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Comment on some of the stupidest things you've heard dog lovers say about their dogs, dog ownership, or anything dog related in general.

In this youtube video titled Logical Fallacies And Tricks Of Argument Used By Dog Worshippers, this youtuber does a fabulous work dismantling all the bad reasoning that dog lovers use to defend their stupidity and love for this animal.
100% recommended.


Fuck off sack of shit.


You already have a thread fag.


File: 1570478622276.gif (1.61 MB, 315x177, 105:59, fat man jumping out window.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>video starts with quote from spock
>can't tell if the narrator is a succubus or a prepubescent boy


Dogcels out


Dog people are frightening but you're probably referring to pet owners.


If you think dog people are normal, check out this channel made by dog people.


The word insane isn't enough to describe what you will be watching.


witch vs wiz


File: 1570499171710.png (420.96 KB, 1325x981, 1325:981, PRAISEYOURPUP.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is beyond insanity


And they're completely serious, they've got a whole youtube channel of what can only be described as branwashing propaganda




Captialism is a failed system. It has created so much inequality that some people just have so much money they will buy shit like this while at the same time people starve in the streets.


Wait let me get this straight, people are buying treats for their pets? For something that they love and cherish they are buying teats for them? Wow they must really be burnt at that stake for that, how dare they spend their own money on that.


thats great, i love your sarcastic wit


This is what happens when succubi don't have children.


for some reason they think it's funny to want to fuck their dogs.


Congratulations, you're a dog person!
There's nothing wrong with loving a dog or having them as pets!
Why would anyone think that? How crazy of them!


Seriously, did the other thread get bumped off or are the mods asleep?




last doghate thread is past bumplimit at 300+ post of retardation.

Better it be contained here then them try to derail every other thread that mentions animals even in passing.


OP is a succubus.
>1 year ago
previous wizchan thread:
>5 months ago


seems pretty weak as far as proof goes.
Going to need better evidence to find OP guilty.


It's a reasonable suspicion to have. These succutards sometimes pop in from time to time, especially since there are more softies here now who are afraid of saying mean things about poor widdle succubi.


I got that for my dog lol, it's pretty cool, theres a bunch of food and a few toys that I can throw and let my dog rip up


File: 1570538563556.jpg (152.51 KB, 1100x1087, 1100:1087, 1566467358465.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Antinatalist dog. Truly the wizardliest animal.


Dogs cannot make moral judgments.


We must protect these poor pregnant succubi.


File: 1570554588201.jpg (203.88 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, zu91m99nyez21.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You idiots can't even read the title of my thread. What part of it says Dog hate thread? Mod does nothing as always…


>Thread to express your hatred for dog Worshippers or dog people
>or anything dog related in general.
It totally isn't a dog hate thread though. Seriously who the fuck do you think you're fooling?


if you read his post it is implied that he wants the mods to ban everyone who doesn't also hate dogs in the thread, so maybe he is trying to fool the mods.
The mods are a lot of things but they are not foolish enough to fall for such tricks in order for OP to get his personal circle jerk.


>It totally isn't a dog hate thread though. Seriously who the fuck do you think you're fooling?

It's not even in the title you moron and it's the latter thing I mentioned. "Let's omit that there's an order of importance, that such a thing does not exist, and take it as it was the most important thing and what the whole thread is about."

>he wants the mods to ban everyone who doesn't also hate dogs in the thread,

Yes, I want everyone who goes to any thread accusing the OP to be a female with little to no evidence to get his paranoid posts deleted.


Hush. There isn't any dog here that will hurt you. Take your meds and everything will be alright.


Dog ownership breeds violence.

Intelligent video, again rationally proving what's wrong with dog people and ownership of dogs.


>those comment section
lmao anti dog KKK when?


File: 1570598235805.png (109.56 KB, 1343x789, 1343:789, wcc3.png) ImgOps iqdb


They just seem like regular people who complain about having to tolerate irresponsible dog owners and their dogs.


File: 1570598547888.png (52.39 KB, 1104x555, 368:185, wcc368.png) ImgOps iqdb

you mean this "I LOVE DOGS FUCK DOG HATERS" comment?

He got owned hard.


File: 1570614998907.jpg (46.06 KB, 527x600, 527:600, 5b6b0b3598454d41236d23d001….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Dogs are satisfied enough eating their own feces and ripping apart babies/cats/other dogs. They don't ever need luxury chef-prepared treats and designer toys, especially not every month.

Nature's disease spreading machine. Nature's insomnia machine. Nature's stank machine. And yes, nature's killing machine. Small dogs bite and scrap at each other and on humans all the time. Just because they're too small to do any real damage doesn't mean they deserve any more respect than breeds big enough to kill.

The dog attacked the pregnant succ because it was a dog, not because it was some woke antinatalist truwiz. Anyone could have been mauled to death in that scenario.

>extending disease-ridden human senility
>a good thing
Don't post Miko alongside such a shit article.


Miko is an immortal hermit seeking mortality you secondary.


I meant immortality.


Shut up fag I know that. Doesn't change the fact that she'd probably choke at the thought of you using her image to promote poodle ownership.


Yeah right, I'm sure you did. Anyway what do you base that on you fool? Certainly she never is against the idea, I mean maybe in your secondary head cannon she is but that is just in your head, secondary.


Oh no. Dogs are capable of biting people? And they can carry pathogens just like everything else on earth? And they can bark loudly and disturb people's sleep? WTF I never knew this. I hate dogs now.


File: 1570645274181.jpg (50.42 KB, 497x622, 497:622, ccsp3wspybq01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just what the video talks about, they try to associate dogs with positive things that are not a direct result of having dogs or caused by dogs but another factors, in this case, physical activity and going outdoors.
Correlation doesn't mean causation. It's in the OP and yet here we have it. They conduct these studies and post articles with headlines like "Dog ownership associated with longer life." So you think, Dogs can't be bad right? They increase your lifespan!
Just the thought they're wasting their time doing studies like this is enough to tell you there's something fishy going on. It appears to be propaganda.

>Given previous research demonstrating how social isolation and lack of physical activity can negatively impact patients, researchers in both the study and meta-analysis sought to determine how dog ownership affected health outcomes. Prior studies have shown that dog ownership alleviates social isolation, improves physical activity and even lowers blood pressure – leading researchers to believe dog owners could potentially have better cardiovascular outcomes compared to non-owners.


The main thing having a dog proves is that you haven't had a substantial financial squeeze. A lot of people forget about some of the bad times they've had. But during such a time, they would be likely to have to abandon their dog. And thus, we see a good reason why having a dog leads to longer life.

the same is true of things like learning another language and stuff. Lower psychological stress makes it possible to do stuff like study on your own.

99% of studies out there that involve interviews are just absolute dumpster fires of useless trash. IF THERE IS NO RAT/MOUSE MODEL THEN BIN IT!!!!!!! PERIOD! IN ALL CASES!

If you see that survey shit or other types of studies like longitudenal, they're absolute utter shyte, useless. You can't fucking control people enough to know what the hell is going on. The ONLY exception is if there is a MASSIVE effect (like there is with smoking).

What's much more reliable is folk tales and personal experience, it's much more reliable than such studies kikes (mostly) produce.

And apple a day keeps the doctor away. But who has actually kept to an apple a day routine? This is like the dog thing. Obviously, if you have a very relaxed life, you can remember the apple. But, for most of us, some stupid shit will turn up, and we'll have to deal with it, and we won't have time to remember the fucking apple or whatever (example, gotta drive all day to unload furniture you're hauling for a "friend" (someone your mother says you have to help). then you have to go back home, worry about the transmission fucking going out, plus you couldn't get to sleep the night before, so you're jacked up on caffeine (and nicotine, if necessary). Gee, forgot that fucking apple, but the real reason I'm now at risk of getting sick is the nicotine, the lack of sleep, and exposure to various filthy people).


Yeah, because poor people never own dogs.


the average person with a dog is fucking retarded I was driving home over a bridge and I just see this female walking this show dog german shepard with a fucked up looking back


What does that have to do with the socio-economics of dog ownership? Idiot…


He doesn't know third world exists. Every nigger neighbor has pedigree dogs they can't even afford. The whole things is crazy. Fat ladies with these miniature versions of dogs, gangsta dressed niggers and hip hop styled faggots with their pitbulls, rottweillers, or other beasts strolling down the streets. Stray dogs barking all night and inside restaurants, in small markets. Poo and piss everywhere.



