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This thread is for the civil discussion of anything towards a political nature, especially political ideology and current affairs.

#1: Politics Thread https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000746/http://wizchan.org/lounge/res/133215.html
Politics Thread #2: Wizlam Edition - https://web.archive.org/web/20170404000634/wizchan.org/lounge/res/135806.html
Politics Thread #4: Wizpilled Edition 5/12/2017 - https://archive.fo/3wlfT
Politics Thread #5: All So Tiresome Edition 7/3/2017 - https://archive.fo/QlRs1
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Politics Thread #7: Temptations Intensify Edition 8/31/17 - https://archive.fo/Y0JQu
Politics Thread #8: Left and Right Edition 10/11/17 - https://archive.fo/H0llg
Politics Thread #9: Reading Anything Online Edition 11/7/17 - https://archive.fo/yxGrJ
Politics Thread #10: The Truth Will Set You Free Edition https://archive.fo/UrurS
Politics Thread #11: someone had to make it edition - https://archive.fo/y71b2
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Politics Thread #39: Straight Shooter Edition - https://archive.fo/IOPeg
Politics Thread #40: This account has been terminated Edition - https://archive.fo/TXc37
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Stop trying to blood libel the alt-right


don't use terms you don't understand kid


File: 1570634986925.jpg (154.22 KB, 1199x776, 1199:776, VxetlNs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The alt-right are persecuted political minorities, they should be a protected class due to the violence and libel perpetrated against them.


If it was libertarian land everyone would be armed and too busy making money and enjoying their property to bother with racial bullshit.

Then again I am looking at the play-fort tubes and the childishness of the whole ascetic of everything so I am guessing we are not dealing with a clever satirist here.


File: 1570643648012.png (420.58 KB, 584x585, 584:585, 1570638577336.png) ImgOps iqdb


Man, another one?


File: 1570644349078.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1570644024829.webm) ImgOps iqdb

him putting a boomer to permasleep.


where can I find the pov video? I only see fuckload of news reports, but i don't wanna see them at all. And it seems that even live leak banned the original video



wait what? He's just walking down the street? Mad lad.


any link to download?


Well that's upsetting.



thanks anon


File: 1570646687583.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 964947-73c75acbf2dc906f5fe….mp4) ImgOps iqdb



it's tragic and funny at the same time. the way he approached the synagogue…and it was closed…pretty pathetic. And as always, these people have some much garbage in their heads…at least it's somewhat entertaining (sorry if this sounds cynical)

I mean, most of the school shooters, for instance, have motivation and the reason to go on killing spree. But these people…oh man, great display of actual /pol/ retards.


oh fuck fuck fuck fuck kohlchans down already. i know he's a stormtard but is there any evidence of him browsing imageboards? (excluding calling himself anon)


He used a phrase used on kc /b/ and there was an onionposter who talked about his homemade explosives in both German and English

t. Kohlrefugee


People making jokes about this have never been in a stressful situation in their entire lives. I've been caught in a fire once and you get so fucking anxious/nervous, unlocking a door becomes intellectually demanding. As in you have to actually think the obvious or you can't do it "wow I have take a step backwards or the door will keep hitting my shoulder" kinda a thing, it's ridiculous. You can't think straight, your hands don't work right, etc. That guy dropping his shells all over the place looks exactly like someone so fucking nervous even unzipping a bag becomes difficult.


ban grenades. they are weapons of war and have no place on our streets. it is the trumpian right who did this. our children will never forgive us, if they survive the ice age.


Hey dumbass, grenades are banned, and furthermore he made them himself. Also he's german, american law does not apply to him.


Real wizards know how to summon and banish emotions on demand. If you're powerless to your emotions you're probably a normalfaggot.


Albanian weapon dealers give grenades as a free sample when you purchase your first ak-47 or rpg from them.


File: 1570655831913.jpg (229.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c5fd672cec9bd758fe24ab044f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What are the people that commit terrorist attacks suppose to accomplish?

These are just socially isolated people that want to throw their lives away for their 10 minutes of infamy, while at the same time demonizing the same ideology they espouse.


