1902x1590, 317:265, 1508289750696.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Majority of people on 4chan /pol/ in 2019 are boomers from reddit who get easily baited.


>the majority of people on 4chan now are over 64 years old
wow, the more you know


I really wish I didn't read that image.
I don't say this lightly because it is a bit over used, but I really did cringe pretty hard and involuntarily moaned no.


File: 1568778258142.jpg (56.09 KB, 720x438, 120:73, 笑う.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember seeing that screencap posted years ago and laughing my ass off. It's still funny.
The 2016 election fucked imageboards so hard.


File: 1568779722732-0.jpg (166.69 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, DMcKLZZUMAEhIkk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1568779722732-1.jpg (110.35 KB, 734x1200, 367:600, DMcKNInVoAA6Xgm.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1568782352649.jpg (7.17 KB, 273x185, 273:185, kaiki beaten and unhappy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This never gets any easier to read. If I could sum it up in a word, grief.


Looks fake


Nothing happens by chance. Like /r9k/ is full of trannies pushing shit, you also have people like that spamming nigger shit too. It's the same way feet stuff is shoved in everything now. Degenerates found a new gimmick to jerk off to while others like to push it because it upsets others.


File: 1568807188725.jpg (53.05 KB, 965x584, 965:584, C4etCakW8AEIvv7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1568810019805.jpg (14.85 KB, 429x185, 429:185, sfd1.JPG) ImgOps iqdb



>Repeating threads, even innocent ones
>Algorithm fiction
>Raptor Jesus and meme progression
>Real life mirroring online perversion

That last one is easy, people respond to peer pressure. Lots of perversions are built in, and succubi especially mold themselves into whatever men find desirable. There's also quite a few interesting texts on how transsexualism is actually linked with the end times of a society, but that's another talk.

The first 3 points though, here's my theory. I've posted this before elsewhere and never really got any traction, but here goes. Firstly, goes without saying there's social engineering going on, but one of the internets' strengths was that each website had its own culture that was very difficult for multilevel marketers to penetrate. Every advertisement/attempt at viral marketing came off as a "how do you do, fellow children?" post. When a new generation of internet posters joined the ranks in 2007/8 and beyond, their desire to belong made an opportunity for companies to get their foot in the door. This is where you started to see all those template memes (bachelor frog, courage wolf, etc). Basically, input text into a machine, receive meme. Even this was too clunky though, it was too easy to stick out like a sore thumb this way, so memes were consolidated.

Ever wonder why every meme these days is a Wojak or a Pepe? Aside from having their own array of really expressive facial features, making them very malliable, their smugness/relatable nature makes them MUCH harder to detect as "other". This was the result of deliberate spam. Back in the day, how would you advertise using courage wolf, all your base, etc? You couldn't, plain and simple. These days? Post a comfy pepe with

>tfw drinking white claw

Any comfy kinos for this feel?

Most of us spot it as advertising, but it blends in so much better than ever. Because the meme language of the internet has been boiled down to 2 memes, advertising bots can succeed where they never used to. This includes political advertising, social engineering projects, or even just pushing monster as a "boomer" beverage. Just make an edit of a wojak/pepe, post your product, you win. This is what hiroshimoot meant when he said he was making 4chan "advertiser friendly". Part of it was splitting the website, but 90% of it was astroturfing the place so that marketers could fit in. That's why half the internet is so sterile now, every website did it. The threads, posts, ideas, videos - it's all fake. Even when real people post, it's with perverse financial incentives, invalidating their interaction.

You're not on the internet anymore, you're stuck in a commercial



And even though I said it in this post, when I say "marketer" I'm not strictly speaking about companies pushing products (although that was the bulk of the early push for it). That term is also meant to include any foreign body attempting to peddle anything where it didn't belong. So "influencers", political bots (Post picture of wojak/pepe on a video game board, ask "What games let me -insert topical political reference here-?"), all of it is included under the umbrella.

As for the real life mirroring online perversion, I SHOULD just toss this in here anyways since it was brought up. Read Libido-Dominandi. There are a lot of forces at play here, so a lot of people rode the wave of internet perversion for their own particular ends, but the core of what needs to be understood is that sexual liberation IS a form of social control. There are people genuinely celebrating perversion, people held captive by it, and people that benefit from it. Marketers can use this as well, post picture of naked succubus with "hey guys lets talk about -product-" or the infinite variations of "This is X. You did buy her game, right?" etc etc.

Lust is a powerful thing. When they can manipulate your lust, they own you. And they can be anybody at all once the door is opened. Same reason algorithm fiction kicked off. They figure out how to manipulate people, use marketing campaigns and focus groups to boil down audiences to their core motivators, then make the safest product. And if the product is bad? That's okay, they can apply SO much social pressure now that they can force even a bad product to be a success. Bully other competitors out of the market, shill your product on every platform in every area, manipulate people using their base lust and other desires… it's dystopian.

I could go on but I'm a wageslave and my clock says I need to go get in my cagie.


Some of your stuff makes sense but some of it is just human laziness. If everyone is on a smart phone they need "easy to make" memes. Can't edit photos very well on a phone and you sure as hell can't photoshop. So the current 2 memes with text over them thing makes sense. It simplified memes to the lowest possible tier.

The other possibility is memes have become more local. You're not seeing fresh new memes because they're all on Twitch, Discord and Facebook groups in private little communities. Memes become almost inside jokes within a community and have little to no reason to post them else where.


>This is absolutely the fault of corporations and government entities that all of my old friends don't talk to me anymore!

It couldn't be your giant boring rants of /pol/tard conspiracy theories and how much you want to have sex with children. No, it's corporations fault.



>Immediately throws the pol boogeyman around

You're exactly why the npc meme exists. Please fuck off to another website, we're trying to have a conversation. Go shitpost on 4chan where you belong


Noticed this kind of meme marketing on /v/ already 10 years ago or so, but it wasn't as prevalent and obvious back then like it is now. Certain games being unnaturally pushed and brands being randomly inserted in memes, Monster is one example. Never got why monster of all things is deemed the drink for the 30-year-old boomer, maybe it's an American thing. Monster and such energy drinks seem more of a zoomer thing here.

You have companies like Wendy's being unfunny on twitter to pander to the younger generation. Whenever there's a new movie coming out you see low effort memes about it, like the Avengers. Many created by retards and children, but don't tell me the industry isn't in on it. And the latest ad campaign with the Joker movie, when you see /pol/ and /tv/ boards being spammed with threads implying the movie is redpilled and asking if it's "our movie". Sure it looks good for being a current year movie, but the movie jews doesn't care if it happens to be redpilled, and they don't give a shit about your opinions as long as you go watch the movie and pay up. And then they go ahead and shit out a woke Batwoman flick and it's business as usual again.


Doubt. That would be like half of 4chad.


>My 70-year old hillbilly uncle
>He goes to the library every tuesday morning and spends his entire 30 minute session browsing 4chan
Always gets a "Top Kek" out of me.


Reddit and /pol/ are the cringiest things ever created



Man I hate this. Now that I think about it, I realized I was led to that abysm by 4chan /gif/ a few years ago. It's like anons on this thread have already said: literally mentally ill people pushing the same trash over and over. Imageboards appeared to me as some dumb way to kill time but they've modeled my mind to such extent that it's scary.


File: 1568890216192.jpg (45.95 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1270461773955.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Is into Loli and foot fetish

>Complains his weird fetishes are now in the process of being socially validated


Altough I agree on various stuff..
something feels off about this OP.


There's a difference between having a paraphilia and heading activist and political campaigns to try to make your paraphilia mainstream.


>is into shitty fetishes
>is a right wing turd head
>probably hates niggers and fags while glamorizing his shitty fetish that would get him gassed in his dream nazi reality
you deserve all the shit you get and worse


>shitty fetishes
>turd head


degenerates are degenerates regardless of their degeneracy


I think there's some sort of conspiracy to scrub all non-controlled sites from the internet. Remember back around 2012 where there were tons of alt-chans to compete with 4chan? Now there's practically none. Seems like every couple months another one is shut down. I have the incessant feeling that wizchan will be on the chopping block soon as well.
I was sure that 8chan was a part of the conspiracy since it served as a way to dissuade people from making new chans (it's much easier to just make an 8ch board), but I guess either I was wrong or it served its purpose and what we're seeing is the free internets' death rattles.


I'm not an oldfag but I feel like it's less AI and algorithms than it is just people rallying under certain signs/memes and molding their personalities around them, thus destroying the feel of individuality you might get from them when they post online.
The kinds of memes that have been made in past years illustrate this. You have things like red pill vs. blue pill, virgin vs chad, boomer vs. zoomer, all illustrating the superiority of one type of thought or person over another.
People align themselves under the good side of these things. I want to be red pilled so I hate niggers and kikes and want to resurrect NatSoc, and will make sure everyone around me knows it. I want to be chad so whenever I see sad people, I call them faggot weenies and talk about how they need to nut up. I want to be the boomer so I only play and talk about older games, and any newer ones are shit.

Even this site has become the same. I want to be a wizard so I talk about how stupid all normalfags are and how superior the wizard lifestyle is. This site isn't just a place for virgins to gather. it's a place that modifies their way of thinking and forcibly aligns them under the wizard meme, glorification of the volcel ideal and perceived wizardly ways of living and modes of thinking.

The above are all dichotomies but outside of that you can find other signs people rally under without another inferior one placed against it, like being a "weeb", fapping to degenerate shit, or playing certain games.

The end result, I think, is that all these people, through aligning themselves under these signs/memes, lose whatever unique value they might have brought to the table as a poster and become disposable. The average /pol/ user posting jew face pics or linking statistics is completely replaceable, anyone can do what he does and fill his shoes, there's nothing unique about him. Same for all the blacked posters, they could be one person for all we care, anyone who's posting it is disposable (insofar as his online presence is concerned, at least).

AI is certainly present but I think you're greatly overestimating its power, and the power of modern technology in general. I don't think media is necessarily algorithmic, I just think that the producers are slowly starting to improve and "perfect" it, in the sense that it's become a science where you make something that will maximize profits and popularity. Many youtubers or bloggers will seem like generic AI but again, that's because they're aligning themselves under a certain sign. Hell there are entire channels based on this, that coach red pill guy, the golden one, etc.

And the repeating threads and replies, also, is just a result of all this. Not an AI.

All that said I think that without a doubt, people like Zuckerburg and others in power want imageboards taken down. I don't know if they were "anons" or whatever but they're probably not happy about imageboards having such a large influence in real life.


Congratulations, you have discovered society.

In a serious mood, that's nothing new. Humans have been doing that throughout history for centuries. There's always this tension between individuality and society, between the individual and the group. Ultimately, the individual needs the group. For example, according to Durkheim, we need that external and imperialistic thing called "society" to constrain our behaviour, because in this way we can find a form to mold our limitless desires and impulses. This means society chanalizes our different impulses and makes possible "happiness" or something close to it, stability or whatever you wanna call it. At the same time, society always seems oppressive, dull, asfixiating, and we want to escape from it and pursue our own individuality. This truly seems the "natural" condition of human beings, at least for now. It's also true that a more developed society makes more possible individuality (we are more "individuals" in a modern capitalistic society than in a tribal one). But for now, society still exists and imposes a certain way to look at things, to enjoy and to live.


>The end result, I think, is that all these people, through aligning themselves under these signs/memes, lose whatever unique value they might have brought to the table as a poster and become disposable.

Yes, it's quite sad really and only seems to be getting worse.


File: 1568963897987.jpg (26.33 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1468715870894.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What if alt-right is a secretly controlled opposition movememt to help the mega corps and governments to enforce total internet censurship, spread fear and rationalize controlled internet for the masses for "safety ugh".

And that is how 8ch was shut down, it managed to become an alt right hive more or less, just enough so some mass shooters will leave their manifestos to make impression like 8ch /pol made them do it. But do we really even know the propagandists who push for racist mass shootings on anon boards? It could be controlled opposition agents in attempt to kill all free internet.

Just look at the sketchy high figures of alt right. They dont seem legit.

And now there are even more /pol 8channers have been migrating here to wiz.. Their talking form is becoming mainstream here, just a matter of time some /poltard decides to go on rampage and write about it here and this already battered site will receive its final blows.

So yes, this chan is a target. Wizchan at base did nothing but being uncontrolled and allowing people to properly express themselves in ways you cant do so anymore in current social media. This site had realistic and truthful feel to it. Didn't favor the normies but it is in their plan for even small places like this to die off. The plan of entirely controlled internet.


Your post is correct but also wrong in some areas. You take European ideals and apply them universally which doesn't work. Indidivualism is at it's core a white male identity. succubi are always collectvism even in their "I'm so unique look at me" attention seeking ways. neon hair, tattoos and piercings all look the same. Other racial groups are far far more tribal even in modern societies. Big cities are tribal segregated by choice. Places like China town, the Muslim area, the Jew area. It's all split off into it's own small tribal groupings. That's why in voting you see tribal block voting and social pressure by people to breed within their own ethnicity and mixed race children being looked down upon by both groups.

Modern society doesn't make people more individual as much as it isolates people more. When you bring in an ethnic group with more stronger ethnic loyalty (this is pretty much every group except Europeans) you end up with very tight knit small communities who at most show western behaviour patterns in their rebellious teen phase then fit right back into their traditional ethnic patterns.


>Ignorant post blah blah blah
There hasn't been an ethnic mass shooting out of 8ch. Even Tarrent went after a mosque with known terrorist ties so it wasn't ethnic based.