I don't think a rat would live longer if it had a pet dog…


Every dog owner I've ever known was a narcissistic asshole. It makes sense that these animals attract narcissists, especially since they mistake co-dependence and separation anxiety with "love".
They don't care about all of the problems that their animal causes others. Muh doggo all night and you can't sleep? Just wear earplugs. You can hear them with earplugs on? Tough luck pal! Pweshis pupper craps on the sidewalk? It's just a little poop, no biggie! Other people are allergic to dogs? Fuck em! I'm still bringing my retarded mutt to every store I shop at.
And if you complain to them about any problems their dog is causing, no matter how tactfully, they will lash out like you insulted their child, since most dog people literally see their dog as a surrogate child.
I'm sure there are some dog owners out there that pick up their dog's shit, don't bring their dog into places of business and most importantly either have their dog devocalized or properly train it not to bark all day, but they're definitely a minority, and a small one at that.


So many fallacies ITT just to justify an irrational hatred towards a stupid animal.


I'm the one who made the dog hate thread from 5 months ago, but I didn't make this thread nor did I post on that "lolcow" site.

There is more than one person on the internet that doesn't like loud and incessant barking and shit all over the sidewalks.


Is that video made by an eunuch or a succubus?


How likely is that an eunuch has a channel on youtube? It's a w oman.


Dogs are nice, do you guys spend your life searching new things to hate with elaborated arguments to


Who do fuck cares about correctness and morality? Or why would anyone care about yor feelings? We have fun with dogs. You probably hate dog lovers because you were attacked by a dog or something.


depcrabs are compelled to project their intense self-loathing onto innocent bystanders.


Here we have more Logical Fallacies And Tricks Of Argument Used By Dog Worshippers.
Thank you, guys.


How exactly does this serve you? Do you expect people to listen and do something about it?


I'll stop hating dogs when I stop having to deal with barking all night that can be heard through ear plugs.


Do you regularly form emotional attachments to your problems instead of taking steps to solve them?


> instead of taking steps to solve them?

I've spoken with the owners twice. I've called the police. I've called animal control. They all told me to stop calling. I've called the township. I've bough multiple ultrasonic "dog silencers". They did nothing. I'd just kill the dogs and be done with it but I made the mistake of complaining to every authority under the sun many times so they'd know it was me and some mutt loving judge would probably give me a harsh sentence.


Oh, so you're a coward. Easier for you to impotently whine and wring your hands than to undertake the extremely simple task of poisoning a stupid animal. No sense to look into the process of convicting someone for that either.


File: 1570933431424.jpeg (25.77 KB, 780x438, 130:73, joker-phoenix-1135161-128….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

don't waste your time with retards like
he is a clown.


You probably deserve it.


I'm afraid of prison, yeah sure. I also know that America is effectively a police state with kangaroo courts.
Anyhow, I've seen people complain about and hate on tons of things on this site. Why does dog hate bother you? And if it does, why not just hide the thread and be done with it?


Yeah, because people who just want to be alone, don't bother anyone, and just want peace and quiet totally deserve to have to deal with ROOOOT RUUURUUUUROOOOT RUU RUUU ROOOOOOT RURUROOT! all night every night.


File: 1570934419750.jpg (38.26 KB, 580x360, 29:18, -phoenixj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


These are all clowns.
They don't take anything serious and don't care about anything but have the nerve to ask you to take things seriously. Big hypocrites. Clowns, all of them.


>regular people


>Y M

> i felt totally violated i threw away my shopping



>>gender role insecurities, an inferiority comples, or "little man syndrome." They were all under-sized, frustrated men.
>>cognitive dissonance
>>Many people, mostly men,
These are not people.
These are succubi.


Dog owners have sex with their dogs and aren't ashamed to hide it.


It's just the way white succubi express themselves, YEAH!



Dog lover logic.
You hate dogs therefore you are automatically a bad person.
Also they think that a dog's right to endlessly bark at nothing trumps a person's right to sleep and quiet.



I am sick these fucking autists with their sensitive little ears. My dogs bark at night and I have no problem sleeping. If some whiny little autist complained about my dogs I would put him in the emergency room. The problem is you autists not us. If you don't like it you can always move to a muslim country. They hate dogs as much as you spergs. And feces are biodegradable unlike plastic that is littered all the time. But you autists don't complain about that because you just want an excuse to hate an animal that is loved because you are jealous that you are not.


File: 1571012840179.jpg (157.12 KB, 1000x1153, 1000:1153, unprovoked_dog_attack_28.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>autists sensitive My dogs whiny little autist my dogs I would put him in the emergency room you autists move to a muslim country you spergs you autists you are jealous
Behold! A violent, seething female! You must be false flag roleplayer because nobody actually thinks like this. You even default to "autism" as the main insult by habit despite the fact that real autists love dogs and are often issued one as a support animal.

>And feces are biodegradable unlike plastic that is littered all the time.

So we shouldn't care about poisonous feces on our shoes, pants, tyres, and toes, because there are also objects on the ground that aren't feces? Maybe you shouldn't care about people who dislike dog excrement complaining about it in their thread because there are worse people on the net complaining about more mundane things. Succubus logic

>because you just want an excuse to hate an animal that is loved because

1. Loud barking, often aggressively towards us and everyone through fences when out walking, which has proven negative psychological effects passed down from the hunter/gatherer age when dogs weren't yet on leashes

2. Toxic feces littering the walkways and parks, typically in neighbourhoods where wizkids play, and too often (oh my) placed in a plastic bag and left to fester as a health hazard landmine for ages. It stinks 2

3. Toxic urine coating on every surface perpendicular to the ground in these same neighbourhoods, with puddles of life-destroying acid piss on yards and public trail. also stinky

4. Fur that is covered in all of the poison excretions, which sheds in to our shops and sidewalks. STINX!

5. Unprovoked and often deadly attacks by dogs against victims of all sizes, be they a kitten, baby, wizard, other dog, or big guy. **TOLERATE THEIR VIOLENT CULTURE AUTIST OR I'LL PUT YOU IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM MYSELF"

6. Disease ridden, #1 transmitter of rabies to humans

7. Needs special accommodation, taxpayer dollars go to building dog parks and monitoring trails for irresponsible owners, as well as cleaning up the aforementioned excretions

8. Many people are downright allergic to dog dander entirely

These are just some of the reasons how dog ownership affects non-dog owners at large. If you feel that us complaining about how the pompous ignorance of dog owners results in poison, disease, violent death, psychological discomfort, and wasted resources being commonplace in otherwise safe areas somehow makes us sensitive autistic asperger muslims, then I'm honestly genuinely interested in learning more about how your brain works and encourage you to elaborate on your opinions some more.


>My dogs bark at night and I have no problem sleeping.
That's like saying "my body odor doesn't bother me, therefore I shouldn't have to shower and if someone is bothered by my foul stench in public, they're in the wrong.
>I would put him in the emergency room.
Admit it, you've never been in a real fight and you got bullied growing up and haven't gotten over it.
>And feces are biodegradable unlike plastic
Which would you rather step on? Actually on second thought, I bet a lot of you mutt lovers wouldn't even mind stepping in dog shit and tracking it everywhere because so many of you have no sense of decency.

Oh, and the way you say "autist" and "sperg" literally every sentence makes you come off as an edgy 14 year old.


he's a troll you dumbasses


dogs do bark at blacks, because blacks wear lots of cologne. dogs hate that. find any guy who wears a lot of cologne, and you'll find a guy who doesn't get along with dogs much (and probably doesn't know why).


>dogs do bark at blacks
And hispanics, asians, whites, cats, squirrels, anything that makes sound or moves, and nothing at all for hours straight out of boredom.
But sure, blame the cologne.


My dogs and my neighbors dogs only bark when they're chasing small animals. Probably you're experiencing poorly trained city dogs owned by succubi and niggers.


niggers are beasts


I'm white. I have worn precisely zero cologne in the 33 years of my existence. Some dogs (no, most dogs) go berserk when I simply walk past them on the street.

Why is that? I do nothing to aggravate them, besides walk past their territory.


>Why is that?
they're the niggers of the animal kingdom


Dogs are psychic, if your soul tastes threatening they'll be wary of you.


I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but I've actually heard this argument being used unironically. Several of my coworkers legitimately and openly believe this. I also see such comments on articles about unprovoked dog attacks. Basically an excuse to blame the victim, even when the victim is a child.
These people legitimately believe that dogs are more perceptive than humans, are able to comprehend complex moral concepts, and can judge a person's moral character even better than a human can. Hilarious when you consider the fact that we're talking about an animal that eats it's own shit.


Dogs are quite adept at getting a sense of somebody, they can sense fear, anxiety and such, it could be that they sense fear and submission from you and that is why they act like that.