All of his shit is home made, and kind of sucks.
Also this is clearly a broke incompetent copycat of the NZ shooter.
Probably would have had a better kill count if he ignored the guns and just knifed people with how often his shit fucked up.



>name is A non, think holocaust never happened. Human race pecies, feminism krkrkgkg and the root of all these problems is jkhrk would you like to be

low iq as fuck


It's in germany so the media probanly mentioned it and they shut down, probably temporarily.



I'm not sure if you had noticed or not but English does not appear to be his first language.


his reasons are stupid.


Every reason is stupid to somebody.


Read his "manifesto". Even you're an actual /pol/ nazi, he looks retarded.


That could be interesting, where would one find it?


he is stupid and his reasons are stupid and he did a stupid thing. He is low iq as fuck.


Well the NZ shooter was an acelerationist and wanted to create rifts in society and to an extent he did achieve his goal. But still with most shooters and even partly with the NZ shooter the motives are probably more phycological than political. In many ways it's probably a form of suicide or escape from the life they live.


It's up on spacechan's /b/ last I saw. I'm not really on the right IP to be posting that kind of stuff. But it's full of cringey memes. I think the guy was autistic and just got sucked into the shitposting too hard.


File: 1570696212594.png (58.69 KB, 630x453, 210:151, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

AAHAHAHAHA I know you guys don't care about some backwater shithole politics but I just have to share this with someone. Much more effective than shooting up random synagogue isn't it?


The brown impulsive barbarian is superior to the cold and "civilised" hyperborean lastman in every way.


Honistly the invasion of Syria by Turkey has drawn most of my attention when it comes to global news.
War kind of out ranks assassination attempt of a security minister of a part of the world that geopolitically doesn't mean that much to me at the movement in context.


why is this funny to you?


Shy Male Student Tries to Make Friends With a succubus and Gets 10 Years in Jail

On the one hand, that is what you get for trying to make friends with a succubi.
But on the other hand it is pretty fucked up that he is going to be put away for 10 years for the crime of being awkward.


One of these days they are going to get him…
One of these days.


File: 1570776964875.jpeg (34.79 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 6265b9f3-7b90-413b-8a03-f….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Because I actually live there and has an understanding of the political situation that you don't? The most prominent person representing a political faction you're opposed to got stabbed. That's funny to me. There's another kicker though. Apparently the attacker was some autist who uses these stupid naruto knives. Not that you people would care but I have nobody else to talk about this with.


"How will Trump wiggle his way out of *this* jam? There's no way!"
*Trump wiggles his way out of the jam easily*
"…How will Trump wiggle his way out of *this* jam? There's no way!"


This whole Blizzard and China thing just shows how corporations are more than willing to cooperate with rival authoritarian dictatorships if it means making more money. Meanwhile we have ideological dunces who think that unfettered free market and trade with China would save freedom, rather than destroy it. Be my guest, when you start getting censored by monopolies in US to appease the Chinese it'll be way too late.


God you are retarded.
>Corp does shitty thing for short term profits
>In order to appease a ultra athoritarian government
>The free market immediately punishes them for it without any need for other government forces to step in
>Making it a example of "relatively" free market forces working
>And you somehow see this as proof capitalism is bad or something


Nice, so you mean we will have less gay shit in our onanistic media consumption, which will enrage redditors, or get people to stop consuming megacorp """popular""" culture garbage out of spite and live an actual life of quietness away from all audio-visual over-stimulation and over-socialisation ?


>The free market immediately punishes them
And that's why you're an useful idiot. Most of Blizzard profits come from China, the Chinese government can simply tell them to fuck off if they do something they don't like. Meanwhile, they hold no accountability towards US, no one will stop them from doing business and consumers are drooling idiots like you who won't stop buying something because of stuff they don't care about.

China will make all tech companies bend over while you're splitting hairs about the "true libertarian" way, until the Chinese basically own you.


Christchurch is the columbine of right wingers. Despite these failed attempts im 100% certain there will be more copycats, unfortunately.

It's sad to see, really. Whites feeling depressed because society - mostly their own race - treats them like shit think a few boomers praying in a synagogue or a mosque are the problem

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