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Please help. Did you guys pay for yours? I hear most people nowadays don't.


watch the techpowerup news feed, i see promotions for cheap keys all the time, then you dont have to worry about some malware packed in your crack


Mine came with my computer.
Dude have you even tried a web search? It is never hard to find info on how to set up a pirated OS.
If it is too hard for you to find and use then maybe you are better off using a free OS.


I thought Nuwindows was free but it comes packed with MS adware


You can download it for free off of mircosoft's website. You can find keys to fully activate it online, there are generic keys meant to be used by businesses to activate large numbers of computers I think. I don't remember where I got it from though. Not that it matters, as the free version does little to hinder you.


kms38 or kmspico


Consider linux. Xubuntu is a good entry.


>Actually wanting a botnet that can't play real Minecraft
Distro for everyday purposes, an offline W7 partition for gaming. That's all you'll ever need. Maybe a smaller XP/98/DOS partition for those stubborn few older games which won't run on 7 or DOSBox.


This. Solus is also really good if you want a "just works" distro with Steam working out of the box


does w7 support modern hardware?


No, at least not out of the box.
However you can make it work, or so I hear.


why should I do all this work when I can just install w10 and play my games having no troubles?


I read that Windows 7 keys still activate 10


the pirate bay obviously, are you underage?

Yeah there is no point. I just keep a linux partition for everyday use (99% of the time for me) and a W10 drive exclusively for games that I treat like malware


>the pirate bay
don't do this, download the iso directly from microsoft and then just use an activator



You can see the hash of the ISO so it makes no difference


>using windows
Use an OS that actually respects your rights. Install GNU/Linux
>having no notion of private trackers
enjoy your malware, newfag


Where did you read this, because I am not so sure that is true, at least not anymore.


Windows 10 is trash.

I'm still using windows 7 and it's comfy


Not him but it's true. My brother did it with his windows 7 key.


When did he do it?


The only hardware I've had not work was made to be 7 defunct on purpose. It was an Xbox controller 2 years ago. Many new hardware that doesn't fall under the wide scope of simple USB I/O and therefore actually depends on drivers will usually have a Win7 version, but it often relies on a fully updated system which can be a bitch to get on a pirated OS as Microsoft keeps burying their support pack downloads ever deeper under Win10 propaganda.

Windows 7 keys could be used to "upgrade" to Win 8 during the beta, so maybe he's confused. 8, 8.1, and 10 are all the same brand of garbage anyway


It's not that bad once you get used to it and mess with the settings to take it off retard mode.


Exactly, Win10 is a spyware.


Linux mint and don't look back.


You think damn near everything is spyware.


because it is


Use kinguin for a key. That's almost free. Piracy is dead.


hello NSA ^-^


i got my windows from Ubuntu.


all. is. botnet.


You can transfer a windows 10 key from one computer to another but it turns off windows on the pc you take it from

Or you can download an installer from Microsoft’s website and buy a key on eBay for 2 bucks. Mine worked


Just download iso from official site and use it without activation. Is will work.
Just to be sure, you can suspend wlms.exe at startup, and it will never ask for license.


I hadn't activated for years and this method I used this year. It doesn't have a false Auth server running in the background from what I remember like the old ones and just generates a hardware key and it hasn't failed yet.

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