>Senses fear, meakness, and submission using its advanced psychic telepathy
>bullies and attacks the wizard who doesn't meet its chad standard
succubus animal

Dogs are too used to every bipedal animal jumping on to them to stroke its ego and poo fur. If someone goes outside the norm and doesn't pet it, it sees that person as odd and therefore as someone who needs their face ripped off.


In most of these alleged "unprovoked attacks" the person who got attacked did something to provoke a fight or flight response like making sudden movements or staring at it. That, or they freaked out and started running away which instigates their hunting instinct. Obviously they did it without realizing it, but the whole situation could have been easily avoided.

As long as you keep your cool around a dog and don't spaz out, it will not attack you 99.99999% of the time.


File: 1571172606537.jpg (94.22 KB, 750x715, 150:143, 1558872914022.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So to recap:
>Don't wear cologne
>Don't show any signs of fear
>Don't show any signs of anxiety
>Don't make sudden movements
>Don't run
>Don't even look at it
>Dogs can sense your "soul"
>If a barking dog ruins your sleep every night, you deserve it because peace and quiet in your own home is an unreasonable demand

Just imagine if a human being had that many triggers that could set them off and make them aggressive and possibly violent. They'd end up in prison. If any other animal had this many triggers that could set it off it would be banned from any human environment other than zoos. But for dogs we're supposed to tolerate all this bullshit and more, and for what? What does this loud, aggressive, annoying, spoiled animal contribute to society that makes it all worth it?


Animals are not held to human standards. Most animals act in this manner.


No commonly owned pets are anywhere near as loud and annoying as dogs are. Nor are there any commonly owned pets that are as aggressive towards humans as dogs.


Cats are. They are usually more quiet, but they are certainly way more aggressive. Even normgroids acknowledge this. If you even get near an unfamiliar cat odds are they will hiss and scratch at you until you back off or they run away.


I never got why dog people think that this is a good argument in defense of dogs. If they target people specifically because they're afraid then they're straight up psychopathic bullies. Not a great argument when you consider dog people are always trying to portray dogs as "nice".


Oh no, you heard an annoying sound. Poor baby.


>My dogs bark at night and I have no problem sleeping. If some whiny little autist complained about my dogs I would put him in the emergency room.
I seriously hope someone poisons your dogs.


Dog haters are the lowest form on scum there is. Kill yourselves.


You're the psychopath for hating an innocent animal


dogs suck and dog lovers are invariably stupid


I'm not a dog hating nut but that's complete bullshit. Stray or unfriendly cats scratch and hiss at you if you get up in their faces or try to pet them but they don't belligerently go after you and attack like a dog would.


File: 1571185889570.png (308.63 KB, 581x300, 581:300, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fears have grieved the hearts of residents in the Garrison area of Port-Harcourt, the Rivers state capital as they claimed to have witnessed what they tagged as an unusual event in their area.

Residents of the Garrison area of the state, during the early hours of Friday, February 1, stormed the streets in their large numbers to descend on a big local dog on the street.

The mob in their mood of anger accosted the dog, tied it up and lynched it to death.

Naija News discovered that the ill-treatment was melted on the dog after it transformed from a man in his mid-fifties. The man was said to have turned into the huge dog after he alighted from his car.

Immediately after he dropped out of his car, the mob watched him closely, rushed his ‘dog version,’ tied him up, and tortured him to death.

The remains of the dog had since been dumped by the roadside, while it killers took to their heels after witnessing the pitiful death of the dog.

This is coming after three gunmen suspected to have killed Mr Nnafor Ogbu, the Ogale Eleme Youth President, have been gunned down by the Rivers Police command.

Naija news had reported that the gang broke into Ogbu’s house in Ogale, Eleme Local Government Area and shot him dead.


You'll only be charged if they can prove you did it. It's ridiculously easy to poison an animal without leaving hard evidence that you did it. You're making up fantasies about an omnipotent and omniscient police state coming down on you just as a way to cover up your impotence cowardice on this matter. It's pathetic that you use so much energy whining about something that could be rectified so easily.


File: 1571187443288.gif (26.48 KB, 350x255, 70:51, Incarceration_rates_worldw….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>He fell for the "innocent until proven guilty" meme
>He doesn't realize America is a police state


nice non sequitar. How many of those people are in jail for poisoning their neighbor's dogs? None, because pet assassination would be a civil case, not a criminal case.


Even Michael Vick couldn't dodge jail time for killing dogs. He served 2 years. And this is a country where the rich and famous almost never get prison time.


Michael Vick went to jail for running a dog fighting ring, not poisoning a dog. If the police want to charge you criminally, they'll need evidence, not that you killed the dog mind you, but that you engaged in animal cruelty. Killing a dog alone isn't a crime. And hearsay won't cut it.


>Killing a dog alone isn't a crime.

Ahh, it is though…



Only if it's property. In which case it falls under destruction of property. Which again must be proven.
If they call the cops just tell them that unless you're under arrest you don't want to talk to them. It's not that hard.


Killing an animal does not count as abusing it under law. By the way, that ridiculous example of strangling a puppy in front of its owners being the best example you could find just goes to show that it's really easy to get away with killing dogs if you just poison them.


You have a very poor understanding of the law.


The worst offenders are pitbull owners.


They breed this killing machines.


Pitbulls need to be put down and that breed exterminated


I think in general a pretty strict breeding regimen needs to be put into place to improve the gene pool of dogs. We need to breed them to increase intelligence, friendliness, and obedience and reduce aggressiveness, barking, and destructiveness. Some breeds need to be destroyed entirely as well, or at least culled down to just a few.


Female Dog Worshippers conduct an experiment where they sob to test if dogs have empathy for humans. They see the dogs reaction as proof that dogs have empathy.



Pets are like the true female version of waifus.


Pit Bulls Are Literal Monsters


I own a partial pit bull



1.the trailer basically gives away the whole story
2. I prefer Jet Lee's Unleashed or that movie where dudes wife goes crazy and starts acting like a dog (forgot what it was called but it was less shit then that movie)
3. As with most things japan did/does this kind of stuff better


well I wasnt planning on sitting through 2 hours of this, so that was very convenient.

Its more like the trailer for a MAD Tv skit, then something Im going to spend hours on


File: 1571579289021.jpg (44.31 KB, 300x471, 100:157, Bark.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>that movie where dudes wife goes crazy and starts acting like a dog
Looked it up.
The movie is called "Bark!"


Seems like this hate from normals with dogs are from spouses/crabw because they are jealous wome n like their dogs more than them.


Have you even watched the OP?


I happen to like owning a dog.


Like pretty much everyone who has owned a dog.


Same, I want to get one again but my house still needs work done on it first.


I'm an asexual literal wizard (as in 30+) and I hate dogs. I wouldn't mind dogs if I didn't have to deal with endless barking when i'm trying to sleep, shit on the sidewalk, and dogs in stores and other public places where they don't belong.


File: 1571619721709.jpg (71.71 KB, 615x461, 615:461, 0_Instow-Protest-Packham-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Beach tries to ban dogs
>Puts up no dogs allowed signs
>Dog owners steal and vandalize the signs
>Bring their dogs as a means of "protest"


These people really think that the world should exist for their dogs and that the whole earth should be their dog's toilet.


>Animals are not held to human standards. Most animals act in this manner.
Which is why all other animals from chipmunks to grizzly bears aren't allowed to be cared for by a human, let alone let loose in public by someone. So why do dogs get a free pass despite being like ever other wild animal?


File: 1571621125992.png (554.31 KB, 840x764, 210:191, 5d03cb403f5a177767649eed1c….png) ImgOps iqdb


I know but I think some people just got cucked by dogs and are on a crab jealous rage.


They're domesticated. Humans had been breeding the friendliest and most obedient dogs through generations. Over time this create an entirely new subspecies because genetics. They have not done the same with chipmunks and bears but if they did, they would be allowed as pets too.


>Humans had been breeding the friendliest and most obedient dogs through generations.

If that were the case, pit bulls, rottweilers, and other violent and aggressive breeds would not exist.


Properly trained ones are quite friendly, obedient, and most importantly loyal to their master (and almost no one else).
Which is why rottweilers are a popular security and guard dog.
You don't want a overly friendly dog for that job. You want a dog that is only friendly to the people who have a relationship with the dog.

Pit bulls are also fine with proper training, but without proper training they can be total monsters. It is a consequence of shitty masters.