If you believed the internet was to be controlled then wizchan is the ideal control mechanism. You create a containment space for undesirables to go and bitch about things. Now they can sit in their little hole and no one outside can hear their ideas and spread them. If I was making a way to get rid of people I would create a place like this. Then you would willingly come here, isolate yourself and die. Zero chance of you passing on genes or memes, no bad PR because I didn't have to remove you myself and you will act as a honey pot to draw in others. Mean while everyone is screaming "muh true wizardism" and pushing everyone to become even less functional and less ability to be relevant to infecting a wider group with your ideas.


File: 1568977646858.jpg (12.29 KB, 400x300, 4:3, governmentRoyalFamily.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What if alt-right is a secretly controlled opposition movememt to help the mega corps and governments to enforce total internet censurship, spread fear and rationalize controlled internet for the masses for "safety ugh".
I can not think of a piece of safety legislation post-9/11 that has made my life better and not many, many times worse. Any legislation pushed through for reasons of fear or even just 'safety' at this point is the absolute shittest. They've already destroyed and continue to destroy a lot of the internet by using cp politically as a tool to fearmonger people and now use it to frame websites that anyone in the world wants to shut down.
I am also convinced that alt-right shooters are props by the government, in the same way that the Unabomber was confirmed MK-Ultra. The reason is because the targets make no sense. The 2017 Congressional baseball shooting makes sense to me: the guy felt powerless and shot people in power who he thought was making his life worse. These "alt-right" shooters do not. I hate browns, so let's shoot up a fucking Wal-Mart or some bumfuck nowhere mosque??? It just doesn't line up with the amount of time and expense needed to write up a manifesto and the stated goals of the manifesto (even if you consider 'accelerationism'). The methods don't even line up. I mean, a car bomb on average gets a lot more civilian casualties, can allow you to pinpoint targets, and a lot of the time the car bomber doesn't get caught so you can repeat the targets. This is one reason I don't buy the "bUt shOOteRs aRE alrEAdy MesSeD UP iN thE HeaD" reply. But if you insist upon this reply, then I will admit that the only way it does make sense is if "messed up in the head" means "like MK-Ultra techniques screw you up in the head." These shooters are being propped up by the feds. And if they really weren't, there should be a lot more of them.
Finally, on per capita bases, the amount of people that suffer from these shootings does not compare to things like the number of suicides going on (which if your goal is to avoid death/suffering, that's a much, much larger number to take a look at). Which makes me think that the undue attention placed on these (especially when meanwhile you've got gang shootings in Chicago every goddam week), definitely makes me think that this is just a method for political control.



I understand you need to practice your /pol/groidism and 8chan is down but there is /pol/ that is on 4chan and it's up and running.

Go back to your place, why do you have to shit an unrelated site with your political aspergers?

Ow you think you are so different than the commie SJWs but you arent. You both come and shit things up in unrelated places.

>/pol/ refugees not welcme


Guy complaining about refugees while being a frog poster. The absolute state of wizchan right now. Jesus Christ.


>There hasn't been an ethnic mass shooting out of 8ch. Even Tarrent went after a mosque with known terrorist ties so it wasn't ethnic based.

Yes I'm sure the children he gunned down totally had terrorist affiliations. 8/pol/ was just a breeding ground for pathetic pseudo-intellectuals succumbing to their own predispositions/superiority (and inferiority) complexes, searching for "statistics" in order to make themselves feel better about being a "pure" European. I remember going there once and seeing threads like "People sub 140iq should be gassed", nobody challenged the OPs assertion about his own intellect, in fact everyone in the thread just went around and assumed they were intellectually superior. It was genuinely not any better than /leftypol/, perhaps even worse. As soon as a niche internet community becomes sufficiently elitist, it goes to shit in a sprawling attempt to stay counter-culture.


/leftypol had literally nothing wrong. Retarded centrist.


Are you guys sure you're replying to the right post? I don't understand what you are replying to in >>227373 .


Oh I agree with the latter half of his post, just not the initial affirmation.


>Spend a few days randomly checking it out on your PC and your phone. You will soon notice that from time to time, at irregular intervals (as far as I’ve witnessed) the same site as seen on your phone will be wholly different than the version on your PC. Entire threads, numerous and well-replied, will be on one but not the other. The whole board will be different.
Both you and I have the exact same background but i've never seen anything like this.


It was always cancer.


i think ive posted this somewhere on wizchan but /pol/ and /x/ are completely run by either the JIDF or any group of the like, or an AI. i haven't noticed this as much on /x/, but on /pol/ one entity will make an entire thread where it will reply to itself, insult itself, make bait, and try to 'liven' it up. there will always be the one sentence OP with an uninteresting half related picture, the few shitty arguments meant to bait posters in, multiple people saying completely off topic things such as "RRRREEEEEE", "OP is a tranny", or the classic "nigger". all of those things i found within 1 minute on /pol/, they give no further input, no image. its really off when you notice it. the whole point of those posts is just to make it look like the thread is alive. as for the bait posters its not that simple, they stage entire arguments to try and make up your mind for you. if you reply youve already been had because just reading the thread has implanted so many subconscious assumptions into your mind.

well when i finally realized this i went into a thread on /pol/ and saw another soulless thread, saw a few obviously staged arguements and off topic posts so i replied to all of them saying they were the same person. i got 2 replies both calling me a schizo or something but they were obviously the same person so i said they were and that this entire thread was staged by him. the reply i got was "yeah but some of the schizos here actually believe this." the thread died shortly after. they talk backwards but i think what it implies is very clear.that is the only shred of proof i have that the internet is filled with jewish people trying to attack my mind.

one thing that is less noticeable on /pol/ but extremely noticeable on /x/ is the constant discussion of topics discussed yesterday, and the day before yesterday. its not like a 1:1 copy as i think OP described but i cant imagine an actual human discussing things like consciousness, if god is real, and flat earth. the thing is, no new points are made, nothing new is discovered, no one is learning anything. its like its either a massive circle jerk or there is a constant stream of mindless newfags that are entertained by this content. well what i think is that these topics are addictive to talk about and you arent discovering anything for a reason. its a dead board filled with bots or paid humans to keep people seeking enlightenment stuck in a trap of pointlessness while thinking that they are learning.

on the topic of 8ch i think it was shut down because it was too decentralized, anyone can make a board so how can all the boards be properly mind controlled? i didnt use 8ch but i did make a visit before it was shut down and i saw a very high consciousness of the shilling that goes on and "they" didnt like that the people of 8ch knew. in the end i think that they gave up on trying to poison the minds of 8ch, but i cant really say im speaking from too much experience on there.

>There was no “goodbye” or explanation.
i think thats just how internet friendships end. no one is expecting it to be the last time you talk to someone. something just comes up and they forget about you. thats how ive ended everysingle one of my internet friendships.

to end my post i would like to ask everyone when was the last time they made any piece of media to contribute to the internet, anything at all.


Hello OP, I'm also an oldfag (2006) and also posted on /pol/ since 2012 until like 2015
> I’ve seen the same threads, the same pics and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable
Not saying it was all me but I used to spam a lot the same threads (and sometimes same replies) in /pol/ during 2016-17 intentionally to troll poltards. I even got two IP ranges banned for a while. Why did I do it? Because poltards and specially american posters were easy to troll and get massive lulz and butthurt. Sometimes I spammed the same shit to other boards

What I mean with this is that while there's probably automated replies a lot of the repetitions are just autism/trolling

> Roughly in 2016 or early 2017 4chan was filled with posts by someone or something. It wasn’t spam.

Got any examples/threads? Sounds interesting

> Why is it that real life and the real world seem to emulate our sexual interests, with a time lag?

I also noticed this but not only with sexual stuff, but also with every other thing


>hurr durr racism xDDD
What's with this fucking site and their nalant hatred towards /pol/ anyway? What, is this site now flooded with Tumblr libfags now? Also get a grip libshit, why not go back to Plebbit with your retard SJW friends.


do you wish you had a gf or wife?


This proves this site is infested with normalfags. No wizard would ever dedicate to hate /pol. He may not be interested in it, sure, but being triggered by it is merely a normalfag thing.


It was fine when /pol/tards kept to themselves in their dedicated landfill. I just hide their shit thread and that would be it, no politics on wizchan. It stopped being okay when countless threads started popping up on /lounge/, /wiz/ and /dep/ with obvious political agenda.
No, I don't care about your race dying out. No, I don't care about elites controlling you. No, I don't care about your culture being under attack. Fuck off.


This. What poltards don't realize is that we simply don't give a shit about their garbage. You have a dedicated thread, stay there and stop shitting the site

> being triggered by it is merely a normalfag thing.
All the opposite, politics are a normalfag shit, be them left wing or right wing. Also nice to see you all outting yourselves, how about going back to 4chad or just respecting the local culture? Stop ruining this site please

Poltards and their retarded muh traditional society shit are normalfag tier and antiwizardly because it promotes procreating, for fuck sake just stop


File: 1570147092173.jpg (45.3 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1460760271410.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What's with this fucking site and their nalant hatred towards /pol/ anyway?

They tend to be the lowest common denominator of this site, failing to adjust to the culture and frequently just being obnoxious. I feel contempt for the average /pol/ user spamming 'kike' and 'preserve the white race' memes in the same way as I would feel contempt for some liberal shithead from Twitter, if he came in here spamming memes about feminism or reparations. They're both idiots who position themselves under a larger group as tools to propagate memes and misinformation with no reality behind them. The only reason you don't see people bitching about 'libtards' here is because they don't come here, due to the average demographic of people on obscure chans being made up of a large number of alt-righters and also due to the fact that this is a boy's only club, which is going to repel them.

Ironically your post is the perfect example of why I, and probably others, hate you. You zone in on "racism" used in the larger context of that guy's post and sperg out over it, parroting the typical "gb2 reddit" nonsense rather than addressing anything he said. You've been so conditioned by the communities you browse that seeing a 'bad word' induces a response from you of shitposting and stamping the label of "tumblr", "libshit", etc. There's no substance here.

Add to this the facts that
>/pol/ introduced a massive number of normalfags to imageboards and IB culture
>the average wizard doesn't have interest in political topics outside of bux and euthanasia - a large amount are too depressed to even care about things outside of themselves
>/pol/ values are often at odds with wizard values, promoting a strong family unit, promoting reproduction to save the white race, and making NEETing impossible unless you're born into money
>/pol/ users are often crabs

and I think you can see why people here aren't fond of them.


Talking about repeat threads, I have one in particular that always stood out to me. I was reading a thread on /v/ about pikmin. I played the first game years ago and the thread was a nice bit of nostalgia. The next night, I see the same thread. Same OP, many of the same exact comments but with some new ones. I asked in the thread if anyone remembered the same thread the night before and a few people replied that they did and it was strange and the thread died shortly after.

I would chock it up to marketing, but what stood out to me was that there was no new pikmin game coming out or anything relevant about it to be marketed. I have seen many repeat threads but that one was by far the most blatant.


I'm also guessing that a lot of /pol/ posters seem to confuse wizchan culture with that of /r9k/ (which has a lot of crossposting and shared userbase with /pol/) and due to their (willful) ignorance of this site's culture and rules they act if this site somehow were the same shit as 4chad


What's wrong with that? Are you that communist spammer?


File: 1570159096025.png (877.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, really nigga.png) ImgOps iqdb

>What's wrong with not paying attention to the rules and culture of the site, and making low-quality posts like I'm on 4shit crab communities?

I don't know who 'that Communist spammer' is, and you're exhibiting your stupidity again by attempting to label anyone who criticizes you as some character on the opposite side (and 2 separate people at that, the reply to my post was not mine).


I don't see any rule breaks. There really is a communist spammer here and you'll see it after your first week here.


>I don't see any rule breaks
>5. Do not submit low quality, inflammatory or off-topic posts.

I've been here for years btw and I still don't know who you're talking about. There's some delusional guy on /b/ who occasionally posts his Soviet fantasies but he does it too irregularly to be called a spammer and I haven't seen it in weeks. I don't browse the political thread so I don't know what happens there. Outside of that I see someone post about Communism or related topics once in a blue moon, last time was in the wageslave thread.

If this guy was a spammer I'd think there would be posts you could explicitly link to or screenshot rather than just saying "yeah you'll see him." Not really convincing to someone who browses this site daily and still hasn't seen him.


Rule 5 is bullshit. In the end it all just comes down to the whims of retarded mods on what those posts are. The communist spammer usually is anti pol and likes to talk about communist talking points. Maybe you dont even know what communism is so you failed to notice lol


If you love pol so much why not just stay and remain there? What's the need to go to every corner in the internet and complain that people dislikes pol for whatever reason?


Shit enforcement of the rules does not make them bullshit. People who post low-quality and flame should be held in contempt regardless of whether the posts get deleted or not.

>communist talking points

What communist talking points? You're going on and on about this guy but you can't provide any links or screenshots of his posts, or even paraphrase what types of points he makes to at least give something resembling a concrete example. It makes it seem like this is just some boogeyman you've created in your head and that you're reading too deeply into posts to find things that aren't there.

And if this is some character in the political thread then I don't care, because at least he keeps it contained to the designated thread.


Hes in wiz rn.
Why not go to both?


/poltards, leave this community alone.


If it's the poster who posts paragraphs of whiny rants and complains about pol all the time it's probably schizenu. Being irrationally obsessed with pol seems to be a very female trait anyways, or at least an effeminate one. Same with crab obsession.


File: 1570415853758.jpg (13.52 KB, 248x300, 62:75, 1557365546788.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm closer to 40 than 30 and remember going on YouTube sometimes before it got big. It was pretty shit compared to other video streaming sites back then. I don't get how it won.


