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File: 1571161708545.png (488.86 KB, 659x800, 659:800, 1554054454029.png) ImgOps iqdb


Please help. Did you guys pay for yours? I hear most people nowadays don't.


watch the techpowerup news feed, i see promotions for cheap keys all the time, then you dont have to worry about some malware packed in your crack


Mine came with my computer.
Dude have you even tried a web search? It is never hard to find info on how to set up a pirated OS.
If it is too hard for you to find and use then maybe you are better off using a free OS.


I thought Nuwindows was free but it comes packed with MS adware


You can download it for free off of mircosoft's website. You can find keys to fully activate it online, there are generic keys meant to be used by businesses to activate large numbers of computers I think. I don't remember where I got it from though. Not that it matters, as the free version does little to hinder you.


kms38 or kmspico


Consider linux. Xubuntu is a good entry.


>Actually wanting a botnet that can't play real Minecraft
Distro for everyday purposes, an offline W7 partition for gaming. That's all you'll ever need. Maybe a smaller XP/98/DOS partition for those stubborn few older games which won't run on 7 or DOSBox.


This. Solus is also really good if you want a "just works" distro with Steam working out of the box


does w7 support modern hardware?


No, at least not out of the box.
However you can make it work, or so I hear.


why should I do all this work when I can just install w10 and play my games having no troubles?


I read that Windows 7 keys still activate 10


the pirate bay obviously, are you underage?

Yeah there is no point. I just keep a linux partition for everyday use (99% of the time for me) and a W10 drive exclusively for games that I treat like malware


>the pirate bay
don't do this, download the iso directly from microsoft and then just use an activator



You can see the hash of the ISO so it makes no difference


>using windows
Use an OS that actually respects your rights. Install GNU/Linux
>having no notion of private trackers
enjoy your malware, newfag


Where did you read this, because I am not so sure that is true, at least not anymore.


Windows 10 is trash.

I'm still using windows 7 and it's comfy


Not him but it's true. My brother did it with his windows 7 key.


When did he do it?


The only hardware I've had not work was made to be 7 defunct on purpose. It was an Xbox controller 2 years ago. Many new hardware that doesn't fall under the wide scope of simple USB I/O and therefore actually depends on drivers will usually have a Win7 version, but it often relies on a fully updated system which can be a bitch to get on a pirated OS as Microsoft keeps burying their support pack downloads ever deeper under Win10 propaganda.

Windows 7 keys could be used to "upgrade" to Win 8 during the beta, so maybe he's confused. 8, 8.1, and 10 are all the same brand of garbage anyway


It's not that bad once you get used to it and mess with the settings to take it off retard mode.


Exactly, Win10 is a spyware.


Linux mint and don't look back.


You think damn near everything is spyware.


because it is


Use kinguin for a key. That's almost free. Piracy is dead.


hello NSA ^-^


i got my windows from Ubuntu.


all. is. botnet.


You can transfer a windows 10 key from one computer to another but it turns off windows on the pc you take it from

Or you can download an installer from Microsoft’s website and buy a key on eBay for 2 bucks. Mine worked


Just download iso from official site and use it without activation. Is will work.
Just to be sure, you can suspend wlms.exe at startup, and it will never ask for license.


I hadn't activated for years and this method I used this year. It doesn't have a false Auth server running in the background from what I remember like the old ones and just generates a hardware key and it hasn't failed yet.


Windows 10 is bloated spyware is why they don't pay. Win7 updates to it if you let it, of which is, you know, a bad idea.


>a Linux with systemd (not free and from the sellouts fedora/redhat)
>a linux that had a (((amazon))) feature pre-installed

Let the rope hug you.


wouldn't you like to be an internet normie? Last source I knew from college was isohunt, but now it's basically iso roulette with torrent sites that aren't sponsored by russians.

>pirate pay
>not a single seed


>not a single seed on TPB for win10
impossible, im not even wasting the time to check


I got my Win10 from TPB a couple weeks ago and it's fine. Preactivated and updates without issue. It is still Win10 though so it is a virus on its own


If you can't get seeds it's likely your ISP or country has blocked common trackers like TPB


Not him but literally in this day and age half of my torrents never start downloading and they never upload at all.

Since, like him, the days of isohunt, I've not even hardly bothered with torrenting. I direct download most things. I direct downloaded win98 this past month with directx to go with it and such just in case I get bored, and win98 has direct downloads on emulator sites now days.

….but anyway….. p2p is dogshit. I tried to post on zeronet. Didn't work. I tried to watch a video on bitchute… didn't work.

Everything is just getting more and more dogshit over time. I don't care if it's "just me" because I'm still not the only one even if it is.