>it's the owners fault I tell you these dogs aren't violent!
>It's how you raise them! They're innocent puppies



Dogs are depressing because they decay so quickly. I guess reminders of mortality can be a positive but I don't understand why perennial dog owners subject themselves to repeated attachment and loss.


it's like all those stupid upper-middle class crackers who adopt a niglet and give it only the best upbringing, even college, and that's supposed to make it essentially a white person, too, because muh tabula rasa, then one day the chimp genes can't take it anymore and kill the parents in some extremely savage way

it's a pretty regular occurrence, like a "properly trained" shitbull killing a kid or something, because all the "proper training" in the world can't suppress instincts


we've got all the evidence and they still deny the truth about dogs and this killing breed.


I have no beef with dogs but the comments of this video really show how fucking hypocritical and conveniently ignorant people can be. Majority of these assholes are probably meat eaters, they probably even feed meat to their dogs, but when someone else in another country eats an animal THEY like then somehow that person deserves death, they're disgusting, morally wrong, etc. And so many tough guy comments

>Come near my dog and see what happens

>No joke, i hope she dies.
>The fact that when she took her first bite and then did a thumbs up is disgusting. If you killed a dog and then did that then that just shows what kind of person you are.
>Delete 👏🏼 this 👏🏼 from 👏🏼 youtube 👏🏼

I mean how fucking stupid can you get. I can understand feeling uncomfortable with seeing an animal you normally consider a pet eaten, but when you can't realize that you're doing the same fucking thing to other animals and it's just an inherent bias and ignorance that makes you not give a shit, and then you try to guilt others for doing the exact same thing you're doing with a different animal, then you're just a dumb cunt.

People are just too fucking stupid. At least there are a few non-retards pointing out in the replies that they're being dumbasses, but even then these cunts still perform mental gymnastics to say "NO IT'S DIFFERENT, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!"

I hate this fucking planet so much.


What a surprise, the dog haters, who hate pitbulls in particular, also are super racist.


File: 1571695942588.jpg (44.43 KB, 650x354, 325:177, cog_dis3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

agreed. Veganism is the only morally righteous decision.




I don't know what special connection you think those things have, but whatever. And so what if it's "racist." There's nothing super evil about "racism." Grow up.


>I don't know what special connection you think those things have

>Someone says super racist shit

>in the dog hate thread
>in relation to something said about dogs
>dogs sometimes associated with the races they hate
>but doesn't see how those things are connected

>There's nothing super evil about "racism."

1. don't know why you put racism in quotation marks as what dude said was undisputibly racist by any standard of the meaning of the word.
2.strawman, never said it was evil.
More or less implying that one style of edgy hateful idiot is likely to be a edgy hateful idiot in other ways as well.
>Grow up
Stop being acting like a edgy teenage contrarian dumb-ass who gets irrationally angry over things you don't understand.


Though Dogs are way more dangerous to eat than pigs and have way less meat just saying. You can even get rabies from eating dog meat.


Due to vasinations rabies isn't nearlly as common as it used to be, and I am not sure it can survive being cooked, so cooked meat would be unlikely to carry any risk. There would be a small risk in preparation, but it would be similar to the risk of those who hunt wild game.


So you ignore the racist comments from dog owners like this >>229353 yet use one post to try and paint all dog haters as "racists".

Also look at this thread.
Look at how many posts call dog haters "shitskins" and other racial slurs. If anything it's the /pol/ fags that are more likely to be dogcels.




>tries to bring up shitchan's /pol/ to create guilt by association with no actual evidence of association


Dog owners have such a large range of people that it is unreasonable to make claims that all of them are of a certain beliefs. There are probably racists in every group you can think of


>Racism is only bad when people I disagree with do it.
>It's not "evidence" when my side does it, only when it's your side


So there is evidence of association?


File: 1571713192309.png (251.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



>My examples are "evidence of association"
>Your examples are "whataboutism"
>I said so, therefore it is fact


You are going out of the way to prove his point.


Even in your own post you're proving how racist people who hate dogs are by mocking how you think black people talk in a blatantly racist manner.


>generic white cave man in picture
>writing in generic dumb caveman style
>You are the real racist because you are imitating the blacks

Dude, I think you really are unironically super racist or something, because that post didn't bring up black people at all. You saw dumb caveman speech and instantly made the jump to black people with no prompting or external implication of the kind.
Fucking lol.


I can't get over this picture. The fact that they think dogs not being allowed somewhere is a cause to protest, the sign saying "JUSTICE FOR DOGS", the fact that there isn't even the slightest hint of irony or self-awareness. I've seen plenty of examples of people protesting for the most retarded reasons, but I think this one honestly takes the cake. A middle class struggle if ever there was one. I seriously can't think of an examples that illustrates "first world problems" better than this.


The West is decadent and weak the bombs start falling as the white succubi fuck their dogs and the kikes all move underground


File: 1571724580993.jpg (843.48 KB, 1260x2250, 14:25, ZZY 0047.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Cats and dogs are highly evolved sentient meat eating beings, the tiger doesn't eat the tiger(ironic in this context as this is a Chinese expression). You, with the mind of a herbivore(slave) would not understand.


Walking the dog along the beach is a normal thing that many people near a beach do, it's understandable that no longer being able to do this would irritate some.


If people cleaned up after, and controlled their dogs in general there would have never been a problem in the first place.
Dog owners need to learn to take responsibility for their animals.
It is something you teach children before they are given a dog. The fact that so many adults refuse to learn this lesson means that rules must be put in place as a consequence, such as not being allowed on the beach anymore because they let their dogs shit up the place or attack attack people.


I live in Australia and it's not a problem here even though Australians are animals. We fine people who do that so pretty much everybody cleans up after their dogs. I rarely ever see dog poo on the streets, I can't even recall when I would have seen it last, not like France where it is everywhere, it's the people not the fact that they have dogs in general.


>it's the people not the fact that they have dogs in general.
Read what I said.
Then read the header for this thread.


Just fine people that don't clean up after the dogs and it stops, simple.
Where in the header is there any relevance to this?


>thread for hating dog people (dog owners)
>post was entirely about how bad dog owners brought this on themselves

Also it is far easier and more efficient to have a no dog rule and be done with the problem altogether. After all, it was already illigal and already a fine for leaving dog shit or having a dog attack someone yet dog shit and dog attacks were still a problem.
The best option left is to not allow dogs so that the vast majorly can enjoy their time on the beach without having to worry about shit or having their child's face ripped off as they helplessly watch.


If it's illegal already and still happening then it's a matter of how it is enforced, as I said, we have that rule here and because of it we have poo free streets and beaches.


Sociopathic dog owners in studies expressed greater love for their ugly, dirty fucking monsters than for equally worthless spawn, only astounding due to biological necessities and innate programming. Dog owners tend to think owning a dog is the greatest thing ever. Why own a needy mongrel that only gives when you give it food or a big fucking pat on its grease, bacteria laden head.
>Dogs are full of soul
>Dogs are cute
>Dogs make great company
Only if you're a pedestrian fag who is fine wasting time tending to another worthless animal other than yourself.


There is no need to have dogs on the beach.
Dog owners have been a problem for years.
They are no longer allowed.
Problem is solved. Now there is not shit on the beach and no people getting attacked by dogs.


There is no need to go to the beach at all…


Well actually in a practical sense the dog owners could be said to have more of a need to go because they are providing their dogs with exercise.


What I was thinking. Why wizard care about going to fucking beach. Not good, not real wizard.


sorry, that stupid fake word only works on brainwashed people

did you have a logical disagreement with anything I said back there? I'd like to hear it


There are these things called dog parks.
Also they can exercise there dog almost anywhere else.


>please give me attention

You have been noticed
Now fuck off retard.


that's what I thought


>implying you think


nigger nigger


Proving my point exactly

If only retards were as easy to train as dogs, but alas your owner has failed you and you have reverted to your primitive ways.


he derails a thread to virtue signal against "racism" and he loves shitbulls

anyone else seeing a connection?



You don't know the horrors of this world until you've been to the dog park. My town has one and once I was assigned the task of taking my mom's dog there for recreational purposes, else I would never have visited this hellish place.

It was a fenced in grassless wasteland littered with dog toys and mounds of feces. Around the edges, white female dog fuckers lingered conversing about their canine dildos as if they were children. The smell was shit, dog, and semen.

My mom's dog is a labrador retriever. A very kind dog that never barks or bites. It is important to note that he has been neutered. I released him in the wasteland to play. He found a couple of dogs to play with. They played and frolicked for a while before I noticed that one in particular kept trying to mount him incessantly. At this point I noticed that none of the male dogs were fixed, I assume because the reprehensible, lobotomized, degenerate, filthy dog succubi need stiff dingo dongs for their lewd purposes.