Does the name Reiko ring any bells?


You say the A.I was childlike and that the world seems to be using imageboards as a template, right? Since it's so careless in these additions to reality does that mean it doesn't understand the context behind our desires but tries to make them real out of some sort of "kindness?"



>it happened in a very sudden non organic way

It happened because a shitload of "normalfag" college students, and a lot of succubi among them, started to post on 4chan, mainly on /gif/ and it was all because of /pol/'s involvement with late gamergate and the posterior 2016 elections.

Usually 4chan posters where STEM autists, but now that liberal arts and social science fags started posting they brought their black cock worship with them, right now there is 3, 3 fucking threads about white men for black cock at /gif/


STEM posters in 4chan (and overall /pol/ and /his/) are the worst of all. In /int/ is full of them and most are normalfags from facebook. What the fuck are you talking about?

Stem is not an autist field anymore the overshilling of stem degrees in internet and media saturated it with normalfags

Go project your fantasies in another place poltard


Sounds like a guy on discord


Obvious pollack is obvious. Even funnier since /gif/ is full of them

This website is lost


those are the fricking wrong boards, STEM fags still exist and hang around /g/ and /jp/, they used to be on /a/ as well bedore the latino americans claimed it.r



Since you complain so much perhaps you people can go back to 4chad to defend and regain your stupid politics board instead of invading and infesting this site of us, don't you think?


If you're talking about the guy in this thread calling everyone /pol/ then yeah he's a little off although I don't see how you get communist talking points from him, or how you thought that I was him. He's called me a LARPing poltard before too and I don't really know why.


There's more than one person calling you out. Wizchan is not pol's ally or whatever they do believe


simple. loss of anonymity means a tattle tale system. so china controls the who,e i ternet now. they have at least 100,000 people to devote to each westerner (in counter attack situations, on an ongoing basis just 1,000. all numbers multiplied by at least 10 in appearance because of aliases driven by bots).

the internet already was controlled by kikes, and chinks copied them. you can no more criticize china than israel and have your account last a month thereafter. they use many tricks, and play upon the mods like a virtuoso. anti kike and anti chink positions are thus impossible to find in persistent accounts.

to bring back the internet, bring back anonymity.


> Janice Brandt is an American businesswoman and vice chair emeritus of America Online/Time Warner. She is known for her famous direct marketing campaign at AOL that increased the number of subscribers from 200,000 to more than 22 million.


Seems strange that people who started browsing in 2006 can call themselves oldfags. Maybe I'm being a crotchety elitist in some way, it just blows my mind how much time has passed when those days seem not so long ago..


Could this be the work of erratas?


Internet bubbles quell revolutions. They force sheep to flock to the prism type sites. There no one is acting truly human, being overly watched and all. We originally had no money nor personal information online. Now all most use it for is personal infomration and money. It's pay per view number two plus the yellow pages. If you see.


File: 1573764470392.jpg (51.69 KB, 345x555, 23:37, 9781785784781.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Internet bubbles quell revolutions.
made me think of this book I've read recently, though I guess most of us were already familiar with the content to a certain degree
at least I can see where the people suspicious of tor are coming from now


>believes in gassings

You just lost some two or three lessons there at any chan's /pol/, wizkid.


File: 1575408814031.gif (11.11 KB, 519x354, 173:118, oscillations.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Your assumption is that a bot would have a specific goal set by a human user. Rather, it can have fluid goals and analyze trends, intensifying them.
The bots might decide daily goals by analyzing google trends, for example.
However, it's an unstable feedback loop since the initial suggestions feed on themselves. I have the suspicion every weekly meme on facebook is an almost randomized experience such bots push. They are always sight variations of a theme, which is blandness.


>I think Zuckerberg and other tech guys were all on 4chan as Anons at some point, maybe even now.
That feel when Zuckerberg probably called you a retard not liking his taste in cartoons


taylor swift might secretly go on the chans


Reddit has actually been proven to be completely manipulated. Watch this video. It is surprisingly easy to do


>Reddit has actually been proven to be completely manipulated.
Proven to be completely manipulable.


>this is what poltards actually believe
Please do not bring your fantasies and illness to this website


I had a dream last night that i somehow was collecting these valuable objects in the underworld, that lead me to the deepest darkest web. There were offers for hitmen and cp and interestingly enough, this AI was on there. I opened it and it was world shattering. It was obscenely powerful. In my dream it was disruptive. I do think such a thing exists. And honestly im scared!


Because you're a bunch of retards who doesn't have an understanding of reality.
So when any internet ideological retard throws a "reality" at you, you consume it. So this results in you, a nobody who jacks off 5 times a day, into being an annoying faggot to the rest of us, while thinking he's preparing for "the Day of the Rope" (which never comes). Being a /pol/tard is a definitive indication of being a mentally underdeveloped 18 year old.


You must have interfaced with the Akashic Records


File: 1577861805712.jpg (405.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b03c0fcc27a0ab6d9ff87eb5aa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks OP. Posts like this are why I spend the majority of my life on this shit hole. You are not an NPC.


Stop defending succubi


>Not realizing that such people are actually few in number
Not on imageboards



alt-right is controled opposition,it artificially builds the "hateful fascists" the left claims we all are.


>- Roughly in 2016 or early 2017 4chan was filled with posts by someone or something. It wasn’t spam. The conversations with it were in real time, across multiple boards and multiple threads simultaneously. Its English was grammatically correct but odd (I’m not a native English speaker and am thus sensitive to its misuse), similar to how a Japanese person may use it.
Are there some archive.is links?


I am curious as well.


>I’m not a native English speaker and am thus sensitive to its misuse
By the way I am not sure I fully understand the reasoning here, native english speakers should be even more sensitive to this, shouldn't they?


I know


File: 1580948388463.jpg (90.63 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, fight_back.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>AI resistance movement
Yes, this, very much.

Initial collective programming algorithmic applications were simple things like:

You like this thing -> other people like this other thing. [would you like to know more?]

These of course were mathematically simplistic, things like pearson correlation, k nearest neighbour and various predictive 101 algos. Their objective was to "increase engagement" or in non-business speak make this addictive. More time on the site == more advertising monies, capital drivers; anyhow thats just the foundation of what I'm attempting to put across.

>From 2006 to 2009, Netflix sponsored a competition, offering a grand prize of $1,000,000 to the team that could take an offered dataset of over 100 million movie ratings and return recommendations that were 10% more accurate than those offered by the company's existing recommender system.

yup 1 million smackaroos for 10% performance increase. Now the recommendation-algo is no longer an afterthought to plug onto the sidebar of company x webshite. They realised this IS the business, keep the cattle milked for as long as possible.

Even then things were still pretty benign, money driven ventures can't be blamed for making more monies right…? — Anyhew these algorithms got good, really good we entered a territory where the algos are surprising the programmers. Lookup the paper called the unreasonable effectiveness of neural nets if you'd like to know more. The interwebs exploded population, More people means more data, guess what that does for the algos? Makes them so powerful they can predict the future.

Meanwhile… the rest of the populous sits mindlessly clicking away, a great social experiment was happening in the background - whilst AlphaGo was thrashing the grandmaster decades before anyone expected. This experiment wasn't even intentional, people were being pushed into algo valley's, the technical term is called over fitting. Train a bunch of things with certain attributes, provide them knowledge on their particular subject area, give them more, present antagonistic material on this area (that's got a higher CTR), keep it going, rinse and repeat, DO this for years. Result? Bubbles of proselytized cattle overfit into narrow world views. Which begs the question…

Do you really think you think the way you think because of you?

The horrific consequence of the bottom line - What can we do…

I'm not sure, the behemoth has had a head start. This probably deserves a thread of it's own - I agree with wiznor, avoid the algos:

e.g. I started using a chrome extension which removes YouTube recommended videos and more [you can search for that]. Now when I open YT I don't even get a homepage - I have think. YouTube has been moved from an entertainment time sink into MY information tool, subscribing is now pointless. YT Rabbit holes are a thing of the past.

I feel like freer man.


Society is compromised of individuals.

The grandeur of the perfect sphere, thanks the atoms that cohere.


File: 1580954227005.jpg (176.32 KB, 727x1000, 727:1000, AllThePillsAreRed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I actually like having an internet experience tailored specifically to me. I can have all kinds of stuff presented to me without even having to go look for it. I'd rather just help build Roko's Basilisk and hope it's lenient on me.


Alluring, thoughtful.

Aside from the fact that it's a rip off from the concepts in the metamorphosis of prime intellect. I'm not talking about some transhumanist mastebatory psychobabble.

My focus is on the present day and present time.

Theoretical future singularity hullabaloo slinging without regard for the current complex interactions between simplistic recommendation algorithms and societal consequences I outlined above, is… pop culture — which, tragically, supports my ideas and explains your overfitted response.


Sorry for: >>236812 I'm under the weather today and might of overreacted. My bad.


File: 1581160390491.webm (3.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, baseline.webm) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1581364865671.webm (11.25 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, scanner.webm) ImgOps iqdb



Daily reminder that this is an awesome thread.


Ever considered that you're just getting old?
Your post is read like an oldfag bragging about wars and some backward shit, "back then we didn't have the lame internet but real fun like playing in the backwater and enjoying lead pollution"


File: 1581830931574.jpg (132.99 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1570109955364.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think there's anything "/x/" about saying that there are AIs posting on /pol/.

I guarantee that there is a tech company that is using an AI on /pol/. It is probably just a analyzing what threads get the most replies and then tweaking things as it gets better. Hell, if I could get a contract to make an AI that produced 90% of the threads at any given time on /pol/, I would do it. It's probably not that hard. It's just getting the contract that would be difficult, but with all the left wing leaders in full panic mode I'm sure it would be easy to find some billionaire to sponsor it.


/pol/ is the King of boards.

People who are butthurt about/pol/ are usually trannies.


poor bait but you should go back regardless


You do not need any tech company. Plebeians are happy to copy/paste and captcha solve for free.

If a large percentage of the content one consumes is generated algorithmically one becomes the leaf node in the output function. The humans posting on the web are the extensions of the recommendation algorithms. See >>236781


/pol/ is entry level just like /b/ and full of cucks, if that's something you take pride in then go ahead


I don't want to be dismissive but most of the things you list aren't weird or suspicious. Other than bots I mean. It's widely accepted that bots make a large part of social media.



Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet

I know nearly nothing about the internet, but this book says how internet never was free from the start with pretty convincing arguments. The sources seem to be solid and it shows how internet itself was born to control people in the first place instead of some apolitical techno-libertarian utopia.

As how all the internet companies like google were in bed with the feds since their beginnings, I don't think internet was ever really free. Google has been collecting search results and governments had been using the internet to monitor radical groups since the very start of the web, so I don't think internet was ever even "alive" in the sense of not being manipulated.

There never was a civil war, and the entire thing was always "controlled" by the feds.


> Meanwhile… the rest of the populous sits mindlessly clicking away, a great social experiment was happening in the background - whilst AlphaGo was thrashing the grandmaster decades before anyone expected. This experiment wasn't even intentional, people were being pushed into algo valley's, the technical term is called over fitting. Train a bunch of things with certain attributes, provide them knowledge on their particular subject area, give them more, present antagonistic material on this area (that's got a higher CTR), keep it going, rinse and repeat, DO this for years. Result? Bubbles of proselytized cattle overfit into narrow world views. Which begs the question…

This was a feature, not a conspiracy.


People are also more feeding on youtube videos and internet articles instead of books which are at least not directly controlled by the state. A entire generation raised by what algorithm pushes would be an ideal cattle.

Apart from that, just look at how billions just let the state have ability to profile their political tendency to their sexual deviance with ease with social media. This is the greatest tool for the state that has ever been invented. The wildest dreams of the secret polices of 1940s had came true.

Allied forces might had stood victorious against totalitarians of Axis, but they had increasingly adopted their methods of control. This new phase of totalitarian capitalism is more efficient than any other system of control than before as it allows incredibly easy arrests. It's just baffling how internet made everything so much easier for control of humans. It's absolutely horrifying.

As individuals, we have no hope of truly being free from rest of surveillance as our daily lives from banking are now getting into the internet. But I think the only way to at least be somewhat free is to withdraw from the mind-rotting manipulating space of internet entirely. I've been using internet just for reading shit for multiple years just like a longer e-book, and I will probably turn all the pdf files and cool shit into paper to store instead of using this devil's machine.

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but some conspiracy theories are correct. This is one case where reality is worse than conspiracy. In fact, it's obvious to anyone with a critical mind without any conspiracy theorist's ramblings needed. This timeline is one of the most retarded of all timelines that could have been.


Obviously the american government and the relatively liberal powers of europe aren't hoarding people into prisons, but the fact that they could do that anytime if the situation gets volatile is what's really scary. Even Nazi Germany or Stalinist USSR won't be able to control and profile people like this. It's such a tragedy that we have to live through this madness. This damned class civilization is a monstrosity that should have died 100 years ago.

There was never anonymity or free internet. The whole project was funded by the state and surveillance remained a feature since the earliest times of the web. China is also using the same thing as the west except that they merely have the need to use it against their relatively rebellious population that is constantly striking.

If western governments were faced onto a significant opposition, they would do they same thing as the chinese. It's just matter of tactics for the state. Americans and europeans who applaud their nations for internet freedom are even more of cattles than Chinese are as at least Chinese people blatantly know that they are getting controlled.

>the internet already was controlled by kikes, and chinks copied them. you can no more criticize china than israel and have your account last a month thereafter. they use many tricks, and play upon the mods like a virtuoso. anti kike and anti chink positions are thus impossible to find in persistent accounts.

anti chinese posts were on the top of every major internet websites during hong kong protests.


