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The last thread died a while ago, but I’m still interested in this topic. What do wizards think about castration as a wizardly body modification? I myself am castrated as of a year ago and for the most part I enjoy my new life as an eunuch. I’d also like to discuss penectomy and genital removal in general, if anyone is interested.


I don't think it's wizardly at all.


that's taking the cowards way out
like suicide


Wizchad 2019


Imagine having so little self control that you need to mutilate yourself in order to cope with a simple stupid urge. No wonder depcrabs religiously preach determinism, it must help them rationalize how pathetic they are.


File: 1570585772894.jpg (705.8 KB, 1640x1272, 205:159, Cronus-and-uranus-french-c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i don't know. it's a dumb sexual fetish, mental illness, or just something a hopeless crab does. that is what i immediately think about it

i think all body modification is retarded, even common stuff like tattoos and ear piercings. it's barbaric. westerns can look in contempt at african tribesmen with their goat horn piercings sticking our of their lips and tattoos all over their bodies, yet everyone here does the same with stretched out plug piercings you can stick an oreo through, tattoos covering their entire fucking bodies, cosmetic surgeries, stupid haircuts

unless you had testicular cancer or something i don't see why you would bother getting rid of them


well, i wont deny that it can be uncomfortable trying to get my penis oriented correctly in my pants; it seems like mens pants (especially jeans) are designed to have a big fucking strip of cloth right where my penis wants to go. i dont understand why this isnt given more attention to solve. it can also make it harder when trying to sleep on my side. and i guess if i didnt feel the urge to masturbate, i would probably save a lot of aggregated time, and not have to deal with as many obtrusive thoughts.

thats all the benefits i can think of right now, but im not sure that its worth it. what were your reasons for getting castrated?


> it seems like mens pants (especially jeans) are designed to have a big fucking strip of cloth right where my penis wants to go.
You mean underwear? Like briefs or boxer briefs?


no, im talking about pants like jeans or khakis


I don't have a problem with jeans as I don't wear them but boxers can be an issue, well boxers are problematic in general, it's hard to find loose, breathable and comfortable ones these days.


And I am talking about the "big fucking strip of cloth" to keep your junk in the right place to stay comfortable.


i dont get how restricting the movement of my penis is supposed to be comfortable. it forces me to shove the whole thing to either the left or right side, cramped, or else have this cloth pressing into me for the duration


They aren't that hard to find but it is true that the vast majorty of male undies have moved away from boxers for some strange reason. Now boxer briefs seem to be the most popular in all the shops for some reason. They might have only 2 or 3 packs of comfortable boxers in the whole store, while having a whole display for boxer-briefs.

>i dont get how restricting the movement of my penis is supposed to be comfortable

It keeps your junk in one place, not moving around, or rubbing uncomfortably against things when you are moving around alot.


i get what youre saying but let me put it this way, id rather have it moving around than crushed between my leg and a strip of fabric. the restriction of underwear is more than good enough to keep my testicles from bouncing into my legs, i dont need this s&m shit from my jeans



Ok, I think I get what you are saying.

It is the same reason why I usually get "relaxed fit" or "active cut" when shopping for pants. Gives a little more space around the joints and junk so that movement is uninhibited.
I do it because I want the ability to kick a sucker in the head no matter what I am wearing, but it is also comfortable on my junk as well.


>"relaxed fit" or "active cut"
neat, i didnt know this was a thing. thanks


just wear loose pants and no underwear

jeans, tight fitting pants, and underwear in general are all testicular torture devices


jeans are a part of my dress-code for my shitjob

believe me, when left to my own devices i would never inflict this shit on myself


I like how this thread more or lest turned into a clothing comfort advice thread.


I castrated myself to stop puberty, I figured that looking younger could only benefit me


I did the same for similar reasons…5 years ago when I was 19 I started bicalutamide.
I like the lack of sex drive and that I look young/won't go bald or develop facial hair(I guess I have a bad case of arrested development).
My only fear is that I will run out of money for it since im running on cash from when I was working and I want to neet until I die.
There is a doctor nearby that does no-questions-asked orchi's and I have the money but it sucks that my family would probably not be okay with me doing that(I live with them).