I separated my mom's dog from the others and as I had feared, he was plastered with dog semen. I raged at the horny dog's owner, but she blamed me for bringing in a neutered dog. Funnily enough there is actually a sign on the fence of this place banning unneutered dogs. The ignorance! These dog bitches used it as some kind of horrifying breeding pen of the canine natal cult!

I had to pay $70 to get the dog shampooed thanks to inconsiderate dog fuckers. At least I'll never have to see that hellhole again.


this black man was attacked in a dog park and look at the reaction of dog owners.



Fake and gay
This is more believable.


Embellished but not fake


Actually this post here
is a fitting response to what you said.


Youre gay


I ain't the one writing weird erotic fiction about dog dicks like you are.


Youre worthless




stopped reading


what are you loling about? that dog could've been you


> that dog could've been you


succubi and their bizarre relationships with animals man.


sister's dogs are outside, it's night. they just bark all fucking night. these animals are dumb because they haven't fucking realized she doesn't give a shit and always leaves them outside. they are annoying because they bark right next to my god damn window.

i fucking hate the noise of a dog barking. this is fucking torture for anyone in a mile radius with ears that function properly. dogs should have their vocal chords removed.


>Dog attacks another dog and its owner unprovoked
>Starts ripping off the face of the owner
>Man kicks it to try and stop it from killing someone


White succubi view dogs the same way normalfags view succubi. Sweet little perfect but delicate angels who can do no wrong and need white knighting for ad infinitum.


succubi are still succubi, even when they choose to be barren feminists. That's their misdirected motherhood instinct.


Rat poison + supermarket sausages = easy solution to the dog problem.


Yes, feed it to the owner.


i hate dog owners who eat meat more than ANYTHING. its actually so infuriating listening to these people it makes me want to watch dog abusing videos

seriously it triggers me SO MUCH, its insane. im a vegan, but if i were to eat meat, i would eat exclusively dogs

like, i was listening to the h3h3 podcast, and they were going on a long rant about this succubus who slapped her dog around, and how she was a terrible dog abuser, and how dogs are these innocent angels who deserve to be protected

and the guy speaking is morbidly obese and eats meat everyday. cows pigs and chickens are just as sentient as dogs you ignorant fuck, but they only care for dogs and laugh at the other animals they pay to be killed for their bacon and steak

man, it actually triggers me to NO END. seriously the amount of hypocrisy is stunning. im not even sure if they are even aware of it, or are aware of it and dont care

it makes me want to go to china and eat dogs and watch dog fighting videos. i actually like dogs, but i hate dog owners so much i have grown to hate dogs because i associate them with dog owners


You have a one dimensional concept of morals. It's not just about the animal but about the relationship too. It being a pet, adopted as such, changes its status and therefore the duties one is expect to have towards them. Although that concept might be too masculine, succubi just see them as little children.

I don't really have problem with people eating dogs, although the chinese don't just eat dogs since they deliberately torture them for some reason from what I've seen. Stuff like boiling them alive.


File: 1572073843924.png (24.56 KB, 167x531, 167:531, kamonohashi.png) ImgOps iqdb

So? Herbivores are below us on the food chain but dogs and cats are our brothers. You are also below us so I would not expect you to understand.


There are also the practical considerations to eating omnivores and carnivores. They tend to not taste as good and often are much less healthy to eat because they tend to build up more toxins and heavy metals.


True, I know for example that eating dogs liver can be fatal. They would be fairly sinewy and muscular as well.


>Herbivores are below us on the food chain but dogs and cats are our brothers
but thats so fucking arbitrary. like you just arbitrarily put dogs and cats as having moral value but pigs as not

pigs are omnivores who are literally smarter than dogs, yet we still kill and eat them by the millions. why is it okay to kill and eat pigs or cows or chickens but not dogs?

i can respect someone who has no problem with killing dogs because atleast its consistent. but when a dog owner thinks its the worst crime in the world to abuse dogs, but eats meat, its fucking insane. you dont make any logical sense when you do this

you're like a slave owner who thinks that only whites are humans and its okay to enslave and kill blacks for whatever arbitrary reasons you pull out your ass

>True, I know for example that eating dogs liver can be fatal

do you have any medical literature to back that up? or are you pulling that shit out of your ass? because tons of cultures like asian ones and nigeria still eat all parts of the dog to this day


> don't really have problem with people eating dogs
lol. most people unironically lose their shit if they see anyone eat dogs, yet eat bacon and steak everyday. endlessly hypocritical

i dont eat meat, but if i did i'd move to asia and eat dogs everyday, and send pictures of the food to dog owners


Morals are arbitrary.

>you're like a slave owner who thinks that only whites are humans and its okay to enslave and kill blacks

It's true though because they aren't human.

Again, you are a bottom feeder barely better than a roach, you would have no understanding of this and I would never expect you to.


Kill yourself Crabcel.


White succubi fuck dogs


Oh Christ it’s that vegan nigger again.


You have no arguments, you're just making some appeal to hierarchy (and even that's inconsistent) because you've fallen for some monarchy meme and now everything is some structure of power according to you, where might makes right. And more butthurt from anyone who attempts to point out inconsistencies in morals.

To the guy arguing for veganism: don't even bother with this dipshit or the other guy, they're both obtuse cunts who constantly engage in mental gymnastics and faulty logic to justify their retarded views. They're not worth replying to, other than to just call them what they are - retards.


The liver of animals contains a large amount of vitamin A. This can cause a ton of problems if you eat too much. Since vitamin A is found in much higher concentrations in animal products, carnivores tend to have significantly more vitamin A in their livers. Eating a lot of cow liver every day would probably make you sick, but eating a large portion of dog liver would probably kill you, same thing with human liver if you ever want to try out being a cannibal. I am not sure how much vitamin A is in other livers of carnivores but it is probably not a good idea to eat the livers of carnivores in general.


- smell like shit. normalfag dog owners yuck it up and think it's the pinnacle of comedy to inhale dog farts, the disgusting smell is amusing to them. similar to how they giggle and find it cute when babies shit their pants.
- look like shit with their disgusting ape-like body language and expressionless paralyzed retard faces that are unreadable.
- taste like shit, are only ever eaten in history by some select gooks for religious ceremonies and never for nourishment because they are just so disgusting they aren't worth farming for food
- feel like shit with their coarse thick fur that feels like velcro; again, almost never slaughtered for their coat in history because who in god's name would want to wear a dog pelt? i'd rather make pinecone armor
- and are one of, if not the most consistently and needlessly loud animals of all time, barking at literally nothing for hours at extreme volumes

dogs are the most vile creatures on earth, the only animal i can think of that is OFFENSIVE TO ALL FIVE HUMAN SENSES!

skunks might smell worse, but they are pretty and cute and soft and are never loud.
only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.
naked molerats might be uglier, but they are nearly silent and have no odor and rats taste good.
only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.
cicadas are the only animal i can think of that is constantly without cessation making sounds like dogs, but the cicada sound many people find relaxing and charming, and also, cicadas don't eat infant's faces like pitbulls do.
only, and exclusively, only only DOGS are offensive to all five senses.

and i hate them and the world would be better off if they were all genocided once and for all.


i agree with you and feel the same.
normalfags have this insane perception of farm animals, too. the same thing that happens with dogs happens to horses, too. did you know horse slaughter is illegal in much of the world? because normalfags irrationally love horses.
when people visit the farm (as a tourist or visiting extended relatives or whatever), they will naturally be drawn to one thing only: horses.
if you ask them why they don't go visit the cows/chickens/goats, they will look you dead in the face and tell you that those animals don't like human company and don't enjoy play time like horses do. they genuinely believe this.
there are many many videos and studies proving that these animals play all the time and form very deep relationships with each other and with human beings. people just don't give a fuck. you can tell them that and they'll still have little interest and go back to patting the horse.

if i ate meat, i'd eat dog and horses, too. the protected species bias is really hypocritical. horse meat is very healthy and safe to eat raw. why no one eats it but eats the (less healthy) cow? dunno! because propaganda made people believe cows are dumb and anti-social i guess!


>feel like shit with their coarse thick fur that feels like velcro
What the fuck kind of dog have you been petting?


>did you know horse slaughter is illegal in much of the world?
No it isn't.
Who told you that?


There is no use arguing with vegans they are actually retarded. But the simple answer is because we don't eat dogs so why kill them? Why torture them either? Even when cows get tortured in abattoirs it will often make the news and cause public outcry, his lunatic delusion that meat eaters all enjoy torture of cows ids wrong from the start. There are many animals that we do not eat(must of us anyway), cats, dogs, camels, wombats, koalas, ponies, lamas etc. And as we don't eat these animals it is not acceptable to kill them. IN Japan it's more or less okay to kill whales but it's not in the west and this causes much outcry, because we don't view them as an animal to eat but they do.