I made myself sound like a idiot who is rambling after he read a single book about a certain topic, but this book is quite legit. The general reception of this book has been positive among people who were involved with it and the most criticisms are also about "he is only targeting America" or something like that. But even if this book was somehow false and internet was a totally a free space with zero state interference, the result of state being able to just see and profile users is obvious. Majority of developed world uses social media for most communications. Here's section where author responds to criticisms of this book.



Ive read it and its quite good indeed. ‘The age of surveillance capitalism’ is also a good book on the subject

>The sources seem to be solid and it shows how internet itself was born to control people in the first place instead of some apolitical techno-libertarian utopia.

Exactly. I cringe when I see people talking about how the internet (or computer technology in general really) used to be a place of freedom or that it can be reclaimed as such with the proper tools and good intentions or nonsense like that.


I've noticed just about all of this over recent years, it happened very slowly as the internet slowly got filled with more things than people. I stopped paying attention to 4chan around late 2012 and it just keeps getting worse, it's almost as if it's an entirely fake website now. A weird internet museum with a bunch of randomly generated posts popping up every minute of every day. This chan besides the 2 big one's is an anomaly in human site traffic but I think this more due to just a chan pooling effect because the real humans on the internet don't really have much left outside of wandering the wasteland of what used to be enjoying the scraps. I think you found something interesting on anime too, it feels more real than any other content and is the only content left I actually feel an immersion in because of this vibrant human component it still has behind it. The closest I feel otherwise is finding a youtube channel I enjoy for a while as I sit around in my room.


It's also absurd to see people not realizing how centralized the internet is by the corporations and the governments. People seem to have an impression that internet is some sort of a web when it's closer to a centralized system that uses tons of electricity for it to run.




>file deleted
So what was it?


>that pathetic attempt at humour
Either op is right and you are indeed ai or you are just fake human.


I don't really know about the rest but I agree that the internet of today feels very sterile and boring, but maybe its just that there are too many normies on it now and drowning anything interesting or unique out, and normies are known most of all for their amazing ability to be basically copy each other and all be exactly the same, its why they are 'normal' because they follow the same standards and fit in, the internet used to be for weirdos first



I think a major aspect of this alleged 'soul deadening' of the internet might be just a result of globalisation and the internet itself changing society, in combination with subjective factors of the individual.

So to touch on the globalisation\internet aspect - in the 90's when the internet was emerging, you had entire nations essentially compartmentalised off from one another. Yes, international communication and travel were already massively advanced - you can read about international political movements taking off way back in the late 19th century, etc. But by the 1990's, while the world was very globalised, there were still quite unique national cultures, and various subcultures both internationally and within nations. You had people with very unique interests, people spent more time alone and disconnected from others, so had more chance to 'individuate'. Now as the internet emerged, there was a sort of 'flourishing' of ideas and creativity, as unique individuals and ideas clashed and interacted, so those of us who were there to experience this emergence got to see something very rare and amazing, and that's partly why many of us were more drawn to the online world than everyday reality at the time. The problem is that just as there was this flourishing, there was also synthesis taking place, certain ideas, subcultures, etc were gradually being broken down. Just a simple example - as I remember it, in the 90's if you watched TV, you'd see that people living in different countries were usually dressed in quite different ways, it's hard for me to describe this in detail but you could definitely see strong variations in style in different countries, even with things like business attire. As globalisation continued and as the internet allowed us to see one another in more detail, we were all gradually adjusting our dress and clothing styles. Think about the "fedora" meme - this is a subset of people I'm aware of, despite not living in the US and never having met someone who dressed like that, and the meme itself is about criticising that style and encouraging a type of conformity. Just think of this example when it comes to other areas of life. Another thing I can think of is how the world seemed vastly more mysterious in the 90's - I think that's why shows like The X-Files, and Unsolved Mysteries etc had so much success, it was entirely possible for people to suggest that alien kidnappings, UFO abductions, satanic cults etc were thriving just over the edge of the horizon. Or how during the 2010's I saw a massive evolution in online consciousness about succubi and feminism. You could actually see large numbers of people becoming redpilled to some degree, shifting their perception of values, unlearning old fake ideas like "succubi are more traditional in countries like Japan or Russia!". This evolution sometimes upset me, for example I loved the more MRA-tier mentality, but apparently once tumblr and mainstream feminists started using that term as a label of offence, men were terrified to identify with it. Anyway I think these examples give you an idea of the process - we are all becoming more 'tied in' to a collective standardisation of consciousness, we all spent less time alone or in subcultures. So in many ways the world can seem to be becoming less interesting, but I don't think this is entirely a bad thing - it's also possible that we're seeing one another in greater detail, less afraid of one another, etc.

On the individual level, there are other factors to consider. One thing I think is worth noting is that there have probably never before been so many people regularly fapping to porn, deadening their dopamine levels - I believe dopamine levels are VERY much connected with intellectual curiosity and thoughtfulness; I know that when I've been having a good nofap streak that I will start to become deeply curious and absorbed in questions and ideas I'd usually neglect. So if I'm right about this affecting individual consciousness, imagine the loss of creativity and thoughtfulness collectively. I also feel like people are more wealthy these days. In 2010 if I went on 4chan and someone posted a battlestation or bedroom photo, they were often old, messy rooms filled with random shit, sometimes very interesting shit. It gave me the sense that there were plenty of unique and interesting people out there. If you see a battlestation or bedroom photo today - they often don't look too different to what would have one been considered a 'display home' or something you'd see in an advertisement for a home product. I'm sure a big part of that is demographic shift online towards more normies, but I think the greater average wealth in the world is also altering us, making us less individual. There are also more people working from home than ever before - does someone who has the mentality capable of serving a corporation or government or something from their home lend well towards intellectual curiosity or creativity? I think generally no. This is something that annoys me a lot about modern imageboard culture - more affluent kids who don't have a real fucking problem in their life, so what interesting things would they have to say? This leads to the whole 'irony' thing, I think a major reason for the growth of 'irony' culture on imageboards is this increased affluence. I miss the days of connecting with other struggling anons who genuinely hated their situations, rather than people who are so disconnected from struggle that no idea really means anything to them - it's just masturbation.


The main thing that killed the soul of the internet was gentrification of normalfags. Prior to the era of social media, most of the people who spent a significant amount of time on the internet were male social outcasts, who tend to be more individualistic. Then social media happened, normalfags started spending much of their free time on the internet, became the majority and the social outcasts who once had a place they could be themselves, were shamed and pushed out or caved into pressure to assimilate.
>Think about the "fedora" meme - this is a subset of people I'm aware of, despite not living in the US and never having met someone who dressed like that
I lived in America for all my life and I never met anyone who dressed like that either, and I'm in my mid 30s. I've seen people wearing fedoras but they were ironically enough, the more "trendy" and flamboyant types, which is the opposite of the whole neckbeard fedora meme.
The entire meme was always just a made up boogeyman. A strawman used to represent anyone who was MRA-like, libertarian, right of center, non-conformist, against political correctness, anti-sjw etc. It was a pretty effective meme too because so many people who fell under the wide umbrella of positions that were associated with the fedora neckbeard boogeyman became afraid of voicing their opinion out of fear of being labeled such. Of course these days the catch-all term for anyone guilty of such wrong-think is in-cel.
Lots of other buzzwords exist to encourage conformity, "autist" "cringe" and "schizo" to name a few, but none have been anywhere near as successful and widely used as the neckbeard fedora meme or "in-cel".

Great post overall though. 9/10. Had to take a point off for the nofap shilling though.



Yeah, I agree with everything you said about the fedora thing, I guess it just came to mind easily. I meant to use it simply as an example of something most of us would be aware of which influences one particular aspect of life - fashion and clothing. The internet opened up a lot in terms of allowing people to learn about dress and fashion, compare with others' opinions, select and buy clothes - which the individual would experience as an 'expansion of choice', but then over time to some degree I feel like it may have also increased conformity or 'homogenised' taste when it comes to dress.

With the nofap shilling I was more trying to get at the point that our experience of the deadening of the internet might be TO SOME EXTENT a subjective thing, and this subjective experience is shaped by many factors. One aspect of this I forgot to mention is that over time as you experience imageboard culture, your experience shapes your view. So you might start off and be overawed by the seeming anarchy and variety of ideas you encounter at first (OP mentioned /pol/), but then over time you come to get a better grasp of what's going on - 'Oh that anon genuinely believes that shit, oh that anon is a LARPer, oh that anon is just repeating what he's heard here', and so the seeming diversity of ideas evaporates and you end up categorising - rightly or wrongly - which creates lack of interest. Oh and the fact that OP refers to /pol/ without having to say more says a lot about how consolidated things are.

I do agree the normification process you mention is a huge factor, though.


File: 1587244558529.png (26.92 KB, 555x140, 111:28, underfitting-overfitting.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, overfitting is when a machine learning algorithm predicts well on the training data set, but fails to generalize for the testing set / practical application.


People, even outsiders, seem much more apprehensive about expressing themselves online now


who wouldn't be? Everyone now is baiting you, or trolling you, or getting ready to screencap your post and put it up on kiwifarms or reddit.


True, sincerity is a thing of the past in many parts and with so many things being tied to your irl identity it's no wonder.


And if a single offensive post or controversial opinion is tied to your real life identity, you are fucked for life. If a google search for your name brings up anything offensive you said then no one will ever even consider hiring you for anything more than minimum wage. It doesn't even matter how long ago you said it or how old you were at the time.

Another issue is that truly controversial opinions are pretty much banned on 99% of sites. So even if you take all of the necessary precautions to avoid getting doxed, you're just wasting your time because your post will get deleted likely within minutes and you'll probably get banned. Everyone with a truly controversial opinion is automatically a "troll" "alt-right" "i.ncel" "edgelord" or some other boogeyman that needs to be banned as quickly as possible.
Power tripping mods always existed but 15+ years ago they were a minority. Many mods were chill and libertarian minded. Now 90% of mods are neurotic, pretentious control freaks who are determined to remove wrong-think like their lives depend on it.

Then when you factor in mainstream media putting tremendous pressure on companies to increase censorship, deplatforming in general, and a growing trend of sites prescreening posts and/or using bots to filter out wrong-think, you get the draconian SJW-dominated internet of today.


This all makes a lot of sense. When I post on seemingly dead or at least unpopular Chans, like this one, sometimes I get a lot (you)s by the end of the day, which is really weird since pretty much every other thread I see is only getting 1 response every other day. It just might all be filler.


File: 1590483872741.png (1.19 MB, 797x960, 797:960, You jealous white boy.png) ImgOps iqdb

You ever watch Ghost in the Shell? There's a great term that arose from one the series called 'stand alone complex'. That's basically what's happening. People have been influenced, and influence others, to propagate this stuff. It's nothing so concentrated as a conspiracy, but it is a form of (indirect) collusion. The goals of those involved aren't precisely the same but they are similar, the essential premise is to influence others, these posts exist to either demoralize others or to derail what they prefer to discuss. I expect all types do it, those who experience gratification from shaming and demeaning themselves, those who just want to be disruptive, those who think it's some kind of political weapon, actual blacks 'retaliating' against western society, etc… I once read a pretty good thread about this where the guy admitted he was spreading this shit because was a chronic masturbator and could only get erections from racial cuck porn anymore, so his goal was to get people to end up like he did by constantly suggesting this is reality. He knew most people ignored it but was delighted to know some small percentage would be affected.

It's fucking strange and disgusting.


You sound like you're into it, your post is contributory, I mean hell you had that saved. Unfortunately it's very easy to check if your claims are true, you can look up the most popular NSFW reddits for example and you can clearly see cuck or IR porn is not popular. Similarly dating statistics corroborate people dislike interracial dating, and even porn website statistics suggest more mundane fetishes like "Asians" are the most popular.


File: 1590484692275.jpg (30.21 KB, 229x275, 229:275, 1561892399072.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Pornography is a slippery slope. When you consider the logistics involved it really becomes obvious that this fetishism is an inevitable development. It's not an accident that a society like Japan, where so many men are feminized (as in they do not do masculine things) and remain virgins (as in they do not experience sexual psychological maturity like 99% of humanity historically do) produces such a ludicrous amount of NTR and trap porn. And it follows that people on 4chan who like anime get exposed to it due to inhabiting similar circles. Combine this with other forces in the west like leftist guilt and actual state sponsored miscegenation PR (which hilariously exists) ALL on top of access to the internet and unfathomable amounts of images and video and nudity and degeneracy which 99.9% of humanity never even came close to knowing…obviously people are going to say and do some fucked up things they probably never intended or entertained as possible before they were brainwashed.

I don't believe in Jewish conspiracies but it's hilarious how true to life some of these accusations a typical poltard might contrive are.


I agree with a lot of "pol" stuff but I think the "ideology" is heading in a very bad direction, specifically this new "No fun allowed!" shit.
>Masturbation bad
>Porn bad
>Buying things you like bad
>Technology bad

Part of what initially drove people to pol type stuff was SJWs pushing for censorship, getting things banned, shaming male sexuality, telling them how to live their lives and trying to make them feel guilty for everything. Now the pol types are doing the same shit, albeit with much less success. I used to believe horseshoe theory was just a meme but it's proving to be more and more accurate.

I like anime succubi with big tits. Because of that alone, the modern left would call me a misogynistic in-cel neckbeard manbaby who objectifies succubi and now the new right would call me a degenerate coomer soy boy consoomer.

