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Do the 2000s and the 2010s feel very distinct to younger people? The 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and (to a slightly lesser degree, at least compared to the late 90s) the 00s feel very distinct to me, but the 00s and 10s just kinda blend together.


To me it comes down to pre smartphone times and smartphone times. I don't remember when that was as I didn't have one but there was this change from people using phones to talk and text and that is about it and most people not using the internet or very little and just for specific things and then that changed to everybody being on the internet all the time and essentially living on their phones.


yeah, that’s a big change. it used to be rude to touch your cellphone in public, but in the 10’s it became the normie thing to do to act like nerds used to, being antisocial in public.

another thing that changed is that it became okay to be overtly political as a person or company. i miss the times when people were shy about their politics, regardless of platform. and regardless of it it was pretty much obvious (eg guy drives a volvo and supports legalization).


Maybe because I always thought phone interfaces were such a massive step down from desktops and don't use them much, I never noticed it.

I don't feel the need to do stuff on my phone when I'm out on my walks. I just use it to listen to podcasts.


Yeah, that's a change I noticed too. Being right-wing got edgy.

I'm so damn enlightened I couldn't give a shit about politics.


The 2010s and late 2000s are pratically the same decade, at least from a cultural point of view. The 2010s really started with smartphones and social networks becoming mainstream, the economic crisis of the 2008 and Obunga's election.


> 00s and 10s just kinda blend together.
I disagree. I find the 2000s kinda similar to the 90s but with some "transition" aspects into this tech/internet era + the crisis post 9/11 and all the bullshit it created. Of course mid 2000s were another thing but still 2008~ wasn't so brutally different to other times

The 2010s were outright different, full of bullshit on every order. For example those job searches of "18-25 yo with 5 years experience, master degree, 5 certifications and 5 recommendations to work 12 hours" weren't common in the 2000s, then normgroids in the internet, politics inserted into everything, etc. I mean the 90s and 2000s had the bases for this but imo the explicit cut started in the 2010s, already in 2012/13 was into the trash of today


>00s and 10s just blend together
them and the 90s

if you're just talking about pop-culture, in america, very little has changed since 1993 and what's changed has been trivial, mainstream amurikan culture since 1993 been nothing but seattleite white trash and nigger shit


Music turned shittier in the '00s though, once people realized that most people are melody-deaf and capitalism took over.


This is the big thing in the latter part of the 10s. It became cool to be political. It seems like everyone is hard left or hard right, and are assholes about it. It became the whole basis of someone's personality, instead of being part of it


I wouldn't even say "hard left" or "hard right". Genuine commies and genuine lolbertarians make up a very small part of the overall population.
More like "hard democrat" and "hard republican".

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