>But the simple answer is because we don't eat dogs so why kill them?

but WHY dont we eat dogs? its just so fucking arbitrary. we dont kill and eat dogs because they're cute and we like them, but we kill and eat pigs because they're not cute and we like bacon

i dont see the difference between a pig and a dog. both are sentient and can suffer, but since pigs arent cute people think its okay to kill and eat them

>Why torture them either?

well, torture is kinda subjective. i could easily argue that we torture pigs and cows as well. we breed them into existence, keep them in slavery, castrate the male pigs, feed them until they're obese and then kill them. i would classify that as torture. if we did that to humans or dogs, it would EASILY be torture. the method of killing is really a drop in the bucket when it comes to the suffering of the animal

>Even when cows get tortured in abattoirs it will often make the news and cause public outcry

but we enslave and kill millions of them every year, and no one bats an eye. how is slavery and murder for our amusement not considered torture? if we treated german shepherds the same way we treated pigs and cows, im sure people would call that torture

>his lunatic delusion that meat eaters all enjoy torture of cows ids wrong from the start

well, people enjoy the products of the torture, which is steak. in the same way that a rapist enjoys the product of rape, sexual gratification at the expense of the suffering of the victim, meat eaters enjoy the products of murder and torture at the expense of the victim

>And as we don't eat these animals it is not acceptable to kill them

jesus you really are obtuse. WHY is it not acceptable to kill and eat dogs, but its okay to kill and eat pigs and cows? thats my whole fucking point. you just arbitrarily care for one animal because its cute and cudly, and ignore other animals because killing and torturing it is fun for you

its all so hypocritical and logically inconsistent. thats my whole point. dog owners will hunt down dog abusers, yet they eat bacon and steak every night. they are all delusional hypocritical retards


File: 1572144645325.gif (2.85 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1559657103135-1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>the dog butthurt thread turns into another iteration of the vegan butthurt thread


it's understandable why it hapens. dogs are a perfect example of normalfag's fucked up and deluded and double thinking approach to animals. there's few better examples than that.

i'm not vegan myself but it does hurt me in a frugal sense sometimes the way that meat animals are used. i would just feel a lot better about animal slaughter if the corpses were being used for delicacies. but often times, these animals are being processed into four meat slurry and soy abominations for mcdonald's and being fed to retarded vermin dogs like the one in your gif. what a waste of a cow's life. disgusting.


File: 1572146265866.jpg (339.14 KB, 1178x1268, 589:634, dogs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i want to express my distaste towards dog owners specifically. first of all let me state that i dont actually hate dogs in any way. i think they are entirely innocent animals who are victims of slavery and eugenics. we literally forcibly bred enslaved and bred wolves through hundreds of years until they became the abominations that is the modern dog today. they are VICTIMS of slavery and eugenics, i honestly think they are innocent in all of this. in the same way that i dont hate pigs because pigs are victims of slavery, eugenics and mass genocide, i dont hate dogs because they simply are victims in all of this

we bred dogs to appeal to the most infantile immature parental instincts imaginable. modern dogs are like perpetual children who we get to abuse. dog owners ADORE belittling and putting down dogs and correcting their behavior. it feels good to them

it feels good to say to a dog "DOWN, NO, NO, DOWN, GOOD BOY!". imagine if someone who controls your life like a slave treated you like this. it would feel good for them to have that much power and control over you. dog owners enjoy making their dogs feel guilty and lording it over them. this is INSANELY childish and immature. the relationship a dog owner has with a dog is the most anally retentive, sadistic and infantile relationship


infact we breed the most infantile immature dogs imaginable. especially dogs like chihuahua and pugs are abominations who act like children, and they appeal to immature childlike people who like having power and control over this childlike slave, but all dogs behave like this, really. its so absurd that its even legal

lets say we did this with black people. lets say we through thousands of years bred black people to be extremely loyal, loving, stupid, trustworthy, cute, and needing white people. would this degree of slavery and eugenics be acceptable because the black slaves are now extremely cute and loving and loyal, on the same level that dogs are?

i dont think people really think about this. they just go "awwwww dogs are so cuuuuuuute" without really thinking about it. more often than not, they feed slave animals like pigs and cows to slave animals that they personally own like dogs and cats, and dont think theres anything wrong with it. they find dog abuse abhorrent, but dont care for pigs or cows because they're not cute enough. seriously speaking, dog owners are the most disgusting human beings

heres a great video on the subject. the guy correctly argues that dogs are victims of slavery and eugenics and that its unethical to own dogs. even most vegans entirely fail this point and own dogs



Because there is no reason too. We kill cows and sheep but they are cute as well. But cows provide a lot of good meat, a dog would not, hence why we have always raised cows for meat historically and not dogs, the societies that do eat them are usually poorer and/or have some kind of spiritual reason too. We don't.

I'm not sure about pigs but cows live a life of basically heaven compared to what they would in the wild, they are well fed have all the pests and anything else that would bother them removed and can just relax in the paddock doing what cows do.

Well yes, we are predators eating prey animals for food. Why would somebody bat an eye over that?

As I said, it's not torture and when torture is involved it's met with outrage. Besides, he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. How do you think you are posting on the device you are now and living in the society you do now? Through the suffering and death of thousands of third worlders.


>lets say we through thousands of years bred black people to be extremely loyal, loving, stupid, trustworthy, cute, and needing white people.

They are already stupid and need white people, so why not make them cute, loyal and loving?


It is indeed ironic considering that his very philosophy is a product of pet ownership. The reason why the Vegan movement even exists is because we are in a society of pet ownership and thus have created a link with how we treat pets to how we should treat other animals, even if most vegans don't even own pets they are still a product of this. The Chinese don't care at all about this precisely because they aren't in a society of pet ownership(but that is changing).


bump because i like this thread

my mom has a pomeranian shit dog and it can barely breathe and vomits all the time and its eyes are buldging out of its disgusting deformed skull. looking at it makes me angry. i'm glad it'll die soon.


>You can't argue for reducing suffering because you use technology bro!
>Philosophy being a product of something somehow invalidates it

Your abuse of logic is absolutely disgusting


I've been meaning to give my two cents on this topic for a while but haven't gotten around to it till now mainly due to laziness.

I wouldn't say I necessarily hate all dogs or even all dog owners, but what I hate more than anything in this world are the bad dog owners who let their dogs bark at all hours of the day and see no problem with it.

When I was about 10 years old, my neighbor at the time got some huge ass dog which was apparently a mixed breed corso. I can safely say that dog along with it's owner completely ruined my life, and that's no exaggeration. Not only was it's bark immensely loud, it spent many nights barking all night and guess what? My window was like 12 feet away from the god damn thing. This caused me to lose a lot of sleep during those formative years.

Those sleepless nights caused me problems in school. I was falling asleep in class on a regular basis due to having so many sleepless nights. By age 12 I had three fans in my room, all on high and a pair of ear plugs, but the fucking dog was so fucking it was still disturbing my sleep. By age 13 I was abusing Nyquil to just to sleep, to varying success and eventually diminishing returns. When I finally talked to the owner about it, he told me, and I quote "You better get the fuck off my property right now and don't come back or I won't be so nice".

I haven't a single doubt in my mind that the regular sleep deprivation (caused entirely by my neighbor's dog) during my formative years severely stunted my brain development and turned me into the train wreck of a man that I am today. There are even studies confirming that a lack of sleep during formative years causes detrimental effects to cognitive functioning.

To this day, I have panic attacks, brain fog, poor memory and a bunch of other mental problems. Not only that but I'm certain it caused me to age extremely poorly. By the time I was a 17 year old senior, lots of people couldn't believe I was a teenager and still in school. The 9th and 10th graders thought I was an undercover cop because they thought there's no way someone as old looking as I was could be a high school student.

Sleep disturbance and deprivation is much more serious than a lot of people in this thread make it out to be. Just look at all of the posts either mocking those who rightfully complain about it, or even show angry hostility. You can just tell these are all terrible dog owners themselves and just the notion that they should take responsibility for the problems their dogs cause triggers an angry response.


The reason I don't actually believe your story is because there is no way in the world a human could not adapt to that kind of ongoing environmental stimulus for that long of a period of time. Something I have first hand experience with growing up in a big city, and also living near a gun range for a few months.
What I am saying is that there is no way in hell you wouldn't get used to the noise enough to sleep through it.
So I don't believe your tall tale.