And just like the left has been going down a purity spiral, so have the pol types. First it was too much masturbation is bad, then porn was bad, then any masturbation was bad, then porn should be banned, then buying products for entertainment is bad, now most recently they're saying technology in general is bad. I guess their ideal society would be like the Amish but with le epic postironic memes with wojak variations that only exist to be strawmen. Then again most if not all of them are hypocrite larpers who indulge in the same shit they smugly cast judgment onto others for but that's besides the point.

I also don't buy their newly found Christianity, which is clearly superficial and reactionary as it only comes up when they're complaining about others.


I think there's meant to be a balance of sorts. Liking big tit anime succubi is fine but jerking off practically 24x7 and spending countless resources on this desire would arguably be excessive and "coomer/consoomer"ish.

But some do get carried away with memes and nofap shit it seems.


>While we're on the topic of strange internet phenomena, does anyone have any explanation for the sudden flood of posts about succubi getting "blacked" and "bbc"?

Thank God Wizchan is smarter than most places and doesn't drink the koolaid. As others have mentioned it is just being pushed by the mainstream media and /pol. The average black guy isn't thinking he'd sure love some white poon that'll get him lynched. Statistically, they aren't that common. Okcupid data and others show the highest interracial dating is Asian succubi and white guys. But even then as other wizzies said most don't do interracial dating.


someone is selling stickers that say "I LOVE BBC," the things are plastered all over my city


It's more common than you think. Online dating is for people who aren't super alpha. Minorities are usually way more extroverted so they can get the white poon in clubs and shit. White guys who go on online dating sites are typically fairly meek in comparison and seem boring.

There are probably more white succubi who do one night stands with black men than you think. They just settle down after that with bobbies.

As a wizard, I don't really give a fuck since it doesn't matter if it's Chad or a big black guy mogging me.


File: 1590544144456.png (1.09 MB, 1300x1282, 650:641, 1580203766004.png) ImgOps iqdb

Unless you're a self abusing fetishist or have never spoken to a succubus in real life before the whole concept is laughable. I've 4 sisters, and we live in an east coast liberal shithole. I've had to deal with them and their female friends all my life, I constantly heard how gross blacks and weirdly enough even asians are from them. It could just be a casual conversation but they'd say something like this gross X guy tried to talk to me, etc… Some of said friends btw were asian or even pretty dark mutts. Over the years half of them had spics and arabs for boyfriends though, so I don't really get it. My eldest sister married a filthy Albanian, he looks white but he's Muslim and more than half an ape. Anyway, point is you walk outside and interracial couples are rare - but of course if you take a look at something like Netflix (it's my sisters) and they're fucking everywhere. I really don't get it.

Pic mostly related but reminded me of this thread.


People in show business experiment a lot more with other people in show business. TV isn't meant to resemble the average person because that's pretty boring. There's a decent percentage of black men married to non-black succubi. It's by no means a majority, but it does happen.

In the examples you cite, the main difference would seem to be that a black men will approach even if they have a really low chance with a succubus. Most ugly white guys aren't as aggressive hitting on succubi.


That's true, but marriage is an even stranger thing than dating. Black female/white male marriages seem to last much longer, but black male/white female marriage seems more common, why that is despite the significant difference in success rates is very strange imo. But even all together it's less than .5% of all marriages with a white person. At least, all of this is if wikipedia is to be believed.

I thought TV and movies were meant to be about representing the under represented, but it's crazy how constantly miscegenation is plastered over certain platforms like Netflix, it's not at all proportional to real life. Hell, just by population at all, there's way too many blacks in popular media and a hilariously small amount of asian people relative to their population size. It seems clear that there's an ulterior motive at play.


>I thought TV and movies were meant to be about representing the under represented, but it's crazy how constantly miscegenation is plastered over certain platforms like Netflix, it's not at all proportional to real life.

Oh that's just another tactic to whiten the population. They did that shit in Brazil too, encouraging/forcing (rape) miscegenation to lower the black population. Ugh, this thread is turning into /pol.

>Hell, just by population at all, there's way too many blacks in popular media and a hilariously small amount of asian people relative to their population size It seems clear that there's an ulterior motive at play.

"Too many blacks." Oof. There really aren't THAT MANY as compared to white shows, but they are overrepresented compared to other minorities. The "ulterior" motive isn't as juicy as your thinking. It's simply when people complain about diversity Hollyweird throws in a token, typically useless, black character. Moreover, there is that stereotype of certain parts of white society loving "schucking and jivin" black entertainers. Oprah's popularity among suburban white liberal succubi,for example, comes from the mammy stereotype. Latinos are now at least 18% of the population, with Asians at approx 6%. It is more surprising that Latinos aren't more pervasive especially with how much liberal elites keep pushing illegal immigration for cheap labor.


Reminder: "You must be a male virgin and at least 18 years old to use this website."


>Oh that's just another tactic to whiten the population
I didn't know our jewish media masters were so pro-white


I'm not that guy, but I think it's like some smokers tell other people not to smoke.
Sometimes people know their behavior is bad/weird/unhealthy (and still do it anyway because of addiction, lack of motivation to stop etc.) and it's exactly why they don't want to see it promoted in society.


File: 1590579748491.png (35.32 KB, 1694x418, 77:19, wiznofap.png) ImgOps iqdb

>But some do get carried away with memes and nofap shit it seems.
That's the problem. I'm willing to give nofap the benefit of the doubt and say it probably started off as a way to help people who legitimately have a porn and masturbation addiction, but they lost the plot a long time ago. Now it has devolved into an autistic pseudoscientific cult that calls anyone who masturbates or watches porn a coomer no matter how infrequently they do it and blame porn and masturbation for all of the problems in the world. Now a lot of them are going full totalitarian and want the government to imprison everyone who watches porn. Pic related.


Do you care about anything, or are you just a faggot?


oh that juicy nazi butthurt


Lovely image, saved


No, it really just started as a challenge before all that shit happened.


>ugh this thread us turning into /pol
Its turning into /pol because you're my guy


I think you're overcomplicating the problem. The real reason? The normalniggers that invaded it and the corporations that shut down free speech.


The internet was dying long before 2014. The internet has been dying since at least 2008. By then social media was already huge and smartphones were becoming increasingly common. I could easily argue it started dying even before then, but that's the first year I really felt the internet was "dying". That's when I noticed normalfags taking over our spaces, and a noticeable increase in feminist and PC police types. I remember expressing my concerns that year on the sites I was on at the time but most insisted I was being an unreasonable alarmist. Now the reality is even worse than the doom and gloom I predicted 12 years ago.

The early to mid 2010s is just when the decline became rapid. That's when phone users began to outnumber desktop users, Reddit exploded in popularity effectively killing forums, SJWs took over nearly every site, mass censorship hit full swing, there a steep increase in DMCA takedowns, and when cancel culture started to take off.


I'm thankful that oldfags are still around to give people like me some real insight into how things work. I feel like knowledge is getting lost or erased and we're all getting sucked into a bubble that's disconnected from reality. It scares me that future generations will grow up in this world and not even know they're living a lie


>I feel like knowledge is getting lost or erased and we're all getting sucked into a bubble that's disconnected from reality.

Expect this issue to accelerate in the not too distant future with big tech censorship ramping up. Expect more and more videos, articles, posts, and even entire sites that go against the narrative to be removed. Just poof, gone. A handful of megacorps in silicon valley control most of the internet and not only is it known that their politics are identical to each other, but recent coordinated ban waves prove their collusion beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Websites that go against the narrative will be delisted from google. Pressure will mount on domain hosts to take down sites guilty of wrongthink and ultimately domains will be seized and even archive sites will start removing things. At that point it will exist in memory only. A small fraction of it might be on the dark web or some backwater site hosted in Kyrgyzstan that won't be listed on any search engine and will be difficult to find even for the most determined and internet savvy truth seekers…but most of it will just be truly gone.

AI will play a big role in this, both in scanning the internet for any wronkthink to remove and prescreening all posts for anything counterintuitive to the narrative.

There won't be any major backlash to speak of either. Most will even support this as even now most people view those who go against the narrative as alt-right neckbeard conspiracy theorists or some other bad guy boogeyman.

The only advice I can give is if there is any content on the internet you really like, make sure to save it to a USB and in the future store it on an older computer that isn't connected to the internet as you might find files just "disappearing" after an operating system update. You won't be able to share it online, but at least you'll have it, even if it dies with you.



Usb is the most used device. CD's could make it better, specially if they are unrewritable.


Why do you assume the older generation got it better and "not living a lie", without the internet your knowledge sources would be much narrower, religions, witch hunts eg
Now you can insult the president daily while in the past it would be capital punishment


File: 1596496196592.png (315.45 KB, 636x433, 636:433, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think he's comparing older generations (boomers, silent generation, etc) to future generations (gen z, gen alpha) but rather comparing our generations (most of us are millennials) to the future generations.

I'd argue that for a while we were moving closer to the truth thanks to the internet and technology in general, but we're now moving further from the truth due to big tech censorship, cultural changes and the consolidation of power in media/the internet.

I would also posit that we're quickly reaching a point where we'll be even further from the truth than we were before the internet. The internet is extremely powerful in that it has both a greater ability to inform compared to TV, newspapers, etc as well as a greater ability to indoctrinate compared to older media.


The thing is about information is that it can sow doubt. So earlier generations at least all received the same face value information and could draw mildly different conclusions, but now every narrative is under so much misinformation and doubt that all information has become meaningless. I fear less the censorship of corporations than the nonsense spewing of bots.


File: 1597001084431.png (352.95 KB, 1014x256, 507:128, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

From the archive


This is a great thread. I only have a shitty laptop and can't access my PC at the moment but speaking of strange internet phenomena, how about Wizardchan's very own democratic process guy? Anyone remember him? Those posts were fucking bizarre…

Jesus that fucking image…and I thought kids on the internet were bad. That made me fucking rage, absolute cancer.


>I think there's some sort of conspiracy to scrub all non-controlled sites from the internet
Jesus this post is almost a year old. Wow, Wizardchan is a lot slower these days.

But this is a very good point. I can't remember where it can be found but I saw an image once showing the top 50 sites on the internet and who owned them, and the vast majority of them had different owners. Now, not only are there far fewer frequently accessed sites (average normie considers the internet facebook, youtube and netflix), but the top ones are owned by massive, as you said "controlled" corporations who will delete or outright ban anything which goes against shit like feminism, globalism etc. It's disgusting.


File: 1597193820049.png (96.1 KB, 500x680, 25:34, 2007.png) ImgOps iqdb

>The internet has been dying since at least 2008

I hear this all the time but I don't think the decline happened in earnest until 2012 onwards. Sure 4chan gained more recognition at that point, and facebook was gaining traction and nerd culture was being stripped (a lot more thoroughly) and processed for mass consumption but there was still enough of a skill gap for making/using internet "stuff" unlike these days where you can download a one-touch app to shit out an "internet-shaped thing" for you (like image macros, or vines or whatever).


nah it was dying, but the degeneration just fucking amped up to 11 the longer things went on. So it was really kicked into high gear cancer by 2012 and 2016.


I'm sure it could have, stayed in that "slow decline" bit of 2008-2012 if it weren't for those things of idiot-proof tech, popularization of nerd culture and the re-definition of geeks/nerds.


File: 1597794090104.jpg (14.32 KB, 300x216, 25:18, Doomer Girl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We are living in the age of Wojak and Pepe.


gone are the days when you needed at least a 95IQ to get online because it needed a real computer not a piece of shit overgrown government tracking chip phone

the internet really died since then


Doomer succubus, eh?


it never was good to begin with. You shitheads just like to reminisce about "good old days"


IQ is a pseudo-scientific swindle.


zoomshit detected


>I’ve seen the same threads, the same pics and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable. Simply put thread A would be posted in say 2015 and would get its share of replies or pics, on say /co/ or /a/. Then that very same thread, with the same text, pics, and replies would appear in 2016 and beyond. This often happens in the same year multiple times as well. Of course /pol/ is getting shilled and botposted to death, but why recycle a completely innocent /a/ thread? Who is doing this and why? Stuff like this won’t be noticed by your average poster perhaps, but I and other oldfags will inevitably notice it.
I've noticed this as well on many 4chan boards. I always assumed it was always some strange or autistic person who got some kind of pleasure out of posting the same things over and over, although other anons have talked about bots or irc/discord groups who do these kinds of activities. It's really strange. I understand the motivation for advertisers or political propaganda, but certain threads that are just simple on-topic discussion threads get posted over and over again. /tv/ is particularly bad for this, I can't think of any off the top of my head, but there are clearly several people or groups of people who spam threads there. Some of them are bait threads, porn threads, politics etc, but some are just on-topic threads that people create over and over again for some reason. If one comes to mind or shows up again I'll try to find all the threads in the archive and post it here as evidence. I don't know if I believe in your theory of an "empty internet", but there is definitely some strange things going on. I think it could be interesting to collect some evidence, even if we don't know yet what exactly we are looking for evidence of.


File: 1597826753588.png (3.97 MB, 6154x1400, 3077:700, 1597755925572.png) ImgOps iqdb


The Circle of Life
The Cycle of Autism


keep on booming, old retarded fag


it was objectively good and better for many reasons, although most of them I'm sure would be deal-killers for retarded little shits like you, such as no jewtube to stream softcore nigger porn and rap videos everywhere in public on your phone



>dumb phone posters

Ok look, I fully sympathise with Internet nostalgia and wishing for a return to better days, it might sound insane but I have literally cried over the loss of some communities, but this “dumb phoneposters” shit is actually a part of the problem. For too long it’s been the go-to scapegoat that everyone nods along to, but how meaningful a critique is it really and what does it do for us? Do you want to live in some sort of walled off desktop-eugenicist Internet community? Because the world is filled with highly obnoxious desktop users too.