I bought some calcium chloride off of amazon and mixed it 50:50 with rubbing alcohol and injected 1cc into each testicle and they are dead now, it was super easy no blood and cheap, just lots of pain for a week or so, last T blood test a month ago came back and I’m still at castrate levels after a year


ever thought of getting a penectomy?


Thinking about removing mine with my self defense sword


Nope, just wanted to be castration since around the time I hit puberty.
Testosterone just feels like it was designed make you look/smell bad and give you urges that might lead to reproduction.
Nothing against having a penis.

Sounds interesting, I will have to look into it.


yea, I hate testosterone, I castrated when I was 20 and wish I’d done it earlier since it was so easy, I don’t want to be hairy and sweaty, luckily never grew facial hair


Don't you get sweaty with some meds?


My current depression meds cause me to sweat at night, but daytime no


I'll repost what I posted in the asexual thread
During the 2011 WPATH symposium in which the new Standard of Care (SoC) were released (meaning that the standards were already written), there was much discussion on people who do not want to transition completely, and who desire some part of it, such as removal of some genitalia or breasts or to look more androgynous. I know because I was there (I am a member of WPATH). The new version does recognize that people are not all gender binary, and indeed, even the new title of the SoC uses the term Gender-Nonconforming People.

Many caregivers at the symposium mentioned that they had patients that went part way and then disappeared. We know now that they portrayed themselves as MtF or FtM so that they can get part of the treatment (those that they wanted) because being honest could hurt them. We know that now. Often, some surgeries are refused due to the "first, do no harm" philosophy. But we did discuss the idea of "do least harm". If someone wishes to remove part of their body, and you refuse, then they do so anyway and have life-threatening effects, then which would be "least harm", providing the service and performing it safely, or the possible alternative?

One presentation, which was given by four separate presenters, discussed the male-to-not-male patient. I made sure to attend that. One of my main purposes in attending the symposium was to discuss non-binary people, and this was devoted to a part of the "gender-nonconforming" part of the gender spectrum about which I aim to educate people at conferences and elsewhere.

One presenter gave data to show that the male-to-not-male or MtN is actually not as rare as one might think, and nor is it new. He gave a history of such from ancient times to the present, and then gave an estimate to the present frequency. Another present had the main point that the present SoC do not adequately address MtN people, but that it should.

Another discussed a patient of his that wanted nullification (sometimes known as "the Ken effect"), but he could not write a letter for it under the older guidelines (version 6).

The newer version does not adequately address the issue, but there might possibly be treatment under it as GID-NOS, or Gender Identity Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified, rather than BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is not covered in the SoC).

If and when the "letters" are written, there was a surgeon who does this type of surgery ("cosmetic SRS"). He was James Bellringer of Charing Cross in London. He resigned last year. There was also a doctor that performed castration on demand in the USA. He was Felix Spector. He is no longer alive (he was born about a century ago). I did have a chance to talk with him many years ago. He felt that this decision should be up to the patient.

I am not sure who does these nowadays. The Eunuch Archive forum that I linked above may have newer information. There may be a replacement for Bellringer by now. Be safe and see if there is. There were and likely still are surgeons who do this in Thailand, too.



my new one or changing mixing with old one is making me sweat a lot especially in my face for some reason


did the bica make you grow breasts?




>castration thread
>dog hate thread
Fucking hell, every schizo has his own thread now. What's next, neverland thread? Mod discord clique thread?


There is actually alot of overlap.
The few crazies we have are also the most prolific and attention whorish posters.


castration isn’t crazy, I recommend it for any wiz that just wants a simple life. I’m already castrated myself but lately I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my penis, but I’m not too sure yet.


The eunuchs, vegans, dog haters, anarchists, anti-nihilists and secondaries are all the same people I feel.


Yes, it is indeed very crazy. It is on the far off the deep end of crazy.