If you adapted to noise, then that's good for you. Not everyone does or even can. But feel free to think I typed all that just to "troll" or whatever.


It is a natural biological function that all humans have.
It is the reason why you don't go mad from the sound of blood sloshing in your ears right now, or whatever buzz and whine of the electronic devices around you.
Such adaptation doesn't just occur with small noises but loud ones as well.
If events happened as you wrote them then there is no possible way for you to not have adapted to the noise enough to sleep through it.


File: 1572789380106.png (386.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Everyone adapts to everything and anyone who claims otherwise is a liar.


A strawman and a reaction image.
I see someone one has learned their debate skills from shitchan.


If all humans had unlimited potential to adapt, things like suicide, depression, and anxiety would not exist.


"Depression" and "anxiety" are made up 21st century social constructs. If they were real then why would humans evolve to have them? Depression is just a bullshit excuse for whining crybabies like yourself.


I know you are the same dude, as you are using the exact same strawman.

Nowhere did I say humans have a unlimited potential to adapt. You are simply pretending that is what I said because it is easier to argue against then what I actually said.

Deceptive argumentation from someone who writes tall tales. Who would have guess?


I'm not the same guy as >>231306, but I am the same one who made the post about growing up with chronic sleep deprivation. It's not a strawman though, simply a logical extension of your argument.


There is nothing logical about that post, nor it is a extension of my argument.

Look, you want to lie on the internet for whatever reason fine.
But I don't have to believe your bullshit, especially when it isn't remotely believable.
It doesn't require some tale of woe to justify disliking dogs. But if you want sympathy or clout for a unbelievable story then think again.


Yeah you're right. I totally made up a mundane story about losing sleep over barking for "clout" on a small anonymous imageboard.


Thank you for your honesty.


I can believe him simply because that's the reality I've been living for the past 3 years. Except my neighbor has a rottweiler which is an even louder breed.
I just try to sleep whenever the dog isn't barking. Thankfully I'm a NEET and able to do this.


the asshole across got a 2nd chitWAWA!
now the 2 of them go 24-7-365 without letup!
death to doggiephiles!


File: 1572815468095.png (328.25 KB, 356x495, 356:495, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



imagine the smell


spoiler that shit


For those whining about barking, why does the responsibility fall upon us to force our dogs to stop doing what dogs naturally do? Why not insulate your homes better or just get used to it?


or why don't I just feed muttley a chocolate surprise


>why does the responsibility fall upon us to force our dogs to stop doing what dogs naturally do?

Because YOU'RE the one who brought the dog within earshot of other people. YOU don't need that dog to survive or make a living but YOU insist on keeping it for personal reasons. Therefore, YOU are responsible for how it affects the comfort of those who YOU live around. What is so hard to understand about that? If I brought moles in to the neighbourhood that I kept as pets, and they dug tunnels which in time became potholes on the road, would it not be my responsibility? Or should I just say to everyone else "Well, you should have laid chicken wire underground so their natural desire to tunnel wouldn't strike in to your property". That's ridiculous, but that seems to be your stance on dog ownership. Or do dogs only get a free pass for this argument because they're super cute and absolutely want to cuddle you all night?

Save for PSAs, dogs are no longer a tool for regular Joes to survive and only exist as breathing toys. Any effect it has of the comfort of anyone around you is not in addition to any sort of good they can do for civilization.

That thing will grow to be a violent, ecological menace. No matter how fluffy it is or how big its eyes are now, it is not an exception from the long list of dog breeds which will do more harm to humanity than good, just so some misguided suck can get their kicks bossing around a beast which they wrongly believe has the ability to love them.


>Because YOU'RE the one who brought the dog within earshot of other people. YOU don't need that dog to survive or make a living but YOU insist on keeping it for personal reasons. Therefore, YOU are responsible for how it affects the comfort of those who YOU live around.
Wait, so if you need something to survive or "make a living" you're suddenly absolved of responsibility for your actions? How does that work?


dogs do not naturally live captive in fucking backyards as pets



>taking such obvious bait

You dog haters aren't smart. Learn to ignore such blatant bait dudes.


>Wait, so if you need something to survive or "make a living" you're suddenly absolved of responsibility for your actions?

To a slight degree yes. The user I responded has no reason to own a audible menace which is offensive to all around him. If he was disabled and needed say a seeing eyes dog however, then I and likely most other dislikers of dog ownership would understand his reasons for having that dog, and know that the dog's ill impact on its surroundings is not a result of the owner's ignorance. For all we know he doesn't have a say in the matter, having been a victim of fate and left at the mercy of the dog's behavior. But this example is pretty much void anyway because PSAs are trained to not bark for no reason. It is the responsibility of the trainer of the animal to ensure that it does not put its future owner at risk of being blamed for disrupting the peace of his neighborhood. If professional dog trainers commit to raising an animal that doesn't disrupt the peace, then why didn't >>231356 train his dog not to bark wildy? Because he likely doesn't care about peace and quiet and, being ignorant of other people's opinions on the matter, doesn't think anyone who DOES care about it should have a say in whether or not they receive it. Dog owner logic 101.

And by "make a living" I mean to utilize the dog for the greater good of civilization. Hunters of old relied on dogs to aid in securing food for their families. If these dogs barked at night and someone complained, the owner could say "Well, my family and I wouldn't have lived long enough to build the bridge that you crossed to get to this village if we didn't have this dog, so suck it up". What's his excuse for fostering an animal that keeps his neighbors awake past dark?

Dog owners in regard to peace and quiet are typically incredibly hypocritical about noise pollution. They'll let their precious pooper out for its midnight howl, triggering a multi mile wide chain of screaming beasts, but when someone sets off a firework to celebrate a national holiday and little pooper gets the jitters, suddenly pooper's mommy is writing letters to the editor to have fireworks banned all together.

Nobody has posted "bait" in this thread. The pro-ownership people legitimately consider posting cuddly photos of puppies and snarky put-downs to be an argument. Nice bait though.


Might be of interest.


>You can't argue for reducing suffering because you use technology bro!

Well you should at least make an attempt to elevate the suffering of your fellow man before the alleged suffering of livestock.

Also you conveniently ignored the rest of my post.

It's good to be aware of the roots of ones ideology.


File: 1573030176016.png (173.51 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, y.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Thread to express your hatred for dog Worshippers or dog people
>dog people

wtf, who hates dog people???


File: 1573040219979.png (453.67 KB, 480x296, 60:37, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

nothing worse than dogs than dog people


>They'll let their precious pooper out for its midnight howl, triggering a multi mile wide chain of screaming beasts, but when someone sets off a firework to celebrate a national holiday and little pooper gets the jitters, suddenly pooper's mommy is writing letters to the editor to have fireworks banned all together.

Right before last 4th of July, there were flyers taped to every street light within an 8 block radius telling people to not set off fireworks because dogs think it's scary. It had two pictures of dogs with their heads down (the kind of look dog people think means it's "sad" or "scared") along with a phone number to call some politician's office, asking the reader to call it and ask for fireworks to be banned in the city.
Meanwhile I can't go more than a couple days without waking up in the middle of the night due to one of the dogs I'm surrounded by barking for half an hour straight because it saw a squirrel or heard some other retarded dog in the neighborhood barking in the distance.
Makes me want to get my hands on the loudest fireworks i can find and set them off all night next 4th.


On a side note, i'd completely forgotten about this channel. Thanks wiz.




What respect I sometimes have for my father rots every time he speaks to the dog in a high-pitched grating toddler-wiseguy voice, spouting infantilisms and phrases like it can understand anything but year practiced commands.

And the way he whistles and hollers at it across the house at all hours. And ever single morning, on purpose, at 6 am, an hour before I have to get up for work. It hurts my mom's sleep too, and she's too spineless to make him stop.
He and his surrogate child can go to hell.


>medieval furry art
based ancestors


File: 1575443263006.webm (2.09 MB, 320x320, 1:1, letmesleep.webm) ImgOps iqdb

every night


I'm starting to understand your pain and the pain of others in this thread. A month ago the lady next to me got a husky that barks continuously whenever she leaves and until she gets back. The problem is that she works second shift and does not get home until around midnight. I have to up awake by 6 in the morning. By continuously I mean 9 straight hours of uninterrupted barking. No matter how hard I try I can't sleep until she gets back and the dog finally shuts up. Ear plugs do fuck all and there is no other room for me to sleep in since these are studio apartments. I explained the situation to her but she either doesn't get it, thinks i'm exaggerating, or doesn't care. Probably doesn't care.