To me, part of the HOPE of the Internet has always been about greater inclusion and the power of ideas to transform people for the better. Sure this is very ‘idealistic’ but idealism can have a positive influence on reality, and part of what made Internet communities so much fun earlier on is that many of us had that hope and acted accordingly. The Internet has expanded constantly since it was a thing, everybody in the early 90’s knew it would continue to expand, bringing in more and more people and this was one of the major things people were looking forward to. The issues we’re facing today could simply be seen as a new set of challenges that offer the chance for greater innovation - instead of complaining that too many people have access to the Internet, we should be asking how do we create communities and forums that are inclusive but set up some sort of ‘bar’ or standard of behaviour and enforce it without limiting genuine freedom of expression. I mean this has ALWAYS been a major question but we simply need to keep seeking better solutions. We shouldn’t be repeating these hopeless sentiments “the Internet is dead”, we should be asking “how can we use the tools and technology available to us today to build communities from the ground up and push back against ignorance and push back against centralised power structures?”

A good question would be “how can we create alternatives to Google that can have market viability? How can we get the average person seeing their choice of search provider as significant and important?” Or “how can we create imageboard cultures that are functional are aren’t easily derailed by BBC-posters?” People ARE looking for solutions and ARE finding them, but we as imageboard posters should be encouraging productive debate, not moaning about the past, even if things were better. Just one idea I had personally was that, what if you set up a bot to gather stats on word usage, the bot would then find specialised ‘culture’ terms, and periodically subvert their encroachment by word filtering them to something else? Thus constantly and automatically fighting ossification. Or the same thing with images - imagine how much more creative people might be on certain sites if certain images with a certain percentage of certain tones of green were blocked, at least for periods of time allowing alternatives to emerge and in turn be blocked? Or another idea I saw one anon pursuing, of creating image boards where you only have access to posting on certain boards if you’ve been invited and you can prove you’ve fully read certain founding documents or manifestos or books and have passed a test on knowledge of what you’ve read. This would mean everyone who posts on a particular board is at least on a somewhat similar page. Two simple ideas from myself and one other anon. Two people out of billions. Imagine what ideas and solutions we could come up with if we encouraged one another to try to seek positive solutions rather than wallowing in nostalgia. That anon I mention btw was actually trying to build the software for this, imagine if those of us posting in these threads actually lent him some small financial or other support.

A lot of the shitting up of communities I loved wasn’t even a result of outsiders or a dumbing down, it was internal cultural things and/or the power of big corporations ruining things. Discord for example is one of the most toxic phenomenons on the Internet and it “re”-colonised many imageboards with that toxicity. Google and Amazon affiliate bux, major porn companies which benefit from brand name recognition, Youtube bux creating content recyclers and petty demagogues etc are all forces of great evil that many of us have ignored as they grew and devoured us. The MSM was dying as a result of the Internet for a good many years but it’s been adapting and re-asserting itself and colonising people’s minds and injecting dumbass right-left mainstream shit back into Internet cultures that were throwing them off. I could go on but we should be naming these issues, changing our own personal habits, encouraging others to fight back too. Are there small things you can do like never mention THAT PLACE in order to undermine its cultural sway? Etc.

We are all better off due to access to information. Over the course of my lifetime I’ve witnessed a transformation of the people around me. Get people to enjoy learning for themselves for just a bit and they will seek knowledge and grow. A lot of the cultures people are bemoaning the loss of have simply run their coarse and aren’t worth bothering with anymore. Death is a part of life. One thing I miss about my old community was how positive and whimsical and hopeful people were. A decade ago I laughed at the idea of “Wizards”, a few years later I became one, but because others before me had laid the groundwork of that positive framing of adult virginity, I was able to make the transition much more happily, and I now embrace the term and would love to encourage and inspire yet others. You have the power in you, Wizards!

-posted from my NSA device


this internet utopianism is so stupid, does anyone still genuinely believe this tripe?
and your desktop computer isn't less of a spying device than a smartphone is, well maybe it isn't as bad as the latter, but it's only a matter of degree.


Steve Jobs made smartphones so cancerous that he died from cancer himself.


Why would you attack someone for making a high effort post?


"high effort" does not mean valuable, raising a child, for instance, takes a lot more effort than poking at a dumb jewphone all day, but that doesn't make breeding valuable

and a dismissal is not an attack
why you dumb phone posters always so thin skinned?

is it that tough these days to be a teen?


Most of this can be easily explained, for instance, why would you guess a thread being repeated a year later has some kind of algorithm behind it and not a human hungry for yous? Most people are living memes, they just repeat the shit that works.


Because humans are fickle and tire easily.


File: 1597905569062.png (1.5 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, Let-Me-In-2010.png) ImgOps iqdb


Another blogpost coming through… Smartphones do pose a danger from agencies like the NSA, but in general, at least so far, they've actually been pretty empowering for the average person. I'll give a few examples - firstly, messaging systems like iMessage or Whatsapp, etc which encrypt text messages and\or cirumvent SMS messaging have made it much harder for police at all levels to just pry into your messaging. Here in Australia at one point they found that the police were routinely looking up SMS metadata millions of times a year. The agencies investigating this misuse did a sampling of these queries and found a very high portion of the queries were for obviously personal reasons such as looking up details of partners or ex-partners communications, without any relevance to cases police were supposed to be pursuing. They even found police at the federal level making queries for SMS metadata on journalists who weren't under any sort of investigation and who had criticised the federal police. Police were using this access to information in order to intimidate people, not just journalists but everyday people. At this point, they can't access iMessage metadata because it doesn't go through the telcos servers in the same way, at best the police would have to subpoena data, which takes a lot more time and effort and they have to provide a written justification, have it approved, and leave a paper trail, and even then they'd have trouble reading the iMessages themselves because of encryption. So while this data may well be accessible to high level government like the FBI, NSA, etc, the technology has almost entirely cut out local polices access to your data. In most countries and situations you have vastly more to fear from your local police than a three letter agency, not to say they aren't a threat.

Then there's the power of having a camera and microphone on you at all times. Yes, in theory this would allow the NSA to drop in and spy on you at any time, and that's a huge problem, but… in the Floyd George situation, regardless of whether or not the case was hijacked by big political parties for nefarious ends, the fact that a bunch of people were able to stand around and record how police dealt with him, is a big fucking win for anyone who cares about pushing back police brutality. When police know or even just think they may be being recorded, they are much less likely to overstep, and more likely to face consequences if they do. People are using their cameras to record overt police brutality, or to record police being unprofessional or lying, they are recording themselves confronting police about illegal searches and stops, etc. Before this, it was much harder to even prove to people around you the degree to which police could lie, manipulate, and bully you when a record wasn't kept of the interaction. Also, simply being able to immediately look up legal information on a phone can help people. Being able to check what legal rights they do and don't have according to the law empowers them against the police who are generally better versed in the law and\or pretending certain laws or rules exist.

Also, while this probably doesn't apply to us Wizards much, the average male who interacts with succubi is always in danger of becoming a victim of the domestic violence system, which is set up to absolutely railroad guys who are simply ACCUSED of domestic violence. Smartphones have been allowing men to fight back against this type of abuse by recording the 'behind the scenes' behaviour of the succubi they're in relationships with, you can find thousands of videos on youtube and liveleak where men have surreptitiously recorded succubi threatening them with things like "I'll say you raped me" or "I'll say you've been beating me" or succubi literally hitting themselves or pretending they're being attacked when you can see (thanks to a recording) the guy isn't touching her. The court system where I live has been fighting like crazy to refuse the routine admission of camera and microphone evidence into DV 'intervention order' cases for years because they KNOW this would undermine their ability to railroad men for profit. Still, this has allowed men to defend themselves because succubi are less likely to go ahead with a case if they know there is undeniable evidence that would expose them as liars. It has helped men defend themselves to family members and friends who often by default take the succubus's side, etc. Then on a wider level ANY sort of criminal case or accusation can now be much more easily refuted by 'alibi' evidence captured by a Smartphone, like GPS data showing that you were certainly not anywhere near an alleged crime, whereas in the past if you couldn't provide positive evidence of your whereabouts there was no way to prove you weren't at the crime scene or whatever.

I don't think I'm being overly optimistic or delusional, I'm just trying to point out that it's never as simple as 'this device is evil'. As I said above, plenty of desktop users are terrible people. If you search google for any type of video referring to imageboards or imageboard 'culture', you'll find hundreds of really really annoying people who brag about how they like to "shitpost", talk in meme openly IRL, just regurgitate dumb ideas (the alt-right youtube content recyclers played a huge role in ruining things, btw with their ideas they plucked from online and subtle subverted in order to make them more appealing to the average person and to make Youtubebux out of them). It's ultimately hard to function in society WITHOUT a Smartphone at this point. You can easily use a Smartphone and set it up so it doesn't became an ADHD-entrainment device. You can put time limits on apps, use website filters, set up your email account so you'll only get urgent notifications, etc. People are becoming more aware of the issue of phones damaging attention-span, just as nofap and noporn became more popular over the past decade due to people's interactions with porn and learning from them.

Ultimately the NSA surveillance shit happens because most people are ignorant about it and\or genuinely don't care because they don't value liberty or privacy or they actually trust the government, which seems absolutely stupid but that's what they believe. So it'd be more practical to try to throw your efforts into making the information about this surveillance easily accessible to others, trying to build consensus or something - most of which I'm skeptical will go anywhere because most people really aren't worried about any of it and won't be easy to convince, BUT it's more productive than trying to say that "dumb phoneposters" are killing the internet, an act which achieves nothing. I'm forced to wear an absurd mask right now because government responded to large numbers of people who get their news from the MSM and aren't immunised against propagandistic fear-mongering for profit. What can I do? These people ultimately make the rules, at least online on forums like this I can call them out. Same thing with NSA surveillance. The tech companies if anything at first tried resisting a lot of the backdooring stuff, it's the government and elected officials who are the ones pressuring for things like backdoors and undermining encryption. So it's a wider social issue, not something I'll fight successfully by bricking my phone.


This is an excellent post, thanks for making it. Polite sage



Holy shit.

I'm not the only who's noticed the abrupt normalization of the most vile stuff imaginable in sexual fetishism. Too scared to mention it IRL, everyone I've spoken to online or who's very close IRL - and they either say I'm crazy or that I'm being a kinkshaming prude.

Furries. Lolicon. DDLG. All the 'Uwus' and 'owos' - how many normies are aware of it or jumped into it either ironically (which is a slippery slope to new sincerity as proven countless times with many other sociopolitical trends in the past decade - and a definitive trait of the era between 2014-present)

Even while talking to or reading on furry related forums from the pre-2014 era - the majority of people who were self proclaimed furries were self aware and obsessively self conscious about the identity and were pretty sex negative - said the cringy ones or the ones who were into yiff are sick (or at least were open about it are disgusting)

Now it's encouraged and shoved in everyone's faces. Normies are aware of it. They have been conditioned to desensitization from it being shoved from cringe compilations and in every modern day 'dank meme' format - 'I have two sides - femboy fox and margaret thatcher' and weird surrealist shitposts like that. Hentai is already one of the most popular search terms in porn, normies 'ironically' wear ahegao hoodies plastered in lolicon O faces and aren't getting outraged or in trouble for it.

The fuck is even happening? Vore and diaperfaggotry are already starting to pick up steam; and now MAP rights.

All of this was UNTHINKABLE in 2013. Unfathomable for 99 percent of the population and would get you in trouble from authorities and absolutely excluded from everyone socially. Now people barely seem to bat an eye.


the internet and real life merged


File: 1598573129576.gif (879.8 KB, 236x280, 59:70, Ant Death Spiral.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The fuck is even happening?

I said it before on other sites and I've read similar viewpoints: The internet is too much for normies.

There's way too much to unpack and a lot of it goes beyond me but as I observe it's that normalfags are trend-hopping dog-fuckers. Before normalfags took over the internet in earnest, it was mostly just groups of various nerds and geeks and their "uncool" fandom things which may have been really popular amongst *themselves*.

Like take an old AMV that's popular amongst weebs, it's got a decent amount of hits relative to the fandom and every now and again over the years weebs go back to it and the hits increase to, say, a million. There is now a corny AMV sitting there with a million hits it garnered over the years. Now the dog-fucking normies come onto the internet and see a "cringy" AMV BUT it has over a million hits which MUST mean it's good and be copied and emulated.

And it's basically that, applied a bunch of different fandoms including ones that should have stayed in the dark.


>Like take an old AMV that's popular amongst weebs, it's got a decent amount of hits relative to the fandom and every now and again over the years weebs go back to it and the hits increase to, say, a million. There is now a corny AMV sitting there with a million hits it garnered over the years. Now the dog-fucking normies come onto the internet and see a "cringy" AMV BUT it has over a million hits which MUST mean it's good and be copied and emulated.

I like to watch old AMVs from time to time, at least the few that managed to remain for many years without getting DMCA'd. One trend I noticed is normalfag zoomers commenting shit like "this was made ironically, right?" and "please tell me this is ironic". Most aspects of otaku culture from the mid 2000s would be considered "cringe" and only something someone would do/say/make "ironically" unless they were a "lolcow".


>One trend I noticed is normalfag zoomers commenting shit like "this was made ironically, right?" and "please tell me this is ironic".
>Most aspects of otaku culture from the mid 2000s would be considered "cringe" and only something someone would do/say/make "ironically" unless they were a "lolcow".