You're probably in a shit country that's blocking you


It is strongly likely your ISP is blocking P2P activity.


yeah without a vpn i can't really torrent. in the good old days it was great but now i'll be sent letters. i think companies seed popular content and log all the p2p connections, and using the law they force isps to hand over info on the IPs they log, and then you get send notices from some fucking company you never heard of. that is what seems to happen to me anyway. i don't trust vpn companies though so basically i don't bother with any of that shit anymore

i remember you used to be able to download win7 from official digitalriver or digitalocean website. you didn't need to even fully activate it, you could just modify some environment variable and disable some services and it would let you continue using it unactivated without issue. they've succeeded in making win10 such a clusterfuck i'm terrified what the next iteration of windows will become


Do the retards refusing to progress claiming it's a spyware realize that win7 will no longer get security updates which will expose them to more serious risks?


so just use a VPN, fucking easy and cheap


Fear of change is a thing.
Also it is more of a pain in the ass to pirate fully compared to earlier versions.


russian forums


already said "i don't trust vpn companies though", probably even less than isps


ISPs are legally obligated to spy on you and report your activity if it is piracy etc. VPN providers rely on protecting your data for their business model. At least you could just use the VPN for torrents, it doesn't seem logically sound not to


USA, so yeah I guess.


No they are not obligated. The police won't take down the entire Internet over that. They're being paid off, or the cops are to even bother over it. Either or.


>take down the entire Internet
Holy shit you have no idea what you're talking about.


>implying we didn't turn off our updates as soon as we got our windows 7


If rhetorically cops arrested all people involved with an ISP then all the other ISPs then the Internet would effectively be pretty much dead.


Modern hardware has backdoors in the CPU anyway.

>implying Linux is as usable
It will never be. Installing from the source code is too much a pain in the ass and games, even old emulators, work better for windows. That and linux died once systemd infected everything. They're not even free anymore, the normal distros.

I recently tried out lakka and it's psx couldn't even load img files nor iso, just bin and cue. Then it has trouble with snes games and other things it shouldn't. Linux is a joke. Trying to install things even with network connections is a pain in the ass and then shit like lakka can't run a n64 game on a 32 bit pc, yet project 64 can on some old laptop with windows 7 or xp.

It's such shit. Also the government funds linux. Who would you trust more? The government or just corrupt rich guys? One might serve you but the other blatantly is just to control you.

Also, my point was they don't look. They can't afford to. Unless someone's money gets fucked with too hard, then (((they))) force attention to be PAID.

Also no one is going to go fully autistic and enter numbers into urls. No one would know them. Even if they did you NEED to search.


>implying Linux is as usable
It is right now much better for everything a typical person does except gaming. All you talked about was gaming.

> Also the government funds linux. Who would you trust more?

W10 is literally proven to include NSA spyware. It admits to very invasive surveillance of users: read the terms and conditions. You can't even see what code is in there. There is no question that linux is more trustworthy as nerds and security researchers all around the world read and write the code.

If you're a very heavy gamer that doesnt care about convenience in other tasks, security or privacy then sure just use windows, otherwise you should dual boot at least


>going through all these hoops to have the illusion of protecting your privacy
waste of time and energy, the only way out is to quit using the internet and technology in general


so you're scared of one of the biggest coprs collecting your anonymous data but don't care about some anonymous hackers collecting your credit cards?

And actually you can stop the collecting with some effort but apparently it's too much for you geeks


File: 1576606218139.jpg (248.99 KB, 1200x1306, 600:653, Jacques_Ellul_crop.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This whole thread is full of delusional dweebs who think Linux cuts them off from the system and Microsoft employees screeching at people to update or they'll fall prey to le hackers.


>my arm is on fire, might as well burn up the rest of my body too


File: 1576606856904.jpg (87.73 KB, 600x634, 300:317, 1569355089420.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Keep up the hard work.


>haha, I got him!


Linux is useless in comparison to win98 on up to win7. Why would I torutre myself trying to install software on Linux when I could just use 7? What's Linux even for? Backtrack I remember failed to hack into things, now people use LInux to buy shit on the darknet as if win7 can't use tor? Come on. It' shit. It has no real use.


Most software is easier to install on Linux.


It is easier then clicking install and finish?


every time you want to do anything on windows you have to search online for a third party program, download it, install it. Every time you update it you have to click through bullshit. They all mostly full of ads and malware. Need antivirus or to pay for shit.

In linux you just just write one command like "apt install x" and it automatically does everything


>In linux you just just write one command like "apt install x" and it automatically does everything
choco install


No it isn't. Especially if you're doing it without network access.

No, I just take out my usb with my last computer's download folder in it and copy and paste those old exe files in generally, or click on binary files I've used before.


>automatically let the internet server control your computer

I'm ready for the Internet to go down so I can watch all you Linux users cry when your shit breaks and you have to reinstall shit from tar. You'll fail.