I called the police and they told me to call the landlord and when I called the landlord he told me to call the police. I've been hoping that the dog would eventually figure out that when the owner leaves, she's going far away where she cannot hear him and that barking won't make her come back sooner, but at this point I think the dog is too retarded to figure it out.

If nothing improves in a couple of months i'm moving. Maybe if I keep calling the cops they'll get off their lazy asses and do something. Only time will tell.


What exactly do you expect the police to do?


shouldn't have told the police, should have poisoned the dog


I'm hoping if I keep calling the police that eventually they'll give her a fine. Nobody who lives in this area has much money so if the dog started causing her to lose a lot of money in fines she would probably get rid of it quickly.
The only way into the apartment is through the front and there's a camera just 20 feet away. There's a good chance the camera doesn't work but it's probably not worth the risk, especially since she might just get another dog. It's easier to just move.


Why the hell would I care how people spend their money? If they want to buy food & give it to an idol why the hell should I care? It's not my money, they're not my people, it's not my society. They don't want my opinion. They have nothing to do with me.


So you plan to waste the time of police officers who could better use that time getting rapists and violent criminals off the streets all so you can pester them into financially harming a succubus so she is forced to get rid of her dog? That is the most crabby thing I have read here in a long time.


File: 1575653053255.jpg (57.46 KB, 318x474, 53:79, white nights.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't know what rock you live under but most cops aren't constantly working to catch rapists and murderers and solve crimes. Maybe you've been watching too much TV. It's a retarded whataboutism either way.
Calling someone "crab" because they don't want to deal with constant noise and want to incentivize the owner to either stop it or get rid of the mutt via a fine is retarded. The gender is irrelevant and you just look like a butthurt white knight or a dog lover desperately grasping at straws to discredit anyone who doesn't want to deal with their bullshit by applying tribal shame to them via the convenient "crab" meme like a shitbrained ape.


>Accusing someone of being a crab because they want peace and quiet in their own home and to get a reasonable amount of sleep.
>Bringing up rapists when they have absolutely nothing to do with the situation in an attempt to claim the moral high ground
You really need to go back to reddit.


He(you) said the dog stops barking at midnight and that he needs to wake up at 6:00. That's six hours of sleep which is more than enough. I rarely get more than five hours of sleep and I'm fine. No excuses.
Go back to /r9k/ crab.


File: 1575682903856.jpg (82.87 KB, 450x470, 45:47, image-450w-699470269.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> So what if a loud as fuck dog is barking at the sun 18 hours a day everyday non-stop? Just hurry up and cram your hours of sleep into the few early morning hours when it isn't barking and be GRATEFUL the dog is ALLOWING you to sleep in your own home at all!

LOL, Confirmed troll


You're using a strawman because you can't argue otherwise. Not to mention he(you) said the dog barks for 9 hours a day, not 18.


In my country you can call the cops for noise pollution if the dog barks during nighttime or more than 1-2 hours a day. Should that fail I suggest you shoot the mutt.


>the dog barks for 9 hours a day, not 18.
I'm not the person you're responding to but judging from this guy's post
It sounds like he has to be up at 6am to get to work on time. He also said the succubus next door works 2nd shift so most likely the dog is already barking when he gets home. That would still only give him a tight 6 hour window to cram all of his sleep into. Most people don't fall asleep right away so he's probably consistently getting under 6 hours of sleep.


What in Gods name is crab about not wanting to listen to some stupid fucking dog barking? Are you a dog mommy yourself?


Most dog lovers become angry and emotional whenever dogs (or even one dog in particular) are being criticized in any way. They think any dog's life is worth more than a human's and believe that a dog's right to bark ad infinitum should get priority over a human's right to sleep and peace and quiet. Even if one dog is disturbing the sleep of numerous people, which is almost certainly the case for large dogs in small apartments, they will still inevitably side with the barking dog.
But most won't admit that this is how they think, and with no way to rationalize why someone should be allowed to own an animal that constantly makes noise and disturbs the sleep of anyone within an earshot of it's loud barking, they instead resort to reddit tier snarky responses, buzzwords, and shaming in hopes of discouraging them and others from speaking ill of their sacred cows.


I used to think only cats gave their owners a disease (Toxoplosmo) but I suspect dogs give their owners something as well, due to the fact how blind and oblivious dog owners are.

I used to love dogs, until I met their owners. No respect for boundries, their bastard dogs without leashes running and jumpign on me. I'm a big man so I am fine, but they did it to my mother, and many people are scared of dogs and should have the right to walk in the trails without being stopped, threatened or harassed by dogs.

Worst and anger inducing part, is that the dog owners always use the same NPC responses, even if dog acts aggressive they deny it.

Keep your whore dog leashed bitch or marijuana sausages will be dropped alongs the trails. Dog owners have calcified brains or something, I cannot stand them.

Even more worse if you are an urbanite, they call them "furbabies" and dont have kids at all. Clearly dogs give their owners some bacteria.


>cops generally save people


The Internet has hated furries more than lolis. Think about that for a second. Let it sink in.


It's animal abuse and ironic as hell. They're using the dog as an alarm system and are both mean and cowardly. Like horse owners are basically slave owners. They're worse, but also pretend to love the horse when they're really just lazy historically.
You expect to quell retorts with such a response when everything posted here, bait or not, is actually how people behave and argue in reference to dogs. It's a cat type place and people are going to bitch and moan about dogs/pets here.


Normies love little kid pussy because they have little dicks. WHoo. What a big mystery. I really needed to think deep about that one.


That is because furries are both more annoying and easier to make fun of then lolicon. While lolicon can be cring they generally know how to chill when not appropriate for setting and don't go out of the way to be annoying faggots about it.


You sound like a succubus.


You'll need to explain this one to me.


>[Misunderstanding the basic message of the post being replied to]
>Men who don't like (my) body type have tiny penises
>[A habitual exclamation in text form]
>Extended sarcasm

100% butthurt succubus


Once again, some demonic landshark ran out into the street to accost me just because its owner left the gate open. I'm just so tired of the damned things. As if it's not enough that everywhere I go there are fucking dogs barking at me and dogs running around off the leash, I have to worry about the most aggressive dogs that aren't fit to be taken out running out to threaten me. And, obviously, that any off-leash dog could be one of the ones that obviously hates me and goes absolutely it's fenced in and I walk past.
I'm convinced that dog owners are antisocial people and the main reason for owning a dog is that they get off from knowing that their "pets" are dangerous, while thinking that they'll only hurt others, and the fact that somehow dogs are untouchable by the authorities no matter how aggressive and dangerous they are. If a human yelled at everyone who walked past and sometimes chased pedestrians down the street yelling about how he was going to kill them, he'd be locked up, but somehow it's all ok when a dog does it.


>reading that much shit into a post
you're the succubus


I don't care, at least dogs help to fight crime and save lives.

In the other hand cat worshipers think their freeloader is something useful and intelligent because it shits on a box.


there are more pets out there than just cats and dogs. and there's lots of people with no pets. nice attempt at trying to deflect but this isn't a cat thread. and i don't think cats have ever hurt wizards in the history of ever, apart from the wizzies who live with pet hoarder parents.

whereas myself i was attacked by a dog at age 6 and the attack caused me to fall down a flight of stairs and break my wrist.


dogs universally hate me.
their owners whine that it's my fault for being afraid of dey pwesious poopy etc etc bs
all other critters come to me, both big and small.
it makes no sense the only the abominations called 'dogs' hate me.


Let me guess …
you live in California, the land of fruits flakes and nuts ?


>i don't think cats have ever hurt wizards in the history of ever
Are you serious? Cats are even more temperamental than dogs.


cats generally keep to themselves, it's uncommon for one to lash out at you for no reason


File: 1576562713582.png (422.6 KB, 590x428, 295:214, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

do you really want to compare a cat scratch to the millions of people that dogs have killed. lol.


File: 1576633527093.png (Spoiler Image, 1021.91 KB, 1140x1200, 19:20, WCxY1Bd.png) ImgOps iqdb

OP this is the only "argument" I need to give you, so deal with it.


good ol' faggotland


File: 1576643226676.png (98.76 KB, 400x225, 16:9, anne boonchuy draw.png) ImgOps iqdb

Cats: I sleep


>>233741 evwey dawg owner i know can be classified as mentally deficient/mentally ill/delusional/not connected to reality…
dogs are an abomination.
it is saying something that every religion on the earth hates dogs with an absolute hatred (japanese primitives excluded)


There's this dumb recent rise of dog discourse across imageboards that I hate


Or eating pigs and having no problem with cultures that eat dogs aswell


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