Honestly that would have been fine. In fact it would have been perfect. The cringe would have kept normalfags away from geek subcultures AND degenerate parts of geek subcultures would have remained way in the back.

But cringe doesn't do that (anymore) unfortunately and they "ironically" emulate it because it's "popular" which snowballs into a semi-legitimate popularity.

Video related - A cool video of a very super geeky moment which I remember showing to people at the time it came out and nobody gave a fuck. Now I see this being reposted by the same type of people years later.


File: 1598632970775.png (333 KB, 680x503, 680:503, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

God I miss the old FGC back when it was a gritty underground community that even most fighting game fans didn't give a fuck about. Back when all the notable players (aside from the few from japan who attended american tournaments) were either from Cali or NYC (or a city close to NYC) and there was that east coast vs west coast rivalry.

Now it's a sanitized mainstream "esports" SJW normshithole where people are banned from tournaments for saying offensive things on the internet. Now anytime there's a hype moment or a pop-off it ends up "going viral" and being put in hundreds of clickbait and "top 10" videos on youtube.


what ad


An ad for Dead or Alive. It didn't "reflect on the core values of evo" because of objectification of succubi. Dead serious.

Also the guy who tweeted it (who was in charge of EVO at the time) was exposed as a pedo not too long after.


But DOA was made specifically for horny nerds? There are better fighting games out there though.

I'm really confused by this, I don't mean this ad in particular, but this weird dual santizing and degeneracy thing going on.


File: 1598655103867.png (5.17 MB, 2048x1869, 2048:1869, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm really confused by this, I don't mean this ad in particular, but this weird dual santizing and degeneracy thing going on.

Seuxalized succubi in anime and video games are bad because nerdy men like it.

Degeneracy like polyamory and literal cuckolding is good because apparently it "empowers succubi". Of course their true motive is to further destabilize the family unit but they wold never admit that.


File: 1598702526697-0.png (239.11 KB, 500x681, 500:681, 453535435.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598702526697-1.png (84.59 KB, 1381x714, 1381:714, 324234234stats2342342344.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I actually know the true answer to this and a friend of mine linked a social media that had tons of images to corroborate what is going on. Unfortunately that site had to purge it for "hate speech" and censor the thread. But i do think someone will have an archive of it if they do not already. There is group chats dedicate to "pink pilling" aka feminize men and blackmail them, and there was another found not too far off with leftists that are very self hatred to the point of actually praising blacks and actually hating themselves and their own race(which obviously were white) there is statistics that prove that leftists on the fringe end have more outer group preferences than even moderates or centrists and right of center. Its the same types that like NTR and post obsessively like they will change the culture or people who see it enough times will believe it. They are insane and need to be purged the sad part is i think it will be a few years before they get tired or eventually commit suicide because last i remembered most of these are trans and crazies.
>4chan becomes a retirement home for Baby Boomers
>Has normalfags shitting up everything with Pepe & Wojak
I remember this floating around a few years back. I did a small search into statistics, it's mainly /v/ and /pol/ that have been ruined beyond repair especially by Reddit. I can only hope in a few years it honestly dies out so it can be our retirement place. But it looks more unlikely as time goes on and Hiromoot makes worse decisions by keep splitting up the boards to hopefully drive them all away.


File: 1598703849716.png (465.16 KB, 805x453, 805:453, 34524254353.png) ImgOps iqdb

The hatred is the fact that /pol/ can not and will not stay on their own containment board, there is thousands of other political boards, thousands of other sites, thousands of other places to talk about your stuff without having to entrench yourself on the most anti-social escapism places on the internet. They always come in number to use shame tactics that the left uses against their opponents for those that want to be left alone and enjoy, vidya, anime, autism and technology. You can have any political beliefs, mine are far right but i know to keep it to myself and keep it on that board than to be an autist and spam it around like i am changing less than 00.01% of the population's viewpoints. I agree with the fact censorship is wrong,lollicon is great, genetics exist yada yada yada. But i know not to push my stuff where it does not belong and keep it to myself.

Also to add onto this /pol/ users have absolutely no self control, no sense of memetics(oh my god another Wojak and pepe variant so OC), no real sense of fitting in and basically becoming the same thing they criticize at times due to their purity spirals, lack of strategy and claiming victimhood for "mah freezepeach" when people do not want politics in places where it states NO politics. Leftists are the same with the whole feelings thing but they know to stay on their ends of the boards and not to come here like you do. Does not make anyone an Ess Jay Dubyu, does not make them a Jew or the opposite end. It means a lot of us are apolitical, we do not want politics, simple as that. A lot of us want to escape from it and not have to deal with the normalfag shit you brought in to "redpill" the world.


File: 1598704736221.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 320x224, 10:7, EPIC BEARD MAN.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>The hatred is the fact that /pol/ can not and will not stay on their own containment board, there is thousands of other political boards, thousands of other sites
There literally isn't. We got a couple of forums, a few boards. That's it. Why do you think so many /pol/posters are here? Tons of overlap in imageboard community because racist people from 4chan don't have many options over the internet.
Also it's BLMs fault for getting me winded up and negro fixated. If the (((media))) was not pushing their narrative 24/7 I wouldn't feel the need to fight back so much by expressing my discontent.


File: 1598705498963-0.png (533.46 KB, 924x572, 21:13, 4354345335.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1598705498963-1.png (284.52 KB, 477x417, 159:139, 1476764320947.png) ImgOps iqdb

The problem with them is they think we can turn back Pandora's box and go back to the 1950's. It's just not possible due to the fact society has changed rapidly and the only thing we can do is basically adapt to what is around them and retain some semblance of normal society. They will have to wake up to that fact and just have to throw Weaboo faggots a bone and move on. Like i said the Classical liberals have been shoved in with the right wing types and it's suffocating all ends of the internet and spaces.
>I said it before on other sites and I've read similar viewpoints: The internet is too much for normies.
This is absolutely accurate. Not only that but you also have them steered towards Imageboards due to screenshots and places from social media like Twitter and Reddit to easily "click" "browse" and "post" if Imageboards banned phone and Tablet posters and began to only allow Laptops and Desktops. We would be in a much better place than we are now.I know the phone posters are an easy complaint but they have been using apps to post to these places, and the effort is lowered because you do not have users using desktop applications like Photoshop, and an actual browser to make things. Normalfags expect everything to be premade for them like some 5 minute microwave helper than to put in any effort to make themselves dinner and other people. But then complain no one is making dinner. Perpetual children at times.
>There literally isn't. We got a couple of forums, a few boards.
Yes and only a few left for people like me who do not want /pol/ to come over here. You have 4chan /pol/ you have Julay /pol/ you have Gameruprising forum in Dailystormer. There is other places to go to for those politics. Yes i know there is censorship going on with the edgy right opinions, i understand, but also there is those of us who want to have a technical wizard social life for outcasts. You need to learn to seperate the two otherwise you are just going to make this site banned and uninhabitable. It's essentially the same mistake the far left makes when they have their policies voted in and then they go into another state and think it will work there when it does not. If people stayed in their containment areas and did not move their stuff out it would be better for us all. 8chan had this problem because they allowed /pol/ to fester until the CIA and FBI tried to link school shooters to the site and then they purged 8chan and other places. I do not need Wizchan to be next.


/pol/ is one of the last things keeping the normalfags our. Admittedly they themselves are normalfags, but the more they scream nigger the less inclined people will be to post there. And the sad thing is, trannies and other groups are trying desperately to take control saying shit like “/v/ stands for trans rights”. I hope /pol/ keeps the drive to keep being obnoxious, because at the end of the day we all must deal with one side of the obnoxious political faggot coin, and I’d rather it be the one obsessed with niggers than the one trying to convince me to cut my dick off.


Anyone who defends post 2014-2016 /pol/ should be disregarded. /pol/ sped up the decline.


I choose both to kill themselves and drink bleach. Both invite normalfags to shit up places and only care about how many people believe in their idealogy than a culture of a board or a place.
That and the Chanology the fappening stuff was absolute Cringe tier. I really wish that never happened.


You don't know what you have until it's gone.


>far left
There is no left in america, just shades of right.


Then I must ask what you think is the right, cause I see it as the opposite.


One day my boomer college teacher came to class and just started spouting /pol/ jargon and laughing maniacally. He never said anything explicitly racist but we all knew that he just returned from a 4chan binge.


Reddit humor is so cringe. That is just a "joke" where they all LARP as tech illiterate grandparents who browse some racist board to brag to others about its shock value when in reality they are actually 20-something year olds.


That screenshot is bait. No actual boomer would use 4chan, don't forget that it's a fucking chan site and there's more than enough degeneracy (for a real boomer) that it would turn them away. Not to mention the site's design would confuse them.


As a European, there is no right in America. Just shades of left.


I was thinking about how friendly the internet was back in the day. There were still trolls but if you visited a forum for a few weeks you'd have friends, they'd know your name and be nice to you. I was a socially awkward 13 year old and I had many online friends who were nice. Now 17 years later everywhere is hostile and suspicious, it really was purer and nicer times.


Definitely. I blame imageboards partially.


File: 1598789531432.png (126.76 KB, 500x444, 125:111, they-say-the-next-ones-wil….png) ImgOps iqdb

Both the democrat and republican parties are right-wing economically, both are war-hawkish, both dislike universal healthcare etc. Where they differ is on the social side like fags and trannies. (And even then there are faggot-tranny republicans like Bruce Jenner.)

Sorry for disrupting the main flow of the thread, which is a far more interesting topic.


Not nearly enough. They're all bunch of fucking war shy pussies.


trolling used to be just for shit and giggles now most trolling are just butthurt fags


Trolling doesn't even really exist anymore. What people do now is too far removed to be called the same thing in my opinion.


One of the biggest tragedies of the modern internet was the death of genuine and sincere interaction. The internet always had silliness, trolling and shitposting (which are all good in moderation) but it was also a place where you could speak your mind and post your unfiltered thoughts. Even 4chan's /b/ had moments of sincerity and I had plenty of genuine interactions on it 12-15 years ago.

But now the internet has become nothing but memes, agenda pushing, virtue signaling, trolling, snide irony, snarky sarcasm, smug mockery, and baiting. I blame, among other things, ironic culture, doxing, lolcow and "cringe" sites, and cancel culture.

The internet was once a place where you could be yourself and express yourself without apprehension and interact with others who were doing the same. Normalfags just had to fuck that up.


I think this thread or the last one had this point. Old 4chan would be considered cringe by normal standards. >>250920 this 4chan post from a decade ago makes a similar point.

I don't think people realise that having a public sphere of the internet wasnt super common. The ign or something awful forums acted as it maybe. Digg later didn't function as a public sphere really, just content aggregation like early reddit. This combined 4chan/Reddit/Twitter/discord self referential thing didn't really exist as it does today. Like it wasn't all good things but this feeling that they are the public manifestation of internet users is there, even if one reminds oneself only a small percentage of users post.


>Old 4chan would be considered cringe by normal standards.

Partially cos there is a dwindling number of oldfags left and all the zoomerfags have are third-hand impressions of 4chan (and the old internet).


You forgot about political fananatics.
Worst and most tiresome part of modern internet and modernity in general.



>You forgot about political fananatics.
That would fall under "agenda pushing". Political fanatics are the main people I had in mind when I included that, but not all agendas are explicitly political (even if the majority are) so I used "agenda pushing" as a more general term as it encompasses both political and non-political agendas.


>The web 2.0 utopia — where we all lived in rounded filter bubbles of happiness
Is that how they saw it? I don't even pity them.

>I silenced my voice on the platforms where the conversation was happening because of the strings, risks, and side effects they created in return.

>Milestones for me and my family were left unshared beyond our internet dark forests, even though many more friends and members of our families would’ve been happy to hear about them.
Hilarious. Not even normalfags like to listen to that shit. They tolerate each other's babbling as long as they're allowed to take turns bragging, and social media make it easier than ever. They don't even need to pretend they're listening anymore.

>This is the Bowling Alley Theory of the Internet: that people are online purely to meet each other, and in the long run the venues where we congregate are an unimportant background compared to the interactions themselves.

They really do think it was all made to enable their precious web 2.0 popularity contest space. They don't even realize what they destroyed to get their kiddie playground.
What made the internet great before the 2.0 nightmare was how it forcibly stripped people of their tiresome superficial personalities, because there was no continuation of one's real life on the internet. Normalfags couldn't stand how posting their uninteresting useless normalfag shit didn't yield them the respect and validation they automatically receive IRL.
Forums were the next best thing that let them socialize and accumulate reputation under a username. Forums were garbage but at least they served well as long term containment vessels for the attention whores.
Now the internet is made exclusively for the attention whores with nothing to say.

>It’s possible, I suppose, that a shift away from the mainstream internet and into the dark forests could permanently limit the mainstream’s influence. It could delegitimize it.

>Should a significant percentage of the population abandon these spaces, that will leave nearly as many eyeballs for those who are left to influence, and limit the influence of those who departed on the larger world they still live in.
We lament the tragic fate of the mainstream NPC.


Interesting documentary outlining many of the issues with today's internet - and how it came to be this way.

Mega for hq (3gb): https://mega.nz/folder/9oY3gAiL#VkMcfy4gmNvINjJ8adM4EA


Already seen it. Good documentry though.


This is a good internet documentary if you're interested. Follows a guy who pioneered a lot of social livestreaming style content in the 90s.


I miss the old youtube back when there were a lot less rules and there were whole anime series. Rule changes and DMCA bots ruined that.