You mean I get to choose to use a small list of slightly worse version of better software or choose to use damn near any software ever created in the past 30 years?
Like about 100 programs or literally millions.
All that can be easily installed through a installer that requires like 4 or 5 clicks.
I have a disk folder around here somewhere that has more programs in it from the 90s and early 00s that has more programs that are more useful to me then the whole library of linux programs available.


i've always found linux programs to be much better. Command line programs are always more powerful. There are many things that are easy to do in linux with free programs while you have to pay for windows programs that do less. All free windows programs are full of ads and spyware. Windows appeals to incompetent normals, so so does the software. Looking through malware filled sites to do some basic video editing or whatever is unbearable


If there's no internet we'll be more concerned with searching for clean irradiated water and food


So what you are saying is you can't download programs without fucking up unless someone basicly does it for you. And that you don't know about what is out there nor care about using things that have way more functionality.
Yet you call windows users the incompetent ones.

BTW, I can't think of a single program that can be run in linux that can't be run in windows.
However I can think of dozens of programs that can be run in windows but can't be run in linux.


You vastly underestimate how much development there is for linux. Most programmers use it, it is much easier to develop for, and it appeals to open source developers, so the software available is excellent

It's about convenience and usability. No reason to waste time and effort to have an inferior Windows experience.
You probably just dont know linux versions of those programs, as i dont know Windows alternatives, because we are more familiar with what we use. Everyone starts off with Windows though


You act like I don't know what is available for linux.
I actually do use it on occasion from a bootable USB stick.
Linux truly is the inferior user experience and has FAR worse selection of programs.
And no, most programmers actually do use windows, most program for windows, and there are more programs for windows.


I will just stick this here and watch the butthurt flow in.


It is really not disputable that there are far more machines running linux in the world, so there are more linux programmers and stronger CLI support. End users on desktop are only a small part of the market


Don't project. I know how to get water and food. Those water cleaning devices cost like twenty usd and can filter hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from any random river. Do you think it will run out of water?

Then there's food. Acorns are the same nutrition as peanuts. Bums live on peanut butter often. You just need to wash out the tannins and such.

I have solar panels and extra battereis and everything for my little win7 laptop and enough lentils and rice to sink a ship. I'll be the only one out there laughing my fucking ass off. ANdroid users have me on their lack of needing wattage but again, the apk files generally no one has without internet access. Probably becuase it's programmed by Linux users. Only win7 will win in this sort of shitfest. Can they have apk? Yes. can you have the software on linux to install from the source code? Yes. Will people actually? PSH I doubt it. If they do they'll be too autistimal to survive.


i like winrar and nomacs better anyway. they have linux support and command line options too
>Adobe Photoshop
>Final Cut Pro
apple and adobe cancer
>Microsoft Office
for wageslaves

i dont even use linux. the overwhelming majority of dumb users probably just use their internet browser only. i actually had to teach my older sister a few days ago how downloading/installing programs even works for windows. she's had windows desktop computers for i dont know how long, over 12 years. it seems silly but a lot of people don't even know where programs go when they are downloaded. they think that is the installation process because they are used to smartphones i guess now where you click one button.


The only way you can say that is by counting android phones and cash registers as computers to artificially inflate the numbers.


One of the main reasons I see why linux sucks is that linux developers have this shitty convention OF NOT INCLUDING dynamic libraries with downloadable executables.

Imagine you were on windows, you downloaded some app and the app was like: "hey bro, you don't have this .dll fike. I don'ŧ care where you get this .dll file from and I don't care. Get this .dll file, or you won't run this app."

It's ridiculous, but this is what happends on linux.
I'm not talking about packages. I'm talking about 3rd party linux software, downloadable from internet. You download app and the app is like "missing .so file", "go fuck urself"


By the way, I'm using deepin linux.
I also use windows for reverse engineering games with IDA pro.
I found cracked IDA pro with both x86 and x64 decompilers on windows, but not on linux. So that's why I use windows. On windows, I can run IDA pro. On linux, I can'ŧ. For now. If any wizard has IDA pro for linux, please post it here


File: 1576711972034.png (37.58 KB, 385x134, 385:134, f.png) ImgOps iqdb

is there a way to remove the "activate windows" watermark without buying a license?


yes you could use an activator like kmspico (dont remember if this one was for 7 or 10)


Try here https://www.teamos-hkrg.com/index.php?forums/windows-10-x64.44/ lots of custom builds of win10

But, like the big-brained wizards told you, you should use linux as desktop and dual boot windows when you want to play games.


That has happened to me on windows several times


huh? packages managers download all the dependencies needed automatically


see >>233904

Me too but it was fixed easier on windows than linux.


Not all software is included in package repositories.I was talking about this kind of software.

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