I am pretty sure most of the antinatalist post are just memes at this point. Very few care about that dead horse of a topic since it doesn't even matter on a practical/functional level to most of the users on this site.
It isn't even a reason people choose not to have sex here.

I also pretty sure there are more then one dog hater. I do think that the one who makes edgy post about killing dogs for barking is the same dude on /b/ that makes threads complaining about noise almost every day.


Lol mod, how does it feel that you cant delete this thread?


So you can cut your dog's nuts off for a measly sum of cash, BUT if you are a human who doesn't want his then it's thousands of dollars and some gender dysfunction diagnoses and letter, or do it yourself in your bedroom. This world is insane, not me, I should have been able to go in for castration at 13.


Why not both?
Both you and the world are crazy. It isn't mutually exclusive.


Men have undergone castration for thousands of years, it's basically a human right, or it should be, I don't see how it makes me crazy.


>I don't see how it makes me crazy
Because you are crazy.


Give me one reasonable argument on why you think castration is crazy, so far you are just ad homing not proving anything.


He just feeels like it lol


I'm not sure if you are aware or not but the people getting castrated were not doing so voluntarily.



some were though, I've read that in roman times boys would be castrated so that they could marry the emperor and become one of his wives


I think you are thinking of Sporus. Firstly that was a one off, secondly Nero was the one that had him castrated, he didn't do it of his own accord and thirdly it's likely the whole thing was made up(it's possibly that much of what is written about Nero and other members of his family was just propaganda).


So is killing succs tbh


I also remember there was some cult that would castrate themselves and dress like women, but all of this I read years ago so I hardly recall


>some cult does some crazy shit
You are not helping your case dude.


I consider wizchan a sort of nu-cult


You would be wrong in most meanings of the word cult. Even if you stuck a retarded and meaningless "nu" in front of the word.


What about wizards who don't identify with men, but want to wholly remove themselves from this sex-controlled society by removing their genitals and things signifying puberty, effectively becoming genderless aliens.


You don't need to identify with anything to be classified as a male, it's a genetic description is all. I don't care for a lot of the cultural things usually associated with males, but that doesn't change my genes. You're not going to be genderless no matter what you do. You just become a mutilated male in that case. I think it's easier to stop identifying your penis as a male characteristic than to cutting it off. Those people always say their bodies doesn't define their gender, well then, then just redefine how you identify your body parts. I guess transgenders just lack imagination is all.


It doesnt matter what you "identify" with jesus is this place really full of reddit zoomers now?


Well I specifically said men because I was talking about "man culture", stuff like machoism and what not, of course you would still be male, but you would be dropping out of the sex race.


Wiz I'm out of sex race right now and I didn't need to cut off any part of my body.


I'm saying leaving it both physically and mentally


and he is saying he is doing both physically and mentally without cutting is junk off.

You can just choose not to have sex nor have anything to do with sexual aspects of the culture at large without the need for self mutilation.


probably a bit?
It's not very noticeable though.
wizchan is comfy because you can talk about fringe stuff and there are a lot of open minded people here, I don't see that as a bad thing.


*Wizchan WAS comfy


I also grew a little breasts screwing around with those medications as a teen, I plan to get them removed if I ever get a job and make money


Mana is absorbed trough the testicles.



i feel i have a lot of relevant ideas and experiences to share in this thread, considering im castrated myself, but theres so much constricting rules here and i simply cant express my myself without getting banned

which is really unfortunate because i do think i have relevant ideas to express and insights into the subject, and arguments to make from both sides of the coin, but again, i simply cannot make them without breaking the rules. this is the reason why i largely stay away from posting here actually. its really sad but i simply cannot express my opinion without getting my post deleted or getting banned. shame!


>Men have undergone castration for thousands of years
you mean literal faggots? eunuchs only exist to perform the tasks that men dont want to do, they are almost like slaves. why the fuck would you want to associate with those people?


I want to hear them wiz


Animals are still castrated everywhere as well. Far more common for domesticated animals to be castrated than not. Human culture makes no sense, we are domesticated as well

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