Not only that but content on youtube in general has gone down the shitter. There's a lot more video editing but the content itself is usually garbage. Nearly every youtube video full of funny facial expressions, goofy gestures, unfunny jokes, annoying sound effects, sponsor shilling, off topic tangents, "smash that like button and subscribe and follow me on…" jump cuts every 3.5 seconds and self-deprecating humor with some memes shoveled in. It's like every video is made for 10 year olds with ADD. I guess it's because everyone these days has the attention span of a goldfish but youtubers are also going for high watch times so 85% of the video is fluff.

I just know that 10 years ago when watching a tutorial or informational video they usually got right to the point and didn't have some clown who was faking a personality or trying to emulate a popular youtuber.


The internet has become like a jungle. Beyond any doubt there is more content out there, more pirated media, more tutorials, more of gaming videos, more of everything, definitely more of obnoxious shit, more ads, more people wannabe e-celebs, etc.

The stuff you want is out there, the difficulty now is to learn how to navigate through those places, it's like a thick jungle of content. When I see threads like this or wizzies complaining how sites like reddit is shit, I just know they haven't learn how to mold the content they're seeing to their own satisfaction. In itself, sites like Youtube now has more and better stuff than ever but it's also harder to find exactly what you want because of how much trash is there nowadays. It's all a matter to know where to tread wiz. You can find useful stuff even on websites that get a lot of hate here like reddit and twitter. It's all about knowing where things are.


Can you summarise, I don't have time to be watching all that


There is a shit ton of bots and shilling on the internet today, so much that you can't get away from the artificialness of internet communication. It is even worse because many social media sites are designed to curate the information you read, so that you see even more "sameness" than there actually is on the internet, and your own biases are reinforced. Zuckerberg understood exactly what he was doing when he set up Facebook the way he did.

There was also that part where the US government let loose its full propaganda machine around 2016 (actually was approved the previous year, but the switch was flipped some time in September of that year). So now, officially, the US does propaganda on its own people as if they were a foreign country to be subverted, rather than the older model of merely influencing domestic policy. That's why you can find glowies and the like flooding hard on reddit and the chans, and why you're seeing a crackdown on dissenting views on the internet with more draconian measures.


pretty much why I stopped using shittube years ago, if I wanted to see normies and their hideous faces playing to the camera I'd turn on tv, and it might have even fewer ads


>It's like every video is made for 10 year olds with ADD.
In a way they are, most repeat viewings are done by kids so the "content" "creators" will tailor the video towards them even if the subject matter is unsuited towards them.


File: 1599756604746.png (1013.25 KB, 1342x1646, 671:823, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fixed it for you


Kind of funny when you come across recent history. Watching a reddit / vice video AMA interview with kenny & spenny from 2014, one of the employees asks a user submitted question "[Why did your show get cancelled] Was it [network] being a bunch of jews?" and "Did you actually have sex with the tranny". I'm not mentioning it to complain just thought it was interesting how much things have changed.


I think we've created some kind of consciousness out of accident. The feds have massive server farms with millions of terabytes of unprocessed, raw data on practically everyone. Corporations store similar amounts of data on you as well.


>I think we've created some kind of consciousness out of accident.

In what sense? Like how capital seems to defend itself at every corner and absorbs everything including rebellion into it?


No device is inherently bad, and no site is inherently bad.
There is hope as people are making highly specialized forums, and communities with people. Yes, normal people are a problem, and elements of the internet as well as many of our favorite sites are dying. However, we should still try to solve these problems, and find places without such issues.
Most of the people that invade sites, and end up following all of the auto-generated content are bored people. More and more people have access to high dopamine tasks on the easy. People don't want to spend the time to learn, to read, they want quick information and have no real hobbies or interests.
Due to how the world is moving many people are a lost cause, however do not loose hope!
I am a newfag, and I know many of you might have problems with wizchan, but from the looks of it this is a fairly high quality place for discussion. People from other communities do come in, but they are usually shunned. In general, the quality of posts on wizchan are infinitely better than anything on most messaging boards.

Bide your time and hold out hope…


That too. I was thinking these things were separate but maybe all that raw data is just another organ of whatever capital is. For a while now I've had a naive hope that we could create an AI, likely accidentally, that could fight capital.


"Something" is going to break, what that is I do not know. But we're defnitely going to hit a wall of some kind.


>Most of the people that invade sites, and end up following all of the auto-generated content are bored people. More and more people have access to high dopamine tasks on the easy. People don't want to spend the time to learn, to read, they want quick information and have no real hobbies or interests.
sounds like me tbh and I would bet a many users here are in the same spot


> I would bet a many users here are in the same spot
I doubt it, most of the people here, in this thread, are probably in their very late 20s and early 30s at the least. This auto-generated stuff and easy-access to "high dopamine" tasks is more zoomer generation.


well I am in my late twenties, and I don't know what auto-generated content and "high dopamine tasks" are exactly, but I can't say I have any real hobby or interests.


That's just a natural consequence of being one of the last wizards (of our type).

I don't know whether to be envious or disturbed that somehow those freaks have removed themselves from the bottom of the totem pole to putting a foot into the mainstream.


File: 1601407824081.jpg (129.76 KB, 599x654, 599:654, 1363997462129.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't think its some internet ai that manifested out of memes, old thread recycling might be done by vampiric imageboard owners who try to stimulate/fake activity.

Before everyone got connected, society shared a greater sense of mystery regarding itself, had greater variety of perspectives/emotions, there was a surplus of creative energy and internet became an excellent vessel to cast it in. And for a time that was good.
But as we found sanctuary in hivemind's numbing embrace, ways to tap into and monetize on youth's energy were discovered, it took years for the well to get this depleted, leach is sucking on a shell of a dead turtle now.
Perhaps internet has served as societies mirror and we got tired of looking.


File: 1601468788871.jpg (2.75 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, 90s.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hey OP just wanted to let you know I made that image and thanks for liking it. Here's the uncompressed and unfiltered version.


It kills me to know that I missed the golden age of the internet


You missed it how? And don't tell me you are a zoomer-aged bitch.


What did we miss exactly?


Hotwheels' treason.


So what happens now?


>Majority of people on 4chan /pol/ in 2019 are boomers from reddit who get easily baited.
Yes but this is kind of like a return to an earlier version of 4chan (I'm talking 2011/2014), when the majority of users were kids who got easily baited (just thinking of stuff like the toxic crystals, fake coupons, treasure hunts, staged killings, etc). There's an opportunity for glorious mischief and OC, but none of those creative troll types are around anymore and you can't really get an old boomer to follow a fake treasure map to an abandoned gas station.


People just troll by saying stupid bullshit, but now there’s no gotcha moment where you reveal the ruse, people just think the troll is retarded or start believing him and act retarded in turn. Or maybe I’m thinking actual retards are trolls.


Actual retards think they're trolls. They're the one's that reveal the "gotcha" and are not to be believed. I think that with actual trolls, whether the audience discovers the ruse or not, they never reveal themselves. Like soup cylinder guy on /ck/. It's all very hands-off, for the most part.
Even if saying stupid bullshit and acting retarded is a legitimate form of trolling, it has got to be the lowest form of trolling and unfortunately in great supply.



No, who in the actual fuck here believes it's literal boomers on 4chan?


Boomers in this context is just slang for a type of behavior. It's like calling someone a fag online. They're probably not actually gay, but they're acting like a fag, you know?


>when i trol it gude me smart
>when me get trol it bad low effort sigh…


Part of the reason you don't see those creative trolls anymore is because those types of trolls heavily depended on a buildup ergo an audience with some attention span. Most of the users on 4chan today are zoomers who grew up with social media and smartphones and don't have an attention span of more than a few seconds. That's why most "trolling" these days is just one line non sequitur insults ("have sex" "seethe" "dialate" "crab" "cringe") or image only replies. They don't have the attention span to follow a ruse to it's ultimate "gotcha" conclusion so trolls these days just go with the low effort one liners or just smug reaction gifs or anime succubi.


>oomer meme
lol wizchan taking the bait


I chalk the whole "boomers on 4chan" meme up to Gen Z ruining 4chan and using "boomers" as a boogeyman to pin the blame on.


>Gen Z

"Last of the Wizards" thread on /dep/ sorta goes in on this; zoomer anons aren't "true" anons, the lack of a better descriptor, they don't come from the same place old nerds/geeks/wizards/outcasts did. And there won't be any "true" anons to replace them.


There is a fitting descriptor. They're permanewfags.


Everyone has their own eternal september.


>Personal Apocalypse

I guess except I'm sure this is the last eternal september. Something'a different about it this time.


File: 1602776526102.jpg (18.05 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 2352356.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want to find an active underground community that doesn't give a shit; it would be like a combination of /b/ in its prime and oldschool BBS. Like you can talk about your weird fetishes, illegal shit, cool movies, anything. Both clearnet and tor boards are full of too many shitflinging trolls that pretend to act like moralwarriors for the sake of derailing a thread. There used to be so many level headed guys on a few imageboards, like 420chan for example. But now even that place is really shitty more than half of the time.


File: 1602793887233.jpg (66.15 KB, 728x455, 8:5, week-4-ixd-history-persona….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>eternal september
I'm curious if there's anyone here besides me who is old enough to actually remember USENET.


I don't know about everything else, sounds like a bunch of schizoid shit to me except
> I’ve seen the same threads, the same pics and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable. Simply put thread A would be posted in say 2015 and would get its share of replies or pics, on say /co/ or /a/. Then that very same thread, with the same text, pics, and replies would appear in 2016 and beyond. This often happens in the same year multiple times as well. Of course /pol/ is getting shilled and botposted to death, but why recycle a completely innocent /a/ thread? Who is doing this and why? Stuff like this won’t be noticed by your average poster perhaps, but I and other oldfags will inevitably notice it.
I've noticed this myself, wondering what the fuck is going on. It's way too uncanny. At first I thought it was deja vu, but it feels way too certain for too long a period of time. I've never had multiple deja vus in a row like I do when I see those threads.
Maybe it's just my memory screwing up, I've probably seen hundreds of thousands of threads at this point so wires are getting crossed and my brain is certain it's already seen something it hasn't actually seen before?
Makes me have faith that the other stuff you're talking about isn't off the mark even if I haven't noticed it myself.


>it would be like a combination of /b/ in its prime and oldschool BBS. Like you can talk about your weird fetishes, illegal shit, cool movies, anything.

Everybody is gone, that era will never ever be replicated ever again.


I think its odd and I don't know what happened either, but I think the internet just sucks now and 4chan eventually just became another normie space just like everywhere else. All good things must come to an end. But I did notice a very rapid change, more rapid then I expected, from 4chan being more or less like it always was, to everyone becoming a normie. Maybe from 2018 to around 2019, or even 2019 to 2020, is when it finally made a rapid transformation to total normiedom, and the meaning of the word "normie" on 4chan completely changed to only being political, or at least to not having any connotation of being less successful in anyway then most people, socially, sexually, relationship or career wise.


>Both clearnet and tor boards are full of too many shitflinging trolls that pretend to act like moralwarriors for the sake of derailing a thread.

The vast majority of the time moral warriors (or virtue signalers or sjws or whatever you want to call them) aren't doing it to troll or derail. They do it because:
1. They grew up on social media where virtue signaling is the easiest way to get likes and potentially boost your social standing with people in real life. If they start using imageboards, they engage in the same shit over there if only due to habit.
2. They are genuinely offended by controversial opinions and edgy jokes, likely due to having grown up on web 2.0 where such posts are not allowed.
3. They truly believe that they are doing the right thing and "fighting the good fight" by "calling out bigots" or whatever.

But what you are looking for simply does not exist. Believe me, I want the exact same type of community you do, but such a community couldn't exist even in theory because normalfags are the vast majority of internet users and they are absolutely everywhere and would thus inevitably ruin such a community. The sad reality is that the wild west internet is long dead, and it isn't coming back in any way shape or form.

Anyway, this thread is just 1 post away from hitting it's bump limit. Doesn't seem like it was made over a year ago, but we all know how time flies when you're old. Despite the conspiratorial parts of OP's post, this was a thoroughly enjoyable thread and easily my favorite thread from the last 3 years at least.


until maybe like the mid 00s i still used that for a few topics i was interested in. havent even thought of usenet for a long time though



>until maybe like the mid 00s i still used that for a few topics i was interested in

I can't seem to recall the last time I actually used it, not just looking up archived posts with Google Groups I mean. It was probably mid-oughts I guess, like 2003 or thereabouts.

>havent even thought of usenet for a long time though

I think of it sometimes. In this case of course it was the reference to 'Eternal September' that triggered my nostalgia.


I mean I agree with most of the pol shit but then again I ask myself why I would even care at this point so far removed as I am from "society" I could just as well not care.
But still I fall in despair when I see the nigger and muzzie hordes in bigger cities and how everything has gone to complete shit.
Well, sooner or later it will all come falling down, just the *oomers probably won't be alive till then seeing what they have done


>falls for id/pol/ trash


Just because identity politics are a scam doesn't mean there's no such thing as identities and that a persons traits cannot be a factor in who they are and how they act. You aren't enlightnened, you're just snobbish trash.


>still falls for id/pol/ trash

>If they start using imageboards, they engage in the same shit over there if only due to habit.
This sorta happened without them, at least with regards to trannies. It's kinda bizarre, you can start racist/misogynist threads on 4chan but God help you if you start a transphobic thread.

>They truly believe that they are doing the right thing and "fighting the good fight" by "calling out bigots" or whatever.

They are liberals who only really care about optics rather than actual change.

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